Minute Book: October 1702

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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October 1702

Oct. 6.
Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
No entry of attendance.
Mr. Boyle [Chancellor of the Exchequer] having received my Lord Treasurer's commands by letter from Newmarket dated the 3rd inst. for the issue of a sum of money to Walter Whitfeild for the service of the Marines, it is ordered (Mr. Whitfeild being present) that out of the loans on the Duties on Malt now in the Exchequer 2400l. be issued to the Navy Treasurer to be paid over in a gross sum to said Whitfeild on account of subsistence to the Regiments of Mordaunt, Holt and Saunderson and 7 Companies of Col. Villiers.
Ordered also by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the letter signed by Mr. Lowndes the 2nd. inst. for making the following issues be immediately sent to the Exchequer viz.:
£ s. d.
to the Earl of Ranelagh to complete a month's pay to the foreigners and a month's subsistence to the Subject Forces [British Forces] in Holland; for both to the 20th Oct. 1702 28012 16 10½
[to ditto] for 2 weeks' subsistence to the Forces in England, including Lord Lucas's Regiment, viz. to the 21st inst. 4128 15 6
[to ditto] for recruits for the Regiments of Oxford, Lloyd and Essex 1800
£33941 12
of the above total 33,008l. 4s. 11½d. is to be issued out of Civil List money in full of the Queen's donation and the balance of 933l. 7s. 5d. is to be issued out of loans on Malt.
Treasury Minute Book XIII, p. 249.
Oct. 14. Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Lord Halifax comes in.
Ordered that henceforth due care be taken by the proper officers in the Exchequer to examine the vouchers for the annuities (and the cash too) as hath been done for the vouchers and cash belonging to the other payments there. And the Lord Treasurer leaves it to my Lord Halifax to employ at present such hands as may be necessary to direct the orders for the annuities for the quarter now paying and to examine the same in order to know how far the annuities are paid and what arrears are due thereon.
Write to the Navy Commissioners and Victualling Commissioners to be here in the afternoon with papers of what money is necessary to be supplied to their officers at present. Ibid., p. 250.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
Order for 1500l. to be issued for Secret Service.
The matter upon the complaint of Mr. Tutchin against Mr. Castleton [is ordered] to be heard this day week. Give notice to all parties and write the Attorney and Solicitor General to attend about the same.
Mr. Delarose [is ordered] to be heard on Tuesday afternoon. Direct the Excise Commissioners to attend then: also the Customs Commissioners.
The Victuallers [Commissioners] are called in [and the following issues to them are ordered]
50,000l. more on tallies in the hands of the Navy Treasurer is to be borrowed and applied to the course of the Victualling.
15,000l. more [to be similarly borrowed] on the same, for bills of exchange and Contingencies relating to the Victualling.
The Navy Commissioners are called in.
Memorandum: to speak to Mr. Whitfield to pay his proportion of the Exchequer fees for the money he receives from the Treasurer of the Navy.
See what [unexpired] term [there still] is in the [grant of the] Alnage Duty and what rent is received thereon.
Write to the Auditors of the revenue to transmit schedules of all the Queen's lands, rents and other revenues of the Crown, [throughout England and also in the] Principality of Wales and Duchy of Cornwall, distinguishing all the demisable lands and other branches thereof as particularly as may be, and all the rents resolute, pensions and other charges issuing out of the same.
[Write] to the Commissioners of Prizes to attend [my Lord Treasurer] on Friday morning.
Make an account of what is due to the Queen's servants payable at the Exchequer to Michaelmas last.
[Write] to Mr. Whitfield to be here on Friday morning.
[Write] to the gentlemen of the Bank to be here on Friday afternoon. Ibid., pp. 250–1.
Oct. 16. Present: ut supra.
My Lord Treasurer acquaints Mr. Warr that he doth not see any cause of detaining Mr. Swift or Mr. Wood any longer.
The Commissioners of Prizes are called in. Their papers are read and answered.
Ordered that the Comptroller of the Prizes do monthly transmit to this [Treasury] Office a certificate of the produce of the prizes and how the said produce is paid or applied; with the remains thereof.
Ordered that the [said] Commissioners do consider the particulars of the charge [of salaries and incidents] relating to the prizes and represent to my Lord Treasurer what part thereof if any is unnecessary and may best be spared.
[Write] to Mr. Brewer and Mr. Painter to be here on Monday afternoon.
My Lord directs Mr. Lowndes to pay out of Secret Service money a list of pensions which he received from the Queen amounting to 970l. per annum pursuant to the Queen's pleasure therein: and a quarter [thereon is ordered to be paid] presently: viz. as follows
per an.
Mr. Theodore Bellasis 150
Mrs. Katherine Hildesley 50
Mrs. Mary Shelley 20
Mrs. Elizabeth Olivier 40
Elizabeth Tottersall 20
Elizabeth Harris 20
Elizabeth Bernard 10
John Edmonds 20
Henry Quinn 40
Katherine Coay 10
Teresa Wroughton 6
Richard Drewry 20
Monsieur Bernard de Vignau 80
Samuel Pack 10
Mary Simans 20
Katherine Buck 15
Frances Otway 10
Sarah Marshall 15
Mrs. Mary Saintloe 10
John Calvert 30
Mary Watkins 10
Mrs. Elizabeth Atkinson 70
Mrs. Katherine Devenish 70
Mrs. Dorothy Wanley 70
Henry Walter 40
Hester Dawson 30
Ellinor Clausen 8
Thomas Andrews 20
Thomas Green 9
Sarah Wright 20
Mary Austen 8
John Gerrard 19
Mr. Whitfield is called in. He presents a state of the account for six Marine Regiments. Treasury Minute Book XIII, p. 252.
Oct. 16.
Present: Lord Godolphin.
Recommend Mr. Martin to the place void in the Stamp Office.
The Commissioners of Salt Duties [are called in].
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh to be here on Tuesday morning at nine.
The gentlemen of the Bank are called in. It is proposed to them to lend 165,000l. more on the tallies in Sir Thomas Littleton's hands at 5 per cent. They will lay it before the Court of Directors.
The deficiency [due and unpaid] to the Bank due on the 1st June 1701 is to be paid out of other money pursuant to the clauses in their Act.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
Mr. Appreece says his father's proportion of Mason's debt shall be paid in before the last day of Michaelmas term. Ibid., p. 253.
Oct 19,
Monday morning.
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Lord Halifax comes in: desires letters to be written to the Customs, Excise and Post Office for [them to prepare] an account of interest paid [by or] in those respective Offices since the 5th November 1688, distinguishing how much in each year.
The Auditors of Imprests are to attend on Wednesday morning at nine.
Mr. Henning to be here on Wednesday morning.
Memorandum: to speak to Mr. Culliford in the afternoon about his security given for Mr. Robert Squibb.
Mr. Borret to attend the Exchequer Court and to see that orders and rules of [the said] Court so far as relates to the revenue be fully complied with.
Speak with the Customs Commissioners about the security which the Lord Chief Baron says the patent officers of the Customs ought to give in the Exchequer to the Queen.
Mr. Burton to send my Lord an account of his proceedings as Receiver of the revenues of the Savoy Hospital. Ibid., p. 254.
eodem die,
Present: ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and minutes [are endorsed] upon them.
My Lord Treasurer tells them that since his order of Saturday's date (pursuant to a letter from the Earl of Nottingham) not to suffer any of the [prize] goods on board the Fleet with Admiral Rooke or any of the Transport ships belonging to it to be brought on shore till the Queen's pleasure should be signified therein, that now by a letter from Secretary Hedges to the Prizes Commissioners they are directed to put the said goods under arrest on shipboard or wherever they can be found and that the Custom House officers should be directed to be aiding and assisting to the Prize officers in the execution thereof: which my Lord [Treasurer hereby] desires them to order accordingly and tells the [Customs] Commissioners that this seeming to vary from her Majesty's letter signified by the Earl of Nottingham's letter he, my Lord Treasurer, will speak to the said Earl to send another letter hither to the Treasury to explain the former and will thereupon sign a new order or warrant to the said Commissioners.
His Lordship likewise acquaints them that the ship Flamborough is hourly expected to bring some advices from Admiral Rooke concerning the said plundered [or prize] goods and that 'tis probable the same [ship] may bring a good many of the said goods and that therefore the Commissioners should send an additional officer or two to Spithead to wait her coming in to secure her cargo.
The Commissioners withdraw.
Mr. Culliford [is] called back. My Lord acquaints him there has been a miscarriage in the Annuity Office; that he is bound in 500l. [as a security] for Mr. Squibb; that the rest of Squibb's security have discharged their bonds; that in regard Mr. Culliford is one of the Queen's officers he should, in my Lord's opinion, be as ready as anybody to comply in that particular. Mr. Culliford says that he was bound for Squibb's faithful demeanour in Lord Fitz Hardinge's office; that the money embezzled was not received out of Lord Fitz Hardinge's Office and that his lordship [Fitz Hardinge] will not be liable to a farthing of it: that however he [Culliford] will go and wait on his lordship and when he has spoken with him he will readily pay the 500l. if his lordship thinks it reasonable.
Mr. Brewer and Mr. Painter are called in. My Lord tells Mr. Painter that if it be necessary that a distinct officer be appointed for paying the shares to the captors he [my Lord] thinks his [Painter's] constitution not sufficient in regard it is [for him] to be an accounting officer and [that his grant] should therefore be under the Great Seal.
Mr. Painter says he is ready to take out letters patent for the said office.
Mr. Brewer says he cannot but insist upon it [the said work of paying the captors' shares] as a part of his office already granted him under the Great Seal, that he believes himself capable and is very willing to perform the same.
My Lord orders them to attend again to-morrow afternoon.
Write to the Navy Commissioners to attend at the same time with their opinion whether a distinct officer is absolutely necessary for paying the said captors' shares or whether Mr. Brewer as Receiver General of Prizes ought not to perform the same by virtue of his patent. Treasury Minute Book XIII, pp. 254–5.
Oct. 20,
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Navy Commissioners are called in. They say that in the last war there were great complaints that the sailors had not their shares [of prize money as captors] and that care ought to be taken in distribution of their proportions. They think his Royal Highness has pitched upon Mr. Painter as a person well qualified and they think he is very capable of it by his experience in the Navy, but they don't come to recommend. Nothing came out with more satisfaction than the [Queen's] Declaration that every individual person should have his right. And the declaration leads to some particular persons and the advertisement goes further.
They incline rather to a salary than poundage. They think a Commissioner of Prizes should always attend the pays of these proportions (because they are numerous) to determine the rights [of all parties concerned as captors] and to vouch the payments as in the case of seamen's wages.
Mr. Brewer is called in and says it must be done by under clerks and he can as well perform it as Mr. Painter. The captors don't desire it and he sees no need of erecting a new office and that the splitting his office is a reflection on him; he does not expect the fourpences and will be answerable for his clerks. The misapplication formerly is no argument now because then the order was to pay to the Captains, now 'tis to pay to the captors and he don't pursue his orders if he doth not pay to them individually.
Order for the issue of 50,000l. to the Navy Treasurer upon the [tallies and] orders in Sir Thomas Littleton's hands: to be for wages. Write to the Bank to advance the said sum in part of the 165,000l. which the Directors (according to a late signification to my Lord Treasurer) are willing to lend on the said tallies at 5 per cent, [the said Littleton] depositing 3000l. tallies to make good the interest. Write letters to this purpose.
The Excise Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and answers [are endorsed] on them.
Mr. Delarose is called in with his counsel; Mr. Phips and Mr. Banister. His petition is read. The counsel insist he was a good officer; that the revenue fell since; that he was promised 3d. in the £ if his predecessor actually had an allowance though it might not be 3d. in the £; that the Commissioners owned him a good officer though they signed a report against him; that he impaired his own fortune by 200l. in the service; that he hath not had equal reward with other men who had 3d. in the £ and if the revenue be farmed he'll give more than it now makes.
The Excise Commissioners deny all these facts; he compares 2s. 6d. per barrel with greater Duties; there is no instance of 3d. in the £ allowed to any collector; his predecessor's incidents for 6 years came to 177l. 1s. 0d.; his incidents came to 302l. 18s. 1d.; that Mr. Delarose never looked into the charging part and they cannot find any direction to restore him though he shows a minute of his own making as they think.
My Lord thinks his petition groundless. Ibid., p. 256.
Oct. 21,
Present: ut supra.
[Write] to Mr. Whitfield to be here in the afternoon.
Auditor Bridges and Mr. Moody are called in.
The Auditors, the Navy Commissioners and Mr. Madocks are to attend about Sir Edw. Seymour's last account on Monday afternoon next.
Write to Mr. Dodington to come then about my Lord Falkland's account. Ibid., p. 257.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: the Lord Treasurer.
Write to my Lord Halifax and the Attorney General to be here on Monday morning.
The Attorney General comes in.
Sir Thomas Frankland, and Sir Robert Cotton are called in with Mr. Tutchin and Mr. Castleton.
Sir Robert Cotton says that they heard Mr. Tutchin upon his articles against Mr. Castleton and appointed a day to hear Castleton's defence but then Mr. Tutchin did not appear.
Sir Thomas [Frankland] says the same.
Mr. Tutchin says his witnesses are not here but he'll undertake to bring them on Tuesday next at 4 o'clock.
All parties are to attend again at that time.
Write to Mr. Blathwait to be here on Friday morning about the pay of the Marines. Mr. Whitfield will be here then. Ibid.
Oct. 23,
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[The draft] letter to the Bank to advance 115,000l. was read and approved. Likewise the [draft] letter to the Navy Board to apply same. Likewise the letter to Sir Thomas Littleton concerning same.
[The draft letter of direction to the Exchequer] for 750l. to the Earl of Nottingham for secret service and for 500l. to Sir Charles Hedges for same was read and approved.
Direct that the order for Mr. Cole, Consul at Algiers, be paid out of arrears [of Civil List moneys accrued] before 8 March last. Ibid., p. 258.
Oct. 26,
Present: ut supra.
Write to Mr. Painter to be here in the afternoon.
[Order for] 150l. to the Earl of Westmorland out of Secret Service.
The Earl of Halifax, the Attorney General and Mr. Edwards are called in.
[Write] to Sir Cha. Duncomb to be here at 9 to-morrow. Ibid., p. 259.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
Sir Edward Seymour comes in with the Commissioners of the Navy, Mr. Madocks, Auditor Bridges, and Mr. Moody.
Mr. Madocks says he will on Wednesday next deliver to the Navy Commissioners the additional voluntary charge to Sir Edward Seymour's last account and thereupon the Commissioners [say they] will examine the same and make their objections, if they have any, forthwith.
Sir Edward Seymour goes out and Lord Orford and Mr. Dodington come in.
Mr. Dodington says the accounts of my Lord Falkland (except the last) lie before the Navy Board.
The [Navy] Commissioners say they endeavour to despatch Lord Orford's [account] first.
Mr. Dodington says he will tomorrow deliver to the Navy Commissioners the voluntary charge to Lord Orford's last account anno 1699 and thereupon the Commissioners [say they] will examine the same and make any objections forthwith.
Mr. Moody is directed when he has any doubts upon Lord Orford's account to send them to Mr. Copeland who will give answers for Lord Orford.
Mr. Brewer and Mr. Painter are called in. Mr. Brewer says he was willing to depute Mr. Painter to pay the shares [of prize money] to the captors.
My Lord Treasurer offers that upon such deputation Mr. Painter shall have 200l. a year and 40l. a year for a clerk.
Mr. Painter desires time and is given till Wednesday.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners and the Commissioners of Prizes to be here to-morrow afternoon about the plundered goods from Cadiz. Treasury Minute Book XIII, p 259.
Oct. 27,
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Desire Sir John Thorold and Mr. Sanderson to be here to-morrow week.
The Council of the Admiralty are to have each 1000l. a year and Mr. Burchett and Mr. Clerk to have 800l. a year each during pleasure. Prepare a privy seal.
The Earl of Ranelagh [is called in] and his memorial of the 20th inst. [for money for the Forces] is read. The following payments to him are thereupon ordered.
In part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d. [for Guards and Garrisons anno 1702 as part of 352,000l. voted Feb. 3 last]
£ s. d.
for 3 weeks' subsistence to the Forces, to Nov. 11 next 5767 14 3
for clearings of the additional men of 6 Regiments to June 24 last 1527 11 10
for clearings of the Troops in England to Aug. 24 last 8656 3 3
for the Garrisons to the same time 2408 17
for pay of the General Staff Officers from April 25 to Aug. 24 last 2705 13 11½
for half a year's fire and candle for Garrisons 950
In part of 87,000l. [87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 5000 Marines anno 1732 as part of the above 352,000l.] for 3 weeks' subsistence to Lord Lucas's Regiment to Nov. 11 next 553 8 9
for their clearings to Aug. 24 last 1429 2 11
In part of 700,000l. [voted Jan. 27 last for the 40,000 men anno 1702]
for subsistence to the English Forces and for pay to the Foreign Forces in Holland, upon account 30000
54198 12 3
to the Office of Ordnance for land service [as in part of 70,973l. 13s. 9d. voted Feb. 5 last for the Ordnance Land service anno 1702] 20973 13 9
£75172 6 0
The above total is to be paid out of the 85,085l. 0s. 2½d. now in the Exchequer of the overplus of the funds anno 1701.
Prepare letters for the issue of 2000l. and 3500l. to the Ordnance out of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty, pursuant to the Queen's directions. Ibid., p. 260.
eodem die, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
The Governors of the Post Office are called in with Mr. Castleton and Mr. Tutchin; the Attorney and Solicitor General being present. The matter is put off till this day week. All parties take notice.
The Customs Commissioners are called in and the Commissioners of Prizes. Upon considering the report of the former of yesterday's date and the letters now produced by the latter from their officers and upon discoursing the subject matter thereof it is agreed that the plundered goods which shall be brought home in the Fleet shall be put in small vessels, the hatches whereof are to be sealed up and that the goods be so conveyed to Southampton and secured in warehouses there till the Queen's pleasure be further known. Ibid.
Oct. 28. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Thomas Browne having agreed to advance 30,000l. this day upon tallies and orders for 32,000l. (part of those in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy and payable in course after the tallies and orders for 279,000l. upon which the Bank has advanced or agreed to advance money in the first place) which tallies and orders are charged upon the Land Tax and Subsidies [1 Anne, c. 6], my Lord Treasurer agrees that Mr. Browne shall have 5 per cent interest on his said loan, sinking the interest as every 10,000l. shall come in course: and that the tallies and orders for the said 32,000l. shall forthwith be delivered to him, he giving a note that when the principal and interest shall be fully repaid and satisfied the overplus remaining upon the said tallies and orders (if any such overplus be) shall be re-delivered to the Treasurer of the Navy for the Queen's use.
Out of the abovesaid 30,000l. my Lord directs issues as follows viz.
£ s. d.
for interest, bills of exchange and Contingencies of the Navy: to be placed to the head of Wear and Tear 5000
for the growing charge of the Sick and Wounded and prisoners of war: to be placed three-fifths to the head of Wages and two-fifths to the head of Victuals 8018
for 2 months' freight to the transport ships employed in the Expedition to Cadiz; according to contract: and to be paid over for that purpose in a gross sum to Samuel Atkinson and Nicholas Roop by way of imprest 14325 13 0
to be reserved for such uses of the Navy as the Lord Treasurer shall direct 2656 7 0
Prepare all necessary orders upon the said minute.
The letter [of direction to the Exchequer for the issue] of 3950l. for Ladies of the Bedchamber &c. is [read and] approved.
Likewise the letter [of direction] for 5500l. [of which 3500l. for gunners and ammunition] for Barbados and [2000l. for stores of war] for the Leeward Islands.
Likewise the letter [to the Master of the Great Wardrobe] for [providing] [the Queen's Banner, Helmet and Sword [for her Majesty as Sovereign of the Garter for the Royal Chapel at Windsor].
Order for 4000l. to be issued to Sir B. Bathurst, Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List moneys grown due since March 8 last: to be upon account for the expense of the Household pursuant to an Establishment which is to take place [and be payable] from July 1 last.
Write to the Agents for Taxes to be here on Friday morning concerning Mason's sureties.
Order for 128l. 18s. 0d. to be issued to the Office of the Works for Mr. Wise for works done at Windsor from 9 March last to July 31 last: to be issued out of Civil List moneys accruing since March 8 last.
Mr. Painter is not willing to be Mr. Brewer's deputy.
Mr. Brewer is admonished to be very careful and to present to my Lords a scheme of his management. Treasury Minute Book XIII, pp. 261–2.
Oct. 28,
Present: Lord Treasurer.
Petitions are read and answered [and the answers are endorsed upon them].
Prepare a sign manual for the [House of Commons] Speaker's equipage money.
[Write] to the Auditors of Imprests and Auditor Shales to attend this day week. Ibid., p. 262.
Oct. 30,
Present: Lord Treasurer; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Agents for Taxes are called in.
The Tellers [of the Receipt] are called in about the money embezzled by under clerks. Sir Christopher Musgrave says that he has paid no annuities and has but one [letter of] direction [made out or drawn] upon him which is not called for, and hopes he is not liable [for the loss by such embezzlements] but for what he receives or pays.
Mr. Vernon says he is but newly come in and that he has continued one of the under clerks upon security.
[My Lord orders that] every one of the [four] Tellers should state his particular case in relation to the Annuity Office and present the same to my Lord. Write to them all.
Mr. Auditor Bridges, Sir William Scawen, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Herriot the goldsmith, Mr. Cornish and Mr. Molyneux are to be here on Monday morning next. Ibid., p. 263.