Minute Book: January 1699

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 14, 1698-1699. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1934.

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January 1699

1698–9, Jan. 3,
afternoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
Mr. Edwin [is ordered] to have 1,000l. out of the Civil List money, for his liberate.
Mr. Thrale's memorial about the Four and a half per cent Duty [is read and] referred to the Customs Commissioners.
The pension deed [list payable by Mr. Henry Baker is] to be brought to Mr. Lowndes's house to-morrow by Mr. Baker.
The Navy Commissioners [attend]: their papers are read and answered [and the answers are endorsed or margined] upon them.
Mr. Fitz [Fitch] comes in and is told that as soon as this Board is supplied of funds my Lords will supply the course on which he has bills registered.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to know what money has been issued for purchase of houses or ground for the service of the Admiralty and how the titles have been inquired into and settled, and whose the conveyances are.
The Navy Commissioners [are] to be allowed their taxes for the year 1695. Treasury Minute Book XXIX, p. 52.
Jan. 10,
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Williamson [is] called in with several officers of the Exchequer, Auditor Done et al. He offers an apology with his own affidavit, which are read.
John Evelligay says Jackson sends up the states of Williamson's accounts: he never saw any state of an account for 1696 of [receipts of the Duties on] births, burials, &c.: he denies that he endeavoured to wrest the tally from the Auditor's clerk.
Williamson says he did not bring his account from the Chancellor [of the Exchequer's] Office to this Board to be declared because he hoped for an allowance for his extraordinary charges in this account on a report from the [Taxes] Agents dated November last.
My Lords take notice that this account was declared before the [Auditor's] report [thereon] and 'tis an account of appropriated money.
Sir Thomas Littleton comes in.
[Order for] 3,000l. (out of the Civil List money in the Exchequer) to be issued to the Cofferer of the Household to pay Sir Theodore Janssen and Sir Hen. Furnes for so much by them furnished in Holland at 10 guilders 12 stivers per £ sterling for subsistence of the [part of the King's] Household [which accompanied him] there last summer.
[Write] to the Agents [for Taxes] to be here on Friday night.
[The Principal] Officers of the Mint [attend]. They are to prepare their account with the [inclusion of the items of] cravings in their memorial of this day. My Lords will then consider them and do what is fit.
Mr. Tailor [is ordered] to make a state of Mr. Hayes' case as to the money he owes on account of the Mint and his not giving security: and the same is to be laid before the King to-morrow. Mr. Hayes is willing to leave the 200l. payable to him as a Commissary for the expedition to Madagascar as an additional security besides the bond he gives to Mr. Neal for 300l. to answer the charge at the Exeter Mint.
[Order for] 500l. (out of Civil List money in the Exchequer) to be issued to Mr. Fox and Lord Coningsby for the transports, for bringing home the King's horses and household goods from Holland.
[Order for] 1,000l. more [to same] for the Transport service in general: out of the 8th payment of the Two Millions.
Major Cohoo [n] Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 53.
Jan. 11,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
Mr. William Watson and three other Pages of the Bedchamber [are ordered] to be paid their bills of 54l. each.
The King's part of the fines of Stephen Brett, Thomas Lancaster, and Thomas Edwards [is ordered] to be remitted.
Mr. Killigrew's livery as Jester is to be allowed from the Revolution.
The King comes in.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwayt [attend]. The list for the [grants to] widows of those slain or dead of their wounds in the service (restrained only to such) is approved to be paid as a contingent charge of the Forces; but where arrears are due to any of them this payment is to go in part of such arrears.
Mr. Israel Hayes's bond for the sum (about 500l.) due from him is to be accepted.
The representation concerning the St. Peter prize is read: to be laid before the [Privy] Council. Mr. Bovet is to have 100l., and no more till he discovers something else.
[Order for] 2,000l. to be issued to the Cofferer for such services as the King will appoint.
[Write] a letter to the Office of Works that they do not go upon any extraordinary works to put the King to expense till directed by the King and that [in every case] an estimate be prepared and presented to my Lords.
The Messengers [of the Chamber are] to be reduced to 24, and the rest (except those that are faulty) are to be put to pensions equal to their salaries.
The charge of the Wardrobe at St. James's [is] to be saved.
The [King's and the Household] apothecaries and barbers are to be paid in one Office only and not in several offices.
Mr. Edward Howard is to be paid after the rate of 150l. a year.
The Duchess of Cleveland is to be paid 150l. a week reckoning from 1st January last on the pension out of the Post Office.
Mris. Lloyd's petition is read and granted.
Sir Thomas Cook's petition [is read] for his debt [charged] on Friend's estate. The King will consider this.
[Order for] 500l. for the King to-morrow.
[Order for] 400l. a week to the Stables. Ibid., p. 54.
Jan. 13,
afternoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton.
The money for the Marine [Regiments] quarters at Canterbury, being 865l. 7s. 3d., is to be issued by tallies on the Two Millions; but the Colonel or his agent must take care that the money due for subsistence of every officer or soldier be not exceeded.
A letter to be prepared for allowing the twopences to the Regiment raised by Sir Richard Atkins and afterwards commanded by Col. Geo. Villiers; according to the report of Lord Coningsby et al.
Mr. Zouch to be heard by his Counsel this day fortnight; and Mr. Allen the solicitor to have notice; and Mr. Twitty to be here.
[Write] to the Attorney General to be here this day week upon the report concerning Mr. Riggs.
[Write] to Auditor Bridges to attend next Tuesday with the state of the Treasurer of the Chamber's account during the time of Dr. Richard's deputation.
The letter of Baron Lechmere concerning Mr. Albert, the Receiver, and Mr. Chapman, his surety, is delivered to the Agents for Taxes for them to take care in that matter.
Mr. Wheeler to be Surveyor of [Duties on] Windows, &c., instead of Mr. Twiss, removed for neglecting his employment. Ibid., p. 55.
Jan. 16,
forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Mr. S[mith].
(No entry of any minutes). Ibid., p. 56.
Jan. 18,
Afternoon. Kensington.
Present: the King; Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith.
The King orders that the charge of the Hawks on the Establishment of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office shall cease; but the pension payable out of the Exchequer to the Master of the Hawks is to continue.
The King orders the following weekly payments from 1698–9, January 1.
to the Household for emptions for the House and Stables 800
to the Treasurer of the Chamber
to the Wardrobe for emptions 300
to the Works 18,106l. 5s. 3½d. to complete their ordinary to 1697–8, Jan. 1, to be paid viz., 8,800l. by Salt tallies and 9,306l. 5s. 3½d. by weekly payments from 1698–9, Jan. 1, of 500
to the Privy Purse 600
for secret service 500
to the Stables 400
to the Gardens till the arrear is paid 400
The King orders 200l. for Lord Hunsdon. Ibid., p. 56.
Jan. 17,
afternoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
[Write] to the Prizes Commissioners to attend on Friday about the business of Capt. Lang and others.
The state of Dr. Richard's account [for the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office] for 1 year and 359 days ending 1694 June 24 is brought by Auditor Bridges and read. To be laid before the King.
[Write] to the Auditors, Mr. Row and Lady Wood to attend this day week about declaring the account of the Hearthmoney at this Board.
[Order for] 23,400l. to complete the allowance to the Privy Purse to 1698–9, Jan. 1: to be issued out of the Civil List money in the Exchequer.
Order for 8,800l. to be issued to the Works by tallies on the Hereditary and Temporary Excise; which tallies are to be satisfied by the Excise Commissioners with Salt tallies in their hands for that purpose "which Salt tallies were received from the Navy Victuallers for money by them owing to the Excise."
Sir William Scawen and Sir James Bateman [attend]. They demand 3,835l. 12s. 4d. unpaid to the Bank on the second year of their fund and 27,936l. 7s. 4d. for the deficiency of the fourth year of their fund, making in all 31,771l. 19s. 8d. My Lords are pleased that they shall be allowed simple interest thereon at 6 per cent. from 1698 Dec. 25 till they are paid. They also demand 1,682l. 5s. 7d. for four grotes per £ sterling on 168,228l. remitted by the Bank to Flanders in 1695 at 10 florins four grotes per £ [during the time] whilst the contract at 10 florins only subsisted; for which the Earl of Ranelagh has a direction. My Lords will enable the Earl to pay this in some convenient time.
[Order for] 4,000l. to the Navy; to be issued by tallies of anticipation on the next March payment of the Two Millions: and to be for bills of exchange and imprests.
[Write] to the Victuallers to attend next Friday. Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 57.
Jan. 20,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchecquer, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
A letter to the Secretary of the Admiralty for Phillip Middleton is read and approved.
The Victuallers [attend]. They are to pay the bills of exchange in course for the 1,300l. odd drawn from New England about a year and a half ago.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]. They are to commence a new subscription for a million at 3 per cent.; to take place after the subscription for the last million. See other minutes [endorsed] upon their papers.
The sum, about 100l., due for the Marines' quarters at Chichester is to be paid by tallies on the Two Millions.
Capt. Jinosa's widow is to be in the list of widows.
The 557l. for the Marines' quarters at Rochester is to be paid by tallies on the Two Millions.
Geo. Everet and Tho. Southwood present twenty articles about embezzlements of prizes. They must next time come prepared with their charge (consisting of particular facts) against the Principal Commissioners of Prizes.
[Order for] a warrant to allow Lady Oldfield 60l. for candles and old iron, but so [expressed] as [that] such things may not be claimed as perquisites for the future.
[Write] a letter to Mr. South giving him leave to come into England on his extraordinary occasions.
Mr. Babe's case is to be considered at a full Board this day week. Ibid., p. 58.
Jan. 24,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
[Order for] 13,700l. to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh by tallies on the present January instalment of the Two Millions: to be for a fortnight's subsistence to the Forces to Feb. 19 next: and 54l., by like tallies, for Lieut.-Col. Gwyllym on account of the arrear of subsistence in Flanders [due to him].
[Order for] 28,691l. 17s. 9d. to the Navy for wages of seamen: to be by tallies on the sixth instalment due in March next on the Two Millions.
Sir Thomas Littleton comes in.
[Write] a letter to the Clerk of the Pells for a constat forthwith of all the tallies for advance money or rent which were levied on Anthony Row and his partners, late contractors for the Hearthmoney under their contract dated 1678, Dec. 9 to wit upon the advance money of 150,000l. and on their rent of 162,000l. a year, excluding the tallies levied for the surplus. This book [constat] is to be carried to [the King at] Kensington to-morrow.
Mr. Henry Baker to attend next Friday.
[Write] to some of the Commissioners of Customs to attend then to settle the business of preventing the export of wool on the coast of Kent and Sussex.
William Midleton [is ordered] to have 20l.
[Order for] 500l. for secret service. Ibid., p. 59.
Jan. 25,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
Send to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance for [a certificate of] such charge as they have in their Office upon any the Regiments now in Ireland or disbanded there, to wit, for arms or otherwise.
The King comes in.
The King approves the paying a part on the bills of the Messengers [of the Chamber] but to pay a greater proportion to those that discover the frauds of the others in their bills.
[Order for] 750l. to be paid by S. M[ontague] to Secretary Vernon for secret service.
The state of Dr. Richards' account is read. My Lords are to examine it and particularly as to 3,219l. 13s. 2d. craved as paid to the King, which his Majesty does not remember.
Lord Albemarle's papers are read for reduction of his quit rents. The King is inclined rather to give him a reprisal in other lands to the value.
Major-General Stewart's papers are read. His petition is granted according to the report.
Mr. Thomas Vincent's petition is read for the remainder of 1,800l. set on the proprietors of the New River Water [as the assessment on them] for the first Poll: and is granted.
The papers of Lieut.-General Sgravemore's widow are read praying for lands in Ireland: but is respited.
Lord Cornbury's petition for the King's moiety of two annuities forfeited by priests is read and granted.
Widow Boson [is ordered] to have 20l.
Widow Makenzies is to be [put] on the [soldiers' widows'] list for 40l.
James Roach's petition is read: [ordered] to have 50l. to go back to Ireland; [together] with a recommendation to the Lords Justices there for some forfeited estate to the value of what was formerly intended him.
Capt. Richard Fitzpatric's petition for a small estate of Brian, late Earl of Upper Ossory is read and granted.
Mr. Williamson's case is read about the grant of the office of Serjeant-at-arms. The King will change this life because the patent of old Mr. Williamson is already surrendered, and for no other reason.
Col. Windsor's petition [is read] for [a grant of] a seizure of paper. The seizures on the Act must go towards the debt [appropriated] on it.
The petition of the Sheriffs of Middlesex for Riggs's fine is read. Not granted.
The Queen Dowager [her memorial is read]. To be paid a quarter next week.
Mr. Ellis's petition is read for his brother's estate in Ireland. Referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland].
[Order for] 1,000l. for the Robes for a quarter: and for 2,000l. for secret service. Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 60.
Jan. 27,
afternoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Sir Thomas Cooke [attends]. He is told the King's answer on his petition.
The petition of Mr. Zouch is read for 300l. lent into the Exchequer by his late wife. Sir B. Shore says the money was lent in the name of Eliz. Stanton [Taunton]: Mrs. Zouch received the interest and for it subscribed the name of E.T.: Mrs. Zouch dying (not living with her husband) her tally and order were seized by somebody and the principal [was] received and the name of E. Taunton set to it [the acknowledgment of receipt], but as is usual the receipt is not witnessed by the person that took the money: there was no such person as E.T. or if there be she did not sign the receipt: twenty guineas was promised to Mr. Lamar if he would not discover it.
Mr. Spry says 'twas in May 1695; Mrs. Zouch came to receive the interest, and then said she was advised by Mr. Spicer to put it in the name of E.T. Lamar then took notice of this and after his death went to inform Mr. Zouch; at his return Mr. Fleetwood told him 'twas paid to an adverse party and said Hoskins paid it. Hoskins said he paid it to Mr. Brome and he brought Taunton's hand [signature] but 'twas not witnessed by Brome.
They desire the officers may make restitution.
Lamar says Mrs. Zouch in 1695 received interest upon this order and desired him to send her word when the principal came in course [to be paid, but] in the meantime she died and her gentlewoman told him Mrs. Lloyd had taken possession of all she had. La mar went to Lloyd and questioned her about it. She said Mrs. Zouch intended her all and Mr. Zouch would be satisfied. Then La Mar told his wife who is Fleetwood's wife's sister and he went to Chiswick but before he came to town again the money was received and Fleetwood said "see what you get by being out of town; the adverse party has been here and received the money." La Mar went up to Hodgkins and found by the cash book the money was paid and Hoskins said the money was paid to one Brome and Fleetwood came with him. Afterwards Fleetwood told Lamar he might have a reward (if he held his tongue) from Mrs. Lloyd; and afterward Mrs. Lloyd said she would give him 20 guineas if he would not discover before the end of next term. Then he acquainted Mr. Zouch with this and he empowered Mr. Lund, a goldsmith, to demand the money of Mr. Burton who found out the order with the name of E. T. [on the receipt] for the principal. Then Hodgkin said he paid it to the woman herself and Mr. Burton said we might take our course and told Mr. Wardour that Mr. Lund and Mr. Lamar were putting a trick on him for 300l. Then Lamar told Wardour all (except that Fleetwood was concerned). Soon after they petitioned my Lords and were heard and the matter was referred to Mr. Twitty.
Twitty's report is read, with an affidavit of Mr. Brome and another of Mrs. Lloyd denying Fleetwood's being with [them] or employed in receiving any money for them. The affidavits are [deposited] in Twitty's hand.
The party that received the money (whoever it was) did not witness the acquittance as usual.
Mr. Weston says Mr. Zouch desired him to appear for Mr. Zouch in this matter.
Mr. Fleetwood says La Mar told him Mrs. Zouch would have given him all if she had lived to make a will, and he had lost a good friend. Fleetwood answered, nobody could have a right but her husband; and he knew nothing of the payment of the money.
Mrs. Lamar says Mr. Fleetwood told her husband in her parlour that her husband was a fool and might get 200l. by this business.
Mr. Simpson says Fleetwood said in the office the adverse party had received the money.
Mr. Wardour turned both Lamar and Simpson out of the Office; La mar for this and Simpson for imbezling people's money.
Mr. Lloyd says La mar told Wardour the same formal story he tells now adding that if Mrs. Zouch had lived she would have come to La mar's house [to table] and he should have had all.
Wardour told Lloyd he had no good opinion of La mar. Ibid., pp. 61–2.
Jan. 31,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Jones's proposal about hats is read. My Lords do not approve it.
Hugh Speke: [order for] 50l. [for him].
The Excise Commissioners [attend]. Their papers are read and answers [are endorsed or margined] upon them.
[Order for] 350l. out of the Hereditary and Temporary Excise to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh, to be by him paid to the Commissioners of Transports, to be by them applied in satisfaction of a bill in the hands of the Excise Commissioners for transport service: and the Excise Commissioners are immediately to repay the same into the Exchequer.
The like for 2,888l. [to said Earl out of same to meet debits to that amount] received in bills from the collector of Bristol according to the Excise Commissioners' report of 1698–9, Jan. 16th.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [attend]. Their papers are read and answers [are endorsed or margined] upon them.
Mr. Bertie is to have his reversionary lease of Deeping for [a fine of] 150l.
The Victuallers [attend]. Their paper is to be laid before the King to-morrow.
Mr. Corbet and Mr. Dodington [attend]. There being 28,000l. in tallies in the [Navy] Treasurer's hands for wages, on the next March payment of the Two Millions they are at liberty to get these tallies discounted at a rate not exceeding one per cent; for paying off ships.
[Order for] 2,438l. 4s. 0d. for subsistence to the new Marine Regiments to be issued to the Navy [Treasurer in tallies] on the next March payment of the Two Millions.
[Order for] 1,000l. [in tallies] on the next May payment of the Two Millions, to be issued to the Navy [Treasurer, by him] to be imprested to Mr. Culliford and Mr. Evernden for sail cloth "they entering into the report of the Commissioners of the Navy dated 25 Jan., 1698–9."
[Order for] a warrant to take the security of John and Tho. Crisp according to the report of the Deputy Remembrancer: with a letter to the Remembrancer to take [only] half fees [thereon].
[Order for] a warrant for 1,000l. to Mr. Nicholas Baker: on account: for Crown Law suits, &c. Ibid., p. 63.