Minute Book: June 1701

Pages 71-82

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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June 1701

June 2,
Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Hill, Mr. Pelham.
[My Lords order] Mr. H. Baker 200l.
[Write] to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to attend on Friday morning with their report concerning the coining of moneys in Ireland. Give notice of it to the Earl of Rochester.
The [draft of the royal] letter for taking off 274l. 12s. 0d. respited on Capt. Wansborow's Company is read and approved.
The Gentlemen of the Bank are called in. It is proposed to them that they should assist the public [service] with loans on the remotest part of the fund of 3,700l. a week. [They promise that] it will be laid before a General Court next Wednesday. They think they are in a condition to serve the public.
It being supposed that the 3,700l. a week out of the Hereditary and Temporary Excise for five years from 1700 Xmas will be made a fund of credit for 820,000l. to be lent thereupon by tallies and orders to be paid in course at 6 per cent. for the first 420,000l. and 7 per cent. for the last 400,000l. it is desired that the Bank would lend the last 40,000l. or the whole 820,000l. for the use of the Navy, Ordnance and Forces in this present year, which will be a very acceptable service. Ibid., p. 281.
June 4,
Present: all the five Lords.
[The draft of the royal] letter for taking off 78l. 19s. 6d. respit on William Carr is read and approved.
Make a list of the [pensions to individuals who were] instruments in Charles II's escape [after the battle of Worcester: with a view to an order thereon] for one year. Ibid., p. 282.
eodem die [afternoon]. Kensington. Present: the King: all the five Lords.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwayt are called in. The King orders Mr. Blathwayt to prepare an Establishment for the 10,000 men and a Regulation of their subsistence.
[Write] to the Gentlemen of the Bank to attend on Friday morning.
[Order for] 12,000l. out of the public moneys arisen out of the funds of the last year to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for subsistence of the Forces which his Majesty is sending to the assistance of the States General.
Resolved that the Bread and Bread Waggons for those [abovesaid] Forces be furnished upon the same terms for which [those of] the States are served: and if Machado will undertake the service on those terms a contract is to be made with him.
The [Army] Paymaster's clerk for those [abovesaid] Forces is to have 10s. a day and 2s. 6d. a day for his man of which 5s. 6d. [is to be charged] on the Establishment and 7s. on Contingencies.
The memorial is read of the officers and soldiers of Fox's Regiment from the Leeward Islands. The Earl of Ranelagh is to pay it when he has money [in his hands] for the arrears due before Xmas 1700.
Dr. Laurence [his petition is read: ordered] to have one year's salary: and his last year's travelling charges are to be paid.
Col. Philip Howard [his petition is read]: nil.
Lord Falkland [his petition is read]. The King is not willing to settle a pension.
Lord Duplin [his petition is read].
The servants that go with the King [are ordered] to be supplied as they were last year. Send for the lists.
The Duchess of Buccleuch and Duchess of Grafton are to have each half a year more than what was lately ordered but no further payment to be made within this year. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 283.
June 6.
Friday forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for the issue to Mr. Lowndes of] 1,000l. for secret service.
Write the letter to the Judges et al for last term.
Mr. Borret to be paid his first half year's salary.
The Victualling Commissioners to make out a bill for [payment of] the interest of the 15,000l. lent by Sir Edward Seymour for the Victualling, to wit for the intermediate time from his lending the same to the day that the tallies bear date that were given to him for that sum.
The Earl of Rochester and the Lord Chancellor of Ireland come in, then the officers of the Mint to wit Sir John Stanley Warden, Mr. Newton, Master and Worker and Mr. Ellis, Comptroller. They present their report on the said Chancellor's memorial about erecting a Mint in Ireland, which is read. The Earl of Ranelagh comes in.
Ordered that all Reports and papers relating to the Mint in Ireland be delivered to [the said] Lord Chancellor to peruse and to give his answers thereto in writing.
Lord Rochester offers the proposal formerly read to my Lords concerning the linen manufacture in Ireland with Mr. Lowndes's minutes or observations thereupon and also an answer thereto by the Lord Chancellor Methuen; which are read. My Lords will speak with the Customs Commissioners and Navy Commissioners thereupon.
Robert Flaharty [his petition is read. Ordered] to be put on the Establishment of Ireland for half pay as a Cornet of Horse. A [royal] warrant to be prepared.
The petition of Mrs. Willoughby is read. My Lord Rochester says before he goes over he will bring to my Lords the Establishment of Ireland that they may see whether there be room to insert any pension.
[My Lords order a] letter to be writ to the Lords Justices to cause the barracks for the Horse in Ireland to be finished, that is those that are already begun: and for those mentioned in the Representation for preventing robbers to be also built; and for an estimate of the charge of finishing the whole to be transmitted to my Lords.
The Gentlemen of the Bank [attend]. Mr. Boyle acquaints them that there will be remittances to make for the 10,000 men to Holland and that my Lords think the Bank the fittest persons to undertake the same: and they are told that the sum to be remitted will be about 150,000l. to be returned [forwarded abroad by exchange by] monthly [instalments]. The Earl of Ranelagh says one month's remittance is wanted forthwith. My Lords say they will take care that they be punctually paid.
The Bank to be paid their deficiencies due the first day of June inst. amounting to 7,319l. 3s. 2¾d. out of any money not particularly appropriated. Ibid., pp. 284–5.
eodem die afternoon. Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Ste. Fox, Chancellor Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The Excise Commissioners [attend]. My Lord Chandos desires process against Mrs. Clerk to be respited till further order, which is granted. My Lords will see whether they shall have a power to compound.
Lady Wood and Mr. Rowe are called in. The Solicitor and Attorney General come in. Mr. Browne opens the whole case for Mr. Rowe and concludes [by assuring my Lords that] he is willing to pass the patent of Hind's estates; and, after the charges paid, my Lady [Wood on] delivering up her tallies shall be the first [to be] paid out of that estate and [therefore he] desires not to be pressed with the King's process.
Mr. Dod, for Lady Wood, denies the facts alleged by Mr. Browne and desires she may be permitted to pursue the methods of law and that my Lords will not interpose.
Mr. Pelham comes in.
The Attorney General thinks that if Lady Wood came legally by those tallies they are a security and she can sue no other way but in the King's name and that it will be hard to stay the process.
The Solicitor General says these tallies are receipts and if a person assigns a receipt there can be no suit in his name thereupon: that Hind's assignment in equity can extend only to the proportion [of interest or security] that he had in the tallies; and he thinks Rowe offers a very reasonable thing, [in offering] to assign Hind's estate for her satisfaction.
[My Lords order as follows]. Let a copy of the resolution of 27 Jan. last be delivered to Mr. Borret to discourse the parties and to see if he can bring them to an agreement to deliver up the tallies or an assignment of Hind's extended estate. Ibid., p. 286.
June 9,
Present: all the 5 Lords.
The Trustees for Circulating Exchequer Bills come in. Lord Godolphin tells them that my Lords think it necessary that a new Contract should be made for Circulating the said Bills and desires them to make a proposal in writing in what manner the same may best be performed. This they promise to do by to-morrow morning.
Sir Henry Furnese, Sir James Bateman, Sir Theodore Janssen, and Mr. Eyles acquaint my Lords that the Bank are unwilling to meddle in the remittances to Holland but that they as merchants will do it at as easy rates as any persons if my Lords consent thereunto. My Lords desire them to make their proposal in writing.
[Write] to the Earl of Rochester that my Lords will wait on [his] his Lordship here [at the Treasury Chambers] to-morrow morning.
[My Lords order a] warrant for 1,000l. to Mr. Blathwayt for his service in attending his Majesty last year in Holland as Secretary of State.
A memorial is read from the two Deputy Commissaries (Marshall and Righton who are ordered for Holland) for their clearings from 1700 April 25 to 1701 April 24 amounting to 81l. 12s. 6d. each. [It is] answered that so soon as the provision is made for the Deficiency of last year these gentlemen will be paid their arrears of [the year] 1700; and that they will be paid their whole pay every two months during their service abroad. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 287.
June 10.
Tuesday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Hill, Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Burgesse is to have the next King's waiter's place [vacant in London port].
Dr. Bentley [is] to be paid as far as the [rest of the] Household.
The Earl of Rochester and Lord Chancellor Methuen come in. The Lord Chancellor's answer to the reports of the Officers of the Mint relating to the erecting of a Mint in Ireland is read. Report to be made to the King that his Majesty will please to have an instruction given to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to represent [to my Lords] upon his arrival in that kingdom whether the want of the smaller species of English money be very great and very prejudicial to the trade of that kingdom; what the charge may be of erecting a Mint to coin the foreign silver money now current there into the smaller species of English money and whether there be sufficient quantity of foreign money there for that purpose: to the end that an authority may be given by the King to his Excellency to erect a Mint there either for 2 or 3 years as he shall represent it necessary.
[My Lords order] a warrant to be prepared for paying Mr. Justice Smith his salary from the day the Lords Justices [Ireland] received the warrant for a patent to constitute the said Smith a Judge in Ireland, in regard [of the fact that] his patent could not be passed so soon as it might have been because of the Lord Chancellor's sudden departure from that kingdom and nobody [in his absence] being constituted for the custody of the great seal there.
[My Lords order a] warrant to the Lords Justices [Ireland] that the offreckonings due and which would have been due to the clothiers of the Regiments now sending from Ireland to Holland shall be paid to the said clothiers by the Receiver General of Ireland in such manner and at such times as they should and ought to have been paid if the said Regiments had continued in Ireland, [amounting] according to an account thereof signed by Mr. Robinson, Deputy Paymaster General of Ireland, to 8813l. 16s. 7d.: and the Earl of Ranelagh to be directed to stop the offreckonings which shall grow due to the said Regiments from the time of their coming on the English Establishment for making good what shall be paid to the said clothiers according to the account of the said Mr. Robinson.
The clothiers of Mr. Stewart's Regiment come in. My Lords assure them that the offreckonings of that Regiment shall be punctually paid to them for their clothing.
The Circulators of Exchequer Bills are called in and present a proposal in writing relating to a new contract. My Lords desire some of them to be here to-morrow morning and will then consider of it.
Sir Henry Furnese, Sir Theodore Janssen, Sir James Bateman and Mr. Francis Eyles are called in and present a proposal in writing for the remittances for the 10,000 men to be sent to Holland. My Lords will lay it before the King to-morrow afternoon.
See what has been paid to Mr. Bernard Granville as [royal] bounty. Ibid., pp. 288–9.
June 11,
Wednesday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
Letters [of disposition to the Exchequer for issues as follows] are read and approved: viz. for Secretary Vernon 350l.; the Countess of Oxford 437l. 10s. 0d.; Lady Kirk 100l.; for Mr. Cowper 440l.; Dr. Lawrence 384l. 10s. 0d.; for the Duchess of Buccleuch 200l.; the Duchess [Dowager] and Duke of Grafton 1,500l.
[My Lords consider the subject of a new Contract for circulating Exchequer Bills. Ordered that] the circulation be for 500,000l. at 3 per cent. [the contractors] depositing 5 per cent. Mr. Herne will insert an advertisement for subscriptions. Ibid., p. 290.
eodem die afternoon. Kensington. Present: the King; all the five Lords.
The proposal of Sir John Eyles and Francis Eyles is read, viz., proposing to give letters of credit for the Forces designed for Holland payable in Amsterdam or Rotterdam at sight at the rate of 11 guilders current money for every pound sterling [they to be recouped or] paid here on delivery of the letters of credit. My Lords accept same provided the said proposers agree to this for 12 months.
The [Household] servants that go with the King are to be paid the 2 years' riding charges [due and] in arrear in the Treasurer of the Chamber's office; and those servants are not to be paid their wages but with the rest of the servants in that Office.
The paper for the servants of the Household that go [with the King] is to be compared with that of last year. Those that have one year's riding charges [due to them] are to be paid the same but not their wages: and the King would have those of the Stables despatched.
Mr. Dormer [his petition is read. The King orders him] to be paid his arrear for 2¼ years.
Mr. Beaubuisson [his petition is read. The King orders him] to be paid as the Buckhounds are paid. See how far the Master of the Buckhounds is paid.
Send to Lancelot Burton to attend on Friday morning. The inhabitants of Weymouth [their petition is read] for the walls and stones of Sandfort Castle [to be given them towards] the repairs of their bridge. Granted.
Mr. Blathwayt's memorial for his former allowance &c. is read. The King will allow him the 1,000l. for the year 1700. The King says he ought not to make such an equipage as in time of war and there is no room now [for payment thereof] out of Contingencies. At present the King doth not see occasion for Mr. Blathwayt to increase his equipage or for the King to increase his allowance but if there be a war the King will consider what occasion it will give for either.
The Countess of Cavan [her petition is read]. The King will give her 50l. more on condition she goes for Ireland and she must never expect more.
The orders concerning St. James's Park [are] to be considered at the Treasury. The King will have the expense of keeping the ducks reduced according to his former order.
Bernard Granville [his petition is read]. See what he has usually received from the King and settle thereabouts for time to come.
Lady Vernon [her petition is read]. Not granted.
Eliz. De la rue, widow and executrix of Mr. De la rue [her petition is read]. Not granted.
Capt. Vaughan [his petition is read]. Referred to the Earl of Ranelagh.
Andrew Ross [his petition is read]. There is no certificate of his case.
Lewis D'Allemagne [his petition is read]. Referred to Lord Coningsby.
The King will not have the Regulations for extraordinaries to foreign ministers exceeded by [authority of] any signification of the Secretaries of State except in such particular cases where the articles [items] are first communicated to the Treasury Lords [for them] to receive the King's pleasure [thereon].
Mr. Sutton [his petition is read. The King orders that he] is to be paid his ordinary entertainment.
[My Lords] allow 576l. 11s. 4d. on Lord Portland's bill for Windsor Great Park. Treasury Minute Book XII, pp. 291–2.
June 13,
Friday forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Ward et al of the Bank [attend].
[Write] to the Agents for Taxes to attend on Monday morning with a list of the Receivers of the Land Tax.
Mr. Eyles agrees that the Bank may have the benefit of the agreement of the 11th inst. for remittances.
[My Lords order] Mr. Granville 100l. [royal] bounty out of secret service. Ibid., p. 293.
June 14,
Saturday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer is ordered] for 50l. to Monsieur de la Croix.
[Order for the issue to Mr. Lowndes of] 300l. for secret service.
[Order for] 11297l. 4s. 3d. to be issued to the Cofferer for the servants that attend the King into Holland according to the list: likewise for 3,118l. 3s. 0d. [to same] for riding charges as per list.
Sir Henry Furnese, Sir James Bateman, John Heathcott and — Farmor to be Trustees for Circulating Exchequer Bills.
Desire the Attorney and Solicitor General to call here on Monday morning. Ibid., p. 294.
June 16.
Monday forenoon.
Present: all the five Lords.
The letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 11,297l. 4s. 3d. to the Cofferer for the servants going to Holland is read and approved.
The Agents [for Taxes] will be here to-morrow morning.
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 3,118l. 3s. 0d. and 300l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber for servants as above is read and approved.
[My Lords order for] Lord Romney 1,000l. to wit 500l. for half a year as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber and 500l. for a quarter as Groom of the Stole.
Col. Tidcomb's memorial [is read].
The Commissioners of Customs and of Excise and Mr. Shallet are to be here to-morrow afternoon.
Col. Holt his petition about half pay of the Reformed Officers of his Regiment [is read and] referred to Mr. Blathwayt. Ibid., p. 295.
June 18,
Wednesday forenoon.
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for] 4300l. to be issued [to William Lowndes] for secret service in full of the order for 20,000l.
The charge of Mr. Rymer's salary and clerks [for preparing the 'Foedera'] is to cease from midsummer 1701. A warrant [is ordered] for 200l. to him in part of 383l. due to him; to discharge his clerks.
Letters [of direction to the Exchequer] are read and approved for 4,179l. 18s. 9d. for servants going to Holland and 380l. for a year to Mr. Beaubisson. Ibid., p. 296.
June 20,
Friday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham. [no entry of any minute]. Ibid., p. 297.
eodem die afternoon. Present: all the five Lords.
The Customs Commissioners attend. Their papers are read. The wine merchants are called in. They are told they must treat with the Commissioners of Customs about a composition for the French Duties for which they are prosecuted. The Commissioners are to be easy with them and to give them time for the composition money.
Mr. Denis (Dennis), over and above so much as he has paid for the Spanish wine Duty is to pay 4l. a ton in 6 months by way of composition for not duly entering his wines mentioned in the information against him in the Exchequer. Desire the Attorney General to be here about this on Tuesday morning. Ibid.
June 23,
Monday forenoon.
Present: Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
Maximilian Stephens is to have 200l. for his charges and service in fetching the duplicates &c. and to be paid out of Rigby's fine now in the Exchequer.
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer] is read and approved for 1,070l. to Mr. Dormer et al. Ibid., p. 298.
eodem die afternoon. Kensington. Present: the King: all the five Lords.
A new Establishment [is ordered] to be prepared for the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office according to Minutes this day read and agreed to by his Majesty.
My Lords are directed [by the King] to go over the Establishment of the Household and Wardrobe and settle them.
The Duke of Schomberg's demand [is read. The King orders it] to be examined by the Earl of Ranelagh.
The vacant Teller's place is given to my Lord Villiers. Speak with the Earl of Jersey.
Mr. Ryley's son is to be Serjeant at Arms during pleasure.
Garter money. The [Garter] Chancellor's memorial about the taxes thereupon is read. The King will pay the taxes.
Mr. Feilding [his memorial is read: the King orders him] to be paid half a year.
The representation of the Postmaster General [is read] about Scotch letters. Mr. Hill will speak with the Secretary of Scotland.
The letter [is read] about powder for Sweden. My Lords to speak with the Board of Ordnance.
Mr. Blathwayte [his petition is read. The King orders my Lords to] speak with the Earl of Ranelagh about the poundage; but Mr. Blathwayt must be paid somewhere [out of some fund or establishment].
The memorial for Mr. Young [who is] to attend Mr. Blathwayt in Holland [is read but] not allowed.
Lord Montagu's [petition is read about his] salary. He must pay himself as far as other officers are paid.
Lady Dorchester [her petition is read] not granted.
Mr. Randue [his petition is read. Order for] 50l. for Verrio's lodging to be allowed him.
Col. How [his petition is read. The King orders him] a warrant for 150l.
Mr. Pryor [his petition is read] for a lease. Granted. [As to his petition about his entertainment he is] to be paid his allowance no further than till the time he came out of France.
Mrs. Elizabeth Grove [her petition is read: ordered to have] 50l. and Mrs. Torway 40l.
Samuel Brown [his petition is read. There is] no vacancy and he's no military man.
Mrs. Willoughby [her petition is read: ordered] to be paid no otherwise than others are.
Sir John Jacob [his petition is read] for taking off respits. Not granted.
Col. Tidcomb [his petition is read]. Ordered accordingly.
The Officers of the Parliament in Ireland [their petition is read for] 880l. for rewards. Speak with the Lord Lieutenant and Lord Chancellor of Ireland.
The repairs in Jockey Park [the estimate concerning same is read]. To be let alone till the King sees it himself.
Mr. Cawthorne and Mr. Lang, chaplains [their petition is read: ordered that they are] to be restored and paid at the Exchequer whilst their service continues.
Mrs. Fitzharry's memorial [is read: The King decides] nothing.
Capt. Vaughan [his petition is read. The King orders] his respits to be taken off [for the period] whilst he was prisoner.
Lord Duplin [his petition is read. The King orders] half a year to be paid him.
Brian Fairfax [his petition is read]. The King leaves it to my Lords to pay him as money can be spared.
Sir Philips Coot [his petition is read]. He ought to be paid in Ireland.
Memorials concerning Hampton Court [are read. The King orders] the weekly payments to continue. A new estimate [for repairs and work there] that the King would have [to be] ordered will be given in by Mr. Wise.
The French pensioners [on half pay their petition is read]. The list of 3l. 18s. 0d. a day [is] to be brought on the Irish Establishment and in the meantime 6 months' pay is to be given here to those on that list to carry them to Ireland.
Sir H. Bellasyse [his petition is read] a certificate [is read] from Mr. Robinson of money imprested by him to Sir Henry's Regiment: to wit
by imprest warrant to Mr. Van Homrigh 1000
paid to Lieut. Col. Thomas Handasyd to make 1000l. English value, the present exchange [with Ireland being] 23 per cent. premium 1230
This if repaid presently to England [would cost] 1000l. Irish 813 0 2
1230l. Irish 1000 0 0
£1813 0 2
[The King orders] a warrant to allow the two payments.
The Lords' Justices' report [is read] about moneys due to the Attorney and Solicitor General of Ireland and Sergeant Neave for their service in attending the Court of Claims viz. 469l. each to the first two and 524l. to the latter. [The King orders these sums] to be paid.
Nicholas Green, several papers relating to a prosecution against him in Ireland are read. Ordered that he be enlarged and discharged of the fine.
The petition of Mr. Gratwick and his wife [is read] for a debt of 7,000l. due to his wife as executrix to Sir Philip Warwick or for some bounty till a fitting place can be given to Mr. Gratwick. [The King decides that] he is to be employed but no money to be given to him.
The Duke of Bedford: a certificate of his being sworn one of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber is laid before the King. His Majesty will consider whether he'll increase the number of his Bedchamber.
Mr. Chase his petition is read for 506l. 13s. 4d. due to him in the two late reigns as Apothecary to the King's person. The King says [that as involving the paying of the late King's debts] it must not be.
Mr. Fanshaw's memorial [is read] for 40s. a week out of secret service money. Nothing to be done.
Mary Holby alias Brincknell [her petition is read] praying a pension. Nil.
Daniel Hunt's petition for a reward for service in the Plantations [is read. The King orders my Lords to] give him 50l. for his journey.
Eliz. Varley [her petition is read] praying a compensation for a ship hired into the transport service which was cast away. Nil.
[The petition is read from the] Household Drums and Fife praying 180l. for a year and a half's salary due the last [day] of May last. Nothing ordered.
A proposal is read for coining more farthings and half pence. There is no need of them.
"Dr. Wyvell's petition is read praying to be releived against a privy seal passed to Mr. Brady for what can be recovered from the sureties of Sir Henry Brabant."
Reginald Ryley [his petition is read: ordered] to be appointed Serjeant at arms attending the Treasury during pleasure only.
A proposal for keeping fish and fowl in St. James's Park is read. [the King orders my Lords to] speak with Mr. Row.
David Harris, a seventh Page of the Bedchamber [his petition is read] praying to be paid up equal with the other six Pages. Nothing ordered.
Mr. Longbottom [his petition is read: ordered] to be a King's waiter [London port] on the next vacancy.
The Earl of Macclesfield's memorial [is read], for taking off some respits from his Regiment. It is not within the Rules.
An estimate of 226l. 13s. 0d. for the purchase of the Fubbs yacht is read.
The charge in the Wardrobe for the Garter robes &c. of the Prince Elector of Brunswick Luneburg amounting to 195l. 15s. 0d. and of the Duke of Queensborough's Garter Robes amounting to 91l. 6s. 0d. is read to the King and ordered.
Mr. Ryley's bills [are ordered] to be examined.
Mr. Ryley's report on Mr. Progers' bill of disbursements for hay for the deer in Middle Park at Hampton Court for 1698 and 1699 amounting to 158l. 16s. 0d. is read and ordered.
Sir Bevill Granville petitions for 500l. a year granted to his father by Charles II and for a present supply. My Lords will speak with him and will give the King an account next time.
The memorial of the Earl of Portland [is read. The King orders him] to be discharged of the plate he received out of the Jewel House when he was sent Ambassador to France. The King forgives his plate.
The petition of the Yeomen of the Guard for riding charges due to them [is read and] referred to Mr. Vanbrugh.
Minutes relating to the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office.
[The following Establishment orders &c. are made]
£ s. d.
the Lord Almoner on the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office, per an. 500 0 0
the Sub-Almoner, on the Household Establishment 91 5 0
the Almoner on ditto 219
Additional Establishment of the Treasurer of the Chamber for the Maundy 200
a Serjeant of the Hawks and 10 Falconers 616
11 Pensionary Falconers (speak with Lord St. Albans) 220
Memorandum: there are 5 horse huntsmen and 5 foot huntsmen.
the office of Yeoman of the Jewel House now vacant is to be sunk.
the 10 Grooms of the Chamber are to be reduced to —as they die or are removed.
the 40 Messengers [of the Chamber] pursuant to the King's direction are to be reduced to 30 and their salaries to be saved to the King: and to this end 10 of them are to be forthwith made pensioners: and the salaries of the clerks of the cheque are to be doubled and no fees [to be allowed them]: and as any of the messengers die or happen to be removed the pensioners are to be admitted into [the place thus vacated].
Mr. Vanbrugh to be considered for his good service.
The Master of the Barges to have a certain [or fixed] allowance in lieu of bills.
The pension of 1,000l. per an. to Lord Grandison is sunk.
Query, if any of the 5 pensionary Yeomen of the Guard are dead?
the pond keeper [in St. James's Park] to have a salary and no bills.
the theatre keeper 30l. a year: to sink.
Yeomen of the Revels 46l. 11s. 8d. per an. and the Yeomen of the Bows 18l. 5s. 0d. per an. to be sunk.
two Gallery Keepers at Whitehall at 3s. a day each 109l. 10s. per an. to be sunk.
the Wardrobe keepers in his Majesty's Houses of Access are to have their patent salaries in the nature of pensions and their places are to be sunk: and the Removing Wardrobe Keeper at Whitehall to have the charge of all the King's goods in those offices; agreed: when Mr. Marriot or Mr. English dies his place is to cease: agreed.
Mr. English who has 250l. a year and bills is to have 320l. a year as Randue had and no bills: agreed.
225l. a year to the Housekeeper of Greenwich to be left out: agreed.
250l. a year to the Housekeeper of Audley End, the like: agreed.
one of the Pages of the Removing Wardrobe to be sunk: agreed.
78l. a year to Mr. White of Richmond is to sink when he dies: agreed.
likewise 400l. a year to the Keeper of the Privy Garden: 91l. 5s. a year to the gardener of St. James' House: 358l. 15s. 0d. a year to Quellenburgh: 309l. 15s. 0d. a year to Van Staten: 115l. 5s. 0d. a year to Van Vleet; 296l. 1s. 0d. a year for gravel and grass: 42l. 11s. 8d. a year to the weeder woman: 450l. a year to the gardener at Kensington: 75l. a year to the gardener at Richmond: 25l. a year for the Queen's Little Garden at Windsor: agreed.
two of the six Physicians to be retrenched by dismissing Dr. Harris and Dr. Harrold.
when Mr. Chase or Mr. Rottermont dies his place to be sunk; agreed.
the office of Serjeant Surgeon to determine when Mr. Vanlone dies: agreed.
Sir Godfrey Kneller 200l., Francis Sognius 100l., Parry Walton 200l.: these officers for the pictures to be reduced to one with 200l. a year as they die: agreed.
the allowances of Mr. Tancred to be determined except his salary of 300l. a year. Revoke his patent: agreed.
the places of two Squires of the Body at 33l: a year each to be sunk presently [immediately] and their salaries to be converted to pensions: agreed.
the Cupbearers, Carvers and Sewers (now 4) to be reduced to 2 of each. Treasury Minute Book XIII, pp. 1–4.
June 24,
Tuesday forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
The Attorney General comes in. The Customs Commissioners' report of the 19th inst is read concerning the prosecutions against wine merchants for the French Duties of wines formerly imported. Let the Solicitor of the Customs state the matter and attend the Attorney and Solicitor General for their opinions as to what my Lords can lawfully do by way of composition for these prosecutions.
Order Mr. Fauquier to pay the balance in his hand into the Exchequer and to take a tally to discharge Mr. Neale's account: and order the money so paid to be issued to Mr. Newton upon his order for the service of the Mint.
[Write] to the Agents for Taxes to be here on Friday. Treasury Minute Book XIII, p. 5.
June 27.
Hampton Court.
Present: the King: all the five Lords.
The 1,654l. 6s. 11d. claimed by Monsieur Auverquere is to be allowed, as of the King's bounty, upon his next account, when there shall be a balance owing to the King.
Arthur Shallet [his petition is read]. My Lords are to speak with the Commissioners of Customs and of Excise and shew such favour to the petitioner as may lawfully be shewn without prejudicing the debt.
The Countess of Dorchester [her petition is read].
Nine Engineers [their petition is read praying] for half pay. There is no room [on the half pay list or Establishment].
The Earl of Ranelagh's memorial is read relating to several particulars in the Office of the Works and Gardens. To be considered at the Treasury.
Monsieur Geldermalsen's memorial is read about 200l. loss by a bill of one Lofting. If any money remains in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands of the tallies which were pawned to the Dutch the said loss of 200l. is to be made good out of it.
The Duchess of Southampton's memorial for payment of some arrears of her pension [is read]. She is to have a year [thereon paid to her] within the [present] year.
Memorandum: to send the King a new scheme of [payments] for the rest of the year.
Lord Suffolk [his petition is read]. The King will be at no more expense [concerning Audley End] and will give back the house, park &c. to the Earl of Suffolk and his heirs, he delivering up the tallies etc. for 20,000l.
Sir Bevill Granville [his petition is read. The King orders him] 100l. [as royal] bounty.
The Earl of Oxford [his petition is read].
Col. Lillingston [his petition is read with] the Earl of Ranelagh's report, about some respits. Respited.
Sir Hen. Bellasyse [his petition is read].
Sir Phil. Coote [his petition is read].
A memorial [is read] for the works in the Round Tower at Windsor.
Lady Inchiquin [her petition is read: ordered to have] 200l. a year: 100l. now. Ibid., p. 6.