Minute Book: August 1705

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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August 1705

August. The Earl of Abercorne : [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from the] D[uke of] Ormonde [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, as to the grant of 3000l. to the Earl of Abercorne. Hereon my Lord Treasurer decides] to represent to the Queen that the Earl of Abercorne have 1000l. a year for 3 years out of the revenue of Ireland in lieu of 500l. a year and the Tonnage of Foreign Ships by him surrendered. [August 27. Treasury Board Papers XCIII, 57].
William Atwood [his petition is read]. My Lord cannot be justified in the payment of this.
Neh[emiah] Arnold [his petition is read]. My Lord will move the Queen for the petitioner to have this place (viz. Paymaster of Lottery Tickets) but the salary to be reduced to 200l. a year.
Tho. Addison [his petition is read] rel[ating] to buildings in the Savoy. Let a caveat be entered.
John Anstis [his petition is read] for convoys for tin ships. [Write] to Mr. Burchet to move the Admiralty for convoys at the instance of Mr. Anstis.
William Atwood [his petition is read]. My Lord has already given his answer to this demand.
Capt. Ed. Ashe [his petition is read praying to have his condition amended, his profits as Controller of Customs of Plymouth port having been much diminished by the war]. Read to the Queen 25 August 1705. The war will not continue always. [Treasury Board Papers XCV, No. 18]. Ibid., p. 2.
William Borret : [my Lord reads his] report about the effects of Taylor, late Paymaster of Lottery Tickets. [My Lord orders] a privy seal accordingly.
Fran[cis] Bridges his petition for leave of absence is read. [My Lord Treasurer grants that] he has leave of absence for 2 months provided he take care the office be well served in the mean time. [Aug. 11. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 45]. Ibid., p. 32.
Capt. Copsey [in] Elliot's Regiment : [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from the Army Accounts] Comptrollers [on his petition. My Lord] agreed [with the report].
[My Lord reads the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners'] presentment [of] Robert Johnson to be coastwaiter at Bristol. Respited.
Ditto for John Smith to be a waterman in London port ; Michael Willson to be a tidesman and boatman at Boston. Granted.
Ditto for a moiety of 32l. 18s. 0d. seized by Mr. Cole of Cowes to be allowed him. Granted.
Pierre Combecrosse [his petition is read]. To be read when the Duke of Ormonde [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] is present.
[The] clothiers [of her Majesty's] Forces in Portugal and Holland [their petition is read]. To be paid as soon as the Muster Rolls are returned. [August 9. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 43].
John Clifton [his memorial is read desiring an interview to submit] his proposal for advancing the Stamp Duties [revenue]. Let him put his methods for advancing the Stamp Duties into writing signed by him, that they may be considered before my Lord will be engaged by any promise. [August 9. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 42].
The Chaplains et al. of the late Dissolved Hospital in the Savoy. [My Lord reads] the Attorney General's report on their petition and on other papers relating to demands on the revenues of that Hospital and orders] 21 August 1705. Mr. Burton to pay this arrear till the [date of the] dissolution. [Treasury Board Papers XCV, 44].
Lieut. General Cholmondley : [My Lord Treasurer reads his petition] for a Fort Major to be restored to the Establishment of Tilbury Fort. [This is a matter] proper for the [Lord] General to consider.
Robert Cony [his petition is read] for pay due to his father. He must apply to the Col[onel]. Ibid., p. 61.
Mr. Dummer : [My Lord reads his letter concerning the West India pacquet boat service, asking for] 500l. per an. for pacquet boats. My Lord will speak with the Commissioners of the Navy. [August 27. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 62]. Ibid., p. 79.
The C[ommissioners of] Ex[cise, my Lord reads their] presentment touching the assessment upon their officers [of low salaries etc.] pro anno 1703 and 1705. Referred to the Attorney General [Aug. 2 see Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 117].
Ditto : [my Lord reads their] memorial relating to [their] Accomptant General's office. Agreed.
[East India Company see supra p. 141].
Ja. Evans [petition read]. The petitioner asks what is not in the Queen's power to grant.
E[arl of] Essex [: My Lord Treasurer reads the] rep[ort from] H. Baker [on the said Earl's memorial relating to 3 Troops of his Regiment of Dragoons which were sent into Kent to assist the officers against the transporting of wool]. Send this report to the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners] and direct them to peruse the same and to rep[ort] what is due to these Dragoons, whether they think it reasonable to be paid and what authority, if any subsisting, for making the said payment. [Aug. 29 see Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 126]. Ibid., p. 95.
Sir Thomas Frankland : [my Lord Treasurer reads his letter] rel[ating] to Sir William Russell's pay [as Captain of a Troop in Lord Arran's Regiment upon his surrender of that commission]. My Lord thinks this should stay till my Lord of Marlborough's return. [August 8. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 39].
Mary Fullerton [her petition is read]. The pension is not continued. T 4/16, p. 113.
Capt. John Henley [of Brigadier Holt's Regiment of Marines and wounded at Gibraltar : my Lord Treasurer reads] the order of C[ouncil on his case made upon the Lord Treasurer's report of July 3 last. My Lord orders] a warrant to the C[ommissioners of] Prizes accordingly. [See Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 48 under date 1705 July 3].
William Hewer [his petition is read for stay of process on the Tangier accounts]. Ordered. [Treasury Board Papers XCV, No. 35].
John How [my Lord reads] his account of [his] charge on passing his accounts anno 1703. Referred to the Auditors of Imprests.
Anthony Hodges : [my Lord reads his petition] for his salary as Lieutenant Governor of Montserrat. Prepare a warrant for a privy seal. [Royal sign manual hereon dated 1705 Oct. 30. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 479].
Col. [Thomas] Handasyde, Governor of Jamaica his letter [containing news of Admiral Whetstone, the French, etc. is] read Aug. 27. [Treasury Board Papers XCIV, 108]. Ibid., p. 151.
Mr. Incledon and his wife : [my Lord Treasurer reads the] report from the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands on their petition] for a lease of 31 years of the house or lodgings belonging to the office [enjoyed by them] of Keeper of her Majesty's House at Westminster called the House of Peers. Read to the Queen 27 August 1705. Granted. Ibid., p. 171.
Antho[ny] Lezan [his petition is read] for his son's pay as officer in Lord Lifford's Regiment. This account is finished long since.
Dame Eliza Lawson. The rep[ort from the] Attorney General [on her petition concerning her late husband's bequest to the Queen is] read to the Queen 27 August 1705. The Q[ueen] gives this legacy for the benefit of her children. [Treasury Board Papers XCIV, 57]. Ibid., p. 190.
Mr. Merill : [my Lord reads his memorial] relating to bills of exchange drawn by the Earl of Peterborough. Ref[erred] to the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts] to consider how this bill may best be paid and how it may be properly deducted again out of the accruing pay to the said aides de camp.
John Mascall [his petition is read concerning prize wines taken by his privateers. Reference Book VIII, pp. 169, 179 under dates June 28 and Aug. 9J. Ref[erred to the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners].
Tho. Morice's letter dated Lisbon 29 July 1705 is read 8 Aug. 1705.
Monsieur Meloniere [his petition is read]. To be read when the Duke of Ormonde is present.
Mr. Methuen [his] account : [my Lord reads the] report [from] Auditor Harley [upon it]. Send a copy of this to Mr. Methuen and desire him to supply as many of the vouchers mentioned to be wanting as possibly he can and the rest [of his cravings unvouched] must be warranted by privy seal.
William Mann [his petition is read relating to the debt due to his father from William Hunt late of Sharrington co. Norfolk, a creditor of Michael Wicks late Receiver of Plantation Duties]. My Lord doth not know that anything would come to Hunt if he were living. [Aug. 27. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 61].
Solomon Medina [his petition is read] for the remaining 4000l. It will be paid in a little time.
[My Lord reads a letter in which] Mr. Middleton [is] recommended by Mr. Hervey for a coastwaiter's place. To be considered when the presentment comes [from the Customs Commissioners]. Ibid., p. 210.
John Newman his petition is read for a reward for his discoveries [relating to frauds in the Excise. Referred] to the Commissioners of Excise to consider what he may deserve for the discovery he pretends to and [to] report. [August 27. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 51].
John Nelthorpe [his petition is read] for to be streetkeeper to the Hackney Coach Office. My Lord leaves the disposal of this place to the [Hackney Coaches] Commissioners. Ibid., p. 229.
Fran. Partis and Company : [their petition praying to be admitted to compound for their debt for Salt Duties] referred to the Salt Commissioners. [July 11 last. Reference Book VIII, p. 174 My Lord now reads] the Commissioners' report [thereon and said report is] agreed to. August 21.
Sir Thomas Pelham : [my Lord Treasurer reads his] letter. Send an extract of this letter and [of] the case as to the brandy and wine to the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners] for their report and refer an extract of the other part and the certificate as to Diplock to H. Baker.
William Popple : [my Lord reads his] letter [asking] for 40 copies of the Act to encourage trade in Newfoundland, to be dispersed there. Ordered : but Mr. Popple to be acquainted that my Lord doth not like these precedents.
John Pye [his petition for leave to compound his Salt Duty debt is read and] ref[erred to the] C[ommissioners of the] Salt Duties. [20 July Reference Book VIII, p. 176].
Powell and Staires [my Lord reads their petition. They are not upon the Establishment and my Lord sees no grounds for this petition.
Mar[y] Pavia [my Lord reads his petition for consideration for her sufferings at Cadiz in August 1702 and it is] referred to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. [31 July. Out Letters Ireland VIII, p. 365].
Sir Thomas Powys [his petition is read. My Lord orders] his salary for the Queen's time to be paid.
William Palmes [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Surveyor General [of Crown Lands thereon and decides as follows thereon, viz. :]
The first article as to Cookham and Bray : my Lord cannot advise granting this. As to Morehall etc. in co. Norfolk [my Lord orders] the Surveyor to make a new survey of the premises and describe the contents and make a value thereof. As to Whitebread's estate enquire whether the Crown has any title to this. [15 June 1705. Treasury Board Papers XCIV, 117].
[My Lord reads the] Prizes C[ommissioners'] representation relating to prizes [taken] in the West Indies. Approved and [the requisite] order to be prepared accordingly.
The Prizes Commissioners' representation [is read] relating to prizes taken into the service. My Lord is of opinion if the Navy take any prizes into her Majesty's service they must be paid for.
Micajah [Perry] and Rich. Perry [their petition is read on behalf of Mr. Bird for him to succeed his father as Receiver of her Majesty's revenues in Virginia]. Ref[erred to] Mr. Blathwayt. [2 August. Reference Book VIII, p. 178].
William Powell [his petition is read]. My Lord can do nothing in this at present.
John Pye [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from the] C[ommissioners of the] Salt Duties [on his petition]. Agreed.
Henry Portman [my Lord reads his letter relating to Hyde Park and orders] Mr. Wilcox to be here to-morrow.
The Prizes C[ommissioners my Lord reads their presentment] with an extract of a letter from their agent at Lisbon [concerning the delivery of guns, shot etc. out of a Spanish galleon prize, to the use of the King of Portugal]. [Write] to Mr. Bridges [the Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad] to deduct this out of the [King of Portugal's] subsidy and to write to Mr. Morice to give notice of it in Portugal. [21 Aug. Out Letters General XVIII, p. 123].
Geo. Preston et al. [my Lord reads their petition concerning bail for Jos. Gifford et al.] together with the report [from] Mr. Borrett. Referred to the Attorney General. [8 August. Reference Book VIII, p. 179].
Arch[ibald] Patton [my Lord reads his petition and orders him] to be paid as soon as there is mo[ney in the Exchequer of the late King William's Civil List arrears belonging to or] of the proper years.
Joseph Park [his petition is read] for the place of street keeper to the Hackney Coach Office. My Lord leaves the disposal of this place to the [Hackney Coaches] Com[missioners]. T 4/16, p. 268.
William Roberts [his petition] to be Receiver of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty in the Barbados [is read and] granted.
Col. Rivers [my Lord reads the] report [from the Secretary at War] Mr. St. John and the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts]. Agreed.
Record Office in the Tower [my Lord reads the order to the Works relating thereto and orders] the officers of the Works to make an estimate of building the wall and making the repairs. [10 August. Out Letters General XVIII, p. 122].
Sir William Robinson [my Lord reads his petition] for all[owance] of 792l. 10s. 2d. on his account as Commissary of Provisions at Chester for the use of the army sent to Ireland [in 1689]. Referred to the Auditors [of Imprests] and the Deputy Rem[embrancer of the Exchequer. 12 August. Reference Book VIII, p. 179].
Ditto : [my Lord reads the] state of his account [as drawn] by Auditor Harley. [My Lord orders the Auditor to] prepare this account for Declaration, giving such allowances as are warranted according to the course of the Exchequer.
William Roberts [my Lord reads his petition praying] for charges in passing his accounts [of moneys imprested to him for purchase of lands at Windsor]. Referred to the Auditors of Imprests : August 1705. [1 Sept. 1705. Reference Book VIII, p. 185]. Ibid., pp. 283-4.
The Duke of Somerset [my Lord reads his] representation concerning buildings erected in Scotland Yard on the wall of his garden. Send this to the officers of the Works and a direction to them not to proceed in the buildings till their report is returned. [9 Aug. 1705. Out Letters General XVIII, p. 120].
"Bernard Smith letter Mr. Hume et al" : 500l. more to be paid. [Money Book XVII, p. 456 : warrant dated August 9 for 500l. to Bernard Smith in part of his account for building 3 organs].
Henrietta Maria Stainhurst [her petition is read] for arrears due to her late father Col. Gifford. See whether as much as became due in the Queen's time has been paid to her father or herself since 8 March 1701-2. [Later]. She has been paid what is due in the Queen's time and a year and a quarter of arrears.
Major General Seymour [his petition is read] for his pay. My Lord will speak with Mr. St. John.
Mary Stephens [widow of the Navy Treasurer's Cashier her petition is read] for an allowance (in the Earl of Orford's account) of money she has paid to two clerks employed in bringing up [completing] her late husband's accounts. My Lord adheres to the opinion of the Navy Board.
Cha. Scarborough [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Surveyor General [of Crown Lands on Scarborough's petition for a lease of ground in Green Cloth Yard. My Lord decides that the lease be] granted with the clause of reassumption : but upon the reassumption the charge to be determined by discretion of the Lord Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being. Read to the Queen 27 Aug. 1705. Ibid., p. 301.
William Tindall [my Lord reads his] proposal about tin. Ref[erred to the Principal] Officers of the Mint.
The tradesmen of her Majesty's Great Wardrobe [their petition is read]. There is no money [of the late King's Civil List] arrears at present. Ibid., p. 313.
Lieut. Wooton Vyse [his petition is read]. Refer this petition, so far as relates to half-pay, to [the Army Accounts] Comptrollers. Ibid., p. 329.
Tho. Walder [my Lord reads the] report [from] Mr. Borrett [on his memorial concerning Bankers' annuities mortgaged by Richard Taylor late Paymaster of the Million Lottery]. Order Mr. Borrett to procure a purchaser and sell for the most that may be. [August 3. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 118].
Write to Mr. Wilcox [Surveyor General of Woods] to report whether there can be had proper and sufficient timber out of Windsor Forest for building the bridge her Majesty intends over the river at Datchett, or if not, where else it may best be had. [3 August. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 118].
Hen[ry] Wise [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Surveyor General [of Crown Lands on his petition]. Send this to Mr. Att[orney] Gen[eral] for his opinion whether such leases or grants as are mentioned in this report are legal with respect to the Act [1 Anne c. 1] for the Civil List &c.
Mr. Walters [Mr. Waters or Warters his memorial is read asking for] directions about wines and goods on board the ship Pearle. Referred to the Customs Commissioners. My Lord suspecting frauds desires them to be careful in examining and [to] report. [28 August. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 128.]
Waltham Forest officers [my Lord reads their representation] for payment of their arrears. Let Mr. Wilcox fetch the [Attorney General's] report and apply the money [arising by sale of] these windfalls to those arrears. [27 August. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 130]. T 4/16, p. 345.
William Killigrew [my Lord reads his petition and orders it] to be laid before the Queen. [13 August a warrant for 100l. see Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 454].
The ship Katherine [my Lord reads Secretary Harley's letter concerning the flax seized on board said ship, a French prize ship taken by the Zeelanders]. Ref[erred to the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners]. [15 August. Out Letters XVIII, p. 123]. Ibid., p. 359.