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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Eagles, Edward, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 261.

Eaglesfield (Eaglesfeild), Richard, collector of Customs, Carlisle port, accounts of, deficiency in, 634.

dismissed, 560.

sureties for. See Blackestone, A.
-, Gilpin, W.
-, Griffith, G., et al.

Eales, Robert, stamper in the Stamp Office, appointment of, 270.

Earle. See Erle.

-, Michael, Secretary to the Commissioners of Salt Duties, 15
-, petition of, 103.

-, William, Clerk of the Estreats in the Court of Common Pleas, fee to, 368.

East Greenwich. See Greenwich.

East Grinstead. See Grinstead.

East Guildford. See Guildford.

East Indies, goods from, concealed, petition relating to, 137.

Customs duties on, 238, 702
-, payable by the East India Company, 61, 80, 96, 141, 141-142, 151, 204, 208, 209, 336, 350, 600, 646, 653, 674.

from Holland, for the Venetian Ambassador, memorial etc. relating to, 183, 466, 511.

imported into Ireland from England, 253.

pretended damaged, petition relating to, 137.

sales of, 238, 600, 702.

smuggling of, from ships touching in Ireland, 97, 582, 633.

warehouses for, comptroller of. See Filks, J.
-, surveyor of. See Davies, J.

shipping, security of, advice vessels fitting out for, at Greenwich, removal from, of embargo, 595.

ships from, touching in Ireland, 97, 582, 633.

-, French, ship of, and cargo, taken prize, 246.

East Jersey. See Perth Amboy.

Eastman, George, Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses, [co. Buckingham], appointment of, and salary to, 454.

-, (Eatherne, Eathorn), John, landwaiter, Bideford, 297
-, riding surveyor of Customs between Plymouth and Exeter, 139, 342.

Ebersdorf, [Saxony], court at, of the Emperor of Germany, 345, 346.

Ecklin (Echlin, Eckling), Sir Henry, Second Baron of the Exchequer Court, Ireland, acting as Chief Baron, allowance to, 208, 737.

Eddisbury, Edisbury, co. Chester, hundred of, lease of, 260, 676.

Eddystone Rock
-, off Plymouth Sound, co. Devon, lighthouse on, blown down in great storm in 1703, 440
-, builder of. See Winstanley, H.
-, building and maintenance of, 83, 165, 440
-, completed in 1699, 440.

Eden (Edon), Ann, reversionary annuity, 715.

-, Robert, landwaiter, Whitehaven, 596.

Edge, Jam[es], collector of Excise, 351.

Edgeley, Hewer, reversionary annuity, 720.

Edgworth, Ambrose, lieutenant colonel [in Brigadier R. Gorge's Regiment], taken prisoner by the French when coming from Spain, royal bounty to, 650.

Edisbury. See Eddisbury.

Edisbury, Marg[are]t, reversionary annuity, 719.

Edmonds, Henry, outlaw, lands of, in co. Monmouth, leases of, 446, 565.

-, John, outlaw, lands of, in co. Monmouth, leases of, 446, 565.

Edmondson, William, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 472.

Edmonton, Emington, co. Middlesex, crimes committed at, remission of fines for, 253, 314.

Edon. See Eden.

Edwards, Benjamin, reward to, for seizing the Friendship, 234, 621.

-, Gilbert, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 261.

-, Godolphin, reversionary annuity, 719.

-, John, report concerning, 111
-, reward to, for seizing the Friendship, 234, 621.

-, -, officer in the Stamp Office, discovery by, of frauds and omissions in Corporations and Country Courts, 744
-, inspector of the books, files and proceedings of the Country Courts and Corporations with power to inspect the stocks of stamp distributors, 744.

-, Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 474.

-, Mary, petition of, for extension of term in the piccage and stallage and tolls of Romford, 732.

-, Nic[holas], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 474.

-, Peter, shops and land at Wrexham, 272.

-, Rob[ert], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 472.

-, Samuel, Cashier to the Trustees for circulating Exchequer Bills, salary to, 259, 648.

-, -, acting chief clerk to F. Godolphin, a Teller of the Receipt, 341.

-, Talbot, Keeper of the Regalia in the Tower of London, petition of, for continuance in office, 175.

-, Thomas, tidesman in inferior list, London port, 457.

-, -, tidesman in inferior list, London port, appointment of, 642.

-, -, collector and receiver of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty, Bridgetown, Barbados, 184, 615
-, waiter for the Four and a Half per cent. Duty, Bridgetown, Barbados, 615.

-, William, highway robber, apprehending of, 590.

-, -, tidesman in inferior list, London port, 439.

Edwin (Edwyn), Samuel, Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer, 221, 257, 371, 565, 613.

Egerton, John, son of Sir Philip, lease of fish pools in Delamere Forest, 196, 603, 634.

-, Peter, sheriif of co. Lancaster, surplusage on account, 601.

-, Sir Philip, grant of fish pools in Delamere Forest, 634.

-, Scroop, 5th Earl [afterwards 1st Duke] of Bridgwater (Bridgewater), bill drawn by, 351
-, lodgings of, at St. James's Palace, repairs to, 737.

Egham, co. Surrey, manor of, grant of chief rents of, 202, 675.

Ekins, Thomas, Agent for Prizes, Scilly Islands, 262.

-, Tho[mas], captain, petition of, 192.

Elector Palatine, Envoy from. See Lescheraine, Count.

issue for, for the Queen's share of the pay of 3000 troops of augmentation for service in Italy, 724.

journey of, to Vienna, in 1703, at the instance of the Queen and her Allies for the good of the common cause, charge of, payments towards, by the Dutch, 99, 767
-, by the Queen, 98, 99, 767.

press for, for coining ducats, 257.

Resident from. See Steingens, [D.]

subsidy to, 466, 558, 581, 656.

treaty with, [26 May, 1706], 724.

[Eleonore Magdalene], Empress of Germany, officers of, gifts to, 622.

-, Richard, a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, additional allowance to, 82, 208, 694
-, riding charges, 731.

Elixem, Heilissem, Heyleshem, [Flanders], French lines near, forcing of, 22, 354.

Elizabeth, Queen of England, grants by, 270, 318.

Elizabeth River, Virginia, surveyor of Customs. See Trevetham, S.

Ellesdon (Ellesden), Charles, searcher, Poole port, 25, 617.

Elleston, John, tidesman, Hull port, appointment of, 742.

Ellice. See Ellis.

Elliott (Elliot, Ellyot, Elyott), Jane, reversionary annuity, 719.

-, Mary, reversionary annuity, 719.

-, [Roger], colonel, petition of, 103, 232
-, regiment of. See Index of SubjectsArmy, Regiments, Foot, [44].

Ellis (Ellice), Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 473.

-, John, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Norfolk, petition of, for extraordinary charges, 488.

-, Peter, of Broughton, et al., nominees of and for the town of Wrexham, lease of shops or houses underneath Wrexham Town Hall, 272, 654.

Ellyot. See Elliott.

Elmutekil, son of the Emperor of Morocco, payment to, for assisting in the relief of Gibraltar, 539.

El Qsar el Kbir, Alcazar, Morocco, 540.

Elrington, Thomas, waiter and searcher, Chester port, rewards to, for seizures of money, 460, 612.

Elsinore, Denmark, Consul at. See Butts, J.

Elwill, Sir John, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Devon, petition of, 162, 167.

Ely, Isle of, co. Cambridge, Receiver General of Duties on Marriages and Houses. See Richers, T.

Receiver General of Taxes. See Mason, J.
-, Millicent, J.
-, Richers, T.
-, Seyliard, T.

Elyott. See Elliott.

-, (Emmerson), William, et al., watering the road in Hyde Park, payment to, 111, 300
-, petitions for payment, 111, 117, 184, 537.

Emes (Emmes), Eliz[abeth], reversionary annuity, 715.

-, Fulk, et al., relief of, Act for (3-4 Anne, c. 14), 278, 287.

Emington. See Edmonton.

Emmerson. See Emerson.

Emmes. See Emes.

Emmett, Henry, clothier to Colonel E. Fox's Regiment of Marines, petition of, for payment, 112, 126, 265.

-, William, et al., petition of, concerning costs of prosecuting for frauds the assessors and collectors of taxes of Bromley, 111, 273.

England, John, petition of, 175.

-, Thomas, captain, royal bounty to, for carrying express, 668.

-, John, Marshal of the Ceremonies, attendance of, on Foreign Ministers, 731
-, salary to, 302, 508.

English Channel, The Channel, fleet in, 15, 284.

-, co. Fermanagh, fire at, revenue money lost in, 496, 706
-, gauger of. See Stoit, J.

Enton, Peer, lieutenant, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 470.

Entragues, d', royal bounty to, 229.

-, co. Essex, 723
-, Epping Road and Epping Walk. See Waltham Forest.

-, (Earle), Thomas, lieutenant general, attending the Expedition to Spain under Earl Rivers, aides de camp to, pay to, 724
-, pay to, 89, 208, 724
-, petition or memorial of, 208, 683.

Governor of Portsmouth Garrison, 691.

[Lieutenant General of the Ordnance], letter of, with papers relating to the fortifying of Gibraltar, 162, 444.

recommendation by, 206.

regiment of. See Index of SubjectsArmy, Regiments, Foot, [21].

Ernley, Dame Martha, executrix of Sir Walter, executor of, annuity to, 379.

-, Sir Walter, assignee of E. Backwell, annuity to, 379.

Esch. See Vander Esch.

Essex, county of, Commissioners of Assessments. See Savage, R., Earl Rivers, et al.

Crown Land Revenues, annuity out of fee farm rents, petition concerning, 214, 681.

Auditor of, petition referred to, 214. See also Jett, T., junior
-, Shales, H.

Receiver of, 681.

Duties on Marriages and Houses, arrears of, petition for commission to receive, 599
-, Receiver General of. See Turner, J.

estate in, fee farm charged on, annuity granted to indemnify, petition for arrears of, 681.

Gentlemen of, petition brought by, 205.

Receiver General of Taxes, deputy to. See Maidstone, F.

place of, petitions for, 177, 495, 609, 671
-, recommendations for, 188, 189, 208, 680, 695.

See also Creffeild, R.
-, Everard, Sir H.
-, Maidstone, F.
-, Rich, N.
-, Turner, J.

Sheriff of. See Peck, W.

-, county of, Massachusetts Bay, Commissioners for enquiry concerning pirates, charges etc., 501. See also Byfield, N.
-, Dudley, P.
-, Sewell, S.

Sheriff of. See Gedney, W.
-, deputy Sheriff. See Noyes, J.

Essex, Countess of. See Capell, Mary.

-, Earl of. See Capell, A.

-, [George], lieutenant colonel, major of brigade, pay of, 111, 286
-, petition of, 111.

Ethiniock. See Festiniog.

Eton, co. Buckingham, Cock Close, lease of, 520, 760.

College, Provost of. See Godolphin, H.
-, Provost and Fellows of, perpetuity, annuity or pension to, 302, 369, 544
-, Rymer's Foedera for use of, 96.

manor, 760.

Southfield, Southfields, lease of land in, 520, 624, 760.

Ettrick, , report of, concerning Chatham Dockyard lands, 212.

-, Prince, of Savoy, arrival of, [at Vienna], 345
-, remittances payable to the order of, for service of the war in Italy, 54, 62, 591.

-, Ralph, Lord [7th Baron] Eure, payment to, 17, 127
-, petition of, 17, 126, 127.

Eustace, Sir Maurice, estate of, letter relating to Queen's title to part of, 103-104.

Evans (Evance, Eyans), Ann, widow, petition of, for grant of payment out of sale of estate of G. Knype, 370.

-, Geo[rge], tidesman, London port, 560.

-, Ja[mes], petition of, 151.

-, Mary, executrix of Thomas, 384
-, executor of. See Maynard, W.

-, -, petition of, 208.

-, Sir Stephen, clothing furnished for Colonel H. Killigrew's Regiment of Marines, 675
-, loans by, 31, 626
-, payment to, for remittance for Forces in Jamaica, account of, 142-143, 269-270, 356, 435, 453-454
-, relief of, Act for (4-5 Anne, private, No. 12), 675
-, servants of, outmoney received by, for the Receiver General of the Stamp Office, 625.

-, -, the Queen's Jeweller, issue to, 363.

-, -, et al., remittance to Turin, 340.

-, Thomas, assignee of J. Lindsay, annuity to, 384
-, executrix of. See Evans, Mary.

Eve, Adam, tidesman in superior list, London port, 596.

Evelyn (Evelin), Geo[rge], reversionary annuity, 715.

-, John, a Commissioner for Prizes, 314, 647.

-, -, Receiver General of Stamp Duties, 625
-, assistant to. See Drakeford, E.
-, payments by, 389, 576
-, petition of, 196.

-, -, Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital, account of, state and passing of, 209, 579, 600
-, surplusage on, 192, 209, 579.

executors of, 600.

petition of, 192, 209, 579.

-, -, Treasurer for Sick and Wounded, account of, debt on, 600
-, debt owing to, 600
-, executors of, 600.

-, Sir Hugh, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Essex, 671
-, agent and deputy of. See Maidstone, F.
-, petition of, for extraordinary charges, 342
-, place of, petition for, 177, 495.

-, Tho[mas], petition of, 141.

-, Thomas, a Commissioner of Excise and Revenue, Ireland, 633.

Eversholt, co. Bedford, 430.

Exdon, Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 474.

-, co. Devon, collector of Customs, furnishing money for use of Forces under Earl Rivers, 751. See also Bridgeman, C.
-, Score, R.

collector of Excise, furnishing money for use of Forces under Earl Rivers, 751.

customer of. See Bridgeman, C.
-, Orchard, C.
-, Score, R.

Grand Jury of, 27.

riding surveyors between, and Dartmouth. See Fortescue, J.
-, Strode, S.

and Plymouth. See Eathorne, J.
-, Strode, S.

surveyor of Customs. See Bate, D.

taxes, collection of, frauds and abuses in, commission for enquiry into, 445
-, commissioners. See Burgoyne, W.
-, Eyre, C.
-, Mitchell, T.
-, Putt, Sir T., et al.

Receiver General of. See Quash, J.

tidesman at. See Foxwell, R.
-, Webber, J.

Exeter, Bishop of. See Trelawney, Sir J.

Eyans. See Evans.

Eyles, Robert, stamper in the Stamp Office, 374.

Eyre, Charles, a Commissioner to enquire of Tax frauds in co. Devon and the city of Exeter, petition of, for allowance, 327.

-, Samuel, owner of the Swallow, petition of, for sale of cargo to satisfy ransom for T. Sandwell, 249.

Eyres, , issue to, 78.

-, Sir Cha[rles], reversionary annuity, 718.

-, Eliz[abeth], reversionary annuity, 718.

-, Samuel, payment to, for commission and disbursements on the Eagle and Crown prize, 393.