Minute Book: August 1703

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 18, 1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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August 1703

August 11.
Windsor Castle.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Petitions are read and the answers [are endorsed respectively and severally] on the abstract of them [viz. as follows]
Mr. Blathwayt: [my Lord orders] a warrant for a year [on his allowance] as was done the last year.
James Hodges : [my Lord orders] 50l. to be given him out of secret service.
The Church of Westminster : [my Lord orders] 68l. 6s. 8d. to them for their fees on the interment of the late King.
Michael Wadding : [my Lord orders him] to be paid 10l. to carry him to Ireland, but to have no more.
Mr. George Finch : [my Lord orders him] to have a lease of certain woods near Ilford but [he is] first to reimburse Thomas Goldstone his charges about obtaining a lease of the same ; to be adjusted by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Lieut. Col. Dove praying for the taking off of respites : [my Lord ordered] that all persons applying on such occasions be told that the power [of taking off such respites] is in the Duke of Marlborough who is the best judge thereof and my Lord Treasurer takes off no respites of this year. The last year it could be done by none but my Lord [Treasurer].
Sir Bevill Granville : [my Lord orders him] to be paid 41l. 9s. 0d. for the [Exchequer fees and] charges upon receiving 2 years' rent of Mote Park.
Sir Stephen Evance : [my Lord orders] 3000l. to be paid to him 3 weeks hence as in part of 3550l. owing to him for jewels [furnished for the Queen's service] but no further payment is to be made to him for jewels unless [the Lord Chamberlain's warrant for same be] first brought to my Lord to satisfy himself of the value.
The [Master of the] Great Wardrobe : [my Lord orders him] to have 2000l. on account, to be paid 3 weeks hence.
Treasurer of the Chamber : [my Lord orders] 500l. to him on account of her Majesty's progress to the Bath.
Likewise 200l. to the Works for the like service.
The Works : [my Lord orders] 146l. 8s. 8d. to them for works to be done at Kensington.
[The Master of the Great] Wardrobe : [my Lord orders] 111l. to him for necessaries to be provided for the Queen's progress.
Mr. Thomas Morrice who is to pay [be paymaster of] the Army designed for Portugal : [my Lord orders him] to be allowed 3l. a day ; but no more [to be paid on this order] from the time the Establishment of those Forces shall commence.
Sir Henry Furnese and Mr. Milner's proposal [is read by my Lord] for bills on Lisbon for 270,000 weighty pieces of Eight, whereof two thirds at sight and one third at 60 days' sight : all [to be furnished by them at the exchange rate] of 4s. 6d. per piece of Eight [in return] for present money. [The said proposal] is accepted and 40,000l. [is by my Lord ordered] to be paid to them [the proposers] in [ready] money and the rest by tallies on the Land Tax. My Lord resolves that if the Land Tax does not pay off those tallies with interest by the 30th Oct. 1704 then the same shall be made good out of some other fund : as also that if within 6 weeks' time Sir Henry Furnese cannot dispose of the said tallies at par my Lord will order 10000l. thereof to be turned into [ready] money for him.
[My Lord orders] 8000l. to be issued to the Cofferer of the Household, to wit 3471l. 18s. 2½d. to clear the Establishment of the Household to midsummer last and 4528l. 1s. 9½d. for imprests &c.
[My Lord orders the issue of] 18570l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the money of the surplus of the Malt Duty anno 1702 : [to be by him applied] for Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Roop to discharge the freight of 29 ships that went on the late expedition to Spain : and to be placed to account as part of the charge of the 10000 soldiers in sea service anno 1702.
[My Lord likewise orders the issue of] 20000l. to the Ordnance out of the like money as in part of the proportion allotted to the Office of the Ordnance for the year 1702.
[Likewise the issue of] 2607l. 12s. 1d. to the [Treasurer of the] Navy out of the funds of this year : [and to be] for Mr. Whitfield for subsistence to the Marines to Oct. 24 next [and to be accounted as] part of the charge of 10000 soldiers for sea service for the year 1703.
[Likewise my Lord] ordered 20000l. to Mr. Fox on his order for [subsidies for] Alliances : to be issued out of loans on the coal Duties : and a further 20000l. out of loans on malt and a further 21500l. out of loans on this year's Land Tax which are to be made by Sir Henry Furnese : the [total of the] same [three sums] is to be remitted to Portugal, for the value of 273333⅓ weighty pieces of Eight a 4s. 6d. each for the items as follows viz. :
Pieces of Eight
to complete 250,000 pieces of Eight for her Majesty's part of 500,000 pieces of Eight agreed to be paid for preparations for the Army to act in Portugal for the first year 190000
for paying so much as shall be due by the Treaty for the Queen's part of 2 months' advance for 13000 men raised or to be raised in Portugal 83333⅓
Mrs. Magdalen Cunningham [her petition is read and my Lord orders her] to have 10l. out of secret service money as the Queen's bounty. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 126.
August 17.
Windsor Castle.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir Stephen Evance comes in with a proposal for remitting 100000l. to Holland. My Lord says there being 3 mails due from Holland he is unwilling to conclude on this matter ; and therefore directs that the several proposers [for such exchange remittance] do attend Mr. Lowndes at the Treasury next Tuesday morning or send their proposals to him by that time : and that Mr. Lowndes do accept [the proposal which is] the fairest and most for her Majesty's service.
Petitions are read and my Lord's answers [are endorsed] on the abstract of them [: to wit as follows]
Mr. Gideon Royer [his petition is read and my Lord orders him] to have 10l. upon the Queen's warrant, for writing and embellishing a letter to the Czar of Muscovy.
Mr. Churchill the stationer [his petition is read : and my Lord orders him] to have 500l. in part of what is due in the Queen's time [since Her Majesty's accession].
[On the petition of the Master of the Great Wardrobe my Lord orders] 87l. l1s. l0d. to be paid to the Wardrobe on an estimate for cleaning and mending tapestry hangings for St. James's.
Robert Alston [his petition is read. My Lord orders him] to have the watchman's place [London port] now vacant by the death of one [John] Wakefield.
[On reading her petition my Lord orders] 100l. to be paid to the widow of Sir Thomas Cuddon out of secret service money as in repayment of so much advanced by her husband to Col. Philip Howard : and a warrant is to be prepared on Mr. Taylor's report for issuing 1052l. 4s. 9d. for gratuity and charges to her late husband in receiving loans &c.
[On reading the Earl of Manchester's petition my Lord Treasurer orders] a stay till Michaelmas next of the process against the said Lord on account of his plate [not returned into the Jewel House].
[On reading their petition my Lord orders the] clerks of the Privy Council to be paid 300l. due on their allowances at Midsummer last for [their attending] the business of the Commissioners of Trade and Plantations.
[On the petition of the Treasurer of the Chamber my Lord orders the issue of] 66l. 5s. 0d. to the said Treasurer for the salary and riding charges due at Midsummer last to Mr. Hallett as one of the Pages of the Removing Wardrobe.
Charles Palmer [his petition is read and my Lord orders him to have] 10l. as her Majesty's bounty : but he is to be told he must follow the Office no more.
My Lord agrees to Mr. How's taking up the last 20000l. of the 100,000l. in tallies on the Subsidies at an interest not exceeding 4 per cent, per annum, and to apply the same (together with the money of the Subsidies coming to his hands) to the uses following viz.
£ s. d.
for pay of the General Officers for 4 months ending the 24th August 1703 and to be as in part of 264874l. 10s. 3d. for Guards and Garrisons for the year 1703 2954 1
for subsistence [for the Guards and Garrisons] for 61 days to the 24th Oct. 1703 19725 14 5
for the like to the 4 Companies in New York to the 24th Oct. 1703 (as in part of same) 4030 3 6
for subsistence to Lord Lucas's Regiment to 24 Oct. 1703 and to be as in part of 87125l. 10s. 0d. for 10000 soldiers in sea service anno 1703 1607 12 1
£28317 11
Ordered that the 4 Companies at New York be paid their subsistence notwithstanding Mr. Champante's caveat.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Lowndes to speak with the Comptrollers of the Accounts relating to the Forces [the Comptrollers of Army Accounts] and to settle with them what is reasonable to be allowed for the charge of executing their office. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 127.
August 18.
Windsor Castle.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord orders the] Commissioners of Excise [on their removing to their new Office] to pay the rent for Mr. Harvey's house [where the Excise Office is as present kept] and to dispose of the [lease of] same in the best manner they can.
[The draft of a] letter to the Lord Chamberlain [to desire him] to sign a warrant for Mr. Herbert's bills for looking after his late Majesty's clocks is read and approved.
[The draft of a] letter to the Ordnance to send a memorial of the value of the brass guns which they are to have from the Commissioners of Prizes is read and approved.
[The draft of a] letter to the Commissioners of the Navy to cause 18570l. to be paid over to Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Roop for freight due on the 24 Dec. 1702 of 29 ships that went on the late Expedition to Spain is read and approved.
[The draft of a] letter referring to the Auditors of Imprests the account of the Receivers of Prizes to wit to June 24 last is read and approved.
[The draft of 2 letters of direction to the Exchequer for the issue of] 160l. to Mr. Randue is read and approved [for 2 quarters to Lady Day 1702 as Housekeeper of Windsor Castle, both sums of 80l. each to be issued out of the present Queen's Civil List revenues but the first sum to be on account of William III's arrears].
[The draft of a] letter to the Agents for Taxes to desire them to acquaint the Receiver of Taxes for London that he must make weekly payments into the Exchequer is read and approved.
[The like for the draft of a] letter to the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland referring [to them the consideration of] a petition of William Chartres.
[The like for a draft of a] letter to the Navy Commissioners for 2607l. 12s. 1d. to be paid over by the Navy Treasurer to Mr. Whitfeild for subsistence to the Marines to 24 Oct. next.
[The like for a draft of a] letter [of direction to the Exchequer for the issue to] Mr. Wise of 400l. for a quarter on 1600l. per an. [for the Gardens to wit for a quarter] due 1st August instant.
[My Lord orders the issue of] 15000l. to Mr. Fox for the Augmentation Troops in Holland : to be issued out of cash in the Exchequer.
[The like for the issue of] 1000l. to Mr. Lowndes for secret service.
[The like for] 2926l. 2s. 1½d. to be issued to the Works for the debt in that Office for the quarter ended the last of June 1703 and of 1334l. 9s. 1d. for works at Windsor in the same quarter.
[The like for] 306l. to be issued to Mr. Fox on his [money] order for alliances : [to be] for Lord Portmore and Col. Stanhope as levy money for a Company to be added to each of their Regiments.
[The like for] 400l. to be issued to the Works for Signor Verrio on account of his painting the staircase at Windsor.
[My Lord orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to the Customs Commissioners to dismiss Mr. [John] Massinger for misbehaviour in his employment [as tide surveyor] at Harwich.
[My Lord orders] 391l. 9s. 11½d. to be issued to the Duke of Somerset for works done for her Majesty's service in the Mews.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Lowndes to speak to the Agents for Taxes about Mr. Tayleur's and Mr. Batteley's representation touching supers on Taxes and to send an account to my Lord Treasurer to the Bath what directions are necessary to be given by him.
My Lord Treasurer attends the Queen.
The following abstract of papers is read [and the Queen's decisions thereon as follows are endorsed thereon respectively].
Petition of Col. Phi[lip] Howard praying the Queen's bounty of 100l. to support him till the Queen's return from the Bath. Granted.
Petition of Dame Susanna Meredith praying that since it was not thought fit that the estate of her son Sir Richard Meredith an idiot should be granted to Henry and Roger Meredith his brothers the same may be granted to her and to Philip Skippon and Thomas Palmer, being near relations and of good estates, to wit during the life of the said idiot. To be granted to whom the inheritance cannot go viz herself, Skippon and Palmer.
Petition of the Officers of her Majesty's chapels at Whitehall and St. James's praying payment of 835l. 14s. 6¼d. for the quarter on their wages and board wages from Lady day 1702 to Midsummer 1702, the time from which the Establishment commences. Granted.
Petition of the officers of the Works representing that they have received the Lord Chamberlain's warrant for making some repairs and alterations in Mr. Nicholas's lodgings in Whitehall and that they have viewed the same and that they estimate that the works required and which seem reasonable to be done will amount to 106l. The Queen does not allow this and will not make any precedent of this nature for lodgings in Whitehall and makes a standing order to the same purpose.
Petition of the Principal Officers of the Ordnance setting forth their case relating to the executing the place of Master General of the Ordnance and their demand of the allowance belonging to that Office [for the period] when there was no Master General appointed : together with the Attorney General's report thereon who says that they having executed that office during the vacancy have good equity to the Queen's favour to retain the salary belonging to the execution thereof. To be allowed on the Attorney General's Report.
The report from the Surveyor General of Crown Lands concerning several encroachments in St. James's Park : "to be read at large : the answer as followeth :" The Surveyor General must wait on the Duke of Buckingham and say that the Queen did give him leave to take in a ditch and a little beyond a tree so as there might be a straight line but he has gone further and her Majesty expects that his Grace be content with what she granted. All other encroachments [referred to] in the Surveyor General's report are to be redressed as he [the said Surveyor General] proposes.
Mr. Wise's memorial : to be read at large. [The proposed] works in the Fountain Garden at Hampton Court are respited ; 1500l. instead of 2000l. is to be now paid.
Petition of Col. Seymour, praying [the Queen's] direction for plate for his chapel as Governor of Maryland. Ascertain if any such [plate] was allowed there before : if so [in] whose [possession] it is.
Petition of Mary, widow of Col. Dimock praying some pension in regard that her husband was a great sufferer by serving Charles I being then a Colonel of Horse and dying [since] before he could obtain any recompence : and she being now in a starving condition. Nil.
Petition of the Duke of St. Albans shewing that Charles II granted the Duties on logwood for 21 years from Michaelmas 1683 at the rent of 5l. per an. [to trustees as] in trust for his mother ; and that the said king a little before he died had ordered a further lease of the said Duties for 99 years from the end of that term to be made to trustees for the better support of him the said Duke although the same was never passed under seal ; and therefore the petitioner now prays a grant for a further term therein in regard the lease in being is near expired. The Queen will give the Duke 1000l. a year out of this [Logwood Duty fund] during pleasure from the expiration of the present lease and the Duties themselves are to fall under the management of the Customs Commissioners. Treasury Minute Book XIV, pp. 128-9.
August 24.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer having at his last meeting ordered that proposals should be received here [at the Treasury Chambers] this day for remitting 100,000l. to Holland and that the best [tender was to be] accepted, and it appearing that the proposal of Sir Theodore Janssen, Sir Stephen Evance and Nicho. Santiny as follows is better than the proposal of Sir Henry Furnese their proposal is accepted and agreed to in pursuance of the Lord Treasurer's direction. The said proposal is as follows viz. to furnish bills for 100,000l. at 10 guilders 10 stivers per £ sterling 25000l. thereof at sight, 25000l. at 25 days' sight, 50000l. at 45 days' sight. Ibid., p. 130.