Warrants etc.: September 1697, 16-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 12, 1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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September 1697, 16-20

Sept. 16. Money order for 140,000l. to William Knight, the officer in the Exchequer for paying annuities under the Salt Act [as by 5 Wm. and Mary c. 7.], as imprest to pay the said annuities for one year to 1697 Sept. 29 in pursuance of the said Act. Order Book IV, p. 403.
Sept. 17. A like warrant ut infra p. 343 for the exchange of the purchase of one annuity of 14l. per an. purchased by William Dunch of Lincolns Inn Esq. 1693 May 19 and of which John Hooke et al 1695 Nov. 12 purchased the reversion and the said William Dunch (not knowing of Hooke's purchase) did 1697 June 23 pay 56l. into the Receipt for the same reversion which by reason of the said precedent purchase he is uncapable to enjoy. He is hereby to be entered for the purchase of any other reversion of annuity to the like 14l. per an. value remaining unpurchased. Money Book XIII, p. 369.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners. In case you can get credit for 3–4000l. for stores for Admiral Nevill's squadron at their coming in, to be repaid in Exchequer Bills, and if you will order bills of exchange to be drawn on you for that sum, my Lords will take care that such bills be duly complied with. Disposition Book XIV, p. 97.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance. It is my Lords' opinion that upon settling the account with the East India Company for the powder furnished in Holland there be the same allowance of discount for the 1000l. furnished by Sir John Fleet upon one of the land tax tallies as is to be allowed to the East India Company for the other 9000l. tallies on the same account.
Please inform my Lords why the [Ordnance] officers do not fetch away the salt petre reserved by the East India Company for them. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 50000l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Navy Treasurer: as imprest: for wages to seamen. (In the margin: 48000l. [paid] Sept. 25.; 2000l. [paid] Oct. 8).
William Lowndes to Phil. Bertie Esq., Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall. My Lords are informed that the audit for the said Duchy has lately been removed to Liskeard from Lostwithiel, the ancient Duchy town where it was formerly held. You are to keep the audit at Lostwithiel as formerly. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 347b.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance. From henceforth no allowance is to be made at the King's charge for money bags either at the Exchequer or any the public offices. The tellers, treasurers, receivers and collectors are to find them at their own charge. (The like letters severally to the Receipt, the Post Office, Army Paymaster, Navy Treasurer, Customs Cashier and Commissioners respectively of Glass, Stamps, Excise and Navy). Out Letters (General) XV. p. 347b.
Sept. 17. William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners for an estimate what will pay off the first rate and second rate ships. Ibid.
Same to the Secretaries of the Admiralty to lay before the Admiralty Lords the enclosed reports [missing] from the Lords Justices of Ireland and the Commissioners of Revenue and of Forfeitures there touching the obstruction given to Mr. Naish, a purveyor of the Navy, in providing timber for the service of the Navy out of forfeited woods in Ireland. Ibid., p. 348.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Delleff Christian Hopp of Hamburg praying for a noli prosequi to the information against tin plates and linen consigned to him from Hamburg and seized by Mr. Carkess for being entered in the name of one Sussex an Englishman, petitioner being an alien and being but 22 years [? old] and 9 months [resident] in England and altogether unacquainted with the laws. Reference Book VII, p. 235.
Sept. 20. William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 278l. 3s. 6d. to Samuell Powell, Serjeant of the House of Commons, out of such of the Malt Lottery tickets remaining in the Exchequer for the uses of the Civil List as have no prizes attending them. Disposition Book XIV, p. 100.
Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Tho. Woodcock Esq. Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Leicester, praying that an overpayment of 50l. 8s. 5¼d. on his account of the fourth 4s. Aid may be transferred to his account of the 3s. Aid. Reference Book VII, p. 238.