Warrants etc.: August 1697, 21-31

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 12, 1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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August 1697, 21-31

August 24. Entry of a Treasury caveat in behalf of Henry Baker that no discharge or remittance of forfeited goods or fines be allowed or granted to John D' Seine until Baker be heard on behalf of the King. Caveat Book, p. 49.
Warrant by the Lords Justices, England to the Treasury Lords to issue 20,000l. to Thomas Neale, Master and Worker of his Majesty's Mints; as imprest for the service of said Mints. (Money warrant dated Aug. 25 hereon). (Money order dated Aug. 25 hereon). Kings Warrant Book XIX, p. 422, Money Book XIII, p. 355, Order Book IV, p. 400.
William Lowndes to the Postmasters General to satisfy the 2,350l. ut supra p. 287 to the Duchess of Cleveland out of the revenue of the Post Office (over and above [or after] the 600l. per week appropriated by Parliament out of the said revenue) by 100l. a week for 23 weeks as from this week and 50l. the 24th week. Disposition Book XIV, p. 84.
[Same] to William Blathwaite. I have today read to Sir Stephen Fox and Sir Thomas Littleton (the rest of the Treasury Lords being out of town) yours of the 26th inst. new style signifying the King's pleasure for the preparing of several warrants. I enclose the following which are all that could be prepared since yesterday (when I received your letter)
for granting to the Earl of Portland the forfeited estate of the late Earl of Clancarty.
for granting to Mordecai Abbot 300l. per an. of lands in Ireland.
By this day sevennight I shall not fail to have the remainder ready for the Treasury Lords' perusal.
As to the security for the Million [million Florin loan from Holland] it has been complied with and the Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Abbot undertook to send over the notice thereof with the receipt. They should have arrived before this time.
I should have sent with the above two drafts the warrant for the Earl of Albemarle but as his agent insisted on having a covenant for reprizal (which his Majesty made a general rule against upon the representation of the whole [Treasury] Board) it is deferred till Tuesday next when the other Treasury Lords are expected in town. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 334.
August 26. Privy seal for 40s. a day as ordinary to Abraham Stanyan Esq. as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to the Republic of Venice: together with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 424–5.
The Treasury Lords to the Justices of Peace of Co. Cornwall to assist Francis Carne, Surveyor of the duties on Marriages and upon Houses in your County, by directing the parochial assessors and collectors of the said Duties to let him have a sight of the former assessments in each parish and liberty, and to take copies of them, without which his service cannot be performed as it ought. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 334.
August 27. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to enter a noli prosequi to the King's part of the forfeiture of a small vessel freighted at Amsterdam by Aron Deueulle of the town of Southampton, mariner, which he laded with pepper, pitch, tar consigned to a merchant in Jersey but being separated from his convoy by a violent storm was forced into the Downs and having only 2 boys on board was forced to put into Dover harbour where same was seized on pretext that pepper is by the Navigation Act prohibited to be imported to Jersey; upon which Deueulle took out a writ of delivery being advised that the Act of Navigation was never sent over [to Jersey] from the Council Board, nor ever registered in said island and was not of any force with respect to the trade thereof and there having been no instances of any seizures of goods imported into that island by virtue of that Act especially in time of war in which [war] he had sustained insupportable losses in ships and goods taken by the French "and did therefore (rather than stand trial) choose to submit his case to our consideration": on whose petition the Customs Commissioners are of opinion that the importation of pepper, being of the product of Asia, into Jersey and Guernsey is equally prohibited by the Act of Navigation as if to be imported into England, and the coming into any port of England with that intention, although by accident or distress, is by construction of law an importation so as to forfeit the ship and goods: but that they are informed by their Solicitor that the information was not grounded on the Act of Navigation but on the Act of Frauds (which prohibits the importation of the commodities therein enumerated from Germany or the Netherlands into this kingdom) and the cause was ready for trial upon that issue when Deueulle took out a licence of the Court to compound, which in construction and practice was an admission of the truth of the information; and under such composition the officer is accustomed to receive a third of the appraised value and the King the like proportion; and in the present case the officer has compounded and sworn to the receipt of 259l. 19s. 0d. as the third part of 779l. 17s. 0d. the appraised value of the ship and goods; which they, the Customs Commissioners, suppose may sufficiently discourage any wilful practice of this kind: wherefore they have nothing to object to the granting of a noli prosequi provided the Duty on the importation be first paid: which Deueulle is hereby to so first perform. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 368–9.
August 31. William Lowndes to Mr. Lilly [Receiver of the Post Office] to pay into the Exchequer 4,000l. of the Post Office revenue in your hands [after or] over and above the weekly appropriation of 600l. thereout and such other weekly payments as have been directed thereout. Disposition Book XIV, p. 85.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Lowndes] 700l. on the order in my name for secret service: to be issued out of such Post Office money as shall be paid into the Exchequer. "This is to be paid notwithstanding any former direction." Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Romney [Master of the Ordnance]. Since my letter of the 11th inst. supra p. 289 concerning the disposal of 20,000l. part of the 50,000l. directed for the Ordnance my Lords have had the inspection of the account of the charge of the powder bought in Holland by the East India Company and do find the same to amount to much less than 20,000l. Please direct the payment to the said Company out of the said 50,000l. of so much as the cost and charges of the said powder comes to; and charge the same to land and sea services of the Office of Ordnance according to the usual proportions. Ibid., pp. 85–6.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 2,265l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: which (together with 4l. 12s. 1d. to be issued to him out of any disposeable money in the Exchequer) is to be delivered by him to the Trustees for circulating Exchequer Bills to be applied by them to pay the interest (April 27 last to Aug. 6 inst.) on 107,862l. 10s. 0d. deposited for the first fourth part of the first subscription for circulating the said Bills. Ibid.
William Lowndes to William Blathwait enclosing 2 warrants for the King's signature (1) for a grant of forfeited estates in Ireland to the Earl of Albemarle, (2) for grant of some quit rents to Mr. Butcher.
In the first of these there is no clause of reprisal because my Lords remember that in their representation to the King before his going to Flanders as to the inconvenience that might happen to the King's service thereby the King approved that no such clause should be inserted in any warrants for the future. However, upon any application hereafter, if the said [Earl of Albemarle's] estates do not amount to the sum intended, there may be as effectual care taken to make good the deficiency by a new warrant as by such a clause. In Mr. Butcher's warrant there is a blank for the term, as the King commanded. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 335.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Edward Rice, Tho. Stibbs, William Brook, Daniell Bamford, and Edward Richardson shewing that having a double Duty taxed upon them for default of payment of Excise, several of them being ignorant of this order but tendering their money the very next morning it was refused and therefore they paid double Duty: therefore praying return of the same. Reference Book VII, p. 233.
August 31.
et postea.
Treasury constitution and appointment of Richard Diggs as surveyor of the Duties on Marriages &c. and the Duties on Houses for Co. Gloucester: as by the Acts of Parliament granting the said Duties and as by the privy seal of April 30 last.
Jenkin Morris ditto for Monmouth, Brecon and Glamorgan.
Richard Parry for Anglesea, Carnarvon and Merioneth.
Robert Lowndes for Co. Middlesex and the Inns of Court and Chancery in Middlesex.
Edward Pritchard for Co. Salop.
Evan Jehu for Carmarthen, Pembroke and Haverford West.
(In the margin: superseded).
Hugh Stevenson for Oxford County, City and University.
Stephens Soames for Cos. Cambridge and Huntingdon.
Dennis Nevill for Co. Derby.
John Sifton for Co. Bucks.
John Pitman for Co. Somerset.
William Wynn for Notts.
Henry Carter for Co. Suffolk.
Jos. Haslerton for Co. Berks.
David Richards for Hereford and Radnor.
Edward Wardour for Herts.
Michaell Arnold, for the Duties on houses in Surrey and Southwark.
David Jones for Kent and Canterbury.
Geo. Hall for Cheshire.
Robert Mason for Yorks. East Riding.
Ralph Yong for the same.
John Hall for Co. Northumberland, Bedlingtonshire, Norham, Islandshire in Co. Durham and the towns of Newcastle and Berwickon-Tweed in place of Geo. Williamson.
William Alder for Yorks. North Riding.
Edmund Ferne for Leicester and Rutland.
Francis Child for Cumberland and Westmorland.
Richard Owen for Devon and Exeter.
Charles Gibbons for Co. Lancs.
Richard Symons for Co. Worcester.
William Jones for Cardigan and Montgomery.
Stephen Hoskins for Co. Wilts.: dated Sept. 7.
Charles Jones for Cornwall.
Joseph Palmer for Co. Durham except Norham and Islandshire.
Humphry Jones for Denbigh and Flint: dated Sept. 8.
William Ingram for Yorks. West Riding: dated Aug. 31.
Thomas Danvers for Essex: dated Sept. 9.
Charles Cooling for Southampton and Isle of Wight.
Charles Lynn for Stafford and Lichfield.
Thomas Morgan for Co. Beds.: dated Sept. 15.
Thomas Danvers senr. and Francis Lambert for Co. Essex (revoked: see supra et infra).
Samuell Antrim for Dorset and Poole: dated Sept. 16.
Gamaliel Carr for Co. Essex: dated Sept. 22.
John Parsons for Warwick and Coventry: dated Oct. 1.
Colt Titchborne for Carmarthen, Pembroke and Haverford West dated Oct. 20 in the place of Evan John superseded. (In the margin: revoked 1698–9 Feb. 8 and [by] a new one made general [surveyor]).
Joseph Dolphin for Cambridge and Huntingdon: dated Nov. 2 in place of Mathew Helder superseded.
Thomas Morgan the like Commission dated Dec. 22 "for the several Counties, Cities and places within the kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales.
Thomas Fort for—: dated 14 Jan. 1697–8.
Samuell Eeles for London, Westminster and Middlesex: dated 1697–8 Jan. 14.
John Parsons for —: dated 1698 May 24.
William Sharp junr. for —: dated 1698 June 8.
John Herne for —: dated 1698 June 8.
Henry Flower a general Commission for the several Counties of England and Wales loco Stephen Haskins superseded.
Warrants not Relating to Money XV, pp. 371–2, 373, 375, 376.
August 31. The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices, Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Mris. Eliz. Caldwell for a reward for some gunpowder which she supplied to several garrisons in Ireland for his Majesty's service at the time of the late happy Revolution. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 245.