Minute Book: April 1704

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 19, 1704-1705. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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April 1704

April 3 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Lord Halifax and Mr. [John] Pelham, the Deputy [Clerk of the Pells] and [Robert Barker] the Deputy [Queen's] Remembrancer are called in. My Lord Treasurer delivers to the latter the Imprest Roll ending the 11th Feb. last.
The Victuallers are called in. [My Lord Treasurer] ordered 8203l. 18s. 3¾d. to them out of loans on the one third Subsidy and 15l. per ton on French prize wines : [the same to be applied] for bills of exchange, Short Allowance [Money], Necessary Money, Short Beer Money for the West Indies and other Contingencies.
Thomas Jett, senr., is to [be the officer to] register the unsatisfied Irish debentures and to pay the interest thereupon.
As soon as there is money [of Civil List funds] issue the 7290l. 19s. 9d. due at Xmas last to the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office.
Petitions are read and answered [and the answers are endorsed thereon]. Ibid., p. 234.
Eodem die afternoon. Present : Lord Treasurer.
Petitions and reports are read and answered [and the answers and decisions are endorsed thereon]. Ibid.
April 4 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Give Sir Jeffery Jefferys copies of his minutes viz. [the minutes supra pp. 3, 18 relating to] his first agreement and the other made lately. Ibid., p. 235.
April 5 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Resolved that the price for this [present tinners'] coinage be 3l. 16s. 0d. per hundredweight of 112 pounds.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] Capt. Carter 50l. in cons[ideration] of his pretension.
[The draft of a] letter [of direction] for 41,642l. 19s. 0d. for [the Circle of] Swabia and the King of Spain is read and approved.
Upon reading the proposals for remitting money to Savoy it is agreed by Sir Stephen Evance, Sir Theodore Janssen and Nicholas Santigny as to three fourth parts the one for the other and Mr. Nicholas Tourton for himself as to one fourth part that they will remit 120,000l. payable at 30 days' sight at 55 pence for 80 sous of [current money of Piedmont or] Turin, to be paid there in Piedmont money as it shall be needed, they being paid here in ready money at the time of the delivery of the bills. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 236.
April 14
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Ordered that 46,000l. be supplied to the Navy for a quarter due to the Yards at Michaelmas 1703 viz. :
in further part of 129,314l. 10s. 3d. [voted] for the Ordinary of the Navy for the year 1704 16500
in further part of 658,356l. 7s. 0¼d. [voted] for Wear and Tear for the same year 29500
The above sum is to be supplied as follows viz. : 9500l. out of money newly received by the [Navy] Treasurer on orders registered in course on the 3700l. per week of the Excise now applicable in aid of the funds of the year 1704, and 36,500l. out of loans in the Exchequer on the Land Tax 1704.
Prepare a direction to Mr. Lowndes, Mr. Anstis, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Grymes to examine the present method of keeping records and to consider and report what is fit to be done for the better preserving and digesting of them.
Ordered that 22,408l. 14s. 6d. be issued to the Navy for Wages : out of Contributions for Annuities : and that the certificates of the [Navy] Commissioners and of the Treasurer of the Navy be sent for so that my Lord Treasurer may have them at the Treasury on Friday the 18th [instant].
Let Mr. Pauncefoot bring on Tuesday a state of the payments to all the Troops in Mr. Fox's pay and a demand for [moneys due to be paid on] the [Treaty] Subsidies [for Foreign Allies].
On reading the papers transmitted from the Admiralty about taking off the stop which was put to the freight of the Jacob transport ship, whereof John Smith is Commander, till satisfaction should be given to the Prizes Commissioners about the goods she was charged with at Port St. Mary's, my Lord Treasurer (upon the petitioner's oath) has no further objection against taking off the stop.
On reading the [Navy] Victuallers' report on the petition of the master workmen of the Victualling Office, for satisfaction of bills for work done, my Lord orders that the [Victualling] Commissioners do pass those bills for which vouchers are produced and the rest as [and when such] vouchers shall be produced.
The Customs Commissioners report on Mr. Middleston's petition is read and my Lord Treasurer agrees with the Commissioners in every particular.
[My Lord orders] 875l. to be issued to the Army Debts Commissioners, to wit for one quarter's salaries and incidents to 1704 March 29.
Send the draft of the Instructions for the Governors in America (as amended by the Prizes Commissioners) to the Commissioners of Trade.
Direct the Commissioners of Prizes to come to the Treasury on Wednesday morning about taking care of the prizes that may be taken by Sir George Rooke's fleet.
My Lord will speak with the Customs Commissioners (when they come to the Treasury) on their report relating to the Sidney frigate commanded by Capt. Upton.
Send to the Secretary of State the report from the Customs Commissioners on the petition of Ferdinando Silva and other aliens and desire that if letters of denization do pass the provision [sic for proviso] offered by the said Commissioners be inserted [in the letters patent of denization].
My Lord Treasurer will speak with the Customs Commissioners on their presentment for a collector at Antego [Antigua].
[My Lord orders] Mr. Taylor to see (on Mr. John Hefferman's behalf, who has been sent express from the port [the Porte] by Sir Robert Sutton), what has been usually allowed upon the like occasions.
[My Lord reads] Mr. Shakerley's petition for Mr. Duncomb's place as [one of the] Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army. Ibid., pp. 237-8.
April 18
Treasury Chambers.
Present : ut supra.
Several letters [of direction for issues of money] are read and directed to be signed.
Desire Serjeant Ryly to be here on Friday morning next about the inclosures in New Forest.
[Send word] to the Auditors of Imprests to attend here to-morrow week on their paper of accounts which are depending.
Direct the Deputy Queen's Remembrancer, the Deputy Treasurer's Remembrancer and the Clerk of the Pipe or his deputy to attend with Mr. Lowndes on next Thursday morning at 9 o'clock at the Chancellor of the Exchequer's house.
Ordered that out of loans on the one third Subsidy there be issued to Mr. Fox 53,869l. 11s. 5d. for a month's pay to the Foreign Troops and [a month's] subsistence to the Subject Troops composing the 40,000 men, to wit from 22 May 1704 to the 19th June 1704.
Issue to him [Fox] out of the same [loans] the value of 106,6662/3 Crowns (according to the price in the Contract supra p. 21) for two months more to the Duke of Savoy ; which will be due by advance on the 3rd August next and will extend by computation to the 3rd Oct. next.
Order for the issue of 20,373l. 18s. 3½d. to Mr. Fox on his memorial of this day : out of loans on the one third Subsidy : [and is for services as follows] viz. :
£ s. d.
for the full pay or clearings of the Subject Troops that served as part of the 40,000 men in the Low Countries from 1703 Dec. 25 to Feb. 24 last 9536 18 4
for the first quarter's subsidy to [Carolus] Landgrave of Hesse Cassel to March 25 last [being] 31,250 guilders at 10 guilders 11 stivers, as the remittances are now made 2840 18 2
for [Johann Hugod' Orsbeck] Elector of Treves for the said quarter [being] 15,625 guilders at the same rate 1420 9 1
for one fourth part of 16,302l. 10s. 10d. allowed on the Establishment for General [and Staff] Officers for this year 4075 12
for one fourth of 10,000l. for Contingencies 2500
£20373 18
Ibid., p. 239.
April 19 forenoon.
Treasury Chambers,
Present : Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Send] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Friday afternoon upon their several demands of money for the Navy.
The [Principal] Commissioners for Prizes are called in. They say Mr. Terril is their agent at Lixbo [Lisbon] and give him a very good character.
My Lord directs Mr. Blackmore to attend those Commissioners and make out his discovery concerning the irregular sale of a [prize] ship in Newfoundland.
[Send word to] the Attorney General, Mr. Clayton and Mr. Tompson to be here on Friday afternoon about the Exchequer Bills now in the hands of [the said] Mr. Tompson. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 240.
April 21 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Put off those which should be here this afternoon until Tuesday afternoon.
The Earl of Montagu comes in. His memorial [for money for the Great Wardrobe] is read and my Lord [Treasurer assures him he] will furnish money to his Office as soon as there is sufficient in the Exchequer for that and other uses.
Issue 1475l. 16s. 8d. to Mr. How in part of the 87,115l. 10s. 0d. for sea [Marines] service, anno 1704, upon his memorial of this day for the Regiments of [Col. James] Rivers and [Lord] Lucas.
[Send word] to the Bank desiring some of their Directors to be here on Tuesday morning at nine o'clock.
The Duke of Ormonde comes in with Lord Coningsby and Mr. Southwell [and on discoursing them my Lord Treasurer orders as follows concerning the Irish Establishment] :
The Chief and Second Chamberlain to have each 52l. 3s. 4d. per an.
The second Serjeant at Arms to be reduced from 100l. to 50l. per an.
[Send a query] to the Commissioners of the Revenue [Ireland] how far the patent officers of the Customs are at present employed and how far [they] may be made useful and what charge may be saved by employing them instead of any [deputies or] commission officers.
The salary of the Accomptant General [is] to be [inserted] in the Establishment.
The 500l. per an. for the lighthouses is to be an article by itself in the Civil List.
Insert in the Establishment a sum not to exceed 1200l. per an. for the Presbyterian ministers : to be applied as the Chief Governor shall think fit from time to time for that service.
The Earl of Roscommon : 50l. a year is to be added to [his] 100l. per an.
The Earl of Longford : instead of 91l. 5s. 0d. as an half pay Major, is to have a pension of 150l. a year.
Elias Bouherau : 100l. a year instead of 200l. a year.
Mr. Leg to have 50l. a year added to 100l. a year.
A Lieut. General and an Aide-de-Camp is added to the General Officers. A Major of a Train of Artillery is to be added and four Assistant Armourers. Also a Governor at Galway during the war with 200l. per an.
Baron Ronsele 100l. a year.
300l. for the Officers of the House of Lords in Ireland.
Cromlin's [Louis Crommelian] letter to be signed.
[Send] to the Earl of Ranelagh to state what is due to Xmas 1702 to the Regiments of Earle, Hamilton, Donegal and Charlemont : and to Mr. How to state what is due to them from that date to Xmas 1703. Ibid., pp. 241-2.
April 25 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Send to the [exchange houses or] remitters to make propositions for [remitting to Flanders] another 100,000l. payable at such times as the last and to present them here to-morrow morning.
[Send] to Mr. Travers and Mr. Pudsey to be here to-morrow morning. Ibid., p. 243.
Eodem die afternoon. Present : ut supra.
Send to my Lord Halifax, the Auditors of Imprests, Mr. Papillon and Mr. Dodington and my Lord Orford to be here on Friday afternoon about the said Lord Orford's accounts.
[Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of] 990l. for levy money to the three Regiments in the West Indies : to be issued out of the one third Subsidy.
The Postmasters [General] who were [to] attend to-morrow morning about Mr. Dummer are to attend when Sir Thomas Frankland is well [enough] in health to come abroad.
The Navy Board are called in. [My Lord Treasurer orders the following issues for the Navy viz.] :
£ s. d.
[out of orders and tallies on the 3700l. per week] in the Navy Treasurer's hands, to be applied to Wages 1209 5 4
ditto more likewise in his hands for same 6613 6 9
to be borrowed on the tallies in his hands on the Land Tax 1704 at 5 per cent. : for Wages 50000
on the head of Wear and Tear for Mr. Gold and Mr. Hall on account for pitch and tar : out of loans on the Land Tax, anno 1704 2500
The Commissioners of Sick and Wounded are called in. [My Lord ordered] 10,000l. out of funds for the Navy to be issued to the Navy for Sick and Wounded and prisoners at War : [to be charged to the respective heads of Wages and Wear and Tear] in the usual proportions [of three fifths and two fifths respectively]. Ibid.
April 26 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Upon reading Mr. Whitfield's memorial of this day [my Lord Treasurer] ordered that out of the money ordered yesterday [to the Navy Treasurer] for Wages there be applied 4291l. 18s. 2d. for clearings of part of the six Marine Regiments to Xmas last and 6000l. for subsistence [of said Regiments] on account of the year 1704.
[Ordered] that a warrant be prepared on the clause in the statute of last Session, 2-3 Anne c. 17, cl. li., to allow the pay of the [Marine] Companies in Turkey [sic] and Africa till Xmas last according to the last musters.
[Ordered] that a computation of pay be forthwith made upon the [muster] rolls still remaining in the Comm[issaries'] hands.
Let a copy be taken of Tussingham's lease and of all the proceedings in order to obtain the same.
Ordered 5620l. to Mr. Fox for the 40,000 men : to be for levy money as in his memorial : to be issued "out of the funds in the scheme" [of disposition of funds as approved by my Lord Treasurer].
My Lord upon opening the proposals for 100,000l. to be remitted to Amsterdam agrees to that of Mr. Tourton and partners as the best viz. : 20,000l. payable at sight at 10 guilders 9¾ stivers current money ; 40,000l. payable at 30 days after date at 10 guilders 10¼ stivers current money ; 40,000l. payable at 60 days after date at 10 guilders 10½ stivers current money : "we to receive the money here at the delivery of our bills." [Signed] N. Tourton ; —, Guiguer. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 244.
April 26 afternoon.
Treasury Chambers,
Present : Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Dod and Mr. Phips appear for Mr. Whitley and the Solicitor General and Mr. Browne appear for Mr. Harcourt. The petition of Godfrey Harcourt [is read as is also the] report of the two Auditors [of Imprests] thereupon : as also the statement of the case and the Attorney General's opinion [thereon] ; as also the petition of Roger Whitley, the certificate of the Deputy Remembrancer and two other certificates of the Auditors.
The Solicitor General says the bond (if any) was not given according to the statute ; "but some time after Roger Whitley [was put] in execution of the office [of Receiver of Crown Lands in Wales] : two of the sureties [have been] dead 7 years, a third is insolvent : the office [was] sold to one Lloyd who employs Hughson [as deputy or sub Receiver]. In 1698 he returned divers arrears which had been granted by his Majesty [? by his Majesty as a gift or royal bounty to this or that individual] and he has not accounted since 1700. The statute of 7 Ed. VI. c. 1, which requires the bond [to be given by the Receiver of Revenues] requires the account to be annually cleared. The law is against him and he deserves no favour.
Mr. Browne says Harcourt did his duty in the office as well to the Crown as to the country : desires satisfaction [as to the date] when the pretended bond came in : the office is forfeited and the Act of Ed. VI. makes it a nullity ; for by that Act he was to account annually and by his own showing [there has been] no account since 1700 : [there is therefore] no need of an inquisition, because if there were an account it must be of record : [there is now] no visible Receiver : Whitley never appears though his name is used. It is usual in the condition [clause] of the bonds and the Act requires that if any of the security die or be insolvent new security should be given. That is not done in this case. He [therefore] hopes my Lord [Treasurer] will think Mr. Harcourt a fit person to be reinstated and that if a surety die the accomptant must take care to give notice and new security. It's part of the condition.
Mr. Dod [says] Mr. Harcourt was Receiver for two years in 1686 and 1687 but minus juste for the office was then in grant to the Whitleys : security was given before Roger Whitley intermeddled in the office. Two of the securities are living [and are men] of considerable estate. Col. Whitley, another, is dead but left a great estate liable [? as security and worth] 30,000l. and 3000l. a year. It's agreed not giving new security is no forfeiture : not acting yearly is no forfeiture. There is a surplus and the rest of the accounts are ready to be made up. The patent is [for execution of the office] by himself or his deputy ; the deputy is there and does his duty. He denies the selling or mortgaging and borrowing money would be no forfeiture.
Mr. Phips [says] they don't pretend to prove we acted before [giving] security and [there is] no forfeiture since [then either] by the Act or by the patent. They [the other side] would annex the condition as in the [surety] bond to our patent, which the law will not allow : not complying with the bond subjects to the penalty of the bond but not to a forfeiture : and says [there is] no forfeiture of the penalty because no notice given and never called on to renew the security. There is a surplus still due and declaring them [the accounts] would be to our advantage. The deputy was infirm but is now come up. There is no mortgage or sale. If they'll bring a scire facias we'll plead to them.
The Attorney [sic ? for Solicitor] General replies : where anything is omitted to be done of record no need of a scire facias. They entered in 1688 and gave no security till 1689. Harcourt accounted till Michaelmas 1688. Whitley [accounted] from that time. He received [acted as Receiver] in May and gave bond on the 22nd Aug. 1689 : which is denied and [is] said to be a matter en pays. The words of the statute are the office shall be void for not accounting and paying ; which [non accounting] is denied. He returned [as] arrears [items] which were received, to which [objection to his accounts he has given in] no answer.
Mr. Browne says the Act for not accounting forfeits the office by express words. They have trifled, [and have] returned arrears [as still standing out] after [same have been actually] received : so [the account] may well [but fictitiously] be in surplus.
Dod says the deputy [Receiver] was sworn in the Court of Exchequer 14 years ago.
Mr. Godolphin says he heard Mr. Lloyd say the profits of the office were assigned to him for debt.
Mr. Godolphin's deputy says Mr. Hughson has executed.
Desire the Attorney General and direct Mr. Barker [the Deputy Queen's Remembrancer] to be here on Friday afternoon about the matter contested between Mr. Harcourt and Mr. Whitley : and direct Mr. Barker to bring Whitley's bond with him. Ibid., pp. 245-6.
April 27 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The officers of the Exchequer are called in.
Send to Mr. Wilcox to view the ranger's lodge in Wychwood Forest and see what timber is proper to be allowed by the Queen towards repair thereof. Ibid., p. 247.
April 28 forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The Duke of Somerset [Master of the Horse is] present.
Refer the bills for repairs in the Mews to the Office of Works.
Send to the Victualling Commissioners to attend this afternoon,
Capt. Atkinson is called in.
Issue out of the funds in the scheme [of cash distribution] 5537l. 7s. 5d. to Mr. Fox on his order for the 40,000 men anno 1704 and 1800l. on his order for the Augmentation Troops : to be paid over to Mr. Nuting according to Mr. Atkinson's presentment of this day. Specify the Regiments [in making out the letter of direction].
[My Lord orders] another quarter to the Yards. Ibid., p. 248.
April 28 afternoon.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The business concerning the Exchequer Bills in Mr. Thompson's hands is put off till this day fortnight in the afternoon. Send notice to all the parties to attend then.
The Earl of Orford [late Treasurer of the Navy] is called in as also Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt], the Navy Commissioners, Auditor Bridges, Mr. Papillon, Mrs. Stephens et al concerning the said Earl of Orford's accounts.
As to double [payments] and overpayments the Navy Commissioners say they have recovered some and hope to recover others ; but [they] desire Mr. Dodington to attend them about the same in order to their being forthwith determined.
As to the interest account let Mr. Bridges, Mr. Dodington and Mr. Lowndes peruse the last act [2-3 Anne c. 11] and advise a method pursuant thereunto for finishing the account of interest.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] the Earl of Orford's balance to be paid over to Sir Thomas Littleton.
As to the money received for the Victualling and the setting same in super upon Mr. Papillon to account for it, let the case be stated and sent to the Attorney General for his opinion : but in the mean time my Lord Treasurer exhorts the Victualling Commissioners (now two are added) to proceed with all speed in examining and settling Mr. Papillon's accounts.
Direct the Navy Treasurer to borrow 50,000l. more upon the orders in his hands upon the Land Tax anno 1704 at 5 per cent. and direct the same (together with 4100l. now in the Treasurer's hands which was formerly intended for bounty to sea Officers and was never called for) to be applied to the head of Wages [as] in further part of the proportion for the year 1704. Treasury Minute Book XIV, p. 248.