Minute Book: October 1703

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 18, 1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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October 1703

Oct. 18, afternoon.
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : my Lord Treasurer.
The Prizes Commissioners are to attend to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock upon [the subject of] their letter of the 16th inst relating to soldiers having a share of prizes at the action of Vigo.
[My Lord orders the issue of] 10,000l. to the Navy [Treasurer] for imprests and bills of exchange : to be issued out of the overplus of the Malt Duties anno 1702 in further part of the proportion [assigned] to Wear and Tear within that year.
[Similarly my Lord orders] 2290l. 12s. 2¾d. to the Navy [Treasurer] for the Victuallers : to be issued out of Prize money : [and is] to supply the like sum paid by the said Victuallers to the Receiver General of Prizes for the Queen's moiety of the value of the provisions distributed to the Fleet out of the three prize ships taken by the Orford commanded by Capt. Norris.
[Similarly my Lord orders] 3100l. to the Navy Treasurer for ditto [the Victuallers] : to be issued out of loans on the Subsidies : and to go towards answering bills of exchange, Short Allowance Money, Necessary Money, and other Contingencies.
Both the abovesaid sums are to be reckoned as part of this year's proportion to the Victualling. Ibid.
October 19, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord orders the following issues]
£ s. d.
out of loans on the Land Tax
for subsistence for Lucas's Regiment
790 12 6
for clearings to ditto 683 17 11
for offreckonings of the 5 Regiments in the West Indies 1736 17 5
the above 3 items to be as in part of 87125l. 10s. 0d. for 10000 men in sea service
out of ditto for 4 Companies of Invalids to Dec. 24 next : as in part of 5000l. 778
£3989 7 10
Direct Mr. How to pay 29335l. 9s. 8¾d. for Guards and Garrisons upon his memorial of this day : to be paid out of tallies in his hands on the Subsidies, [whether] by money received by him thereupon or to be received thereupon or by procuring money to be lent thereupon at 4 per cent. interest.
The [Principal] Commissioners for Prizes [attend and my Lord discourses them]. They will attend again on Friday morning about the lists for distribution of captors' [shares in] prizes.
[The draft of a] letter [of direction to the Treasury for the issue to the Navy Treasurer] of 15390l. 12s. 2¾d. for the Navy and Victualling is read and approved.
[My Lord orders the issue to William Lowndes of] 200l. for secret service : to be issued out of the moneys of seizures.
Send to the Customs Commissioners to attend on Friday afternoon.
[My Lord orders] 3170l. 11s. 11d. to be issued to Mr. Nicholas for last [? Michaelmas] quarter [on the list of the Queen's pensions and bounties payable by him]. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 132.
October 22, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Lord Halifax and Mr. Clayton [attend]. They will state the special matter as to the surcharge made on my Lord Treasurer as Master of the Robes to Charles II.
Send to the Attorney General and Solicitor General to be here on Tuesday morning about Mr. [Charles] Bertie's account [as Treasurer of the Ordnance to Wm. III to wit concerning the charging of interest upon him for moneys imprested to him by the Earl of Orford, Treasurer of the Navy to the said King]. My Lord Halifax will be here then.
Lord Granville [is called in]. He brings the contracts for the tin of Cornwall and Devon and a proposal for management [of the revenue of the tin Coinage]. Send them to Mr. Charles Godolphin assaymaster [of tin] and to Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands and desire them to consider and to propound to my Lord the method which they shall think most proper for payment for the tin and to receive the tin from the Coinage Halls and for conveying the same on shipboard, and for advancing the money to the poor tinners pursuant to the contract.
[The Principal] Commissioners of Prizes [attend]. They will send their report in the afternoon about the captors' [shares of prize] money.
[My Lord orders] 360l. to be issued to the Works for John Finkel on the memorial from Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Likewise 94l. 4s. 0d. [to same] for Capt. Studholme for mending Laycock Bridge.
Desire the Governor, Deputy Governor and Major of Chelsea Hospital to make a list of the reduced Invalids and to certify the same to Mr. Blathwaite with the particulars of the time when they were reduced.
Mr. Blathwaite will write [to the Muster Master concerned] to muster the Marine soldiers from the West Indies on their landing and that they are to continue in Mr. How's pay and the other Regiments [are to be] on Irish pay till Xmas next in order to avoid confusion of accounts.
[My Lord orders the issue of] 1220l. for 2 months more to the General Officers [of the Forces] for Portugal.
Mr. Houblon and others of the Bank [attend].
[Send to] the Commissioners of the Salt Duties to attend my Lord on Wednesday morning. Ibid., p. 133.
Eodem die afternoon. Present : ut supra.
[Send word] to Sir Jeffery Jefferys and Mr. Thrale to attend on Wednesday morning.
Mr. Newton [attends]. He says there will be room and conveniencies in the Mint for the tin.
[The draft of a] letter [of direction to the Exchequer for the issue] of 13450l. 9s. 11¼d. for salaries [out of Civil List moneys for fees and salaries payable at the Exchequer and due at Michaelmas 1703] and 250l. [out of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty for same quarter on the Earl of Kinnoul's annuity] is read and approved.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and [my Lord's decisions or] answers are endorsed on them.
Desire the Governors and some of the Committees and Directors of the two East India Companies to be here on Wednesday afternoon about the payment of their ad valorem Duties on goods.
[My Lord] ordered that Dr. Davenant do send an account of all East India Goods shipped for Ireland or the Plantations yearly from Michaelmas 1696 with their values.
[The draft is approved of a] letter [of direction to the Exchequer for the issue] of 12,300l. to the Cofferer on account for last Michaelmas quarter [for the Household] : whereof 2000l. is for the entertainment of the King of Spain on his voyage to Portugal. Ibid., pp. 133-4.
October 26, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : ut supra.
The Attorney and Solicitor General come in. [My Lord Treasurer on discoursing them orders his secretary William Lowndes to] write to the Secretary of State that my Lord has no objection in case the Queen think fit to allow the favour to Lord Mohun to employ Mr. William Cowper as his lordship's counsel.
The Attorney and Solicitor General are clearly of opinion that Mr. Bertie, for such moneys as were originally imprested to him from the Exchequer is not within the clause of the Act of 12 Wm. III, c 11, Clause 28, and they say their report of the 6th July last relates only to the tallies mentioned in the case, to wit such as he received from the Treasurer of the Navy. The case is annexed to their report.
[Send word] to Mr. Borret to be here to-morrow morning with the copy of the Coroner's inquest of the murther committed by [James] Smith.
Upon speaking to the Attorney General upon a letter from Mr. Geo. Smith concerning his brother's forfeited estate the Attorney General says there can be no grant till he is outlawed. The Attorney and Solicitor General say that debts upon bond will go to the Lord of the manor [to wit manors] having bona felonum, where the bond was found : leases and mortgages by way of lease will go to the Lord [of the manor] where the lands lie : personal debts will go to the Lord [of the manor] where the debtor was [resident] at the time of the forfeiture to wit [at the time] when the felony was committed.
Upon reading a report of the Auditor of the Receipt upon a memorial of Guy Palmes, late one of the Tellers of the Receipt, praying that his bonds may be delivered up, my Lord Treasurer agrees that upon Mr. Palmes depositing 465l. 13s. 6d. in the hands of the said Auditor of the Receipt to indemnify the Queen against a demand of one Allen for annuities payable at the Exchequer the bonds are to be delivered up.
[My Lord orders] 200l. to be imprested, as the last was, to Mr. Warters, Comptroller and Solicitor for the Droits of Admiralty.
The Agents for the Droits of Admiralty are [ordered by my Lord] to be rewarded by a quantum meruit upon representations from time to time to be made by the abovesaid Mr. Waters [Warters].
[My Lord gives order to] put off the hearing [previously fixed] for this afternoon till a new application be made by the parties.
[My Lord orders the preparation of] a warrant to allow 50l. to Mr. Holbech during the time of Lord Edward Russel [as Treasurer of the Chamber]. The warrant is to shew the particular reasons so that it may not be [drawn into] a precedent.
[My Lord orders the issue of] 100l. out of secret service to William Hobard for his two children that found the seizure of lustrings and alamodes near Seaford in Sussex ; and 100l. to — who lost one of his hands by the accidental shot of a musquetoon in bringing that seizure safely to London.
On Mr. How's memorial [my Lord orders] the issue of 1000l. for Columbine's Regiment and 4000l. for the 4 other Regiments from the West Indies : to be as in part of 87128l. 10s. 0d. [for the 10000 men in sea service anno 1703] and to be issued out of loans on Land Tax.
[My Lord further orders the issue of] 25l. more for Invalids : to be paid over to Mr. Shakerly.
[Send word] to Mr. Fox to be here to-morrow morning.
[Send word] to Mr. Walker, Mr. Jodrel and the [King's] printer to be here on Friday morning next.
[Send word] to the Victuallers [of the Navy] to be here to-morrow morning.
[Send word] to the Agents for Taxes to be here to-morrow morning.
[My Lord orders a letter of direction for] 5319l. 6s. 8d. to be paid to the Treasurer of the Chamber. Treasury Minute Book XIV, pp. 135-6.
October 27, forenoon.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord orders the issue to William Lowndes of] 500l. for secret service.
[Send word] to the Navy Commissioners and the Principal Commissioners of Prizes and Mr. Brewer to be here this afternoon at 5 o'clock : and the Commissioners of Prizes are to bring their papers about their doubts on the Proclamation for encouragement of captors.
Sir Jeffery Jefferys and Mr. Thrale are called in. My Lord cannot direct Mr. Thrale to pay money to Sir Jeffery for the subsistence of the 4 Companies in New York till the regular vouchers are produced ; but my Lord will speak with Mr. Blathwait.
In case Mrs. Brawne do forthwith pass and clear her husband's account [the account of Charles Brawn as Receiver General of Somerset and Bristol : my Lord orders that] the 1060l. due on the order of 19 April 1701 is to be paid to her.
The Commissioners of the Salt Duty are called in. Their papers are read and my Lord's answers are [minuted or endorsed] on them.
My Lord will cause 200l. to be paid to Mr. Macburney by way of incidents out of Salt Duty for good service by him done to obviate frauds in the drawbacks on fish.
Mr. Slyford is called in and the report concerning him is read. My Lord thinks that the allowance craved by him for wasted salt is not warrantable by the Act : but my Lord will speak with the Attorney General about this.
The Navy Victuallers are called in. [My Lord discourses them and tells them that] in case they can procure 20,000l. more to be lent on the Subsidies or [if they can procure] the sum unlent on the Coal Act (being about 16,000l.) my Lord is resolved that the same shall be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy for the Victuallers, to wit, for imprests and bills of exchange, short allowance money and other contingencies : and in case either of the Acts upon which such loans shall be made prove deficient the same shall be made good, together with the interest, out of some other funds.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance are called in. [My Lord upon discoursing them] ordered that there be issued to the Ordnance in further part of their proportion for land services of their Office in 1703 the sum of 8215l. 5s. 5¾d. : to be issued out of the money now in the Exchequer for public services : [and likewise] 11784l. 14s. 6¼d. more out of the first money to come in for the Queen's part of prizes : [the said two sums being] in all 20,000l. Ibid., p. 137.
Eodem die afternoon. Present : ut supra.
[My Lord orders that] Mr. Crompton is to attend Mr. Warr with the papers about — Carter and to acquaint him with the state of that matter together with his opinion, which is that (Lewis being dead and Chaloner executed and Mrs. Catchmay being gone beyond sea) there is no evidence against Carter.
The Commissioners of the Navy and the Commissioners of Prizes are called in. My Lord reads and approves the report of the Commissioners of Prizes for paying the Vigo captors in part before all the lists are perfected.
My Lord ordered that the Navy Commissioners do transmit to the Prizes Commissioners as soon as may be the number of men borne on the last muster taken before the action at Vigo of those ships which were at the said action (and for which they have not yet received lists or such lists as are prescribed by her Majesty's Declaration for encouragement of the captors which were there), and the number of the Officers of the said ships established to every Rate.
My Lord ordered that the Commissioners of Prizes do transmit a list of the ships (for which the lists from the Captains and Officers are not yet sent up) to the Commissioners of the Navy.
Desire Mr. Burchet to move the Counsel of the Lord High Admiral to send to the Commissioners of Prizes a list of all the ships which were at Vigo [and are] entitled by her Majesty's Declaration to a share of that booty : [the said list to be] signed in the form prescribed by the order of the Queen in Council.
[Send word to] Sir Christopher Wren to be here on Friday morning.
[My Lord orders] a representation to be made as from himself to the Queen in Council reciting what measures he has taken towards paying the captors their shares of prizes : but that upon consulting the Attorney General, the Council for the Admiralty, the Navy Commissioners and the Prizes Commissioners upon several queries made by the Prizes Commissioners several matters seem to want to be still adjusted by her Majesty before the whole booty can be divided. His Lordship will here enumerate the particulars from the Attorney General's report and the proposal of the Admiralty when made and offer that a new Declaration may issue under the Great Seal. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 138.
Oct. 29.
Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present : the Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord] ordered that out of the money in the hands of Sir Thomas Littleton, received upon the Land Tax tallies, there be applied [to the service of the Navy] as follows : viz. on the head of wages
£ s. d.
for offreckonings to Brigadier Seymour's Regiment from 25 April to 24 June, 1706 365 13
for clearings to ditto 434 4
for offreckonings to 24 Aug. 1703 365 13
for clearings to ditto 434 4
£1599 14 6
[All the above being ordered] on Mr. Whitfeild's memorial of this day's date [my Lord further orders his secretary to] direct Mr. Whitfeild to compute the subsistence of that part of the said Regiment which is yet on shore, to wit from the 24th inst to the 24th Dec. next, and the subsistence for the 5 Companies of Villiers' Regiment and 4 Companies of Saunders's Regiment and for such other Marines as are on shore and which will be due to the same time.
[My Lord] ordered that on next Tuesday morning my Lord Halifax, Mr. Pelham (with the last imprest roll) and the Deputy Remembrancer be here.
[Write to Mr. Blathwait to send a certificate how many horses are to be bought in Portugal, distinguishing how many for Officers and how many for soldiers.
[My Lord orders that] the Clerks of the two Houses of Parliament and the [Queen's] printers are to attend next Wednesday morning. Ibid., p. 139.