Minute Book: November 1705

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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November 1705

Nov. 2, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
[Send word] to Mr. Blathwayte to be here on Monday morning at nine.
[Send word] to [Samuel Travers] the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands], Mr. Bateman and Mr. Morley to attend on Wednesday morning. Ibid., p. 140.
Eodem die afternoon. Present : Lord Treasurer.
[No entry of any minute]. Ibid.
Nov. 12. forenoon, Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Agents [for Taxes] are to let Mr. John Dutton Colt know what securities are given by James Caswald [Caswell or Caswall, Receiver General for Monmouth, Anglesea, Merioneth, and Carnarvon], Caleb Powel [Powle ditto for Brecon, Radnor and Montgomery] and Samuel Clerk [ditto for co. Hereford], Receivers of Land Tax. Ibid., p. 141.
Nov. 16. forenoon, Present : ut supra.
My Lord ordered 5684l. 19s. 8d. to [Visct. FitzHardinge], the Treasurer of the Chamber, for the quarter due in his office at Michaelmas last. Ibid., p. 142.
Nov. 17, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Howe is called in and his memorial [or weekly paper of demand for money for the Guards and Garrisons] is read. [Thereupon my Lord Treasurer directed] 10,892l. 8s. 10d. out of [loans to be made or raised by the said How on credit of] the 50,000l. tallies in his hands on the Two Thirds Subsidy [and is for the following services] : viz.
£ s. d.
for 61 days' clearings for the Troops and Regiments in England from Aug. 25 last to Oct. 24 last 8811 16 8
for 61 days' full pay for the Garrisons for the same time 2080 12 2
£10892 8 10
[My Lord directed the issue of] 8164l. 19s. 4½d. to Mr. Fox [late Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad] out of the remainder of the money which is to come in on the Land Tax anno 1704 [the seventh 4s. Aid 2-3 Anne c. 1] (after paying off or reserving sufficient to pay off and satisfy all the principal money lent thereupon with the interest thereof) : and is for 4 months' offreckonings to the Forces who served in Portugal to wit from the 15th August 1704 to the 23rd December 1704, the muster rolls for that time being certified by the said Mr. Fox to be returned to him.
The Postmaster General and Mr. Dummer are to attend on Monday morning.
The Comptrollers of Army Accounts are to attend then. Ibid., p. 143.
Nov. 19, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Postmasters General are called in. My Lord Treasurer says the Queen will dispense with the overplus in Mr. Dummer's contract which might arise by letters, pacquets and passengers above 8000l. a year, in regard to [in consideration of] the convenience of carrying soldiers to and from the Plantations in the pacquet "so far as the carrying the said soldiers may interfere therewith."
[Send] to the Commissioners of Prizes to be here to-morrow morning.
My Lord will hear the matter between Bromfeild and Springet concerning the poundage for the Land Tax &c. anno 1703 on Friday morning. The said persons and the Agents for Taxes are to attend then. Ibid., p. 144.
Nov. 20, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
[My Lord orders] 322l. to be paid to Mr. John Bury out of Civil List money.
Make an account of how much is unlent on the Two Thirds Subsidy and on the Duties on Low Wines &c. [on the total authorised loans of 636,957l. 4s. 0½d. on the Subsidy as by 3-4 Anne c. 3, and of 700,000l. on Low Wines as by 3-4 Anne c. 18].
The Commissioners of Transports are called in. My Lord ordered that the interest on their bills in course shall commence from the times the principal moneys respectively become due by contract : and the interest shall always be computed and paid at the same time with the principal. Ibid., p. 145.
Nov. 21, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The arrear to the [late King's] Waterman is to be paid out of [the late King William's Civil List revenue] arrears due before 8 March 1701-2. Ibid., p. 146.
Nov. 23, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The Agents for Taxes are called in with Mr. Springate and Mr. Bromfeild. My Lord directs the Agents to make a report in writing in the case between the said Springate and Bromfield.
On Mr. Howe's memorial of this day [my Lord directs] 17,703l. 15s. 10d. to be paid out of the money he [Howe] receives [or will receive at the Exchequer] on the 50,000l. tallies [in his name] on the Two Thirds Subsidy anno 1705 [and is for Guards and Garrisons and for the 5000 men for sea service anno 1705], Ibid., p. 147.
Nov. 27, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord Treasurer directs the following issues to Mr. How for the Guards and Garrisons anno 1705] : viz.
£ s. d.
on the order for 5000 new additional [sea service] men anno 1705 and is for 61 days' clearings to Oct. 24 last for the Regiments of Hotham, Soames and Breton 2073 3 10
for 32 days' subsistence to Dec. 23 next to the same Regiments : to be issued out of loans to be made by the said How on the Two Thirds Subsidy : and the orders [of repayment to said How or his assignees] are to be drawn without interest 2530 0 0
to answer Mr. Methwyn's bills to Sir Henry Furnese for 20,000 milreis at 6s. each to complete the value of 60,000 milreis put into the hands of the Deputy Paymaster of the Forces with the Earl of Peterborough for the use of the [sea service Regiments part of] said Forces : to be issued out of money in the Exchequer of the funds for the year 1705 6000 0 0
£10603 3 10
The Attorney and Solicitor General are to be here to-morrow at 6 in the evening.
Mr. Brydges is to bring a calculate how much the 150,000 guilders which Mr. Sweet has received from Mr. Drummond, the Agent in Holland for the tin affair, do amount to, to be answered here [i.e. in sterling].
[My Lord directs] 21,400l. to the Navy [Treasurer] to pay off ships ordered to be victualled and refitted for the Straits : to be issued out of money come in on the Land Tax tallies for the year 1705 [the eighth 4s. Aid as by 3-4 Anne c. 1] which are in the said Navy Treasurer's hands.
Several petitions and reports are read and the answers [and decisions of my Lord Treasurer thereupon are endorsed or margined] upon them. Treasury Minute Book XV, p. 148.
Nov. 28, afternoon. Present : Lord Treasurer.
Mr. How and Mr. Brydges are to be here on Friday morning.
The Attorney and Solicitor General are called in about Huguetan. (fn. 1)
My Lord Treasurer will hear Mr. Huguetan with his Counsel next Monday at 6 in the afternoon. The Attorney and Solicitor General will be here then. Ibid., p. 149.
Nov. 30. Present : Lord Treasurer.
Send to the Postmasters General to be here on Monday morning.
The Comptrollers of Army Accounts are to be here then about Mr. How's account [for the year 1704 as Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons].
Mr. Sweet is to apply the money he lately received from Mr. Drummond to the subsistence [of the Forces in Holland] and Mr. Bridges [Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad] is to make good the value out of such tallies as my Lord Treasurer shall put into his hands for that purpose. Direct Mr. Bridges to certify how much the value comes to.
Mr. Bridges is to pay the Troops in Catalonia for next year and is to find a fit person to be his deputy there.
[My Lord directs] 15,000l. to be issued to Mr. Jett in tallies on Malt anno 1705 [which tallies are to be drawn] without interest [and are] to remain in his hands to satisfy another year's interest on the unsatisfied [Army and Transport] debentures.
[My Lord directs] 367l. to be paid to Col. Parks [Daniel Parke] out of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty and is for the freight of his goods, equipage and other charge for his passage to the Leeward Islands. But the Queen is to be moved for an order in Council to forbid this charge [of carrying the Governors to the Plantations] for the future.
[My Lord directs] 3000l. to be issued to Mr. Tailer on his order for works at Woodstock.
[Likewise] 100l. to the Earl of Tullibardine : out of secret service.
Sir Henry Furnese's proposal dated the 29th inst. [is read] that he will remit for the service of the King of Spain the value of 40,000l. to be paid to his Excellency John Methwyn in weighty pieces of Eight ; and for paying and procuring the same [he, Furnese stipulates] to receive here [in London] after the rate of 55 pence per piece of Eight.
My Lord agrees to this proposal with this difference only that instead of paying the money to Mr. Methwyn it is to be paid to the order of James Brydges Esq.
[My Lord directs] 200l. to Mr. Brydges to answer her Majesty's bounty to Capt. Bennet : to be issued out of Civil List moneys. Treasury Minute Book XV, p. 150.


  • 1. The petition of John Henry Huguetan to the Queen of 11 Aug. 1705 was referred to the Lord Treasurer on Aug. 12 and by the Lord Treasurer to the Attorney and Solicitor General on the 17th August. It set forth that he had been confined in France under a strong guard and by violence was compelled to draw bills of exchange in France and upon France to a great value upon his correspondents for the use of the French Crown : that he escaped into Holland to rescue himself from oppression : that when he came into Holland he applied personally to the Duke of Marlborough "and by his friends to Secretary Harley" to obtain the Queen's protection which has been granted him by a sign manual : that as an expedient to make such protection more effectual an inquisition has been found against him by the Attorney General's advice and thereby petitioner become [fictitiously] indebted to the Queen in 105,000l. : therefore prays that said sum may be granted to persons in trust for him, to enable him to pay his correspondents in England, Holland and elsewhere : he having no design to defraud any one or to protest any bills except those drawn upon him by her Majesty's enemies or which he has drawn to the order of such enemies. On the 17th Oct. the Lord Treasurer referred to the Attorney General a petition of Antony Saladin and of James Andrew Saladin, son of the said Antony, natives and citizens of Geneva, shewing that for several years past they had traded as merchants and bankers with other bankers in bills of exchange in France, Holland, England and other countries : that in Dec. last [1704] they sent to Paris one Bagueret their factor, a native and citizen of Geneva, to finish their affairs there and to withdraw their effects out of France, which was so done : that in May last [1705] Bagueret had in his hands effects of the petitioners to a great value in bills of exchange which were payable to order : that about that time petitioners ordered Mr. Marcett, a merchant in London, to offer to the Government of England to pay to the Duke of Savoy or to other of the Allies any sums that should be required, repayable to petitioners only on production of acquittances "which Mr. Secretary St. John can testify to be true" : that whilst these offers were making by Mr. Marcet one John Henry Huguetan, a native and banker of Lyons in France, withdrew himself from France into Holland upon several differences he had with the Court of France, and left at Paris one Dufour his factor, a near kinsman of Bagueret, petitioners' factor : that about May last the said Dufour, by the contrivance and direction of his master Huguetan, got into his hands petitioners' bills to the value of 250,000 florins which were in the possession of Bagueret ("which is about 30,000l. sterling") upon pretence to give Bagueret in exchange a bill or authority to draw on Mr. Peytier of Antwerp for the like sum, the said Dufour alleging that the said Peytier had effects of Huguetan in his hands ; but the bills on Peytier were protested, he having in his hands no effects of Huguetan : that upon this Dufour ran away into Holland and carried to his Master Huguetan the petitioners' bills and petitioners are hitherto without any satisfaction although the transactions between Bagueret and Dufour were wholly without petitioners' knowledge till six weeks after : that Huguetan is come into England with petitioners' effects in his hands and at his instance a commission under the great seal has lately issued to seize the effects of the subjects of France as enemies to her Majesty ; and thereupon by Huguetan's evidence the said bills belonging to petitioners are extended and seized into her Majesty's hands as the effects of Bagueret or Huguetan, subjects of France, by which means petitioners are intended to be stripped of all remedy against Huguetan : but the said bills are truly the effects of petitioners who are natives and subjects of the Republic of Geneva which is a neuter country and in amity with the Crown of England : wherefore petitioners hope that same are not liable to be extended or seized on the abovesaid grounds, therefore they pray that said seizure may be taken off so far as the said bills appear to belong to petitioners. The report of Sir Edward Northey, the Attorney General, and Sir Simon Harcourt, the Solicitor General, hereon is dated 13 Nov. 1705. On a commission of inquiry as above an inquisition taken thereon in London on July 12 last found that Huguetan was indebted to Samuel Bernard, Amy Bagueret and several other enemies in France of her Majesty in several sums amounting in all to 2,000,000 livres by several notes and bills of exchange signed by the said Huguetan for the service of the French King in war against her Majesty and her allies, being 105,000l. sterling : but it is not found how much in certain he owed each person, Mr. Huguetan (on whose evidence the inquisition was found) not being able to ascertain the same. Bagueret is one of the said creditors. To remove all objections from the Saladins, Huguetan waives his request to her Majesty as to moneys found owing by him to Bagueret and now only desires her Majesty's favour as to the moneys owing by him to the rest of the persons named in the inquisition. We have no objection to the grant of these latter to trustees for the benefit of Huguetan, they being found by inquisition to be owing to her Majesty's enemies in France and contracted for the service of the French king in his wars against her Majesty and her allies and not contracted in a way of private trade. The grant desired may contain a clause of revocation if it shall appear hereafter that the said debts or any of them were contracted in the way of private trade and not for the service of the French King. (Treasury Board Papers XCVI, No. 17). For the Treasury minute hereon see infra p. 42 under date Dec. 3.