Warrant Book: August 1703, 1-10

Pages 353-364

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 18, 1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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August 1703, 1-10

Aug. 1. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to William, Visct. Cheyne of Scotland of the office of Clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer void by the death of Robert Russell Esqr. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 95.
Aug. 2. William Lowndes to the Agents for Taxes to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Mr. Antho. Springott, one of the Receivers General of Taxes for co. Sussex, touching the great arrear on several taxes for that county. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 223.
Report to the Lord Treasurer from William Blathwayt, as Auditor General of the Plantations, on the accompts of the Plantations : in reply to William Lowndes's letter of May 1 last supra p. 254.
As to the annual accompt of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty in the Carribee Islands I have, in accordance with the address of the House of Commons, prepared same from 24 March 1701 to 24 May 1703. It may be continued to the beginning of the next session if your Lordship shall approve of the form.
As to Mr. Thomas, Receiver of her Majesty's Casual Revenue in Barbados, I have transmitted to him your Lordship's letter of Jan. 29 last for the account current of that revenue, with directions to remit the balance to his correspondent here to be paid to her Majesty.
As to the accounts of the Revenues in Jamaica, Virginia, Maryland, the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire (of which I annexed states to my report of March 22 last supra p. 195) I have prepared those accounts for Declaration and shall in future lay before you half yearly the states of the accompts of the Public Revenue of the Plantations in General as they shall reach me from America ; as I do at present for the Revenue of Virginia from 10 July 1702 to Oct. 25 following, lately received by me from that Plantation.
Mr. Weaver's accompts of the Public Revenue in New York from 6 Jan. 1700-1 to 29 June 1702 cannot be prepared for Declaration till Lord Cornbury's report thereon, to whom same were referred by your order of March 3 last supra p. 163.
As to the respective Proprietors of East and West New Jersey, Newcastle and the Lower Counties, Carolina, Mounthope &c. (who are indebted to her Majesty for several years' rent on their respective grants of those Provinces) I have called on the Jerseys Proprietors and have for answer that they are making their application to your Lordship with reference to the said arrear amounting to 260l. at June 24 last being 10 Nobles per an. from the year 1664.
As to Pennsylvania and the Lower Counties (for one moiety of the profits whereof Mr. Pen is answerable), Mr. Pen has pursuant to her Majesty's order laid a proposal before the Council of Trade and Plantations offering to surrender those Governments in consideration of a sum of money and said arrears : which proposal is now under consideration.
I have acquainted Lord Granville, Palatine of Carolina, with your pleasure for issue of process "unless those Proprietors as well as others do speedily comply with the payment of their rent amounting to 159l. 18s. 0d. in November last."
As to Mounthope (the acknowledgment to her Majesty being 7 beaver skins for the grant of that territory) I have writ to Col. Dudley, Governor in Chief of that part of New England, who will give the necessary directions therein.
Appending : (1) State of the accompt of the Duty of 4½ per cent. arising to her Majesty in the Carribbee Islands and paid into the Exchequer from 24 March 1701-2 to 24 May 1703 : and of the issuing thereof : pursuant to the address of the House of Commons of 24 March 1701.
£ s. d.
The Exchequer is Debtor
by receipts of said Duty, 6 Nov., 1702 7321 12 4
30 Dec. 272 10 0
2 March, 1702-3 254 9 5
30 April, 1703 498 15 0
£8347 6 9
Creditor by issues made
4 Nov. 1702 for an engineer, storekeeper, gunners and stores of war to be sent to Barbados 2500
to the Governor of Barbados 9 June 1702-3 part of the salary of 1200l. per an. 272 10 0
ditto 3 May 1703 327 10 0
4 Nov. 1702 for stores of war sent to the Leeward Islands 2000
remains in the Exchequer 24 May, 1703 2247 6 9
£8347 6 9
Memorandum : besides the above balance there remained in the hands of the Husband of the said Duty on 24 July last 48 hogsheads of sugar computed to be worth 700l.
(2) State of the accompt of the revenues of the Duty of 2s. per hogshead, Port Duties and Head Money in Virginia from 10 July 1702 to 25 Oct. following.
£ s. d.
by balance of last account 3515 10
by Duties of 2s. per hogshead, Port Duties and Headmoney from 10 July to 25 Oct. 1702., 350 2 9
by rights upon surveys for taking up lands : for the same time 27 5 0
£3892 18
By the Governor's salary due 24 Oct. 1702 1000
by allowance of house rent to same time 75
by allowance to the Councillors to same time 175 0 0
by other salaries to the same time 210 13
by paid to several Ministers who attended one General Court within same time 10 0 0
by paid to several messengers to New York &c. within same time 94 16 8
by other contingent disbursements during same time 89 10 0
1655 0
Balance due to her Majesty 2237 17 7
£3892 18
(3) List of the accompts of the Plantations ready for Declaration.
(a) account of her Majesty's Revenue in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay from 28 May 1701 to 27 May, 1702.
(b) ditto in the Province of New Hampshire for one year ended 16 May 1695.
(c) ditto within the District of Patuxent River in the Province of Maryland for one year ended 1 Oct. 1701.
(d) ditto within the District of Potomac River in the Province of Maryland for one year ended 19 Nov. 1701.
(e) ditto of the 2s. per hogshead in Virginia for 8 months ended 10 July 1702.
(f) ditto of Quit Rents in Virginia for the year 1701.
(g) ditto of her Majesty's revenue in Jamaica for 6 months ended 25 March 1700.
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 118-122.
Memorandum : On the 29th July 1703 upon my Lord Treasurer's nomination is signed and sealed by Mr. Blathwayt the usual deputation to George Larkin Esq. to be Deputy Auditor of her Majesty's Revenue in the Leeward Isles with like instructions as to Mr. George Muschamp "except the 5th article that ended at the word Province, Mr. Bladen being Secretary thereof. It was dated the 2nd of August 1703." Ibid., p. 128.
Aug. 3. William Lowndes to Charles Fox to apply as follows the sum of 131,390l. 19s. 8d. that is or shall be advanced to you on the tallies and orders put into your hands for the service of the Forces : viz.
£ s. d.
For the Forces in the Low Countries in part of the charge of the 40,000 men acting with the Allies for the year 1703.
for one month or 28 days subsistence for the Subject Troops and full pay to the Foreign Forces that make up the said 40,000 men from 6 Aug. inst to Sept. 2 next 54747 6 8
This sum is to be provided as follows viz. 20,574l. 7s. 10¼d. out of moneys advanced on tallies on the Land Tax of this year remaining undisposed in your hands ; 13,000l. of moneys paid you at the Exchequer in loans registered in your name on the new Duties on coals, first in course ; 21,172l. 18s. 9¾d. of the moneys advanced to you on the tallies in your name on the Duties on Malt.
to clear Lieut. Gen. Churchill's Regiment of Foot from 25 Feb. last to April 4 last 155 16 10
for General Officers and Contingencies to Michaelmas next 1703 being a fourth part of the sum allowed on the Establishment for those uses 5000
for one month's subsistence more to the Subject Troops and full pay to the Foreigners from Sept. 2 to 30 next : making in all for the 40,000 men 114,650l. 10s. 2d. 54747 6 8
The said last 3 sums together with the 3 following sums are to be paid out of moneys advanced or to be advanced on the Malt tallies.
In further part of the Queen's proportion of Subsidies due upon Treaties with the Allies.
for the King of Denmark for the value of 37,500 Rix Dollars, Bank money of Hamborough, being the second quarter's subsidy due to him the 24 June last 9300
for the second quarter's subsidy to the Elector of Treves due at the same time, being the value of 15,625 guilders 1488 1 10¾
for half a year's subsidy to the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel from the 25th March last to the 29th Sept. next, being the value of 62,500 guilders 5952 7
£131390 19 8
Disposition Book XVI, p. 250.
William Lowndes to Mr. Lucy to pay into the Exchequer before Sept. 29 next the balance of your account of the revenues [sede vacante] of the bishopric of St. Davids, otherwise process will issue against you. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 223.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the private soldiers in Capt. Stamforth's Troop of the Royal Regiment of Dragoons under Brigadier Lloyd, praying relief as to their pay which they allege to be in the hands of their Officer. Ibid.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Works to report on the enclosed estimate [missing] of the sinking, new making and altering the great Fountain Garden at Hampton Court. Ibid., p. 224.
Treasury commission to Edward Pigon [Piggon] as a surveyor of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages [for Co. Norfolk]. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 466.
Aug. 4. Money warrant for 20,000l. to John, Visct. Fitz-Hardinge, Treasurer of the Chamber : upon account for the service of the Office of Treasurer of the Chamber. (Money order dated Aug. 6 hereon). Money Book XVI, p. 409. Order Book VI, p. 36.
Letter of direction for 497l. 14s. 7½d. to William Lowndes for secret service. Disposition Book XVI, p. 241.
Same for 20l. to Mr. Millart, clerk to the Agents for Taxes, for [last June 24 quarter on] his salary. Ibid., p. 251.
William Lowndes to Mr. Blathwaite to prepare a royal warrant to authorise the Earl of Ranelagh to pay 178l. 9s. 0d. to Col. Dudley for his disbursements in raising a Company of Foot in New England and sending them to Jamaica in 1702. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 224.
William Lowndes to Mr. Ferne [Customs Cashier]. The Lord Treasurer gives you 2 or 3 weeks [leave of] absence according to your desire. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 225.
Same to Mr. [Robert] Gilliver [Receiver of Crown Land Revenues in Co. Derby &c.]. Sundry of the Justices of Peace and gentlemen of co. Chester have complained to the Lord Treasurer concerning many offences and misdemeanours committed by you under your commission for levying arrears of land revenues of the Crown in that county. You are to desist from your commission till you have cleared yourself. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the extra-parochial tithes in Bedford Level, Bullingbrook [Bolingbroke] Level, Mr. Thomas's Level and Sir John Mounson's Level : in order to a lease thereof to Samuel Hastings.
Prefixing and appending : (a) said Hastings' petition for same and order of reference dated April 26 last. (b) Surveyor General's report on said petition. The premises were granted 1661 Nov. 13 to Sir Charles Berkley junr. Kt. and Sir Bernard Gascon but no part of same has been recovered and no rent thereunder has ever been paid although divers sums have been received by the said grantees thereunder, notably from Lord Belasyse. (c) Certificate by Auditor Henry Shales as to said tithes on fen lands as above, estimated at 20,000 acres and not comprised in the bounds of any parish and not of right belonging to any church or rectory. Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, pp. 63-5.
Same by same to same for a particular of a tenement in North Kingbear co. Cornwall, parcel of the manor of Carnedon Prior [Carradon], in order to a lease thereof to John Anstis.
Prefixing : said Surveyor General's report on the petition of said Anstis for same. The premises were granted in the time of Charles I to William Daw senr. and junr. and Richard May, son of Oliver May of Polruan, and in 1664 they passed to Henry Seymour for the life of Brigadier Henry Trelawney. Ibid., p. 65.
Same by same to the Queen's Remembrancer to take the security, detailed, of Lancelot Burton of St. Martins in the Fields as Receiver General for the palaces of Whitehall, St. James's, and the Verge thereof, for the Subsidies and Land Tax and likewise for the arrears of the second 3s. Aid anno 1698 and other taxes ut supra, p. 339.
Prefixing : report by the Agents for Taxes on the sufficiency of said security. Ibid., p. 67.
Subscription by same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe dated Jan. 14 last for the delivery to William Hester, ratkiller to her Majesty, of a livery for the year 1702 as is usually allowed. Ibid., p. 89.
[? Aug. 4.] Entry of the Treasury signature of the docquet of a lease to James Buller of a messuage in Trehusta alias Trehengsta, part of the Duchy of Cornwall, in trust for the executors of Henry Stephens, ut supra Tr. Cal. Vol. XVII, p. 320 under date 1702 Aug. 4. Ibid.
Same of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal of lands in co. Montgomery to George Hosier, being part of the estate of Richard Bushop, Mathew Bushop and Richard Morris extended for debt. Ibid.
[?] Same of a same of lands in co. Denbigh to said George Hosier, being part of the estate of Edward Jones extended for debt. Ibid.
[?] Same of a same of lands in co. Lincoln to Hester Foote widow, being part of the estate of Thomas Prettyman junr. outlaw. Ibid.
Aug. 5. Money warrant for 40l. to Christopher Willoughby for an overpayment on his account to 1702 Sept. 29 as Sheriff of Wilts. : being paid to Anthony St. Leger et al. for arresting John Barloe, a highwayman. (Money order dated Aug. 12 hereon). Money Book XVI, p. 410. Order Book VI, p. 37. Disposition Book XVI, p. 256.
Same for 40l. to Robert Mitford for a same as late sheriff of the county of York : being paid by him to Henry Smithson et al for apprehending James Blades, Joseph Thompson, Thomas Gott, and John Shaw, counterfeiters of the coin. (Money order dated Aug. 12 hereon). (Letter of direction dated Aug. 1 hereon). Money Book XVI, p. 410. Order Book VI, p. 37. Disposition Book XVI, p. 256.
Same for 20l. to Isaac Grace as royal bounty for the charge of his transportation as chaplain to Virginia. (Money order dated Aug. 7 hereon). (Letter of direction dated Aug. 17 hereon). Money Book XVI, p. 410. Order Book VI, p. 34. Disposition Book XVI, p. 256.
Same for 1500l. to William Smith, Paymaster of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, for last June 24 quarter's wages &c. to said Band. (Money order dated Aug. 7 hereon). (Letter of direction dated Aug. 17 hereon). Money Book XVI, p. 411. Order Book VI, p. 35. Disposition Book XVI, p. 256.
Letter of direction for 5000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy : out of loans on Malt : and is to be paid over to Mr. Gould and Mr. Hall for the second payment on their contract for importing pitch and tar this year by commission : to be placed in the Navy account to the head of Wear and Tear. Disposition Book XVI, p. 251.
Same for 782l. 6s. 8d. to John How, Paymaster of Guards &c., out of the loans on Malt : and is to be paid over to the 4 Companies of Invalids for 3 months' pay to Sept. 24 next as in further part of 5000l. appropriated the last Sessions [of Parliament] for the support of the said Invalids. Ibid.
Same for 30,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of such moneys as he shall receive at the Exchequer on the tallies and orders for 300,000l. in his name as Navy Treasurer registered on the Land Tax of this year : and is to be applied to the head of seamen's Wages. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Postmasters General to pay the warrant for 5875l. to the Duchess of Cleveland by 100l. a week from July 28 last out of Post Office revenue. Disposition Book XVI, p. 253.
Same to Mr. Cardonell. Yours of the 6th inst [N.S.] has been laid before the Lord Treasurer. I am to reply that the money for the clearings of the Forces in the Low Countries to Dec. 25 last (which you desire may be forthwith ordered) was issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for that purpose April 27 last and Mr. Pauncefort says it was immediately remitted to Mr. Sweet.
As to the Repartition [the division between England and Holland for the 20,000 additional men] the Lord Treasurer approves of it being signed by the Duke [of Marlborough] and he will obtain the Queen's authority for the application of the money pursuant to the appropriation clause.
As to the 1095l. remitted from Ireland to Mr. Pauncefort for Brigadier Generals Orkney and Ingoldsby, Mr. Pauncefort will remit it to Mr. Sweet. As he has given a receipt for same to the Paymaster of Ireland he desires you to obtain the like from the said Brigadiers. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 225.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt to prepare a royal warrant for payment of 202l. 15s. 2¾d. to Col. Ingoldsby, Capt. of one of the Independent Companies at New York, for his arrears of pay from 1699 March 26 to 1702 Dec. 24, in consideration of said Colonel putting himself into a condition of repairing to New York. Out of the said sum 30l. is to applied towards providing new arms and accoutrements for said Company as proposed in your report on Ingoldsby's petition. Ibid., p. 226.
Treasury reference to [the Surveyor General of Crown Lands] of the petition of Henry Chubb and Geo. Andrews shewing that said Chubb spent 205l. 13s. 2d. in prosecuting several persons for encroachments within the manor of Bucklawren co. Cornwall by direction of Sir John Ernle, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, for which in 1697 the Treasury Lords granted him a lease of a small tenement and mill in the said manor and another tenement in Bonyalva manor : but the fine thereof being remitted was only 121l. : therefore praying to be paid the balance of his disbursements out of the fine for a proposed new lease of 2 copyhold tenements in the manor of Trelowa to the said Andrews. Reference Book VIII, p. 69.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against James Herbert as late Receiver. General for Prizes, his accounts being now before the Auditors of Imprests. Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, p. 62.
Same by same to Auditor Edward Harley to make up for declaration the account of Richard Crawley, from 1702 May 20 to 1703 March 25 as Receiver of Salvage money and other Droits and Perquisites of the Admiralty.
Prefixing : state of said account : total charge 2310l. 19s. 3d. : total discharge 2016l. 11s. 9d. including 77l. 2s. 2d. paid to Francis Painter for the moiety of the ship Peace taken in Virginia, to be distributed among the captors : 105l. paid to Tho. Donyng, assignee of Patrick Grahme and others inhabitants of the Island of Scilly out of the salvage of the ship May Flower in reward for their service in rescuing the said ship from the enemy ; 20l. paid to Mary Mayhooke, a seaman's widow, out of the salvage of the ship Expedition for the loss of her clothes : and 1500l. paid into the Exchequer. Ibid.
Subscription by same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated July 27 to the Master of the Jewel House for the delivery to Secretary the Earl of Nottingham of 3 silver boxes large enough to contain the Great Seal of England to be affixed to the Ratification and Treaties with Portugal : at a cost of 25l. Ibid., p. 63.
Warrant by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a tenement at Richmond ut supra Tr. Cal. Vol. XVII, p. 307 in order to a new lease thereof to John Lauze, who married a daughter of Edward Holmwood, a former lessee.
Prefixing : said Surveyor General's report on said Lauze's petition for same. I reported 1696 Aug. 26 on a former petition of Lauze for same and again in Jan. 1700 but he did not proceed. Ibid., p. 84.
Aug. 6. Same by same to the Receiver of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages for the cities of London and Westminster to pay 50l. per an. salary to Phillip Potts as a surveyor of said Duties. Money Book XVI, p. 225.
Subscription by same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated 26 Nov. 1702 to the Earl of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for the delivery to Dr. Hescard [Gregory Haskard], Dean of Windsor and Register of the Order of the Garter, of stationery wares, detailed. Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, p. 67.
Report dated Whitehall to the Lord Treasurer from William Blathwayt as Auditor General of the Plantations on the petition of George Granville on behalf of Sir Bevill Granville, Governor of Barbados, for payment of his salary clear of Exchequer fees and taxes and that his additional salary may commence from the date of his commission : the said petition having been referred to Blathwayt by Mr. Lowndes' letter of July 20 last supra p. 343. Since Sir Bevill Granville's departure from England the Queen has by order in Council forbidden the accepting of any present by the Governors of the Plantations ; which in Barbados had for some years past usually amounted to 2000l. per an. or more ; in lieu whereof her Majesty has settled an additional salary of 800l. per an. which with the former salary amounts to 2000l. per an. sterling. The late Governors of Barbados (Col. [Thomas] Kendal, Col. [Francis] Russell and [Ralph] Lord Gray) received their salaries from the Commissioners of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty upon the place [at Barbados] which method, as I understand, your Lordship has been pleased to alter and to direct payment thereof to be made in the Exchequer here, which occasions the demanding of taxes [Exchequer fees] not paid by any former Governor of Barbados or the Governors of any other her Majesty's Plantations.
The manner of living in Barbados is very expensive and provisions very dear and a Governor is liable to answer his share of all Impositions and public Duties within his Plantation. It is therefore hard that he should pay taxes in England where he is not resident for a salary payable out of a revenue granted in that Plantation and not by Parliament here.
As to the date of commencement of his additional salary it is given in lieu of presents which he would probably have received upon his arrival in Barbados. It is therefore just that it commence with his ordinary allowance from the date of his commission provided he gave assurance to satisfy the President of the Council there for what is due to said President thereout up to the time of Granville's arrival, otherwise the said President might make a demand upon her Majesty for same.
Prefixing (1) said Granville's petition. On his appointment to Barbados petitioner quitted the government of Pendennis, the command of a Regiment of Foot and his rank in the army which gave him a pretence to the post of Brigadier General, being the oldest Colonel of Foot.
(2) said letter of reference from William Lowndes dated July 20 last. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 112-115.
Aug. 8. Report to the Lord Treasurer from William Blathwayt [as Auditor General of the Plantations] on the petition of Lord Fairfax and partners as referred July 20 last supra p. 343 : petitioners praying a grant of wrecks which before 1 April 1702 have been or before 20 Aug. 1705 shall be between 15 & 18 South Latitude in the West Indies. Hereon Blathwayt reports that in 1686 James II granted to the Duke of Albemarle such wrecks on the north side of Hispaniola.
In 1687 the said Duke intending a second voyage to discover gold &c. wrecked as aforesaid offered to defray the charge of his Majesty's ship Foresight as a convoy and at a royalty of a fifth to the Crown up to 150,000l. and a third thereafter. The King thereupon granted a patent to said Duke for same.
In Sept. 1687 James II granted to the Earl of Feversham all wrecks towards the north side of the mainland of America on conditions set out.
In 1691 William III granted to the Duke of Leinster the like in America between the latitude of 12 and 40 degrees north on the like conditions. There are also several other grants of wrecks heretofore made on like conditions.
In 1687 Mr. Constable made application to King James concerning gold and silver taken up from the wreck to the north side of Hispaniola (granted to the Duke of Albemarle) by persons not grantees. The then Judge of the Admiralty and the Judge Advocate reported thereon that besides the tenth royalty to the Crown a moiety was due to the Lord High Admiral by the ancient ordinances of the Admiralty, and directions were sent to Sir Robert Robinson, Commander-in-Chief in the Bermudas, to detain in his hands such moiety arising in the Bermudas.
It is therefore submitted whether the royalty on such grants should be one tenth, one eighth or one fifth or a moiety. I take it the grant desired is not intended to exclude others from taking up gold or silver. "But whereas the pernicious trade of stockjobbing ought to be discouraged, more especially at this time as much as possible" I advise that the petitioners satisfy your Lordship by good proof of the truth of the information which they have received of this wreck, least some of the petitioners be surprised by the others into a society of stock jobbing instead of a real and well grounded undertaking.
Since the closing of this report the petitioners pray that instead of the limits afore petitioned for, the grant may extend to the 26th degree of North Latitude. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 122-6.
Aug. 9. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 200l. per an. to Sir Salathiel Lovell, second Justice of Chester, as an addition to the profits of his place there, upon the augmentation of the salaries of all the Judges of Westminster and in North and South Wales. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 91.
Same to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for 1000l. to Sir Richard Cox, Chancellor of Ireland, as royal bounty towards his equipage and preparation for the said employment. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 287.
Same to same to clear the Regiments of Foot of Col. Thomas Brudenall and William Visct. Mountjoy (after being completed by drafts out of other Regiments to 13 Companies each) to the day of their embarcation from Ireland for Portugal, notwithstanding any former order to the contrary. Ibid., p. 288.
Aug. 9 & 18. Royal letters patent dated Windsor Castle appointing George Muschamp to be Receiver of her Majesty's Revenue raised for the support of the Government within the Precinct of the river of Potomac and the Province of Maryland in America, except such Duties and Revenues as by an order in Council of 3 Wm. III were declared to belong to Charles, Lord Baltimore as Proprietor of the said Province : all with the fee or salary of 120l. per an. payable out of the Duty of one penny per pound of tobacco exported from one Plantation to another : during pleasure : and whereas the royal warrant of 7 Wm. III granted the said office to him with 100l. per an. out of the revenue there (which said revenue being appropriated to the proprietory of the said Province and to the buying of arms and ammunition for the Magazines and for the support of the Government there, there has consequently not been wherewithal to satisfy said salary) the arrears thereof and the said growing fee or salary of 100l. per an. are to be satisfied out of said Duty of a penny per pound.
Followed by :
Instructions under the Queen's sign manual dated August 18 to said Muschamp for his said office.
(1) Carefully and diligently collect and receive all revenues, Duties, Customs and Impositions whatsoever due to us within our said Province.
(2) You shall not trade as a merchant, factor or agent directly or indirectly.
(3) Constantly render to the Governor and to William Blathwayt, Auditor General of our revenues in America, a true and just accompt of all such revenues, Customs or Imposts and of your issuing thereof ; and duly answer and pay all moneys in your hands to persons to whom same shall be ordered by warrant of the Governor with advice and consent of our Council there, and not otherwise.
(4) Transmit to said Blathwayt every six months a fair state and distinct accompt (examined by his Deputy and accompanied by the particular vouchers) of all such revenues, Duties, Customs, Imposts and profits whatsoever accruing to us and [to] our Government of Maryland within the said Precinct and of all money and value of money received and issued by you pursuant to the warrant of the Governor as aforesaid ; and likewise of arrears with the names and habitations of all persons in arrear.
(5) Keep perfect entries of the particular branches of our said revenue in several books and send to Blathwayt the names of all persons in arrear ; copies of all public Acts and every six months a catalogue of entries of imports and exports. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, pp. 92-3. Out Letters (Plantations) Auditor II, pp. 115-7, 129-31.
Aug. 9. William Blathwayt [Auditor General of the Plantations] to William Lowndes enclosing several papers relating to the accompts of the Plantations ut supra pp. 354-6, under date Aug. 2 : to be laid before the Lord Treasurer. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, p. 118.
Aug. 10. Money order for 300l. to the Duchess of Buckingham as royal bounty : as by the sign manual of the 9th inst. (Letter of direction dated Aug. 31 hereon). Order Book VI, p. 34. Disposition Book XVI, p. 263.
Treasury reference to the Earl of Ranelagh of the petition of John Breres, shewing that he served for many years in the Horse Guards until there happened a reducement on half pay after the rate of 2s. a day for life, that 8 others so reduced have lately had their allowance confirmed by the Queen : therefore praying the like favour in respect of his age and qualification. Reference Book VIII, p. 67.
Same to same of the petition of Frances Jones and Ann Lloyd, daughters of William Pendrill deceased, praying the arrears from 1702 Sept. 29 of their pension of 50l. per an. each. Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wrenn of the bill of Mr. Cousins for 55l. for gilding the pipes and carved woodwork of the organs of the Chapel Royal at Windsor. Ibid., p. 68.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Robert Bond of Lancaster, skinner, and other creditors of Robert Bulcock, late of Lancaster merchant, concerning the security for said Bulcock's debt owing for Customs. Ibid., p. 69.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Thomas Moor for a lease of 6 small tenements in Tamworth in cos. Warwick and Stafford formerly granted to Mary Bott widow. Ibid.