Minute Book: October 1705

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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October 1705

October. Neh[emiah] Arnold [praying my Lord Treasurer's directions to Mrs. Crompton to deliver over all counterfeit Malt Lottery Tickets in her possession, my Lord Treasurer orders Mr. Lowndes to write and] desire my Lord Halifax [the Auditor of the Receipt] to consider what is proper to be done for the security of the public in relation to the counterfeit tickets and report to my Lord : and then my Lord Treasurer will cause money to be imprested to the [said Arnold as] Paymaster of Malt Lottery. [23 Oct. See Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 148].
Walter Acton [his petition is read] to be [appointed] Receiver [General of Taxes] for part of Lincoln. Referred to the Agents for Taxes. [16 Oct. see Reference Book VIII, p. 186].
Gabriel Armiger [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Agents for Taxes [and] agreed [therewith and ordered] a warrant [for his payment] the letters patent dormant.
[My Lord reads the Taxes] Agents' presentment of White in the room of York, who is discharged, and Percival to succeed White [and orders this to be] read again [when the] Agents [are] present. [Later]. My Lord agrees to this presentment [see the Commission dated 9 Oct. 1705 to William Percival loco John White in Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) I, p. 4].
[My Lord reads the Taxes] Agents' account of arrears upon the 4s. Aid anno 1704 [and orders Mr. Lowndes to write to the] Agents to hasten these arrears as much as possible. Ibid., p. 3.
[My Lord reads the] bishop of London's letter relating to Dickenson's forfeited estate [and orders] Mr. Borrett to attend on Friday afternoon. [Later]. Mr. Borrett will wait on the bishop.
Daniel Burton, the person who was recommended by Mr. Goodwin Wharton [my Lord orders that he is] to have one of these places.
Boit Jos. [his petition for payment of the Prince of Hesse Darmstadt's bill of exchange for lead for the Garrison of Gibraltar] [my Lord reads the] letter [from] Sir Charles Hedges [and orders Mr. Lowndes to write to] Mr. Methuen to pay this bill and put it to account of charges of the Garrison of Gibraltar. [See Lowndes's letter of 16 Oct. hereon. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 142].
Paul La Billiere [his petition is read]. To be considered when the Duke of Ormonde is at the Treasury.
Mr. Bird [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from] Mr. Blathwayt [concerning him and orders] Mr. Blathwayt to prepare the necessary warrants and [letter of] direction accordingly.
The Master of the Barges and the [Royal] Watermen [my Lord Treasurer reads their petition]. My Lord can do nothing at present.
[My Lord reads the petition of] Moses Boussac et al. in behalf of the F[rench] Refugees. My Lord Treasurer says he hath nothing to do with this charity more than to direct the payment of it in a gross sum to the Trustees and therefore the petitioners must apply to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury [as head of the Trustees or Committee for distribution thereof] and the rest of the said Trustees.
Col. Bennett, engineer [my Lord reads the] letter [from] Sir Charles Hedges [and orders] a warrant for 200l. to be paid to the wife.
Jean Bayze [his petition is read]. It cannot be done.
[My Lord reads the answer of] Dame Beeston widow [of Sir William Beeston former Governor of Jamaica concerning the application of the 11,500l. contained in two letters of credit of Jan. 1694-5 for the service of the Forces there. My Lord orders a letter to be sent to the Army Accounts] Comptrollers to enquire into this and to report the case with their opinion : and desire Sir Gilbert Heathcott to attend them with the books [and papers of the said Sir William Beeston : 31 Oct. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 150].
Ben. Baylies [his petition is read concerning his assignment on the offreckonings of Brigadier Holt's Regiment]. Referred to the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts. 30 Oct. Reference Book VIII, p. 189].
Jeron[imo] Bestoso [his petition is read concerning his services and sufferings at Vigo and the prize ship there bestowed on him in place of his ship lost there]. The ship given him was worth more than he could justly pretend to. [19 Oct. Treasury Board Papers XCV, 103].
French Bromfeild [his petition is read and] referred to the Agents for Taxes.
And. Bertie [his petition is read]. The petition ought to be [addressed] to the Queen. Ibid., p. 32.
Chelsea Hospitals vide widows infra p. 165.
John Chamberlayn [his memorial is read for payment of the incidental expenses attending the meetings of the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty]. My Lord will speak with Mr. Att[orney General] about this at his next attendance [Oct. 16]. [Later Oct. 17] my Lord will issue to the Treasurer 500l. for the incident charges of the corporation. [Treasury Board Papers XCV, 100].
Chelsea Hospital Outpensioners [their petition is read, my Lord orders] the other half to be paid out of public money appropriated. [In Treasury Board Papers XCV, 54 there is a long Treasury minute dated 22 Aug. 1705 endorsed on the said paper. The paper relates to the Earl of Ranelagh's state of reversionary annuities in his hands and the debentures returned to him. The Minute itself is not entered either in the Treasury Minute Book or in the Alphabetical Register here calendared. It is as follows :
Read 22 Aug. 1705. The Earl of Ranelagh [is ordered] to satisfy the money due to the dead pensioners of Chelsea Hospital (computed by him to amount to about 1400l.) out of the remains in his hands as by this report : but first write to his Lordship [Ranelagh] for an account of the application of about 22,000l. in debentures given by Parliament for discharging arrears to the pensioners of the said Hospital and also of the persons' names, and sums, to whom the said sum of about 1400l. is intended to be now paid.
The clothiers of the Forces [their petition is read. My Lord orders them] to be paid as far as the Muster Rolls are come, out of the proper funds of each year : and the Paymaster [of the Forces is] to make demands accordingly. Ibid., p. 61.
John Drake et al. securities for [Augustine] Briggs, late Receiver General for part of Norfolk. [My Lord reads the] report [from the] Agents for Taxes. Agreed.
[My Lord reads the] Articles between Mr. [Edmund] Dummer and the Postmaster General relating to the transporting soldiers to the West Indies. Send this to the C[ommissioners of] Transports to peruse and give my Lord their opinion upon this draught. [24 Oct. see Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 148].
Ed. Dummer [the] letter [from] Mr. Harley [concerning him is] read 19 Oct. 1705.
John Dymer [his petition is read and] ref[erred] to the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners].
Mr. Dummer [the] proposal of carrying soldiers to the West Indies per the pacquet boat : [my Lord reads the] report from the C[ommissioners of] Transports. My Lord agrees with this report as to the rate and all other alterations proposed by the C[ommissioners of] Transports and directs them to prepare four parts [copies] one for each party and one for this [the Treasury] Office and to join with the other parties in execution of them. T 4/16, pp. 79-80.
Sir John Elwill [his petition is] read 12 Oct. 1705.
Lieutenant General Erle [his] letter with papers rel[ating] to the fortifying of Gibraltar. My Lord has read his letter and finding the subject matter with the papers are more proper to be laid before the Secretary of State than before his Lordship advises (if not already done) to lay them before a Secretary of State ; and sends back the papers. Ibid., p. 95.
Natha[niel] French [of London merchant, his petition is read concerning his debt to the Crown on tobacco bonds and praying discharge from prison]. Ref[erred to the] Customs Commissioners. [Sept. 1. Reference Book VIII, p. 217].
Giles Freeborne [his petition is read and] ref[erred to the Army Accounts] Comptrollers. Ibid., p. 113.
John Golding et al. M[asters of several transport ships of Whitehaven lately in the Portugal service [praying payment for the hire of their ships for the period of employment therein]. Ref[erred to the] C[ommissioners] of Transports. [2 Oct. Reference Book VIII, p. 186].
John Gostling clerk [his petition is read] : to be considered when there is mo[ney of the late King William's Civil List revenues in the Exchequer applicable to the payment] of arrears.
Ed. Gibbon executor to Richard Acton [his petition is read] : to be considered when my Lord Ranelagh's report is brought in.
Peter Gery [security for Richard Taylor : his petition is read]. Stop the process till next Hilary term.
Tho. Gill [his petition is read]. My Lord will speak with my Lord Keeper.
Samuel Gillart [my Lord reads the] letter [from] Lord Ashburnham. My Lord cannot do this at present. Ibid., p. 132.
Frederick Herne executor to Sir Jos. Herne [his petition is read. My Lord orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to Sir William Beeston's executors to send my Lord an account within 14 days to whom this 10,000l. [11,500l.] (which was received by Sir William) [in Jamaica for the use of her Majesty's Forces] was paid and what vouchers they have for the same. [13 Oct. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 141].
William Horsepool [of London merchant my Lord reads his petition concerning his customs debt to the Crown]. Ref[erred to the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners 17 Oct. Reference Book XVIII, p. 186].
William Holbech [his petition is read]. My Lord has left the naming of the Com[missioners] to the gent[lemen] of the country [county of Devon] and if they approve of him they'll return his name for one. As to his demand of 70l. [my Lord refers same to the Taxes] Agents to know whether it is reasonable to allow him any more at present than what he has and how much.
John Hair [Haire of Greenwich brewer his petition is read concerning his Excise debt to the Crown]. Ref[erred to the] C[ommissioners of] Ex[cise. 17 Oct. Reference Book VIII, p. 187].
William Holbech [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Agents for Taxes. Agreed. Ibid., p. 151.
Cha. Johnson [my Lord reads the] letter [from] Sir Stephen Fox. My Lord will consider of it. Ibid., p. 171.
[My Lord reads the] bishop of London's letter relating to Dickenson's estate. Let them proceed so as the Queen be at no charge and when there is a decree then to apply for such a grant as may lawfully be made.
Robt. Livingston [his petition is read for payment for 4 months' victualling the Forces at New York]. Referred to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts. [31 Oct. Reference Book VIII, 190]. The report [from the] Comptrollers [is read and by my Lord] agreed.
Sir Thomas Littleton [his memorial as to the stoppage of payment of an annuity, my Lord reads the] report from Lord Halifax [the Auditor of the Receipt thereon. My Lord orders] a warrant for delivering the tally and a direction to the C[ommissioners] of the Navy to take care that the [Navy] Treasurer be surcharged with the 80l. in the front of his ledger.
Col. Lalo [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Comptrollers [of Army Accounts on his petition] : ordered accordingly. Ibid., p. 190.
Marc. Moncall, Antho. Davesseins and his wife [their petition is read. The Queen orders them] 100l. a year for their lives and the longer liver of them : payable by [the hands of] Mr. Nicholas.
Peter Mauvillan [calico printer, his petition is read concerning liquid compositions for staining calico brought by him from Holland and seized. Ref[erred to the] C[ustoms Commissioners. 10 Oct. Reference Book VIII, p. 185].
Jane Mackitric [her petition is read]. She ought to apply to the Government of Ireland.
John Millicent [his petition is read for his expenses as Receiver General of Taxes for co. Cambridge and Isle of Ely]. Ref[erred to the] Agents for Taxes. [16 Oct. Reference Book VIII, p. 186].
Cha. Maris [his petition is read for reward for taking Sir Geo. Maxwell etc.]. Ref[erred to the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners. 18 Oct. Reference Book VIII, p. 188].
Ambassador Methuen [my Lord reads the] extract of a letter from him dated 9 Sept. (19 Sept. 1705 new style) concerning bills drawn on him by the Prince of Hesse as in a letter from Secretary Hedges [to my Lord. My Lord directs Mr. Lowndes to write to] Mr. Morris to make a list of these bills, what they are for and to report his opinion concerning them severally. [23 Oct. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 147]. T 4/16, p. 210.
Navy Creditors [my Lord reads the letter from] Hum[phrey] Jones [in their behalf] Oct. 1705. Read again 4 Jan. 1705-6.
Benj[amin] Nicoll [his petition is read and] ref[erred to the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners]. Ibid., p. 229.
Reb[ecca] Oates [her petition is read. My Lord orders a payment to her on the] dormant warrant. Ibid., p. 251.
[My Lord reads the papers from the Principal] C[ommissioners for] Prizes relating to the Agents for Prizes in the West Indies &c. My Lord directs that these papers be returned to the C[ommissioners for] Prizes and they are to be acquainted that his Lordship doth not think fit to give any directions therein till they give their opinion : and his Lordship directs that always hereafter when they send any papers they report their opinion at the same time what may be fit to be done thereupon. Oct. 1705.
Sir Tho[mas] Pelham [his petition is read]. Send a copy of this to C.C. [the Customs Commissioners] and direct them to certify what the Duties on the wines amount to.
[My Lord reads the petition from] Portsmouth Garrison for fire and candle. Ref[erred to the] Comptrollers [of Army Accounts].
[My Lord reads the petition of] Cha. Pratt, [warehousekeeper of the] Stamp Office, for leave to resign [his place] to Ja. Burnaby. [Referred to the C[ommissioners of the] Stamp Office [with an intimation that] if they approve it my Lord has no objection provided there be no money given [as consideration].
Widow Eliza[beth] Pangborne [my Lord reads the] report [from the] C[ommissioners of] Transports [as forwarded in the] letter [from Secretary] Sir C. Hedges. The debt for Transports was settled by the five Commissioners of Accounts [the Commissioners for Army Debts] and is paid by Parliament so far as it was allowed : and my Lord cannot advise the doing anything in this matter.
[My Lord reads the] Prussian Embassad[or's] memorial. [Direct] Mr. Blath[wayt] to attend my Lord at his house at 11 on Friday morning. [24 Oct. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 148].
William Palmes [his proposal is read]. My Lord cannot judge of this proposal unless he saw a list of the rents desired by the petitioner. [31 Oct. 1705. Treasury Board Papers XCV, No. 126].
John Peterson : information of two voyages made by him to France [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from the] C[ustoms] Commissioners thereon]. Ref[erred] to Mr. Attorney General.
Eliza Pangborn [her petition is] read 31 Oct. 1705.
Capt. Geo. Purdon [his petition is read and] ref[erred] to the D[uke] of Ormonde. Ibid., pp. 268-9.
Mr. Reading [his petition is read] my Lord will speak with Mr. Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] about this when he comes next. Oct. 1705. Ibid., p. 284.
Andr. [sic for Anthony] and James Saladin [their petition is read. My Lord desires] Mr. Att[orney] Gen[eral] to be here to-morrow morning. [Later]. Ref[erred to] Mr. Att[orney] Gen[eral]. Oct. 1705.
[My Lord reads the petition from] Fran. Skinner. Dismissed.
[My Lord reads the petition from] Ambr. Seacomb. Dismissed. Ibid., p. 301.
Widow Taylor [her petition is read]. She has already had more than her proportion to what the rest of the Messengers [of the Chamber] have had. October 1705.
[My Lord reads] John Taylor [his] letter. Send to Mr. Coupland to be here on Tuesday morning.
Widow Eliz Trewin [my Lord reads her petition]. Give her 50l. but she must apply here no more. Ibid., p. 313-4.
Mr. Viner : [his petition : my Lord reads the] rep[ort] from the] Postmasters [General]. Agreed : the fee [simple of the Post Office ground] to be conveyed to the Queen and the term [of the lease] to Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer] and Mr. Lowndes. Ibid., p. 329.
[My Lord reads the petition from the] widows [of the dead pensioners of] Chelsea [Hospital or] College [for their arrears]. Send to my Lord Ranelagh for his report if it be not already sent. [10 Oct. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 140].
Tho. Whitley : [my Lord reads the] report [from the] Agents for Taxes. Agreed.
Widow Eliza[beth] Winstanley : [my Lord reads the] report from Master and Assistants of Trinity House. [My Lord will] report : [that] the service [of building the Eddystone lighthouse] being done in relation to navigation my Lord is of opinion she may deserve a pension on the Navy.
[My Lord reads] Sir Christopher Wren [his] letter. Send this to the Duke of Somerset [relating to a building in Scotland Yard adjoining the wall of the said Duke's garden : 16 Oct. 1705. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 143].
[My Lord reads the petition of] the four Regiments from the West Indies who arrived in Ireland. Ref[erred to the] Comptrollers [of Army Accounts].
Mr. Warter : [his] memorial rel[ating] to wines taken in the ship Pearle : [my Lord reads the] rep[ort from the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners]. Agreed to this report and directions to be given to the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners] accordingly.
Geo. Willcocks pro Mr. Brerewood [his memorial is read]. My Lord is not willing to do this.
Leon[ard] Woodson [my Lord reads his petition]. There is no money at present [in the Exchequer from the late King's Civil List revenue] to pay these arrears.
Richard Windsmore [his petition : the] rep[ort from the] Navy C[ommissioners is] read 19 Oct. 1705.
Geo. Wilcocks his petition in behalf of Mr. Brerewood [is read and] ref[erred to the] Comptrollers of Army Accounts].
Hen. Wise [his memorial is read] : to be laid before the Queen. Ibid., p. 345.
Col. Tho. King [his memorial concerning the Duke of Marlborough's promise of a brevet of equal date with Col. Primrose] : read 19 Oct. 1705. [Treasury Board Papers XCV, 106]. Ibid., p. 359.