Index of Persons and Places: D

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 18, 1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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Dagnia, Onesiphorus, verdict against for removal of glass wares before entry, 330.

Dalton, Richard, order on duties on coals and culm assigned to, 403.

Dampier, , captain, in charge of the St. George and Farne, privateers, 148.

-, William, extraordinary landcarriageman, London port, salary to be continued during absence at sea, 103.

Danckarts, , mons., payment for postage of Will. III's letters, 474.

D'Andoin (Audoin). See Andoin.

Dangeau, , pension of, 471.

Danvers, Beata, a Woman of the Bedchamber, 101, 218, 312, 414.

Darbie. See Derby.

Darington, Henry, petition for employment in the Customs, 464.

Darley, Ann (Anna), widow, lease of a house at Richmond, 170, 206, 228, 291, 475.

Dartiquenave, , pension for, 214.

-, Clifton-Dartmouth-Hardness, co. Devon, boatmen at, 135, 387
-, perpetuity granted to the Corporation of by Hen. VII, 192, 226, 326, 430.

-, Lord. See Legge, G.
-, Legge, W.

Dashwood, Sir Samuel, Lord Mayor of London, 117.

Dassell, Samuel, landwaiter at London port, 468.

Daunt, John, surveyor, waiter and searcher at Bridlington, 129.

Daval, Sir Tho., remitter of exchange money, 62.

-, Charles, Dr., Inspector General of Exports and Imports, 292
-, account of East India goods shipped for Ireland or the Plantations, 79, 431
-, Secretary to the Commissioners to treat for a Union between England and Scotland, 135, 272, 328.

-, Henry, Her Majesty's Secretary at Frankfort, 406, 416.

Davennes, Claude, pension of, 470.

Davenport, John, Sheriff of co. Chester, 350.

David, John James, et al., merchants, purchase of barilla, 336, 446.

Davies (Davis), James, deputy Queen's waiter, London port, to be landwaiter, 468.

-, John, captain, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

-, Luke, lieutenant, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

-, Stephen, one of the reduced number of extraordinary tidesmen, London port, to be tidesman, inferior list, 464.

-, William, tidesman, inferior list, London port, to be waiter and searcher at Appledore, 464.

Davison, William, lands in Tanfield, 335, 413.

Dawes (Daw), William, junior, tenement in Kingbear, 221, 358.

-, -, senior, tenement in Kingbear, 221, 358.

-, -, Dr., Censor of the College of Physicians, 260.

Dawkins, Policarpus, surety of W. Smith, 239.

Dawson, , letter for, 9.

-, Hester, pension for, 215.

-, Joshua, Keeper of the Papers in Ireland, 118.

Day, Arthur, reward for capture of French ship, 301.

-, co. Kent, riding officers for the guard of the coast between Dover and, 292
-, Customs collector. See Waring, J.
-, decayed naval stores at, 484
-, sick and wounded at, 144, 146.

De Alix. See Alix.

Dean, Forest of, co. Gloucester, Conservator and Supervisor of, 18, 159, 346.

deer in, Receiver of the Queen's part of the penalties for offences relating to, 18. See also Rudge, T.

keepers, six, of, reduced to great extremity, 466
-, salaries of, 18, 159, 346, 466.

wood cut or to be cut in, contracts for, 31, 219, 306, 313.

wood sales in, 275.

woods, Receiver of the Queen's part of the penalties for offences relating to, 18. See also Rudge, T.

Deane, John, lieutenant, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

De Bellefonds. See Bellefonds.

De Boisrisseau. See Boisrisseau.

De Bourbon, Armand. See Miremont, Marquis de.

De Brasselay. See Brasselay.

De Brugnire. See Brugnire.

De Caumont. See Caumont.

De Chadignac. See Chadignac.

De Chail. See Chail.

De Champagne. See Champagne.

De Champigny. See Champigny.

De Chevernay. See Chevernay.

De Civill. See Civill.

De Culan St. Meme. See Culan.

De Dollon. See Dollon.

Dee, John, of Petworth, Receiver General of Land Tax and Subsidy, co. Sussex, 493.

De Hautcharmoy. See Hautcharmoy.

De la Barre. See Barre.

De la Force, Duchess. See Caumont, Susanne de.

De la Hospitall. See Hospitall.

De la Largere. See Largere.

De la Muce. See Muce.

De la Roche. See Roche.

De Launay. See Launay.

Delavall (Delaval), Robert, stamper in the Stamp Office, 5, 95, 115, 459, 478.

De la Villiere. See Villiere.

Delaware River
-, Lower Counties on, proposal to surrender Government of, 354
-, quit rents, etc., due to the Crown from the Proprietors of, 199, 254.

Delaware River, Newcastle upon. See Newcastle.

Deleau, John, sheriff of Surrey, 340.

De Lescheraine. See Lescheraine.

De Lier. See Reede, Frederick van.

De Lisle. See Lisle.

De Marmande. See Marmande.

De Miremont. See Miremont.

De Montigny. See Montigny.

De Montmillan. See Montmillan.

-, county of, lands in, 339, 359
-, lead and coal mines in, 465
-, Keeper of the Original Seal for. See Meredith, E.
-, Receiver General of Taxes. See Lloyd, T.
-, Whitley, M.
-, Second Justice of. See Lovell, Sir S.

Denbigh, co. Denbigh, manor of, 465.

Denis, , wines and brandies from St. Sebastian, 57.

Denmark, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of, 97, 458. See also Vernon, J.

Forces of, comprised in the British contingent for the war with France, 33
-, establishment for, 62
-, memorial relating to, 380
-, waggon money, issue for, 252.

King of, subsidy for, 36, 38, 106, 247, 253, 256, 335, 357, 428.

Prince George of. See George.

Denneston, Edward, collector of Excise in Kent, debt of, 384.

Dennett, Edward, master of the Mary, 171.

Denny, Thomas, lieutenant, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

Depeyster, Abraham, Deputy Surveyor and Auditor General of the Revenue in New York, superseded, 217.

Deptford, co. Kent, decayed naval stores at, 484.

Milled Lead Work at, 299.

sick and wounded at, 144, 146
-, Surgeon of the Yard to take care of. See Case, W.

-, county of, 290, 385, 447
-, Receiver of Crown Land Revenues. See Gilliver, [R.]
-, Receiver General of Taxes. See Bradshaw, S.
-, sheriff for. See Bradshaw, H.

Derby, Earl of. See Stanley, J.

Derby (Darbie), John, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Dorset and town of Poole, 151, 443.

De Renevall. See Renevall.

Dering, Charles, 142.

-, Sir Edward, payment for stores delivered for the Navy, 436.

De Ronsell. See Ronsell.

De Rozell. See Rozell.

De St. Helenne. See St. Helenne.

De Serrieres. See Serrieres.

Desgrovais, Anne Benigne, pension of, 471.

Despiers (Despieres, d'Espieres), William, captain, a French reformed officer, pension of, 297, 386.

De Sussac. See Sussac.

Dethick, Henry, Richmond Herald, 350.

De Touchimbert. See Touchimbert.

Devall, William, master of the Lewis of Havre de Grace, 446.

De Veil. See Veil.

Devenish, Kath., pension for, 215.

-, Robert, Norroy King of Arms, 349.

De Venneville. See Venneville.

De Vere, Aubrey, 20th Earl of Oxford, 28, 208, 223.

-, Diana, Countess Dowager of Oxford, royal bounty for funeral charges of Aubrey her husband, 28, 208
-, annuity out of the First Fruits, 223.

Deveulle, Phil., master of the Benjamin, 491.

Devitt, John, lieutenant, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

-, county of, Duties on Houses and on Marriages, etc., frauds discovered in, 145
-, Receiver General of, 275
-, Surveyor of. See Cooper, J.
-, Holbech, W.

Salt Duties, collector of. See Clinton, T.

stamped paper and vellum, distributor of. See Johns, W.

taxes, frauds and abuses in the collection of, 61, 415, 469
-, commissioners to enquire concerning. See Burgoyne, W.
-, Eyre, C.
-, Mitchell, T.

Receiver General of. See Burridge, R.
-, Burridge, S.
-, Wood, N.

tin, affairs, agent for managing. See Quick, A.

coinage, management of revenue of, 78.

contracts for, 78, 416.

price of, 346
-, fall in, 346.

Receiver and Paymaster of the moneys for buying. See Scobell, H.

sale of, 346.

works, greater expenses of, 346.

tinners of, 78, 290, 346
-, Parliament or Convocation of, 290, 352.

Devon, Philip, a robber on the highway, 340.

Devonshire, Duke of. See Cavendish, W.

-, James, Agent for Taxes, 455
-, a trustee for the estate of A. Briggs, 178.

D'Hervart. See Hervart.

D'Hubac. See Hubac.

Dibley, William, a robber on the highway, 420.

Dicconson, Agnes, et. al., creditors of William, 441.

-, William, an outlaw, debts of, 441.

Dickenson, George, agent for Sick and Wounded Seamen at Plymouth, petition of widow of, 307.

Digby, John, a deputy Queen's waiter, London port, appointed landsurveyor at Liverpool, 161.

Dill, Step., tenement in Carradon Prior, 488.

Dimock, , colonel of Horse, 76.

-, -, Mary, widow of, pension refused, 76.

-, co. Kerry, 192
-, arrears on plus and undisposed lands in, 157.

Disney, Ann, pension for, 213.

-, Eliz., pension for, 213.

Dives, , account of all payments in the Offices for payment of Annuities, 109.

D'Laet. See Laet.

Dobree, William, merchant, fitting out a privateer, the Prince George, 459.

Dobson, , warehousekeeper of London port, 57, 301.

Dockwra, [William], allowance out of the Penny Post Office, 27.

Docmenique, [Paul], debt from Proprietors of East and West New Jersey, 344.

-, (Dod), , counsel for Lady Wood, 63, 64
-, counsel for Lord Berkeley, 86, 88.

-, John, Receiver General or Commissioner of the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty, 10, 43, 106, 117, 239, 270, 272, 274, 288, 301, 317, 325, 386, 391, 405, 446, 458
-, agent to, 325.

-, [George], Navy accounts, 18, 23, 54, 55, 58, 85, 410
-, clerk to. See Burton, R.

Dolben, Gilbert, one of the Justices of Common Pleas, Ireland, 314, 346.

-, John, Clerk of the Fines at Ludlow, 175, 192, 236.

Dolland (Dollard), William, army pensioner, royal bounty for, 26, 214.

Dollon, Catherine de, pension of, 471.

-, Martha, pension of, 471.

Donavant, Anne, pension of, 471.

-, Thomas, an Auditor of Imprests, 104, 111, 148, 163, 180, 222, 339
-, salary of, 263.

Donegal, Earl of. See Chichester, A.

Donjoy, Simon, a collector of Excise, co. Surrey, debts of, 231, 312, 478.

-, Nehemiah, Puisne Baron of the Exchequer Court, Ireland, appointed a Commissioner of Accounts, Ireland, 118
-, payment to, for speeding a Commission at Naas, 191.

Donnelon, John, lieutenant, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

Donyng, Tho., assignee of P. Grahme, and others, 360.

Dorchester, Countess of. See Sedley, Catherine.

Dornaunt, Madeleine, pension of, 471.

Dorrell, Clement, wine and brandy imported contrary to law, 156 bis.

-, county of, Receiver of Crown Land Revenues. See Rudge, T.
-, Receiver General of Duties on Houses and on Marriages, etc., 143
-, Surveyor of Duties on Houses and on Marriages, etc. See Chandler, P.
-, Jevon, S.
-, Receiver General of Taxes. See Derby, J.

Dorset, Earl of. See Sackville, C.

Doudar, Angelique, pension of, 471.

Douglas, Dame , pension for, 214.

-, -, , daughter of, pension for, 214.

-, Edward, accounts of the two late Marine Regiments, 234, 466.

Douse, William, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Huntingdon, 151.

Dove, , lieutenant colonel, taking off of respits, 71.

Dover, co. Kent, 386.

and Deal, riding officers for the guard of the coast between, 292.

Buckland, two closes called Brocksditch near, 376.

Castle, Governor of, lands in possession of, 376
-, Lieutenant Governor of. See Strode, [J.]

Charleton Dean alias Castle Dean, 376.

collector of, 445.

Customs surveyor at, 240.

Maison Dieu (Massenden, Masendew), lands called, formerly belonging to the dissolved monastery at, lease of, 228, 289, 376.

Pacquet Boats at, Agent to. See Macky, J.
-, Manager or Director of. See Bastinck, F.
-, Macky, J.

postmaster, deputy, of. See Stock, A.

Downs, The, prize ship laden with wines brought into, 129.

Downton, Richard, stamper in the Stamp Office, 459, 478.

Doyley, , captain, importation of French wines, 246.

Doyly alias Walter, Mary, pension for, 213.

Doyne, Robert, Chief Baron of the Exchequer Court, Ireland, appointed a Commissioner of Accounts, Ireland, 118.

Draghi, John Baptist, pension for, 215.

Drake, Sir William, a Commissioner of Accounts, 327, 414.

Drewry, Richard, pension for, 215.

Drogheda, co. Londonderry, arrears on plus and undisposed lands in, 157.

Droitwich, co. Worcester, supervisor of Salt Duty at. See Steele, S.

Dubat, , pension for, 214.

-, co. Dublin, Army in, additional pay for, 124
-, regiment sent to Holland, charge of, 22, 178.

Bowling Green, 138.

Castle, necessaries bought for, 191
-, room in, to be fitted up as a Paper Office, 118.

Horse Barracks, purchase of ground for building, 9, 138.

Hospital and Free School founded by Charles II, royal bounty for, 244.

lands in, arrears on plus and undisposed, 157.

letters to, profits of, 229.

Ordnance Stores at, repair of unserviceable firelock musquetts in, 191.

Penny Post Office in, erection of, 439, 490.

Dubreville, Mary, pension of, 471.

Duckinfield (Duckenfeild), Loftus, captain, company of, 141, 174.

-, Sir Robert, sheriff of co. Lancaster, 121.

Dudley, [John], cornet, petition of, 39.

-, Joseph, colonel, Governor of New England, 6, 114, 149, 354
-, Governor of New Hampshire, 199, 222, 292
-, Governor of Massachusetts ay and New Hampshire, 294, 317
-, payment for raising a Company of Foot in New England and sending them to Jamaica, 60, 322, 357.

Duke, Elizabeth, pension of, 472.

-, Robert, master of the Wareham galley, 171.

-, (Dummar), Edmund, contractor for the packet boats between Falmouth and the West Indies, 20, 21, 53, 54, 59, 170, 171, 227, 291, 341, 370, 382, 383, 468, 469
-, contractor for the packet boats between Falmouth and Lisbon, 338, 394.

Dumont, Mary, pension of, 470.

-, Silly, pension of, 470.

Dunbarr, Joseph, captain, half-pay allowance stopped, 126.

Duncan, Claude, pension of, 471.

Duncomb (Duncombe), Ann, a Maid of Honour, 413.

-, Anthony, a Commissioner for Prizes, 315, 371.

-, Charles, a Commissioner for making Farthings and Halfpence, 369.

-, Vall, lands in Braybrooke, 465.

-, William, Comptroller of the Accounts of the Army, 41, 85, 300.

Dundalk, co. Louth, arrears on plus and undisposed lands in, 157.

Dungan, Thomas, 2nd Earl of Limerick, issue for secret service, 90.

Dunlevy, Mark, et al., persons fined for assaulting, 189, 232.

Dupplin, Viscount. See Hay, T.

-, Louis de, 2nd Earl of Feversham, Lord Chamberlain to Catherine of Bragana, return of jewel plate, 273
-, grant by James II of wrecks on the north side of the mainland of America to, 362.

Durden, Jonathan, Surveyor and Inspector of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages, etc., co. York, 420, 422.

-, county of, lands in, 335, 413
-, Receiver General of Taxes. See Wyvell, F.
-, Wyvell, T.
-, Surveyor of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages, etc. See Wilcox, J.

-, diocese of, arrears of tenths on small rectories and vicarages in, 323
-, bishop of, 323
-, collector of Excise. See Banson, H.

Durham, William, Surveyor of Duties on Houses and on Marriages, etc., co. Bedford, 467.

Durley, Henry, Cashier to the Treasurer of the Navy for the service of the Victualling, 306.

Dursey Island, co. Cork, 192.

Dutton, Sir Richard, royal bounty for, 52, 288.

D'Vigneau. See Vigneau.

Dyke, Ann, petition of, 68.

Dymeirchion, Dymercheon, co. Flint, 478.