Warrant Book: April 1706, 16-30

Pages 620-634

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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April 1706, 16-30

April 16. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Cashier to pay 15l. to John Thorowkettle for last Lady day quarter attendance on the Customs. (Allowance by same of Thorowkettle's bill of 15l. for same quarter's attendance on the Lord Treasurer). Money Book XVIII, p. 193. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 110.
Letter of direction for 300l. to the Paymaster of the Works : out of Civil List moneys : to be paid to Mr. Sandover, carpenter at Newmarket, on his contract with Sir Christopher Wren for taking away the forge and coach houses and rooms over them at Newmarket which hide the prospect of the country from the windows of her Majesty's privy lodgings, and setting them up in another place appointed. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 106.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to report a valuation on the enclosed case [missing] of the Duke of Grafton relating to Whittlewood Forest and the Attorney General's opinion thereon. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 198.
Treasury reference to the Postmasters General of the petition of Francis Golling, Collector of the Penny Post for 13 years "and being out was promised when Mr. Ra. Blackall was discharged that he should be restored" : and Blackall being now discharged petitioner prays to be restored. Reference Book VIII, p. 221.
April 17. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Cashier to pay 140l. 2s. 9d. to Henry Ballow and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains of the Exchequer Court, being 2s. per 1000l. on 1,401,391l. 0s. 8½d. of Customs money paid into the Exchequer for the year ended at Xmas 1704. Money Book XVIII, p. 191.
Money warrant for 494l. 11s. 4d. to the executors of Henry Harris for seals as follows delivered to the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations at several times in the year 1705 : viz. 80l. each for large silver seals for respectively the Leeward Islands, New York, Maryland (larger than usual per order) Jamaica and Barbados ; 9l. each for 5 little seals made larger than usual per order to wit for New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Jersey, Virginia and Bermudas and 188 ounces 16 pennyweight of silver used therein at 5s. 3d. per ounce.
Followed by : Certificate by William Popple junr. of the delivery of said seals. (Cancelled and replaced by the warrant of May 21 infra p. 651). Ibid., pp. 192-3. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 110.
Order by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receiver of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing : (a) Order of the Queen in Council dated Kensington April 4 inst. for payments of 100l. each to Benjamin Edwards and John Edwards as reward for seizing the ship Friendship and her lading of wines as coming from Bordeaux in time of war. Money Book XVIII, p. 193.
Money warrant for 116l. 15s. 0d. for the officers, detailed, of Waltham Forest for half a year to 1695 Sept. 29 on their several fees and allowances : (replacing the warrant and orders ut supra p. 513). (Money order dated April 17 hereon). Ibid., p. 194. Order Book VI, p. 468.
Same for 950l. to George Stepney, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Emperor of Germany, 50l. thereof in satisfaction of 7 bills of extraordinaries from 1702 Aug. 28 to 1704 May 28 (on which 1000l. has been already paid) and the remaining 900l. as in satisfaction of 5 like bills from 1704 May 28 to 1705 Nov. 28. (Money order dated April 22 hereon). (Letter of direction for 1050l. hereon probably an erratum for 950l.).
Appending : said 5 bills.
(1) from 28 May to 28 Aug. 1704 dated Vienna 1704 Sept. 6
£ s. d.
for postage of letters 108 3 0
for Gazettes, printed papers and intelligence 27 0 0
for stationery wares 13 0 0
for 2 treats I gave to the Ministers of the Allies upon the victories at Donarechet [Donauwörth] and Hochstädt 50 0 0
£198 3 0
Followed by : Secretary Harley's allowance dated Whitehall 23 Sept. 1704 hereof. "I allow this bill as to 148l. 3s. 0d., being within the Establishment and the other article which is expended upon so glorious an occasion is humbly recommended to the Lord High Treasurer."
(2) from 28 Aug. to 28 Nov. 1704 dated Vienna 1704 Dec. 10
£ s. d.
for postage, Gazettes and stationery as above 149 15 0
for his journey to Landau 59 0 0
ditto to Schemnitz 97 0 0
Mourning for the Duchess Dowager of Holstein 21 0 0
£326 15 0
Followed by : the like allowance by Secretary Harley dated Whitehall, 10 March 1704-5. "The first articles being within the Establishment I do allow them. The other 3 articles being all by order of her Majesty seem to be reasonable but are submitted to my Lord High Treasurer."
(3) from 28 Nov. 1704 to 28 Feb. 1704-5 dated Vienna 1704-5 March 2
£ s. d.
postage, etc., ut supra 148 14 0
given at the new year to the several officers belonging to the Emperor, Empress and King and Queen of the Romans 42 0 0
for mourning for the Queen of Prussia 16 0 0
£206 14 0
Followed by : the like allowance by Secretary Harley dated Whitehall 7 July 1705. "I allow this bill, being within the Establishment ; the mourning being by order and the new year's gifts usual."
(4) from 1704-5 Feb. 28 to 1705 May 28 dated Vienna 1705 June 3
£ s. d.
postage, etc., ut supra 147 0 0
Mourning for myself and family upon the death of the Emperor Leopold 122 0 0
£269 0 0
Followed by : the like allowance by Secretary Harley dated Whitehall 7 July 1705. "I allow the first 3 articles being within the Regulation. The mourning was by order but [is] submitted to the Lord High Treasurer."
(5) from 1705 May 28 to Nov. 28 dated Vienna 1705 Dec. 3
£ s. d.
postage, etc., ut supra 295 4 0
the expense of his journey to the Congress at Tirnau 94 0 0
£389 4 0
Followed by : the like allowance by Secretary Harley dated Whitehall 30 Jan 1705-6. "The sum of 295l. 4s. 0d. doth not exceed the Established Rule and the 94l. for his journey to Tirnau seems very reasonable : nevertheless [is] submitted to my Lord High Treasurer."
Money Book XVIII, pp. 197-8. Order Book VI, p. 475. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 110.
Letter of direction for 15,735l. 14s. 5½d. to Sir Thomas Littleton, the Navy Treasurer : out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1706 : to be applied as follows viz.
£ s. d.
to Wear and Tear and is to satisfy bills of exchange from Lisbon and other foreign parts 6000 0 0
to Victualling and is (together with 10,264l. 5s. 6½d. remaining in the said Treasurer's hands in tallies on the Two Thirds Subsidy anno 1705) to complete 20,000l. towards answering bills of exchange in [drawn on] the office of the Victualling from Lisbon and other foreign parts 9735 14
£15735 14
Disposition Book XVIII, p. 107.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Navy Treasurer to assign the abovesaid 10,264l. 5s. 6½d. to Sir Henry Furnese who has agreed to accept same towards satisfying the several bills of exchange (which he holds) from Lisbon on the Victualling Commissioners. The Lord Treasurer will sign warrants for allowing 6 per cent. interest on the orders for said sum on your transmitting them to the Treasury. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Howe to dispose of 8000l. of tallies in his hands on Low Wines anno 1705 and to apply 7808l. 19s. 5¼d. thereof ut supra pp. 68-9. Ibid., pp. 109-110.
Same to the Prizes Commissioners to prosecute Mr. Glover on account of a parcel of white wine sold to Capt. James Clarke in October 1703. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 199.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Prizes Commissioners to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing : (a) Order of the Queen in Council dated Kensington April 11 that as an encouragement to the Commanders in Chief of the squadrons of her Majesty's ships both at home and abroad which shall be empowered by his Royal Highness to wear a Pendant of Distinction, that there be allowed the one eighth part of all such prizes as shall be taken by any of the ships of the squadron under their command, which is the same that is allowed by her Majesty's Declaration to Rear Admirals of the Fleet. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 421.
Same by same to the Salt Commissioners to discharge George Lawson, William Coatsworth and Henry Reay from the sum of 107l. 12s. 3d. for costs of several suits against them and [against] Michael Taylor late collector [of salt] at Newcastle for whom they stood securities.
Prefixing : report from said Commissioners on the case. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 454.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the scite of Guildford Castle co. Surrey with the Court Yard and garden thereto, containing by estimation 5 acres 3 roods and 10 perches and an old stone wall and barn there, scituated in the parish of St. Mary's, Guildford : all in order to a lease thereof to John Child.
Prefixing : report by said Surveyor General on said Child's petition for same. The premises were rated in March 1672-3 in order to a lease thereof to John Windebank, Dr. of Physic, and were then stated to be not worth more than 10l. per an. ; that lease expired in 1704 and no further term has been granted and the present possessors have not moved for a new lease. Ibid., p. 455.
Approval by same of William Clayton to be first clerk in the Office of Charles, Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt.
Prefixing : nomination of said Clayton by said Halifax, for the Lord Treasurer's approval. Ibid., p. 456.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Excise Commissioners to pay 215l. 6s. 0d. to Henry Merriton, their cashier, in full of fees paid by him at the Exchequer and for porterage [to the Exchequer] of the sum of 961,089l. 7s. 2½d. arising from Excise and Malt from 1705 May 14 to 1705 Dec. 24. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 457.
Same by same to John Howe, Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons, to continue to pay the three Troops of Guards in the usual manner notwithstanding the Rules or Instructions that are to be observed with regard to the off-reckonings of the rest of the Forces.
Prefixing : report from said Howe on the memorial of said three Troops. It has always been the custom of the Pay Office in stating the accounts of the said Troops to place under the head of offreckonings whatever has remained of the pay of the private gentlemen more than had been issued for their subsistence "which does always exceed what has been necessary for their clothes." But of late the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army sent me a general caveat against issuing any offreckonings but upon assignments on that fund approved by them : which has caused me to delay issuing any offreckonings to the Second Troop of Guards under the Duke of Ormonde since 1704 Dec. 24. "But it appearing by his Grace's certificate and the certificates of the Captains and Commanding Officers of the other Troops and the books wherein the accounts of the said Troops are made up, which have been produced to me, that the manner of paying and accompting with the said Troops is very different from the practice in other Regiments, every private gentleman being personally accounted with and paid the full pay allowed on her Majesty's Establishment without any other deduction upon account of clothes than the value of the clothes and accoutrements delivered, which does not amount to near the money that falls under the head of offreckonings and that the surplus is paid to every private gentleman by way of clearing" and likewise in regard that the necessary care is taken by me to see that the person who furnishes the said clothes and accoutrements is satisfied in such proportion as is directed and limited by the several assignments, I am of opinion that it is reasonable the whole pay of the said three Troops should be issued to the Captains according to the usual method in order to enable them to clear with the private gentlemen under their command. Ibid., p. 458.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of an acre of pasture ground in Southfield in Eton co. Bucks, in order to a lease thereof to John Slater gent.
Prefixing : said Surveyor's report on said Slater's petition for said lease to Richard Topham [as his nominee]. Ibid., p. 461.
Approval by same of the table of the prices of [Stamped] vellum and paper for the year 1706.
Prefixing and appending : representation from the Stamps Commissioners and table of said prices. Ibid., p. 462.
Warrant by same to the Excise Commissioners to permit John James David and John Gerrard merchants to reduce several quantities of Spanish brandy, taken as prize, to single brandy or to make a post entry.
Prefixing : report by the Excise Commissioners on the petition of said merchants. Ibid., p. 464.
[?] Entry of the Treasury signature of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to John Brougham and Whitlocke Bulstrode Esq. of lands in co. Warwick, part of the estate of Hugh Handy extended for debt. Ibid.
April 19. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Stamps Commissioners to pay additional salaries totalling 80l. per an. in all to six of their officers.
Prefixing : memorial of said Commissioners proposing said increases. From the commencement of the Office to the time Mr. Evelyn became Receiver General the bills of exchange were tendered for acceptance and all outmoney received for Mr. Pennyman, the late Receiver, by the servants of Sir Stephen Evance. But our present Receiver not having that conveniency and it being more safe for him to have that business performed by an under officer we accommodated him with the assistance of one Edward Drakeford, the assistant to the warehousekeeper of unstamped paper. But his time being wholly taken up as billman to the Receiver he has been forced to allow a considerable part of his small salary to Robert Jackson for officiating his said place of assistant. We therefore think the bill man should have the entire salary of 30l. per an. and that Jackson deserves 20l. per an. for officiating the former business of the said Drakeford. Further by reason of the Comptroller and Accomptant General's place being lodged in the same person we found it necessary to employ an able accompting clerk to make entries and keep general accounts of the gross and net produce of the Duties, corresponding with the books of the Comptroller, the better to prevent mistakes and to enable us to sign the charge part demanded yearly of us by the Auditor in passing the general accounts of our Office. Money Book XVIII, pp. 195-6.
Money warrant for 33l. 15s. 4d. to Thomas Newton, woodward of Whittlewood and Salcey Forests, for the surplusage on his account for that service for 4 years ended 1705 Sept. 29. (Money order dated April 24 hereon). Ibid., p. 186. Order Book VI, p. 470. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 114.
April 19, 20, 26, 29. May 3, 8, 11, 18, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30, 31. Endorsement by Treasurer Godolphin of orders of loan as follows, to wit for the allowance of interest thereon from the respective days of his assigning same to various lenders or discounters thereon : viz.
Orders drawn in the name of John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons.
2 orders Nos. 1383-4 for 1000l. each on Low Wines and 1 order No. 1401 for 200l. assigned April 26 to John, Lord Delamere.
1 order No. 1385 for 1000l. and 1 order No. 1402 for 200l. on same assigned same date to Hugh Squire.
1 order No. 1386 for 1000l. and 2 orders No. 1387-1388 for 500l. each on same assigned to Francis Godolphin May 18.
Orders drawn in the name of Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy.
2 orders Nos. 909 and 910 for 1000l. and 1 order No. 929 for 500l. each on the Two Thirds Additional Subsidy anno 1705 assigned April 29 to Jam. Plume.
1 order No. 914 for 1000l. on same assigned same day to Samuell Royston.
3 same Nos. 911 to 913 similarly assigned to Sir Lambert Blackwell.
4 same Nos. 917 to 920 assigned May 3 to Ben. Howell.
10 same Nos. 915 and 916 and 921 to 928 assigned May 8 to Dr. Ratcliff.
10 same Nos. 899 to 908 assigned April 20 to Sir Hen. Furnese.
4 same for 500l. each Nos. 930—933 assigned May 11 to Sir Edward Northey.
1 same No. 964 for 169l. 5s. 6½d. assigned same day to Thomas Bevett.
Orders drawn in the name of James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces acting with the Allies.
60 orders for 500l. each on Low Wines anno 1705 assigned to Sir Henry Furnese April 19.
26 orders for 500l. each on Malt anno 1706 assigned May 22 to Sir Stephen Evans.
Orders drawn in the name of Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy.
2 orders Nos. 938 and 939 for 500l. each on the Two Thirds Additional Subsidy anno 1705 assigned to William Hales May 25.
2 same Nos. 950 and 951 assigned to same May 31.
4 same Nos. 934 to 937 for 500l. each assigned to William Blathwayte May 23.
5 same Nos. 943 to 947 assigned May 29 to Ann and Margaret Sandys.
1 same to 948 assigned to same May 31.
12 same Nos. 952 to 963 assigned May 30 to Francis Godolphin.
2 same Nos. 940 and 941 assigned May 29 to Jeffry Glasier.
1 same No. 942 assigned May 25 to Geo. Smith.
1 same No. 949 assigned May 31 to Peter Cartwright.
Order Book VI, pp. 471, 473, 475, 476, 487.
April 19. New reversionary annuity order in the name of Lancelot Keate for 14l. per an. from and after the death of Henry Berkley of the Middle Temple, an original contributor and nominee in an order No. 5896 on the Excise : all as in lieu of and to replace a similar former order dated 1698 Sept. 9 for a like annuity from the death of Ann Ward then supposed to be living but since proved to have died before that date : which order was assigned by the Earl of Ranelagh to Capt. Robert Gardner and by him to the said Keate. Ibid. p. 499.
Jo. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a new particular of the casual profits of the Honor of Peverel cos. Notts and Derby intended to be granted to Sir Thomas Willoughby.
Appending : report by the Attorney General on said Willoughby's petition. There is no objection to the grant of the office of high steward of said Honor but I think he should be left to make good his title to the waifs and strays unless he will accept such a grant thereof as her Majesty may make by the Act of the Civil List [1 Anne c. 1]. Out Letters (General) XVIII, pp. 199-200.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Nathaniell Smith, Comptroller of Poole port, shewing that the profits of his place do little more than defray the charges of his deputies ; that he personally resides at the said port and comptrols the Collector's accounts : therefore praying a reasonable allowance. Reference Book VIII, p. 221.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Edw. Wilcox, Surveyor General of Woods, Trent South, to pay 45l. to Philip Newlin for 2¼ years from 1701 Xmas to 1704 Lady day in respect of the office he lately enjoyed of repairer of the bridges and passages over the ponds and bogs in New Forest.
Prefixing : report by said Wilcox on said Newlin's petition. The said office was discontinued in accordance with my report of 29 Nov. 1704 representing that it was unnecessary as there were several other works incident to the said forest which had always been done by direction from the Treasury. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, pp. 459-60.
April 20. Royal warrant to Edward Nott, Lieut. and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, to direct the executors of William Byrd, Treasurer or Cashier of her Majesty's Revenue there, to remit over to his agent here (to be by him paid into the Exchequer) the 2752l. 9s. 4d. residue of the sum of 5752l. 9s. 4d. remains upon his last accompt of the revenue of quit rents arising in Virginia ; whereof 3000l. has been already paid into the Exchequer here. (The entry of this warrant in the Plantations Auditor's Book has the marginal note : "This letter was delivered the 10th May 1706 by the Postmaster of Falmouth to the steward of the Greenwich man of war bound for Virginia.") Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 22, 25. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 311-12.
Same to Sir Isaac Newton to coin and to mark with a mark of distinction all such silver as shall be extracted by the Company for Smelting down Lead with pit coal and sea coal. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 22.
Same to the Attorney General to acknowledge satisfaction upon record of the judgment of 1614l. 0s. 8½d. in the Exchequer in Hilary term anno 9 or 11 Wm. III, against Thomas Clarke late of London, gentleman, collector of Excise, since deceased : in regard the debt for which the said judgment was obtained has been compounded pursuant to the Low Wines Act of 12 Wm. III. Ibid., p. 23.
Letter of direction for 30,000l. to Harry Mordaunt, the Treasurer of the Ordnance : out of contributions for Annuities anno 1706 : 20,000l. thereof for land services of the Ordnance (out of which the cost of 10,000 fusees bought in Holland is to be paid) ; and 10,000l. for sea services of the Ordnance. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 110.
Letter of direction for 88,650l. 10s. 2¾d. (viz. 6931l. and 81,719l. 10s. 2¾d.) to James Brydges, Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad : out of Annuity Contributions : and to be for services of the War ut supra pp. 69-70. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 112.
Jo. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to Mr. Vanburgh to report on (a) supra.
Appending : bills sent to the Treasurer by the Lord Chamberlain of extraordinary charges not provided for by the Treasurer of the Chamber's Establishment.
£ s. d.
The Pages of the Backstairs for their journeys to and from Kensington when they attended on her Majesty from 1702 Oct. to 1705 Nov. at 3s. a day 63 18 0
Mr. Malthus, apothecary's bill for medicines to the family at Windsor, Winchester and Newmarket to Oct. 1705 14 2 2
Mr. Davis ditto for servants of the Stables from Dec. 1704 to Sept. 1705 3 14 5
Mr. West ditto for physick to ditto by the Duke of Somerset's order 5 9 11
Mr. Tindall ditto for physic to Mrs. Wright by the Queen's order in 1702 17 8 3
Mr. Hallett, Page of the Removing Wardrobe, bill of disbursements anno 1705 7 10 6
Mrs. Mary Foiston, necessary woman, bill for the charges of her journeys and lodging Oct. 1702 to Dec. 1704 at 2s. 6d. a day, she not being on the Establishment of the riding charges 43 2 6
Mr. Loftus, the shipwright's bill for making and repairing several punts and trunks for keeping fish in the island in St. James's Park in 1702 "which bill has been allowed of by the Wardens of the Shipwrights' Company" 44 2 0
The Grooms of the Chamber's bills of disbursements in cleaning the lodgings at the Cockpit when her Majesty came there, in watching the furniture and attending the Prussian and Dutch Ambassadors when they were entertained there in 1702 23 5 6
a bill for New River water for St. James's Palace and the Stables there from 1702 June 24 to 1705 Xmas at 36l. per an. besides [Exchequer] fees 126 0 0
for fees in the Treasury for sign manuals to alter the Establishment and for bills of extraordinaries 43 4 8
for disbursements at Winchester 339 11 6
£731 9 5
Out Letters (General) XVIII, pp. 200-1.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Attorney General to report on the petition of Richard Pope for a grant of the town and lands of Clonad in King's County, with the report from the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland thereon. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 388.
William Blathwait, dated from Whitehall, to Mr. Taylor. Please acquaint the Lord Treasurer that Mr. John Perrie, late Receiver of the Casual Revenue in the Leeward Isles, has received 458l. 1s. 6d. Leeward Islands money by order of Col. Codrington, late Governor of the Leeward Islands, for the produce of negroes taken from pirates by Capt. Billingsly, Commander of her Majesty's ship Queenborough, and condemned and sold in Nevis. He is ready to pay the same in Leeward money or in sterling according to the present exchange to such person or in such manner for her Majesty's use as my Lord Treasurer shall direct.
In the margin : "My Lord Treasurer has ordered the Victualling Commissioners to direct their agent to take up this money, as appears by a copy of a letter from Mr. Lowndes dated 17 Dec. 1706 to the said Commissioners which is laid up amongst the Leeward Island accounts in the press" [in my, Blathwayt's, Office]. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 312-3.
April 22. J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to report on (a) infra.
Appending : (a) extract from a representation from Henry St. John, Secretary at War. It is represented by Brigadier Shrimpton, on behalf of the Battalion of Foot Guards now in Spain, that it having been sent from Portugal to Gibraltar and from thence after the siege of that place into Spain, no regular musters could be taken of them whereby their clearings may be issued ; and he therefore proposes that in regard said Battalion is composed of detachments out of the 17 Companies of the First Regiment in England and the Coldstream Regiment which are cleared to Dec. 23 last that the said detachments may stand as a respit on the respective Companies and the pay of the Battalion be allowed by warrant from Oct. 25 to Dec. 23 last : the Officers alleging that they are at an extraordinary charge of 20s. a man in recruiting their Battalion more than that in Flanders "and hope they have the same pretensions to be allowed complete as any other Battalion upon service abroad." Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 202.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to report on the enclosed extract [missing] of a letter from Sir Nathaniell Johnson, Governor of Carolina, representing the great encouragement it would be to the planters there to employ a vessel to bring pitch and tar from thence [for the Navy]. Ibid., p. 203.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from the bishop of London to the Lord Treasurer desiring a further prosecution of the forfeiture of Sir John Gifford's estate. Ibid.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Principal Commissioners of Prizes enclosing the Admiralty report [missing] on Sir Thomas Dilkes' petition for a further reward for the several prizes taken by him in 1703. What was the neat produce of the said prizes? Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 204.
Same to same to report on the enclosed report [missing] of Dr. Bramston, Surrogate to the Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, upon the case of Capt. Credo who appears (by the said report and by Sir Geo. Rooke's certificate) to have given information of and to have been present at the taking of the Spanish vessels therein mentioned. What was the neat produce of the said prizes? Ibid., p. 205.
Treasurer Godolphin to Sir Bevill Granville, Captain General and Governor in Chief of Barbados, to take Col. John Wiltshire's security as Receiver General of her Majesty's Revenues (rents, revenues, prizes, fines, escheats, forfeitures and other profits and duties whatsoever) in said island, to wit in 2000l. (The entry of this letter in the Plantations Auditor's Book has the marginal note "This was sent away by the packett the 29th June 1706.") Ibid., p. 207. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, p. 315.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of John Vanbrugh for a lease for 50 years of a piece of ground near the Haymarket, St. James's, where the Phœnix Inn formerly stood, which he lately purchased and whereon he has lately built a new theatre and other buildings, the present lease of the premises expiring in 1740. Reference Book VIII, p. 222.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer to take the securities of Thomas Byerley as Collector and Receiver of New York, viz. himself and his brother Col. Robert Byerley in 1000l. each.
Prefixing : report by the Deputy Queen's Remembrancer on the sufficiency of said securities. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 463.
April 23. Same by same to the Receipt to distribute and apply the sum of 51,524l. 16s. 6d. to Deficient Funds as follows : said sum representing the receipts between March 26 last and April 23 inst. from Branches of the Revenue as follows viz. 3220l. 3s. 11d. from Windows ; 3516l. 6s. 10½d. from Additional Impositions ; 1672l. 3s. 2d. from New Duty on Paper Continued ; 14,559l. 13s. 8d. from New Customs ; 1720l. 16s. 4d. from Marriages ; 22,940l. 7s. 5½d. from Continued Impositions ; 3895l. 5s. 1d. from Salt and Whale fins : the said distribution and application to be hereby as follows : viz.
The Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood upon the Register the 23rd April, 1706. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
First 4s. Aid 55622 12 5 18199 19 11 955 5 7
Third 4s. Aid 407372 0 3 60203 9 3 6996 6 7
Fourth 4s. Aid 917101 13 118938 10 8 15750 11 8
Second Quarterly Poll 89275 13 4 33465 13 4 1533 5 2
Three Fourths Customs 213447 15 9 24516 15 3665 16 4
Salt 1711500 0 0
Two Thirds Additional Excise 160000 0 0
Additional Impositions 445177 7 4 118974 19 10½ 7645 12 2
Vellum and Parchment 224114 7 70249 7 3849 0 2
Marriages 648000 0 0 72916 4 0 11128 19 0
4871611 8 0 517464 19 10½ 51524 16 6
Deduct for the Registers on Salt and Two Thirds Excise now cleared 1871500 0 0
3000111 8 0
Money Book XVIII, p. 199.
Treasury reference to the Attorney General of the petition of the Earl of Manchester for a new grant, upon surrender, of the office (of which he holds a reversionary grant) of Collector of all Customs and Subsidies in the port of London now enjoyed by John, Thomas and Nicholas Crispe : the new grant to be for the lives of himself, William Montague his son and Charles Montague son of Sir James Montague. Reference Book VIII, p. 222.
April 24. Royal warrant to the Auditors of Imprests to allow in Mr. John Howe's account as Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons several sums amounting to 13,682l. 2s. 2½d. which he has paid over to Charles Fox and James Brydges, successively Paymasters of the Forces Abroad, in repayment of a like sum paid by them or their deputy at Lisbon for subsistence from 1704 Oct. 24 to 1705 Dec. 24 to the Detachments of Foot Guards sent thither in 1704, the said Detachments being borne upon the Establishment of the Guards and Garrisons : all by reason that for want of muster rolls no warrants have been made out for the full pay of the said Detachments according to the usual method. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 21.
Money warrant for 1000l. to Thomas Jett as imprest towards the first half year's interest on such of the unsatisfied Debentures on Forfeited Estates in Ireland as shall be registered by him in accordance with the Act of 2 and 3 Anne c. 19 for enlarging the time for the purchasers of said Estates [to make the payments of their purchase money]. (Money order dated April 24 hereon). Money Book XVIII, p. 200. Order Book VI, p. 469.
Letter of direction for 5000l. to James Brydges : out of loans on Malt anno 1706 : to be as in part of 250,000l. for prosecuting the successes in Spain and is to be paid over to Mr. Churchill and Mr. Harnage as in further part (with 10,000l. already paid) of their demands for clothing ut supra p. 591. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 113.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to Mr. Low. The Lord Treasurer gives you leave to go into the country for 5 or 6 weeks for recovery of your health. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 202.
Same to Mr. Popple for the Board of Trade to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from the Duke of Ormonde proposing that Mr. Cromlin, who has settled the linen manufacture in the north of Ireland, may remove to Kilkenny and set up the same manufacture there and that as an encouragement to him 12 years be added to the grant relating to the said manufacture. Ibid., p. 203.
Treasury reference to the Comptrollers of the accounts of the Army of the petition of Lieut. Gen. Stewart shewing that the offreckonings of his Regiment are unpaid from 1704 Aug. 24 : therefore praying payment of the offreckonings and clearings according to the directions of the late Act of Parliament in that behalf [4-5 Anne c. 12]. Reference Book VIII, p. 222.
Royal warrant to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to pay 100l. to Sir Gilbert Dolben, one of the Justices of Common Pleas, being his last Lent circuit fee, he having been prevented from coming over to Ireland in time enough to go the said circuit by his attendance in the Parliament in England. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 392.
April 25. Letter of direction for 13,127l. 11s. 0d. to John Howe : out of loans on Malt anno 1706 : and is for services as follows viz.
£ s. d.
in part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1706
for 28 days' subsistence to the Troops in England from April 25 inst. to May 22 next 10285 16 8
in part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 5000 men in sea service anno 1706
for like subsistence to Mordaunt's, Erle's and Paston's Regiments 2213 15 2
for same for the Additional Companies of Livesay's and Whetham's Regiments 227 19 4
for subsistence for Col. Livesay's Regiment upon account 400 0 0
£13127 11 0
Disposition Book XVIII, p. 113.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Navy Treasurer to procure loans for 37,405l. on the tallies on the Two Thirds Tonnage and Poundage anno 1705 which were put into your hands Feb. 15 last for wages to seamen. (Same to the Navy Commissioners to apply the said sum to seamen's wages accordingly.) Ibid., p. 114.
William Lowndes to Mr. St. John, Secretary at War, to prepare a royal warrant for payment of 161l. 15s. 5d. to Benjamin Sweet, Paymaster General of her Majesty's Forces in the Low Countries, for the value of 1739 guilders for his loss sustained by being taken prisoner by the Ostenders on the 1st April 1704 : and 46l. 10s. 3d. for the value of 500 guilders for his extraordinary expenses in two voyages from Holland to England about affairs relating to the Earl of Ranelagh's accounts as late Paymaster of the Forces.
Appending : said Sweet's bill for payments to the privateer etc. dated Amsterdam 1704 Oct. 7. Out Letters (General) XVIII, pp. 198-9.
Treasury reference to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts of the petition of Col. Hill praying that the offreckonings and clearings of his Regiment may be adjusted according to Act of Parliament. [4-5 Anne c. 12]. Reference Book VIII, p. 222.
April 26. Allowance by Treasurer Godolphin of the incidents bill, detailed, of the Post Office for 1706 Lady day quarter : total 753l. 4s. 2d. including 4454 ship letters at a penny per letter. Money Book XVIII, p. 201.
Letter of direction for 2000l. to Mr. Tailer in further part for building at Woodstock making 7000l. issued in part of his second order for 20,000l. for same. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 100.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Queen's printers to deliver to the Secretary at War two sets of the Acts of the last Session of Parliament ; 50 copies of the Acts of the same session against Mutiny and Desertion [4-5 Anne c. 22] ; and 50 copies of the Act for Recruits [4-5 Anne c. 21] ; and 200 books of the Articles of War. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 203.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on Thomas Wisdome's petition for Thomas Weddell's place as a landwaiter London port ; said Wisdome having served for 26 years as a deputy Queen's waiter and said Weddell being through debts and other misfortunes incapacitated from attending his duty. Ibid., p. 204.
Same to the Salt Commissioners to report on the enclosed report [missing] from the Customs Commissioners on Sir John Delavall's petition relating to the pier built at Seaton Delaval. Ibid.
Royal warrant to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for a new Commission of the Revenue Ireland, the new Commissioners to be Thomas Keightley, John South, Sir Thomas Southwell, Samuel Ogle and Thomas Everard as Excise Commissioners there : and they together with Henry Tennison and Sir William St. Quintin to be Chief Commissioners of Revenue there [the said St. Quintin taking the place of Sir John Bland]. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 389.
April 27. Jo. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed account [missing] of goods landed out of some ships belonging to the East India Fleet which lay at Kinsale in Xmas 1705. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 204.
April 29. Same to Mr. Savage. The Attorney General is ready to sign a bill against Mr. Mich. Weeks, as the Customs Commissioners desire. Ibid, p. 205.
April 30. J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to Mr. Cardonell to lay before the Duke of Marlborough the report from the Comptrollers of Army accounts relating to the clothing of 200 recruits for Lalo's Regiment (late Col. Gibson's) in the room of so many detached into Handasyde's Regiment for the West Indies, and of a like number from Sir Richard Temple's into Col. Livesay's Regiment there. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 205.
Same to Mr. Morrice. I have opened your letter to Mr. Lowndes who has been very ill of a rheumatism for some time and is not yet well enough to come to the [Treasury] Office. The Lord Treasurer is very well satisfied with your services and Lord Galway always does you right in his letters. My Lord Treasurer has it in mind to give you such a mark of his esteem as you will find effect of even sooner than the public service will allow of your return to England. Timely care is taken for the remittances to you and if they come later it is due to contrary winds or other accidents. Ibid., p. 206.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Sir John Crew praying a lease of the two fish pools in Delamere Forest : he and his ancestors having held the office of bailiff of said Forest for 500 years and upwards and Charles II having by sign manual dated 1661 June 13 granted to petitioner's father and his heirs all the fishing in said forest and petitioner having restored the banks of one of the pools which were cut down in the late Civil Wars but in 1678 April 30 one Sir Philip Egerton Kt. did by surprise obtain a grant thereof for 31 years which is now enjoyed by John Egerton his son. Reference Book VIII, pp. 222-3.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Gabriel Griffith and Alexander Blackestone, sureties for Mr. Eaglesfeild, Collector of Carlisle port, who died deficient in his accounts ; praying stay of process against them till they have searched into his accounts. Ibid., p. 225.