Warrant Book: May 1704, 1-10

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 19, 1704-1705. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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May 1704, 1-10

May 1. William Lowndes to Auditor Harley to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Charles Fox and Thomas Lord Coningsby, Joint Paymasters of [the Forces in] Ireland, relating to their payments for Exchequer fees, for which Treasury allowance is necessary. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 392.
May 5. Money warrant for 25l. to the heirs of Col. Fairfax for 1703 Lady day quarter on their perpetuity. Money Book XVII, p. 76.
May 6. William Lowndes to the Queen's printers to deliver to the Office of the Secretary at War 200 books of the Articles of War and one entire set of the Acts of last Session for the use of the said Office. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 374.
William Blathwayt to Mr. [William] Lowndes. Pursuant to my Lord Treasurer's directions I enclose such states of accompts from the Plantations as I have received by the last shipping.
Prefixing : (i) a state of the General Accompt of the revenue of New York from 25 Dec. 1702 to 25 March 1703 collected by Caleb Heathcote, Thomas Denham and Peter Fauconier Esqrs. appointed Commissioners for the Public Receipt until the arrival of Thomas Byerly Esq. her Majesty's Collector and Receiver General in that Province :
Charge :
£ s. d.
by Duties on dry goods imported 118 13
by Duties on Indian goods 24 18 7
by Duties on wine 151 0 0
by Duties on rum imported 183 14 8
by Duties on goods exported 2 19
by Duties on goods sent up Hudson's River 0 3 0
by Excise as per the [Excise] Book 221 6
by Quit Rents as per the [Rents] Book 21 2 0
by money received on account of her Majesty's weigh house 93 12 6
817 10 4
balance due to the Commissioners 60 0
£877 10 11½
Discharge :
£ s. d.
by balance of last quarterly account 175 3 11½
by several salaries 416 2
by several contingencies 286 4
£877 10 11½
Memorandum : The accompt of the revenue from 25 March to 31 July 1703 (when Mr. Byerly entered upon his office of Collector and Receiver General of New York) has not yet been transmitted ; which [delay] has been occasioned by the Governor of New York's being in the Jerzeys when the last ships came away.
(2) State of accompt of her Majesty's Revenue in the Province of New York from 31 July 1703 (when Mr. Byerly entered upon the office of Collector and Receiver General as above) to 29th Sept. following.
Charge :
£ s. d.
by Customs on goods imported 10 7 6
by Customs on Indian goods 0 4
by Customs on wine 3 15 0
by Customs on rum 220 3 4
by Duties on peltry exported 111 4 10
by Duties on goods carried up Hudson's River 1 13 0
by the Excise as per account in the Excise Book 139 12 0
£486 19 10½
balance due to the Collector 124 3
611 3 5
Discharge :
£ s. d.
by several salaries 264 10 11
by several payments for quartering soldiers 27 0 0
by several warrants for Contingencies 319 12 6
£611 3 5
(3) State of the accompt of James Taylor gent, Treasurer and Receiver General of her Majesty's Revenue within the Province of the Massachusetts Bay [arising] by several assessments standing out (as appears by the last account given in dated 27 May 1702) ; and by a Tax upon Polls and Estates granted in May 1702 ; by Fines ; Duties of Imposts upon all goods imported ; Excise ; Tonnage of Shipping and other Duties belonging to her Majesty : from 27 May 1702 to 26 May 1703 : which accompt has been examined by the Deputy Auditor and approved and allowed by the General Assembly and Governor in Chief of that Province.
£ s. d.
Charge :
remains due on the several Assessments as per last account 904 11 10
by a tax on polls and estates 6063 14 6
debts outstanding on the Impost and Excise as per last account 60 0 0
due on the Duties of Excise from 29 June 1700 to 29 June 1703 912 15 0
by received for 40 hamacks [hammocks] put on board the Gosport 7 0 0
several fines 11 2 4
by Bills of Public Credit received from the Committee appointed for a supply of the Treasury 1000 0 0
Impost for the last year for Essex County 58 9 0
Powder Money from 24 May to 25 Nov. 1702 103 18 0
Impost for the county of Suffolk from 24 May 1702 to 25 Nov. following 1197 4 9
Impost and Excise for the county of Suffolk from 25 Nov. 1702 103 9 1
£19422 4 11
Discharge :
by several salaries 2243 18 0
by incident charges upon the fortifications and garrisons 8669 4 1
by incident charges on several ships and vessels fitted out for her Majesty's service 1544 2 5
by Bills of Public Credit of the late Colony received into the Treasury 685 15 0
by Bills of Public Credit received into the Treasury by Taxes &c. with 5 per cent. advance 3032 14 10
by Bills of Public Credit remaining undisposed of 680 6 5
by Contingencies 1945 15 5
by debts outstanding 620 8 9
£19422 4 11
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 154-7.
May 8. Commission by Treasurer Godolphin to Christopher Courteville to be a Surveyor of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages loco [Robert] Winniat. (Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receiver General of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages for co. Essex to pay 80l. per an. to said Courteville). Affairs of Taxes I, pp. 3, 8.
May 9. William Lowndes to the Auditors of Imprests. In what state are the Earl of Ranelagh's accounts? The Earl has petitioned for the superseding of the distringas against him for not accounting.
The like letter concerning the Earl of Orford's accounts. Out Letters (General) XVII, pp. 374, 376.
Subscription by Treasurer Godolphin for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated April 21 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery to the Serjeant of her Majesty's Chapel of Bibles, Prayer Books &c. detailed for the use of her Majesty's Chapel at St. James's : to an estimate of 114l. Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, p. 230.
The like of a like dated May 5 to the Master of the Jewel House for the delivery to Sir Charles Hedges, Secretary of State, of a silver box to contain the great seal which is to be affixed to a Treaty with Denmark : to an estimate of 8l. Ibid., pp. 230-231.
The like of a like dated April 27 to same for the delivery of 1000 ounces of white plate to the Lord Chamberlain of the Household, as hath been formerly allowed : to an estimate of 400l. Ibid., p. 230.
The like of a like dated March 31 to same for the delivery to John Vanbrugh, constituted Clarencieux King of Arms, of a crown of silver gilt, a collar of SSS. of silver gilt, a chain of gold and a jewel or badge "as hath been accustomed and belonging to Clarencieux King of Arms" : to an estimate of 85l. Ibid., p. 231.
May 10. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Prizes Commissioners to pay Capt. Thomas Long as a Captain out of Vigo prize money, he being Captain of her Majesty's fireship Venture and having by a former commission taken post as Captain in the Navy Royal and only by mistake inserted as Master and Commander in the list for the distribution of [the Vigo] prize money. Money Book XVII, p. 125.
Money warrant for 130l. 2s. 9d. to William Borrett for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated May 17 hereon). (Warrant dated May 26 by Treasurer Godolphin to said Borrett to pay said 130l. 2s. 9d. to Robert Weddell for his charges in prosecuting counterfeiters). Ibid., pp. 125, 100. Order Book VI, p. 113. Disposition Book XVII, p. 83.
Same for 600l. to Henry Baker as imprest for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated May 12 hereon). Money Book XVII, p. 125. Order Book VI, p. 112. Disposition Book XVII, p. 83.
Same for 127l. 0s. 6d. to Edward Progers for repairs of the lodge and paling of the Middle Park at Hampton Court and for hay for the deer there between 1702 Nov. 21 and 1703 Nov. 15.
Appending : certificate by Edward Wilcox, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South, as to said repairs. (Money order dated May 12 hereon). Money Book XVII, p. 126. Order Book VI, p. 114. Disposition Book XVII, p. 83.
Money warrant for 35l. to Sir Simon Harcourt and 40l. 13s. 4d. to Sir Edward Northey for half a year each to 1704 Lady day as respectively Solicitor General and Attorney General. Money Book XVII, p. 128. Disposition Book XVII, p. 83.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Edward Pyle, woodward of New Forest, to pay (out of moneys of wood sales) 210l. to the Duke of Bolton for 1701 March 25 to 1704 March 25 on the 30l. per an. and 40l. per an. for repairs of Lindhurst &c. as by the privy seal of March 31 last supra p. 157. Money Book XVII, p. 130.
Money warrant for 26l. 13s. 4d. to Gregory King for one year to 1700 June 24 his patent fee as Lancaster Herald. Ibid., p. 261.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Prizes Commissioners to pay 23l. 4s. 6d. to Thomas Cole, agent for Prizes at Cowes, for a moiety of the net proceeds of the French vessel Susanna which the said Cole did "by her Majesty's Declaration of War stop in the said port" which was afterwards condemned as lawful prize : the Commissioners for Prizes having represented in their memorial of March 30 last and April 27 last the facts thereof and that the trouble Cole had upon seizure of the said vessel may deserve the like share as the captors of other prize ships according to her Majesty's Declaration, which they certify to be a moiety of the net proceeds. Ibid., p. 205.
William Lowndes to Mr. How to apply as follows 30909l. 11s. 7d. out of the 50,000l. put into your hands on Jan. 5 last for the Guards and Garrisons.
£ s. d.
as in further part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1703
for 28 days' subsistence to May 22 inst. for the Forces in England 11531 1 4
for one quarter's allowance for Contingencies to March 25 last and is to pay the Secretary of War, the Comptrollers of the Army Accounts, Half pay Officers &c. 1767 0 0
for 60 days' clearings to the Troops in England Feb. 25 last to April 24 last 8911 6 7
for clearings to 13 Companies of the First Regiment of Foot Guards from Dec. 25 last to Feb. 24 last 1957 10 2
for pay of the Garrisons from 25 Feb. last to 24 April last 2387 18 9
for the Capt. General and Staff Officers from Dec. 25 last to April 24 last 2638 9 7
In further part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for [Marines for] sea service
for clearings to the Regiments of [Lord] Lucas and [Col. James] Rivers from Feb. 25 last to April 24 last 998 10 2
In further part of 5000l. for the support of the Invalids
for the pay of the four Companies of Invalids from Feb. 25 last to April 24 last 506 15 0
for the reduced Invalids for the same time 717 19 0
£30909 11 7
Disposition Book XVII, p. 82.
Letter of direction for 5l. to John Broadhurst, porter at the Exchequer Gate, and 12l. 10s. 0d. to Thomas Fox, clerk in the Exchequer [for keeping the Register of loans in the Office of the Auditor of the Receipt : both for last Lady day quarter]. Ibid., p. 83.
Same for 7704l. 19s. 0d. to Charles Fox [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] : out of Contributions for Annuities : and is to complete the payments to the Duke of Savoy to August 3 next new style, by way of advance &c. to the 3rd October 1704 by computation. Ibid.
William Lowndes to John How [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] to apply as follows the sum of 1596l. of the 50,000l. put into your hands on Jan. 5 last : viz.
In further part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. [for the Marines] for sea service
for recruit money at the rate of 3l. per man for 532 men for the Regiment of Col. James Rivers, (late Brigadier Collenbine's deceased) that number being wanting on the muster to 24 Dec. 1703 1596l.
Ibid., p. 86.
Letter of direction for 300l. to Thomas Lloyd, the Paymaster of the Works : out of Civil List moneys : to be paid over to Signor Verrio in further part for painting the great Drawing Room at Hampton Court, on which account he has already received 500l. Ibid., p. 87.
William Lowndes to Auditor Harley to state the account of Mr. How for the year ended 1703 Dec. 24 as Treasurer to the Royal Hospital at Chelsea ; as by the enclosed exhibit [missing]. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 374.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to send to the Auditors of Imprests his accounts [as late Treasurer] of Chelsea Hospital. Ibid.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests. The Lord Treasurer has read your certificate of the state of the several accounts lying before you. You are to prepare states of all the Earl of Ranelagh's accounts by such vouchers as are produced and present same to my Lord by the 25th inst. For the future you are to certify monthly your proceedings on the said accounts : and likewise what progress is made by Mr. Parkhurst and others, late Commissioners for Prizes in their respective accounts. In the accounts of the Robes you are to give no other allowances but where the money appears to be paid by proper vouchers. Ibid., p. 375.
Treasury reference to the Postmasters General of the petition of Daniel Richards, late Postmaster of Carmarthen, shewing that by several losses he is become indebted 70l. to the Crown which he prays may be remitted, he being very poor. Reference Book VIII, p. 100.
Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Sir Michaell Biddulph, a surety of Morgan Whitley, late Receiver of [Crown Revenues for] Chester and North Wales, praying a lease of his [said Whitley's] estate. Reference Book VIII, p. 100.
Report to the Queen from Treasurer Godolphin on the petition of Nathaniel Rous, James Wayte and other English merchants owners of the ship Thomas and Phebe, John Prince master, relating to Col. Codrington's proceedings in seizing the said ship in the Leeward Islands. I referred same to the Customs Commissioners and concur with their report as below.
Appending : (a) report by said Commissioners to Treasurer Godolphin on the case. Said ship was built in Pennsylvania in 1694 and named the Hopewell, James Norman, master, and duly registered in London 4 June 1698 pursuant to the Act 7 and 8 Wm. III [c. 22 clause 16 which enacted that no ship be deemed British or Plantation built until Registered in the form therein required] she being then owned by Micajah Perry, Richard Haynes, Tho. Byfeild and James and Benjamin Braines merchants of London ; but on the sale of the said vessel to the present petitioners, the former master one Norman did not deliver over the register with the bill of sale, as is affirmed by the oath of John Vans, whereby the said register was lost or mislaid. In Oct. 1702 the petitioners designed her for a voyage to Guinea and the West Indies and applied to us, the Customs Board, concerning the loss of the register, whereupon we gave our letter 31 Oct. 1702 to the officers of the Plantations as a security for her navigation in that voyage and directed them to permit her to enter and clear without obstruction. The ship took in negroes at Angola and arrived in Antigua in November last where the Customs officer accepted said letter and permitted her to unlade her negroes without molestation. But afterwards Govr. General Codrington seized the vessel in an unusual threatening manner and caused the petitioner's factor to give an account of the negroes and insisted upon the seizure "to the overthrow of the voyage and discouragement of her Majesty's fair trading subjects, several other ships having with the like letter from us loaded to other her Majesty's Plantations without molestation."
(b) Copy of said letter of date 31 Oct. 1702 from the Customs Commissioners. Warrants not Relating to Money XVIII, pp. 232-3.
Same to same from same on the order of reference of Nov. 25 last of the representation from the late Commissioners for Trade and Plantations for settling the rates of foreign coins in your Majesty's Plantations in America. I have referred same to the Principal Officers of the Mint and concur with their report as below.
Appending : report dated Mint Office 1703 Dec. 9 from [Sir] J. Stanley [Warden of the Mint], Is. Newton [Master and Worker of the Mint] and J. Ellis [Comptroller of the Mint] to the Lord Treasurer. We concur with the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations in their opinion that the altering the rates of the coins at the discretion of those Governments must encourage indirect practices of drawing the money from one Plantation to another, to the undermining of each other's trade ; and that the proper way to remedy this mischief is to reduce all foreign coins to one and the same rate in all her Majesty's Dominions in America : in order to which we have annexed a table of the value of the several coins which may pass in America [calculated] according to their weight and the assays lately made of them in the Mint to show the just proportion which each coin ought to have to the other when her Majesty shall think fit to set out a Proclamation concerning the value of money in America as the Lords Commissioners for Trade have proposed.
A table of the weight and value of foreign coins.
Weight Value
dwt. gr. s. d.
Sevill Pieces of Eight old Plate 17. 12. 4 6
Sevill Pieces of Eight new Plate 14. 3
Mexico Pieces of Eight 17. 12. 4 6
Pillar Pieces of Eight 17. 12. 4
Peru Pieces of Eight old Plate 17. 12. 4 5
or thereabouts
Cross Dollars 18. 4
Ducatoons of Flanders 20. 21. 5 6
Ecus of France or Silver Lewises 17. 12. 4 6
Crusados of Portugal 11. 04. 2 10¼
Three Guilder Pieces of Holland 20. 07. 9
Old Rix Dollars of the Empire 18. 10. 4 6
The half, quarters and other parts in proportion to their denominations and light pieces in proportion to their weight.
N.B. Peru pieces 'very' [vary] much in their fineness.
Ibid., pp. 234-5.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the moiety of a tenement in the manor of Bayton [Boyton] co. Cornwall in order to a lease thereof to John Pentire.
Prefixing : report by said Surveyor General on said Pentire's petition for same. Petitioner holds one moiety of the tenement by assignment of a lease made to Henry Seymour and is in possession of the other moiety. He petitioned for a new lease of the whole in 1696 and I reported thereon 24 March 1696-7. Ibid., pp. 236-7.