Minute Book: August 1702

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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August 1702

August 4. Present: ut supra.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh] of 1387l. 1s. 8½d. to carry on the subsistence of the 4 Companies at New York to 24 Dec. 1702 inclusive: to be issued out of loans in the Exchequer.
Her Majesty hath signified her pleasure to my Lord Treasurer that the 120l. a year to Col. Howard for his children, out of secret service, be continued: but his pension out of the Privy Purse is to cease.
Order for 150l. to be paid to Mr. Killegrew by way of [royal] bounty.
Consul Cole's two bills of extraordinaries are to be paid out of arr[ears of the late King's Civil List money fallen due] before 8 March last.
Mr. Dodington, Mr. Bridges and Mr. Moody [are called in]. My Lord Treasurer thinks the Navy Accounts have been made up irregularly because the charge and discharge for every year have not been entire; but he doth not see what directions he can give but for the future. My Lord will hear Mr. [Auditors] Bridges and Done (when the latter can be here) touching their fees but desires that my Lord Orford's accounts may not stop an account of their fees.
Write to the Commissioners of the Navy and of the Victualling and Mr. Dodington to be here this day week with the Auditors [of Imprests] about the accounts of the Navy and Victualling.
[Order for] the Countess Dowager of Marlborough to have 50l. [as royal] bounty and Mr. Bowen 100l. as the like: by one warrant: out of secret service money (struck through).
Order for the issue of 45,500l. to the Navy Treasurer out of loans in the Exchequer: to be for one quarter to the Yards to Lady day 1702; whereof 18,500l. is to be placed to the head of Ordinary and 27,000l. to the head of Wear and Tear.
likewise for 10,000l. to same out of the like loans: to be for bills of exchange and imprests: whereof 7000l. is to be placed to the head of Ordinary and 3000l. to the head of Wear and Tear.
Ordered that the 173l. 15s. 0d. due to Capt. Durel be paid out of unappropriated arrears of taxes. Ibid., p. 229.
eodem die,
Present: ut supra.
See in whose name stands the Queen's stock in the Old East India Company [so] that it may be transferred to Sir B. Bathurst, by the Queen's direction.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and answered.
The Excise Commissioners the like. They have the report concerning Frith.
The Commissioners of Salt Duties [are called in and] their papers are read and answered.
Direct the Agents for Taxes to attend to-morrow morning with all their returns from the country concerning the Act for the Subsidies [1 Anne, c. 6]. Ibid.
August 5,
Present: ut supra.
My Lord approves the letters for 6083l. 14s. 10½d. for Sick and Wounded:
also the latter for 9964l. 4s. 7d. for half a year to the Earl of Pembroke et al.
The Agents for Tax are called in. They are to represent by this day week in one paper an account of the returns from the several Counties setting out how far the Subsidy is like to fall short there and what proceedings have been had thereupon at the Treasury or in their own Office and what effect my Lord [Treasurer's] letters have had on the several Counties.
Mr. Chamblon is to be housekeeper of the Hackney Coach Office.
The Queen will continue 100l. a year to Mrs. Eliz. Arnold out of secret service money. Ibid., p. 230.
eodem die, [afternoon] Windsor Castle, Treasury Chambers. Present: the Queen; my Lord Treasurer.
The Navy Commissioners [their paper is read] representing that the late King in consideration of the increase of their business relieved them of their taxes by repayment thereof; that for 2 years they have caused the assessments on the salaries of themselves and their officers and clerks [in the Navy Office] to be paid by their messenger as formerly: therefore pray allowance of same and of what shall be assessed this year. Minute hereon: granted.
William Naylor [his petition is read shewing] that he has lain in Newgate ever since the year 1696 for a fine of 100 marks which he is unable to pay; therefore prays remission of same he being willing to serve the Queen by sea or land: referred to the Lord Treasurer by the Privy Council and by his Lordship to the Treasury Solicitor who reports that he was convicted of housebreaking in 1696. Minute hereon: To serve at sea upon the ships to go to the West Indies.
Major Foubert [his petition is read] praying that the half year to June 24 last on his allowance of 500l. per an. out of the Lottery farm rent may be paid out of some other money in regard of the great expenses he is at in keeping up the Academy and the uncertainty of being paid out of that fund; and that the same may be duly paid for the future. Minute hereon: to have 250l. per an. and to set up an Academy at Oxford.
Ann Richbell [her petition is read praying] in regard of her husband's great losses by the last farm of the Irish revenues and her deplorable condition, being left with 4 children in a perishing condition for want of subsistence, therefore praying the Queen's bounty for her present relief. She had 40l. per an. bounty in the late reign paid by the hands of Mr. Nicholas, which she alleges is 2½ years in arrear. Minute hereon: to be considered with Mr. Nicholas's list.
Peter Beaubuisson, Keeper of the late King's Private Armoury and Master of the Setting Dogs, [his petition is read] setting forth that there is 1½ years due on his salary of 380l. per an. at June 24 last: therefore prays payment of a year thereof. Minute hereon: Nothing for the Arms [Private Armoury]: a new contract for the Setting Dogs.
The Governors of King Charles the First's Hospital at Westminster [their petition is read setting forth] that their income is much decreased by the fall of rents and decay of houses; therefore pray the Queen to settle something on the said royal hospital. There was allowed in the last 3 reigns 50l. a year payable at the Exchequer by privy seals payable during pleasure which are all void [by the decease of the said 3 Kings]. Minute hereon: The Queen is willing to continue this charity.
The Committee for Greenwich Hospital [their petition is read] representing that the late King did settle an allowance of 2000l. a year towards building the said Hospital, which [annuity] was 4 years in arrear at Xmas last; that upwards of 19,000l. is owing for the expense of the said works: that the revenue arising by [poundage deductions on] wages of merchants seamen during the war is very inconsiderable and that which arises by [like deductions on] her Majesty's seamen cannot be collected till they be paid off: therefore praying payment of the arrears of said allowance. Minute hereon: Respited.
John Dwyre [his petition is read shewing] that in consideration of his family's services to the Crown he had an allowance of 2s. a day at the Exchequer in the late reign which was paid him to 29 Jan. last and that in the two preceding reigns he had a much greater allowance: therefore prays payment of the said 2s. a day and the continuance of the same. Minute hereon: Granted.
Brigadier Hastings [his petition is read shewing] that he served the Crown 28 years and did considerable service in Scotland in the late reign; that by wounds and great colds he has lost the use of all his limbs and is incapable of doing anything for the support of himself and family: that the late King allowed a Brigadier's pay, which not being duly paid he has been forced to contract great debts: therefore prays the Queen for some present relief till he be otherwise provided for. Minute hereon: Brigadier's pay to be allowed from the [Army] Contingencies if there be room for it [on that fund].
Henry Killegrew [his petition is read] praying her Majesty's bounty. Minute hereon: The Queen will let him have 50l.
Earl of Lincoln [his petition is read] praying the Queen's bounty towards his support. He has sometimes had 200l. at a time. Minute hereon: The Queen will allow him as the [late] King did.
Sir Robert Killegrew [his petition is read] praying that a pension of 400l. a year granted to him by his late Majesty at the Exchequer during pleasure may be continued to him and paid by weekly payments there; he having no other dependence for the support of himself and family. Minute hereon: to have weekly payments but not so great a sum: 5l. a week.
Duchess of Buckingham [her petition is read shewing] that a royal bounty of 1200l. per an. has been allowed her for her support since the death of the Duke of Buckingham: that there is upwards of 5000l. in arrear of the said allowance: therefore prays payment of the arrears and the continuation of the said royal bounty. Minute hereon: no arrears.
Edward Harris Esq. late Lieut. Governor of Jersey [his petition is read] praying the Queen's royal bounty in consideration of money expended by him for the late King's service in the Government of Jersey. Minute hereon: something shall be done for him.
The Vaudois ministers [their petition is read] praying the arrears of the pension granted them by the late Queen [Mary payable] by the hands of Mr. Nicholas, and the continuation thereof. Minute hereon: To be considered in Mr. Nicholas's list.
John Baptist Draghi [his petition is read shewing] that about 3 years since in consideration of near 30 years' service in the royal family and of his being incapacitated by the gout to provide for himself in the way of his profession the late King was pleased to allow him 100l. a year of which he has yet received but 100l. for one year thereof: therefore prays continuation of the said pension for his support. Minute hereon. The Queen has always given him 50l. per an.
Ann Fitzharris [her petition is read shewing] that Charles II, in compassion of the hardships her family lay under, gave them a pension of 240l. a year; that the House of Commons addressed the late King on her behalf and that the King complied therewith; that the said pension is in arrear and it being her only support she prays payment of one year thereof and that she may have a pension established either in England or Ireland. Minute hereon: Respited.
The Marquess of Carmarthen [his petition is read shewing] that Charles II granted him a reversion of the office of Auditor of the Receipt and 500l. per an. till he should be in receipt of that place. "that he proposed to the late King to build a frigate at his Majesty's charge out of the waste timber in one of the Yards and take the said frigate for his arrears, being then 9000l., except the King should think fit to take the said frigate for his own use, in which case his Majesty promised him 1000l. a year till the arrears of his pension were paid and 1000l. thereof to be immediately advanced; but the King soon after dying the same was not paid" therefore prays the said 1000l. to equip himself for her Majesty's service at sea and that the 1000l. per an. may be settled as the Queen shall think fit. Minute hereon: The Queen inclines rather to give him the ship. Query: the Admiralty.
Edward Progers [his petition is read] setting forth that Charles II in the 15th year of his reign granted him 5000l. payable out of the half year's value given [by the Irish Parliament] to the King by the Adventurers and soldiers of Ireland for the relief of such as had served the King at home and abroad, and that he received but 1000l. thereof because by the Explanatory Act that fund was converted to other uses: that in regard of the said disappointment the said King gave him 400l. a year till he should receive 4000l. at one entire payment; and that by reason of the non payment thereof and of his not receiving any part of 500l. a year granted him for life as one of the said King's Grooms of the Bedchamber he is in great distress: therefore prays the Queen to make such provision for him as may enable him (being 81 years of age) to maintain himself and family. Minute hereon: Refer to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Mr. Rider, Lieutenant of Whittlewood Forest, [his petition is read] praying that direction may be given for repairing the officers' lodges in that forest to an estimate of 428l. 8s. 6d. and 60 loads of timber: to be raised out of decayed timber. When these lodges were repaired in James II's time it was directed that the officers should give security [bonds] to repair their own lodges in future but 'tis alleged those bonds were never given and that the doing thereof would have been inconsistent with the Queen Dowager's grant from the Crown relating to this forest. No minute hereon.
The relict of [Robert Huntington] the late Bishop of Raphoe prays some allowance out of the mesne profits of that see during the vacancy [thereof] in consideration of the expense her husband was at without receiving any benefit of the bishopric before his death: [on which] the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland reports that the value of the bishopric is 1038l. 3s. 2d. per an. payable quarterly; that one quarter was due before the bishop died and three quarters since; that some repairs have been made of the Mansion house and proposes that 2 quarters be allowed to the widow and the other 3 quarters to the present bishop. Minute hereon. Remains to the widow, not to the new bishop.
Thomas Rymer his late Majesty's Historiographer Royal [his petition is read] praying to be continued in that employment. Minute hereon: 100l. per an.
The Surveyor General of Woods reports that to preserve the fencing in the meads at Hampton Court from the Barge-way to preserve her Majesty's stud there will cost —. Minute hereon: The Queen would have the fence made but thinks it ought not to cost half that sum. Treasury Minute Book XIII, pp. 231–5.
August 11,
forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Write to the Rem[embrancer] to take fees from Mr. Pennyman in proportion to those taken from the Customs Cashier and others.
[The draft of a] letter for 2000l. for the Duchess of Ploen et al is read and approved.
Prepare a letter for assigning the Queen's share in the East India Company to Sir B. Bathurst.
Look out all Irish papers because Lord Rochester [the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] will be here to-morrow morning.
Charles Bridgman to be Customer of Plymouth in the stead of Major Bremen.
The Commissioners of the Navy and of the Victualling are called in. It is my Lord's opinion and resolution that some of the present Commissioners of the Victualling do examine the account of Mr. Phillip Papillon and the accounts of the [Victualling] Agents and others relating thereto to the end the same may be regularly signed and passed as accounts or as vouchers to Lord Orford's account in the Exchequer: and in regard this examination will take up some time and [in order] that my Lord Orford's account need not be delayed till those accounts of the Victualling are examined and adjusted my Lord is of opinion that in Lord Orford's account in the Exchequer either Mr. Papillon be set in super by the receipts he gave for the money, whereupon Papillon will be regularly called on by the process of the [Exchequer] Court to pass an account there in his own name and the said accounts examined by the [Victualling] Commissioners and duly signed by them will be his proper vouchers; or else Lord Orford may remain chargeable with a special ipsum at the foot of his own account as [for] so much money in the hands of his cashier, Mr. Papillon [and so] to be afterwards accounted for.
Order for the issue of 98,000l. to the Navy Treasurer out of loans on the Malt duties: for the Course of the Navy: "which will carry on the Course to the end of March 1702."
Order for the issue of 413l. 14s. 2½d. (struck through).
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance are called in. Order for the issue of 6138l. 10s. 10¼d. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance out of loans on the Malt Duties: to be as in further part of 49,500l. appropriated for making good the Treaties with Sweden and the interest thereof: and is intended to pay for 2000 barrels of powder delivered pursuant to Secretary Hedges' letter of 17 June last.
Likewise for the issue of 21,000l. to same out of the like loans: to be for sea service of the Ordnance.
The Commissioners of Prizes are called in. They are to mind Mr. Brewer of giving security.
Order for the issue of 3000l. to Sir Benj. Bathurst, Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List money grown due since March 8 last: to be to complete his order for 10,000l. and is intended to pay the warrant for the Coronation dinner and for wines brought from Holland and other occasions for the Queen's Household.
[Order for the issue of] 500l. for Secret Service. Ibid., pp. 236–7.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Prepare a warrant to renew their Commission.
[Order for the issue of] 500l. more for Secret Service. Ibid., p. 237.
August 12. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Samuel Burton is to be Receiver of the rents and revenues of the late Hospital of the Savoy during the Queen's pleasure. Send for Mr. Thomas Harly to send Mr. Burton hither.
Send the nine books containing the accounts of the transports from the beginning of the last war during the last Commission of the Transports, to Auditor Done with direction forthwith to examine the same and the vouchers and make a state thereof, to the end my Lord may see how those accounts stand and afterwards give direction to prepare the same for declaration. Stay the process against the Commissioners of Transports until further order and supersede the process issued.
[The following issues are ordered viz:]
262l. 7s. 5d. due at Lady day 1702 for liberates to the Million Lottery Office: to be paid out of the overplus of the [Lottery] fund.
196l. 12s. 0¼d. due at same time for liberates in the Malt Office: to be paid out of any arrears of taxes unappropriated.
350l. 3s. 4½d. due for the Exchequer liberates of Michaelmas and Hilary terms of the year 1700.
812l. 6s. 8½d. [for the like] for the terms of Easter and Trinity 1701: to be paid out of Civil List Funds due before 8 March 1701 [to be paid as and] when moneys of those arrears come in.
[Write] to Mr. Richard Tailer to certify how far the Lottery tickets are paid.
Order for the following issues to Mr. Blathwaite out of Civil List moneys due before 8 March 1701: viz.
1000l. for his expenses in attending the late King in Holland in 1701.
163l. 18s. 4d. for his extraordinary disbursements in the King's service in 1701.
100l. paid to a Correspondent abroad by his Majesty's direction: without account.
1000l. for one year due at Xmas last upon his salary as Secretary at War in lieu of the like salary which was paid out of the poundage.
(total) 2263l. 18s. 4d.
Order for the following issues to the Earl of Ranelagh out of loans on Malt: viz.
7519l. 4s. 4d. for the subsistence of the Forces in England for 4 weeks from 13 August inst. to 9 Sept. next at 1879l. 16s. 1d. per week.
25,000l. for remittances to Holland in further part of 700,000l. Treasury Minute Book XIII, p. 238.
August 18,
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Prepare a warrant to pay the Keepers of New Forest [their salaries] till Midsummer last.
The 50l. a week to the [Queen's] Gardeners is to be paid to Mr. Hening till the commencement of Mr. Wise's contract; to wit so much as incurred before 8 March last out of arrears of [the late King's] Civil List moneys incurred before that time and the rest out of the like moneys [the present Queen's Civil List moneys] grown due since that time: but care is to be taken that her Majesty be at no further charge or trouble with those Gardeners.
Write to the Agents for Taxes to be here to-morrow morning.
Order for the following issues to the Earl of Ranelagh according to his memorial of this day: to be issued out of loans on the Malt Duties viz.
£ s. d.
to clear the Troops in England from 25 April to 24 June last 11622 10 11
for pay of the Garrisons for the same time: both [these items to be paid] according to the Establishment and the Muster Rolls 2346 1
For subsistence to the additional men of the Regiments of the Earl of Oxford's Horse, Lloyd's and Essex's Dragoons from the respective days on which they were raised 1800
for pay of the General Staff Officers from 25 Dec. to 24 April last 1114 6
in all out of the 264,000l. for Guards, &c. £16882 18 10
for the Regiments of Row and Ferguson for pay 600
for Major Robert Napper of the Earl of Arran's Regiment pursuant to the Queen's warrant of July 9 last for recruit horses and other charges: to be placed to the account of Contingencies 410
Write to Mr. Tailer to be here to-morrow morning (struck through).
Order for a warrant for Dr. Woodroffe to have 200l. in consequence of his great expenses in maintaining certain Greek youths at Oxford: but he must be told that the Queen will be at no further charge on that account. Ibid., p. 239.
July [sic for August] 18, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
Write to Mr. Burchet that upon my Lord's reading the Marquess of Carmarthen's petition to the Queen her Majesty seemed inclined that he should have the ship built by him; and the Marquess being very pressing that the Lord Treasurer should acquaint the Council of the Prince [of Denmark as Lord High Admiral] with the Queen's intention, that therefore Burchet be desired so to intimate same [with desire to the said Council] to take some speedy opportunity of giving their opinion in this matter.
Write to Mr. Shales to be here to-morrow morning.
Petitions are read [and my Lord's decisions are endorsed thereon]. Ibid., p. 240.
August 19,
Present: ut supra.
The Earl of Rochester [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] comes in.
Memorandum: in the Irish Establishment to leave out the restriction about the payment of the pensioners.
Gabriel Barbiere, clerk, [is] to have 3s. a day pension in Ireland from the date of the Queen's warrant [which is hereby ordered] to be prepared.
[Ordered] that the pension of 100l. per an. in the [Irish] Establishment for Ann Jones which was granted during the late Queen's pleasure be continued during the present Queen's pleasure.
[Order for] 200l. a year out of the revenue of Ireland to be granted during pleasure to — in trust viz. as to 100l. a year thereof for Lord Roche and as to 50l. per an. each for the brother and sister of the said Lord Roche. Ibid., p. 241.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
[Order for] 100l. to be paid to Henry, Earl of Lincoln out of Secret Service.
[Write] to Mr. Blaithwait that the 2000l. to Mr. Cresset be without deduction of poundage.
Order for the following issues to the Earl of Ranelagh [for services as] in his memorial of this day: out of loans in the Exchequer:
£ s. d.
for Subsistence of the Troops in England from 10 Sept. to 7 Oct. next: as in part of 264,000l. [264,874l. 10s. 0d.] 7519 4 4
upon account of subsistence and pay of the Troops in Holland: as in part of 700,000l. 25000
for the Elector of Treves for 6250 Crowns for the Queen's share of the first quarter's subsidy pursuant to the Treaty in that behalf: out of the Queen's donation of 100,000l.: and to be reckoned at 4s. 6d. per Crown: to be issued out of Civil List money grown due since 8 March last 1406 5 0
to complete the sum of 145,017l. 9s. 0d. appropriated for money paid or agreed to be paid for making good [the] Treaties with the Crown of Denmark and the interest thereon 50547 8 2
in further part of 49,500l. appropriated for like moneys for making good the Treaty with the Crown of Sweden this money being intended to repay so much formerly borrowed in Holland for that use 20305 2 6
£70852 10 8
the last two items above are to be issued out of 30,000l. of loans in the Exchequer and 40,852l. 10s. 8d. out of the Queen's donation of 100,000l. from Civil List money grown due since March 8 last.
Desire that my Lord Treasurer may speak with the Governor of the Bank on Friday morning. Treasury Minute Book XIII, pp. 241–2.
August 20. Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Santigni and partners are called in. Their representation concerning the remittance of 70,000l. is read. They say they expect no recompense for their loss in remitting the 350,000l. and they will remit the 70000l. as cheap as anybody. They say the present price is 10 guilders 12 or 13 stivers. My Lord Treasurer would rather they should have it than anybody at the current price when he knows what that is.
Order for the issue of 1000l. a week to Sir Benj. Bathurst, Cofferer of the Household, on the order in his name: to be issued out of Civil List money grown due since 8 March last: to be upon account for the Household for 6 weeks successively: the first payment to be made on Wednesday next.
Write to the Commissioners of Prizes and Mr. Brewer to be here to-morrow morning. Ibid., p. 243.
August 21. Present: ut supra.
[The draft royal] letter for 200l. a year to Col. Hastings is read and approved.
The [Principal] Commissioners of Prizes are called in. They are indifferent whether Mr. Brewer give security.
They are to make weekly presentments to my Lord Treasurer of all matters relating to the Prizes proper to be laid before him.
The Gentlemen of the Bank are called in. A loan is desired on the overplus of the Malt Duties: to which they [say they] will give answer in some time.
They say the present exchange to Holland will make out in current money about 10 guilders 13 or 14 stivers including the agio.
Write to Mr. Santigni and partners to be here at 5 in the afternoon.
Order for the issue of 100l. to the Works for the Queen's immediate service in her progress to Bath: out of Civil List money grown due since March 8 last.
Serjeant Hutton is to be paid his 50l. 3s. 9d. out of arrears of Civil List money.
Write to the Agents [for Taxes] to be here this afternoon.
Sir Stephen Evance and partners [are called in]. They [say they] will remit the sum of 70,852l. 10s. 8d. to Holland at the rate of 10 guilders 12½ stivers for the pound sterling. Ibid., p. 244.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
Petitions are read and answered [and the answers are endorsed thereon]. Ibid.
August 24.
Present: ut supra.
The Lord Treasurer orders a quarter to be paid to each Secretary of State for Secret Service.
The Queen comes in.
John Carver: the report concerning [his petition] is read. The stamps are to be altered according to the proposal and my Lord is to acquaint the Earl of Nottingham with the Queen's pleasure to save him.
Mr. Ryley's reports are read on the petition of Richard Marshall, Studmaster at Hampton Court, who prays that the lodge lately in possession of Mr. Young in the House Park there may be rebuilt for petitioner's habitation for his more convenient looking after the stud. Minute hereon: The Queen will be at the charge not exceeding the 300l. 15s. 10d. estimated in the said report.
The French Ministers in the Savoy [their petition is read] praying payment of half a year to June 24 last on their annuity of 60l. granted by Charles II 1675 July 5 to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster in trust for ever for the preaching ministers of the said French Church for the time being upon their conforming to the Church of England. Minute hereon: Their pension to be continued.
Samuel Hawes [his petition is read] setting forth that on the 4th May 1692 he became bound with the late Lord Griffin for 200l. borrowed of one James St. Amand; that the said Lord being long since outlawed the principle and interest is exacted from petitioner; therefore prays (to prevent his utter ruin) that same may be received out of Lord Griffin's estate: on which petition the Auditor reports that the facts are true and petitioner deserves the like favour as was granted to one Lewis Williams in the like King's reign on the same account. Minute hereon: The principal and interest to be paid out of Lord Griffin's estate.
Samuel Day, late Governor of Bermudas, having been fined 50l. at the Grand Assizes there holden the 14th January last to the late King for a false libel against that Government, hath petitioned the present Governor thereof to respite the execution of the said judgment until the Queen's pleasure be known therein "which the said Governor [now reports that he] hath respited accordingly." Minute hereon: the fine to be remitted.
The Round Tower at Windsor being fitted up for the apartment of the Duke of Northumberland as Constable of Windsor Castle [at a cost to the said Duke] amounting to 303l. 18s. 1d. upon encouragement from the late King that he would be at the charge thereof but the late King dying before the same could be finished the Duke prays the Queen to pay same. Minute hereon: ordered.
William Gratwick [his petition is read] setting forth that upon his application to the late King for a great sum of money due to him from the Crown he was twice promised by the King some employment in consideration thereof: therefore prays a grant of 200l. for his present necessity till some employment be granted him. Minute hereon: to have some employment when there is an opportunity.
Susanna Foxen, widow of Lieut. Col. Foxen, [her petition is read] praying continuance of her pension of 100l. per an. granted her in Ireland by the late King in consideration of her sufferings and her husband's good services: [to be paid] out of Secret Service money. Minute hereon: her pension to be continued.
Walter Raleigh [his petition is read] shewing that being Page of Honour to the late Queen [Mary] he was put into the Guards when dismissed from her service and was inserted on the said Queen's Establishment for a pension of 100l. per an. till he should have a Company in the said Guards; that after the said Queen's death the late King confirmed the said annuity: therefore prays continuance thereof. Minute hereon: to be considered when Mr. Nicholas's list is looked over.
The Earl of Nottingham signifies by letter the Queen's pleasure that Col. Quary be paid 300l. from the Treasury. Minute hereon: to be paid the 300l.
Capt. Hamon [his petition is read shewing] that he was made Governor of Landguard Fort by the late Queen [Mary] with an allowance of 4s. a day over and above a former allowance of 4s. a day also paid him at the Earl of Ranelagh's office: that 243l. 8s. 0d. was due to him in April last on the said additional allowance and 237l. 8s. 0d. on his pension which ceased in June last: therefore prays payment thereof for supply of his present necessity. Minute hereon: not granted.
Dame Eliz. Hamilton [her petition is read shewing] that her father and husband lent Charles I and Charles II 13,680l. and wasted in their service a paternal estate of 3700l. per an. and she was also prevailed upon to sell her own jointure for 6500l. which she also lent to Charles II at Worcester: that she never had anything till the late Queen allowed her 100l. per an. which after her Majesty's death was reduced to 44l. per an. which is paid to her creditors: that the 66l. per an. which the late King ordered her for her support hath been unpaid these 6 years: therefore prays such final settlement upon her as may make her circumstances easy to her in her old age. Minute hereon: to be considered when Mr. Nicholas's list is looked over.
George Holder, Spaniel Keeper to Charles II, James II and the late Queen [his petition is read shewing] that he enjoyed by his said employment a little house in St. James's Park till 1689 when the late King ordered Mr. Beaubuisson into possession thereof and that petitioner should have 20l. per an. paid by Mr. Nicholas in consideration of 26l. 15s. 0d. expended on the premises by petitioner and in consideration of his former salary of 80l. per an.: that the said 20l. per an. is 5 years in arrear: therefore prays to be restored to possession of the house: on which petition the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] reports that petitioner has long served the Royal Family as Spaniel Keeper and is now under mean circumstances. Minute hereon: enquire if Mr. Beaubuisson be in the house.
Sir Richard Blackmore [his petition is read shewing] that in June 1700 he was sent for to consult with other physicians for the late King's health; that he went from London to Hampton Court then and several times after, to do the same duty before the King went to Holland that summer; and that after the King's return he was principally entrusted with the care of his health: that while the King resided at Hampton Court he constantly attended him once a week and whilst at Kensington thrice a week: that he went and came at all hours of the day and night, having no lodging at Court, employed his own horses, bore his own expenses and never put the King to any manner of charge; that his constant attendance during the King's last illness was a great hindrance of his business elsewhere. therefore prays some recompense as well for his extraordinary attendance as for his travelling charges. Minute hereon: to be referred to the Lord Chamberlain.
Mr. Clarke [his report is read shewing] that it is the opinion of his Royal Highness's [the Lord Admiral's] Council upon the petition of the Marquess of Carmarthen that they cannot think it either for the Prince's honour or their safety to advise him that the Peregrine galley be given to the Marquess in satisfaction of the arrears of his pension, she being part of the Royal Navy of England, a registered ship, and built and gunned with appropriated money: but that they have no objection to his Lordship's desire of 1000l. to equip himself and 1000l. per an. to be settled upon him for the payment of the "said arrears" if the Queen think fit. Minute hereon: report read. The Admiralty is against his having the ship.
The Countess of Plymouth [her petition is read]. Minute hereon: Respited for some time.
Lord Falkland [his petition is read]. Minute hereon: The Queen will allow him 200l. a year.
The Duke and Duchess of Grafton and the Duke of Southampton [their papers are read: ordered to have] half a year each [on their pensions].
Marquess of Carmarthen [his papers are read: ordered to have] 250l. as royal bounty: afterwards ordered to be 500l. Ibid., pp. 245–7.