Register of Papers, Petitions, Reports etc: 1702, January-May

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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Alphabetical Register of Papers, Petitions, Reports, &c. Read and Minuted at the Treasury Board or by the Lord Treasurer.

The reason for presenting the following material in Appendix form is given supra p. 104. As a record the Alphabetical Register of papers read at the Board (T.4/15) stands quite distinct from the Reference Book (T. 4/1.) The Reference Book is simply an entry book of papers or matters which the Treasury Board or the Lord Treasurer referred to some outside person or body for consideration and report. Such referred papers only formed a small portion of the total of papers. On the bulk of the papers read at the Board a decision was taken instanter and endorsed on the paper; whilst the number of papers referred for outside report or opinion was comparatively small. The Alphabetical Register on the other hand gives in alphabetical order a note of all the papers read and of the minutes or answers endorsed on the papers. It should therefore be a complete record of all the papers, petitions, reports &c. read at the Board. Where the record is preserved it is manifestly so complete, as will be seen from the excessive numbers of papers read at particular meetings. For instance on the 17th June (infra) 99 papers were read and minuted and on the 8th July 161 papers were read and minuted.

In the Minute Book itself the whole operation is as a rule condensed into a brief entry.

June 17. Petitions are read. Minutes taken on the lists or abstracts thereof.

But on the 8th July the Secretary of the Treasury has entered in the Minute Book the full separate minute in the case of 42 out of the total of 161 papers read on that afternoon. A collation of this particular Minute Book entry with the Alphabetical Register entry shows (as might be expected) that the alphabetical arrangement has done violence to the actual sequence of the proceedings of the Board.

As a record this Alphabetical Register is very incomplete. The first volume, here printed, covers only from May to July 1702. Then there is a break until 1705 and then again until 1709. It is possible that in the intervening periods the work of keeping the Register was neglected and that the secretary of the Treasury was content with keeping the papers themselves in alphabetical order.

The alternative (but more unlikely) supposition can only be that the Register was kept as before but deteriorated and perished from excessive daily handling.


Alphabetical Register of Papers, Petitions, Reports &c. Read and Minuted at the Treasury Board or by the Lord Treasurer.

May 1.
Capt. Cross letter [?to or from] Mr. Burchett [the Admiralty Secretary] read. Let him pay 200l. into the Exchequer for the proceed of goods taken in the St. Peter prize and upon producing the tally [of such payment] my Lord will intimate the same to my Lord Admiral. (T. 4/15., p. 3.)
May 12. John Dutton Colt [petition read]. Ref[erred to the] C.C. [Customs Commissioners]. (Ibid., p. 3.)
The merchants of Lond[on their petition read]. Ref [erred] to the Customs Commissioners. (Ibid., p. 12.)
May 13. Bromley and Wild and Bearcroft's security [petition read]. Ref[erred] to the Agents [for Taxes and] Mr. B[aker]. (Ibid., p. 2.)
Earl of Carbery [petition read] to renew his patent for the [office of] Chamberlain of Brecon. Granted [to] Mr. P. (Ibid. p. 3.)
Lord Culpeper [petition read]. To be laid before the Queen. (Ibid.)
Mich. East [petition read]. My Lord is pleased that the Solicitors [continue to] stand as they do at present. But when there is an opportunity my Lord will consider him. (Ibid., p. 5.)
French Protestant Refugees [petition read]. To be laid before the Queen. (Ibid., p. 6.)
Lord Hunsdon [his] letter [read]. To be laid before her Majesty. (Ibid., p. 8.)
Hen. Killigrew [petition read]. To be laid before the Queen. (Ibid., p. 10.)
Sir Robert Killigrew [petition read]: To be laid before the Queen. (Ibid.)
Duke of Newcastle [his memorial read for] 15 brace of bucks yearly out of Sherwood Forest. Granted. (Ibid., p. 13.)
The Lord Bishop of Oxford's letter [read praying] to have 257l. 11s. 0½d. remaining unpaid of his First Fruits to be remitted, that it may be employed by his Lordship towards the finishing of the bishopric House. This is quite new and may create a precedent [which] would be very inconvenient to the Queen: and the First Fruits and Tenths are already overcharged [with liabilities which have to be met]. (Ibid., p. 14.)
William Roberts [petition read, praying] to be steward of Menai in the room of his father Owen Roberts. Granted. (Ibid., p. 17.)
May 13. Capt. De la Val [petition read]. To be laid before the Queen. (T.4/15 p. 20.)
May 15. Fran. Cholmondeley [petition read]. Ref [erred] to Commissioners of Excise. (Ibid., p. 3.)
Marquis of Carmarthen [petition]: read. (Ibid.)
Richard Upton [petition read]. Referred to the Customs Commissioners. (Ibid., p. 20.)
May 18. William Courtney [petition read being] referred to my Lord Treasurer [by letter from Secretary Sir] C. Hedges. If there be any occasion to gratify the petitioner in any of these places my Lord will speak to the Queen for him. (Ibid., p. 3.)
Sarah Groom [petition read]. Ref [erred] to C.C. [Customs Commissioners]. (Ibid., p. 7.)
May 19. The Provost Marshal's men [their petition read]. It is not usual for this [the Treasury] Board to give such orders without the Queen's pleasure be signified by a Secretary of State. (Ibid., p. 15.)
May 20. Sir James Hayes [petition read.] My Lord cannot advise the Queen to grant any new pension. (Ibid., p. 8.)
John Wright [petition read]. Referred to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands]. (Ibid., p. 21.)
May 21. Nicho Norman [petition read]. Ref[erred] to the C.C. [Customs Commissioners]. (Ibid., p. 13.)
Gilbert Spencer [petition read]. Referred to the Agents for Taxes. (Ibid., p. 18.)
May 26. Edward Ash [petition read]. Granted. (Ibid., p. 1.)
Ange John [petition, vide Braddon. (Ibid.)
Pereg[rine] Bertie [petition read]. Granted. (p. 2.)
John Bridges [petition read]. Granted. (Ibid.)
Laur[ence] Braddon [petition read]. Send all the petitions for the Solicitor's place of the Wine Licences to the [Wine Licence] Commissioners and let 'em examine and report which of the petitioners (with respect to her Majesty's service) is fittest for the employment. (Ibid.)
Robert Crompton [petition read]. Granted. (p. 3.)
Louis Chabrol [petition read]. To be examined [into]. (Ibid.)
Ed. Courtney [petition read]. To be considered. (Ibid.)
May 26. Marma[duke] Deane and William Nicholas [petition read]. Granted. (Ibid., p. 4.)
Jo. Dufty [petition read]. Ref[erred] to H. Baker. (Ibid.)
Samuel Edwyn [petition read]. Granted. (Ibid., p. 5.)
Col. Fox and the Officers of his late Regiment [their petition read]. My Lord Treasurer will speak with my Lord Ranelagh about this the next time he comes [to the Treasury]. (Ibid., p. 6.)
Robert George [petition read]: Granted. (p. 7.)
Robert Gilliver [petition read]: ordered. (Ibid.)
Edward Hildeyard [petition read]: granted. Ibid., p. 8.
Edward Hoblyn [petition read. See Minute as under] Braddon supra p. 438. (Ibid.)
Robert Jennens [memorial read]. My Lord does not think there is ground enough (on this memorial) to move the Queen. (Ibid., p. 9.)
John Key [petition read]. Tarry till there are Commissioners of Salt Duties. (Ibid., p. 10.)
Henry Lowman and Mary his wife [petition read. My Lord orders] a warrant. (Ibid., p. 11.)
David Loche [petition read: My Lord resolves] to speak with my Lord Ranelagh when he comes next. (Ibid.)
Ja. Mackburney [petition read]. R[eferred to the] C[hancellor of the] E[xchequer] to examine his sufficiency and report. (Ibid., p. 12.)
Principal Officers of the Mint [memorial read]. Granted. (Ibid.)
Fran. Pengelly [petition read]: Granted. (Ibid., p. 15.)
John Peters the reports [read from the] Surveyor General [of Crown Lands and the] Attorney General. To be laid before the Queen. (Ibid.)
[?] The Queen Dowager's Council concerning repairs of all the lodges in Whittlewood Forest. Mr. Ryley's report [read]. My Lord will speak with Mr. Ryley. (Ibid., p. 16.)
John Russell [petition read]. Referred to H. Baker. (Ibid., p. 17.)
William Redfearn [petition read. My Lord resolves] to speak with my Lord Ranelagh. (3 June). My Lord will speak with the Duke of Ormonde on this matter and hath taken the petition. (Ibid.)
Hen. Segar [petition read]. Granted. (Ibid., p. 18.)
May 26. Arthur Shallet [petition read]. A copy of this petition to be referred to the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners] so far as relates to the debt due for Customs. Another copy to be referred to the Commissioners of Excise so far as relates to the debt due for Excise. (T. 4/15., p. 18).
Clere Wyndham and Anto Meeke [petition read]. Granted. (Ibid., p. 21.)
[?] Hen. Yaxlee [petition read]. Recommend him to the Agents [for Taxes]. (Ibid., p. 23.)
May 27. George Cholmondely [petition read]. To be steward of Richmond and [to be] recommended [to present] Mr. Hildeyard to be his deputy. (Ibid., p. 3.)
Ed. Denneston [petition read]. Referred to Excise Commissioners. (Ibid., p. 4.)
Tho. Hoblyn [petition read]: Respited. (Ibid., p. 8.)
Sir Richard Middleton: letter [from] Lord Nottingham [is read]. To be steward of the manor of Denbigh. Ibid., p. 12.
The late Commissioners [for executing the Office of Lord] Privy Seal [their petition read]: to be laid before the Queen. (Ibid., p. 15.)
May 29. Tho. Atterbury [petition read]. My Lord will consider him when there is a vacancy. (Ibid., p. 1.)
William Brockett [petition read. Referred as under May 26 under] Braddon supra p. 438. (Ibid., p. 2.)
Charles Bertie: letter [read from] Lord Nottingham. To be Treasurer of the Ordnance. (Ibid.)
Whitelock Bulstrode [petition read]. To be renewed for the Excise only. (Ibid.)
Adm. [Adam] Brown [petition read]. To recommend him to C.C. [the Customs Commissioners] for such employment as he is qualified for. (Ibid.)
Williamina Bunce [her petition read]. My Lord cannot advise the renewing of this pension. (Ibid.)
Richard Backwell [petition read]. The petitioner's request cannot be gratified. (Ibid.)
The 4 clerks attending the House of Commons [their petition read]. To have the same as last year. (Ibid., p. 3.)
Marquess of Carmarthen [petition read]. To be laid before the Queen with a copy of the Minute [made] when the Attorney and Solicitor General did attend last about this matter. (Ibid.)
May 29. William Campion [petition read]. Mr. Campion's name to be laid before the Queen when these Commissioners are appointed. (Ibid.)
[The Guards] Drums and Fife [petition read]. Let it be examined what title they have to any arrears and if they have patents whether they are still in force. (Ibid., p. 4.)
William Day, cert [his certificate read]. To be brought in when the C.C. [Customs Commissioners] are here.
Ann Duke [her petition read]. My Lord cannot give her any encouragement to hope for a pension but if she will prefer a petition for her son his Lordship will recommend him to the C.C. [Customs Commissioners]. (Ibid.)
Sir Cha. Duncomb [petition read]. R[eferred] to C[hancellor of the] E[xchequer] to examine these demands of incidents and report how far the allowances desired are reasonable. (Ibid.)
Lord Fairfax [petition read]. State the arrear and how long the term endures. Lay it before the Queen. (Ibid., p. 6.)
Capt. Robert Gardner on behalf of Brigadier Selwyn's Regiment in Jamaica. [Petition read]: to be brought in when my Lord Coningsby and Mr. Heathcott are here on Tuesday next. (Ibid., p. 7.)
Peter de la Gruelle du Gually [petition read]. My Lord adheres to the determination of the last Commissioners of the Treasury in this matter and in all others of the same kind. (Ibid.)
Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt] for his clerks [for reward for labour] in managing the matters relating to Exchequer Bills. [My Lord Treasurer orders them] a warrant for another year [at the same rate] as the last was. (Ibid., p. 8.)
Robt. Hart [petition read]: Ordered. (Ibid.)
Mrs. Holtby [her petition is] Read. (Ibid.)
Robert Jennens [petition read]: to be considered among his late Majesty's arrears. (Ibid., p. 9.)
Hen. Killigrew Equerry to the late Queen [Mary] [his petition is] Read. (Ibid., p. 10.)
Sir Tho. Knatchbull [petition read]. The money issued to the Colonels was pursuant to the Act of Parliament. They must be called to account as soon as the accounts of the Navy are passed: and if any money be in their hands the petitioner must be paid out of it. (Ibid.)
John Lattin searcher of Plymouth [petition read]. Ordered. (Ibid., p. 11.)
Sir Algernon May and William Petit [petition read]. Prepare a warrant and the salary to be settled as before. (Ibid., p. 12.)
May 29. John Millicent [petition read]: To be referred to the Agents [for Taxes] who are likewise to examine the sufficiency of the security. (T. 4/15., p. 12.)
Milb. [erratum for William] Maddox [petition read]. There is no provision made for these [? Greencloth] arrears. (Ibid.)
Rich[ard] Miller, customer and collector of the Cloth and Petty Customs London Outwards [petition read]: ordered. (Ibid.)
Duke of Ormonde petition [read]. Referred to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. (Ibid., p. 14.)
Ditto: memorial [read] referred ut supra. (Ibid.)
Postmasters General [their petition read. Their] commission to be renewed. (Ibid., 14E.)
Petit William see Sir Algernon May under date May 29 supra. (Ibid., p. 15.)
John Parker [petition read]. Refer him amongst those to be examined for the Secretary's place. (Ibid.)
Ja. Pavey searcher at Ipswich [petition read]. Ordered. (Ibid.)
Mar. Parvyn [petition]. Read and rejected. Ibid.
Brigadier Selwyn's Regiment see Robert Gardner under date May 29 supra.
Lord Sherrard [petition read. Referred] to the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands] to review his former report and to rate a fine for such a term as can now be granted. (Ibid., p. 18.)
Dalby Thomas [petition read]: to be laid before the Queen. (Ibid., p. 19.)
Richard Thornton [petition read]: write to the Customs Commissioners to present him for such place, upon a vacancy, as he is qualified for. (Ibid.)
The Victualling Commissioners their memorial referring to the 14000l. for paying Short Allowance [money] to the Fleet. Read. (Ibid., p. 20.)
John Warters [petition read]. To be put with other petitions for this place. (Ibid., p. 21.)
Eliz[abeth] Wandesford and Eliz[abeth] Foulkes [their petition is read]. To be laid before the Queen. (Ibid.)
Grace Wentworth [petition read]: When there is a vacancy of anything proper for him my Lords will consider him. (Ibid.)
Judith Watson [petition read]. Send this to Mr. Baker to make answer. (Ibid.)