Minute Book: January 1706

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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January 1706

1705-6. January 7.
Whitehall, Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Send] to the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts] to attend on Wednesday morning.
[Letter of direction for] 370l. 10s. 0d. for one year to the Governors of Christ's Hospital for the [King's] Mathematical boys there.
Issue 1470l. to Mr. Brydges, [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad], out of loans on Land Tax anno 1706 on his order for 222,379l. 5s. 10d. for 10,200 men in Portugal and is to be on account of subsistence to that body, being intended to be paid over to the Officers of the several Regiments in Ireland to enable them to raise 490 men in lieu of the like number detached from their Regiments to recruit those in Portugal. Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 171-2.
January 9. Present : ut supra.
Send to the Agents [for Taxes] to attend on Monday morning next with the list of Receivers [of taxes for the respective Counties] and of their payments [on their previous collections].
[Write] to Mr. Brydges to make a demand for the recruiting horses [recruiting for the English Horse and Dragoons and for the foreign Troops the horses they lost as below in the last campaign] and to be here on Friday morning next. The Duke of Marlborough will be here then. The Comptrollers [of Army Accounts] and Mr. St. John [Secretary at War] are to be here at the same time.
Issue 200l. to Mr. Brydges : out of Civil List money : on the order in his name for extraordinaries for the defence of Gibraltar anno 1705 : and is to be for Col. Edmund Rivett as royal bounty for his good services in that garrison. Ibid., p. 173.
Jan. 11, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer.
Cha. Harrison (Harison) is to have 100l. for his good service in discovering and seizing several French silks at Chailey in Sussex : to be issued out of seizures.
[Send] to the Attorney General to be here at 5 [this afternoon] about the affair of Mr. Huguetan.
Write to the Lord Chamberlain to prepare (pursuant to the Queen's pleasure) a warrant to revoke the grant to Reginald Ryley of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms attending the Lord Treasurer and to grant the same to Phillip Ryley as formerly.
[Letter of direction for] 750l. to Sir Charles Hedges for secret service.
The Duke of Marlborough comes in. Mr. St. John, Mr. Cardonel and Mr. Brydges are called in. Mr. Brydges presents a memorial for several sums as necessary to be supplied immediately for the forces under his pay ; upon reading whereof the Lord Treasurer orders issues to him as follows : viz.
£ s. d.
on his order for 15,760l.
for making good the horses lost by the Officers of the English Troops during last campaign in the Low Countries 10446 13 4
on his order for 15,296l.
for levy money to make good the horses of the English Horse and Dragoons that were killed and died of the common distemper in the same campaign between the 1st of May and the 30th Oct. 1705 10197 6 8
on his order for 886,223l. 18s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1706
Upon account of pay to the said Forces 20000 0 0
on his order for 177,511l. 3s. 6d. for the 10,000 additional men
upon account of pay for the said men 5000 0 0
both which last sums are intended to be applied towards making good the horses that were lost by the foreign Troops of the said 40,000 and 10,000 men in the last campaign : but in the letter of direction is to be expressed that the issue is to be upon account of pay only until the Clause of Appropriation be passed
upon the order for 40,000 men anno 1706
for forage, waggon money and recruits for the foreigners of the said 40,000 men for the year commencing 24 Dec. 1705 20000 0 0
upon the order for the 10,000 additional men anno 1706
for like forage, waggon money and recruits for the same year 9260 0 0
upon the order for 96,729l. 13s. 4d. for maintaining 5000 Land Forces in Catalonia
upon account of subsistence to the Regiments of Caulfeild and Elliot in Gibraltar from 1705 Dec. 24. 5000 0 0
But Mr. Brydges is to write to the Governor [of Gibraltar] to take care that no subsistence be paid for more than the Officers' servants and effective men
upon the order for 250,000l. for prosecuting the successes for recovery of the monarchy of Spain to the House of Austria
on account of subsistence to the Regiments of Hotham and Soams from 1705 Dec. 24 7371 6 0
£87275 6 0
for forage money and recruits for the foreigners of the 40,000 men 20,000l. And the like for the 10,000 additional men, 9260l. making together 29,260l. These 2 sums are to be raised on the tallies in Mr. Brydges' hands on Low Wines as soon as may be £29260 0 0
Mr. Brydges is desired to acquaint the Prussian Ambassador that my Lord Treasurer is willing to issue the remaining 90,000 Crowns for arrears of subsidy claimed by that King in tallies on last year's funds provided the said Ambassador will promise and undertake that the said tallies shall not be offered to be disposed of till they will readily go at par : because otherwise it may prove of ill consequence to her Majesty's service by raising a discount upon tallies.
Issue 565l. 7s. 6d. to Mr. Brydges, [Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad], out of Civil List money, upon the order in his name for defraying the extraordinary charges in the defence of Gibraltar anno 1705 : and is for Mr. Jezreel Jones in satisfaction of his disbursements in negotiating sundry affairs for relief of the Garrison of Gibraltar and other her Majesty's service with the Emperor of Morocco and his Viceroy according to a bill setting forth the particulars and attested by the oath of the said Mr. Jones. Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 174-6.
January 11, afternoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[No entry of any minute]. Ibid., p. 177.
January 14, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
[Letter of direction for the issue to William Lowndes of] 500l. for secret service.
Make an account how much has been issued of the 250,000l. for the King of Spain.
Sir Theodore Janssen presents a proposal dated the 12th inst. for remittances to Italy as follows viz. [he offers to give] bills on Messrs. Thomas and Samuel Williams of Venice for 200,000 Crowns or Ducats at the rate of 57d. per Ducat by 50,000 Ducats payable at 10 days' sight ; 50,000 at 30 days' sight ; 50,000 at 50 days' sight ; and 50,000 at 70 days' sight and to take as payment for the same in tallies on the present Land Tax. (fn. 1)
The Lord Treasurer agrees to this proposal excepting only as to the third 50,000 Crowns, the bill for which is to be made payable at 2 months' sight and the last 50,000 at 3 months' sight : and that he, the said Sir Theodore, shall have tallies so soon as the appropriating clause passes "if it do permit" : if not [he shall have] money out of the Civil List funds at those times [dates] : and the bills are to be drawn payable to Prince Eugene or order. Ibid., p. 178.
January 16. forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] is called in and his memorial is read and [my Lord] ordered that 14,473l. 3s. 4d. be issued to him out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Land Tax anno 1706 and to be as in part of his order for 96,729l. 13s. 4d. for the 5000 men in Catalonia anno 1706 : and is for services as follows viz.
£ s. d.
to pay Sir Henry Furnese for 2500 Pistols, French and Spanish, at 17s. 5½d. per Pistol 2182 5 10
to ditto to pay for 50,000 pieces of Eight weighing 43,500 ounces at 5s. 73/8d. which are sending for the use of the said Forces 12211 14 4
to ditto for commission at 11s. per 100l. 79 3 2
£14473 3 4
Ibid., p. 179.
January 18, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
Sir Theodore Janssen's memorial is read praying payment of 2 bills of exchange drawn by Arundell and Bates on the Lord Treasurer for 20,000 pieces of Eight taken up by the Earl of Peterborough for the service of the Forces under his command in Catalonia viz. 8000 drawn Dec. 11 [last] at 8 days' sight at 58¾d. and 12,000 drawn the 18th ult. at 8 days' sight at 59¼d. amounting to 4920l. 16s. 8d. with 49l. 4s. 0d. for the said Arundel and Baker's commission and brokerage with port of letters.
The Lord Treasurer orders same to be paid out of loans to be made by Sir Theodore on the Land Tax anno 1706 and to be issued to Mr. Brydges on the order in his name for 96,729l. 13s. 4d. for the 5000 men now in Catalonia. Ibid., p. 180.
January 21, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
[Write a] letter to the Commissioners for Revenue of Ireland to employ Mr. Ward in the first place that becomes vacant that he is qualified for.
Mr. Howe [Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons] is called in. He presents a memorial which is read : upon which my Lord Treasurer orders that the sums therein demanded shall be directed to be issued out of loans on Land Tax anno 1706 when money comes in thereupon [upon said loans] : and is for services as follows : viz.
£ s. d.
in part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1706
for 35 days' subsistence for the Troops and Regiments in England from Jan. 21 inst. to Feb. 24 next 10741 9 10
in part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 5000 men for sea service anno 1706
for the like subsistence for the Regiments of Brigadier Mordaunt, Lieut. General Erle and [Lord] Paston 2767 3 9
for the like for Col. Livesay's and Col. Whetham's additional Companies 284 19 2
for 6 months' subsistence in advance for Col. Handaside's Regiment from Dec. 24 last to June 24 next 4304 6 3
the like for Col. Whetham's Regiment 3474 14 3
£21572 13 3
Ibid., p. 180.
January 22, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The Attorney and Solicitor General come in.
The Customs Commissioners are called in and Counsel for the Duke of Northumberland. The presentment of the said Commissioners of Nov. 14 last is read. Mr. Dod on behalf of Sir John Paul, the Farmer of Prizage, [says] the Court [of Exchequer] was divided in opinion in the cause about the Prizage when the defendant died : they began again and the matter [still] depends : and they have an interest in the deposit : and if a writ of error be brought his Lordship [the Lord Treasurer] is to be a Judge.
Mr. Brown, of the same side, says to the same purpose and that they are ready to argue it next term.
My Lord desires to know what expectation there is of a speedy decision.
The Attorney General says he hopes reasons may be given for bringing over one of the Barons to give judgment for the Crown and there will be no long delay in the Exchequer : 'tis probable they may have an end in the Court of Exchequer by the end of next Trinity term, but if it should come in the Exchequer Chamber it may depend a long time.
My Lord would know whether the present [or immediate] application of the money [to the service of the Crown by the Lord Treasurer] would be any prejudice, considering there is a revenue always sufficient to answer it.
Mr. Dod says the prejudice would be equal either way, if [either] the Queen or they [the other side] should presently have the money : that his client has a property in it and they would not be put to petition for their own : it will be determined by the Exchequer Court one way or another in Midsummer term : if the money can be paid to the [his] client he would give security.
Mr. Brown says it [such present application] would be a prejudgment that his Lordship (who may have the cause [come before him] on a writ of error) is of opinion against them : if his Lordship may apply the money his client may be 7 years to get it again on a petition of right.
The Counsel for the farmer withdraw.
The warrant for applying the deposit is [by my Lord Treasurer hereupon] suspended till further order. Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 182-3.
January 25, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer,
Mr. Brydges comes in and presents a memorial [for money for the Forces Abroad] which is read.
Ordered that 25,000l. be issued to him out of loans to be made by Sir Henry Furnese on Land Tax anno 1706 as in part of 414,166l. 13s. 6d. for subsidies [to the Allies] ; the same being intended for 2 months' subsidy to the King of Portugal for the 13,000 men to be maintained by him, to wit for the months of March and April 1706. Ibid., p. 184.
January 29, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. The Lord Treasurer resolves that henceforth no person shall be made a Collector of Customs unless he hath been bred a clerk in the business of the Customs and that the collectors from the lesser ports be preferred according to their merits to the greater [ports] and that no person be received as Collector without giving sufficient security. This to be a standing rule and to be certified to the Customs Commissioners.
The said Commissioners and Mr. Holt are to attend on Monday afternoon next. The Head Searcher and five undersearchers of London port are to attend then. Ibid., p. 185.


  • 1. The ninth 1s. Aid or Land Tax granted in 1705 by the Act 4-5 Anne c. 1 for the service of the year 1706 was not due to begin to be collected until 25 March 1706. But as soon as the Act passed it became a fund of credit see supra p. 46 and loans were taken in at the Exchequer on credit of it and tallies and orders representing fictitious loans were issued to Departmental Paymasters see supra p. 47. It is this latter type of tallies which are referred to above.