Minute Book: January 1703

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 18, 1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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January 1703

Jan. 2, Saturday forenoon.
Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present : [No entry of any attendances or of any minute]. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 1.
Eodem die at my Lord Treasurer's house. Present :
Ordered that 40,000l. out of the loans on the Land Tax passed in the present session of Parliament be issued to Mr. Fox for the pay of the 40,000 men in Holland from 24 Dec. 1702.
And it is my Lord [Treasurer's] intention that he [Mr. Fox] deliver this 40,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay for the last remittances to Holland for the said army ; taking from the said Earl the tallies of pro on the surplus of the Malt Duties for the like sum whereupon he is to receive the said 40,000l. in course, without interest, for the said Forces.
The Customs Commissioners and Excise Commissioners are to attend on Wednesday afternoon.
The Auditors [of Imprests] are to attend on Thursday morning. Acquaint the Chancellor [of the Exchequer].
[My Lord Treasurer orders the Secretary to enquire and] know what fees Mr. Nicholas pays at the Exchequer [on issues for the late Queen's pensions &c.].
Issue half a year to the Treasurer of the Chamber.
See how far the Register of the two thirds of the 3s. in the £ [12-13 Wm. III, c. 10] is paid off.
Henry Palmer's petition [is read and] referred to the Excise Commissioners.
The Custom House [Customs Commissioners'] presentment for William Piggings and William Remington [is read and] agreed to.
[My Lord Treasurer orders that] Mr. Lionel Herne is to pay back into the Exchequer the rest of the cancelled [Exchequer] Bills and to have a tally for same : and let the Auditors [of Imprests] speedily make up his account according to the course of the Exchequer.
Mr. Trotter's petition [is read and] referred to the Customs Commissioners.
If my Lord Halifax, Mr. Vernon and others concerned do consent to Squibb's enlargement my Lord on his part has no objection.
Mr. Fox's memorial for money to pay fees [is read and] respited.
Prepare a privy seal to issue the sums not exceeding the amounts remaining unpaid of 264,874l. 10s. 0d., and 87,125l. 10s. 0d. and 700,000l. for the year ended the 24th of December last to the Earl of Ranelagh.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] Mr. Mevis to be paid 10l. by Mr. Baker. Ibid.
Jan. 4, Monday,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
[Write a letter] to Mr. How that I [William Lowndes] have acquainted my Lord Treasurer with his memorial for 11,536l. 13s. 4d. for subsistence [of the Forces] in England, 501l. 6s. 0d. for the subsistence of several Companies in the West Indies and 4043l. 10s. 0d. for the subsistence to the 6 Regiments part of the 10,000 soldiers for sea service.
And as to the subsistence of the Forces in England his Lordship makes no difficulty in ordering the same, supposing there is no danger their payments on subsistence can exceed their pay due by muster rolls.
As to the Forces in New York his Lordship doubts they are not near complete and therefore what is issued for them must be on account till the muster rolls come, which ought to be hastened and care [must be] taken that the payments for subsistence do not exceed their full pay.
And the like care will be necessary for the Forces in the islands of the West Indies.
And there being an opportunity of sending [money] speedily thither with the Earl of Peterborough it ought to be considered and represented what advance of subsistence or credit should be furnished to those Troops till there be another occasion of sending.
Write to Mr. [Under-Secretary Richard] Warr to send to the Treasury what Regulations (if any) are made for mustering the Troops under the Earl of Peterborough.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] 16,081l. 9s. 4d. in Mr. How's memorial of this day to be issued out of loans on the Land Tax.
[Write] to Mr. Whitfeild that as soon as he has paid the men [Marines] to Xmas last he give in a perfect state of his account to that time, to be passed with the Auditor [of Imprests]. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 2.
Jan. 5, Tuesday forenoon,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
[My Lord orders] a privy seal for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of any sums not exceeding the remanent sums for the Guards and Garrisons, for the 40,000 men, and for the 10,000 men [in sea service : to wit up] to the 24th December 1702.
[My Lord Treasurer reads a] letter from the Earl of Nottingham signifying that the charge of the medicines for the Troops designed for the West Indies is reduced to 300l. whereof my Lord Peterborough has advanced 100l. [My Lord Treasurer] ordered that Mr. Blathwayte do prepare a warrant for this sum, which is to be deducted again from the pay of the Regiments.
[My Lord Treasurer reads] a report made to the Queen by Mr. Granville, Mr. Boyle and Sir George Rooke concerning their having visited the two last galleons. [My Lord orders a] letter to the Commissioners of Prizes [to desire them] to lay before him an account of all their doings since their last representation concerning the prizes from Vigo according to the instructions they have received.
[My Lord Treasurer reads a] memorial from the Ordnance concerning 4800l. or thereabouts which was put on board some of the ships employed in the late Expedition to Cadiz by order of the said Board [of Ordnance] and is now returned, and desiring that the same may be re-landed. Ordered that upon oath made that this is the same money carried out by the Officers of the Ordnance the Commissioners of Customs do permit the same to be landed again by them : and upon such oath the Commissioners of Prizes are to apply to the Admiralty for the like order. Ibid., p. 3.
Jan. 6, Wednesday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : My Lord Treasurer [Godolphin], the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Henry Boyle].
Ordered that a letter be written to Mr. Brewer to know what money [of Prizes] is in his hands distinguishing how much for the Queen's part and how much for other uses ; and to send this by to-morrow morning.
[Send] to the Receiver of the Perquisites of the Admiralty to know how much is in his hands which by virtue of the assignments made by the Prince [of Denmark as Lord High Admiral] is liable to the Queen's direction. See the assignment.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] Lord Ranelagh to send an account how the money for the Danish subsidy was remitted and what account he hath [received] of the application [thereof : and to] send this by to-morrow morning.
Send to the Customs Commissioners to send forthwith their report upon the project delivered to them for enlarging the time to export foreign goods with the drawbacks.
[My Lord orders the] officers of the Jewel Office to attend on Friday afternoon with Mr. Shales and Mr. Smethin.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Cardonel to meet Mr. Lowndes about the account transmitted by Mr. Sweet from Holland relating to the money received and paid for the 40,000l. men.
[Send] to the Auditors of Imprests, instead of attending my Lord Treasurer to-morrow, to attend the Chancellor of the Exchequer at his house to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock.
The Prizes Commissioners and the Customs Commissioners are to take care that the foreign fish taken as prize be not landed till further order [of my Lord Treasurer].
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 6946l. 7s. 5d. to the Ladies of the Bedchamber and others is read and approved.
[My Lord reads] Mr. Blackhall's letter [asking] for a copy of the report of the Postmaster General relating to the examination of miscarriages complained of in the management of the Penny Post Office. He is to have a copy of the report if it be come into the [Treasury] Office. Ibid., p. 4.
Jan. 7, Thursday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
Ordered that till some proper method can be found for making the best advantage of the fish and train oil mentioned in a memorial of the Principal Commissioners for Prizes dated the 6th inst. care must be taken that the same be not landed in England or Wales. Send an order to that effect to the Commissioners of Prizes.
Ordered that the Commissioners of Prizes and the Commissioners of Salt Duties attend [my Lord Treasurer] to-morrow at 5 in the afternoon with the Customs Commissioners about these fish and oil.
Ordered that the Commissioners of Prizes do apply to the Admiralty for the necessary orders to sell the damnified cochineal : but they are to keep the account of the produce of the goods from Vigo distinctly [and separate therefrom] ; and the like for the goods from Cadiz. Ibid., p. 5.
Jan. 8, Friday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
[My Lord Treasurer orders] 6000l. of the Queen's part of the prizes remaining in the hands of the Receiver General of Prizes to be forthwith paid back into the Exchequer. Look out the [text of the] Commission for Prizes and for the Receiver General thereof.
Ordered that the said 6000l. be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for pay due before the 25th of December last to the Troops abroad ; it being intended for the pay of the Officers here who make recruits. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 6.
Jan. 9, Saturday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : the Lord Treasurer.
A memorial is read from Mr. Zachary Wells praying that the Queen's title to the nomination of the minister of the parish church of Aldgate, London may be defended at the Queen's charge. My Lord orders that a minute or order of the 14th of April 1701 be renewed ; to wit that Mr. Borret do proceed to a trial or hearing in the case concerning the church of St. Bottolph's to maintain the Queen's title at the Queen's charge. Ibid., p. 7.
Jan. 11, Monday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
[My Lord orders the Treasury Secretary to] put off all the meeting till 5 of the clock to-morrow.
Write to [that effect to] the Commissioners of Excise and of Prizes and of Salt to attend then.
[Write] to the Prizes Commissioners taking notice of their printed paper for a sale in London on Wednesday next of [prize] goods [lying] at Plymouth and other outports at so great a distance that men cannot possibly (for want of competent time) inform themselves of the values [of said goods] or obtain commissions [from principals instructing them] to bid for the said goods. My Lord Treasurer desires them to cause the sale to be put off for some convenient time [sufficient] for persons to [so] inform themselves unless the said Commissioners have some particular objections thereunto, which, if they have any such, his Lordship desires them to acquaint him with at the Treasury Chambers to-morrow at 5 o'clock.
[Send word] to the Commissioners of the Victualling to attend to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock about provisions for New England furnished to their agent by order of Secretary the Earl of Nottingham.
[Send] to Mr. Ward and Mr. Eyles to come to my Lord at his house to-morrow at 10 o'clock.
[My Lord reads] Mr. Topham's memorial for 100l. due at Xmas last to the poor of Windsor and 30l. for the Corporation [of Windsor due] at Michaelmas last for the rent of their mills. [These sums my Lord] ordered to be paid.
[My Lord reads the] Duke of Newcastle's memorial relating to Sherwood Forest. Let Mr. Hewett state the present condition of this forest and the present establishment of officers there.
[My Lord reads the] memorial of Thomas Hewett relating to decayed trees in Sherwood Forest [and orders same] to be considered when he brings his report on the [abovesaid] paper of the Duke of Newcastle.
[My Lord reads a] memorial desiring that a house at Mortlake belonging to the Crown, formerly employed in making tapestry hangings, may be granted for a workhouse for the poor ; and refers same to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
[My Lord reads the] petition of Francisca Maria Salter, widow, [and orders same] to be laid before the Queen.
[Item the] petition of Sarah Matthews, widow of Brigadier William Mathews [and orders] as above.
[Item the] petition of Sir William Scawen and Hen. Cornish and refers same to Mr. How.
[My Lord reads the] Earl of Ranelagh's report relating to the Officers [of the Independent Companies] at New York. My Lord says he hath no power to do this.
[My Lord reads a] memorial relating to some derelict lands in Lincolnshire left by the rivers Humber, Trent and Ouse and refers same to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands].
William Vanburgh [attends and] desires a letter [from the Queen or from the Lord Treasurer authorising him] to act as Deputy Comptroller of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office till Mr. Chudleigh's commission is passed.
[My Lord reads the] memorial of Col. Holt in behalf of himself and the Captains of the Marine Regiments under his command.
[My Lord reads the petition of] Robert Delavall and refers same to the Customs Commissioners for [them to present him for] such employment as he is fit for. Ibid., p. 8.
Jan. 12, Tuesday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
The Attorney General's report is read to my Lord on a case relating to a bill of 1164l. 15s. 4d. signed by the Navy Commissioners for the freight of a ship that carried powder to Barbary towards the Redemption of Captives, whereby he [the Attorney General] is of opinion that the same may be paid out of the 2,080,000l. appropriated for the sea services of the Navy by an Act [1 Anne c. 6] passed in the last Session of Parliament. Signify this to the Navy Commissioners.
My Lord reads the Cofferer's memorial for money for the Household [and orders] 10,000l. to be issued to him upon account.
My Lord reads Sir Christopher Wrenn's report about what is due to Signor Verrio, and orders that 350l. be paid to him. Ibid., p. 9.
Eodem die afternoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Col. Godfrey, Mr. Shales and Mr. Smithuen [Smethin are called in about the loan of jewels at the Coronation]. Col. Codfrey says the rate for loan of Jewels at the Coronation is the same as at former Coronations. My Lord says he should have been acquainted with this beforehand for there is no cheque and the Queen thinks this very extravagant.
Mr. Pauncefoot will prepare a warrant to call in the plate standing out [on Ambassadors, State Officials &c. having been delivered to them out of the Jewel House] by indenture.
The Customs Commissioners are called in and their papers are read.
The Commissioners of Prizes and the Commissioners of Salt Duties are called in. [My Lord orders] the fish to be all marked and the Commissioners of Prizes are to insert, in their contracts [of sale] of the fish, a licence for the Salt Duty officers to mark them. The Commissioners of Prizes must take care to sell all the dry fish upon condition [for the buyer] to export the same without landing such fish again ; and as to the wet fish they are to sell the same for exportation if they can, but if they cannot they are to be sold (marked as aforesaid) to be consumed in England : and good security must be taken for such exportation as aforesaid : and that such of the wet fish as cannot be sold for exportation be landed, paying no Duties.
Afterwards it is by his Lordship considered [fitting] that the wet fish as well as the dry be all exported and it not being landed here the buyers are to pay no Duty inward nor have any drawback outward.
As to the oil the Commissioners of Prizes will state the case separately.
[My Lord orders a letter to] direct the Commissioners of the Victualling to pay Col. Dudley's bill of 2410l. 19s. 0d. for provisions furnished in New England. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 10.
Jan.13, Tuesday [sic for Wednesday].
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : my Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Ordered that a warrant be prepared for a quarter to the Duchess of Cleveland on [her] 4700l. per an. out of the Post Office and [in the order it is] to be mentioned that it is for the quarter ended at Lady day last 1702.
My Lord reads a memorial of Col. Saunderson praying to be allowed for several men in his Regiment who were not present at the muster from 25 August to 24th October 1702, to wit, upon certificates from the Mayor of Portsmouth et al that they were sent from the country as recruits upon the 20th October of last. My Lord says he can give no countenance for payments without muster rolls and there doth not appear to be any reason for this demand.
Let the Commission be drawn for [Commissioners for] Chelsea Hospital [to wit] for Mr. How, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Christopher Wren, the Governor and Deputy Governor or any 3 of them to order and govern ; and in case of orders for payment to be made by the Treasurer [of the Hospital] then [such orders] to be signed by the other 4 or any 3 of them.
[My Lord orders] a new Establishment to be made of the whole expense of the [Chelsea] Hospital and of the out pensioners : "and propose what to be done for the Invalids."
Prepare the warrants for the clerks and other charges of Mr. Howe's Office [as Paymaster of Guards &c] and Mr. Fox's Office [as Paymaster of the Forces Abroad].
Send to Mr. How and Mr. Blathwayt to be at the Treasury on Friday morning.
[My Lord] ordered that 83,000l. be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy for one quarter to the [Navy] Course to carry the same to midsummer 1702 : to be issued out of loans on the Land Tax and is to be placed to the head of Wear and Tear.
[likewise] 30,000l. more to same for pay to the Flag Officers and for Captains, disbursements for pressing men &c. and for pilots and carrying on the pay of the Fleet : all to be placed to the head of Wages.
[My Lord reads the] Earl of Ranelagh's report on the petition of the Officers of Visct. Teviot's Regiment. My Lord says the Earl [of Ranelagh] is to compute the English pay [thereof] only from the time they entered England. Ibid., p. 11.
Jan. 15, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : ut supra.
The Duke of Marlborough comes in and Mr. Blathwait is called in. [My Lord Treasurer orders] 11,536l. 13s. 4d. to be issued for a month's subsistence for the Guards &c. in England. Ibid., p. 12.
Jan. 16, Saturday morning.
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
A petition of Mr. [Francis] Brydges, Cashier of the Salt Duties is read. My Lord [says he] will speak with the Salt Commissioners about the prayer of this petition (being for an increase of salary) at their next attendance.
[My Lord reads] a petition of Geo. Walcot [shewing] that his estate is extended for about 2000l. which he owes for Customs and praying 3 months' time in which to raise the money. My Lord refers same to the Customs Commissioners.
A petition of Mr. [William] Van Huls is read praying to be continued his allowances as clerk of the Robes [and Wardrobes]. Query : how long this officer has been separate from the Office of Clerk of the Great Wardrobe and who had it first after the Restoration.
[My Lord reads] a petition of Walter Raleigh Esq who was Page of Honour to the late Queen praying the continuance of his pension of 100l. per an., he being now in her present Majesty's service in Holland. Query : in what capacity he serves in Holland. Ibid., p. 13.
Jan. 18, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
His Grace the Duke of Marlborough comes [in].
[The Lord Treasurer orders] 56,000l. to be issued to Mr. Fox upon account of pay to the Forces in the Low Countries in the year 1703 : to be issued out of loans in the Exchequer.
Col. Columbine is called in [and is told that] the money to clear his Regiment to December 24 last is in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands but not [to be] applied till muster rolls are completed : which he says will be this day. The respit of 100 and odd men which he desires to be taken off is nothing but the difference between the English and the Irish Establishments. As to the other things in his petition [praying my Lord Treasurer to give order that] Mr. How will take care to furnish him with 2 months' or 6 weeks subsistence it is ordered that he have 6 weeks' subsistence [paid him] per Mr. How.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] the like for the 4 Regiments detached from Cadiz to the West Indies by the Duke of Ormonde.
Mr. How is to put these 6 weeks' subsistence into the hands of some person for the supply of those Regiments.
Mr. How will prepare a memorial for this 6 weeks' subsistence.
[My Lord orders] 100l. to Mrs. Ramsey for a year [due] at Xmas last.
[Send a] letter to the Attorney General that it having been represented to my Lord Treasurer that whereas his Lordship [the Lord Treasurer] did lately direct a commission to be passed to the Lord Willoughby of Parham and several others or any 8 of them for finding the estates of Edward Scarsbrick and others therein named, forfeited to the Crown for high treason, and that by reason of no less than 8 being made a quorum it is found difficult to get such a number of the said Commissioners together as are requisite for the execution of the said Commission and it being therefore desired that 5 of the said Commissioners may be a quorum my Lord Treasurer orders that upon the informant's appearing before the Attorney General and making it manifest that her Majesty hath a probable title to any estates they shall discover of the said Scarsbrick and other persons as abovesaid a new Commission be passed to the said Lord Willoughby and the rest or any 5 of them to enquire &c. with the usual clauses and to be returned sine dilatione. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 14.
Jan. 19, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Direct the Commissioners of Prizes to take an account as soon and as exactly as they can of the quantities and values of the gold, silver and undamnified cochineal and indico taken at Vigo : and desire the Customs Commissioners to assist therein and to report thereon.
[My Lord orders] 1500l. to be issued to Mr. Fox upon account for pay of the Forces in the Low Countries for the year 1703 : to be issued out of loans on the Land Tax. Ibid., p. 15.
Jan. 20, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : ut supra.
Mr. How, Major General Earle and others are called in.
Col. Columbine has had a month's subsistence from 1702 Dec. 24 and is to have 6 weeks' subsistence more ; and the Regiments of Charlemont, Donegal, Erle and Hamilton are to have 10 weeks' subsistence from 1702 Dec. 24 : to be issued out of loans on the Land Tax : the Colonels promise that this subsistence shall be duely applied to the men in the West Indies. They intend to trust Col. Columbine (who goes in the pacquet) [with the said money] and will give directions under their respective hands to him to issue the same to the persons they shall appoint to pay the men.
[My Lord orders] 4958l. 7s. 6d. to be issued to Mr. How for that purpose according to his memorial.
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh to know what hath been done on the warrant of June 30 last for reducing the Invalids to 75 in each Company, and if nothing hath been done thereon, to acquaint my Lord with the reasons.
[My Lord orders] 50l. [as royal] bounty out of secret service to be paid to Bohas Pinchas, Envoy of Tripoly to the States [General] and who is come hither from Holland : out of which sum he is to pay the Customs of his goods and find himself transportation to his own country.
My Lord reads and approves a letter [of direction for the issue to the Victualling Commissioners of] "2410l. 19s. 0d. for provisions furnished in New England [and consigned] to the Agent of the Victuallers [Victualling Commissioners] at Jamaica."
[My Lord orders] 100l. to Sir William Ashurst to repay him the like sum advanced out of the Vaudois [relief collection] money to the Greek youths at Oxford : but the Queen is to be at no further charge for these Greeks. Ibid., p. 16.
Jan. 22, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers. Cockpit.
Present : ut supra.
The Earl of Rochester [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] comes in [concerning the Irish Establishment] : James D'Andoin's petition is read with the report thereon. He is [ordered by my Lord] to have a pension in Ireland. The French pensioners are reduced to 20,522l. 16s. 6d. which may be reduced to 13,681l. 17s. 8d. (which is two thirds, to be paid this year.) The rest of the [Irish] Civil List is proposed to be paid but [only to the extent of] a half. The subsistence [is proposed] to be paid [only to the sum of] 125,625l. The clothing to be paid [only to the amount of one] half : and the Half Pay Officers in like manner [: all this] according to a paper of reducements which the Earl of Rochester opens [expounds], and offers the [draft of the] preamble of a warrant to guide the payments the ensuing year.
[My Lord orders the Treasury Secretary accordingly to] prepare a warrant mentioning that this is done upon a representation from the Lords Justices to the Lord Lieutenant and by him [presented] to the Queen.
Prepare a warrant to purchase a piece of ground near Dublin from the Duke of Ormonde's trustees, to build barracks for the Horse quartered there : for 650l. [purchase money] ; but the reports of the value [of the plot] are to be had in [the usual] form.
The letter for Mr. Dawson is approved.
The Earl of Rochester leaves a memorial for clothing the 5 Regiments [drafted] from Ireland : and [also] a memorial of Major Gen. Erle concerning his [Regiment's] clothing.
Write to the Earl of Ranelagh to send an account of the clearings from the muster rolls to Oct. 24 last for the 4 Regiments sent from Cadiz to the West Indies. The Half Pay Officers who refused to go to the West Indies are to be put out of the list. My Lord Rochester will send their names. Ibid., p. 17.
Jan. 23, Saturday morning,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
Ordered that 8000l. be issued as follows to complete the 20,000l. order for the Privy Purse for the first year of the Queen's reign and pursuant to the Queen's pleasure : viz. : 1300l. on the 30th inst., 1300l. on Feb. 6, 1300l. on Feb. 13, 1300l. on Feb. 20, 1300l. on Feb. 27 and 1500l. on March 6.
Ordered that 1000l. be issued to Mr. Lowndes for secret service.
Ordered that 955l. be issued to my Lord Raby who is going Envoy to the King of Prussia, to wit 500l. for equipage and 455l. for 3 months' ordinary by way of advance.
[My Lord reads] Mr. Shakerley's memorial relating to debts owing by the Company of Invalids at Chester, and refers it to the Earl of Ranelagh.
Upon reading a letter from the Victualling Commissioners my Lord orders 150,228l. 19s. 2d. for carrying on the course of the Victualling to June 30 last. The 20,000l. for bills of exchange from Jamaica and other foreign parts and for Short Allowance [Money] to seamen, Necessary Money to the pursers and for Contingencies is respited. Ibid., p. 18.
Jan. 25, Monday morning.
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present :
Upon his Lordship's reading a report of the Attorney General relating to the transferring of her Majesty's stock in the East India Company he orders that a duplicate of the privy seal for making the said transfer be sent to the said Company with a warrant signed by his Lordship requiring them forthwith to comply with the Queen's commands contained in the said privy seal.
Mr. Howe desires that Thomas Fry Esq. may be approved to be his deputy Treasurer as Under Paymaster of Chelsea Hospital.
[My Lord] orders Mr. Brewer to pay in 3000l. more of the Queen's part of the prizes. Direct this 3000l. to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh to answer bills drawn by Mr. Sweet for the pay of the Forces in the Low Countries grown due before the 25th of Dec. 1702.
[My Lord orders the] Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] to inform himself from Mr. Rowe or any other if there be any stables belonging to the Crown at Windsor and where and what they are and to report.
Desire Mr. Eyles to come to my Lord's house to-morrow morning at 9 of the clock.
Mr. Wise's memorial is read relating to about 700l. for works and alterations in Kensington Gardens. The officers of the Works are to examine these bills very carefully and report thereon to my Lord.
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for issuing 150,228l. 19s. 2d. for carrying on the course of the Victualling to the end of June 1702 is read and approved.
Write to Mr. Brewer to transmit every fortnight a certificate of the money received and paid on account of prizes, and to distinguish therein how much thereof remains from time to time in his hands of the Queen's part of the said prizes.
Write a like letter to Mr. Dodd to certify once a fortnight what money he has received and paid on account of [and as Receiver of] the Droits and Perquisites of the Admiralty [which have been] surrendered and yielded up to the Queen by his Royal Highness [Prince George of Denmark as Lord High Admiral].
[Send] the like [letter] to Mr. Crawley as Receiver of the Salvage Money and other perquisites of the Admiralty.
[My Lord orders] 20,000l. to be issued to the Paymaster of the Ordnance for sea service : to be issued out of loans on the Land Tax. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 19.
Jan. 27, Wednesday morning.
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The account of Mr. Santiny and partners relating to their loss on remitting 98,000l. to Holland for the service of the Forces there in November and December last is read together with a certificate of the rates of exchange at the times of making the said remittances. [My Lord hereupon] ordered that their demand amounting to 6053l. 2s. 3d. be paid by the Earl of Ranelagh out of the remainder of the 700,000l. for the Forces in the Low Countries for the year ended 1702 Dec. 24.
The memorial of the Commissioners of Prizes is read relating to the prize fish which they have sold. [My Lord hereupon] ordered that the Customs Commissioners do have a warrant to permit the said fish to be exported without landing or paying any Duty but the fish to be first marked by the officers of the Salt Duty.
Mr. Crosby [is called in]. Mr. Lowndes reads a letter from Lord Coningsby, Edward Harley and Thomas Harley and several others recommending Crosby to be a collector of Excise. [My Lord Treasurer orders him] to be recommended to the Excise Commissioners [to so appoint him] if they find him qualified.
Sir John Rotheram's case is read as security for his son, a Collector of the Tax at Cavan in Ireland. It is referred to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Ibid., p. 20.
Jan. 28, Thursday morning.
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : ut supra.
Ordered that the Navy Commissioners attend my Lord Treasurer the next time they come to the Admiralty about the 1164l. due to the master of the Canterbury galley.
See what is due to the Yeomen of the Guard from March 8 last to the commencement of the new Establishment.
The petition of Sergeant Powell is read for 150l. 11s. 3d. arrears on his salary to Xmas 1701. [My Lord orders that] he must be paid when others of the same kind are paid : out of arrears [of the late King's Civil List].
The petition of Thomas Halsey, executor of Thomas Henshaw, deceased, is read for 1000l. due to him as Secretary for the French Tongue. My Lord ordered that this be paid [in the same way and time] as other arrears of the [late] King's time of the like nature [shall be paid].
[Send a] letter to Mr. How and Mr. Pauncefort to be at my Lord's house to-morrow at 9 of the clock.
The petition of the Vicars Choral of St. Peter's in York [is read and ordered by my Lord] to be sent to Mr. Shales to examine and report thereon. Ibid., p. 21.
Jan. 29, forenoon.
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : ut supra.
[The draft of a] letter [of direction for the issue] of 43,495l. 6s. 8d. to Mr. Fox out of loans on the Land Tax for 1703 is read and approved : being intended for carrying on the subsistence of the Forces in Holland to Feb. 18 next.
[Likewise for the issue of] 75,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the like loans : to be applied to services as follow : viz.
for wages to seamen 50000
for Wear and Tear : to wit for imprests and bills of exchange 5000
for the Victualling : to wit for imprests, bills of exchange and Short Allowance [money] 20000
[My Lord orders a] warrant to be prepared to authorise the Earl of Ranelagh to pay Mr. Blathwayte 1000l. for his service as Secretary at War for the year 1702 : to be paid by said Earl out of the money in his hands for the Contingencies [of the Forces] or [out of] Poundage [deducted from the pay] of the Guards and Garrisons for said year.
[Desire the] Gentlemen of the Bank to come to the Treasury at 10 o'clock next Monday morning.
[Desire the] Master of the Mint to attend my Lord at 9 next Monday morning.
[My Lord reads the] Earl of Carlisle's memorial relating to his privy seal for a grant of Sir John Fenwick's personal estate and desiring a new privy seal from the Queen for confirming the grant of the said personal estate to him for the uses mentioned in the former privy seal. See the [said] privy seal and where it was defective.
The petition of Elizabeth Hall to be continued deputy housekeeper of the Excise Office loco her late husband is read and granted.
The Earl of Nottingham's letter is read transmitting one [letter] from Lord Hatton concerning the importation of salt from Guernsey freed from the Duty of foreign salt. My Lord says this cannot be complied with.
[My Lord reads a] letter from Sir Charles Hedges [informing that] Mary Mayhook, a seaman's widow taken in a ship coming from New England by the French and retaken by her Majesty's ship Weymouth is by the Queen's command to receive 20l out of the salvage "of the said ship" upon a report of Dr. Bampston. [My Lord orders] the report to be looked out and to be laid before the Queen. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 22.