Minute Book: December 1700

Pages 21-29

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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December 1700

Dec. 2,
Present: ut supra.
Robert George to be Comptroller of Bridgwater port loco Lau. Culliford deceased.
Carry the wine merchants' [matter] reports and copies of all the minutes about them tomorrow to H.C. [to the King at Hampton Court].
The Navy Commissioners [are] called in. A memorial [from them is read] that tallies for 32,331l. 6s. 3d. deficient on the 3s. Aid anno 1699 may be applied to the debt for [Navy] bills on the second book. The said Commissioners think it may be reasonable but that the interest as well as principal be reckoned towards discharging that debt. My Lords order the application of these tallies accordingly.
Mr. Newton, Mr. Molyneux, Mr. Mason and Mr. Beresford [are called in]. The [Mint] Comptrollers will despatch the Comptrolment Rolls by Xmas next.
There being 7224l. 17s. 2d. levied in tallies for two weeks' subsistence [to the Forces] on the overplus of the Civil List funds to accrue at Xmas next, my Lords are resolved (in case there should not [then] be an overplus sufficient to pay the said tallies) to discharge the same [together] with the interest at 6 per cent. out of some other funds by the 1st of February next.
Desire Sir Cha. Hedges that my Lords may speak with him here on Wednesday morning about the counterfeiters of the Malt [Lottery] tickets.
Mr. Guy et al [attend] with a letter concerning the tax in Co. Stafford. Their papers are read and referred to the Agents [for Taxes].
[Ordered that] 50l. is to be paid to Edw. Anderson and Edw. Saunders for service against wool exporters: [to be paid] per Mr. H. Baker. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 160.
Dec. 3,
forenoon. Hampton Court.
Present: The King: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The report concerning the wine from St. Sebastian is read. The King approves of the composition for the 11 and 37 ships [supra p. 18] and of the method prescribed by the Customs Commissioners and approved by the King's Counsel for making the same.
Sir Basil Dixwell's memorial [is read] for 227l. 16s. 6d. arrear of salary as Lieutenant of Dover Castle. Respited.
The officers of the Ordnance [their petition is read. The King orders that they are] to be allowed their taxes for 1698 and 1699: but to be acquainted that the King will allow their taxes no further.
The memorial of Captains Hopton and Annesley for allowing their Companies as full [mustered] from 9 Jan. 1689–90 to 1690 May 31 [is read and] referred to Lord Coningsby.
The report for Capt. Dally is read, for taking off respites for men that deserted upon a report of their going to the West Indies. Ordered according to the report. Prepare a warrant.
John Hudson's petition [is read]. My Lords are to acquaint the Secretary [of State] that he [Hudson] shall be Consul at St. Sebastian in the room of Franklyn.
Mr. Ryly's memorial is read containing his reasons why he should not be subjected to the inspection of the officers of the Works. The King does not suspect Mr. Ryly but thinks there ought to be a checque and orders that these works shall be inspected by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Examine what cheques have been upon the rates [prices] of goods served into the Great Wardrobe.
The petition of Mr. Arnold is read. The King gave the horses to Lord Dartmouth except one that he bought for 100 guineas. The King will give him [Arnold] 100l. Ibid., p. 161.
Dec. 4,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill. [Write] to Mr. Ryly to take care that Mr. Mordant's warrant for 200l. be forthwith satisfied.
Write to the Commissioners of Customs and of Excise not to attend this afternoon.
Sir Charles Hedges is called in. He will insert an advertisement to offer a reward of 100l. a piece for apprehending Herbert and Carter for counterfeiting Malt [Lottery] tickets.
[Ordered that] 990l. is to be imprested to the Colonel of the Marine Regiment lately commanded by Lord Berkeley; to be paid over to widow Cordwent on account of her clothing debt, according to the reports of Mr. Dodington of the 3rd inst. and that of Sir Cloudesley Shovel of the 13 Nov. last. Ibid., p. 162.
Dec. 6,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The Agents [for Taxes] with Counsel for Mr. Green and Mr. Cottingham of Counsel for Mr. Spendlove, are called in. My Lords do not think it just or reasonable to destroy Mr. Spendlove's lease.
The letter to Sir Peter Killigrew to pay 3273l. 10s. 1¾d. is read and approved.
Desire the Lord Chamberlain's secretary to give Mr. Vanbrugh, Deputy Comptroller of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office, a quarterly account of all the warrants he charges that Office with.
The following Establishment is approved by my Lords.
Allowance for the several services of the Messengers [of the Chamber] and articles of their bills.
for keeping a prisoner close, with diet 6s. 8d. a day
for keeping a prisoner close that finds his own diet 5s. a day
for post journeys, to be allowed 6d. every post mile and 2s. each stage and though two or more go together no more to be allowed than 2s. a stage.
journeys to fetch prisoners and the like when they do not ride post to be allowed but by computed miles of the country 6d. per mile and 2s. a stage.
a messenger's allowance when abroad on journeys 10s. a day; 5s. for an assistant when an extraordinary case requires one.
when prisoners through poverty cannot find themselves an horse, the messenger to be allowed 3d. per mile for bringing them up.
the allowance whilst attending the King abroad and not travelling, 5s. a day.
nothing to be allowed for searching: and expenses on guards and constables in taking prisoners to be allowed with caution in respect to time and difficulty of the service by the respective officers which pass the bills.
no allowance for delivering summons, nor anything to be charged for carrying messages or letters within the Liberties of London and Westminster.
Some journeys to be ascertained [fixed as follows] at the old allowances.
to Windsor 1 18 0
to Hampton Court 1 0 0
to Richmond 15 0
to Greenwich 10 0
to the Hague 25 0 0
to Dublin 30 0 0
to Kensington 3 4
and the like allowances for all like distances.
Followed by: Certificate dated 1700 June 3 by the Earl of Jersey and Secretary J. Vernon. "I think these allowances are reasonable." Treasury Minute Book XII, p, 163.
Dec. 9,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
Write to the Receivers [or Cashiers] of Customs, of Excise and of the Post Office directing them to take care that their certificates (which used [do use] to be weekly) do terminate on Xmas day next inclusive for the time after the last preceding certificates; and do take in [include] all the money by them severally received on or before that day particularly for the money of the Civil List funds pertinent to the year then ending; and that on Xmas eve in the afternoon they do pay in all the money in their hands pertinent to those funds for the first year; and direct the officers of the Exchequer to attend on Xmas eve to receive and strike tallies for the same.
[Order for] 50l. to be paid to Mr. Edward Howard.
[Order for] 500l. to H. Baker [for Crown law charges]: to be paid in the first week after Xmas.
[Order for] 40l. to be paid to Mr. Middleton: as [royal] bounty: out of secret service money [in the hands of William Lowndes]. Ibid., p. 164.
Dec. 10.
Hampton Court.
Present: The King: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Mr. Robinson's bill of 2800l. is to be paid to Mr. Humes.
Mr. Wise, his estimate of works to be performed in his Majesty's gardens and plantations at Hampton Court, and the [note of the] abatements made thereon by the officers of the Works is read as follows:
to make a pond at the lower end of the House Park which by estimate will require 6000 yards of solid digging at 12d. a yard 300l.: abatements 75l. or 3d. per yard.
for digging the plantation ground to make it fit for planting, the whole being by estimate 2604 rod at 3s. per rod 390l. 12s. 0d.: abatement 130l. 4s. 0d. or 1s. per rod.
for taking up the lines of hornbeam &c. in the Privy Garden and carrying them into the wilderness 50l.: abatement 10l.
for removing the earth which lies above the Fountain in the Privy Garden being, by estimate, 10,000 solid yards &c.: 500l.
the two little pieces for flowers before the greenhouse, carrying away the rubbish and bringing in good screened earth; planting the edging with box and the borders with bulbous roots: 50l.: abatement "for making the ground only without planting 10l."
for planting four rows of lime trees from the Bowling Green to the Thames and four more lines from the end of those to the Circle which takes the Diagonal Walk of the House Park &c.: 108l.
to prune, clear of moss and sucker[s] 1000 trees in the Little House Park: at 9d. a tree: 37l. 10s. 0d.
to prune, remove and new plant 72 large lime trees in Bushey Park at 10s. a tree: 36l.
to prune, clear of moss and sucker[s] 1000 trees in that Park at 9d. a tree 37l. 10s. 0d.
[The King does] order that these works are to be done but the rates set by the officers of the Works are not to be exceeded: [and that] 150l. a week be continued [to be issued to the Works for this expense] till the works already measured be paid off: [and] afterwards 100l. a week for these works.
The Earl of Bath's memorial is read for [payment of] his pension [payable] in the Post Office. Respite it a little.
The petition of the widow of Lieut. Edwd. Griffin is read. Nothing [is ordered thereon].
Gilbert Edwards his petition [is read]. The King will give him 30l. at present and Sir Stephen Fox is to take care of him [by getting him a place] in Chelsea Hospital.
Dr. Lawrence's petition [is read] for his last year's travelling charges. To be considered when travelling charges of the King's servants are paid.
[A petition is read from the] French pensioners on the Earl of Ranelagh's list. There is no money for them. They ought to have their share out of the 15,000l. a year for French [Refugee] Protestants. Mr. Hill is to look over the lists for that purpose.
Tho. Sparks [his petition is read] for 2000l. out of Fines and Forfeitures. The Excise Commissioners are to give an account of what is due to the King.
Urban Hall et al their memorial [is read] about prizes. To be considered and a state to be laid before the King. Ibid., pp. 165–6.
Dec. 13,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The new Commission dated the 9th inst. is read constituting the above five to be Commissioners of the Treasury.
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh to be here on Monday morning next.
The Earl of Ranelagh comes in and offers a paper [of his scheme] for distribution of the remainder of the 300,000l. for the Forces.
Col. Gibson [is] called in. He is to bring an account of the expenditure of the money he demands upon his bills for a ship and deal boards.
Get a list of the Victuallers tallies.
John Conner [is] called in: says he knows Carter and Herbert and is informed they are gone to W[est] Chester, and desires 20l. to [enable him to] follow them. He will bring the records cert[ified] on Monday morning.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to be here next Wednesday morning concerning a demand of half pay for the year 1698.
Capt. Ward [attends] with Mr. Nash and Mr. Lodington. My Lords desire them to come again on Wednesday; and in the meantime to let the Tripoli Envoy have his goods.
Write to Consul Baker to be here on Monday morning.
The letter to the Navy Board (concerning the distribution of Navy tallies: viz.) to apply 32,331l. 6s. 3d. in Deficient Tallies on the 3s. Aid anno 1699 (and the interest thereof) towards [payment of Navy Creditor] bills of the second book in course, is read and approved.
[Write] to Mr. Trottman, Sec[retary] of the Counter, to attend next Friday morning.
[Write] to the Auditor to send a state of Nicho Baker's accounts.
Shut the [Treasury Office] door this day week in the afternoon to [enable my Lords undisturbedly to] read petitions. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 167.
Dec. 16,
Present: All the five Lords.
Let a warrant be prepared for Baron Tracy to have the 250l. for last Michaelmas term; but ground this payment on the letters patent dormant as well as [on] the Judges' privy seal; and take notice in it that Baron Lechmere's salary determined within last Trinity term so [that] the King is not [to be] doubly charged.
The Victuallers [are] called in. [Write] to the gentlemen of the Bank (the Governor and Directors) to be here this afternoon at 5.
The Earl of Ranelagh presents his demands [for issues for the Forces] out of the remainder of this year's money [appropriated by Parliament] for the Forces.
[Ordered that] 1313l. 3s. 0¼d. now in the Exchequer of this year's funds is to be issued to the said Earl in part of 3096l. 7s. 4¼d. for six days' subsistence for the Troops from the 18th inst. to the 24th inst. inclusive:
[likewise that] 11,633l. 7s. 9½d. for two month's clearings to the Troops and Garrisons to Dec. 24 inst. inclusive is to be paid out of loans to be made by the Earl of Ranelagh on the 15 per cent. Duty on East India goods &c.; for which loans he or his assigns are to have 6 per cent. interest from the dates of the tallies. These tallies will be in course after the loans already registered.
The [Army] clothiers are called in. They are told they can have no more money out of this year's funds.
My Lords after Xmas will issue 4219l. 1s. 5d. to the Earl of Ranelagh for the clothiers upon account of the offreckonings of this year, out of the overplus of the Civil List funds.
See how far the Hackney Coach money is charged [with payments ordered thereon].
[Ordered that] 250l. is to be issued to the Treasurer of the Chamber for two quarters due at Michaelmas last on the 500l. a year to the Almoner. Ibid., p. 168.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Chancellor; Mr. Hill.
Let Mr. Powys get an account of the debt (as particular as may be) in each Office concerned in the Civil List [to wit] as it stood at Xmas 1699 and as it stands at Xmas 1700.
Write to the several Offices for copies of their present Establishments.
The gentlemen of the Bank [are] called in. It is desired that 11,633l. 7s. 9½d. may be borrowed of the Bank at six per cent. per annum on the 15 per cent. Duty on East India silks, muslins, &c., to be repaid in course after the loans already registered. They will recommend this to the Court of Directors.
Also it is desired that 10,000l. may be borrowed of the Bank on the security of tallies on the Salt Duties payable after 1,629,297l. 19s. 4d. [already charged on the said Duties and] at an interest, or else that the Bank would discount this 10,000l. They will propose this to the Court on Wednesday and give answer that evening.
My Lords will examine out of what arrears they can pay the 1682l. 5s. 7d. due [to the Bank] by the minute of 17 Jan. 1698–9 supra Treasury Calendar XIV, p. 52; and will pay the same out of such arrears.
[Write] to the Victuallers to come on Wednesday afternoon instead of Wednesday morning.
The Navy Commissioners and Navy Treasurer are called in. They say that by order of Council in King Charles's II's time all fines in the Navy are given to the Chest at Chatham: [struck through]. Ibid., p. 169.
Dec. 17,
forenoon. Hampton Court.
Present: the King; Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
The [Treasury] Board is to attend the King this day fortnight.
The King will pay 368l. for the freight of the ship that brought the Envoy from Tripoli. This payment [is ordered by the King] to be despatched.
The papers of Urban Hall et al are read [praying] for a commission to recover arrears of prizes, and pirates' goods; and the opinions of Sir Thomas Pinfold and Henry Newton and of the Solicitor General [thereon are also read].
My Lords are to agree with Mr. Young for his interest in the Middle Park and meadows [at Hampton Court], to pay the yearly value thereof.
Col. Philip Howard [his petition is read]. The King orders nothing.
William Dockwra's petition for continuance of his pension of 500l. per an. [is read]. The King is not willing to grant it. But the King will employ him in business when an employment doth fall that he is fit for.
Col. John Gibson's petition, to have his respits taken off, is read. Ordered: but there must be a report from the Earl of Ranelagh.
The Commissioners for Greenwich Hospital [their petition is read] for the fines of offenders in the Navy [to be granted to them for support of the said Hospital]. [The King orders my Lords to] speak with the Navy Commissioners and the Navy Treasurer about this. Ibid., p. 170.
Dec. 18,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Hill.
[Write] to Mr. Ogle, a Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland, that he has leave of absence to look after his affairs in England for 3 months.
Ordered that 50l. be now paid to Mr. Henry Killigrew and that no more be paid him in this [Treasury] office; but that after Xmas ensuing my Lords will apply to the King that he may have 4l. a week constantly paid to his own hands (and none other) at the Exchequer.
The Navy Commissioners and Navy Treasurer are called in. They say that by order of Council in Charles II's time in 1684 or 1685 all fines in the Navy are given to the Chest at Chatham. The Admiralty hath lately given direction accordingly. And lawyers say the Judge Advocate's Court cannot adjudge the King's fines to Greenwich Hospital; and if they be taken from the Chest the King supplies the money [to recoup the Chest so much] out of the provision for the [Navy on the] head of wages.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners forthwith to assign 20,000l. (part of the orders and tallies for 33333s. 6s. 8d. on this year's Land Tax) to the course of the Navy and to reserve the rest till further order from my Lords.
The letter for issuing 342l. to the Earl of Ranelagh for Col. Gibson's bills out of Hackney Coaches money is read and approved.
The letter to the Customs Commissioners is read and approved to direct their solicitor to advance 368l. to Mr. Nash for freight of the ship that brought the Tripoli Enoy and presents; and [providing for the said Solicitor to] be repaid.
The gentlemen of the Bank are called in. They will advance the 11633l. 7s. 9½d. and 10,000l. according to the minute of the 16th inst. supra p. 27.
[ordered that the] 50l. due to Mris. Arnold is to be paid her. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 171.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
The Victuallers [are] called in. They are to attend the Bank with their Salt tallies upon which the Bank will advance 10,000l. [upon] being allowed the interest due "which is for about one month without any other discount."
[Letter of direction for] 20l. to be paid to Mr. Adam Strachan on his order.
The Customs Commissioners [are] called in. Their presentments are read and answers [are endorsed or margined] upon them.
The Excise Commissioners are called in. Ibid., p. 172.
Dec. 28,
Present: ut supra.
[Ordered that] 1783l. 7s. 1d. to complete 6 days' subsistence Dec. 18–24 inst. is to be paid [to the Earl of Ranelagh] out of the surplus of the Customs: which completes the 300,000l., including the 4219l. 1s. 5d. or thereabouts reserved for the [army] clothiers.
Write the letter [of direction] for this 1783l. 7s. 1d. and the said sum for the clothiers.
Write to the Board of Greencloth for a particular account shewing the uses to which the 800l. a week issued to the Cofferer [of the Household] for emptions has been applied.
Send to Auditor Bridges to lay before my Lords a state of the account of the Stables.
Write to Monsieur Auverquere to send my Lords a certificate (as particular as may be) of the debt owing in the Stables; and an account of the whole expense of the Stables for one year as it now stands.
Memorandum: to know the King's pleasure [as to] when the new contract for the Gardens is to commence.
Write to Mr. Blathwait not to attend on Wednesday next.
Memorandum: to speak with the King to know his pleasure concerning the continuance of the 200l. a week to Mr. Tallman [for the works at Hampton Court].
Write the letter for the 15,000l. to the French Protestants as by the scheme [of distribution of the Civil List ut infra under date 15 Jan. 1700–1].
My Lords are of opinion that the Office of Solicitor of Taxes is useless and therefore resolve not to revive the same. Represent this to the King.
Prepare the [respective] states of the [respective Departments'] debts at Xmas 1699 and Xmas 1700. Ibid., p. 173.