Treasury Warrants: July 1702, 11-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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July 1702, 11-20

July 11. Privy seal for the ordinary of 3l. a day to Alexander Stanhope (Envoy Extraordinary to the States General) as Plenipotentiary in the negotiations with the States General for mutual safety. King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 381.
Same for the ordinary of 5l. a day to same as Envoy Extraordinary to the States General. Ibid., p. 382.
Treasurer Godolphin's fiat for royal letters patent to constitute Walter Middleton as Collector of Milford port. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 212.
July 13. Money order for 150l. to Henry Baker for 3 quarters to June 24 last on his allowance as Treasury Solicitor. Order Book V, p. 379.
Same for 1347l. 17s. 2¼d. to Samuel Edwyn, Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer, for necessaries delivered by him to the officers of said Receipt in 1701 Michaelmas and Hilary terms 1701. Ibid., p. 386.
William Lowndes to Sir John Stanley. Was the place of Thomas Taylor, late a messenger of the Chamber, sunk on his death "in March last was twelve months?" Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 48.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Whitlock Bulstrode shewing that the salary of himself as solicitor of Excise and one clerk was 350l. per an. when there were fewer laws of Excise and no Duty on malt: but the present salary for himself and a clerk is only 200l. per an. and out of that he has to keep an additional clerk which makes his salary only 110l.: and on the Malt Duty he has already a list of above 200 persons to summon for non entry: therefore praying some allowance for extraordinary service. Reference Book VIII, p. 8.
July 14. William Lowndes to the Victualling Commissioners to accept Francis Horne's two bills of exchange drawn from Cadiz on the late Victualling Commissioners viz. for 1187 Pieces of Eight 3¾ Reis and 447 Pieces of Eight 1½ Reis taken at 52d. per Piece of Eight: same being drawn for the Custom of wine &c. supplied in 1696 to the Squadron at Cadiz under Vice Admiral Nevill. Disposition Book XVI, p. 81.
Letter of direction for 200l. to the Paymaster of the Works to be by him paid to the Earl of Ranelagh for his service as Superintendent of all his late Majesty's Works from Xmas last during his continuance in that office. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Robert Barker to take only the same fees for Mr. Crompton's security as Paymaster of the Malt Lottery tickets as he [Crompton] paid in 1698. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 47.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to repay the tax assessments on the Secretary (517l.) and clerks (130l. 6s. 8d.) of the Admiralty between 1695 and 1702.
Appending: schedule of said clerks' fees. Ibid., p. 48.
Same to Mr. Taylor to pay without any defalcations the salaries of the officers in the Transfer Office of the Million Lottery. Ibid., p. 49.
Treasurer Godolphin to the [Assessment] Commissioners in Co. Middlesex. If there be any failure in the last Subsidy and Land Tax granted [by 1 Anne c. 6] it will create a necessity for the use of Deficient tallies (such as have formerly been made good with great loss by subsequent taxes on land). You are therefore to be diligent that the Assessors be fully instructed in their powers and that you cause all persons and estates to be fully charged according to the true meaning of the said Act. (Fifty-nine like letters of same date sent to the Commissioners of the several cities and counties in England and Wales.) Ibid., p. 50.
July 14. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed letter [missing] relating to a coal vessel seized at Whitby. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General to report whether the Crown has any probable title to the supposed forfeited estates in the enclosed paper [missing]. Ibid., p. 51.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Works to examine Sir Christopher Wren's letter enclosed [missing] concerning works done at Lord Albemarle's lodgings in Whitehall amounting to 1729l. 14s. 5¼d. Ibid.
Same to same to make entries in their books of the payment by Mr. Henning (by the late King's command) out of Privy Purse money of 200l. to Mr. Tijou for smith's work at Hampton Court and 200l. to Mr. Benjamin Jackson for mason's work there. Ibid.
Same to the Postmasters General. The Lord Treasurer will appoint a day to hear the complaint exhibited against Mr. Castleton, the Comptroller of the Penny Post Office: and also John Tutchin's letter concerning same. Ibid., p. 52.
Same to Mr. Strickland for an account what you have paid towards making good the tickets embezzled by Mr. Neal and his deputy. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Borrett to report on William Nailor's petition for remission of the fine of 100 marks set on him in 1696 for which he is now a prisoner in the Common Side at Newgate. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Edward Noell shewing that for 30 years he has executed the office of Register to the Excise Commissioners at a patent salary during the Excise farms and with an additional salary from 1683 June 24 on account of the Hearthmoney, viz. to attend and register not only their judicial proceedings but all other their orders and proceedings at the Board; that in August 1698 he was dismissed (but for what he knows not) from that part of his employment of entering and registering such proceedings and the additional salary was taken away and another person was appointed with the denomination of Secretary at 450l. per an.: but by the late revoking of the Excise Commission the said Secretary's constitution is determined: therefore praying to be restored to his former employment with an additional salary. Reference Book VIII, p. 8.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Elizabeth Molinier shewing that the seizer of the silks supra p. 292 is the same man that persuaded her son's friend in Amsterdam to hide them. Ibid., p. 9.
July 14. Subscription by Treasurer Godolphin for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated July 8 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery to Mr. Thornburgh, Closet Keeper to the Queen, of 4 surplices of fine Holland for the Queen's chaplains. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 383.
Warrant by same to the Commissioners for Prizes to employ Thomas Humble as storekeeper at Plymouth at 50l. per an. loco Edward Courtney who has declined the said employment. Ibid.
Approval by same of Samuell Edwards as first Clerk to Francis Godolphin one of the Four Tellers of the Exchequer:
Lionell Herne as same to James Vernon as a same.
Lancelot Burton as same to Sir Christopher Musgrave as a same.
John Grainger as same to Lord Fitz Hardinge as a same. Ibid.
[?] Entry of Treasurer Godolphin's signature of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to William Cockshot of lands &c. in Co. Yorks. part of the lands of William Jennings extended for debt: at a rental of 1s. 2d. per an. and fines of 2s. and 4d. Ibid.
July 14. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer in the Exchequer for stop of process against John Graham (Grayham), Keeper of the Privy Purse to King James II, on his account of moneys issued to him at the Exchequer for Healing medals for the said King: which account is not yet finished by reason of his indisposition. Ibid., p. 384.
July 15. Privy seal for [continuation of] 500l. per an. to Sir Joseph Jekyll as Chief Justice of Chester as an addition to the profits of his place there. King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 442.
Money warrant for 650l. to the Master of the Hawks (Thomas Felton and the administrators of William Chiffinch) for half a year to 1701 June 24 on their several fees and allowances. Money Book XVI, p. 103.
Money order for 50l. of Salathiell Lovell for 1702 Trinity term as one of the Justices of Chester. Order Book V, p. 381.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to forthwith turn into money the 78,000l. tallies remaining in the Navy Treasurer's hands struck in April last on the latter part of the 3700l. per week of the Hereditary Excise. The Navy Treasurer is to be charged with all the interest due on said tallies to the time they shall be disposed of. Disposition Book XVI, p. 81.
July 15 and 14. Letters of direction for 175l. and 175l. to the Justices of Chester for respectively last Easter term and 1702 Trinity term. Ibid., p. 82.
July 15. Same for 3000l. to the Navy Treasurer: out of loans on the Subsidies and Land Tax [as by 1 Anne c. 6]: to be paid over to Mr. Povey, the Treasurer for Sick and Wounded and Prisoners of War: 1800l. thereof to be charged to the head of Wages and 1200l. to the head of Victualling. Ibid., pp. 82, 85.
July 15. Same for 294l. 14s. 5d. to the Earl of Portland: out of Civil List moneys: for taxes and repairs in Windsor Great Park in the late King's reign. Ibid., p. 82.
William Lowndes to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded. In your accounts you are to keep separate the charge of the prisoners from that of the Sick and Wounded seamen. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 52.
July 17. Warrant dormant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Board of the Works for payment of the salary of 50l. per an. to Charles Haughton as itinerant Clerk of the Works as authorised by the Treasury warrant of 1691–2 Jan. 23. Money Book XVI, p. 103.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay the fee or salary of 20l. per an. to Henry Fairfax as Comptroller of Newcastle port.
48l. per an. to William Congreve as Customer of Poole port.
32l. per an. to William Christian and Benjamin Crofts as [joint] Customer of Carlisle port.
39l. per an. to Charles Best as one of the Customers of Hull port.
10l. per an. to Thomas Lowther as searcher of Cardiff port. Ibid., pp. 106, 114, 120.
Same to the Receiver General of the Duties on Houses &c. for London, Westminster and Middlesex to pay the salary of 60l. per an. to Charles Dive as a Surveyor of said Duties. Ibid., p. 107.
Same to the Receipt for the salaries of 70l. per an. to Charles Godfrey as Master of the Jewel House and 20l. per an. to Robert Sedgwick as Clerk of same. Ibid., p. 120.
Allowance by same of the Customs salaries bills for 1702 June 24 quarter viz. 5957l. 11s. 6d. for London port and 9950l. 12s. 3d. and 1588l. 10s. 0d. for the Outports. Ibid., p. 104.
Money warrant for 200l. to William Borret: out of Civil List moneys as imprest for Crown Law costs. (Money order dated July 23 hereon.) Ibid., p. 104. Order Book V, p. 382.
Same for 1485l. to the late Commissioners of the Privy Seal (Edward Southwell, Christopher Musgrave and James Vernon) for 297 days on their allowance of 5l. a day viz. 1701 from June 28 to 1702 April 21. (Money order dated July 29 hereon.) Money Book XVI, p. 105. Order Book V, p. 384.
Same for 47l. 16s. 11¾d. to Sir John Hawles, late Solicitor General, viz. for half a year and 67 days on his fee or salary of 70l. per an. viz. to 1702 June 1 on which day he was succeeded by Sir Simon Harcourt. Money Book XVI, p. 106.
Same for 96l. 13s. 4d. to John Cook, Clerk of Foreign Estreats in the Exchequer Court, for one year to 1701 Lady day on his several fees and allowances detailed. Ibid., p. 108.
July 17. Money warrant for what is due to the Masters in Chancery on their 100l. per an. salaries each. (In the margin: a later warrant of Treasurer Oxford dated 27 June 1711 for execution hereof.) Money Book XVI, p. 110.
Same for 50,000l. to Robert Crompton as imprest for the payment of Malt tickets as by the Malt Act [8–9 Wm. III c. 22]. (Money order dated July 24 hereon.) Ibid., p. 110. Order Book V, p. 384.
Same for 50l. to Mahaleel Windham for himself and the other 7 doorkeepers of the House of Peers for attendance in the last Session of Parliament. (Money order dated July 23 hereon.) Money Book XVI, p. 111. Order Book V, p. 381. Disposition Book XVI, p. 94.
Same for 61l. to Sir Edward Northey for 3 quarters to 1702 June 24 on his fee as Attorney General. Money Book XVI, p. 115.
Same for 139l. 8s. 6d. to Richard Jones for the surplusage on his account as sheriff of Wilts. for the year ended 1701 Sept. 29. (Money order dated Aug. 15 hereon.) Ibid., p. 118. Order Book V, p. 413.
Same for 69l. 1s. 9d. to Bartho. Burton for same as same for Co. Rutland for same year. (Money order dated July 30 hereon.) Money Book XVI, p. 119. Order Book V, p. 390.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Salt Commissioners to imprest 500l. to Francis Bridges their cashier for incidents of their Office. Money Book XVI, p. 108.
Same by same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to the Bank of England the 2866l. 14s. 2½d. surplus of the Duties of Excise appropriated to said Bank's annuity: viz. as towards the deficiency of their fund in the year ended 1701 June 1: which sum together with the 2523l. 13s. 10d. paid to said Bank out of arrears of Low Wines "does make the sum of 6390l. 8s. 0½d. [sic] in part of 7390l. 3s. 2¾d." which is the certified deficiency of said fund for said year. Ibid., p. 109.
Allowance by same of the Post Office incidents bill detailed for 1702 June 24 quarter (including 10l. to Monsieur Marcus for disbursements at Amsterdam for Italian letters: 59l. 17s. 6d. to John Parker, Consul at Corona, on account of salary and inland postage of letters; 4l. for John Messor's bill for prosecuting 2 post boys for breaking open the mails; 12l. 1s. 1d. for 2893 ship letters at 1d. per letter; 4l. 13s. 4d. for 1120 ship letters; 7l. to Capt. Samuel Lucas for carrying 2 mails from Dover to Harwich 1702 May 9; 20l. to Capt. Cha. Gibson for charges from Dover to Calais and back 1702 June 8). Ibid., p. 112.
Dormant warrant by same to Charles Boyle, Receiver of Fines for Alienations, to pay the fees of the officers of the Alienation Office viz. 40l. per an. per term to James Saunderson, Henry Villers and Thomas Plott as Deputies and Commissioners in the said Office; 40l. per term to said Boyle himself as Receiver General; 20l. per term to William Freeman, Master of the Chancery and 5l. each to Bernard Halfpenny and Thomas Webb as clerks. Ibid., p. 155.
July 17. Letter of direction for 1403l. 7s. 6d. to the Earl of Ranelagh: out of loans on the Subsidy and Land Tax [as by 1 Anne c. 6]: to be paid over to Capt. Samuel Atkinson and Mr. Nicholas Roop on account of transporting horses to Holland, "which makes 12,403l. 7s. 6d. directed to be issued to them for that service": and is in part of 700,000l. for 40,000 men [to act in conjunction with the Allies anno 1702]. Disposition Book XVI, p. 83.
Same for 1266l. 6s. 6d. to the Navy Treasurer: out of like loans: as in part of 2,080,000l. for sea services anno 1702: to be paid to said Atkinson and Roop as follows:
£ s. d.
for advance of 6 weeks' freight for 2 ships hired at Portsmouth by order of the Duke of Ormonde 361 14 6
for 572 beds with pillows and rugs at 11s. each bought there 314 12 0
for 1000 beds more with pillows and rugs and 1050 hammocks 590
£1266 6 6
Same for 250l. to William Roberts, Receiver of Windsor: for 2½ years' salary to 1701 Sept. 29 to Grinling Gibbons for looking after the carved oak in Windsor castle. Ibid., p. 84.
William Lowndes to the Stamps Commissioners. On your representation of the 9th inst. concerning the inspection you proposed in 1701 August into the Inferior Courts in the country and the books and stocks [of stamped paper &c.] of distributors, you are to employ James Isaacson for 3 months on such inspection in such counties where abuses are supposed to be most frequently committed. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 52.
Treasury reference to the Postmasters General of the petition of Jacob Vander Pool, postmaster at the Brill in Holland, praying a continuation of his pension of 100l. per an. out of the General Post Office. Reference Book VIII, p. 9.
Same to the Attorney General of the petition of George Horne shewing that he can [discover and] make out the Crown's title to several lands and messuages in Co. Radnor. Ibid.
Same to the Warden &c. of the Mint of the petition of Samuel Bull for renewal of his warrant as a probationer in the art and mystery of graving in the Mint. Ibid., p. 8.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer to take the securities detailed in 50,000l. of Henry Ferne for his office of Customs Cashier.
Mr. Stephen Lilly's securities detailed in 5000l. as Receiver General of the Post Office. Prefixing report by the Deputy Queen's Remembrancer on the sufficiency of said securities. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, pp. 387, 389.
July 17. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer to stay process for 3 weeks from date hereof against Philip Papillon on his accounts as late Cashier of the Victualling. In the margin: a further warrant dated July 29 for stay of process until Aug. 28. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 398.
Same by same to the Clerk of the Pipe for letters patent to renew the grant to Ralph Kentish of the office of Keeper of the Gaol of the Liberty of the dissolved monastery of St. Albans and porter of the great gate thereof in reversion of Christopher Brown. Ibid., p. 389.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a tenement called Woda, parcel of the manor of Climsland Prior and Duchy of Cornwall, in order to a lease thereof to Edward Cutty. Ibid., p. 393.
Same by same to Henry Villiers, one of the Commissioners of Alienations, confirming the appointment of Richard Shelton as Deputy to said Villiers in said office. Ibid., p. 416.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Sir Thomas Southwell for re-instatement of the salary of 50l. per an. belonging to his offices and places of Chief Ranger and Gamekeeper within the kingdom of Ireland, and Ranger of his Majesty's Park near Dublin. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 224.
July 18. William Lowndes to the Farmers of the Royal Oak Lottery to pay into the Exchequer all the rent to June 24 last on the Royal Oak Lotteries except what is required to satisfy to that date the pensions of 400l. per an. to James Gray, 400l. per an. to Col. Philip Howard and 200l. per an. to Mris. Charlotte Killigrew: and to continue to do same in future. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 55.
July 19. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a tenement at Stratton [upon Fosse] parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall in order to a lease thereof to John Avery for 3 new lives.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Avery's petition for same. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 392.
July 20. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Richard Smith, a boatman in the Customs service in several places; praying payment of 72l. 5s. 7d. due to him for his service and disbursements. Reference Book VIII, p. 7.