Minute Book: November 1700

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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November 1700

Nov. 1,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: All the five Lords.
[Order for] Mr. Borret to have 200l. [as imprest for Crown law charges] but direct him to bring in his account at the end of every term.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of 500l. 11s. 5d. to be applied as follows viz.]
£ s. d.
to Capt. Phillips' Company 286 19 8
to Capt. Martin's Company 213 11 9
Sir Cloudesley Shovel and Sir David Mitchel are present.
The Trustees for Circulating Exchequer Bills [are called in.]
[Letter of direction to the Exchequer for] 500l. to be paid on Mr. Yard's order. Ibid., p. 144.
Nov. 6,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle.
[Write to] Mr. Hewet, Mr. Maryot, Mr. Smith and Mr. Young to be here on Friday about the arrears of 47l. 14s. 8d. due to several alms people in Westminster.
[Order for the issue of] 12l. to Gideon Royer.
[Order for the issue of] 100 guineas for the plate at Newmarket: to be issued out of secret service [money in William Lowndes's hands.]
The Attorney General and Mr. Borret [are] called in.
[Write] to Mr. Hervey and Mr. Allen to be here this day week.
Capt. De la Vale [Delaval] to be here on Friday morning. Ibid., p. 145.
Nov. 8,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
The incidents bill for the Post Office is read. The tallow chandler's bill is high. The article for Gazettes [is ordered] not to be allowed for the future. The King's expense for stationery wares is too much. Query: whether bringing the King's letters from Hampton Court is not the duty of the Court Post. Query: how the allowances for entering accounts in the Exchequer come to be made. Query: upon what consideration the money is paid for the ship letters. Intimate these things to the Postmasters General.
Write [a letter of direction to the Exchequer] for the quarter due to the Commissioners of Accounts.
The Agents [for Taxes are] called in. Mr. Stephens is to go into North Wales to get the duplicates of the Taxes received by Mr. Whitley.
[Order for] a warrant to the executors of Mr. Aldworth to deliver over the books and accounts [relating to his office as an auditor of Crown Lands] to the succeeding auditor Mr. Shales.
See what rents were assigned by the pension deed for the pension of the alms people in Westminster or [and] the Vicar of Hampton Court [Hampton town].
Let Mr. Tilson give an account what salaries or other allowances any Receivers of the [Crown] Land Revenue now have.
[Write] to Mr. Pauncefoot to be here on Monday morning.
Carry the Acts of Appropriation of last year to [the King at] Kensington.
[Write] to Mr. Larkin to be here on Monday.
Order the Auditors to enroll the reconveyance for Lord Portland. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 146.
Nov. 11,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
[Write] to Mr. Tailor and Mr. Travers to attend on Friday morning about the business of Moor and Cross.
Tallies are ordered [for the Treasurer of the Navy] for 33,333l. 6s. 8d. towards the sum remaining due for the ordinary of the Navy: to be levied on the 2s. Aid.
Ordered that tallies for 26,083l. 2s. 1½d. for the Forces as follows be levied on the 15 per cent [on muslins]: viz.
£ s. d.
for four weeks' subsistence to Dec. 4 next 14449 14 4
to clear [the Forces] from Aug. 25 to Oct. 24 9296 10 0
for full pay to the Garrisons for the same time 2336 17
£26083 2
[Write] to Mr. Rymer to be here on Friday. Ibid., p. 147.
Nov. 12.
Hampton Court.
Present: the King: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The Earl of Ranelagh's memorial is read. [The King orders that] my Lords are to find money to clear Michaelmas quarter to the Officers on half pay.
The matter of the accusation prosecuted by Mr. Mason against Mr. Molineux is read and opened by my Lords; and notice is taken of the accusations by Mr. Molineux against Mr. Mason. The King will take a little time to consider this.
The King will allow 15l. a week to the Envoy from Tripoly for diet, house rent and all other charges, ordinary and extraordinary, besides the Customs of his goods which the King will also pay: all this to their [the Envoys'] own hands.
The King orders the like for the Agents from Morocco for the future.
Col. Ross [the] report [on his memorial] is read. [The King orders that] 890l. 17s. 4d. due to his Regiment above the reduced pay is to be allowed and paid in Ireland.
[The King orders that as to the] taxes paid by the Earl of Portland for the Great Park at Windsor the 369l. 11s. 2d. is to be paid out of the Exchequer.
[The Office of Works'] memorial about repairs of the Lord Chancellor's house is read. The King orders nothing.
[The King orders the] 400l. a week to the Stables to be re-continued from his arrival.
The report about repairs in Windsor Great Park is read. Mr. Hill will write to my Lord Portland about it.
The paper concerning the Duties on Marriages is read. [It is ordered] to be laid before the King in Council.
[Ordered that] Richard Uthwaite is to be Commissioner of the Stamp Office loco Jacob Vander Esch.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1000l. for Secret Service.
[The King orders that] 1096l. 14s. 0d. due to my Lord Manchester on one bill of extraordinaries from 1699 June 1 to Sept. 1 following [as Ambassador Extraordinary to France] is to be paid presently after Xmas. Ibid., p. 148.
Nov. 13.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
[Write] to Mr. Harvey and Mr. Allen to be here on Friday morning.
[Letter of direction for] 300l. to be paid to Sir Fra. Windham on my Lords' warrant.
[Write] to Capt. Bennet, Governor of Bermudas, that my Lords have procured the King's warrant for his salary to commence from Sept. 24 last but that it is the King's pleasure that (pursuant to the King's instructions in such cases) he do, out of the said salary, pay [a moiety to] the preceding Governor till the time that Capt. Bennet arrives at Bermudas and takes upon him that Government.
Desire the Earl of Ranelagh to be here on Friday.
The letter [of direction] for 5412l. 10s. 0d. for the Secretary of State, the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber et al is read and approved.
Order Mr. H. Baker to be here next Friday.
Renew the privy seal for the Commission of Trade.
[Letter of direction for] 300l. to be paid [to Bass and Lofting] in further part for the damage recovered against my Lord Bellomont.
The Navy Treasurer is to receive half a year's interest (as soon as due) upon the tallies and orders in his hands for the Victuallers; and to charge himself therewith in his account; and to pay the same for the service of the Victualling.
Direct the Victuallers to send an account of all their debts owing before the 1st June 1699. Ibid., p. 149.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
The Excise Commissioners [attend]. Their papers are read and answers [are endorsed or margined] upon them.
The Customs Commissioners [attend]. The like [minute as to their papers].
[Write] to Capt. Delaval to be here on Friday. Ibid.
Nov. 15
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Travers and Mr. Taylor [are] called in. The petition of Roger Cross and his son is read. Mr. Travers presents a state of the case, which is read. My Lords are very well satisfied with the representation of this case by Mr. Travers and are pleased to leave the matter to be decided in the Court of Equity where the same is now depending.
My Lords will hear the matter between Mr. Rowe and my Lady Wood and Mris. Stephens on Friday next by counsel on both sides. Direct the Attorney and Solicitor General to attend then.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Lord Coningsby are called in. Lord Coningsby acquaints my Lords that several arrears of the three French Regiments are claimed by adm[inistrators] that do not appear to be of kin to the deceased. My Lords desire him in cases where the administrator does not appear to be next of kin to the intestate to cause an enquiry to be made upon what grounds the administration was granted; and if the claimant administered as principal creditor his Lordship is to require him to produce the security or other good proof to make it out that he was really a creditor to the intestate.
Capt. Delaval is called in. My Lords acquaint him with the King's pleasure of the 12th inst. concerning the Morocco Agents. He will acquaint the Morocco Agents therewith.
Mr. Gregory King to be here on Monday.
Mr. Rymer [is] called in. My Lords order him a warrant for 250l. towards his charges [in printing the Foedera]; but do determine [that] this expense shall end at midsummer next. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 150.
Nov. 18,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The letter to Mr. Borret is read and approved.
The letter for 2405l. 7s. 4½d. to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Invalids, out of the remains of several funds, is read and approved.
[Order for] 300l. to be issued to the Cofferer to pay 15l. a week to the Tripoly Envoy from the time of his landing; and 15l. a week to the Agents of Morocco from Nov. 15 inst.; according to the minutes upon the King's order ut supra p. 14. Ibid., p. 151.
Nov. 19,
forenoon. Hampton Court.
Present: The King: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Dr. Fairclough's petition is read for payment of 600l. alleged to be expended on his Majesty's service. Nothing is ordered therein.
The King will be moved in Council to direct the Judges to be careful in signing certificates for [rewards for] taking and prosecuting highwaymen, that they do not give the reward of 40l. for taking a pickpocket or other person only for stealing goods from the person of a man in a street or alley or the like.
The papers are read relating to Geo. Larkin who is proposed to be sent to the West Indies to instruct the Commissioners in the trying of pirates. The King will allow him 800l. for the whole charge and pains of his journey, part at setting out and the rest afterwards.
Ann Dyke's petition is read praying that her pension of 40l. per an. be continued, after her decease, to her daughter. The King will not grant the reversion of her pension. The petition is rejected.
The slain officers' widows pray that what hath been paid to them as bounty may not be stopped from [the pensions payable to] them. Nothing is ordered.
Magdalen Thomas prays payment of 495l. due to her late husband as storekeeper at Tangier under Sir Dennis Gauden or a pension [in lieu thereof]. Read and rejected.
Martha Bastin prays payment of the arrears of her pension. Read and rejected.
The report of the Commissioners for Trade, for allowances to Lord Bellomont, is read. My Lords are to speak with Mr. Blathwaite about that matter.
The executors of Roger Hewitt [their] petition [praying] to be forgiven a debt of 1438l. 3s. 4d. in foreign coin owing to the King is read together with the Earl of Ranelagh's report thereupon. The 1438l. 3s. 4d. is to be discharged in the account wherein that money is charged and not out of the King's money.
Bernard Smith's petition [is read] to be paid for his organ built in Whitehall. The King will allow him 500l. to be paid at several [instalment] times.
Lady Essex Griffin's petition with the auditor's report is read. The King will do what is just but no further on this petition.
Lewis Williams' petition (that a debt of 200l. principal money and interest due to him from Lord Griffin may be paid out of his [Griffin's] estate) is read and granted.
The Duchess of Cleveland's memorial is read for continuing her weekly payments out of the Post Office till her arrears are paid. The King orders her payments to stop till Xmas and then her 150l. a week is to go on again for some time.
Col. Phillip Howard's memorial praying his Majesty's bounty is read and rejected.
Sir Robert Killigrew [his petition is read. The King orders that he] is to be paid as others [are].
Mr. Hall, Cashier of the Excise, his petition is read praying to be allowed 632l. lost by Jacob Sheldrake late one of his clerks. To be considered if this sum can be allowed without charging the Civil List.
Mr. Borrett's paper of [Crown] causes to be tried is read. Stop the suit against the Hudson's Bay Company at present. Ordered that the King be at no further charge [therein]; but see if there can be a composition.
The King will be at no further charge in the suit of Powys House; nor for the living of St. Buttolph enjoyed by Dr. Hollingworth; nor for the prosecution of Mr. Grascombe.
Mr. Gastigny's memorial for money due to the Buckhounds is read and dismissed.
Mr. Ryley's representation for repair of the paling in Holt Forest is read and ordered.
My Lord Portland is to take care to make the necessary reparations in Windsor Forest and is to be paid for them.
William Yardley's petition is read praying to be continued housekeeper at Greenwich. The King will not keep a housekeeper where he has no house.
Mr. Granvill's memorial relating to Mote Park is read. The King will go no further than the agreement with the Duke of Albemarle.
Mris. Howard, Mris. Berkely and Mris. Mohun are to be paid [their marriage portions] as Maids of Honour to the late Queen.
Send for accounts of the money paid for the Gardens and Works. Ibid., p. 152.
Nov. 20,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Hill.
Send to the Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall or his deputy forthwith to send my Lords an account of what is due to the King from the Receiver of the said Duchy; and that he be very exact and as speedy as he can in the making of this charge.
Write to the Commissioners of Customs and of Excise to attend on Friday afternoon. Countermanded. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 153.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
The Customs Commissioners are called in.
Desire the Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney and Solicitor General to be here on Friday afternoon. Ibid.
Nov. 22,
Present: ut supra.
[Order for the] 1755l. 8s. 10¼d. due to Sir Barth[olomew] Gracedieu and Sir James Collet to be paid out of the Civil List money on Jan. 8 next.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [attend]. Let the papers about their taxes be carried to H[ampton] Court next Tuesday.
[Order for] 200l. to be paid on John Tompson's warrant on 8 Jan. next.
[Ordered that the] 150l. a week to the Works for Mr. Wise is to be continued till the rest of 6658l. 14s. 3d. is cleared.
Quicken the Office of Works in sending in the accounts of the Works and Gardens.
Mr. Wise will bring hither an account of all the money he has received for the Works with the balance due to him.
[Orders are signed for] 178l. 15s. 6d. to the Sheriff of Surrey and 19l. 17s. 5¼d. to the Sheriff of Berks.: [to be paid] on Jan. 15 next.
Desire Sir Christopher Wren to be here on Wednesday morning about the K[ing's] duty on Port[land] stone.
Call upon Mr. Travers and Mr. Ryly for their report concerning the park.
[Order for] 52l. to be paid to the Keeper of Audley End park for hay for the deer.
Mr. Robert Williamson is called in. My Lords give him an answer to his demands, which answer is read and delivered to him in writing. See the copy of it in Mr. Tailor's hands.
[Write] to Mr. Watts to be here on Monday. Ibid., p. 154.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The Customs Commissioners are called in and the Solicitor and Attorney General concerning the wines from St. Sebastian. The Attorney General says that Daniel Gamelis [is] a new evidence, but to the same purpose with the evidence we had before and he is of opinion [it would be safer] that a composition be made for the wines imported in the rest of the ships [infra p. 22 the 37 ships] as was made for the wine imported in the 11 ships.
The Solicitor General says the evidence we had before went further than what is said by this new man.
The Lord Chief Baron comes in. The Attorney and Solicitor General think these to be forfeited goods and the bonds taken for the Duties may be delivered up when the composition money is paid.
Lady Wood is called in with Mr. Dod [as Counsel] and Mr. Row with Mr. Browne [as Counsel], the Attorney and Solicitor General being present. Mr. Dod desires they may have the benefit of the K[ing's] process. Mr. Browne says the accounts [of the said Rowe et al as late Farmers of Hearthmoney] are before the auditors and the process is only to bring Mr. Row to account.
Dod [says] Mr. Row has been upon this account for 16 years but does only trifle in it without making any steps. Dod says they were willing to comply with the agreement in — last but Mr. Row insisted to have the tallies up which could not be done by executors and trustees, who by altering the security would make themselves liable.
Browne says they are ready to comply with the agreement and the process is ordered to be stopt and insists to have the tallies up on making the assignment.
The Attorney General thinks this matter should be tried at law upon an issue whether these tallies do belong to my Lady Wood or not: or else Mr. Row may bring a bill against my Lady Wood to have these tallies delivered up; and then the Court will decree one way or other: the rather because he [the Attorney General] sees no other way for her if she has right, unless it be by the King's process.
The Solicitor General thinks a bill will do no good because my Lady Wood may come innocently by the tallies though Hind might not and so there would be no relief; and the King's process should not be in favour of her particularly more than any other creditors of Hind. Ibid., p. 155.
Nov. 25,
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Crumpton informs my Lords that the Malt [Lottery] tickets are [being] counterfeited whereof (as he has learnt) about 2000l. are abroad; of which he has stopt 510l., which he now shows; and that one Thomas Lewis, now in the Counter, is a person suspected for counterfeiting them.
[Write] to Mr. Secretary Vernon; desire the favour to speak a word with him here this morning, the business requiring immediate despatch.
The Victuallers [are] called in. Upon their memorial of this day my Lords order them not to accept the bill of Mr. Thomas Harvey from Cadiz of Oct. 14 last for 3000 p[ieces of Eight] at 59d. [or] 737l. 10s. 0d. [sterling] because Mr. Harvey was before [that date] called home by the Admiralty Lords and has no further business there: and [they] direct the Victuallers to write to Sir William Hodges to acquaint him with the reason why this bill is refused.
Mr. Ellis is called in and acquainted with the matter of the counterfeit [Malt Lottery] tickets. Mr. Ellis will send a warrant to commit Thomas Lewis to Newgate upon suspicion.
The 15,000l. for the French Prot[estant refugees] due for the last year is to be paid by 3000l. a week beginning the first payment on the first Wednesday in February next.
Capt. Delaval's balance is to be paid soon after Xmas.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of] 7224l. 17s. 2d. for 14 days' subsistence to 18 Dec. next: to be paid out of loans to be made by the said Earl on the 15 per cent. Duty.
[Letter of direction for] 200l. to be paid to Mr. Bennet [Capt. Bennett] on his order. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 156.
Nov. 26.
Hampton Court.
Present: The King: Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The King will pay the whole Custom of the goods of the Tripolin Envoy but will allow no more than the 15l. per week for his expense.
The report concerning the offreckonings of the Regiments of Drogheda, Michelburn et al [is read]. The King will not allow them the 4075l. 0s. 11¼d. as perquisites, but the money is to be restored to the King's use.
The memorial of the Officers of Arms is read and allowed except the double fee of 100l. upon account of the Queen's Coronation and the 40l. for proclaiming the King and Queen; and except the fees for the noblemen created before their Majesties' reign. The rest is to be paid in a convenient time.
The report for repairing the buck barn &c. [is read]. Speak with Serjeant Ryley to know whether it be convenient to do this in the winter.
Mr. Granville's memorial is read. The King gives him 100l. bounty but orders my Lords to finish the old bargain for Mote Park.
Mr. Cardonell's docquets [of grant] for the place of Court Post with 20s. a day for life is considered. The King will have this docquet signed because Mr. Van Hulse had a patent for life, which is to be surrendered; but resolves that this shall not be used as a precedent for the future.
Webb's bill as fowlkeeper [in St. James's Park] is read. The King would not have the fowl cost anything. He takes no delight in them. The King will allow the present fowl keeper a salary only for the future; and as to cost the King will make him an allowance in proportion to that salary for the time past.
The extract of Lord Bathe's letter is read for taking off the stop on his pension [payable] at the Post Office. See how far he is paid and when it was stopt.
Dr. Bray's memorial is read. Granted.
The papers for the repairs of the bridges at Bray are read. Ordered according to Mr. Ryley's report.
The estimate for enclosing ground and casing trees in the House Park at Hampton Court [is read]. Ordered: but the work is to be inspected and surveyed by the Office of Works.
The estimate for the Works in the House Park at Windsor [is read]: the like [minute thereon].
The Lord Chamberlain's memorial is read for taking off the late order concerning the providing of jewels. The old method is to be restored.
John Cock's petition is read. My Lords are to read it when the Customs Commissioners are with them.
Capt. Greenham's petition and proposal are read.
The King orders my Lords to agree with Mr. Young to allow him a yearly sum for his rights in the House Park and meadow.
John Parker's petition is read. My Lords are to find an employment for him when there is a vacancy.
Mr. Pendarvis's petition is read for 2000l. a year for five years for his wife's portion.
The petition of the Countess of Cavan [is read]. The King will give her 50l. more if she will go to Ireland.
The slain officers' widows [their petition is read]. Examine the list.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1000l. in [Exchequer] Bills: for secret service. Ibid., pp. 157–8.
Nov. 29,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The warrant for 344l. 13s. 0d. for one year to the Officers at Hampton Court is to be now paid viz. 222l. 15s. 0d. out of money reserved in the Exchequer for that purpose and 121l. 18s. 0d. out of Civil List money.
Sir B. Dixwell's memorial is to be laid before the King.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1000l. for secret service.
The Judges [are] to be paid for last term.
[Order for] 500l. to Secretary Vernon for a quarter's secret service for the lower [Secretary's] Office at Michaelmas 1700.
Mr. Ellis brings the examinations of Tho. Lewis and Mr. P. Chevallier concerning the counterfeit Malt [Lottery] tickets.
Write to Mr. Newton, Sir John Standley, Mr. Molyneux, Mr. Mason and Mr. Beresford to be here on Monday morning about the [Mint] Comptrollment Rolls.
[Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 10,440l. to complete 91,000l. for the Victualling: to be placed on the overplus of the Civil List funds, to be paid in course with interest at 6 per cent. As many tallies to be levied [to that total on the said overplus] as the Victuallers shall desire.
Lord Dysart and Sir S. Bernardiston desire that 3444l. or thereabouts raised in Suffolk for the Land tax in 1698 may be received and that a Receiver be appointed for that purpose, Mr. Chaplyn being dead. Let Mr. Pacy, the present Receiver, have a commission to receive the arrears of the said tax and that process against the [Assessment] Commissioners [for that County] be superseded and all issues [at law] discharged and further process stayed till further order.
[Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of] 7651l. to complete 11,375l. for sea services of the Ordnance: to be placed on the 15 per cent. on East India silks and muslins and to be paid in course after the sums already registered thereupon, with 6 per cent. interest.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Monday morning. Ibid., p. 159.