Minute Book: February 1698

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 13, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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February 1698

Feb. 1,
forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house.
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Charles Hosyer and Mr. Arkesdale [attend] on an information that the brother of Hosyer who is a Receiver [of taxes], had sent 1000l. to him to buy Exchequer Bills. Charles Hosyer denies the receiving of any money from his brother but he has dealt in some Bills for himself. Mr. Arkesdale says he has heard Charles Hosyer sold some Bills but he never bought any of him. Mr. Arkesdale tells the discourse between him and a stranger at an alehouse by Holborn Conduit but denies that he knew or said any ill of Mr. Hosyer. Charles Hosyer says he has no transaction for his brother, the Receiver, nor never received any money from him.
Write to the Trustees of Exchequer Bills to attend to-morrow morning.
Upon a letter from the Agents [for Taxes] of Jan. 29 touching hammered money my Lords order, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, that no more hammered money be received at the Exchequer. (Ibid. p. 102.)
Feb. 2,
forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house.
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Neal, Mr. Newton, Mr. Mason and Mr. Molineux [attend]. Mr. Newton says Lewis at the Chester Mint has misbehaved himself, insolent, gave undue preferences, quarrelsome.
Mr. Neal says Lewis understands the business extremely well and does very well as to the King, but upon ill names given him is very quarrelsome: he was the [Tower Mint] Comptroller's clerk but now is employed by Neal [as deputy at Chester]: much more is to be said against the others [such deputies in the other country Mints].
My Lords direct Mr. Neal forthwith to dismiss Edward Lewis from his employment.
My Lords direct them [the Principal officers of the Tower Mint] to present in writing their opinion concerning the sweep [and scissal of the mintings] in the country mints.
Sir Stephen Fox comes in.
Richard Blake presents to my Lords an information against Andr. Hudleston, Receiver [for Cumberland and Westmorland]. [My Lords] refer this to the Trustees [for Exchequer Bills] to be examined and reported on.
Mr. Peter Ward [attends]: says at Northall, co. Bucks, money is received per the Collector Francis Seabrook and not brought to account. [My Lords] refer him to the Agents [for Taxes].
Mr. Corbet [attends and his] papers [are] read. See the papers [? with my Lords' directions endorsed thereon].
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills attend: their memorial is read: the answers are [written thereon] in its margin.
The Victuallers [attend]: their memorial is read.
[Write] to the Earl of Orford [the Navy Treasurer] that there being at present an extreme necessity for [money for] the Victuallers [my Lords] desire him to clear his balance of his late account of the Victualling in the Mediterranean.
Mr. Hendley presents a memorial of the Transport Commissioners: which is read.
[Order that] the Commissioners of the Malt Lottery Tickets have 100l. each.
Mr. Hume to have 300l. a year and Mr. Creamer 200l. a year for examining the vouchers and cash in the Exchequer.
[Write] to the Navy Treasurer for an account of all the tallies, orders and [Lottery] tickets and cash in his hands; with the course [of payment], prices [prizes or benefits] &c. appertaining to them. (Treasury Minute Book X, p. 103.)
Feb. 2,
afternoon at Kensington.
Present: the King; all the five Treasury Lords.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blaythwayt [attend]. His Lordship's memorial [for money for the Forces] is read.
Mrs. Ormesby: her petition and [the] report [thereon] (presented by Mr. Arnold) are read. The King says it shall be considered when any provision is made for widows.
The petition of Eliz. Wandesford is read: [ordered] to be referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland].
The petition of John Neale and [the] report thereon for the estate of Lord Boffin et al [are read and ordered] to be laid by: Query: for whom?
The petition of Sir Edward Byron with reports &c. [are read]: granted.
Lord Lanesborough [his petition is read]: respite his rent for six months.
The petition of six French ministers [is read] with a report of the Lords Justices [Ireland]. The Lords Justices [are ordered by the King] to give them something at present out of Concordatums and to report what they think proper to be allowed them for the future.
Col. Mathews [his petition is read] for the lease of the office of Havenor of the Duchy [of Cornwall]. The King will see the report of the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands] on the petition of Mr. Morris.
Mr. Povey's petition [is read] and the report of Mr. Blathwayt thereon. Respited.
Sir Basil Dixwell [his petition is read] for an addition [of salary to him] as Deputy Governor of Dover [Castle]; to [make same up to] 20s. a day for him and the Governor. The King refuseth it. (Ibid, p. 104).
Feb. 4, forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house. Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith.
Peltier to have 5l. (Ibid, p. 105).
Feb. 5. forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Order for] 500l. [to William Lowndes] in Malt [Lottery] tickets: for secret service.
[Order for] Mr. Crompton to be the officer in the Exchequer for paying the Malt [Lottery] tickets: at the salary of 200l. for an.
The auditors' state of the account of the late Contractors for Hearthmoney is read and the answer of the Contractors. In case the Contractors do not before the middle of next term go to trial, by consent, with the persons that have the tallies in their hands charged on the said Contractors, so that the dispute between them may be determined, my Lords do order that process shall then issue with effect against the said Contractors to compel them to even their accounts in the Exchequer.
The Victuallers [attend: ordered that they have] 5000l. in [Exchequer] Bills and 4000l. in money of the loans [on the Exchequer in General]: thereof 6000l. to be for the [Victualling] course and 3000l. for imprests.
Samuel Grice (pursuant to the King's command) is to be a kingswaiter [London port] upon the next vacancy.
Charles Story [ordered to have] 15l. for his voyage from New Hampshire.
[Order for] 150l. to the Council of Trade for incidents; out of which the [above]said 15l. is to be paid.
Mr. Vernon's letter for 300l. to Abr. Kirk is read and respited.
Feb. 7.
forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Peter White first clerk of Mr. Henry Pelham, Clerk of the Pells, is sworn.
The [twelve] plates for [printing] Exchequer Bills [are ordered] to be re-delivered to Mr. Clayton to make new Bills instead (in lieu) of those which are filled with endorsements according to the Act; and he is to bring them back again when the service is performed. (William Clayton's acknowledgment of receipt of the plates is appended to this day's Minutes.)
Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
[Write] to Mr. Bland to be here to-morrow morning.
Mr. Baker says La Rue has 4l. a week from him and had lately 200l. and 50l. to carry him to Ireland.
[Write] to Mr. Nicho Baker to prepare and bring in his accounts [of money for Crown Law charges].
Henry Baker [ordered to have] 500l. in Malt [Lottery] tickets.
(Ibid, p. 106).
Feb. 9, forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith.
The Victuallers [attend]. Their papers are read. (Treasury Minute Book X, p. 107.)
eodem die, afternoon at Kensington. Present: no names stated.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blaythwayt [attend]. The Earl's memorial [for money for the Forces] is read and as many articles [or items thereof are] ordered to be paid out of loans [on the Exchequer in General] as amount to 36719l. 14s. 4d. So much more as carries on to March 12 the subsistence of the seven Regiments [going] for Ireland [amounting to] about 4000l. [? is considered]. Speak with Abbot.
[Order for] 3963l. 12s. 9d. to the Commissioners of the Transports; [to be applied by them] for shipping and provisions for the said seven Regiments [going] for Ireland. See their memorial.
The Earl of Castlemaine [is ordered to have] 100l. in Lottery tickets. (Ibid).
Feb. 10,
forenoon at same [at Mr. Lowndes's house.]
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir T. Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Several papers are read: and the answers [are endorsed] upon them.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]: their memorial is read. The minutes [taken thereon are written in the margin] upon it.
The letter for disposing 36719l. 14s. 4d. [for the Forces] and 3963l. 12s. 9d. [for the Transport Commissioners] out of loans [made] at the Exchequer is [read and] approved. (Ibid.)
Feb. 11, forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
[Write] a letter to the Earl of Ranelagh that the 12882l. 11s. 5d. in money ordered to him for subsistence be applied for disbanding such Forces as his Majesty shall direct. A letter [is directed] for the like sum in Exchequer Bills to be issued to him [in place thereof and to be] for subsistence.
Order for 200l. of new money of the loans [on the Exchequer in General] to be issued to him to pay Mr. Hill's bills for transportation [of the Troops] from Flanders.
Sir Scroop How and Mr. Story [attend]. Their memorials and the Minute of Oct. 15 last are read. My Lords will allow to Sir Scroop one clerk for the Malt Duty and another for the Duties upon leather; each at 60l. a year from 1697 April 20 and to be paid quarterly upon the salary bills for the Excise Office. A warrant to be prepared for that purpose. My Lords will consider his [Sir Scroop's] extra charge of clerkship for the Excise accounts when the [Excise] Commissioners are here; and Mr. Story is to attend then.
[Write] to Mr. Whitley to be here on Tuesday morning.
[Write] to Mr. Dodington and Mr. Corbet to be here on Tuesday morning about subsistence for the Marine Regiments.
[Order for] 6000l. [to the Victuallers: to be issued] in [Exchequer] Bills out of the loan: 4000l. [thereof to be] for [the Victualling] course and 2000l. for imprests. (Ibid, p. 108).
Feb. 12
forenoon, at Mr. Lowndes's house.
Present: Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Col. Vaughan and Mris. Vaughan are to be here on Tuesday morning.
[Order for] 20l. to Percival Brunskel in Malt [Lottery] tickets.
Mr. Lowndes to certify that John Price in his account has charged himself with 1124l. 3s. 35/8d more of the late [Irish Revenue] Farmers' money than was allowed in their account. (Ibid. p. 109).
Feb. 15, forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
[Order for] 2712l. out of loans in Exchequer Bills to be issued to the Navy Treasurer for a month's subsistence to the Marine Regiments; and to be imprested to the Colonels or their agents for that service.
Mr. Vaughan and Mris. Vaughan to be heard peremptorily on Saturday morning. Notice to be given to all parties.
Nicho Baker is to pay 10l. a piece to Solomon Smith and Robert Alcock for their services, and to tell them at the same time they are to have no more.
Nicho Baker to have 1000l. [for Crown Law costs] in Malt [Lottery] tickets.
Dr. Otes to have 20l.
The Customs Commissioners to attend this day week in the morning; and Mr. Smith of Chichester to be heard then: he to have a copy of his report [the report on his petition].
John Guillet is to be employed by Mr. Neal in the [en]graving at the Mint as a probationer for the service at the rate of 50l. per an. from Xmas last. (Ibid, p. 110).
Feb. 16,
forenoon at Mr. Lowndes's house.
Present: Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
The Victuallers [attend].
Order for the 618l. out of loans [on the Exchequer in General in [Exchequer] Bills to be issued to the Navy for the charge of transporting the servants, horses and equipage of Mr. Grey, the Governor of Barbados. A privy seal to be prepared for his salary; out of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty as usual.
Gabriel Collins to be recommended to the Commissioners of [Stamped] Parchment for a stamper's place in the room of Carne lately removed. (Ibid, p. 111).
Feb. 17,
forenoon Treasury Chambers at the Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Memorandum: On the 17th day of February 1697–8 the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury had their first sitting at the new Office in the Cockpit.
[Write] a letter to the Attorney General to prepare and take to the King's use or benefit an assignment from Tho. Bradford and William Burnett for their term in Fangrove, Knollgrove and Stubridge coppices in the parish of Chertsey, Co. Surrey and to make use of such names for that assignment as he shall think fit. The consideration is 380l., to be paid before the assignment passes.
Edward Peto to have 20l. for hedging and ditching the same [the above coppices].
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]. Their memorial is read.
Major Stuart [is to be recompensed], for the loss he and some others sustained, by taking [in payment] clipt money which is still in their hands. (Ibid, p. 112).
Feb. 18,
forenoon Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: all the five Lords.
Mr. Danvers and Mr. Everard [attend] with Mr. Kent and Mr. Parker. Kent is charged to have sent up Exchequer Bills for the [Excise] Duties by him received, on the 28th, 29th and 30th Oct., on which days he received new money; and that one Abbot, a maltster, on 29th Oct. brought two 5l. [Exchequer] Bills to the [Excise Cashier's] Office and had [new] money from Kent for them though no Duties due from him [Abbot]. Abbot endorsed the Bills.
Kent says the carriers paid him the Duty; Abbot received the money from the carriers and paid him (Kent) in Bills. He produces an affidavit of Abbot that Kent never changed any money for Bills with him.
Parker says he saw the money tendered to Kent by the carriers and Kent bid them pay it to Abbot. A letter of Leo Mills is read that a servant of Sir Robert Smith often attended [? Kent's] Office and had [new] money [in return] for Exchequer Bills.
23 Aug. 1697 Kent wrote to the Commissioners of Excise to know whether he should change Sir Robert Smith's Bills. He never received any answer.
There has been a former contest between Kent and Parker.
4th June. 1695 Kent was prohibited to trust Col. Burhard, the Act from that time not allowing it. Kent says he did not give him a penny credit that day.
31 Aug. 1695 there was a positive direction from the Commissioners not to trust him.
Burhard owes now 865l.
Mr. Danvers says he [?Kent] has trusted him [?Burhard] with 200l. since the last positive order.
Kent must take care to recover the money from Burhard, he and his security being responsible for the same.
My Lords will speak with Sir Robert Smith.
[Write] to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint, the Contractors for Farthings and Phillip Shales, Comptroller [of the Farthings] to be here on Tuesday morning.
Mr. Blathwait [attends] with several Brigadiers about disbanding seven Regiments of Foot, two in the North, two in Devonshire and three at Portsmouth. [Order for] 6000l. of the loans [on the Exchequer in General] in new money or guineas to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for disbanding.
The Earl of Ranelagh's memorial [for money for the Forces is read amounting to the sum] of 18017l. 13s. 1d. [Order for same to be issued to him] and 500l. to Mr. Fox for transports: to be paid out of loans [on the Exchequer in General] in Exchequer Bills.
[Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of] 10000l. out of loans in Exchequer Bills in part of half a year due at Lady day 1697 for the Yards. Mr. Corbet and Mr. Dodington are to discount [get discounted] 20000l. in Malt [Lottery] tickets for money.
Treasury Minute Book X, p. 113).
Feb. 22,
forenoon Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox.
[Order for] 100l. a piece to Brigadiers Selwin and Fairfax and 150l. to Sir Charles Hara pursuant to the King's directions for disbanding: [to be issued] out of loans.
Mr. Pelham and Mr. Smith come in.
The Victuallers [attend. Order for them to have] 10,000l. out of loans [on the Exchequer in General in Exchequer] Bills; whereof 6000l. for the [Victualling] course and 4000l. for imprests.
Sir Thomas Littleton comes in.
The Customs Commissioners and Mr. Ellis [attend]. My Lords recommend it to them that Monsieur Tallard's goods be brought to his house and that his own goods and horses pass free.
The Customs Commissioners' report touching Mr. Smith of Chichester is read. My Lords will hear him on Thursday morning.
The [Principal] officers of the Mint and the Contractors and Comptroller for Farthings are to attend on Friday morning.
[Order for] 100l. to the Earl of Ranelagh out of Exchequer Bills of the loan [on the Exchequer in General]: said sum to be paid to Col. Farrington upon account of clearings of the officers of his Regiment now to be disbanded.
The Postmasters [General attend]. My Lords direct Hen. Baker to prosecute Manly by their [the Postmasters General's] direction.
The Four and a Half per cent. Duty [money] now coming into the Exchequer is to be issued for secret service.
[Order for] 200l. out of loans [on the Exchequer in General] in Exchequer Bills to be issued to the Ordnance; to be paid over to Sir Basil Dixwell and Mathew Aylmore Esq. towards repairing the harbour at Dover. Desire the Office of Ordnance to have some inspection that the money be laid out for that purpose according to the King's intention.
Mr. Powys to enquire of Mr. Bland in what condition the presents for the [Dey of] Algiers [&c.] are.
Thomas Brownham Esq., recommended by Sir Geo. Fletcher and Sir John Lowther [is] to be Receiver of the Aids and other taxes in Westmorland and Cumberland loco Mr. Hudleston.
[Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 1500l. out of loans [on the Exchequer in General] in Exchequer Bills: [to be by him paid to the Commissioners] for the Sick and Wounded: [the said sum to be charged to the head of Navy wages and the Victualling] in the usual proportions. (Ibid, p. 114).
Feb. 23,
forenoon Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Mr. James Hodges to have 100l. in part of 648l. 4s. 7½d. due to him out of the rent of Hackney Coaches.
Mr. Corbet [attends]. My Lords direct him to change the Malt [Lottery] tickets in his hands for Exchequer Bills so far as he can do it at par.
Mr. Pelham comes in.
Mr. Whitley desires to be employed in finding out frauds about Exchequer Bills. My Lords will consider it at a full Board.
[Order for] 2000l. to the Transports: out of loans on [the Exchequer in General in] Exchequer Bills.
Mr. Slone, counsel for Lieut.-Col. Vaughan [appears] and Sir Thomas Powys and Mr. Webb for Mris. Vaughan. The order of Council of 23 Dec. 1697 is read with the petitions and subsequent orders. Mr. Slone says she was a sempstress; he had a child by her but never married; he was out of England when said to be married; his lawful wife is Sir John Conway's sister; he insists on his good service in Scotland; the pension was granted to him during pleasure, but the consideration was a debt; and the [question of] marriage is not triable here [at the Treasury Board.]
Sir Thomas Powys [says] the Colonel lived with this woman and had two children by her; fell in with another woman; there is a sentence of the Delegates in 1690 for her marriage; if the consideration [for his pension] were a just debt of this government he would not have taken a grant during pleasure; the order of Council is positive to stop the whole till she had half assigned; afterwards a stop procured in Flanders; the Colonel received the money; there are no creditors have appeared at the Lottery Office.
Mr. Webb says 'tis a grant merely of grace and favour, not for any debt; 'twas in the King's power to allot her half the pension; the suit in the Ecclesiastical Court was defended by Col. Vaughan, 'twas his appeal.
Slone says 'twas determined when he [Col. Vaughan] was in Scotland.
Web says his [Vaughan's] agents appeared for him.
Mr. Parker, a witness, says the Treasurer of the Royal Oak Lottery (Mr. Allom) told him no creditors ever pretended to it [the pension]. This is hearsay.
Slone says the Colonel had no notice of her petition in Council before the first order.
Henry Godfry says the messenger went to Spring Garden but could not find him.
Slone says she shall have the 300l. per an. if proof can be made of any such notice.
Mr. Birt says he knew her at the Excha[nge] and never heard an ill character of her; he knew her when she was reputed the Colonel's wife.
Sir Thomas Turner says she always behaved herself as a very good wife.
Mr. Web says she furnished the Colonel with above 800l.
The privy seal [for the grant of the pension] was read whereby it appears the pension was granted for a debt.
My Lords will confer with the rest at a full Board and then come to a resolution. (Treasury Minute Book X, pp. 115–6).
Feb. 23,
afternoon Kensington.
Present: the King; all the five Treasury Lords.
The Earl of Ranelagh [was] called in; his memorial [for money for the Forces is] read and [is] ordered out of the loans [on the Exchequer in General]. It amounts to 11023l. 16s. 5d.
Some petitions are read. [See the] minutes [endorsed] on them.
My Lord Ranelagh is to furnish money to Norcott's Regiment and all others concerned in the short allowance [money] at sea in the same proportion as he did to the others concerned in the short allowance [money and] already ordered to be disbanded.
[Order for] 1000l. to the poor of London.
By the King's command the bishops are to be sent to for the First Fruits and Tenths in their hands; and for non-payment [the King orders that] process is to issue [against them].
Monsieur De la Rue [?attends]. Sir Stephen Fox to speak with him.
A list to be laid before the King of the whole charge [of pensions] on the [Royal Oak] Lotteries. (Ibid, p. 116.)
Feb. 24,
forenoon Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
The bishop of Chichester says he never heard anything of Mr. Smith of Chichester [other] but that he was well affected to the Government and in general he gives him a good character. A letter of the bishop of Ely in his behalf is read. Sir William Thomas and Mr. Elson and Mr. Campian give him a good character.
Mr. Secretary Vernon to have 500l. for secret service as soon as so much comes into the Exchequer after payment of what is directed.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]. My Lords are of opinion a new contract be made for [circulating] 300,000l. [Exchequer Bills], subscribers to have 8 per cent premium. Mr. Hern will cause an advertisement for this to be inserted in the Gazette.
[Order for] 134l. to Col. Web in Exchequer Bills for his contingent warrant [his warrant on army Contingencies].
[Order for] 200l. to Capt. James Norton in Exchequer [Bills] in part of his arrears as a Captain in Col. Holt's Regiment; in order to enable him to repair to his Government of St. Christopher.
[Order for] 10000l. out of loans in Exchequer Bills to be issued to the Trustees [for Exchequer Bills] in part of the sum (about 50000l.) to pay the premium for the third subscription. A warrant [is ordered] for the whole [50,000l]. (Ibid, p. 117).
Feb. 25,
Treasury Chambers at the Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton.
The Surveyor of the Melting House with Mr. Hume or Mr. Creamer are to make an inventory of all the utensils and implements, whether broken or whole, belonging to the melting house near the Exchequer and to appraise them separately, and to present their appraisement thereof to this Board in order to be disposed [of] for the King's best advantage. And Mr. Floyer is to refine the sweep of the last meltings not yet refined at his house; but Mr. Jett is to carry the same and see it refined and to carry the silver proceeding therefrom to the Tower to be there coined and the money to be returned to the Exchequer to be applied to the proper uses. And as to the sand, dirt or rubbish which doth or shall remain of all the sweeps after the refining, the said Floyer, Jett and Arthur Hume or Cremer are to report the condition thereof to my Lords, acquainting them with the nature, quantity and value thereof with their opinions how the same may best be disposed for the public service. And my Lords resolve that all the officers of the Melting House be dismissed on the 1st of March, the work being quite finished.
[Ordered] that a convenient office at the King's charge be made in the Melting House for Mr. Crompton, Paymaster of the Lottery Tickets; and my Lords recommend to him Mr. Whitacre's son, he giving good security: and my Lords will allow Mr. Crompton three clerks, one at 60l. per an. one at 50l. and one at 40l.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in and agrees to the preceding minute.
Mr. Clerk and Mr. Noel attend. The Attorney General having had long before him a case upon the Malt (whether malt exported from Jersey or Guernsey is to draw back the Duty), the matter being now pressing, my Lords desire him to call as soon as conveniently he can at this Board that they may advise with him about it.
[Order for] 5000l. in Exchequer Bills out of the loans [on the Exchequer in General; to be issued to] the Victuallers for imprests; being intended for hogs and beef.
The Contractors for Farthings [attend] with their Comptroller and the officers of the Mint. They have coined 436 tons to the 15th inst. in part of their 700 [tons to be coined] in seven years. They have changed 34800l. of the tin farthings which are melted into 174 tons of metal worth about 60l. a ton. They have offered merchants freight and other charges to carry a quantity to the foreign Plantations. (Treasury Minute Book X, pp. 118-9).
Feb. 26, forenoon Cockpit, Treasury Chambers. Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
A young man recommended by Mr. Pelham is to be one of Mr. Crumpton's clerks at 40l. per an. My Lords do not approve of Mr. H (struck through).
The equipage of Mr. Ralph Grey [who is] going Governor of Barbados being ordered by the King to pass [Customs] free, my Lords think it more advisable to pay the Duty for the said goods outward at the King's charge; and therefore desire the C[ashier] of the Customs to certify what the said Duties amount to. (Ibid, p. 119).
St. David's day [March 1,] forenoon Cockpit, Treasury Chambers. Present: Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton. Mr. Pelham.
My Lords approve the advertisement to be inserted in the next Gazette for paying the first 30,000l. and interest upon the tickets charged on the Malt Act.
Mr. Clayton [attends] with Sir Joseph Herne, Mr. Abbot and Mr. Dodington. Mr. Clayton offers the form of a new [Exchequer] Bill made out [as] by the Act of this Session in lieu of one filled up with endorsements. My Lords upon reading the Act find all the requisites are complied with. But they direct Mr. Clayton to signify the interest due which he endorses on the backside of the new Bill.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of] 107.368l. 0s. 5d. out of loans to be made by the said Earl upon the Exchequer in General pursuant to the late Vote of the House of Commons: to be issued for the Forces; which sum he is to pay over to Mr. Isles & Co. pursuant to an agreement of 29 Nov. 1697; to wit 100,000l. for so much by them remitted for the Forces in Flanders, 2000l. for the allowance of 2 per cent. for their negotiation [of the said 100,000l.] and 5368l. 8s. 5d. for an allowance of 5 per cent. on [the total] 102,000l. to make it equal to new money. [Order for] a letter to Sir Robert Howard to strike tallies for the said 107,368l. 8s. 5d. for the Earl of Ranelagh for such uses as my Lords shall appoint.
[Write] to Mr. Dickens that he forthwith repair to New Forest to take care of the marking off the tops of the Navy trees and to assist in the sale of such tops pursuant to my Lords' warrant; and to attend here in the middle of May to answer the articles exhibited against him by the Surveyor [General of Woods Trent South].
A warrant [is ordered] to the said Mr. Dickens to pay the Keepers of New Forest one year's salary out of the 300l. now in his hands.
If the Judges do accept the Malt [Lottery] tickets directed for their salaries for the two first of the four terms in arrear my Lords will direct the loss thereby to be made good to them: and my Lords will furnish what is due for the other two terms out of the best funds that shall be given [by Parliament] for the Civil List.
Mr. Pengelley to be Attorney of the Duchy [of Cornwall] loco Mr. Nicho Courtney (Ibid, pp. 120-1.)