Minute Book: May 1699

Pages 76-91

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 14, 1698-1699. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1934.

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May 1699

May 2,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith.
[Order for] Mris. Yessina Obrien to have 10l. out of the money reserved in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands: and to have a [royal] warrant for it.
Mris. Bunce to have 50l.: a warrant for it.
The [Treasury Office] door to be shut on Friday afternoon. Desire Mr. Speaker to be here.
[Write] to the Agents to be here on Friday afternoon about the Receivers.
[Write for] 20l. to be paid to the Clerks in the Pell Office for making out the account of the Hearthmoney tallies. Ibid., p. 110.
May 3,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
[Write] to the Auditors to hasten the making up the accounts of the Master of the Mints and to call for the Comptrolment Roll [which is] wanting. Ibid., p. 111.
eodem die, afternoon. Kensington. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
The King comes in.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwait [attend]. The Earl's [weekly] memorial [for money for the Forces] is read. [My Lords] order issues as follows out of the loans on the Land Tax.
£ s. d.
for two weeks' subsistence to the 21st inst. for the Troops in the [King's] Proclamation 8201 12 0
for the like to the Regiment of Fusiliers at Jersey and Guernsey 301 11 8
for the like for Col. Collingwood's Regiment in the West Indies 299 13 2
£8802 16 10
[Write] to the Secretary of State that it is the King's pleasure that he forthwith prepare a warrant for disbanding the four Marine Regiments. It is to be directed to the Admiralty. There is to be paid (out of the Navy money) subsistence to the time of their disbanding; special care being taken for clearing the quarters.
Also there is to be paid by the Earl of Ranelagh the bounty money and the clearings to the non Commission officers. This is to be paid over by the said Earl in a gross sum to the Navy.
[Ordered that] the widows on the King's warrant be paid 500l. out of the sum of 979l. 13s. 3d. reserved in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands for such uses as should be directed; being the remnants of money from former funds.
The clothiers to attend on Friday morning. The Earl of Ranelagh gives them notice.
Mr. Williamson's petition is read.
Know of the Attorney or Solicitor General how the prosecution of Williamson now stands and whether he will be tried this or the next term.
[Order for] 1,000l. to be paid to the Robes for one quarter.
Mr. Manley's petition is read for continuing to him his father's pension. The King gives him 600l. to be paid in three years' time [instalments] out of the Post Office.
[Order for] 500l. for secret service.
On reading Mr. Ryly's representation about St. James's Park the King orders the door of the little house first mentioned to be made up: no ale to be sold in the little houses as common alehouses: the palisado not to be suffered: the new erected alehouse to be taken away &c.
[Order for] 352l. to be paid for 80 red deer. Ibid., p. 112.
May 5,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Order for] 1,000l. to be issued for secret service.
[Write] to the Attorney General to be here in the afternoon [of this day] and the Solicitor General.
[Write] to the Excise Commissioners to be here then about the charges of managing the Malt and Leather Duties.
[Write] to Mr. Corbet to be here in the afternoon.
[Order for] 50,000l. to be issued to the Navy for wages; out of loans on the Land Tax.
[Write] a letter to the Postmaster[s General] desiring them to bestow the agency of the pacquet boats at Falmouth on Mr. Richard Waddon of Plympton in the room of Daniel Gwynn. Ibid., p. 113.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
The Attorney General and the Excise Commissioners [attend]. The said Commissioners' report concerning the management of the Malt and Leather [Duties] is read. My Lords conclude [decide that] the charges in managing the same be made good to the Excise according to that report; that it be done gradually and that the respective branches of the Excise have their proportions.
[Write] to Mr. Done to be here on Tuesday morning about Mr. Williamson.
The Agents for Taxes [attend]. Their list of Receivers [General] is read. Those marked are to be Receivers for the Land Tax anno 1699.
[Order for] 4,000l. to be issued to the Navy Treasurer out of loans on the Land Tax: to be for subsistence to the four Marine Regiments which are to be disbanded before May 20 inst. Direct the Navy Commissioners to give public notice in [the places where the said Marines have had] their quarters that all persons having demands on those Regiments for quartering them do apply to the said Commissioners for satisfaction out of this money.
[Order for] tallies of assignment to be levied on the surplus of the Customs for the 40,000l. appropriated by Act of Parliament for circulating the Exchequer Bills.
Afterwards 3,000l. to be levied for the Commissioners to enquire into the Forfeitures, Ireland. Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 113.
May 10,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
Ordered a letter to the Ordnance for paying 133l. 6s. 8d. to Capt. Waters.
Sir Phillip Butler [attends with] Mr. Brewer, Sir Cha. Sidley and Mr. Campion. They complain of the oppressions their country suffers by Mr. Beverton et al and offer eight affidvaits concerning subornations &c.
[Write] to Sir Robert Cotton and Mr. Frankland to be here on Friday morning.
[Order for] 300l. [to William Lowndes] for secret service.
[Order for] 20l. to Mr. Poxen [as bounty towards his expenses in going as] Chaplain to Jamaica.
[Write] to the Prizes Commissioners to attend on Friday morning with an account of what money is in their hands "and upon what funds."
[Ordered that] 1,500l. of the Disbanding money in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands be paid over in gross sum to the Navy Treasurer upon account to pay the bounty money to the non-commission officers and soldiers of the four Marine Regiments now to be disbanded and the clearings of the non-commission officers from 1 Aug. 1698 to 1699 May 20. Ibid., p. 114.
May 11,
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Gibbons and Mr. Bruer come in. Mr. Gibbons says he has no lands or estate in Romney Marshes nor any acquaintances that has ever been suspected for the owling trade; and therefore cannot be supposed to speak out of interest, but [save] in regard he has met so many complaints near those parts from several persons of good repute of the hardships done them by officers appointed to look after and prevent the owling trade, as [for example] by endeavouring to suborn witnesses against them for being concerned in the said owling trade and divers other ways, as appears by affidavits transmitted to my Lords: [further] that he doth verily believe the officers at present concerned to look after the owling trade make it their business not to prevent it but to make an advantage to themselves by suborning witnesses to swear against the innocent (if men of substance), thereby to frighten them to a composition with them.
Mr. Bruer says that one Beverton, after he has compounded and got what money he can, will come again some time after to the same person with another demand and say that what he had before was for himself but that more must be paid for the King's [share of the] composition.
To obviate these mischiefs for the future Mr. Gibbons and Mr. Bruer say they are about making a scheme for preventing the owling trade, which they intend to present to my Lords and do not doubt but to make it plainly appear that it will absolutely prevent the said trade.
Mr. Bruer desires that my Lords will allow about three weeks' time for the presenting of it because he must be in the country to hold courts: and desires that my Lords will please to consider it before they appoint new officers for that purpose.
Mr. Gibbons says he seldom comes to town and hopes my Lords will not expect his attendance there.
My Lords answer [him] no.
Lord Coningsby comes in: acquaints my Lords that last year the King directed 500l. to be paid to Mr. Frampton in Ireland in part of the benefit intended him by a grant of the estates of David Nagle and Peirce Nagle for what [estates] he [the King] had signed a warrant in the name of William Watson; and that the King intended 1,000l. more should be paid to the said Frampton in Ireland in lieu of the whole benefit intended him by the said grant; that the said 500l. was paid last year and 500l. more this year; and [therefore Lord Coningsby] prays my Lords to obtain him the proper warrant for the said 1,500l. and then he is ready to pay the remaining 500l.
His Lordship [also] presents a letter from the Lords Justices [Ireland] representing that 1,871l. 14s. 2½d. remains due to Mr. Robinson, Surveyor General of the Works in Ireland, for building the four Courts of Justice in Dublin and that it seems to them too great a sum to charge on the Concordatums, and propose that it may be paid out of the revenue at large. Lord Coningsby says the King does not think fit to pay it out of the revenue at large but out of Concordatum money; and therefore his lordship desires that in the new [Irish] Establishment care be taken that the said sum be so satisfied out of the first money applicable to Concordatums.
My Lords will lay it before the King.
Col. Colt [attends] and the agents of the other Colonels of the four Marine Regiments which are to be disbanded before May 20 inst. They represent that the 4,000l. in the Navy Treasurer's hands is too little by 798l. 18s. 8d. for clearing and paying off the subsistence to the said Regiments to the said date and pray that same [798l. 18s. 8d.] may be paid to the said Treasurer for that use, in regard 'twill be impossible to disband them sooner than the time allowed them by Parliament: and that a letter may be sent to the Navy Board to cause the money so issued and to be issued to the said Treasurer to be applied accordingly.
Ordered that out of the loans on the Disbanding Act the said sum of 798l. 18s. 8d. be so issued to the said Treasurer, which with the said 4,000l. is intended to be imprested to the Colonels of the said four Marine Regiments or their agents to clear the subsistence thereof to the 20th inst.
Ordered that a letter be sent to the Navy Commissioners to cause the above 4,798l. 18s. 8d. in the Navy Treasurer's hands to be imprested to the said Colonels accordingly; special care being taken that the money owing by the said Regiments in [for their] quarters be duly discharged according to the King's directions: and also to cause the 1,500l. (paid to the Navy Treasurer by the Earl of Ranelagh on account for bounty money and clearings to noncommission officers) to be imprested in like manner to the said Colonels and their agents for that use. Treasury Minute Book, Vol. XI, pp. 115–6.
May 12,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
The Earl of Ranelagh comes in. His report on the petition of Major Nott is read. Ordered that the 1,102l. 5s. 0d. due to him for his arrears of subsistence in the Regiment commanded by Col. Holt in the West Indies be satisfied as follows, viz. 600l. thereof out of the money remaining in said Earl's hands of the 250,000l. issued to him last year on account of the disbanding, and the remaining 502l. 5s. 0d. out of the 20,000l. (part of the 600,000l. for Disbanding &c.) appropriated by a clause in the present year's Land Tax Act towards clearing the Regiment of Bochan, Lorn, Holt, Lillingston, &c.
Mr. Talman's memorial is read for buildings at Hampton Court. The Chancellor of the Exchequer acquaints the Board that they King has been pleased to direct the finishing of the Great Stairs with stone slips, iron work and wainscot and also the Great Guard Chamber and four rooms beyond to the King's Great Bedchamber and also the Gallery there to be forthwith finished; which according to Mr. Talman's estimate will amount to 5,500l. and that the King has appointed Mr. Talman to have the care and overseeing of this work: that Mr. Talman has promised to have this work finished by Michaelmas next provided the Treasury supply him with money. Mr. Talman proposes that 200l. a week may be supplied to the Paymaster of the Works for this service; to be accounted from May 1st inst.
My Lords agree thereto but in regard there is a sum of 500l. a week now paying to the Office of Works, the last of which is payable this week, Mr. Talman shall have 500l. the next week and the remaining 5,000l. by 200l. a week afterwards.
Mr. Paunceford [is called in and is] askt what clothing the Duke of Schonberg's Regiment have had. He says he has not been Agent to the Regiment this two years. My Lords order him as soon as may be to give them a state of the clothing and offreckonings of that Regiment during his time [of being agent].
Mr. Seaton, agent to Col. Cholmley [is called in and so] askt in what forwardness the clothing of that Regiment is. He says in good forwardness; that the clothing will come to about 2,500l. which is about 2½ years' offreckonings; that the clothiers expect some encouragement; that the clothing comes to about 16l. per man.
My Lords say the Parliament have made no provision for the offreckonings but have promised it next session.
Seaton says he does not know what can encourage the clothiers unless my Lords can give them some fund besides promises.
Col. Chomley's clothiers come in. They are told that my Lords hope they will despatch that clothing as fast as they can. They say that will depend on what payments they are like to have. My Lords say that the Parliament did cause accounts and estimates to be made of what the offreckonings of this year were like to amount to; and though they rose without making any provision yet they promised to do it at their next meeting.
Several other clothiers are called in. My Lords tell them that if they will go on with contracting for clothing they may be sure of all the assistance this Board can give them in obtaining their satisfaction in the next Session of Parliament.
The Trustees for Circulating Exchequer Bills [attend]. They acquaint my Lords that the Bank will furnish money for the 40,000l. premium for the last contract if my Lords will allow after the rate of 6 per cent. per annum. My Lords agree thereto.
The Bank of England [attend]. They desire a direction for 31,771l. 19s. 8d., due to them, to be paid out of the overplus of the Customs after the [above] 40,000l. for Exchequer Bills &c. My Lords will consider of it.
Sir Robert Cotton and Sir Thomas Frankland [the Postmasters General attend]. My Lords recommend it to them to put the gentleman which Lord Chief Justice Treby hath writ about, into the place of Mr. Gwyn at Falmouth; which they promise to do.
My Lords read their [the Postmasters General's] presentment about bonds taken by Sir John Wildman in his own name which were for his Majesty's use; with a draft of a warrant for granting administration to John Avent as to the recovering of the money due on the said bonds only to the King's use; together with the Attorney General's approbation thereof. [My Lords] ordered that the said warrant be transcribed for the King's signing.
[The following] petitions [are read and minuted as follows]:
Lady Dalton: to be laid before the King.
Capt. Newcomen: Mr. Blathwayt to prepare the warrant.
The cases about the tax on the [salaries of the] Stamps Commissioners: to be sent to the said Commissioners for their answer.
Col. Ross: copies of his memorial and of the Lords Justices' [Ireland] letter [are] to be sent to Lord Coningsby who is to consider same and to report a true state with his opinion.
George Wood Powell: referred to the Customs Commissioners. Ibid., pp. 117–8.
May 16,
Present: all the five Lords.
Ordered that a sign manual be prepared for 100l. to Lady Mary Kirke for a year's rent to 1698 Aug. 31 of the house Mris. Kirk lives in.
Order [for] 500l. to Henry Baker for [Crown] law charges &c.
Warrants to be prepared for applying the several tallies and Malt [Lottery] tickets remaining in the Navy Treasurer's hands according to the direction of the Act of Parliament.
Mr. Twittey and other clerks of the Exchequer [are] called in. Mr. Twittey acquaints my Lords that Mr. Fleetwood (a clerk of the Exchequer, present) had discovered some frauds committed by Peter Ellers, a clerk in the office of the Auditor of the Receipt and that he (Twitty) and Mr. Clayton had examined him touching the same; which examination was presented to my Lords and the same is read. A petition of Mris. Lucy, aunt to the said Ellers is also read in his behalf wherein 'tis offered to pay what money of the King's he had embezzled and to give sufficient security to indemnify the Exchequer.
Ordered that the Attorney and Solicitor General together with the officers of the Exchequer, Mr. Ellers and Mr. Saville do attend on Friday afternoon.
Mr. Paunceford [is] called in: presents an account of the clothing and offreckonings of the Duke of Schonberg's Regiment.
The report of the Customs Commissioners on the petition of George Wood Powell is read and agreed to.
The Navy Commissioners to attend on Friday morning.
[Order for] 20l. for Mr. Whittell.
The Agents for Taxes and Mr. Mason [attend]. My Lords tell Mr. Mason, the Receiver for Co. Cambridge, that he is very much in arrear, that he has had a considerable sum of the King's money in his hands a long time for which the Government pays interest. He says he has several bills returned to him from the country ready to be received and that some arrears are uncollected.
My Lords resolve to appoint another collector instead of Mason and direct the Agents for Taxes to take care that Mason and his sureties be prosecuted with all diligence for the arrears due from him.
Mr. Whiteley [is] called in: is askt how it happens he is so much in arrear: says he has some of it in bills, some lodged in the Exchequer and some arrears are standing out not collected.
Resolved that another be appointed Receiver in Mr. Whitley's stead and he and his sureties prosecuted.
Ordered that Samuel Pacey be sole Receiver for Suffolk.
That Mr. Howell be Receiver of Hereford, Brecon and Radnor instead of Matthews.
That Mr. Austen be Receiver for Cheshire and North Wales instead of Whitley.
The Agents for Taxes to attend again on Friday morning.
Order for 52l. for Mr. Fanshaw: [prepare a] s[ign] m[anual].
The Postmasters General to attend on Friday morning about the pacquet boats between Dover and Newport [Havre]. Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 119.
May 17,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: the King: all the five Lords.
Mr. Abbott kisses the King's hand for the place of Receiver General of the Customs.
Ordered that out of the loans in the Exchequer on the Land Tax there be issued as follows [to the Earl of Ranelagh] viz.
£ s. d.
for two weeks' subsistence to June 4 next for the Troops as in the King's Proclamation 8201 12 0
for same for the Regiment of Fusiliers at Jersey and Guernsey 301 11 8
for same to Collingwood's Regiment in the West Indies 299 13 2
for four weeks' subsistence to same date to the four Companies of Invalids 454 10 8
for same for the Commissaries of Musters 90 10 8
for the arrear of subsistence due to several Garrisons from 1698 July 31 at 668l. 13s. 6d. per month 2006 0 6
£11353 1 8
[My lords sign] an order directing the Dutch Ambassador to deliver to his successor the Lord Gueldermansel [Geldermalsen], the orders, tallies and Malt tickets deposited in his hands; a receipt being first given by the said Gueldermansel to the Earl of Ranelagh.
The Earl of Ranelagh's petition (that his pension of 300l. a year in Ireland may be continued for 21 years from 1699 March 25) is read and granted.
Send to Mr. Pendarvis to know if his witnesses be ready.
Bring Lord Mountrath's report.
Mr. B. Granville's petition is read for an additional rent of 200l. a year for Mote Park.
Martin Foulk's petition is read for a further term [in his lease]. Referred to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
Sir William Villiers [his petition is read] for the balance of his account. [Ordered] to be paid when other debts are paid.
Judith Hawley's petition [is read] for an allowance to [enable her to] maintain four children. When any occasion offers, the King will provide for her.
The Queen Dowager to have a dormant warrant.
George Moult [his petition is read] for [release of] a seizure of paper. Granted [on his] paying the charges the King has been at.
The Duke of St. Alban's petition [is read]. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
George Booth Esq. [his petition is read] for a further term in his pension: respited.
Elizabeth Smith's petition [is read]: rejected.
Col. Nicholas Purcell's petition [is read praying] to have his wife's portion and interest. If the estate can make good the pretences of Lord Bellomont and Lady Kenmare with an overplus this portion is to be paid out of that overplus as soon as it can.
St. Ann's parish [its petition is read] for an organ now in the Queen Dowager's chapel: granted.
Mr. Guibert upholsterer, his petition is read. The Earl of Montagu's report is to be looked out.
The petition of the Vicar of Hampton town [is read]. His pension is [ordered] to be paid.
Col. Philip Howard's petition is read.
Sir John Morden [his petition is read]: referred to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
Mris. Baliol's petition is read. The King is acquainted with the great [constitutional] inconvenience of referring such petitions by a Secretary of State.
[Order for] 1,000l. [to William Lowndes] for secret service.
Pay the Duke of Richmond 1,000l. in three weeks [instalments] as of [the King's] bounty. Ibid., pp. 120–1.
May 19,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: all the five Lords.
The Earl of Ranelagh [attends].
[Write] to Mr. Pendarvis that my Lords desire to speak with him in the afternoon.
The pretensions of all the officers of the several Regiments, Troops and Companies concerned in the 20,000l. appropriated out of the Disbanding money are to be stated by the Earl of Ranelagh and presented to my Lords.
Mr. Fox's memorial [is] to be read on Tuesday morning.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwait attend. My Lords peruse the new Establishment [of the Forces] prepared by them. My Lords think it is not in their power to consent to the increasing of the pay of the Dragoons, though they believe it may be reasonable. And consider whither it be necessary to have eight Deputy Commissaries for the present number of men. Query: what [is the] use of an Adjutant General. Query: what allowance the Judge Advocate had in time of peace. Query: what occasion for a Physician General, Chirurgeon General or Apothecary General. Let an account be taken at the Exchequer of the charge of all the garrisons [in the time] when the Governors &c. [thereof] were paid there before their being transferred to the Establishment of the Forces; and Query: whether some of the present garrisons may not be slighted [reduced].
Order for 440l. 13s. 11d. to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh out of loans on the Land Tax: to be for the subsistence of the Company of Foot at Newfoundland to Midsummer 1700 (193l. 2s. 11d.) and for clothing them (247l. 10s. 0d.)
[Write] to the Navy Board that by the discount mentioned in the warrant for the wear and tear my Lords' intention is that to every 100l. principal money there be an addition of 10l. and not otherwise.
[Write] a letter to the Navy Board to cause 20,000l. of the tallies and orders upon the [Duties on] Coals to be applied for the payment of wages to commission and warrant officers who have passed their accounts and whose ships are paid off; according to the former letters in this behalf.
Order for 560,000l. corrected to 100,000l. [to be issued to the Navy Treasurer] out of loans on the Land Tax: to be for payment of wages: out of which the pay of the Swift advice boat, Row ketch and Foresight (lost in the West Indies) are to be cleared. Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 122.
May 19,
Present: all the five Lords.
[Write] to the Trustees of Exchequer Bills to be here on Tuesday morning.
Mr. Pendarvis will acquaint my Lords as soon as any despatches arrive, that the hearing if possible may be sooner than Tuesday week.
[Write] to Mr. Guibbar [Guibert] to be here on Tuesday morning.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners to attend on Tuesday afternoon with the Commissioners for Preventing the Exportation of Wool.
Mr. Baker and Mr. Offley to be here on Tuesday afternoon.
[Order for] 200l., out of [the moneys of] seizures, to be issued to Mr. Hen. Baker, which he is to pay over to Thomas Grebel [Grebell] for his part of a parcell of silks (struck through) good service in detecting a seizure of silks. Ibid., p. 123.
May 23,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pelham.
My Lords order that the heirs and executors of Sir William Stapylton be presented by Henry Baker to render an account of 27,393l. 4s. 9d. imported to Sir William for the Companies formerly in the Leeward Islands, and that he be diligent in the prosecutions according to the King's command.
Sir Thomas Littleton comes in.
The Commissioners of Transports to be here on Friday morning about the ship Burlington.
[Write] to the Prizes Commissioners to be here to-morrow morning.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
The Agents [for Taxes] come in. They are of opinion that Mr. Wyvel be the Receiver of Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Newcastle and Berwick.
They will consider of a Receiver for Co. Cambridge.
Mr. Ryley's paper to be carried to Kensington to-morrow.
[Write] to the Attorney General to know in what forwardness the prosecution against Mr. Ralph Williamson is at present and whether the trial is likely to come on next term or how soon. Desire him to return answer to-morrow morning.
My Lords will allow [to the Trustees for Exchequer Bills] 6 per cent. per annum and ½ per cent. discount for advancing the 40,000l. on the overplus of the Customs, for circulating the Exchequer Bills.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwaite attend.
Write to the Commissioners of Prizes to bring with them to-morrow morning the copy of any grants that may have been made to the Hudsons Bay Company of any goods taken as prize. Ibid., p. 124.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: all the five Lords.
The Navy Commissioners [attend]. Their papers are read.
The Customs Commissioners [attend]. My Lords read their several reports concerning the exportation of wool and several laws concerning the same. Some of the Commissioners named in the Act of I Wm. III, [c. 32] to put in execution the said laws are called in. They are told that the Customs Commissioners with them have a concurrent power, and what care the said Commissioners have lately taken; so that my Lords do not see that there is any necessity for the King to be at an additional charge of 2,000l. per an., or indeed how it can be paid out of the Duties, which are appropriated.
These Commissioners say they have employed officers (knowing men in the clothing trade) since Michaelmas last, at least 100 in all parts, who have seized at least 3,000l. worth of wool; 2,000 packs have been carried into Scotland since June 1698 by persons in a list.
Mr. Ingram comes in and affirms that list.
My Lords desire him to go to Mr. Baker and shew him his letters and he shall put it in a method of prosecution and if Mr. Baker finds the evidence to be probable he is to bear the charge [as for the King].
My Lords will report this matter to the King in Council.
On Friday afternoon the Customs Commissioners will be here again. Ibid., p. 125.
May 24,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
[Write] a letter to the Earl of Romney [Master of the Ordnance] that, out of the money or tallies in the hands of the Treasurer of the Ordnance for land service, he do cause the sum of 3,652l. 2s. 4d. [to be applied] for building barracks and repairing fortifications at Newfoundland pursuant to the orders in Council of April 27 last and according to an estimate thereof presented by the officers of the Ordnance.
[Write] to Mr. Hewet, deputy to Auditor Aldworth, to attend on Friday morning next on a complaint of Mr. Charles Bertie.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
The [Principal] Commissioners of Prizes come in. [Write and] desire the Governor and some of the members of the Hudsons Bay Company to be here on Friday morning.
The said Commissioners have given in an account to Xmas last to Auditor Aldworth. They say there may be about 6,000l. or 7,000l. in their hands above debts.
[Write] to Mr. Aldworth to make an abstract or state of the accounts, now before him, of the Prizes.
[Order for] a warrant to provoke the Commission of Prizes and all the officers in it and to authorise my Lords to appoint some persons to recover the arrears of prizes. Treasury Minute Book Vol. XI, p. 126.
May 24.
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: the King; all the five Lords.
The Earl of Ranelagh's memorial is read, he and Mr. Blathwayt being present.
Order for 10,401l. 16s. 8d. to be issued [to said Earl] out of loans on the Land Tax: to be for two months' clearings from 1699 March 26 to May 25.
The Deputy Commissaries are to be reduced from nine to seven.
The King thinks the old Castles [and Garrisons] that are of no use may be reduced; but my Lords are to take the opinions of the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance as to which are fittest to be reduced and which to continue and how the charge of the latter may best be settled.
The increased pay of the Dragoons is to be taken off.
[The King reads the] petition of 60 officers of the Troops which were broke on the Rhine. My Lords are to consider the report concerning them.
The servants that go with the King [when he goes abroad] and have not riding wages are to be paid half a year's salary now and half a year more about nine months hence.
The officers of the Buckhounds to have half a year now.
The servants that go with the King and who have riding wages are to have half a year's salary now.
Direct the Wardrobe to pay Monsieur Guybert 1,000l. upon his bill.
The Earl of Suffolk's petition for 20,000l. remaining due for Audley End [is read].
Lady Dalton's petition is [read and] granted.
Mr. Van Homrigh's letter [is read]: 1,000l. [is ordered] to be allowed.
Mr. Booth's petition for 21 years in his annuity [is read and] granted.
Mr. Ryley [is ordered] to have 50l. a week till 2,170l. 19s. 9d. due to him is paid off.
Robert Webb's petition [is read]. His debt is to be paid as [soon as] money can be spared.
The King will allow 150l. a year to be paid to the fowl keeper: [to be paid] in [not more than] one [of the] offices.
Charles Villiers' petition [is read for leave] to join with him John Harrison in the place of searcher at Gravesend: granted.
Mr. Talman [his petition is read praying] to be Comptroller of Works at Windsor. To be considered; and my Lords are to see how the several offices of the Works may be brought into one.
Lady Kath. Fitz Gerald [her petition is read: for the minute thereon] see the petition.
Col. Godfrey [his petition is read: Order for] 100l. towards repairing his lodgings.
Sir Robert Killigrew [his petition is read: ordered] to have 300l. on his pension.
The petition for a passage into St. James's Park [is read and] granted.
Philip Harman's petition [is read and] granted. Ibid., p. 127.
May 26,
forenoon. Kensington.
Present: the King: all the five Treasury Lords.
[Order for] 200l. for the extraordinaries of the Stables.
One Equerry, two Pages and the bounty to the officers of the Stables are to be deducted out of the list of those that go [abroad] with the King; as also the sums for Lord Arran, and Mr. Jennings. Write the latter [? letter] for all the rest and for the Buckhounds in one.
[Order for] 600l. to be issued to the Master of the Horse for transportation of the King's horses.
Mr. Blathwayt to be allowed the money due to him by his paper for last year's service; and only 1,000l. for this [year].
[The following] petitions [are] read.
Chance and Capell. The King can do nothing in this. There is not so much due [to them whilst] on the Establishment as will pay their demand.
The Citizens of Chester for 733l. 11s. 5d. [Ordered that] some unappropriated money be applied to pay the citizens: but the sum must be stopped out of the officers' pay as soon as it can be done.
Honora Dempsey. Referred to the Lords Justices Ireland.
Lady Frecheville. Old pensions cannot be paid now.
Frances Hyniosa. To be put down on the list [in the same way] as the widows whose husbands were slain [in the service].
The Lords Justices [Ireland their] letter [is read] upon an Address of the Parliament in Ireland concerning 4,262l. 16s. 2d. being the second return of quit rents out of wasted lands from 1692 March 25 to 1695 March 25.
My Lords are [directed by the King] to speak with Mr. South and Mr. Dering about this.
Col. Kingsmill's widow. Not granted.
Rudolph Kien. [His petition is ordered] to be sent into Ireland and [he is] to have a list from the Lords Justices of so much rents as will make good his 300l. per an. intended [for him].
The Earl of Longford's petition: to be referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland].
The Earl of Meath: [his petition] to be referred to same.
Brigadier D' Offarell [his petition for the cost of] raising 231 recruits amounting to 693l. Referred to the Earl of Ranelagh.
Petition of same for apportioning his custodiam rents in Ireland. Referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland].
Bishop of Ossory: referred to same.
John Percivall: referred to same.
Arthur Phillips.
Duchess of Richmond: The King cannot pay this now.
E[arl] Rivers.
Balthazar Recklan: Rejected.
Earl of Roscommon: Write to Ireland for the nature and value of the Vice Admiralty of Leinster only.
Earl of Scarborough. Referred to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
William Shaw: Referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland].
Sir Ed. Sherburne. The King will not give him a pension. My Lords may give him something; 50l. or some such sum.
Earl of Limerick. My Lords are to defend hin against the debt and give order to Henry Baker about it.
Officers that served on the Rhine. The Earl of Ranelagh is to clear what is due to them.
Presbyterian Ministers in the North of Ireland. The annuity to be granted anew as desired.
Thomas, Visct. Dupplin. Mr. Lowndes to examine the assignment and, if good, a quarter to be paid.
Sir Standysh Hartstong. Ordered.
The Lords Justices [Ireland's] letter [is read] about 25,000l. and 33,633l. 0s. 10d. See in the copy of the Bill whether the latter be appropriated for barracks. An order [is made] as desired for the money paid to the Regiments.
Maurice Warren. Referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland].
Lady Macdonnel. Not granted.
Mr. Darcy. The King cannot pay this.
Henriette, Lady Dowager Waldegrave et al. Not granted.
Eliz. Wandesford. Referred to the Lords Justices [Ireland] to find out lands of 200l. a year.
Tregonwell Frampton. Not agreed to.
Earl of Albemarle. The quit rent to be reduced according to the report.
Mr. Aldworth. The Crown rents arrears to Michaelmas 1698 to be discharged.
Tho. Ashe. The report [on his petition is read]. Granted.
Sir James Blundel. He may find out something [grantable] himself but not so much as 400l. a year.
Impropriations for the rural clergy. To be examined.
Bishop of Kildare. [Write] to the Lords Justices [Ireland] to propose what lands they think should be settled.
Baron de Ronsele. Write to the Lords Justices [Ireland] to find for him 200l. a year out of forfeited estates.
Mris. Caldwell. Write to the Lords Justices [Ireland] for a list [of lands to the value] of 150l. a year for her life.
[Order for] 40l. a year to be paid in Ireland for the education of Countess Cavan's youngest son: from Lady day last.
Charles Dering for 207l. 13s. 2¾d. per an. rents. The King grants it for seven years reserving the Crown rents and quit rents.
Helena Dering. The King is inclined to continue the custodiam and to discharge the rent, but not to grant the lands. Refer the petition to the Lords Justices [Ireland] to that end.
Charles Daly. Not granted.
Dr. Gorges. [The matter is] respited.
Col. Toby Pursell. To be referred.
Major Pepper. [the matter is] respited.
William Robinson. My Lords to examine this and see the account.
Allowances to officers of the two Houses of Parliament in Ireland. Respited.
Charles Wallis. My Lords to examine this pretension and see what is reasonable.
Mr. Shee. Granted.
Lord Rochford. Referred to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands]. Treasury Minute Book XI, pp. 128–9.
May 29,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
My Lords examine the draft of the new Establishment for I[reland].
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners to direct the officers to attend during these holidays for viewing and despatching the goods of the King and his servants going to Holland; that there be no delay. Ibid., p. 130.
May 30,
forenoon. Kensington.
Present: the King: four Lords ut supra.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwayt are called in. The Earl's [weekly] memorial [for money for the Forces] is read.
Ordered that out of the loans on the Land Tax there be paid [to him as follows]:
£ s. d.
for two weeks' subsistence to June 18 for the Forces in the Proclamation 8201 12 0
for the like to the Regiments of Collingwood, the Fusiliers, the four Companies of Invalids and the Commissaries of the Musters 873 15 6
for 12 weeks' subsistence to the Provost Marshal and his men to June 18 71 8 0
for half-pay to 1699 March 25 as by the memorial 7674 2 0
for arrears of subsistence to the Garrisons to 1698 Dec. 31 as by the memorial 1671 13 9
£18492 11 3
The King thinks the two old Marine Regiments and the four last Marine Regiments are of the same nature and ought to have half-pay.
My Lords propose alterations in the draft of the Irish Establishment.
Resolved that the reckoning by 13 lunary months in the year do stand as it is.
My Lords acquaint the King this Establishment will be 100,000l. a year more than the revenue.
Resolved that 50l. a year to the Auditor General [Ireland] for transmitting accounts be disallowed as [being] new.
The 1,000l. a year addition to the [Irish] Lord Chancellor's salary is not to be continued to any future Chancellor after this.
The second Serjeant-at-Arms [Ireland] to be reduced to 50l. a year as formerly.
The 400l. a year to the Accountant General [Ireland is] to be left out, being wholly new.
The 180l. a year for rent of the Parliament House [Dublin is] to be left out of the Civil List, but to be paid out of Concordatums as formerly.
The pensions on half-pay to the disbanded French Officers: the King orders them to stand.
The Commissioners of Appeals to be left out of this Establishment.
My Lords inform the King that generally in the Military List there is allowed more than formerly; 365 days in a year (instead of 12 lunary months); the officers' servants; and English pay to the officers themselves. The King will allow the 365 days and as to the other particulars he will allow them as much as they had in Charles II's time, to wit, the same pay they had then; and to be allowed for servants according to the last reducement.
Military Contingencies to be reduced to 1,000l. per an.
The storekeeper in the several [Irish] Garrisons to be left out.
The Town Mayor of Dublin to continue. The rest of the Governors to be left out except Kinsale which is to stand as it is and Duncannon. All Town Mayors to be left in.
Col. Lutterell's pension to stand.
Lord Hastings: 500l. bounty.
Charles, Earl of Manchester: to have 3,000l. bounty.
My Lords are to take care that the plate in several hands, of which the King gives a list, be recovered and brought into the Jewel House, or the value of it.
My Lord Pembroke, Lord President, to be allowed 1,000l. [as royal] bounty at the end of every year.
[The King orders] 300l. a year pension to the Earl of Castlehaven from Lady day last.
The Earl [sic] of Falkland's petition is read. The King will not make a settlement but gives him 100l. now and 100l. more to be paid in some time.
Mr. Addison to have 200l. to travel.
The Surveyor [General of Crown Lands'] list upon which 31,125l. may be raised by sale of reversions is read and approved by the King.
Mr. Randue to be paid to Xmas last.
Mr. Pendarvis his paper [is read praying] for an equivalent. He is to propose something wherein the King may gratify him.
Mr. Folkes' petition for a lease [is read]. Granted [on his] paying the fine.
The report of the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands] for Richard Cull is to be considered by my Lords and a warrant to be prepared for what my Lords think the King can do; and to send it to the King [when abroad] to be signed.
Mr. Lechmer [his petition is read]. My Lords are to find him an employment and give him 100l.
The widow of Dr. Grover, late bishop of Chichester [her petition is read.] My Lords are to search the list of pensions to see if there be a vacancy for her to have 100l. a year.
Henry Killigrew [his petition is read]. My Lords are to see if they can find any thing that will ease him and prevent further importunities to the King.
Capt. Lang to have 3,000l. out of money of the Prizes in full of all his claims, services and pretensions.
Capt. John Mitchell to have 500l. out of the same on his petition and [the] reports [thereon].
Capt. Fisher [his petition is read]. Give him 100l.
Mr. John Peters' case and Mr. William Palmes's petition are read The King can do nothing in this.
Hester Walker [her petition is read: ordered to have] 20l.
Warrant for the Earl of Romney and John Glover. The King cannot make this grant in point of law.
Dr. Richards [his executors' petition is read]. The article of money advanced to the King is to be allowed [in his accounts].
Mr. Neal [his petition is read] about his American Post [Office grant]. The King leaves this matter to my Lords.
The ordinary weekly payments of [to] the Privy Purse [are] to go on and so much to be paid [forthwith] as will clear the first quarter.
The Duke of Bolton and Lord Galway: [order for] 1,500l. each as [royal] bounty.
Order for 1,000l. more [to William Lowndes] for secret service.
Mr. Watson to have the estate of the Nagles.
The 40l. a year for the education of the Countess of Cavan's youngest son [is ordered] to be paid in England. Treasury Minute Book XI, pp. 131–2.
May 31,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Order for] 482l. out of the Civil List money [in the Exchequer] to be paid to Mr. Stanyon on his order.
Mr. Watson says my Lord Romney, in favour of the Hospital at Greenwich, relinquishes his pretension to the void ground and barn and stables which he lately petitioned the King for.
The [Navy] Victuallers [attend]. They are to receive the interest of 17,700l. part of the tallies on the leather [Duty] appropriated this year to the Victualling: and [they are to] charge it in their account.
[Write] to Mr. Shallet to be here on Tuesday morning.
[Order for] 5,000l. to the Navy for bills of exchange and imprests.
Mr. Crumpton to have 400l. a year for himself and clerks. Ibid., p. 133.