Minute book: June 1695, 16-30

Pages 1386-1388

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 10, 1693-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1935.

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June 1695, 16–30

June 18. Afternoon. Present: Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox.
Mr. Kingsmill to have 100l. on the Hereditary and Temporary Excise.
Mary Stedman to have 50l. [as royal] bounty.
My Lords will hear the counsel of Lord Montagu and Mr. Granville about the rent of Mote Park this day week.
John Crowne, esq., to have 50l. [as royal] bounty.
[Order for] 48l. 16s. 2d. to be paid to the widow of Lieutenant Cole.
[Order for] 40l. to Bartholomew Anhorne, alias Hartwisse, for a book brought to the King's library.
[Order for] 20,000l. for the General Victuallers [of the Navy] out of loans on the Act for Duties on Coals and Glass.
[Order for] 1,000l. per week to be continued to Mr. Nicholas to apply to the arrears of salaries due to her Majesty's servants and to pay the new establishment of [her said Majesty's] pensions and charities till further order.
Write to the Attorney General to be here on Friday morning about a mistake in an entry made by Mr. Bludworth at the Customs House.
[Ibid. p. 49.]
June 21. Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir William Trumbull.
My Lords will take care that Mris. Willoughby shall be paid 60l. a year by my Lord Almoner and the first quarter to begin this Midsummer.
[Send] to M. de La Plaigne for a copy of the will of Francis La Paire Stone to be sent to Mr. Franklyn.
Send to Sir Christopher Wrenn for an estimate of the charge of making a Marshal's Office in the Savoy.
The 1,500l. which was due to Secretary Trenchard for secret service [is ordered] to be paid to his executrix; but my Lords think she should not insist on her pretension to the plate.
My Lords will meet on Monday afternoon about petitions; and the [Treasury Chamber] doors are to be shut.
Mr. Hornby and partners, proposers for the Excise, are called in. They are [desired] to explain what they would have done with the money that shall be saved in the salaries of the Commissioners in case of the contracts being made; and what must be done, in case there should be a Peace, to limit the great profit that might accrue to the contractors in such a case.
Mr. Andrews and Mr. Finch are to be here on Monday afternoon; and Mr. East.
Mr. Hornby and partners came in (after my Lords were risen) and informed Mr. Lowndes that in case of Peace their one third shall be confined to 30,000l. a year; and as to the Commissioners' salaries they submit it to my Lords to appoint five or seven at the usual salary of 500l. per an.
[Treasury Minute Book VIII. p. 49.]
June 24. Afternoon. Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir William Trumbull, Mr. Smith.
The petition of the Messengers of the Chamber is read. My Lords resolve that 10s. a day for riding charges to them be reduced to 6s. 8d. a day; and for keeping of prisoners my Lords will allow 5s. a day for diet and safekeeping and 2s. 6d. a day for safekeeping only without diet; and no more. And the [said Messengers'] bills are to be made accordingly. These prices are to be observed for the future and the charge of foreign journeys is to be moderated.
[On condition of] the Jewel House having Secretary Trenchard's plate first delivered [back to it], my Lords will pay the 1,500l. for secret service or what [sum thereof] is due.
[My Lords order] 6,000l. to the Navy for wear and tear, to pay Admiral Russell's bills: to be advanced by Mr. Dodington.
[Ibid. p. 50.]
June 26. Afternoon. Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
[Letter of direction for the Exchequer to issue to the] Victuallers 10,000l. out of loans on the Duty on Coals and Glass: out of which they are to pay such bills drawn from the West Indies (amounting to about 7,000l. as in the said Victuallers' memorial of the 18th inst., as are most pressing to be paid in the first place. Give my Lords an account next week how many of the said bills they pay out of this money.
Mr. Geo. Macy to have 50l. on account for prosecuting clippers, coiners and counterfeiters and [is also to have a grant of] his Majesty's right to their forfeitures.
[Send] to the Auditor of North Wales to pay his ipsum into the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book VIII. p. 51.]
June 27. Present: ut supra.
The Navy Commissioners attend about the having the remainder of the 800 tons of hemp (to complete the store for next year) to be furnished. Mr. Martyn has agreed for 300 of those tons at 32l. 5s. 0d. and my Lords recommend it to these Commissioners to get the rest furnished by contracts at a price certain.
[My Lords order] 7,000l. to be advanced to Mr. Dodington for the 27 ships out of the one third double ninepence Excise.
[My Lords order] a letter to Sir Robert Howard to certify to the Navy Board once a month the [Exchequer] payments to the Navy, [specifying] out of what funds and for what services.
Mr. Hook is called in about the account of Sir Edward Seymour as Treasurer of the Navy. [Send] a letter to Mr. Maddocks to attend forthwith to the perfecting the said account.
Mr. Finch and Mr. Andrews are called in about their offers to manage the Excise. They say they can give no security, nor can advance money. My Lords offer [to them that] they should go to the Commissioners of Excise and satisfy them in their methods: which they refuse, desiring to have an immediate power to act.
[Ibid. p. 52.]