Warrant Book: June 1705, 11-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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June 1705, 11-15

June 12. William Lowndes to Mr. Wise. It is the Queen's pleasure that the inhabitants of Westminster be permitted to make a door or passage out of Queen's Square into St. James's Park. You are to permit same accordingly. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 88.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Treasurer of the Chamber praying allowance of 23l. for customary fees paid in passing his accounts through the several Offices of the Exchequer. Ibid., p. 82.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance. The officers of the Mint have represented to the Lord Treasurer that the tin bars now lying in barrels upon the Tower Wharf are subject to be discoloured by lying in the sun and rain and that the barrels will be in danger of breaking if removed. Please permit them to erect a shed of boards over them on the said wharf where they now lie as a covering "it being intended that the same shall be taken away as soon as the tin now lying there can be disposed of." Ibid.
Same to Mr. St. John to prepare a royal warrant to authorise John How to pay (out of Contingencies of the Forces) 425l. 10s. 0d. for repairs done at the Horse Guards at Whitehall from 1702-3 Jan. to 1704 Dec.
Appending : list of the bills making up said total. Ibid., p. 83.
Same to same to prepare a royal warrant for allowing in the account for the year 1703 of the Paymaster of the Marine Regiments the respits as follows viz. : on the Regiments severally of Major General Seymour 150l. 10s. 4d. ; Brigadier Holt 998l. 14s. 0d. ; Col. Luttrell 954l. 18s. 2d. ; Col. Saunderson 969l. 8s. 8d. ; Col. Fox 1100l. 3s. 0d. ; Visct. Shannon 825l. 11s. 8d. Ibid., p. 84.
Entry of a Treasury caveat in favour of the Duke of Devonshire that the composition with Mr. Nathaniell Molineux, late Receiver General of Taxes for co. Lancs., may not be perfected till said Duke be heard in relation to a debt of 300l. due to him from said Receiver. Notice to be given to William Grosvenor at Devonshire House. Caveat Book, p. 59.
June 13. Letter of direction for 3770l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces acting with the Allies : out of contributions for annuities anno 1705 : and as in part of 68,546l. 19s. 6d. for the extraordinary expenses of the war anno 1703 pursuant to the Portugal Treaty and not provided for by Parliament anno 1704 : and is intended to be paid over to Mr. Nutin, Paymaster for the Transport Service, for services as follows : viz.
for the freight of clothing sent to Portugal 370
to answer Martin Tucker's bill of exchange on account of transporting Forces from Ireland to Portugal 1000
to answer a bill of exchange from Lisbon drawn by Stepney and Goddard 600
for one year's charge of the Office for Transports 1800
Disposition Book XVII, p. 358.
Same for 40,000l. to the Navy Treasurer : to be applied to Wages of seamen : to be issued out of funds as follows viz. 13,064l. 9s. 11d. of loans on Land Tax [anno 1705] ; 17,149l. 3s. 0d. of loans on Low Wines ; 9786l. 7s. 1d. of loans on the Two Thirds Subsidies. Ibid.
Same for 500l. 10s. 0d. to John How for the maintaining of Guards and Garrisons anno 1703 as in part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 5000 men : and is to be applied towards satisfying 2307l. 5s. 11d. due to Col. Rivers' Regiment of Foot for their clearings from 1702-3 Feb. 25 to 1703 Dec. 24 : hereof 500l. to be issued out of the rent of Hackney Coaches and 10s. out of the 5s. per ton on French ships. Ibid., p. 359.
Same for 158l. 12s. 0d. to the Navy Treasurer out of the Surplus on Malt anno 1702 : and is to be paid over to Walter Whitfeild, Paymaster of the Marines, in satisfaction of respits on Brigadier Holt's Regiment anno 1702 "taken off by his Royal highness the Lord High Admiral." Ibid., p. 366.
William Lowndes to Mr. St. John to prepare a royal warrant to authorise Charles Fox to pay 8000l. to Antonio Alvarez Machado in full for his extraordinary loss of horses and bread waggons during the last campaign and also for 52 days' pay for the bread waggons which were continued in the service of that campaign longer than was contracted for. The said sum is to be charged to Contingencies anno 1704. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 84.
William Lowndes to Lord Halifax to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of William Atwood, who was chief justice of the Province of New York, relating to several allowances which he claims in respect of that employment. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 85.
Same to the Agents for Taxes to report on the enclosed letter from Mr. Coke and also a case from some of the Commissioners of the Land Tax for co. Derby relating to several deficiencies which have happened at Westhallome [West Hallam] in the said county upon several taxes. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Borret to obtain the Attorney General's opinion on the following two cases [queries] : viz.
(1) relating to money imprested to Mr. Povey for discharging the debt to Sick and Wounded during the late war and afterwards paid back by him into the Exchequer : viz.
By a clause in an Act 11 Wm. III c. 3 for laying further Duties on raw [wrought] silks &c. it is directed that there shall be paid out of the appropriations to the Navy anno 1700 the sum of 20,000l. towards discharging part of the debt due for Sick and Wounded Seamen.
By a clause in an Act of 12[-13] Wm. III c. 11 for granting several Duties on Low Wines it is enacted that out of 900,000l. appropriated to the Navy and Victualling and sea service of the Ordnance, there shall be paid the sum of 20,000l. towards discharging the above debt.
By a clause in an Act 1 Anne c. 6 for Divers Subsidies and a Land Tax anno 1704 it is enacted that out of 2,080,000l. appropriated for the Navy and Victualling the sum of 21,102l. 14s. 2¼d. shall be applied for discharging the said debt.
and the two first said sums were accordingly issued to the Treasurer for Sick and Wounded and also 16,065l. 9s. 9¼d. out of the last named sum : and it appears by the said Treasurer's accounts that a considerable sum of the said moneys so imprested remained in his hands and he did by direction repay into the Exchequer 6000l. of the balance so remaining in his hands.
Query : whether the remainder of the said 6000l. after so much is reserved as will discharge all claims that can justly be made for such arrears, may not be applied to the service of the Sick and Wounded during the present war.
(2) whereas there has been paid into the Exchequer and now remains there the sum of 6472l. 1s. 0d. as the produce of divers goods taken upon one Kydd a pirate who was condemned and executed about 5 years since,
Query : whether her Majesty may not grant the said money to the use of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.
Ibid., pp. 85-6.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Phillip Pipon, her Majesty's Receiver of the Island of Jersey. Ibid., p. 86.
Same to Mr. Brewer. On reading your letter the Lord Treasurer agrees to your taking up 17,000l. on the tallies and orders on Malt anno 1704 which you received from the Office of Ordnance : to wit at 5 per cent. interest. The Lord Treasurer will endorse the orders accordingly for such interest on your sending them to the Treasury Office. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Mascall, John Aynsworth and Company merchants praying that French white wines which they have laid up at Rye, Dover and London may be sold by inch of candle. Reference Book VIII, p. 167.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of the Minister and churchwardens of the High German Lutheran Church shewing that since 1698 they have enjoyed a chapel in the Savoy for divine service and a dwelling house for the minister thereto adjoining and the Queen has declared her inclination to grant same to them and their successors : therefore praying a grant accordingly. Ibid.
Instructions by Treasurer Godolphin to Samuel Atkinson, Nicho Roope and Thomas Coleby or "such other persons as may hereafter be appointed to take care of the Transport service" : for their guidance in the service of transporting her Majesty's Land Forces.
(1) all accounts not adjusted at the time when said Coleby was appointed an Additional Commissioner [of Transports] are to be made up by said Atkinson and Roope.
(2) for the future all bills for freight, stores &c. to be made out and signed by any 2 of said Commissioners.
(3) the bills "which are of the oldest date" to be listed in a book and to be assigned for payment [in course of such date].
(4) Your Treasurer or Cashier to send you weekly an account of his receipts and payments.
(5) Public notice to be given on the Exchange when any ship is to be hired or any goods to be bought.
(6) hired transports to be admeasured and appraised on oath by some person of skill and integrity so that in case same are taken or sunk by the enemy the Queen may not be liable to pay more than the real value thereof. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 20.
Entry of a Treasury caveat in favour of John Asgill that no grant pass of the manors and lands of Pallas and Castlelough co. Kerry late the estate of MacCarty More till he be heard, he having an interest in 1000 and odd acres parcel thereof which were never seized or sequestered and being also assignee of a statute staple for 1000l. (plus many years' interest) which also charges and affects the said lands. Notice to be given to Mr. Asgill at his house in Norfolk Street in the Strand or in his absence to Mr. Nagle at Mr. Giles's house in Princes Street near Drury Lane. Caveat Book, p. 59.
June 14. Money warrant for 200l. to John Tayleur, First Secondary in the Office of the Treasurer's Remembrancer, as reward for him and his clerks in making forth process to be executed this summer for levying the supers and ipsums standing out on the several taxes and aids granted by Parliament. (Money order dated June 28 hereon). Money Book XVII, p. 397. Order Book VI, p. 359. Disposition Book XVII, p. 376.
Fiat by Treasurer Godolphin for royal letters patent to constitute John Dennis as a Queen's waiter London port loco Tutchin Martin gent lately deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 378.
William Lowndes to the Prizes Commissioners. The Lord Treasurer agrees with your report on the petition of Capt. Byron, late Commander of her Majesty's yacht Fubbs. What will his proportion of prize money amount to?
You are to send to my Lord monthly an account of what prizes are taken and what directions you have given about the same. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 87.
Same to the Comptrollers of the [Accounts of the] Army to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of William Wallis Esq. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Cartwright of the petition of Charles Lynn shewing that he was chirurgeon to Col. Gustavus Hamilton's Regiment and went from Cadiz to the West Indies in 1702 and has received no pay for that service : therefore praying direction to Mr. Cartwright to state the account in order to payment. Reference Book VIII, p. 167.
Same to the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army of the petition of Cha. Lewsay, chaplain to Col. Lewsay's [Livesay's] Regiment, shewing that he is respited on the muster roll of that Regiment from 1704 April 25 to Aug. 24 notwithstanding he had leave of absence : therefore praying that said respit be taken off. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Major Bretton et al. who commanded the Castle in the Isle of Wight by commission from Lord Cutts, praying removal of the respits on their pay from 1704 June 25 to 1704-5 Feb. 24. Ibid.
Same to the Prizes Commissioners of the petition of William Hoe of London merchant shewing that he bought prize goods at sales from said Commissioners, by some of which he suffered considerable loss ; that on May 25 last he publicly bought at the prize sale a ship called Le Beringen privateer lying at Plymouth for 305l. and tendered the money to the Receiver General [of Prizes] the first Board day who had orders to refuse the money and to inform the petitioner that the said privateer was taken up for the Queen's service ; that petitioner had sold the ship to some merchants who had made provision for her proceeding immediately on a voyage with a perishing loading and they insist on having their ship according to agreement : therefore praying relief. Ibid., p. 168.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte of the petition of John Yeamans, Lieutenant Governor of Antigua, shewing that he has a salary of 200l. per an. "settled by her Majesty in Council on him as Lieutenant Governor" and his commission bears date 7 Sept. 1702 : therefore praying a privy seal for payment of his salary. Ibid.
Same to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts of the petition of Brigadier Hen. Conyngham praying that his Regiment may be allowed full upon the musters from the time they came on the English Establishment and that subsistence may be allowed for 144 men wanting to complete same to the English Establishment, together with an allowance for providing small accoutrements. Ibid., p. 171.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Cornet Geo. Knox, of Conynyham's Regiment, shewing that he went with 50l. to raise recruits in Ireland for that Regiment but the money was seized at Chester by the Customs officer : therefore praying restoration of same. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer to stay process against the Earl of Rochford, Master of the Robes to Wm. III ; his accounts being all made up and sent into Holland with a commission for taking his oath thereupon. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 23.
Same by same to Sir Christopher Wrenn to admit John Churchill as deputy to Matthew Banks, her Majesty's Carpenter. Ibid.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of some old ruinous buildings at Richmond called the Gallery formerly in the possession of Sir James Butler and Dr. Griffith between the Gateway or entrance into the Palace out of Richmond Green and the tenement in lease to the Countess Dowager of Winchilsea : all in order to a lease thereof to Alexander Cutting.
Prefixing : said Surveyor's report on said Cutting's petition for same. There have been previous proposals for the premises by one Clay and by Mr. Borret, Solicitor to the Treasury, on the latter of which I reported 1702 July 29 valuing a building term lease of 50 years at 16l. per an. though no more than 12l. had been offered. But no further proceedings were made by either of these proposers. The old materials on the premises are since much lessened in their value by the great storm and otherwise. The present petitioner offers only 10l. per an. ground rent but undertakes to lay out 500l. in building. In regard to the decaying condition of the premises this is the best offer procurable. Ibid., pp. 26-7.
Same by same to the Postmasters General to build and add a fifth boat to the four boats now employed in carrying the pacquets to and from Lisbon : to be employed only during the summer and laid by in the winter.
Prefixing : memorial from said Postmasters General. In accordance with your Instructions of 1703-4 Jan. 14 we added a fourth boat to the three then in use carrying mails between England and Portugal and some time after received her Majesty's instructions that the said mails should be sent weekly whereas before they went but fortnightly but it hath frequently happened by reason of contrary winds or of privateers that all the boats have been on one side at a time or a long time at sea thus making several mails due at a time and never a boat on the contrary side to transport the mails ready there. Ibid., p. 73.
Subscription by Treasurer Godolphin for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated June 14 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the cleaning and mending of 4 pieces of tapestry that are in her Majesty's bedroom at Kensington, 4 large pieces that are in the Drawing Room and 5 pieces of Indian figures that are in the Privy Chamber "and that they be fitted to the respective rooms" and to repair all the glasses over the chimneys and piers between the windows in the late Queen's lodgings at Kensington and that all other necessary repairs be made about the Cabinet tables, stands and chairs in her Majesty's own lodgings there : to an estimate of 155l. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 89.
Report to Treasurer Godolphin from William Blathwayt [in his capacity of Auditor General of the Plantations] concerning the iron chest with money found in the sea at Jamaica ut supra p. 274.
I find that the petitioners, on seeking an anchor which they had lost "off of" Jamaica found an iron chest in the sea wherein, it is alleged, there was to the value of 370l. sterling in Spanish money which Col. Handasyde, Governor of that island, immediately ordered to be seized for her Majesty's use, only allowing the petitioners 20l. for their pains and trouble, they having as they say, been a little before taken by the French and suffered the loss of all they had with a long imprisonment and were some of them disabled in fight.
I have also seen a letter from Col. Handasyde to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations setting forth that there was a wreck found off of Jamaica of 350l. [consisting in] that country money by a master of a sloop who was dragging for an anchor, which money he, the said Governor, caused to be secured giving to the finders 50l. of the best of it namely 20l. to the Master and 30l. to his crew : and as to the remainder, (which the said Governor avers to be clipped money and so wasted by the long continuance of it in the water as to render it impassable and if recoined will not yield as he believes 200l. Jamaica money) he hopes he may deserve her Majesty's grant of the same ; (alleging precedents of the like grants in the Duke of Albemarle's time and others) : a moiety whereof he had promised (if such grant should be made) to the Captain of the Fort to compensate his diligence in the preservation of the Fort when Port Royal was burnt, as well as for the care he used in securing the money found as aforesaid.
I have hereon received the opinion of her Majesty's Advocate General "that the said wreck or treasure does wholly belong to the Lord High Admiral as a perquisite of his office (his patent bearing date 20 May 1702) : so that the petitioners must in this case apply to his Royal Highness, it having been usual (as he alleges) to grant such things or the greatest part thereof to the finders."
His Royal Highness having as I understand remitted his perquisites as Lord High Admiral to her Majesty it is evident that her Majesty may dispose of such parts of the said wreck to the petitioners as the finders, and to the said Governor for his service, or reserve the same or part thereof to herself as she shall think fit.
As to the proper method to have the money duly answered to her Majesty, if your Lordship shall order the same to be remitted here it may best be done by a letter signed by her Majesty or your Lordship directing Colonel Handasyde to remit the same or any part thereof by good bills of exchange to his correspondent here who may dispose of the same as her Majesty shall direct.
Prefixing : (a) William Lowndes's letter of June 1 to said Blathwayt ut supra p. 274 : (b) William Blathwayt's letter dated Whitehall June 7 to Sir John Cooke, her Majesty's Advocate General as to the right in the said wreck : (c) undated statement of opinion by the said Cooke as quoted above by Blathwayt. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 259-263.
June 15. Warrant dormant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 28l. per an. to Thomas Webber as Customer of Bridgwater port. Money Book XVII, p. 382.
Warrant by same to the Customs Commissioners to permit the entry and export of the clothing for Col. Handasyde's Regiment lately arrived at Bristol from Ireland ; same having been imported under licence of May 10 last in accordance with the Act of 10 Wm. III c. 16 for preventing the exportation of wool out of Ireland and England into foreign parts. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 378.
Same by same to same to employ — Eathorn as a landwaiter at Bideford loco John Fortescue preferred.
Thomas Leigh (a landwaiter at the water side for some years) as waiter and searcher at Barnstaple loco John Bligh removed to the collector's place at Padstow. Ibid., p. 379.
Same by same to same to sell by auction the small prize wines brought into Southampton port by the privateer Amity belonging to Peter Stephens merchant ; and to make said Stephens some recompense out of the proceeds.
Prefixing : said Commissioners' report on said Stephens' petition. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 22.