Warrant Book: July 1706, 11-20

Pages 705-713

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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July 1706, 11-20

July 11. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the creditors of James Ayrey shewing that William Wragg, John Danson and James Ayrey were co-partners and joint obligors to the Queen in August 1704 in 3273l. 15s. 0d. for tobacco impost, which petitioners discharged : therefore praying discharge of the interest on the said bonds, without which the bonds cannot be delivered up to them. Reference Book VIII, p. 233.
July 12. Letter of direction for 2000l. to William Lowndes for Secret Service : out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 148.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Customs Commissioners enclosing a representation [missing] from the Prizes Commissioners relating to the embezzlement of the Thetis prize and proposing a method to be observed by the Customs officers "to come at a more perfect account of the several prizes taken." You are to direct your officers to pursue the proposed method and that the Prizes officers have liberty to inspect the entries. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 224.
Allowance by Treasurer Godolphin of the salary bill of the Customs for 1706 June 24 quarter for respectively London port (total 6679l. 1s. 6d.) and the outports (total 9345l. 18s. 9d.). Out Letters (Customs) XIV, pp. 434-5.
Treasury reference to Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Edith Stone, concerning the ruined state of her tenement in co. Somerset, she having 2 sons in the service of the Crown and herself very old and reduced to great extremities. Reference Book VIII, p. 233.
Same to same of the petition of Richard Holland for a licence to let his copyhold ground in her Majesty's manor of Richmond in Surrey whereon he has built two brick houses. Ibid., p. 234.
Same to the Transports Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Addison, Alexander Cairnes and Anto. Wilkes et al. owners of transport ships hired in Ireland in 1703 and 1704 for transporting Forces to Portugal, for which they were to have 3 months' pay in advance : therefore praying (as expected and intended) to be on the same foot with those ships hired in London. Ibid.
July 13. Letter of direction for 22,000l. to the Navy Treasurer : out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1706 : whereof 15,000l. is to be for wages to seamen and 7000l. for the Chest at Chatham, under the head of Wages, towards paying the cripples one year on their pension. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 148.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Postmasters General to report on the enclosed petition and papers [missing] from the traders and inhabitants of Falmouth complaining of the West India pacquet boats not delivering the mail and discharging their goods at Falmouth according to Mr. Dummer's contract. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 225.
Same to Mr. Bourchett to lay before the Lord Admiral (for orders to be given to her Majesty's ships accordingly) the enclosed representation [missing] from the Prizes Commissioners relating to the embezzlement of the Thetis prize taken by her Majesty's ship Exeter Capt. Swanton, Commander, and proposing methods for preventing like embezzlements for the future. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Paul Boyer, Customer of Ipswich port, shewing that Mr. Knackston, the Collector there, insists on the whole fees of the port, which petitioner conceives was never imposed on any patent officer, "the rule being to allow 20l. per an. or the fees" : therefore praying leave to put in another deputy in Knackston's place. Reference Book VIII, p. 233.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of James Griffin shewing that Lord Griffin's estate being seized into her Majesty's hands the same suffers for want of such care as petitioner could give, living on the spot : therefore praying a lease thereof ; and that the Receiver of the rents [thereof] should render an account. Ibid., p. 234.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin [to the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland] to give allowance of 73l. 16s. 11½d. to John Walker, Collector of revenue in the district of Cavan, for so much lost in the fire at Enniskillen it appearing from the petition of said Walker and John Stoites, gauger of Enniskillen, that on 30 April 1705 Walker went to Dublin to pass his accounts and in his absence Stoites received from the several gaugers 199l. 17s. 11½d. of arrears of Excise, of which the said 73l. 16s. 11½d. was lost in the dreadful fire at Enniskillen on the 2nd June 1705. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 405.
Same by same to same to allow 128l. 10s. 11¼d. in account to Nicholas Westby, Collector of revenue for co. Clare and part of co. Limerick ; of which sum his office at Rathkeale co. Limerick was robbed on the 12th Nov. 1702 he having neglected to sue the county for the said robbery and being now prevented by a late Act of Parliament [Ireland] which directs that persons being robbed shall apply the first Assizes after the robbery. Ibid., p. 406.
July 15. Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a great seal for a lease to Sir John Stonehouse bart. of the custody of the Hundreds of Ock and Moreton co. Berks. and the offices of steward and bailiff of those Hundreds.
Prefixing : particular and memorandum of the premises made out by Auditor Thomas Jett and ratal thereof by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 72-5.
July 16. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Exchequer to distribute and apply the sum of 88,819l. 19s. 5d. to Deficient Funds as follows : said sum representing the income between June 18 last and July 16 inst. from branches of the revenue as follows viz. : 5396l. 13s. 4d. from Windows ; 611l. 19s. 10½d. from Additional Impositions ; 3739l. 1s. 7d. from New Duty on Paper Continued ; 608l. 17s. 0d. from New Customs ; 2898l. 5s. 10d. from Marriages ; 17,002l. 5s. 10d. from Continued Impositions ; 4511l. 0s. 0½d. from Salt and Whale Fins ; 54,051l. 15s. 11d. from the surplus of Salt Duties more than will be required to satisfy the orders [of loan thereon] standing out : the said distribution and application to be hereby as follows :
The Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood upon the Register the 16th July, 1706. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
First 4s. Aid 55622 10 5 13699 19 11 1646 14
Third 4s. Aid 407372 0 3 25203 9 3 12060 9
Fourth 4s. Aid 917101 13 41938 10 8 27151 6
Second Quarterly Poll 89275 13 4 26500 0 0 2643 1
Three Fourths Customs 213447 15 9 6691 8 10 6319 4 10
Additional Impositions 445177 7 4 82174 19 10½ 13179 14
Vellum and Parchment 224114 7 52049 7 6635 0
Marriages 648000 0 0 18616 4 0 19184 8
3000111 8 0 266874 0 3 88819 19 5
Money Book XVIII, p. 255.
Same by same to Arthur Mainwaring, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to allow 40l. in the account of Edward Seymour for the year ended 1705 Sept. 29 as Clerk of the Hanaper. Ibid., p. 265.
Letter of direction for 18,334l. 16s. 0d. to the Navy Treasurer : out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1706 : for services as follows viz.
£ s. d.
for the Victualling : towards paying bills of exchange, Necessary Money, Short Allowance money and other Contingencies 15000 0 0
for Wages : and is to be paid over to Walter Whitfeild, Paymaster of the Marines, for 2 months' subsistence from June 24 last for 1278 private men who are ordered upon the present Expedition 3334 16 0
(J. Taylour to the Navy Commissioners to assign said 3334l. 16s. 0d. to Whitfeild, taking care to surcharge same on him in the Navy Treasurer's account). Disposition Book XVIII, p. 149.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Victualling Commissioners. On your memorial of to-day for 30,000l. to answer bills of exchange the Lord Treasurer has directed 15,000l. to you in part thereof. He will speak with the Prizes Commissioners before he directs payment of the bills for 14,000l. drawn on you by the Agents for Prizes at Lisbon and which you mention in your said memorial. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 225.
Same to James Brydges. In reply to yours of the 15th inst. the Lord Treasurer's intention and meaning in my letter of the 20th ult. to you was that the advantage arising by the difference of the value of the coins between Amsterdam and Antwerp should be accounted for to the soldiers as well as the Officers proportionately to what is due to them respectively.
Prefixing : extract from said Brydges's letter dated Amsterdam July 15 new style. Your letter of the 20th directed to me at the army was sent hither by Mr. Cardonal with another from himself in which he acquainted me that the Duke [of Marlborough] is utterly averse to my putting in execution the orders in yours of the 20th ult. supra pp. 683-4 and that his Grace designed to write to my Lord Treasurer about it. By this post I send to the Lord Treasurer the reasons which the Officers give why they think they ought to receive themselves the advantage which there is at present upon the exchange between Amsterdam and Brabant and if my Lord Treasurer continues in his intention of having it accounted for to the public [the Queen] twill be an act that will give the greatest dissatisfaction imaginable to the Troops and so much the more because 'tis a profit which even the Dutch don't take away from theirs [troops]. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 226.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed representation from the Duke of Ormonde representing the great improvement in the linen manufacture in the North of Ireland by the care and industry of Mr. Lewis Crummelin and proposing a further advance to him and an additional term of years to his grant to induce him to remove into the south of Ireland to improve the said manufacture there. Please advise the Lord Treasurer whether if Ireland should fall into the making of fine linens, as suggested, it may not affect the trade of England and if so what restrictions or limitations may be necessary to be made for preventing thereof in any new grant.
Followed by : (a) said representation from the Duke of Ormonde on behalf of the Lords Justices of Ireland. Cromelin's patent of about 7 years since will expire in 6 years more. He settled in the north because the people there were already addicted to that manufacture and he has so improved them in managing and working flax, spinning yarn, whitening the cloth, together with new sorts of looms for weaving, that from cloth of 12d. and 15d. per yard which was generally the finest made in the country they now make it up to 8s. and 9s. the English yard. The Lords Justices represent that the art in the north being communicated mainly to Scotch people they will most certainly engross that manufacture and never suffer it to come out of that country : and that it would be of great advantage if this manufacture could be encouraged and carried into the southern parts of this kingdom which are generally inhabited by the English, who are at present ignorant thereof and were the only sufferers by the taking away the woollen manufacture. Mr. Cromelin proposes Kilkenny which as the centre of the three Southern Provinces is the most proper place with regard to the goodness of the air, the water and the soil. He desires 2500l. down and 4 years to his grant. In regard it would be difficult to pay so great a sum at this time the Lords Justices propose instead to add 12 years to his grant.
(b) the said representation from the Lords Justices dated Dublin Castle 1 Feb. 1705-6.
(c and d) two reports dated 1706 May 7 and June 17 from the Board of Trade and Plantations to the Lord Treasurer on the letter and representation from the Duke of Ormonde and the Lords Justices. We think the proposal will very much conduce to the better settling and promoting the linen manufacture in Ireland and we have no objection to the enlarging of Crommelin's patent. Ibid., pp. 228, 229-231.
Same to Mr. Wilcox. The Navy Commissioners have represented that 60 out of the 300 trees felled in New Forest, for the service of Portsmouth Yard, prove defective. Please report hereon. Ibid., p. 228.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Prizes Commissioners to appoint John Oviatt as clerk and accountant for prizes at Portsmouth loco John Mellish, removed, on the recommendation of Paul Burrard and John Sands, Subcommissioners for Prizes there, who as subCommissioners are answerable for the errors of their accountants or other miscarriages which may happen in their offices.
Prefixing : report from said Commissioners on said Sub commissioners' recommendation. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, p. 520.
Same by same to the Queen's Remembrancer to change one of the securities of Samuel Clarke as Receiver General of Land Tax 1706 for co. Hereford.
Prefixing : report by the Agents for Taxes on the sufficiency of the new security. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) I, pp. 104-5.
William Blathwayt to William Lowndes enclosing a report concerning Mr. Compere's security see supra pp. 698-9 under date July 6 : also enclosing a state of her Majesty's revenue in Jamaica, together with a state of her Majesty's revenue in New York as last received from those parts.
Appending : (1) Abstract of the account of her Majesty's revenue in Jamaica granted to her Majesty, her heirs and successors, for the support of the Government of that island and for maintaining and repairing her Majesty's forts and fortifications there : to wit from 25 March 1703 to 29 Sept. 1704.
Charge :
Jamaica money
£ s. d.
to balance of last account 4113 18
to the accompt of Imposts 5655 2 3
to the accompt of Quit Rents 9511 11 11¾
to the accompt of Fines, Forfeitures, and Escheats 187 18 4
to the accompt of Wine Licences 190 0 0
to cash received in full of what had been disbursed at several times out of her Majesty's revenue on account of the Harman and Earl galley fireships 1060 1
to the Act of Additional Duty and Impost on negroes, raised by the Assembly for so much reimbursed to her Majesty's revenue for the like sum formerly taken thereout on the request and credit of the Assembly 700 0 0
£21418 12 10½
Discharge :
£ s. d.
by cash for fortifications according to the appropriation by an Act of Assembly, being for the years 1703 and 1704 2500 0 0
by cash paid to Col. Handasyd's salary as Lieutenant Governor from 4 March 1702-3 to 25 March 1704 viz. at 1000l. per an. to 20 April 1703 and at 1250l. per an. from the said 20th April 1289 9 5
by cash paid to ditto as Chief Governor from 25 March 1704 to 25 Sept. following at 2500l. per an. 1250 0 0
by cash paid to Nicholas Laws Esq. for 5 quarters' and 18 days' salary as Chief Justice to 26 May 1703 at 120l. per an. 216 13 4
by ditto paid to Col. Beckford for a year's salary as Chief Justice to 26 May 1704 120 0 0
paid the Officers of the fort at Port Royal for their salary from 10 Jan. 1702-3 to 9 July 1704 1089 9 3
paid the Commander of the Train for his salary 229 12 0
paid the Clerk of the Assembly for his attendance [on] the sitting of three Assemblies 300 0 0
by cash paid several other salaries 621 13 6
by cash paid the drawback of several commodities exported 332 13
by cash paid the Deputy Register of the Admiralty for the condemnation of several prizes 332 10 0
by cash paid towards building a house for the great guns and for carriages and wheels for the same 838 0 0
by cash paid for the furniture of a room for the Governor and for repairing the Queen's house and the public gaol 232 11 11½
by cash paid for provisions for several soldiers at Port Royal 383 15
by cash paid for carrying packets to Admiral Bembo and Admiral Whetstone 60 0 0
by cash paid [for] sloop hire to Cartagena and Hispaniola for intelligence 173 5 0
by cash paid several other Contingencies 1560 13 10½
by the Receiver General's allowance of 10 per cent. on 3871l. 17s. 4d. (being his receipts of money from the 25th March 1703 to the 13th November following) at 5 per cent. : and on 11,672l. 15s. 2¾d. being his receipt from the said 13th November to the 24th Sept. 1704, besides his allowance of 10 per cent. on 1003l. 6s. 0d. and of 5 per cent. on 882l. 4s. 0d. the value of powder delivered to the fort, pursuant to the Act of Assembly 1115 5
by cash paid for subsisting French and Spanish prisoners 626 12
13272 4 10
balance due to her Majesty 8146 8
£21418 12 10½
of which balance there are debts outstanding to the amount of 5031l. 15s. 0½d.
(2) state of the accompt of her Majesty's revenue arising in the Province of New York collected by Thomas Bierly Esq., Receiver General, from 29 Sept. 1704 to 17 April 1705, being the time of his suspension by Visct. Cornbury and his coming for England.
Charge :
£ s. d.
to balance of last accompt 930 5
to Custom on dry goods imported 286 9 10¾
to Custom on Indian goods imported 21 8
to Custom on wine imported 449 10 8
to Custom on rum imported 353 17 8
to Duties on peltry exported 167 5
to Duties on goods carried up Hudson river 1 16 0
to Excise 500 7 6
to money received on account of her Majesty's Weigh House 182 8 6
to arrears of quit rent received 69 1 0
to her Majesty's Thirds of the Mary and Sarah sloop and Flying Horse and other cargoes condemned for illegal trade 177 10 0
to money received for several taxes laid by the Assembly 2088 10
£5228 11
Discharge :
£ s. d.
by cash paid the Governor's salary to complete the same to Lady day 1705 at 1560l. per an. 1220 0 0
by money paid for several other salaries 760 2 9
by money paid for fire and candle for the forts at Albany and New York 439 13 3
by cash paid out of her Majesty's revenue for fortifications 120 0 0
by ditto paid for the same use out of the several taxes laid by the Assembly for that purpose 1529 5
by cash paid Tho. Wenham Esq. for expenses in the service of the Government in the late alarm 74 18 10
by cash paid the Governor towards the defraying his Expedition to Albany 100 0 0
by cash paid several other Contingent disbursements for the uses of the Government 325 2
by salary to Mr. Bierly, Receiver General 146 8 7
4715 11 6
balance due upon this accompt to her Majesty 512 19
£5228 11
which balance has been paid over by order of the Lord Cornbury to Mr. Fauconnier, appointed by his Lordship to act as Receiver General of New York during the suspension of Mr. Bierly.
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 318-320.
July 17. Money warrant for 500l. to Thomas, Earl of Stamford for half a year to 1701 June 24 arrear on his salary of 1000l. per an. as one of the Commissioners for Trade in the reign of Wm. III. (Money order dated July 29 hereon). Money Book XVIII, p. 256. Order Book VI, p. 501.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to admonish Mr. Prowse to repair the 2 tenements in Taunton inhabited by Edith Stone according to the covenants of his lease from the Crown. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 232.
Same to Mr. Burchett to lay before the Lord Admiral the representation of Mr. St. John, Secretary at War, and the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army, that 200l. a year might be saved in the cost of fire and candle for Portsmouth Garrison if the coals were brought thither by tenders of the Navy or any other of her Majesty's ships : which the Lord Treasurer desires may be done. Ibid., p. 239.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the Duke of Bolton to be discharged from the Duty of some brandy burnt in the Isle of Wight out of the Mary Anne of St. Valery. Reference Book VIII, p. 233.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Excise Commissioners to deliver to Joseph Boit merchant the brandy ut supra p. 657, he having obtained a licence from the Exchequer Court for compounding the seizure.
Prefixing : report from said Commissioners on the said Boit's petition. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 519.
Same by same to the Prizes Commissioners to give authority to Col. Robert Quary to prosecute at his own charge the recovery of prize goods taken either in the former or the present war and which have been embezzled in any place on the continent of North America : at an allowance of a moiety of the proceeds thereof. Ibid., p. 520.
Same by same to the Excise Commissioners to discharge the Duke of Bolton, Vice Admiral of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, from the Excise on certain brandy, the cargo of a French vessel called the Mary Ann of St. Valery, driven by stress of weather into Thorny Bay in the Isle of Wight and there seized by the Duke's officers in October last and afterwards consumed by fire.
Prefixing : said Commissioners' report on said Duke's petition as to same. (A like warrant dated July 24 to the Customs Commissioners : prefixing : a like report). Ibid., p. 521. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 436.
July 18. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of William Kemp and Edward Kemp for a fresh lease of a tenement in Netherton in the manor of Carnedon. Reference Book VIII, p. 234.
Same to same of a same of John Polwheel for a new lease of a tenement called Pengelly Prior in the manor of Trevennen. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Clerk of the Pipe for a reversionary lease to William Long of the demesne lands of the manor of Stratton super Fosse.
Prefixing : particular and memorandum of the premises by deputy auditor John Tailer and ratal by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Followed by : undated entry of the Treasury signature of the docquet of this lease. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, pp. 532-5, XX, p. 34.
[?] Unfinished entry of a commission to Sidney Godolphin, Auditor of co. Lincoln etc. and John Williams and Roderick Lloyd to enquire of certain premises, not stated, in accordance with certain articles of instructions, not entered. Ibid. XIX, p. 536.
July 20. Money order for 454l. 10s. 0d. to Michaell Heneage, Usher of the Exchequer Court, for necessaries by him delivered to the officers of said Court in 1706 Trinity term. Order Book VI, p. 499.
Same for 20l. to Roger Millart for last June 24 quarter as clerk to the Agents for Taxes. Ibid., p. 501.
Same for 100l. to Walter Hamilton, Lieut. Governor of St. Christopher, for half a year to 1705-6 Feb. 9 on his allowance as by the privy seal of 1705 July 31. Order Book VII, p. 18.