Minute Book: September 1705

Pages 156-160

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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September 1705

September. Arms to be made in Ireland [my Lord Treasurer] reads Sept. 23 [the Lord Lieutenant's letter of the 22nd September hereon]. A warrant accordingly. [Royal warrant dated Oct. 12 see Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 373.] Ibid., p. 3.
Thomas Brerewood : [My Lord reads the] Du[ke of] Northumberland's letter about stoppages [of moneys] in Mr. How's Office [as Paymaster of the Guards and Garrisons and the non-issue of money to said Brerewood] 23 Sept. 1705. My Lord cannot take off this stop without speaking with Mr. Howe [see infra p. 173 under December 1705].
Capt. Brenan [his petition is read]. Speak to Mr. How to supply the petitioner with one year's pension and it will be speedily made good.
William Borrett's reports [are read] on several petitions relating to orders for annuities etc. to the value of — belonging to Stephen Cambolive, an alien who died intestate. Read to the Queen 27 Aug. 1705. Stephen Cambolive's estate to go to his sister Eliza Muratt according to Mr. Borrett's report.
Sarah Bubb et al. [their petition is read and] ref[erred to the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners]. Ibid., p. 32.
Thomas Cornwallis [his petition is read. My Lord orders him] 50l. [as royal] bounty. [Warrant hereon 17 Sept. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 457].
Countess of Cassilis [her petition is read. My Lord orders her] 100l. [as royal] bounty [warrant of same date ibid.]
Mrs. Crompton [widow of Robert Crompton, Paymaster of Malt Lottery Tickets, her petition is read]. Prepare a warrant for the arrear [due] to the death of her late husband as Paymaster of Malt Lottery Tickets, and when she has paid in all the publique money [in her hands] the warrant is to be satisfied out of Civil List money. 24 Sept. 1705.
John Carter [his petition is read]. When there is an opportunity my Lord will consider him for some employment.
Capt. Cartwright [his] memorial [is brought in] for 3 months' subsidy to the King of Portugal : 24 Sept. 1705. To be considered soon as my Lord comes to town.
Lieut. Gen. Cholmondly [his petition is read] 24 Sept. 1705. Enquire whether Mr. Johnson is willing to pay the fines.
E[arl of] Clarendon : [my Lord reads his petition in which he] prays [that] his 1500l. per an. may be granted for 31 years if her Majesty should so long live. Read to the Q[ueen] 27 Aug. 1705. The Queen says it will be much better to let it be as it is. Ibid., p. 61.
[My Lord reads the memorial of the] Danish Envoy for 50,000 crowns. Ordered.
Sir Patrick Dunn [my Lord reads the] Duke of Ormonde's report [on the petition relating to Dunn being appointed Physician General to her Majesty's Forces in Ireland] : 23 Sept. 1705. Prepare a warrant for passing a patent accordingly. The salary to commence from Lady day last. Ibid., p. 79.
Natha. French see p. 162 infra.
James Fontaine [my Lord reads the] Duke of Ormonde's report [on his petition for a pension on the Establishment of Ireland for his defence against a French privateer]. A warrant to be prepared. 24 Sept. 1705.
[My Lord reads the] answer of the French [Refugee charity distribution] Committee to the comp[laint] of Moses Boussac et al. poor French refugees : with a letter of the archbishop of Canterbury. My Lord is satisfied with this report. Ibid., p. 113.
John Grahme, Agent to Col. Lalo's Regiment : [his petition is read and] ref[erred] to the Comptrollers of Army [Accounts]. [1 Sept. 1705 Reference Book VIII, 181].
[My Lord reads the] memorial [from the] Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty [and orders it to be] sent to the Remembrancer of First Fruits and Auditors of Imprests [who are to be asked] for an account of the arrears of First Fruits and Tenths. 23 Sept. 1705. Ibid., p. 132.
Heysham's answer [is] read 24 Sept. 1705.
Sir Cha[rles] Hobby [his petition is read] for some gold dust seized in the Charles of Boston, brigantine : [which was sent in August 1703 by the Governor of New England to clear the coast of French privateers but her crew turned pirate and said gold is part of their piratical effects]. These effects are already ordered to be sent to England and to be applied to the public use as they ought to be. [Sept. 13. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 71]. Ibid., p. 151.
The Invalids : [the Army Accounts Comptrollers' report on the petition is] read 24 Sept. 1705. Agreed.
Tho. Jett [my Lord reads his report concerning interest on unsatisfied debentures on Forfeited Estates in Ireland]. Write to the [Revenue] Com[missioners] in Ireland to certify what money is come in and like to come in, and from whom, upon the fund appropriated for the first year's interest [on the said unsatisfied debentures. 16 Oct. see Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 143].
Gilbert Jones, woodward and keeper of the woods in the several walks of Henholt and West Henholt in the Forest of Waltham [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from the] Att[orney] Gen[eral] on his petition. My Lord can do nothing in this Ibid., p. 171.
Capt. Lloyd [my Lord reads the Army Accounts] Comptrollers' report on his petition [concerning his disbursements for provisions furnished to the gunners at Newfoundland] 24 Sept. 1705, my Lord agrees with the report. [For the report dated 13 Sept. 1705 see Treasury Board Papers XCV, 70].
[My Lord reads the statement concerning] Land Tax defalcations. Direct the [Queen's] Remembrancer [in the Exchequer] to send forthwith the certificate expressing all the particulars as formerly directed. T 4/16, p. 190.
Mr. Maundrell [my Lord reads the Navy] Victuallers' report [on his petition]. Make out a bill for this to be registered in course. Sept. 1705.
Col. Moncall [my Lord reads report from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts on his petition] in behalf of Col. Barrymore's Regiment [concerning their loss by the difference between the Portuguese and Holland Establishment] 24 Sept. 1705. My Lord agrees with this report.
John Merring [of Barbados his petition is read concerning the false accusations by which he lost his place and desiring to be appointed Receiver of the Four and a Half per cent Duty there, vacant by the suspension of Mr. Corbet]. It is not disposed of : but a presentment relating to it is [? made and being considered. Read 13 Sept. 1705. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 69]. Ibid., p. 210.
Magdalen Nezereau [her petition is read] for a legacy of about 700l. left by Judith Nezereau. Referred to Mr. Borrett. [1 Sept. Reference Book VIII, p. 193].
Navy Creditors : [my Lord read their petition]. Speak with the Navy Commissioners at my Lord's return to London.
Mr. Norton : [my Lord reads his] reply to [the] E[arl of] Scarborough's complaint against him for stopping the execution of his warrant for three brace of bucks yearly out of Bere Forest. Read to the Queen 27 Aug. 1705. My Lord Treasurer to try to agree the matter with Lord Scarborough, that the Queen may hear no more of it.
John Newman [his petition for reward is read]. The C[ommissioners] of Excise to consider what he may really deserve and report the same. [27 Aug. 1705. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 51].
[My Lord reads the] Duke of Northumberland's letter. My Lord [Treasurer] doth not see what use the Swainmote Court can be of [in Windsor Forest] where there is no Justice in Eyre's seat to punish offenders. Ibid., p. 229.
[My Lord reads the] Duke of Ormonde's memorial about arms to be made in Ireland. 23 Sept. 1705. [My Lord Treasurer orders] a warrant accordingly.
Ditto about alterations on the Establishment. 23 Sept. 1705 [my Lord Treasurer orders] a warrant for making the alterations and additions.
Ditto : explanation of two Acts granting Additional Duties [on tobacco]. Prepare a warrant for remitting the double Duty therein mentioned [see the warrant order dated 1705 Oct. 12. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 373].
Ditto : about selling the Seaford prize. [My Lord orders] a warrant to be prepared for selling the said ship and a clause to be inserted that the said warrant be entered with the Accountant General of Ireland before such sale, that so the Vice Treasurer [of Ireland] may be duly charged therewith : and also the power to the Lord Lieutenant to apply the produce [of the sale towards or] for discharging the debt that has been contracted by maintaining the said vessel.
Ditto : about the [Artillery] Train 24 Sept. 1705. Prepare a warrant accordingly. [See the warrant of Dec. 6 for a new Train. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, 380-1.]
Ditto : about [Jos.] Kane the clothier [touching clothes furnished for 200 men of Sir Richard Temple's Regiment]. Referred to the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts : 5 Oct. See Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 139].
Ditto : for liveries for the Kings at Arms. Read 24 Sept. A warrant to be prepared as desired [see the warrant of 12 Oct. in Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 369]. Ibid., p. 251.
Jo[h]n Peterson [his petition is] read 24 Sept. 1705. Referred to the Commissioners of Customs to consider and report what is it to be done therein.
Paul and Mary Pigout : the reports [from] Mr. Borrett [on their petitions are] read to the Queen 27 Aug. 1705. Granted : but in all these cases the Queen's charges are to be first reimbursed.
William Palmes [his petition read concerning a particular of Cookham and Bray]. Read to the Queen 27 Aug. 1705. The Queen doth not think his petition proper : but if he can discover anything else that is proper her Majesty will be willing to gratifie him. [Treasury Board Papers XCV, 57].
Col. Primrose, Major of the First Regiment of Foot Guards [his petition is read : my Lord Treasurer orders] the Officers of the Works to provide these "century" boxes.
Ditto : [concerning the repair of the Guards Rooms and Sutlerages at Whitehall &c] ref[erred to the] Comptrollers [of Army Accounts] [Aug. 27 see Reference Book VIII, p. 185]. Ibid., p. 268.
Hen. Tennison [his petition is] read. Sept. 1705.
Mr. Travers, Surveyor General [of Crown Lands his petition is] read to the Queen 27 Aug. 1705. [Ordered] to be paid so much as is reckoned for the time since 8 March 1701-2. Ibid., p. 313.
Nicho[las] Westby [collector of the revenue in the county of Clare, Ireland his petition is read] for an allowance of 128l. 10s. 11¼d. which he was robbed of. He may apply if he pleases to the Commissioners of the Revenue [in Ireland : see Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 379, under date 28 Nov.]
[My Lord reads a] state of the works at Woodstock, 24 Sept. 1705. Ordered [an issue of] 3000l.
Richard Windsmore [his petition to be continued a pensioner to the Chest at Chatham is read and] ref[erred to the] C[ommissioners of the] Navy to consider and refer a true state of this man's case. [27 August see Reference Book VIII, p. 184. This date is possibly an erratum for 27 Sept.]
Capt. John Wildman [in Steward's Regiment praying payment of the clearings due to him : his petition is read and] ref[erred to the] Comptrollers [of Army Accounts. 20 Sept. see Reference Book VIII, p. 183]. Ibid., p. 345.
Sir Robert Killigrew [his petition is read]. My Lord will move the Queen to give him 20l. [? Sept. or Oct.]. T 4/16, p. 359.