Warrants etc.: September 1697, 1-10

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 12, 1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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September 1697, 1-10

Sept. 1. Treasury warrant to Thomas Cuddon Esq. Receiver General for London, Westminster and Middlesex, to pay (out of moneys in your hands of the Duties on Marriages &c.) the salary of 100l. per an. to Thomas Hall Esq. [as one of the Agents for Taxes] for managing the Duties on Houses and the Duties on Marriages and governing the surveyors and inspectors of the said Duties in England Wales and Berwick in like manner as Philip Ryley, James Dewey and Charles Dartiquenave have already been allowed for the same service. Money Book XIII, p. 359.
Money warrant for 182l. to Abraham Stanyan for one quarter in advance on his ordinary as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to the Republic of Venice. (Money order dated Sept. 3 hereon). Ibid., p. 360, Order Book IV, p. 401.
[?] Treasury warrant [to the Postmasters General] to pay out of the revenue of the Post Office (over and above [or after] the 600l. a week appropriated thereout by Act of Parliament) the assessments to the 3s. Aid on the Duke of Schonberg and Leinster in respect of his annuity of 4,000l. payable out of the said revenue: all in accordance with the King's pleasure as conveyed in the letter of April 28 last from the Duke of Shrewsbury, Secretary of State. Money Book XIII, p. 359.
Sept. 1. Money warrant for 47l. to Thomas Fowler, an officer of the Customs at [East]bourne in Sussex for so much expended by him whilst he was prisoner in France. (Money order dated Sept. 8 hereon). Ibid., p. 361, Order Book IV, p. 402.
William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to receive back from the Dutch Ambassador the 120,000l. salt tallies and orders deposited ut supra p. 297 and instead thereof to forthwith put into his hands 100,000l. of the Malt tickets issued to you for the Forces (and being such as have no prizes belonging to them): for the like credit purposes. You are to reserve the said 120,000l. salt tallies and orders for such uses as my Lords shall direct. Disposition Book XIV, p. 87.
Sept. 1. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 2,000l. in Exchequer Bills to Edward, Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Treasurer of the Navy: as imprest to be paid to the [Treasurer of the] Sick and Wounded Seamen and Prisoners of War; charging 1,200l. thereof to the head of wages and 800l. to the head of victualling. Disposition Book XIV, p. 87.
Same to same to issue 34,700l. in Exchequer Bills to said Navy Treasurer on the like order: to be applied as follows viz.
for the wear and tear of the Navy and to be paid to Mr. Taylor in further part upon his contract for hemp 2500
for the Victualling Commissioners to answer a bill payable to Sir Joseph Herne for victualling at Cadiz 7200
for ditto for provisions supplied at Cadiz for the convoy of the East India ships 5000
for ditto for the [Victualling] course 15000
for ditto for imprests 5000
and 20,500l. in like Bills to the Earl of Ranelagh on the like order: to be applied as follows viz.:
for 2 week's subsistence for the Forces in England to Sept. 11 inst. 13000
to answer several small bills of Mr. Hill's drawn for for subsistence of the Forces in Flanders 2500
to answer bills of the Count de Frize and Monsieur Vandermaar for payment of his Majesty's Forces on the Rhine 5000
Ibid., p. 88.
William Lowndes [to the Auditor of the Receipt] to issue 1,095l. 12s. 6d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber on the unsatisfied order in his name: to be issued out of Malt [Lottery] tickets (to wit such as have no prizes attending them) now remaining in the Exchequer for the use of the Civil List: to be by the said Treasurer paid over to his Majesty's watermen in satisfaction of their respective bills signed by the Lord Chamberlain. Ibid., p. 90.
Sept. 2.
[? New Style Aug. 24 Sept. 2.]
Royal warrant "given at our Court at Loo" to the Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay out of army contingencies an allowance of 1s. 6d. a day to Sieur Dupuy [Du Puy] as from Sept. 1 inst. until further order and according to certificates from the Commissary General of the Musters. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 414.
Sept. 2. Warrant by the Lords Justices to the Treasury Lords to pay 40,000l. to Thomas Neale, Master and Worker of the Mints, as imprest for the service of the Mints. (Money warrant dated Sept. 3 hereon). (Money order dated Sept. 3 hereon). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 424, Money Book XIII, p. 355, Order Book IV, p. 401.
Sept. 2. William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 500l. to Henry Baker ut infra p. 306 out of Malt [Lottery] tickets remaining in the Exchequer. Disposition Book XIV, p. 89.
Treasury warrant to same to issue 10,000l. in Exchequer Bills to Thomas Neale, Master and Worker of the Mints: as imprest: to be applied and paid in further satisfaction of the allowance of 5s. 4d. an ounce for hammered silver moneys brought into any of the said Mints to be recoined at any time between 1696 Nov. 4 and 1697 July 1. Ibid.
Same to same to issue 400l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Treasurer of the Navy: to be imprested to the Commissioners for Registry of Seamen to defray the charge of stamping letters of Attorney or other contingent charges of that Office. Ibid., p. 90.
Same to same to issue 10,000l. in like Bills to same on the like order: as imprest: to be placed to the head of wear and tear and to be employed for imprests and bills of exchange. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners. It is the King's pleasure that the Flags (Flag ships) be paid out of the Exchequer Bills issued for wages. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 335.
Same to Mr. Blaithwaite enclosing warrants as follow for the King's signature.
(1) for a grant in fee of 607l. 13s. 5½d. per an. in forfeited estates [in Ireland] to the Marquis de Puissar.
(2) for grant of 405l. 8s. 11½d. per an. value of the like estates to the children of Sir Charles Porter.
(3) to allow the fourth part to discoverers of concealed forfeitures, with a blank for the time within which the claims are to be made. My Lords think it may be 3 or 6 months as the King shall think fit.
(4) for an additional salary of 200l. per an. each to the Judges of the King's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer in Ireland, as the King directed, from such time as the Lords Justices, Ireland shall think fit.
(5) two warrants for granting to Brigadier Wolseley either (a) for the inheritance or (b) for a long term of years such of the lands now holden by him in custodiam as are not already granted to others; for the King to decide between the two forms of grant.
(6) for granting 400l. per an. of lands [as above] to Dr. Leslie for his life.
(7) for paying to the Commissioners of the Great Seal in Ireland the 443l. 16s. 8d. due to them on their salaries.
(8) for allowing to the Earl of Ranelagh on his accounts 48,253l. 6s. 0d. for discount and interest ut infra pp. 313-4.
(9) for discharging Sir Lawrence Parsons of the arrear of rent incurred for a rectory in Ireland before the late happy Revolution, when the rectory was seized by the enemy there.
(10) for discharging the widow of George Deyos formerly a collector there [in Ireland] on clearing her husband's accounts.
The above cases 9 and 10 were left to my Lords' determination by the King when he was pleased at Kensington to hear the reports concerning the matters of Ireland.
As to the petition of Maurice Burchfeild for a 21 years' lease of forfeited lands [Ireland] to the value of 142l. per an. my Lords have deferred the warrant till they can give the King an account of petitioner's merits, concerning whom they know nothing save as in the report from the Lords Justices, Ireland.
As to granting an estate of 100l. per an. [of forfeited lands, Ireland] to Sir Edward Byron for 99 years my Lords find the lands in his list are worth about 400l. per an. and they cannot advise a grant till his petition be regularly referred into Ireland. Out Letters (General) XV, pp. 336–7.
Sept. 2. William Lowndes to Mr. Blaithwaite enclosing reports on the petition of Mr. James Smith concerning debts owing to some forfeiting persons in Ireland. This petition was in the custody of Mr. Glanville who was sick at the time my Lords received the King's commands for transmitting [to his Majesty] all the reports relating to Irish affairs. Ibid., p. 337.
Sept. 3. Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Thomas Trueman for an allowance for the charges of his receipt in Cos. Notts. and Leicester; he having brought 74,800l. into the Exchequer by strong guards at seven several journeys. Reference Book VII, p. 334.
Treasury warrant to Mr. H. Baker to deliver to Jane May, wife of — May who was executed for piracies in the East Indies, a small parcel of foreign gold and silver which was taken with the said pirate and which was delivered to said Baker by James Vernon Esq. in the Treasury Lords' presence: the said Jane being in a very deplorable and starving condition. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, p. 388.
Sept. 7. Money warrant for 500l. to Henry Baker: upon account: for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Sept. 7 hereon). For the letter of direction see infra p. 305. Money Book XIII, p. 361, Order Book IV, p. 401.
Treasury warrant to Mr. Nicholas, Treasurer to the late Queen, to pay 100l. to John Gachon as royal bounty. Money Book XIII, p. 361.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 182l. to Abraham Stanyon Esq. on the unsatisfied order in his name: to be issued out of such Malt Lottery tickets remaining in the Exchequer as have no benefits attending them and are in the earliest course of payment. Disposition Book XIV, p. 91.
Treasury warrant to same to issue 23,500l. in Exchequer Bills to Thomas Neale, Master and Worker of the Mints: as in further part of the 5s. 4d. per ounce ut supra p. 299. Ibid.
William Lowndes to same to issue 47l. to Thomas Fowler, an officer of the Customs, out of money to be paid into the Exchequer on account of a seizure made by him. Ibid., p. 94.
Same to same to issue 90l. to Lord Edward Russell, Treasurer of the Chamber, on the unsatisfied order in his name for the service of his Office: to be issued out of such of the Malt Lottery tickets remaining in the Exchequer as have no benefits attending them: and to be paid over to John Gauntlett, Under Keeper of the [Privy] Council Records, for the charge of providing books, pens, ink, paper, wax, wafers &c. and other necessaries for the service of the Council Chambers for one whole year ended 1696 Dec. 25. Ibid.
Sept. 7. Same to the Agents for Taxes to prepare letters to be sent to the Receivers of Taxes in England and Wales that they immediately return unto the Exchequer all the Exchequer Bills they have received to the King's use upon any Aids &c. "and more especially those as have been paid in to them upon the funds that cancel the same." This is of very great importance to his Majesty's service. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 337.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to accept the composition of 2s. 6d. in the £ for the 229l. 17s. 2d. owing by John Lavie of London merchant being the residue of a debt of 1,300l. for Additional Impost or by the petition of his wife Mary; he having received great losses at sea by the war and been a great loser by the dreadful earthquake at Jamaica: he being properly qualified for such consideration under the Act of 7–8 Wm. III. His bonds are to be delivered up and no further prosecution had against him. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 370.
Sept. 8. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 23,195l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: as imprest and to be applied as follows: viz.
for 14 days subsistence to the 25th inst. to the Troops in England 13000
to pay Mr. Hill's bills to Mr. Bateman on account of subsistence for the Forces in Flanders 5000
to pay the like bills of Mr. Hill to Sir Henry Furnace and Sir Thomas Janson 5000
for subsistence to the 4 Companies at Berwick; and is to reimburse Major Moncall for so much by him advanced 135
for subsistence to the said Companies; and is to satisfy money for which Col. Billingsley is engaged 60
Disposition Book, XIV, p. 92.
William Lowndes to same to issue 500l. to me [Lowndes] on the unsatisfied order in my name for secret service: out of any disposeable money the Exchequer. Ibid.
Same to the Agents for Taxes to take the opinion of the Attorney General on the enclosed letter [missing] from the [Assessment] Commissioners for the 3s. Aid in the city of Canterbury. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 338.
The Treasury Lords to the Auditor of the Receipt. Information has been given that several foreign gold coins at present go in this kingdom for more than their value which (as is feared) may be of very ill consequence to the public. You are to notify the Tellers of the Receipt and their clerks and all others concerned in receiving moneys there that they do not from henceforth receive any such foreign gold pieces whatsoever in any payments to be there made to his Majesty. (The like letter severally to the Excise Commissioners and the Customs Cashier). Out Letters (General) XV, p. 338.
Sept. 8. William Lowndes to the Earl of Orford for a state of the whole debt due to the Navy as it will stand at Michaelmas next 1697, distinguishing the debt which incurred since 1688 Xmas from any which may have grown due before that date.
The like letter severally to
Charles Bertie for the Ordnance debt.
Charles Fox for the Irish Forces debt.
Mr. Smith for the debt to the Gardens.
Sick and Wounded Commissioners for the debt in their Office.
Earl of Portland for the debt to the Privy Purse
Transports Commissioners for the debt due in their Office.
Earl of Bradford for the debt due in the Cofferer's Office.
Treasurer of the Chamber for the debt due in his Office.
Master of the Jewel Office for the debt due in the Jewel House.
Earl of Montague for the debt due in the Great Wardrobe.
Earl of Albemarle for the debt due in the Office of the Robes.
Mr. Lloyd for the debt due in the Works.
Mr. Jollivet for the debt due in the Stables.
Earl of Ranelagh for the debt due to the Forces.
Navy Commissioners for the debt due in the Navy Office. Ibid., p. 339–342.
Same to Sir Jo[hn] Talbot. My Lords desire to speak with you about the fee farm rents. Ibid., p. 340.
Same to Mr. Popple to lay before the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations (for their opinion thereon) the enclosed report [missing] from the Customs Commissioners on the petition of Sir Thomas Lane Kt., and several others proprietors of East and West Jersey in America. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Edward Stokes and William Hossington as boatmen at Gadcomb in Bristol port loco Richard James and Thomas Powell, removed as below.
The aforesaid James and Powell to be boatmen at the Pill loco Hen. Perry and Phillip Gardner deceased.
Francis Bead (an extraordinary tidesman, Bristol port) as a tidesman in fee [there] loco Jno. Jones deceased.
Edward Randolph to have 50l. for an additional allowance from Sept. 29 inst. for a clerk to assist him in his travels through the countries under his survey in America.
George Leach as a tidesman at Workington in Whitehaven port loco Richard Beck deceased.
Jno. Jones (an extraordinary watchman, London port) as a watchman in fee ibid loco William Jones deceased.
Jno. Jewell as surveyor of the Duties on the Enumerated Plantation commodities, at Bridlington in West Jersey loco Edward Hunlock who has quitted that employment.
Sept. 8. Jno. Jennings (an extraordinary tidesman Bristol port) as tidesman in fee [ibid] loco Math Warren deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, pp. 369, 371, 372.
Treasury reference to Mr. Baker of the petition of Thomas Rowe praying (for his present subsistence) a grant of the 300 marks payable by Thomas Cooper, Paul Pepper and Thomas Noel as fines set on them in the King's Bench 1696 Easter term for hiring ships to go to France. Reference Book VII, p. 234.
Treasury order for the renewal of a lost money order of date 1691 Sept. 7 see supra Cal. Tr. Bks. Vol. IX, p. 1292–3 for 485,744l. to the Treasurer of the Navy in part of 570,000l. for building &c. 27 ships of war. Order Book III, p. 206.
Sept. 9. Warrant by the Lords Justices, England [to the Lords Justices, Ireland] to replace in the list of French pensioners on the Establishment of the Forces, Ireland, James Bernard as a Reformed Lieutenant on the first vacancy in the said list; all by reason that during his long absence from Ireland (being employed in his Majesty's service abroad) his pension of 3s. a day was disposed of [to] James Villemisson, whereby Bernard is become destitute of a maintenance. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 425.
Same by same [to same] for a pension of 5s. a day to Joseph Gally on the military list of pensions on the Establishment of Ireland as from March 1 last: till further order. Ibid.
Money warrant for 145l. 18s. 6d. to Samuell Powell Esq., Serjeant at Arms attending the House of Commons, for his disbursements for coals, candles, sweets, mops, brooms and other necessaries for the service of said House during the last Sessions of Parliament and in reward to messengers for delivering orders according to the of said House during said time. (Money order dated Sept. 15 hereon and the like dated Sept. 19 on the like money warrant of Dec. 29 last to same). Money Book XIII, p. 362, Order Book IV. p. 404.
Same for 1,450l. being 100l. each to the 12 Trustees for Exchanging Exchequer Bills ut supra p. 270 for a quarter from April 27 last (the day on which they took on them the said trust) to July 27 last and 250l. to Lionell Herne, their Secretary and Accomptant, for the salary of himself and other the clerks and persons employed by the said Trustees therein for same period being ut supra ibid. [This warrant supersedes the cancelled warrant of July 28 last]. (Money order dated Sept. 10 hereon). Money Book XIII, p. 363, Order Book IV, p. 402.
Treasury warrant to John Knight, Customs Cashier, to pay (out of the Customs of Lyme Regis port) 120l. for one year to June 24 last on the annuity granted 1671 Dec. 22 for 21 years from 1684 Jan. 24 for the repair of the Cobb pier there. Money Book XIII, p. 364.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to cause the sum of 1,746l. 4s. 10d. (remaining in the Excise Office and received by Excise Collectors part by tale and part by weight at 5s. 8d. per ounce and 5s. 2d. per ounce and which hath been refused to be received by the Excise Cashier and his tellers the greatest part thereof being silver but not standard) to be melted in the presence of Sir Ste. Evance and thereupon to certify the Treasury Lords the value of the silver proceeding therefrom and the deficiency or loss thereon [by the difference] between the old money and the said value [after melting]: the said collectors having made oath that the said moneys are the same which they received and that they have made no profit to themselves in receiving the same; wherefore the said Commissioners have prayed that same may be melted and recoined and the deficiency charged to incidents in order to square the said collectors' accounts. Money Book XIII, p. 365.
Sept. 9. William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to issue 9,918l. 10s. 0d. as follows out of such Malt Lottery tickets remaining in your hands for the service of the Forces as have no benefits attending them: viz.
to the Duke of Schonbergh for his pay as General of the Horse from 1695–6 Jan. 1 to 1696 Dec. 31 at 6d. a day 2196
to ditto as Commander in Chief during the King's absence from 1696 May 1 to Oct. 6 at 4l. a day allowance 636
to ditto for so much expended for the King's service to 1696 Dec. 31 824
to ditto for the pay of his 2 Aides de Camp from 1696 May 1 to Oct. 6 at 10s. a day each 159
to the Earl of Orford [sic for Oxford] for his pay as Lieut.-General for one year to 1696 Dec. 31 at 4l. a day 1464
to the Earl of Romney; the like 1464
to the Earl of Scarborough; the like 1464
to the Earl of Macclesfield for his pay as Major-General for the same time at 2l. a day 732
to Col. Henry Trelawney for his pay as Brigadier for the same time at 30s. a day [? 549l.] 321
to the executors of Col. Fitzpatrick for his pay as Brigadier-General for 1695-6 Jan. 1 to 1696 Nov. 12 the time of his death being 317 days at 30s. a day 475 10 0
to Dr. Willis for his pay as Chaplain-General to the Army for one year ending 1696 Dec. 31 at 10s. a day 183
Disposition Book XIV, p. 93. 9918 10 0
Same to John Club at Norwich. My Lords have read your letter concerning the ill practices of the Receiver General [of Taxes for your county] and of the officers of the Mint at Norwich in their dealing with Exchequer Bills. If you will appear before my Lords and make good your allegations they will take care you shall be satisfied for the charge of your journey and that the offenders shall be punished. Please bring up any other witnesses. Their expenses shall be satisfied. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 340.
Sept. 9. Same to Mr. Blathwaite. I read to my Lords yours of the 2–12th inst. enclosing a letter from the Receiver General of the States [General] containing a complaint as to the want of interest due upon tallies delivered to the Dutch Ambassador upon this year's [3s. Aid or] Land Tax. My Lords immediately sent to the Exchequer to be informed in that matter and find that the interest is already directed on some of the said tallies and orders and will be on the rest by Saturday next and that the multiplicity of business at this time happening at the Exchequer by the late Acts of Parliament concerning the registering of all transferences of tallies and orders, and the great number of orders coming to be directed, has been the reason why the direction of the said orders in the Auditor's Office has been no sooner despatched.
Please acquaint the King that (besides the payment of the Earl of Galway's bills) my Lords on the 17th ult. put 5,000l. in Exchequer Bills into the Earl of Ranelagh's hands to discharge the Count de Frize's bills for the Forces on the Rhine; and on the same day ordered 10,000l. more in tallies on the 3s. Aid to be put into the Dutch Ambassador's hands as a credit for raising money for the said Forces. And on the 1st Sept. inst. 5,000l. more in Exchequer Bills were put into the Earl of Ranelagh's hands to answer the bills of the Count de Frize and of Monsieur Vander Maar for those Forces.
In yours to me of the 2nd inst. you mentioned Lord Villiers' business as depending before my Lords concerning the Aulnage and that the King orders a report to be made on it and that if favourable a warrant be drawn. My Lords desire you to represent to the King that the said business imports a grant to Villiers for 99 years in reversion of the whole aulnage revenue after the Duchess of Richmond's death and under the present rent. The Surveyor General has, on reference, reported that this revenue is worth above 7,000l. a year. My Lords being sensible that this is a very ancient revenue, and when in the hands of farmers or subjects hath occasioned great complaints in Parliament, and that Charles II refused to make a further grant of it to the Duchess of Richmond in regard of the inconveniences attending these grants, the officers of the grantees having such powers that for [collecting of] this revenue they may visit houses and shops and give the subject as much disturbance as was apprehended from the Duty which was lately voted on woollen manufactures, therefore my Lords had resolved to report to the King their humble opinion against making the grant. They desire that this report may remain here till the King's return.
I have taken care that the arrears of the pension mentioned in yours of the 12th new style be paid as directed. As to the 3,200l. purchase money for Mr. Williams' fee farms there ought to be a tally importing its payment at the Exchequer [the grant or discharge of] "which according to former precedents may be effected by a sign manual on the dormant privy seal; though the order for the Privy Purse was made use of in the case of the rents granted to the Rt. Honble. the Earl of Portland. My humble opinion is that it is better to use the dormant privy seal and not to swell the issues to the Privy Purse." Ibid., pp. 341–2.
Same to Mr. Fox to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Capt. Daniell Wood praying to be considered (as others have been) for bringing over the Troops he commanded in the late King's service in Ireland to join his present Majesty's army there, and that the reimbursements promised him may be made good. Ibid., p. 343.
Sept. 9. William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Commissioners of the Leeward Islands relating to the 720l. 2s. 2d. supplied by Col. Codrington to the Officers of Col. Holt's Regiment there, for which the said Colonel [Codrington] hath sent their receipts but hath omitted to draw bills on the said Commissioners. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 341–2.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay 58l. 9s. 4d. to Col. Robert Quarry, being the part which was paid into the Receipt on 12 casks of sugar which he bought in Maryland ut supra p. 298 and consigned by him per the ship Sarah, John Miller master, to Edward Bayly, Quarry's correspondent in Bristol and seized by Charles Simms, surveyor at the Pill, and being condemned by default were publicly sold for 105l. 14s. 0d. whereof the King's two-thirds viz. 70l. 9s. 4d. and the charges of prosecution being deducted the remaining 58l. 9s. 4d. was paid into the Exchequer: the said Quarry having since arrived in England and produced a certificate from the collector at Patuxent River in Maryland signifying that John Hurle commander of the Providence of London about 24 June 1694 brought into that Province (Maryland) a French prize with Martinico sugar which he took at sea under letters of Mart and same was there [in Maryland] condemned in the Admiralty and Quarry bought the sugar of the King's agent in Maryland for a valuable consideration and was therefore at liberty to import same to England, but the seizure happened by the miscarriage of the [original] certificate from Maryland. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, pp. 372–3.
Treasury reference to Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Nicholas Morice Esq. on behalf of Sir Nicholas, son of Sir William Morrice deceased, for a lease for 3 lives of the office of Havenor of the Duchy of Cornwall, which office Sir William had for the lives of him and William Morice; and the office is now fallen in to the King by the death of the last named in the West Indies. Reference Book VII, p. 234.
Same to Henry Baker of the petition of James Sartree shewing that he has discovered the effects which his brother Peter Sartree left in the hands of a merchant in London but the merchant refuses to agree with him until "he" [Sartree] is discharged from prosecution at the King's suit: therefore praying a noli prosequi. Ibid.
Sept. 10. William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay the 1,116l. 8s. 4d. for the clothing of the four Companies of Foot in New York directed supra p. 283 by 556l. 8s. 4d. only out of Salt tallies in your hands and the remaining 550l. by such of the Malt Lottery tickets in your hands as are in the remotest course of payment and have no benefits attending them. Disposition Book XIV, p. 93.
Same to the Secretaries of the Admiralty to lay before the Admiralty Lords the enclosed Order in Council [missing] upon a representation of the Council of Trade on the petition of Capt. William Holman, commander of the William and Mary galley concerning his charge and loss in the defence of the harbour of Ferryland in Newfoundland in 1694. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 343.
Sept. 10. Same to the Navy Commissioners enclosing the petition [missing] of Orbe Mahomet Alie Gualio Algirines, lately belonging to his Majesty's ship Eagle, praying payment of what is due "to them" for their service. Please make out bills for their payment by way of imprest. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Sheriff of Co. Southampton. We are informed by the oaths of several collectors of the 3s. Aid in your county that Mr. Richard Cobb and William Oades, deputies of Thomas Cobb, Receiver General of said Aid for your County, have refused to accept from the said Collectors Exchequer Bills in payment of such tax, contrary to the Act of Parliament, the King's Proclamation and our repeated directions signified to them. We ordered the said Cobb and Oades to appear before us which they did on the 9th inst. when they pretended it was done out of ignorance. In order to punish so public a mischief we directed the Attorney General to prosecute them in the King's Bench for misdemeanour. We communicate this to you in order that your county which is so well affected to the Government may receive no further abuse of this kind. (The like letter to Richard Norton Esq.). Ibid., p. 344.
Same to the Justices of the Peace for Co. Northumberland to give all necessary assistance to the surveyors and inspectors of the Duties on Marriages and on Houses and to cause duplicates "thereof" [of their assessments] to be delivered to the Receiver General [for your county] and to the King's Remembrancer in order to the said Receiver's being properly charged in his accounts. (The like letter to the Justices of Peace for Co. Beds.). (The like letters dated Sept. 15 severally to all the remaining counties and places of England and Wales ut supra pp. 302–3). Ibid., pp. 345, 346–7.