Treasury Warrants: March 1702, 1-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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March 1702, 1-15

March 3. Money warrant for 9870l. 1s. 6d. to Charles Shales, his Majesty's goldsmith, for gold works, gilt and white plate delivered into the Jewel House &c. 1701 March 25 to Dec. 31.
Appending: certificate by Charles Godfrey, the Master of the Jewel House, of said gold works and plate &c. viz. an onyx George set with diamonds; a Garter and buckle set with diamonds and a diamond for the King's George 1030l.; 125 ounces of gold for chains, medals, collars, Georges and Garters most part curiously wrought and enamelled 789l. 19s. 6d.; 1314 ounces of new gilt plate most part curiously wrought and enchased 886l. 0s. 2d.; new gilding 3956 ounces of gilt store plate 591l. 7s. 7d.; refreshing 652 ounces of gilt plate 48l. 18s. 0d.; 12,827 ounces of new white plate great part curiously wrought and enchased 5688l. 5s. 2d.; new making 2400 ounces of white store plate 280l. 6s. 4d.; repairing, mending and boiling 12,684 ounces of white store plate 182l. 13s. 3d.; to the coffer maker and case maker for the Regalia and other cases for Ambassadors &c. 94l.; to the engraver for engraving his Majesty's arms on several parcels of the said plate 130l. 6s. 6d.; the cutler &c. 86l.; the officers of the Jewel Office for a year's allowance of necessaries 30l.; to the said officers for the Elector of Hanover's Regalia as directed by warrant [of the Lord Chamberlain] 32l. 5s. 0d. Money Book XVI, p. 24.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to distribute and apply the sum of 58,127l. 17s. 9½d. to Deficient Funds as follow, said sum representing receipts from Branches of the revenue between 1701–2 Feb. 2 and March 3 viz. 4730l. 11s. 9d. received from the Windows Tax; 3746l. 12s. 10½d. from Additional Impositions; 156l. 18s. 6d. from the New Duty on Salt; 3750l. 3s. 7d. from the Continued Duty on paper; 17,108l. 11s. 4d. from New Customs; 1985l. 5s. 9d. from Marriages; 26,649l. 14s. 0d. from Continued Impositions: the distribution and application to be hereby as follows: viz.
Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood upon the Register the 3rd March, 1700–2. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
First 4s. Aid 55622 10 5 51811 3 4 663 13
Third 4s. Aid 407372 0 3 336552 0 3 4860 14 11¾
Fourth 4s. Aid 917101 13 739761 7 9 10942 16
Second Quarterly Poll 89275 13 4 86165 13 4 1065 4
Three Fourths Customs 213447 15 9 170547 15 9 2546 17
Salt and Glass 1711500 0 0 1163246 16 6 20421 11
Two Thirds Additional Excise 160000 0 0 99554 11 11 1909 2
Additional Impositions 445177 7 4 400000 0 0 5311 16 10
Vellum and Parchment 224114 7 208106 17 2674 2 6
Marriages 648000 0 0 506700 0 0 7731 18 3
4871611 8 0 3762446 8 58127 17
Money Book XVI, p. 27.
March 3. Letter of direction for 2000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh as Paymaster of the Forces: out of loans on the late Votes [of Credit] of the House of Commons: to be paid over to Capt. Atkinson and Mr. Roop upon account for transporting about 3600 horse from the Redhouse to Holland; they having already received 4000l. on that account. Disposition Book XVI, p. 31.
Same for 5000l. to same out of same: to be for Subsistence to the Forces which are to act in conjunction with the Allies and as in part of the Vote [of Credit] of 700,000l. for same. Ibid., p. 32.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Francis Manley for a quayman's place London port loco Richard Holland removed. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 2.
Same to same. My Lords recommend John Robertson to succeed John Culliford, an officer at Southampton, who is appointed to the place of deputy searcher Gravesend loco John Parker deceased. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt to report on the enclosed bill [missing] of Benj. Sweet, Deputy Paymaster of the Forces in the Low Countries, for his disbursements in the service from 1701 June 1 to Sept. 30. Ibid., p. 3.
March 3, 11. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Warrener as a tidesman at Shields in Newcastle port loco John Swinloe resigned.
John Hart as a tidesman in fee Bristol port loco Robert Wise who declines the employment.
Robert Hayton as landwaiter at Colchester loco John Cotterell preferred to be surveyor at Shields.
John Culliford as searcher at Gravesend loco John Parker deceased.
Henry Ord as tidesman at Shields loco William Row dismissed.
John Cotterell as surveyor ibid loco William Row dismissed.
Robert Tapson as boatman at Plymouth loco William Luckman deceased.
John Carter as tidesman at Plymouth loco Gilbert Pack deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 168.
March 3. Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of William Marston and 7 others, detailed, counter securities of Joshua Lomax, one of the securities of Ralph Jackson late Collector of Excise for the counties of Hertford and Bedford, showing that Lomax has paid 1000l. towards said Jackson's debt of 1378l. 2s. 6½d. and praying release from the balance and discharge of said Jackson who is now a prisoner in the Fleet. Reference Book VII, p. 454.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Geo. Medcalfe and Cha. Carkess for a reward for their pains in soliciting the condemnation of French wines imported from St. Sebastian in 1699 and 1700. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of the land surveyors of London port for 50l. each additional salary for several new and additional Duties. Ibid.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of John Gilliver for a lease of coal mines in the manor of Alfreton Co. Derby. Ibid., p. 454a.
Treasuny subscription for the execution of a warrant from the Earl of Jersey, Lord Chamberlain, dated Feb. 23 last to the Master of the Jewel House for the delivery to Robert Harley, Speaker of the House of Commons, of the like quantity of white and gilt plate as was delivered to Sir Thomas Littleton when he was Speaker. In the margin: this warrant was cancelled and another signed 16 March. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 179.
Same of a same dated Feb. 27 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe to deliver to Peter Hume, Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe, a bed and bedding with stuff curtains for Richard Longbottom, his Majesty's barber: at Hampton Court. Ibid., p. 182.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to forbear process against Andrew Huddleston on his accounts as late Receiver General for Cos. Cumberland and Westmorland. Ibid., p. 179.
[?] Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Edward Shearme of certain lands and tenements in Co. Devon part of the lands of Nicholas Rowe, outlaw, at a rent of 21s. 2d. and fine of 42s. 4d. Ibid., p. 182.
March 4. Treasury warrant to the Receipt for the renewal of a lost order No. 234 for 300l. on the Duty on Marriages [drawn in the name of Sir Robert Atkins and by him assigned] to Robert Futter gent. Order Book V, p. 351.
Letter of direction for 7074l. 9s. 8d. to the Earl of Ranelagh for services as follow: out of loans on the late Votes [of Credit] of the House of Commons.
to the account of the English Establishment.
£ s. d.
for subsistence to the Troops in England, Jersey and Guernsey March 5 to 18 inst. 5238 9 2
to clear the Royal Regiment of Dragoons from Dec. 25 to Feb. 24 last, they being to embarque for Holland 539 2 6
for 2 days' subsistence to Col. Wood's Regiment of Horse from the 4th inst. to the day they embarque 53 9 0
for 2 days' subsistence to the Royal Regiment of Dragoons to the time they go to Holland 43 9 0
to the account of the Establishment for [the Troops in] Holland.
for subsistence to the recruits of the Royal Regiment of Dragoons to the time they go to Holland 200
for subsistence to the recruits of Wood's Regiment of Horse to the time of their going to Holland 100
for Major General Lumley's Regiment on account of subsistence to his recruits being 9 Troops, they having received but 200l. on the Establishment for Holland 100
for the transportation of the Regiments of Col. Rowe and Col. Ferguson from Scotland: out of Contingencies 600
for the subsistence of the Officers they left in England and for the recruits 200
£7074 9 8
Disposition Book XVI, p. 32.
March 4. Letter of direction for 975l. 4s. 11d. to the executors of Ralph Williamson in further part of his extraordinaries as late Receiver General of Taxes for Cos. York &c. Ibid., p. 33.
Same for 221l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to be paid over to Thomas Herbert, his Majesty's clockmaker, for 3 bills for mending and keeping in order his Majesty's clocks at Whitehall, Windsor, Newmarket, Kensington, Richmond &c. from 1700 Lady day to 1701 Michaelmas. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Auditor Shales to prepare a state of the enclosed accounts [missing] of Robert Lucy, Receiver of the Temporalities sede vacante of the Bishopric of St. Davids. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 512.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance to report on the enclosed presentment [missing] of the Customs Commissioners concerning a seizure of nails embezzled out of the King's stores at Chatham. (The like letter to the Navy Commissioners.) Ibid. XVII, p. 2.
March 4. Same to the King's Remembrancer to appoint his clerk to attend in the lobby of the House of Commons from day to day with the duplicates of the first 4s. Aid of the years 1692 and 1693 "during such time as the bill for the ensuing year's Land Tax shall be depending in that House." Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners of Accounts. I have read to my Lords yours of yesterday enclosing a draft [form] of the debentures intended to be made forth to the persons entitled to interest for the debt for transport service for the year 1693. They have appointed Mr. Thrale to attend you concerning the said form. (Same to said Thrale to attend said Commissioners in their office in York Buildings as to said form.) Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the seizure of the ship John and James, Richard Ladler master, lately arrived from Sweden with deals and seized for not being manned with three fourths English, she having 7 mariners of which 3 were strangers, but she started with 6 English and one stranger and 2 of the English deserted at Odeval [Uddevalla] in Sweden (where she took in her lading) because of the leakiness of the ship. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 170.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of William Allen for leave to compound a debt of 400l. on Salt Duty. Reference Book VII, p. 454a.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to allow 200l. to John Rampley in his account as late a Collector of Excise which he lost by a bill of exchange drawn by John Grocer, a cheese factor in Suffolk, on John Evers of London cheesemonger in April 1698 which was returned to him by the Excise Commissioners for non acceptance but without notice to him and never received by him. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 179.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the coal mines in Denbigh, North Wales ut supra p. 157 in order to a lease thereof to Thomas and William Carter.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on the petition for same. These petitioners desire licence to search for mines of copper, lead and coal in their own lands and the waste adjacent and belonging to their estates within the Hundred of Isaled. Ibid., p. 180.
Same to same for a same in order to a lease of the park of Restormel &c. to Richard Trevanion ut supra Tr. Cal. XVI, p. 423.
Prefixing: said Surveyor General's report on the petition for same. Lady Arundel, widow of Sir John Arundel devised to the petitioner Trevanion who is her son. Ibid., p. 181.
March 6. Same to same for a same of 8 tenements in Treworgie &c. Co. Cornwall including a mill in Moresk in order to a lease to William Tailer in compensation for expenses &c. in attending the Commissioners in New Forest in July 1699 ut supra p. 135 and infra p. 169. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, pp. 182–4.
Queen Anne.
March 9. Royal sign manual for 20,000l. to William Lowndes for secret service: without account. (Money warrant dated March 17 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXII, p. 1. Money Book XVI, p. 29.
Royal warrant by the Queen, dated St. James's, to Isaac Newton, Master and Worker of the Mint, to coin the gold and silver bullion now in the Mint and all such like bullion as shall be brought into the Mint with the same dies that were formerly made and used for that service until the new dies and puncheons can be prepared with the Queen's effigies and arms. King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 176.
Same dated same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a dormant great seal to empower the Treasury Lords to make issues at the Exchequer (out of Civil List funds) of salaries, allowances, fees, rewards, diets by liberate or otherwise, pensions, annuities &c. as heretofore paid to the officers &c. of the Receipt and others. In the margin: the general letters patent dormant bear date 1701–2 March 19. Ibid. XXII, pp. 1–3.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 30,000l. to Henry Mordaunt, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance, as imprest for land and services of the Ordnance. (Money warrant dated March 30 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated March 19.) (Money order dated March 31 hereon.) Ibid. XXI, p. 176. Money Book XVI, p. 36. Order Book V, p. 355.
Same to same for a same to authorise the Treasury to issue money on royal sign manual warrants. King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 177.
Same to same for a same to authorise the taking in of loans on malt not exceeding 600,000l. as by the late Act [13 and 14 Wm. III. c. V.] granting an Aid thereon. (Treasury warrant to the Receipt accordingly. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated March 19.) Ibid., p. 178. Money Book XVI, p. 32. (William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to direct the Tellers to take in loans up to 600,000l. on credit of the Malt Duties lately granted by Parliament.) Disposition Book XVI, p. 33.
Same to same for a same for 1,000,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh as imprest for the Forces. (The privy seal bears date March 13 hereon.) (Money warrant dated March 13 hereon.) (Money order dated March 14 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 179. Money Book XVI, p. 29. Order Book V, p. 353.
Same to the Postmasters General henceforth to suffer no person whatsoever to send or receive free any letters or pacquets which by virtue of any Act of Parliament ought to be paid for except the two Principal Secretaries of State; Treasury Lords; Treasury Secretary; Secretary at War; Secretary to the Admiralty; Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and the Members of both Houses of Parliament for 40 days before and 40 days after each Session; and none of these are to frank private letters under cover of their own: all by reason of the great prejudice to the revenue from the free carriage of a great number of letters and pacquets. King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 200.
March 9. Treasury warrant to Lord Edward Russell, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay 44l. 2s. 6d. to Richard Transum, servant to Thomas Neale, late the late King's Groom Porter, for disbursements made by him between the death of said Neale (viz. 1699 Dec. 16) and the appointment of William Rowley as Neale's successor, to wit for Hampton Court Palace and for the house [which was hired] for the entertainment of the Savoy Ambassador. Money Book XVI, p. 29.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of George Murray, late Collector of Excise, for permission to compound his debt, he having been a great sufferer by 13 months' imprisonment underground in Holland besides 4 months' imprisonment here in London. Reference Book VII, p. 454a.
March 10. William Lowndes to Mr. Edwin to prepare a plate for [printing] the Debentures as desired by the Commissioners of Accounts [the Commissioners for Army Debts]. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 512.
Same to the Treasurer of the Chamber for an account of the debt in his Office as at the 8th inst. (The like letters to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces; the Officers of the Works; the Cofferer of the Household; the Master of the Great Wardrobe; the Officers of the Ordnance; the Navy Commissioners; the Master of the Horse; the Master of the Robes; Mr. Henning for the Privy Purse; the Master of the Jewel House.) Ibid. XVII, p. 7.
Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Gyles Cutting gent. for reward for soliciting for Mr. Briggs late Receiver General for Norfolk "whereby 500l. was paid into the Exchequer." Reference Book VIII, p. 1.
Royal warrant to the Lords Justices of Ireland to issue 2l. per man for levy money for the 4 Regiments of Foot appointed by Major Gen. Thomas Erle to be put on board the Fleet from Ireland for this summer's Expedition, viz. for so many privates as the respective Colonels thereof are to raise for completing their Regiments. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 201.
March 11, 14. Treasury fiat for royal letters patent to constitute Gilbert Wigmore as searcher of Newcastle port on the surrender of John Tempest.
Joseph Taylor as Customer of Berwick port loco Charles Howard Esq. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, pp. 170, 172.
March 13. William Lowndes to the King's printers to deliver to the Office of the Secretary of War 200 copies of the Articles of War and 50 copies of the Acts of Parliament against mutiny and desertion. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 9.
March 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24, 27, 30. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to observe an Order in Council for permission for ships and vessels as follow to proceed on their voyage to the parts detailed respectively, notwithstanding the embargo.
the Employ, Charles Culliford master, for the Madeiras with provisions and woollens and thence with wines for Barbados: on the petition of Robert Heysham of London merchant.
the Johanna, Richard Burbidge master, 120 tons, 9 men; for Virginia.
the Exchange, Nicholas Burrowes master, 100 tons, 10 men; for the Leeward Islands.
the London frigate, John Wise master, 110 tons, 10 men; for Lisbon.
the Venetian Galley, George Martin master, 220 tons, 20 men; for Venice.
the Oxenden, Elias Pearse master, 140 tons, 16 men; for Jamaica.
the Three Brothers, George Eagle master, 60 tons, 6 men; for Lisbon and Viana.
the Experiment, Thomas Landefold master, 120 tons, 12 men; for Lisbon.
the Happy Return, John Loveing master, 15 men; for Leghorn.
the Samuell, George Wheately master, 200 tons, 18 men; for Antigua.
the Dolphin, Jonathan Tallamy master, 7 men; for the West Indies.
the Hopewell, John Sadler master, 60 tons, 10 men; for Ireland and Guinea.
the Primrose, Edward Thompson master, 70 tons, 7 men; for Jamaica.
the London, James Crispin commander, 200 tons, 14 men; for Montserrat.
the Hope, Gilbert Berry master, 70 tons, 6 men; for Virginia.
the St. Andrew galley, Bartho[lomew] Briggs master, 80 tons, 8 men; for Cadiz.
the Southwark, John Tuckey master, 200 tons, 18 men: for Jamaica.
the Intent, Matthew Hornaman master, 60 tons, 9 men; for Bordeaux.
the Dolphin, Josias Toms master, 200 tons, 14 men; for the Isle of May.
the Katherine, Hugh Rockett master, 30 tons, 5 men; for Newfoundland.
the Friends Adventure, Stephen Blaxland master, 80 tons; for Lisbon.
the Speedwell, Robert Hatch master, 70 tons, 7 men and 2 boys from Dartmouth for Ireland and thence with provisions to Newfoundland.
the Happy Return, 120 tons, 19 men, with red herrings from Bideford whence she started 2 months ago but was driven back by stormy weather.
the Champion galley, 100 tons, 14 men; laden with dyers wood for Guinea; Samuell Alderson master, being ready to sail a month before the embargo.
the Baltick, Richard Lister master, 150 tons, 9 men and a boy; for Copenhagen with the goods and servants of James Vernon junr. Envoy Extraordinary to Denmark.
the Portugal Merchant, Dan Morley master: 240 tons; 20 seamen; for the Straits.
the Friends Adventure, John Vanteman master, 60 tons; 6 men for New England.
the Sarah of Boston: 100 tons, 8 men for New England.
the Nazareth, George Tito master, 150 tons, 20 men, for Cadiz: at the petition of John Sykes of London merchant.
the Friends Adventure, Michael Cole master, 80 tons, 8 men with small arms, shot &c.; for Carolina.
the Tobias, David Roberts master, 6 men; for Newfoundland with fish.
the Richard and Sarah, Edward Forrest master, 300 tons, 18 men; for Virginia with materials for re-edifying the public State House and prison there and also with arms and ammunition for the country's use.
the Hopefor, John Cumby master, 120 tons, 14 men; for New York with a double clothing for 4 Independent Companies there.
the Blacboy, 190 tons, 30 men; "to sail to [the parts of] East India where neither Company trades."
the Howland, Thomas Haynes master, 400 tons, 80 men; with stores for the use of Bombay and cloth and other manufactures for Surat and Prussia [sic ? Persia].
the Regard, Thomas Warner Capt., 230 tons, 46 men; for same places with the like cargo.
the Queen Ann sloop, Rowland Jackson master, 150 tons, 14 men; for Cadiz.
the Katherine, Ja. Jenifer captain, 480 tons, 90 men; for Surat with supplies for the Queen's Ambassador to the Great Mogul and other urgent occasions.
the Mary, Christopher Keeble captain, 450 tons, 15 men, for same place with the like cargo. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, pp. 162, 171, 173.
March 13. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Lords Justices of Ireland, to pay 1100l. each to Colonels Richard Coote and Thomas Meredith for levy money for the 2 Regiments of Foot of 12 Companies each which are ordered to be forthwith raised in Ireland being at the rate of 2l. per man: and likewise to pay 777l. 10s. 11d. for the transport and provisions for the 3 Troops of the Earl of Arran's Regiment of Horse and the 2 Troops of Dragoons from Ireland to England. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 200.