Minute Book: August 1706

Pages 93-95

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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August 1706

August 1, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
My Lord orders that Mr. Anstis do dispose of the tallies and orders in his hands for [or amounting to] 22,500l. on Low Wines and Malt anno 1705 to any persons willing to take the same [as security for loan, he] allowing the interest only from the day he receives the money thereupon ; upon which same day he is to pay the same into the Exchequer as the produce of the tin.
[My Lord directs] 300l. to William Forster and 100l. to Le Breconnier [Bretonnier] : out of Secret Service money.
[Likewise] 500l. to Count Guiscard (fn. 1) to repay Mr. St. John [Secretary at War] for so much advanced to the said Count.
Sir Theodore Janssen is called in. My Lord acquaints him there is occasion to remit 25,000l. to the Duke of Savoy by to-morrow's post. He says that [this] being signified to him yesterday he has brought a memorial or proposal for that purpose which is read and agreed to by my Lord Treasurer as follows viz. :
I propose to give my bills for 25,000l. sterling payable in Turin at 60 days' date from the 28th July last at 59d. per Crown of 82 sols money of Piedmont, being 101,695 crowns.
Ordered : that the said sum be issued to James Brydges on the order in his name for the extraordinary Services of the War, to be paid over to Sir Theodore Janssen upon his giving his bill for 101,695 Crowns accordingly.
[My Lord directs] 5563l. 3s. 4½d. to the Cofferer of the Household to complete last Lady day quarter for the Household.
[Likewise] 5696l. 15s. 2d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber for same quarter [for the services payable in his Office].
[Likewise] 2000l. to Mr. Lowndes on the order in his name for secret service. Ibid., pp. 262-3.
August 14, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Navy Commissioners, Victualling Commissioners and Mr. Doddington [are] to attend next Tuesday afternoon.
[My Lord directs] a month's subsistence to the Forces in Flanders.
The Duke of Somerset comes in and offers his account of the Extraordinaries of the Stables. My Lord Treasurer refers it to the Auditors of Imprests. His Grace acquaints my Lord that there is above 14,000l. owing to the Stables and hopes my Lord will order part of it now and the rest in September. [My Lord directs] 5000l. in part.
[Write the Queen's] Remembrancer to give my Lord an account why effectual process has not been issued against the several persons set in super in the several accounts of the late Paymasters of Ireland.
[My Lord directs] 3000l. out of the Civil List to the Countess of Lorraine. (fn. 2)
Likewise 537l. 10s. 0d. to Capt. Montague.
[Likewise] 330l. to the clerks of the House of Commons for last session.
[Likewise] 15,000l. to Mr. Nicholas for French Protestants and 5950l. more to him for last June 24 quarter [list of the Queen's] bounties.
[Likewise] 8526l. 19s. 2d. [for the debt in the Office of the Works]. Treasury Minute Book XV, p. 264.
August 26, forenoon.
Windsor Castle.
Present : ut supra.
[My Lord directed] 7500l. to be paid to Mr. Nicholas in part of 15,000l. for the French Protestants : and the remaining 7500l. in as short a time as possible.
[Likewise] 300l. to Sir Lambert Blackwell for so much of his bills of extraordinaries as are within the Regulation [of ambassadorial extraordinaries] : and as to all other his demands exceeding the Regulation my Lord will move the Queen to allow him 300l. more in full thereof.
[Likewise] 6000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy : to be paid over to Mr. Savery upon account of Sick and Wounded Seamen and Prisoners of War.
Mr. Clements' memorial is read wherein he desires that 500l. may be imprested to him on account of importing pitch and tar for the Navy from some places from which the same has never yet been imported. My Lord says he shall not give direction for impresting any money on this account unless the proposal come to him from the Admiralty or Navy Board with [an endorsement of] their opinion that the same was reasonable and fit to be done.
The report from the Auditors of Imprests on the Earl of Ranelagh's accounts is read. My Lord Treasurer will speak with the said Auditors before he determines anything about the allowance prayed by the Earl for his trouble and that of his clerks about the said accounts ; and the Auditors are to attend next Wednesday morning.
[My Lord directs] 150l. to Lord Slane out of Secret Service money and 2000l. to D. Q. [William Lowndes for Secret Service]. Ibid., p. 265.


  • 1. Antoine de Guiscard, abbé de Bonnecombe in Rouergue, wrongly styled the Marquis de Guiscard or l'abbé dela Bourlie, was the third son of Georges de Guiseaid, comte de la Bourlie, and was born on the 27 Sept. 1658. He was an imposter and a double traitor, to his own country France and to his adopted country England. The payment in the text concerned his employment along with the Marquis de Miremont in fostering the revolt in the Cevennes, in which connection frequent references to him occur in Marlborough's dispatches and (sec Luttrell VI, 33). The part which he played in the war in the Cevennes is mercilessly exposed in the "Memoires" of Abraham Mazel and Elie Marion (Huguenot Soc. Pubs. Vol. XXXIV). "On fit venir à la Haye l'abbé de Guiscard ou il vivoit fort somptueusement tandis qu on laissoit mourir de faim les soldats qie le Marquis de Miremont avoit leves en Angleterre et en Hollande. Cefut à la Haye que l'abbé de Guiscard imprima ce livre de 'Memoires' touchant de notre Guerre, de laquelle il a eu l'impudence de se dire l'auteur. II est inoui qu 'un imposteur si notoirement manqu´, mentant ä la face du ciel et de la terre ait ét é recompense comme celul-ci a ét é His arrest in 1711 and his attack on Harley &c. are matters of history ; but the relations between him and Harley are still obscure.
  • 2. Henry Scott, 3rd son of James, Duke of Monmouth and Anne, Duchess of Buccleuch was created Earl of Deloraine on the 26th of March 1706. A few days afterwards, in April 1706 he married Ann Duncombe, one of Queen Anne's Maids of Honour, who is here styled Countess of Lorraine. Her husband is styled Earl of Lorain in Luttrel's Diary and in Boyer's "State." The 3000l. here ordered for the Countess of Delorain was the usual dowry which the Queen gave on the marriage of any of her Maids of Honour.