Minute Book: June 1705

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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June 1705

June 1, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Order for the] issue of 1100l. to Mr. How on account of subsistence for the Regiments of Colonels Lillingston, Winne and Lepel and as in part of 98,969l. 10s. 0d. for the 5000 additional men for sea service, [to wit 11,844l. for levy money and 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for maintenance as by the vote of the House of Commons of the 16 Nov. 1704 Commons Journals XIV, p. 424] : to be issued out of funds in the Exchequer pro anno 1705.
Order for 42,111l. 2s. 6d. to [the Treasurer of the Navy for] the Victuallers : out of loans in the Exchequer : and is to complete 142,111l. 2s. 6d.
Send word to the Navy Commissioners, Excise Commissioners and Mr. Newman to attend on Tuesday afternoon. The latter need not come this afternoon.
Sir James Bateman et al. [are called in and inform my Lord that] they have deficiencies on the sixth 4s. Aid [1 Anne St. 2 c. 1] and last Capitation [1 Anne c. 6] for [the making good of] which they have [Treasury] Minutes. Ibid., p. 96.
June 5, afternoon. Present : ut supra.
The Navy Commissioners are called in. Direct them to pay (out of any money in the Navy Treasurer's hands on the head of Wages) 500l. to Geo. Churchill Esq., Admiral of the Blue Squadron, as imprest for defraying the contingent charges of that part of the Fleet which is to be employed under his command in the Channel.
[My Lord orders the] issue of 47,215l. [to the Navy Treasurer] for 1704 midsummer quarter to the Yards viz. 19,000l. on the head of Ordinary and 28,215l. on the head of Wear and Tear.
likewise 20,000l. more for Wages to ships.
[Send word] to Mr. Walton to be here to-morrow morning about the wines in Penzance to be put up in small lots.
The Excise Commissioners and Mr. Newman are called in. The Minutes taken by East [Secretary to the Salt Commissioners] on the 17th November last are read. The Commissioners' answer is read. Mr. Newman says that Mr. Downer charged 17 quarters of malt by the lump when there were 80 quarters at the house of Mr. White.
[My Lord orders that] the Commissioners are to send for Woodcock and enquire into this and give my Lord an account.
Mr. Newman says he will improve the small branches of Excise (and chiefly the distillers and vinegar) by 20,000l. a year more than they now make and he'll give his method in writing to my Lord and particularise the branches. Treasury Minute Book XV, p. 97.
June 6, forenoon. Present : [attendance not stated.]
[My Lord directs] 1000l. to the hands of Mr. Van Huls for the Earl of Albemarle [as royal] bounty : out of secret service money.
Likewise 200l. to Mrs. O'brien as royal bounty : out of same.
Likewise 2000l. to the Cofferer of the Household, for the servants attending the Queen at Windsor : [out of Civil List moneys].
Likewise 2806l. 15s. 0d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber, to wit 1500l. for servants [below stairs] attending at Windsor and 1306l. 15s. 0d. for travelling charges to the Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal in the three last years.
Likewise 2000l. [to William Lowndes] for secret service.
Likewise 1000l. to the Paymaster of the Works : to be paid over to Mr. Wise as in part of 3323l. 1s. 0d. resting due on bills passed by the officers of the Works, being for works in her Majesty's Gardens at Kensington, Windsor, etc.
Prepare the state of a case for the Attorney General's opinion whether the 6472l. 1s. 0d. in the Exchequer [arising out] of [pirate] Kid's effects may be issued for the service of the Hospital at Greenwich :
and another state of a case for his opinion whether the remainder of 6000l. in the Exchequer of the 61,102l. 14s. 2¼d (fn. 1). allowed by Parliament for arrears to Sick and Wounded in the late war (after so much is reserved as will discharge all claims that can justly be made for such arrears) may not be applied to the service of the Sick and Wounded during the present war. Ibid., p. 98.
June 13, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Brewer is to take up [on loan] 17,000l. on the Malt tallies which he received from the [Paymaster of the] Ordnance : [and be empowered to pay interest thereon] at 5 per cent. from the date he receives the money thereon : and my Lord Treasurer will endorse the orders [to make them bear interest] accordingly.
[My Lord orders the issue to the Paymaster of the Guards and Garrisons of] 500l. 10s. 0d. as in part of 2307l. 5s. 11d. due to Rivers' Regiment anno 1703 : 500l. to be issued out of Hackney Coach money and 10s. out of French Tonnage.
Mrs. Chetwynd's arrear of her pension in the late King's time is to be paid.
[My Lord orders] 500l. more to Lady Waldegrave.
[My Lords orders the issue to Mr. Brydges, the Paymaster of the Forces Abroad of] 1970l. for the transport service to Portugal : to be paid out of the funds of this year : and 1800l. for one year's charge of their [the Transport] Office [: both the said sums being to be paid over by the said Brydges to John Nutin, Paymaster of the Transports].
[My Lord orders the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of] 40,000l. more for wages : out of the same funds. Ibid., p. 99.
June 19.
Windsor Castle, afternoon.
Present : the Queen : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The inhabitants of Drury Lane in the parish of St. Martin's in the Fields [their petition is read setting forth] that there is a building, late Mr. Burgesse's Meeting House situate in Russell Court, which being convenient for a chapel of ease for the use of the said inhabitants who are very remote from their parochial church, they have taken and fitted up for that use : but now finding the charge thereof to amount to about 650l. they are unable to raise the same, being for the most part small retailing traders : therefore praying the Queen's benevolence towards the said charge. Her Majesty is inclined to give 100l. but see first whether the works be completed by the inhabitants.
The Lord Eure [his petition is read] praying to be recommended to her Majesty for her bounty and promises never to give her Majesty any further trouble. [The Queen orders him] 100l. [out of] Secret Service.
Peter Wentworth Esq. [his petition is read] setting forth that Etienne Cambolive, a French alien, is dead intestate and without heirs ; that he has left to the value of about 500l. which belongs to your Majesty : therefore prays a grant of same pursuant to a gracious promise lately made him (as he alleges) by your Majesty. The Queen did not make him any promise, but doth grant it.
The inhabitants of Westminster [their petition is read] praying leave to make a door out of Queen's Square into St. James's Park : granted.
Capt. Francis Wyvell, Commander of her Majesty's ship Barfleur at Vigo, [his petition is read] representing that he was with great charge and hazard of his life the actual captor of the Dartmouth man of war and Tauro galley (being as he conceives one third part of the wealth taken there) and hath had no other reward for that service but an equal share of the moiety allowed to captors by the Queen's Declaration of 1 June 1702, with other Commanders of ships there who were only assistants : therefore prays that his said services may be rewarded as the Queen shall think fit.
The Attorney General is of opinion that the petitioner's services as certified by Sir Cloudesley Shovell and other persons entitle him beyond the Commanders of the assisting ships if the Queen shall be pleased to give extraordinary rewards to those who did extraordinary services there and that the doing it will greatly encourage the like undertakings. The Queen cannot do anything for him beyond the rule in her Declaration : but thinks he should be employed at sea.
Susanna Arnold [her petition is read] setting forth her father's services to the Government in the last reign, for which he was detained a prisoner in France : in consideration whereof a pension of 100l. per an. was settled on her mother who died about 12 months since leaving petitioner in a miserable and perishing condition : therefore praying relief. [The Queen orders] 30l. a year to be paid to Mrs. N. Arnold for her [Susanna's] maintenance and education : [to be paid] by Mr. Nicholas.
Richard and Ann Bynns, son and granddaughter of Col. Richard Bynns, [their petition is read shewing] that the said Colonel was a great sufferer for his loyalty to Charles I and II and at the time of the late Revolution hindered the breaking the First Troop of Guards then under his command and in compliance with his late Majesty's pleasure parted with his commission, in consideration whereof he had a pension of 1l. 3s. 0d. a day for life, payable by the Earl of Ranelagh, which was three years in arrear at the time of his death and [the said arrear was] bequeathed by will to the petitioners : therefore pray payment thereof as they have nothing else to depend on. The Queen is not pleased to grant their petition because of the consequence.
Seignor Verrio [his petition is read] setting forth that it is now four months since he finished [painting] the Great Drawing Room at Hampton Court ; that having applied to the Queen to begin to paint some other room her Majesty was pleased to say though there was no haste of any more painting, yet her Majesty would take care of him : that this being the most seasonable time for painting and the petitioner wanting wherewithal to support himself he prays leave to put her Majesty in mind of her gracious promise. [Her Majesty's decision is] give him a pension but no more charge for painting : 200l. a year.
The Justices of Peace and burgesses of the Liberty of Westminster and other inhabitants of the parish of St. James's [their petition is read setting forth] that for several reigns they have enjoyed the privilege of a public passage out of the Pall Mall into St. James's Park till within a few years past, the stopping up whereof hath been of fatal consequence to the said inhabitants of Pall Mall and parts adjacent who have thereby extremely suffered in their rents, loss of trade &c. : therefore pray that the said passage may be opened. There is a way at the end of the Garden. The petition is not thought reasonable.
Frances Mackenzie her petition is read praying a royal warrant for payment of the addition of 40l. a year to her present allowance of 40l. a year on Mr. Nicholas's Establishment according to the Queen's promise some time since made to the Earl of Cromartie. She must be content with her 40l. a year.
Sir Edward Dering [his petition is read] praying some employment by way of compensation and in consideration of a great debt claimed by him as due in the Navy Office in the reign of Charles II and of his sufferings, losses and services to the Crown. If anything happens [to fall vacant] that is proper for him my Lord Treasurer is to be put in mind.
Evert Jollivet [his petition is read] representing that there is due to him 280l. for 1¼ years' salary of 224l. per an. as Clerk of the Stables to the late King ; that though he had no other employment he was unfortunately left out of the present Establishment of pensions to such officers of the Stables as were not continued in her Majesty's service : that he has attended the Court near 30 years but has not been able to make any manner of provision for himself and family : most humbly implores a pension for his subsistence, being now in years and very necessitous. [A like petition from] Monsieur Gendrault. [The Queen's answer is] no pensions : but when an opportunity offers they are to be considered.
The servants of the Chamber [their petition is read] representing that by the Establishment they are allowed only one week's travelling charges during their attendance at Windsor or Hampton Court for the whole time of her Majesty's residence at those places : therefore pray that half the allowances contained for them on the said Establishment may be paid for the whole time of their respective attendance upon her Majesty at Windsor or Hampton Court as is practised and paid to the servants below stairs. Those in waiting as they do attend are to have the allowance desired. Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 100-101.
June 26, forenoon.
Windsor Castle.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord signs a] letter [of direction] for issuing 5346l. 14s. 3½d. to Mr. Nicholas for a quarter to Lady day 1705 on the pensions payable by him.
[likewise a same for issuing] 750l. to [Secretary] Sir Charles Hedges and 500l. to Secretary Harley for secret service.
[likewise a same for the annuities and pensions payable at the Exchequer as per] the list for 10,439l. 4s. 3d. for last Xmas quarter, to be paid out of loans on tin.
[My Lord orders 1145l. 4s. 8½d. of the 25 per cent. on French Goods, being] money not appropriated, to be applied to Col. Rivers' Regiment pro anno 1703.
[My Lord directs] 5000l. to the Great Wardrobe out of Civil List money.
Papers [of petitions and reports] are read and the minutes [of the decisions and answers of my Lord are endorsed] upon them. Ibid., p. 102.


  • 1.
    This sum is made up of three items of appropriations in Bills of Supply as follows :
    £ s. d.
    (1) by the Act for Duties on Silks &c. 11 Wm. III c. 3 20000
    (2) by the Act for Low Wines 12—13 Wm. III c. 11 20000
    (3) by the Act for divers Subsidies 1 Anne c. 6 21102 14 2
    £61102 14 2