Warrant Book: April 1704, 26-30

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 19, 1704-1705. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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April 1704, 26-30

April 26. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Brook Bridges, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to allow 877l. 11s. 8d. in account to Henry Ferne, Customs Cashier, for his incidents, detailed, for the year ended 1703 Dec. 25. Money Book XVII, pp. 121-2.
Undated money orders for 500l. to the Duchess of Marlborough for 1704 Lady day quarter as Groom of the Stole and First Lady of the Bedchamber.
and for 250l. each for same quarter to the following as Ladies of the Bedchamber viz., Elizabeth, Duchess of Somerset ; Mary, Duchess of Ormonde ; Lady Jane Hyde ; Frances, Countess of Scarborough ; Anne, Countess of Sunderland ; Anne Charlotte, Lady Frecheville ; Juliana, Countess of Burlington ; Lady Henrietta Godolphin ; Ann, Countess of Abingdon ; Rachel, Marchioness of Hartington.
and 125l. each for same quarter to the following as Women of the Bedchamber viz. Agnata Cooper, Margaret Feilding, Beata Danvers, Abigail Hill.
and 75l. each for same quarter to the following as Maids of Honour viz. Jane Kingdon, Letitia Frowde, Rosamunda Yardborough, Mary Stanhope, Ann Duncombe, Eliz. Collier. (There is no entry of the money warrant for these orders). (Letter of direction dated April 21 for the 4 Women of the Bedchamber and the 6 Maids of Honour, and May 10 for the Ladies of the Bedchamber). Order Book VI, p. 106. Disposition Book XVII, pp. 76, 83.
Letter of direction for 12,500l. to the Treasurer of the Navy : out of funds and for services as follows
out of loans on the Land Tax anno 1704
for Wear and Tear : and is to be paid over to Nathaniel Gold and Urban Hill on account for pitch and tar 2500
out of loans on the One Third Subsidy and Additional Duty on Prize Wines
for Richard Povey, Treasurer for Sick and Wounded Seamen &c., upon account for that service, three fifths thereof to be placed to the head of Wages and two fifths to the head of Victualling 10000
(William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners dated April 27 to assign said 10,000l. to Richard Povey accordingly). Disposition Book XVII, pp. 76, 80.
Same for 121l. 16s. 0d. to the Paymaster of the Works : out of Civil List Moneys : and is to be paid over to John Bennett, Quarter Master to the First Regiment of Foot Guards, for the charge of repairing the damage done by the late violent storm to the several Guardhouses at Whitehall, Kensington, the Savoy and Somerset House. Ibid., p. 77.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer to procure 50,000l. to be advanced by the Bank or others on the tallies and orders remaining in your hands on the Land Tax granted for the year 1704 "and upon your transmitting hither [to the Treasury] the assignments you shall make on the said orders [as security to the lenders] for the money so advanced the Lord Treasurer will give warrant to the Exchequer for paying interest thereon at the rate of 5l. per cent. from the respective days of their advancing the same." Ibid.
Letter of direction for 13,796l. 1s. 6¼d. to the Treasurer of the Navy : out of loans on the New Subsidy, &c. and is intended for the Victualling Commissioners to answer bills of exchange, Short Allowance Money, Necessary Money and other contingencies. Ibid.
Same for 5620l. to Charles Fox [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] : out of loans on the New Subsidy &c. : and is intended to be paid over as follows on account of the service of the 40,000 men : viz.
for levy money for the 2 Regiments of Foot to be commanded by Lord Paston and Col. Rooke being 1974l. for each Regiment at 3l. per man pursuant to the royal warrant of the 15th inst. 3948
for same for the additional men to Sir Richard Temple's Regiment pursuant to the royal warrant of the 10th inst. 165
for same for the additional men to Col. Evans's Regiment pursuant to a like warrant 147
for providing 64 recruit horses in the room of so many lost at sea in their passage to Holland, pursuant to the royal warrant of the 19th inst. 960
to answer a bill of exchange drawn by Martin Tucker from Ireland being to complete 1000l. disbursed by him for transporting 4 Regiments from thence 400
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to assign payment to Walter Whitfield, Paymaster of the Marine Regiments, of 10,291l. 18s. 2d. for purposes as follows out of the 50,000l. ordered yesterday [today] to be borrowed ut supra p. 206 : viz.
£ s. d.
for clearings to several Regiments of the Marines to 25 Dec. 1703 according to the muster rolls, offreckonings included 4291 18 2
for subsistence to the 6 Marine Regiments on account of the year 1704 6000
£10291 18 2
Ibid., p. 79.
Same to same to apply as follows the 9500l. remaining in the hands of the Navy Treasurer which he newly received at the Exchequer on tallies and orders on the 3700l. per week Excise which were put into his hands 13 Aug. 1701 for the Navy ordinary and bounty to sea Officers (being part of the funds granted for the year 1701) ; and also the sum of 6613l. 6s. 7d. for overplus money received by the said Treasurer on tallies on the fifth 4s. Aid (being part of the funds granted for the year 1703) viz.
£ s. d.
to the Ordinary of the Navy, being intended to go towards the pay of the Yards for Michaelmas quarter 1703 (out of the above) 9500
for Wages (out of the above) 6613 6 7
for ditto more out of loans on the sixth 4s. Aid 1209 5 4
£17322 11 11
Ibid., p. 80.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Mr. Burchett, Secretary to the Lord Admiral, relating to some timber seized at Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight and condemned as a perquisite [of Admiralty] but the despatch of same to Portsmouth Yard is opposed by the Customs officers and the Prize Office. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 368.
Same to the Attorney General. When can you attend the Lord Treasurer concerning the Exchequer Bills embezzled by Mr. Presgrave? Ibid., p. 369.
Same to Mr. Ellis to insert in the Gazette for to-morrow and Monday next an advertisement relating to bankers' assignments &c. of the 3 per cent. Annuities (requiring the entering at the Exchequer of such assignments and other forms of title to such annuities), and relating to the entering at the Exchequer of the names of the persons on whose lives respectively such annuities are to continue (for same to be done before May 1 next) : all in accordance with the late Act [2-3 Anne c. 9] for [the more regular paying and assigning the] said Annuities, Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Stamps Commissioners to admit William Kay to the first vacant place of a stamper. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 370.
Same to the Prizes Commissioners for a state of their account of the prizes to this time and of the money remaining in the [Prizes] Receiver's hands to wit how much for the Queen's share and how much for the captors. Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren to speak with Sir Humphrey Edwin as to the buildings he is about erecting near the Pell Office and to know of him what restraint he is willing to consent to therein. Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. There is a pension on the Establishment of the Navy payable to Capt. Trahern for service performed at sea. He is taxed for same notwithstanding it is certified that he doth not pay to church and poor or any other taxes thereon. Please inquire into this and report what ought to be done for his relief. Ibid., p. 371.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to allow the landing at Bristol or Chester of the clothing of Col. Sampson de Lalo's Regiment from Ireland in order to be shipped again for Holland : all as was done to Brigadier Farrington in the like case. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 316.
Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of French Bromfeild, Receiver General of Taxes co. Sussex, for allowance of 1013l. 15s. 0d. for his extraordinary charges in his receipt. Reference Book VIII, p. 99.
Commission by Treasurer Godolphin to Henry Yaxlee to be a surveyor of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages [for the cities of London and Westminster and county of Middlesex] loco Richard Thomas. (Dormant warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receiver General of said Duties for said places to pay 50l. per an. salary to said Yaxlee as from Lady day 1704). Affairs of Taxes I, p. 3.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, transmitting a memorial in behalf of Sir William Robinson, late Deputy Receiver of Ireland, with a state of his case and a copy of a paper which he delivered into the House of Commons of Ireland. As the same relates wholly to affairs transacted in the Parliament of Ireland, please do therein as you think fit. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 308.
April 27. Royal warrant to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to discharge the Queen's part of a verdict of 500l. obtained in the Exchequer against Capt. Edward Hopson, late Commander of the Queen's ship Mary, for a parcel of cochineal supposed to be run out of the said ship. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 192.
Royal sign manual for 140l. to Benjamin Steel "who is nominated in this behalf by John Goddard gent, Consul at Tunis" for so much disbursed by said Goddard in the said city of Tunis. (Money warrant dated May 9 hereon). (Money order dated May 17 hereon). Ibid., p. 193. Order Book VI, p. 114.
Money order for 200l. to Sir Bevill Granville, Capt. General and Governor in Chief of Barbados, for one quarter to April 25 inst. on his additional salary in lieu of presents from the Assembly.
(Same dated April 26 for 300l. for same quarter on his allowance of 1200l. per an.) Order Book VI, p. 109.
Order by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt for interest to be paid at the rate of 5 per cent. on three orders on the seventh (anno 1704) 4s. Aid in the name of Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy, for 10,000l. each and dated 1704 April 26 and assigned to the Bank of England. Ibid., p. 105.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners. In order to your attendance here tomorrow send me copies of the [your] letter of May 10 last concerning the Earl of Orford's interest account as Treasurer of the Navy and your reports of 1693 July 10 and Nov. 8 and 1699 July 8 about turning Mr. Papillon's receipts (for money received by him for the Victualling) into imprests and allowing those imprests on the said Earl's accounts. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 370.
Same to the Earl of Scarborough to report on the enclosed representation [missing] of Richard Norton, warden of the forest of East alias South Bere in Co. Northants relating to the warrant you have obtained from the Queen for 3 brace of bucks yearly out of the said forest. Ibid., p. 371.
Same to Mr. St. John [Secretary of War] to prepare a royal warrant for taking off the respits on Col. Edward Bradock's pay from 1702 Nov. 1 to 1702-3 Feb. 28 as Major in the Coldstream Guards. Ibid., p. 372.
Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Elizabeth Kirkby, sister of Capt. Richard Kirkby "who unfortunately suffered by a warrant of execution at Plymouth 1703 April 16," praying payment of 185l. 12s. 6d. due to him for bounty money. Reference Book VIII, p. 99.
Same to the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army and Mr, St. John [Secretary at War] of the petition of Brigadier Farrington. Sir Richard Temple and Col. Lalo for a further allowance for levy money, clothing and accoutrements of a detachment of 34 private men made out of each of their Regiments and delivered over to the Regiments of [Thomas] Brudenell and Monjoy [William, Visct. Mountjoy] to complete them at their going to Portugal. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Col. [George] Carpenter, Colonel of the Queen's Own Regiment of Dragoons, concerning the respits for 257l. 14s. 10d. made upon his officers the last two musters by Mr. Algood, a Deputy Commissary, contrary to all rule and custom. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the clothiers of Leeds, Halifax and Wakefield, setting forth that there is a great necessity of riding officers "there" to prevent the running of wool from Durham, Northumberland and Cumberland into Scotland and that William Ingram is recommended by several Members of Parliament as a man qualified for that station. Ibid., p. 100.
April 28. Royal warrant to John Dodd, Receiver General of the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty, to pay 500l. per an. to Richard Robins gent as from 1703 Xmas : out of the 2500l. per an. disposeable by the Queen of the said perquisites under the Lord High Admiral's instrument of 1702 July 27. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, pp. 189-90.
Same to the clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 30,000l. to Edward Nicholas as imprest and upon account to be paid and applied according to such Establishments as are already signed by the Queen in this behalf and according to such warrants as he shall receive from the Queen or the Treasury. Ibid., pp. 191-2.
Instructions under the royal sign manual to the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army in accordance with the letters patent which erected their office [to wit as from 1703-4 Feb. 24 and in replacement of the instructions supra Tr. Cal. Vol. XVIII, p. 315].
(1) and (2) ut supra ibid. (3) The General having approved and sealed the patterns for clothing, the Colonels are to contract for the same and then exhibit to the Controllers the said contracts which are to specify quantities, qualities and prices. The Colonels or their Agents are likewise to exhibit to the Comptrollers the debt owing on the offreckonings on the 24th Feb. 1703-4 from which day this rule shall commence. The Comptrollers are to see that the clothes be furnished according to the contract ; for which the certificate of the Captain General shall suffice in the case of the troops abroad ; and that the clothing do not exceed the offreckoning : and if any Regiment is in debt the debt is to be sunk annually as much as the service will bear : and the Comptrollers are from time to time to represent to the General and to the Lord Treasurer the observations how the debt increases. When satisfied that the contracts have been performed according to the patterns the Comptrollers are to certify same to the Paymasters, "without which they [the Paymasters] are not to comply with any assignment for the payment thereof." (4) (5) (6) ut supra ibid. (7) This instruction adds the clause that the Colonels or their Agents shall produce certificates or sufficient vouchers from the respective Captains to the Comptrollers once every year for the Troops abroad [to vouch that the subsistence and clearings paid to the Colonels for them have been duly paid over to them by the Colonels]. (8) (9) (10) ut supra ibid. Ibid., pp. 198-9.
Royal warrant to Walter Whitfeild, Paymaster of the Marine Regiments, to pay 380l. 4s. 2d. to Visct. Shannon and Col. Edward Fox and 5 Companies of the late Col. Villiers' Regiment as royal bounty and in lieu of all demands on account of respits (amounting to 760l. 9s. 4d.) on their pay for the muster commencing 1702 Oct. 25 and ending Dec. 24 following, made upon their return to England from the Expedition to Cadiz in 1702. Ibid., p. 202.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Principal Commissioners of Prizes to pay 25l. to Sarah Jackson, widow of John Jackson, late landsurveyor to the Prizes Office who died of sickness contracted on board the Fleet which came from Vigo : she being left with six small children. Money Book XVII, p. 119.
Allowance by same of the salary bill, detailed, of the Hawkers and Pedlars Office for half a year to 1703 Xmas : total 515l. Ibid., p. 120.
Money warrant [sic? erratum for a warrant to the Trustees for Circulation of Exchequer Bills] for payment of 650l. to Charles, Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt for one year from 1704 March 25 for the whole charge of managing the business of Exchequer Bills ; keeping entries and account thereof ; trying, proving, cancelling and renewing thereof and computing the interest thereon. Ibid., p. 122.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to amend misnomers and mistakes in the books of the Auditor of the Receipt and the Clerk of the Pells of the contributors upon the last Act of Parliament for Annuities [2-3 Anne c. 3] which [mistakes] have happened either by the persons themselves or by the Tellers of the Exchequer in consequence of the great hurry and disorder from the pressing importunities of persons desirous to purchase the said annuities "in so much that in many cases there are no such persons as are said to be contributors in the said Tellers' bills." The said contributors are first to make affidavit of such mistakes. Ibid., p. 124.
Letter of direction for 43,600l. to the Navy Treasurer : out of loans on the Land Tax anno 1704 ; and is intended for pay of the Yards viz. for 1703 Xmas quarter : 18,000l. thereof to be charged to the head of the Ordinary and 25,600l. to the head of Wear and Tear. Disposition Book XVII, p. 81.
William Lowndes to the Prizes Commissioners to pay into the Exchequer 3500l. of [the Queen's share of] the money of prizes, "to answer a service which requires the same." Ibid.
Same to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer, to procure a further sum of 50,000l. to be advanced by the Bank or others on the tallies and orders remaining in your hands on the Land Tax granted for the year 1704 : my Lord will authorise 5 per cent. interest thereon from the days of the respective advances. (Same to the Navy Commissioners to assign for wages of seamen anno 1704 the said 50,000l. together with 4100l. now in the Navy Treasurer's hands of money received on tallies of the second 2s. Aid anno 1700, which was formerly intended for bounty to sea Officers and was never called for). Ibid., pp. 81, 82.
Letter of direction for 7337l. 8s. 3d. to Charles Fox : out of loans on the Land Tax anno 1704 : whereof 5537l. 7s. 5d. is to be on account of the 40,000 men anno 1704 and 1800l. 0s. 10d. on account of the Additional 10,000 men anno 1704 : both sums being to be paid over to John Nutting as Receiver and Paymaster of the Transport service upon account for the shipping and provisions and other necessary accommodation provided in March last and April inst. for transporting 5872 men and 1024 horse with clothing from this river [of Thames] and Harwich to Holland, whereof 2405 were part of the 10,000 Additional Troops and 3467 men and 1024 horse belonged to the body of 40,000 men. Ibid., p. 101.
William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh for a certificate what is due to the out pensioners of Chelsea Hospital in the reign of William III and likewise of the tallies and orders and debentures remaining in your hands as late Paymaster of the Forces which (by the Act for the Additional Subsidy [of Tonnage and Poundage by 2—3 Anne c. 18] of last Session) are applicable to such arrears and other public debts as the Lord Treasurer shall direct. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 371.
William Lowndes to Mr. Samuel Burton. The Lord Treasurer has disallowed, in John Needham's account of receipts and payments relating to the Hospital of the Savoy, the 45l. which he claims as Register, Counsellor and Solicitor to the Hospital which become due after the death of Dr. Killigrew when no business was done ; and likewise the 42l. 11s. 2d. claimed by him as paid to Mr. Crump solicitor of the two visitations, in regard [that] the charge of the visitations have been already paid by you ; and likewise 1l. 17s. 6d. for the tax on the Master's house which tax was paid by Admiral Killigrew. But his lordship allows the 4l. paid to Mr. Barnes and will allow the 38l. 14s. 0d. paid to the chaplains of the Savoy if the same was due before the dissolution of the Hospital. You are to demand from him [Needham] the balance of his moneys. (Same to Mr. Borrett transmitting said account). Ibid., p. 372.
Same to the [Principal] officers of the Works to report on the enclosed bills [missing] for repairs in the Mews done before the Queen's accession. Ibid., p. 373.
Same to Mr. Borret to pass through the several offices at the Queen's charge, the commission relating to the Mohegan Indians in New England. Ibid.
Same to the Prizes Commissioners to alter their draft of a letter to the Governors of the Plantations in America concerning prizes, in accordance with the enclosed opinion [missing] of the Queen's Advocate General. Ibid.
Same to same enclosing an account [missing] from Col. Handasyde, Governor of Jamaica, of prizes taken and condemned in that island between 1702 May 4 and 1703-4 March 1 ; and Col. Codrington's letter containing an account [see infra] of prizes taken and condemned at Antigua "since the war." Take due care herein on her Majesty's behalf and acquaint the Lord Treasurer from time to time of your proceeding. Ibid.
[The covering letter referring to the following two accounts is not entered by William Blathwayt. The entry of them in his Plantations Auditor's Book follows his letter of March 23 supra p. 173. The accounts themselves were sent as an enclosure in a letter from Col. Christopher Codrington, Governor of the Leeward Isles, to the Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, who sent them to the Treasury. The Treasury reference of these papers to the Commissioners of Prizes is dated April 28 as above. The report from the Commissioners of Prizes dated 24 May is preserved in Treasury Board Papers XC, No. 97. The Treasury simultaneously may have referred them to Blathwayt who thereupon made a copy of them in his books.
The Treasury Minute of March 25 supra p. 18 and the Treasury letter of March 27 thereupon supra p. 175 refer to a prior consideration of the same matter and anticipate rather than arise out of these accounts.]
(1). Account by John Perrie, Register of the Admiralty Court [at Antigua] of the prizes taken and condemned at Antigua since the war, the said account being rendered to Col. Codrington [Governor of the Leeward Isles] and dated St. Johns in Antigua 6 Feb. 1703. Some time in July 1702 when your Excellency was at St. Christophers after your taking the French part of the island, there was brought into the port of St. Johns on this island by one Capt. Pied, commanding a privateer sloop named the Sea Flower of Barbados (commissioned by Lieut. Govr. John Farmer of Barbados under the great seal of the island) two small French sloops, viz. the Diligent of Mary Galant, 20 tons and the Mary of Martinique 20 tons, having on board the Governor of Mary Galant and many other women and children of the island with their household staff and necessaries which the said sloops were transporting from Mary Galant to Martinique when taken by Capt. Pied.
In the same month of July Capt. John Gill of Barbados (under a like commission from Lieut. General John Farmer) brought into the same port [St. Johns] a small curavett or barque of 20 tons called the Jane of Bordeaux with claret and brandy, and a sloop called the Fortune of Martinique 40 tons with several negroes on board and the "Governor of the French part of St. Christopher's wife" and several other inhabitants, men, women and children of the said French part who were transporting themselves to Martinique with their negroes and household stuff.
In the same month Capt. John Smith of Barbados (commanding the privateer sloop Despatch of Barbados under a like commission) brought in the sloop Diligent of St. Christopher 25 tons, with several French inhabitants of the French part of St. Christopher on board with their negroes and household stuff.
In the same month Capt. Hilary Roe of Barbados, then commanding the privateer sloop Margarett and Ann of Barbados (under a like commission), brought in 2 small sloops or open shallops the Margaret and the Ann of 10 tons each with cattle and horses transporting from Mary Galant to Martinique.
In August 1702 Capt. Valentin Morris of this island [Antigua] (under a like commission) brought in 2 open French shallops, the America prize of 8 tons and the Weymouth prize with 5 small tierces of Muscovado sugar.
All these prizes were proceeded against in her Majesty's Court of Admiralty held 19 Aug. 1702 and were severally condemned by George Gamble, Judge of the said Court, and disposed of by the several captors and their companies, as hath formerly been in use and accustomed to be done and the money divided amongst them without paying any Tenths or any part of the produce to anybody [for her Majesty] nor indeed was any person empowered by her Majesty or his Royal Highness the Lord Admiral to demand or receive any part of such prizes "but on the contrary a general report was [current] that her Majesty had given all the prizes taken in those parts to the captors." And six months after viz. some time in the month of February [1702-3] when Sigismond Cooper of Montserrat, Deputy to his Royal Highness's Receiver General, came to this island I [Perrie] gave him a particular list of these vessels and of the names of the said captains and as near an estimate as I could then make of their value that he might use proper measures at Barbados with the respective privateer owners to recover his Royal Highness's and the Queen's parts and rights.
Since the above, her Majesty's ship Maidstone, Capt. William Fairborn, Commander, took the small sloop Dove of Martinique which was condemned 29 Sept. 1702 and after condemnation was carried from this island by said Fairborn without appraisement to St. Christopher where he laded her with cattle for Antigua and in her passage she was taken by the French. Since which, Capt. William Coney, afterwards commanding her [said] Majesty's ship Maidstone, took a privateer curvett called the Victory of Martinique of 50 tons 4 guns and 49 men which was condemned in the Court of Admiralty 11 June last and afterwards appraised at 116l. 13s. 4d. by masters of ships as hath been accustomed the tenth whereof the said Capt. William Cony paid to Sigismond Cooper aforesaid, Deputy to his Royal Highness's Receiver General, and carried his discharge for same with him for England.
On 22 October last Capt. Thomas Mitchell, commanding her Majesty's ship Sheerness now attending this Government, took a French privateer sloop to windward of this island 40 tons 4 guns 69 men called La Tripone of Martinique and at the same time retook the Bridgewater of London, Capt. Joseph Powis commander, belonging to the Royal Africa Company of England having then on board 226 negro slaves, which ship had been taken the same morning by the said French sloop. He [Capt. Mitchell] brought the said sloop and ship into the harbour of St. John and delivered same and the negroes to Mr. Edward Chester, merchant in this town, agent for the Royal Africa Company. The sloop was condemned in the Court of Admiralty 27 August and has been since appraised on oath at 130l. current money of this island and is now in custody of the said Capt. Thomas Mitchell at anchor in the harbour of St. John's.
On 5 Dec. last the said Mitchell cruising in the Sheerness seized and took out of Basse Terre Road in Guadeloupe a ship called the Little Marian of Nantes then lying at anchor 75 tons with brown sugar, cotton and ginger which was condemned in the Court of Admiralty 15 Dec. and the ship since appraised at 405l. current money of this island and her brown sugar sold by outcry at 16s. and 16s. 3d. per 100 pound and her cotton at 9d. per pound, of all which there is an exact account kept but not yet finished. The whole will produce about 1800l., which account when finished Capt. Mitchell will deliver upon oath when required, as well to his Royal Highness's Agent here as to those concerned in England.
The above is a just account of all the prizes taken since the war. I presume Mr. Sigismond Cooper to have wrote home to his Royal Highness's Receiver General upon which I presume his Royal Highness's complaint to her Majesty is purely designed against Col. Hodges, Lieutenant Governor of Montserrat, for that at two several times there came into that island some English prisoners who made their escape from Martinique in two long boats which Mr. Cooper would have taken away from those poor people that had nothing to subsist them but what the long boats would yield, which possibly Col. Hodges did not so readily assist in as Mr. Cooper required as he was heard to threaten he would complain against Col. Hodges. Other than these long boats no vessel has been brought into the islands of your [Codrington's] Government than as above and a prize or two taken to Leeward and carried into Nevis and committed to the care of William Lyng, merchant there, who I doubt not has kept an exact account. I hear also there is brought into St. Christopher by a small sloop of that island an empty brigantine found floating empty and which is kept there to be disposed of according to law. Mr. Cooper has notice to claim his Royal Highness's right thereto but he hath not yet proceeded against it in order to its disposal.
(2) Letter from William Ling, Commissioner for Prizes, "by appointment of his Excellency the Captain General" [of the Leeward Isles] dated Nevis 15 Feb. 1703-4 addressed to Col. Codrington, enclosing an account as in 2 (a) infra of the Lord Admiral's Tenths of prizes brought in to Nevis and condemned there "during my time of acting as Commissioner for Prizes" the balance of which accompt is ready for those who shall be directed to receive same and to discharge me thereof.
Mr. Sigismond Cooper hath lately sent me for perusal a commission which he hath for receiving the said Tenths. According to my small knowledge it doth not empower or direct him to receive what has been already collected by any former person but I have desired him to come here in person and on his indemnity bond I will pay him the money. I daily expect him from Montserrat to finish this affair.
Followed by : 2 (a) the said account of the Lord Admiral's Tenths of prizes brought in and condemned at Nevis.
£ s. d.
1702 July 28 the sloop Mary taken by the privateer man of war sloop Rose with claret and 20 negroes : produce 653l. 3s. 3d. : the Tenth is 65 6
the sloops Frances and Mary Ann taken by the privateer sloop Content with sugar, 3 negroes, turtles and turtle shell : sold for 312l. 5s. 6¾d. : the Tenth is 31 4
Sept. 17 the bark St. John Baptist from Guadeloupe with sugar and cotton : taken by 2 privateers viz. the brigantine Tryall and the sloop Ruby : and sold for 1183l. 18s. 7¾d. of which the Tenth is 118 7 10¼
1703 March 27 the ship Hope taken on the Banks of Newfoundland by the privateer sloop Restoration with wet fish and some French salt : produced 697l. of which the Tenth is 69 14 0
284 12
deducted for my trouble in this concern being 5 per cent. 14 4 6
£270 8
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 147-153.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to employ Simon Partridge (one of the reduced number of 100 extraordinary tidesmen London port) as a tidesman in the inferior list ibid. loco Thomas Baker deceased.
Robert Benson as an extraordinary tidesman ibid., loco Simon Partridge preferred as above. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 316.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Nicho. Puxly praying to be appointed a riding officer at Lewes to prevent smuggling and owling. Reference Book VIII, p. 100.
Same to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of John Higgons and Alice, his wife, praying my Lord Treasurer to contract for about three acres of land whereon Chatham Dock is built, belonging to them. Ibid., p. 102.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receiver of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing : order of the Queen in Council dated St. James's, April 20 inst. ordering the payment to Capt. Unton Deering and the company of her Majesty's ship Arundel of which he was Commander a moiety of the ship [vessel] Hope, alias the St. Ann, Darby Greech master, seized July 11 last by him on the coast of Ireland and carried into Kinsale, which upon examination was found to have been trading in France and was therefore condemned as a perquisite of the Admiralty. Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, p. 225.
Same by same to the Queen's Remembrancer to prosecute accountants and debtors as follows who neglect to finish their accounts.
Appending : schedule of said accountants.
Richard Povey as Treasurer for Sick and Wounded 1695.
William Harbord's executors as late Paymaster of the Forces in Ireland.
Isaac Pereyra as Commissary General of Bread and Bread Waggons in Ireland 1690-1.
Israel Feilding as Commissary of Provisions for the Army employed in reducing Ireland.
Bartholomew Van Homrigh and Sir William Robinson "have delivered no accounts of the money they received for the same service."
Daniell Butts deceased, as late Commissary for transporting the Irish Forces to France after the capitulation of Limerick 1691 and 1692.
Sir Rowland Gwynn, as late Treasurer of the Chamber, "hath made no account."
the executors of Philip Packer, as Paymaster of the Works 1684-6.
Samuel Pepys, as Treasurer for Tangier, 1674-7.
Sir Phillip Lloyd, as Warden of the Mint, 1685-6.
Henry Baker, as Solicitor of the Treasury, 1698.
Richard Tayler, as Paymaster of the Million Lottery Tickets 1701.
Morgan Whitley, as Receiver General of Marriages &c. for Cheshire and North Wales, for 7691l. debt thereon.
Samuel Pacey, as ditto for co. Suffolk, anno 1701.
John Mason, as ditto for co. Cambridge, 1695-9.
George Howells, as ditto for Cardigan, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Monmouth, Brecon and Radnor, 1700 and 1702.
The Receivers General of said Duties for cos. Sussex, Derby, Devon, Northampton, Rutland, Gloucester, Cornwall, Cambridge and Robert Peters, the present same for co. Herts, anno 1702.
The executors of Charles B[r]awn, late same for co. Somerset ; William Cawthorpe for co. Lincoln and George Hosier for co. Salop, anno 1702.
Thomas Cobb, late same for co. Southants., from 1699. Ibid., p. 227.
Same by same to Samuell Atkinson and the rest of the late Commissioners for Transports to give to Richard Budge a certificate for 155l. for hire of the ship Truelove as assignee of Thomas Cades the master, notwithstanding the loss of the counterpart of the charter party (see supra Treasury Calendar XVIII, p. 440). Ibid., p. 229.
April 29. Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronet fee of 1095l. due from Sir Gilbert Dolben. (Warrant dated Oct. 26 by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt for said discharge accordingly. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated June 30). Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 188. Money Book XVII, p. 242.
Royal sign manual for 1000l. to John Lord Cutts, Lieut. Gen. of our Forces in the Low Countries, as royal bounty, in consideration of his services and charges, being employed to treat for settling the Chartel for exchange of prisoners of war, and in commanding the said Forces in the Low Countries during the last winter. (Money warrant dated April 29 hereon). (Money order dated April 29 hereon). Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 189. Order Book VI, p. 105.
Royal warrant to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to acknowledge satisfaction on record of the verdict obtained against Thomas Randall, merchant, for 1900l. in 1702 Hilary term for linen, whalebone and brandy by him imported at Poole : and to discharge his executors on their payment of a further 500l. towards the said verdict. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, pp. 190-1.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to take off the respit of 21l. 12s. 0d. on Col. Edward Braddock for his pay as Major of the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards 1702 Nov. 1 to Dec. 24 "he having had a commission and done the duty of a Major as aforesaid." (The like warrant to John How to take off the respit on same for the period 1702 Dec. 24 to 1702-3 Feb. 28). Ibid., p. 193.
William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwayte to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Robert Levingston relating to money due to him which ought to have been paid him out of the revenue of New York but was applied to the contingent charges of the Forces and fortifications within that Province. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 372.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to report on the enclosed representation [missing] from the Committee of Trade and Plantations touching a fitting recompence or salary for John Bridger lately employed by Admiralty commission for procuring naval stores in New England. Ibid., p. 374.
Treasury reference to the Auditors of Imprests &c. of the petition of Jasper [Casper] Frederick Henning, Paymaster of the moneys received on account of his late Majesty's Gardens, praying allowance of disbursements amounting to 2911l. 7s. 6¾d. and 299l. 19s. 6¼d. Reference Book VIII, p. 100.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Stamps Commissioners to restore Benjamin Robins to his employment as a distributor of stamped paper &c. for co. Devon and the city of Exeter, the Lord Treasurer having thought it reasonable that he be again employed "as well as William Johns who succeeded him in that place." Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, p. 226.
Same to the Commissioners of Transports to deliver to Hester East a certificate for 113l. 13s. 9d. for the hire of the ship Friendship ut supra p. 130 notwithstanding the loss of the counterpart of the charter party. Ibid., p. 228.
Royal warrant to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to pay the pension of 1000l. per an. to Henry Visct. Galway in full notwithstanding the several royal warrants of 1702-3 Jan. 29 [Tr. Cal. Vol. XVIII, pp. 123-5] and 1703-4 Jan. 11 supra pp. 104-5 both which warrants regulated and restricted the payments on the Establishment of Ireland. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, pp. 308-9.
April 30. Report from William Blathwayt to Treasurer Godolphin on the petition of Francis Chaplin (Jeremiah Chaplin) (referred 1703 May 28) for a grant of several forfeited Plantations in the island of St. Christopher.
I transmitted same to Col. Codrington, Governor of the Leeward Islands, who replies that the said plantations were given away by the preceding Governor (the father of Col. Codrington) pursuant to his commission and that they were scarce worth accepting at the time they were disposed of, "being destroyed in the late war and remaining unstocked ; and that the fines and forfeitures likewise mentioned were applied to the use of the Government according to the appropriations."
Prefixing : entry of the Treasurer Godolphin's reference dated 1703 May 28 to said Blathwayt of said petition. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 167-8.