Minute book: September 1695, 16-31

Pages 1403-1406

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 10, 1693-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1935.

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September 1695, 16–31

Sept. 18. Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith.
[Send] to Sir Christopher Wrenn to be here on Friday.
[Order for] 14l. 15s. 9d. to Major Sheldon: to be paid by a contingent warrant [a warrant on Army Contingencies].
[Direct] the Earl of Ranelagh to insert 50l. in his next [weekly] memorial: to be for Capt. Edwards, late of Col. Row's Regiment, in case so much be due to him on the English Establishment.
Desire some of the gentlemen of the Bank to be here to-morrow afternoon.
[Send to] Mr. Knight and Mr. Burton to be here on Friday morning.
[My Lords direct] 5l. to be paid to Mrs. Abernethy, but she must trouble my Lords no more.
[Letter of direction for] 2,500l. out of loans on the Post Office to be paid to the Wardrobe towards the estimates of 1,212l. for the [King's] present to the Dey of Algiers; and 1,350l. for furnishing at Kensington and 550l. for furniture of the [King's] house at Richmond Park.
[The like for] 880l. in tallies on the Excise [to be issued] to the same [the Wardrobe] Office to discharge the arrear for the Queen's mourning.
[The like for] 500l. out of loans on the Post Office to be issued to the Cofferer of the Household for extraordinaries of the Stables, being intended for half a year to Michaelmas next for the running horses at Newmarket.
[Send] to the Earl of Romney to give direction for providing 210 barrels of powder to be sent by the squadron going to the Straits as a present to the Dey of Algiers. [Mr. Lownds is directed to] speak with Consul Baker about this.
[Send word] to Mr. Montagu that my Lords will meet here to-morrow at four o'clock.
[Treasury Minute Book VIII. p. 86.]
Sept. 19. Present: ut supra.
Sir William Scawen and some other gentlemen of the Bank come in. It is proposed to them to lend more money upon the tallies in the [hands of the] Earl of Ranelagh on the Coals and Glass Duties. They will speak with the Directors of the Bank and make a speedy answer in the beginning of the week.
[Ibid. p. 87.]
Sept. 20. Forenoon. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Knight and Mr. Burton [attend and give assurance to my Lords that they] will endeavour to raise money on the abovesaid tallies with the help of a gratuity of 10s. per cent.
[My Lords direct] the tallies for the Earl of Ranelagh to be struck on the [Duties on] Coals etc., saving the proportion for the Office of Ordnance and saving 10,000l. for transports or other uses that may be necessary.
eodem die Afternoon. Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
Lord Bellomont [attends] with his counsel against Helen, Viscountess Kenmare, Nicholas Pursell and Elizabeth his wife, against the grant passing to the former of the estate of Lord Kenmare. Sir Bar. Shore says Lord Kenmare could have no estate but for life (a settlement having been made and allowed by the Solicitor General), whereas the petition and the desired grant are for a fee [simple]. This grant can only serve to put the parties to suit and there is no saving for the 400l. a year pension granted to the lady.
See the rest of their arguments in a separate paper of minutes. [This paper is not forthcoming.]
The Customs Commissioners come in and present a list of officers for the Coal Duty on the navigable rivers. My Lords recommend it to them to hear Mr. Tigh before they send him to Jersey, and if there be reason [in his objection to removal then] to think of somebody else.
[Treasury Minute Book VIII. p. 88.]
Sept. 25. Forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[Letter of direction for the issue of] 50,000l. to the Navy for wages: out of loans on the third 4s. Aid.
[Send to the] Navy Commissioners to be here on Tuesday afternoon next about the demand for service of the ship Lyon.
[Send] to Mr. Montagu and Sir William Trumbull that my Lords will meet at nine on Friday morning.
[Letter of direction for] 452l. 10s.d. to the Commissioners of Transports out of loans on the Coal Duty; to pay their memorial [of] this day.
Mr. Knight and Mr. Burton to be here on Friday morning and the doors to be shut.
The gentlemen of the Bank [attend and] say they cannot part with more money on the Act for Coals.
[Ibid. p. 89.]
Sept. 27. Forenoon. Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir William Trumbull, Mr. Smith.
[Send] a letter to the Customs Commissioners to permit the body of Sir William Hussey, late Ambassador to the Grand Signior, to be landed and brought to the place his lady shall appoint without opening the case in which it is contained till it comes to the [lady's] house with one of their officials.
William Wonham [is] to be one of the 25 [officers] for the Glass [Duties] and to be fixed here in London or in some place near London.
[Send] to the Customs Commissioners to make William Hely their officer at Jersey if they have no objection.
The Customs Commissioners to be here this afternoon.
[My Lords decide] to hear all parties on Lord Rochfort's desired grant this day week.
My Lords recommend it to Mr. Knight and Mr. Burton to borrow money on the Exchequer in General for the Victualling, to be transferred to such fund as the Parliament shall appropriate in the next Session for the Victualling.
[Letter of direction for the issue of] 3,721l. 8s. 8d. to be issued to Mr. Fox for the Commissioners of Transports: out of loans on the Coal Act: to be employed by the said Commissioners to pay so much (in part of 15,000l.) to Arthur Shallet for the service of six transport ships [as shall suffice] to enable him to clear his bonds at the Customs House.
The warrant for Lord Bellomont for [a grant of] Lord Kenmare's estate is to be prepared again, reserving a power to the King to charge it with 400l. a year for the maintenance of Lady Kenmare and her children, during pleasure.
The Excise Commissioners [are] to have a copy of Mr. Wilcoxe's answer and [are] not to levy upon the utensils in his brewhouse till the matter in dispute between them [the said Commissioners and Wilcox] be determined by my Lords.
[Treasury Minute Book VIII. p. 90.]
eodem die Afternoon. Present: Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
The Customs Commissioners come in. Their former presentment concerning the impost bonds for tobacco is read and considered and some resolutions [of my Lords are minuted in the margin] thereupon. See the presentment.
The said Commissioners may employ the Receiver of the Coal Duty for the [behalf of the Cathedral] Church of St. Paul's to receive the King's new Duty on Coals till there be an establishment of that office [agreed by my Lords for the said new Duties].
[Ibid. p. 91.]