Corrigenda to Declared Accounts

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Corrigenda to Declared Accounts.

(In the counting of lines the heading e.g. Declared Accounts: Guards and Garrisons has not been reckoned except at the beginning of the Account where it is an integral part of the description of the document from which the abstract comes, nor has l. s. d. over the figures been reckoned as a line).
A.O.1/57/56. p. cxlvii, 1. 9, for Darell read Durell.
Ditto 1. 25 read two messengers 60 0 0
Ditto Capt. John Mawgridge, Drum Major General.. 30 0 0
Ditto 1. 29 for Duke of Marlborough's read Earl of Albemarle's.
Ditto 1. 17 from foot, for Lord John Cutts read John, Lord Cutts.
p. cxlviii, 1. 23 (Hurst Castle) for 136l. 17s. 0d. read 136l. 17s. 6d.
p. cxlix, 1. 15 for Mris. read Mrs.
p. cxlix after 1. 28 add total for the Establishment of the Guards and Garrisons, 244,064l. 16s.d.
p. cxlix, 1. 25 from foot, after 23 December 1706 add abating 363l. 8s. for respits.
Ditto 1. 23 from foot, for 2,432l. 15s. 6d. read 3,432l. 15s. 6d.
Ditto 1. 19 from foot, after 576 men add abating 1,776l. 16s. 2d. for the like cause.
Ditto 1. 17 from foot, after '840 men' add abating 2860l. 19s. 4d. for Officers absent etc.
Ditto 1. 32 from foot, after 'privates' add abating 401l. 11s. 8d. for respits.
Ditto 1. 31 from foot, after 'numbers' add including one muster for Capt. Freek's Company before the time of this Accompt.
p. cl, 1. 4 (Hodges) for Captain read Chaplain.
Ditto 1. 6 (Holland) for 52l. 2s. 0d. read 56l. 2s. 0d.
p. clii, 1 16, read Depending within the time of the previous accompt on Sir Thomas Littleton.
p. clii, 11. 21 and 22, insert between these ditto within the time of the previous Accompt: and next line—for the service of the Guards and Garrisons:
p. cli, 1. 23 (on James Bridges) for 593l. 0s. 0d. read 594l. 0s. 0d.
p. cli, add after 1. 27 total depending for the guards and garrisons 894l. 0s. 0d. and (new line) for the Forces in Spain:
p. cli, 1. 22 from foot, add total depending for the Forces in Spain, 25, 168l. 6s. 10d.
A.O.1/321/1274, p. clii, 1. 23, for 24 December 1704 to 23 December 1705 read 24 December 1705 to 23 December 1706.
p. clii, 1. 5 from foot (Easter term 5 Anne), for 5,466l. 8s.d. read 5,466l. 14s.d.
pp. cliii to clix. Headings should read Declared Accounts: Army in the Low Countries,
p. cliii, 1. 27 from foot, for Hood read Wood.
p. cliii, 1. 13 from foot, Courraud, more probably Courrand.
p. cliv, 1. 8 from foot, read 1 Battalion of Foot Guards, 9 Regiments of Foot.
p. civ, 1. 5, for Scirmer the corresponding Pipe Office Roll (No. 383) has Schirmer.
p. clvi, 1. 27, for Echnell read Schnell.
p. clvi, 1. 23 from foot (total of horses lost), for 21,015l. 18s. 11d. read 21,015l. 18s. 11¾d
p. clvii, 1. 25, read 2,062l. 18s.d.
p. clvii, 1. 26, from foot, for Randolph read Roudolf (so in Vol. xx, p. cxcviii, 1. 5)
A.0.1/317/1262, p. clx, lines 29–27 from foot, the last of the entries of moneys out of the Exchequer are again by the general letters under the privy seal of 13 March, 1 Anne.
p. clxiii, 1. 3, read Col. Toby Caulfield's Regiment of Foot.
p. clxiv, 1. 24 (Vimare), for 178l. 0s. 0d. read 168l. 0s. 0d.
p. clxv, above line 11 from foot, add total cost of the Expedition 69,805l. 2s.d.
Note. The total on page clxvi, 1. 21, of 996,704l. 6s.d. is thus reached as follows:
l. s. d.
Surplusage on the previous Account (p. clxi) 61,419 3 10¾
Forces in Portugal (pp. clxi-clxii) 520,259 9
Forces in Spain (pp. clxii-clxiv) 195,282 15
Expedition under Earl Rivers (pp. clxiv-clxv) 69,805 0
Levy money for six Regiments (p. clxv) 8,574 0 0
Extraordinary charges of the War in Italy (ditto) 50,000 0 0
Auditors fee (ditto) 307 10 0
Loan to the Emperor for the War in Italy (p. clxvi).. 47,500 0 0
Payments to John Methuen (ditto) 43,556 5 0
996,704 6
p. clxvii, 1. 3, add for the War in Portugal.
p. clxvii, above 1, 37 from foot, moneys imprested in 1706 for the War in Spain.
p. clxviii, after last word thereof add the balance of 28,752l. 10s. 9d. is to be charged in succeeding Accompts up to 1711.
E351/52, p. clxix, 1. 22 from foot, for 4,8031l. 13s. read 4,8031l. 13s. 4d.
p. clxx, 1. 4 from foot, for 234l. 8s. 0d. read 224l. 8s. 0d.
p. clxx, 1. 3, from foot, for Hias read Liao.
p. clxx, 1. 2 from foot, for Mamvell read Mansell.
p. clxx, last line for 517l. 16s. 7d. read 507l. 16s. 7d. in each case.
p. clxxi, first line
p. clxxi, 1. 13, for come read came.
p. clxxi, 1. 26, for workman read workmen.
p. clxxi, 1. 25 from foot, for Carraise read Carcaise (probably Cascaes, on the point W. of Lisbon).
p. clxxii, 1. 21 from fool, for 2,419l. 12s. 11d. read 2,419l. 7s. 11d.
A.O.1/1826/521, p. clxxiii, line 12 from foot, for 3,334l. 1s. 4d. (E351/2572 is in better condition) read 3,334l. 16s. 0d.
p. clxxiii, 1. 9 from foot, for 13,827l. 10s. 3d. read 14,827l. 10s. 3d.
p. clxxiv, 1. 25, after surgeons of ships add and for the Chatham Chest and Greenwich hospital.
p. clxxiv 1. 26, (total deductions), for 13553l. 18s, 9¼d. read 13558l. 14s.d.
p. clxxiv, 1. 2 from foot (total payments), for 258375l. 17s. 6d. read 285375l. 17s.d.
p. clxxv. add at end of the Marines Account:—
Auditors' memorandum The Accomptant on his subsequent accompts is to make up a complete Accompt of his voluntary charge.
E351/2980, p. clxxv, 1. 24 from foot (money received at the Exchequer), add details Michaelmas 4–5 Anne by privy seal of 30 November 1705, 30,587l. 16s. 9d. Easter, 5 Anne by the same 20,000l. 0s. 0d.; Michaelmas 5–6 Anne by the same, 20,000l. 0s. 0d.
p. clxxv, 1. 2 from foot, for Miles read Wiles.
p. clxxvi, 1. 22 (Merry frigate), for 497l. 4s. 4d. read 397l. 4s. 4d.
p. clxxvi, 1. 30 from foot (Resolution), for Selien read Gelien.
Ditto 1. 22 from foot, line 17 from foot, and line 16 from foot, for William Phipard read Sir William Phipard.
Ditto 1. 20 from foot (Mary), for Cook read Coote.
Ditto 1. 12 from foot (Smyrna Merchant), for Thurkettle read Thurkittle.
Ditto 1. 5 from foot (Blackstone), for 290l. 9s. 0d. read 290l. 9s. 11d.
p. clxxvii, 1. 10 (European), for Wall read Wale.
Ditto 1. 18 (European), for Male read Wale.
Ditto 1. 25 (Resolution), delete [Selien]; sec correction to p. clxxvi, l. 30.
Ditto 1. 37 (1. 30 from foot) (Eagle); for 94l. 17s. 8d. read 454l. 16s. 8d.
p. clxxviii, 1. 25 from foot (Anne), for Besse read Jesse.
Ditto 1. 14 from foot (pacquet boats), for George read Edmund.
p. clxxix, 1. 20, add Also on Samuel Atkinson and Thomas Coleby, Transport Commissioners.
p. clxxix. The above account was about to be declared 11 February 1711–12 but was not finally passed until the later date, 31 March 1715.
A.O.1/183/555, p. clxxx, 1. 23 from foot, for 3,635,797 guilders, 21 stivers, read 3,635,797 guilders, 16 stivers.
A.0.1/1726/148, p. clxxiii, 1. 22–24, read for victualling 888 soldiers of Lord Paston's Regiment for one day en the Royal Oak and 89 of the same on the Ipswich 4 to 14 February 1705–6.
p. clxxxiii, 1. 23 from foot, read 'but not proceeding he did not make use of the same.'
p. clxxxiii, 1. 14 from foot, for by Stephen Biss the Pipe Office Roll E351/2341, reads to Stephen Bliss.
p. clxxxiv, 1. 22, for Coran read Corun.
p. clxxxiv, 1. 29, for Walton read Watton.
p. clxxxiv, 1. 35 (1. 31 from foot), for 2l. 11s. 0d. read 2l. 12s. 0d. (Farr).
p. clxxxiv, 1. 27 from foot, for 125l. 0s. 0d. read 525l. 0s. 0d. (Killigrew or Killegrew).
p. clxxv, 1. 22, after Francis Burrell add superannuated Master of a First Rate.
p. clxxvi, 1. 30, for Woolward read Woollward or Wollward.
p. clxxvi, 1. 32. for 28l. 18s. 11d. read 28l. 18s. 6d.
p. clxxvi, 1. 32, add to 20 December 1704 the day of his death.
p. clxxxvi, 1. 20 from foot, for Henos the Pipe Office Roll E352/2341, reads Hews; the Audit Office Roll may have intended Heues.
p. clxxxvii, 1. 5 from foot, for 74l. 6s. 6d. read 64l. 6s. 6d. The Pipe Office Roll reads Captain.
p. clxxxviii, 1. 6 (Moyle), for 63l. 3s. 11d. read 53l. 3s. 11d.
p. clxxxix, 1. 25 (Friendship), add and John and Susanna, for transport read transports.
p. clxxxix, 1. 27, for Constant read Content.
p. clxxxix, 1. 31 (Rolygoland), for 15l. 1s. 9d. read 105l. 1s. 9d.
p. clxxxix, 1. 27 from foot (Princess Anne), for transport read hospital ship. for Charles Guy read Captain Charles Guy.
p. cl. xxxix, 1. 18 from foot (Mary), for Havers read Hewets.
p. clxxxix, 1. 15 from foot (John the Younger), for Hedges read Hedger.
p. cxc, 1. 20, after lightermen add Hamose [Hamoaze].
p. cxc, 1. 26 (Jeffreys), for transport read hospital ship, Captain
p. cxc, 1. 28, Audit Office Roll has Margt Pipe Office Margett.
p. cxc, 1. 30, for Harley read Hurley. Pipe Office seems to have Sfcalfe for Staffs.
p. cxc, 11. 25 from foot and 24 from foot, for Shurman and Seer read Thurman and Teer.
p. cxc, 1. 20 from foot (George and Isabella), for 36l 7s. 7d. read 36l. 12s. 7d.
p. cxci, 1. 12 (Albemarle), for Rezz read Kezz.
p. cxci, 1. 27 (Boyne), for Byngs read Myngs.
p,. cxcii, 1. 7 (Defyance), for 79l. 1s. 8d. read 79l. 1s. 3d.
p. cxcii, 1. 17 (Firme), for 3,240l. 16s. 0?d. read 4,240l. 16s. 0?d.
p. cxcii, 1. 19 (Firebrand), for 918l. 8s. 5d. read 918l. 14s. 5d.
p. cxcii, 1. 23 (Faulkland), for 3.842l. 18s. 7?d. read 3,842l. 14s. 7d.
p. cxcii, 1. 25 (Faulkland prize), for 3,5317. 9s. 7d. read 4,531l. 9s. 7d.
p. cxcii, 1. 2 from foot (Lynn), the Pipe Office Roll has Watkins.
p. cxciii, 1. 29 from foot, for Mathew read Mathews.
p. cxciv, 1. 13 (Portland), for 4,130l. 10s. 11¾d. read 4,12,5l. 10s.d.
p. cxciv, 1. 29 (Strombolo), for Seate read Teate (the Pipe Office Roll might be read as Teale; the Audit Office Roll reads Strombelo, the Pipe Office Strombulo.
p. cxciv, 1. 26 from foot (Speedwell), for Camochie read Camockie.
p. cxcv, 1. 9 (Squirrell), for 2,714l. 9s.d. read 2,814l. 9s.d.
p. cxcv, 1. 15 (Tartar), for 4,511l. 11s. 0d. read 4,577l. 11s. 10½d.
p. cxcv, 1. 20 (Terror), for 87l. 8s.d. read 407l. 8s.d.
p. cxcv, 1. 22 (Tryumph), for 5,705l. 13s. 4d. read 5,795l. 13s. 4d.
p. cxcv, 1. 32 (William and Mary), for 829l. 17s. 7d. read 829l. 16s. 7d.
p. cxcv, 1. 10 from foot (Benjamin), for Harry read Henry.
p. cxcvii, 1. 28 (Provident Mary), for Cullan read Cullen.
p. cxcvii, 1. 15 from foot (Susanna), for Roger read Rogers.
p. cxcviii, 1. 22 (Woolwich), for 58l. 5s. 7d. read 68l. 5s. 7d.
A.O. 1/1824/508. p. cc, after 1. 8 (Deal), insert Dover. 152l. 13s.d.
p. cc, 1. 9, for 413Z. 15s. 11d. read 413l. 15s. 6d.
p. cc, 1. 32, for 2,431l. 18s.d. read 2,431l. 18s. 11¾d.
p. cc, 1. 17 from foot (Guernsey), for 1,338l. 5s. 7d. read 1,338l. 5. 8d.
p. cci, 1. 3 (Scilly), for 50l. 0s. 11d. read 2l. 10s. 11d.
p. cci, 1. 16 et seqq. amplify and correct as follows, viz: l. s. d.
from St. Malo to Guernsey and Jersey 138 14 2
from Bordeaux 516 10 5
from St. Malo to Plymouth 675 15 0
from St. Malo to Plymouth and Dartmouth 435 10 0
from Bordeaux 751 4 4
Ditto 777 13 10¼
from France to England (Mr. Robert Mitchell) 384 10 0
(total for transport 3.679l. 17s.d.)
A.O. 1/1817/469, p. ccii, 1.7 (including heading), for 44,536l. 13s.d. read 44.536l. 14s.d.
1. 27 (ditto) (Glutton), for 2,543l. 7s. 11d. read 2,543l. 8s. 11d.
1. 19 from foot (Mary Rose), for 977l. 19s. 2d. read 977l. 19s. 3d.
p. ccii, last line for 69,263l. 4s. 10¼d. read in each case 69,263l. 5s. 10¼d.
p. cciii, first line
p. cciii, 1. 19 (excluding heading as usual,) (Joseph), for 80l. 4s. 11d. read 84l. 0s. 11d,
p. cciii, last line for 121,730l. 0s. 2d. read 121,730l. 1s. 2d. in each case.
p. cciv, first line
pp. cciii-ccviii passim, for privatier(s) read privateer(s).
pp. cciii, 1. 13 from foot and cciv, 1. 19, read L'Envoy and L'Assuree respectively.
p. cciv, 1. 24 (Vigo), for 702l. 10s. 0d. read 802l. 10s. 0d.
p. cciv, 1. 25, for 14,515l. 17s. 7d. read 14,515l. 16s. 7d.
p. cciv, 1. 10 from foot, after incident charges detailed add including 312l. 5s. 10d. paid to Charles Bargrave, agent for prizes at Deal, for services, etc. and 541l. 5s. 11d. to the Judge of the Admiralty Court, etc. delete entry relating to Charles Bargrave, 1. 8 from foot.
p. cciv-ccviii. The carried forward and brought forward figures should be as follows;
p. cciv, last line and p. ccv, first line, 7,719l. 12s.d.
p. ccv, last line, p. ccvi, first and last lines and p. ccvii first line,. 5s. 3d.
p. ccvii, last line and p. ccviii first line, 71,733l. 17s.d.
p. ccv. after line 6. add remaining due at the determination of the previous accompt 516 12 8 (fn. 1)
p. ccv, 1. 9, for. Francisto read. (as spelt) Fransisco.
p. ccv, 1. 13 (Rochester), for. 134l. 11s.d. read. 134l. 12s.d.
p. ccv, 1. 20 (Tiger), for. 2,818l. 12s. 10½d. read. 2,098l. 12s. 10½d.
p. ccv, 1. 27 from foot to 1. 11 from foot, delete entries from Rochester to 2,492l. 1s.d. which duplicate the preceding lines.
p. ccvi, 1. 10. delete and Arundell and after 1. 11 add Arundell for their share of the same, 359l. 18s. 11¼d.
p. ccvi, 1. 13, for Riense read Rieuse.
p. ccvi, 1. 28, (Rye) for. 93l. 18s. 9d. read 93l. 18s.d.
p. ccvi, 1. 18 from foot (Medway), for Phillipeaex read Phillipeaux.
p. ccvi between lines 8 and 7 from foot add to Sir Thomas Dilks, Rear Admiral of the Red and to the Anthony and Leopard for their shares of the St. Bernard of Nantz, 3,443l. 11s.d. Bonadventure for their share of the Queen of Angels, 126l. 17s.d.
p. ccvii, 1. 32, for. Terroar read. Terrour.
p. ccvii, after 1. 34, add. total to captors of prizes 64,014l. 4s.d.
p. ccvii, 11. 24 from foot, 20 from foot, 15 from foot and 7 from foot, read. respectively Mercier, Ancell, Hots and Gardin.
p. ccviii, 11. 9, 10, 21, read. Muliniere, Harpy, Bretton respectively.
A.O. 1/1817/470. p. ccix, delete 1. 12, given in the Cash Account—but in line above for Cash Account read. Cash Account, viz.:
p. ccix, 1. 28 from foot (Sta. Margaretta), for. 4,363l. 19s. 5d. read 4,463l. 19s. 5d.
p. ccix, 1. 22 from foot (Kinsale), for. 938l. 17s. 0d. read 838l. 7s. 0d.
p. ccix, 1. 7 from foot, for. tartau read. tartan.
p. ccx, 11. 3 and 4, delete Neptune of Stockholm and Count de Triers (see p. ccii).
p. ccx, 1. 11, for. Zeer les Animos read. Zeer les Animas,
p. ccx, 1. 12, and (not in italics) should probably be read.
p. ccx, 1. 30, delete Queen of Angels (see corrections to p. ccvi).
p. ccx, 1. 32, for St. John's paper read St. John (paper out of).
p. ccx, 1. 21 from foot, delete entry money received, 30,931l. 9s. 10½d. and in previous line insert after prize ships and goods the words (including 30,931l. 9s. 10d. received from Sub-Commissioners and Agents).
A.O. 1/1828/537. p. ccxi, 1. 6 from foot, for. 361l. 9s. 10d. read 261l. 9s. 10d.
p. ccxii, 1. 8, for. 8,589l. 11s. 4d. read 8,489l. 11s. 4d.
p. ccxii, 1. 9, from foot, read. 11,503l. 19s.d.
p. ccxii, 1. 6 from foot, for. 150l. 0s. 0d. read. 40l. 0s. 0d.
p. ccxii, last line, for. Dated read. Declared.
A.O. 1/1812/536. p. ccxiii, 1. 4 (including formal heading), for. DODD read. DOD; so, also, Dod for. Dodd in 1. 22 from foot.
p. ccxiv, 1. 12, for. Le Fevre read as spelt Le Febure.
p. ccxiv, 1. 29 (last line of Account). read. Declared 6 April, 1710.
A.O. 1/1828/534. p. ccxv, 11. 11 and 12, for. Juriau...Gold read. Jurian.. Cole.
p. ccxvi, 1. 25 (Julian), for. 59l. 18s.d. read 59l. 14s.d.
p. ccxvi, 1. 3 from foot (Log) after. Master, add. alias Haan (Lawrence Fey Fries, master).
p. ccxvii, 1. 24, for. 815l. 12s. 9d. read. 815l. 7s. 9d.
p. ccxvii, after 1. 27 add. bill money etc, 0l. 3s. 0d.
A.O.1/1861/116. p. ccxvii]. 5 from foot, for. 110,142l. 4s. 10¼d. read 111, 742l. 4s. 10¼d.
p. ccxviii, last line and p. ccxix first line, for. 140,311l. 8s. 6d. read. 141,311l. 8s. 6d.
p. ccxix, 1. 7, for. 51,566l. 6s. 4\d. read. 51,566l. 6s. 4d.
p. ccxix, 1. 14 (travelling expenses), for. 2,342l. 14s. 10½d. read. 2,342l. 14s.d.
p. ccxx, 1. 3, for. 100,071l. 100.071l. 12s.d.
E.351/1869. p. ccxx, 1. 15 from foot, for. diveusis read. diversi s. Vadea so spelt.
p. ccxx, above line 3 from foot, add. famil' Reg' at St. James's, January 1705–6.... 215l. 7s.d.
A.O. 1/408/149. p. ccxxi, 1. 12, for. 539l. 1s. 11½d. read. 539l. 1s. 11d.
p. ccxxi, 1. 25, for. Regal read. legati; the full entry is expens' vict' et alior' necessar' pro hospital' Sid Hamet Cardenaess legati Imperatoris Morocc' etc.
A.O. 1/408/142. p. ccxxii, last line, for. 3.956l. 5s. 0d. read 6,506l. 5s. 0d.
ROBES. p. ccxxiii, 1. 3 from foot, and MASTER OF THE HORSE, p. ccxxiii last line—for. Vol. XX, read. Vol. XIX.
E351/3311. p. ccxxvi, 1. 14 (inc. of heading), for. 767l. 5s. 8d. read. 161l. 5s.d.
p. ccxxiv, 1. 5 from foot, for 7l. 12s. 6d. to Grinling Gibbons read 7l. 12s. 6d. and 16l. 15s. 2d., the latter amount in the gardens, to Grinling Gibbons.
p. ccxxiv, 1. 3 from foot, after painting work add 177l. 0s. 11d. to Nicholas Hawks-more, clerk of Works.
p. ccxxiv, last line, after detailed add including Sir Christopher Wren, surveyor and John Vanbrugh, comptroller.
A.O. 1/2367/137. p. ccxxv, 1. 10 from foot: for consarcinctori read consarcinatori (packer, importer) for cloth for uniforms.
p. ccxxv, 1. 8 from foot, better read James Davison et sociis, metaxariis.
p. ccxxv, 1. 6 from foot, after limbulario add for gold and silver lace for the Earl of Manchester, envoy extraordinary to Venice.
p. ccxxv, 1. 5 from foot, after fimbriatori: add for lace for hangings at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court.
p. ccxxvi, heading: for Works read Great Wardrobe.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 8 after scissoribus add for making uniforms and for a blue silk cloak and a crimson silk cap lined with white taffeta for the Prince Elector of Brunswick Luneburg, K.G.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 10 (Dummer), add after scissori: succeeding de Rit.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 13, for Pajolas read Pujolas.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 16, for sexton read textori.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 20, after macheropeo add for a sword for the Prince Elector of Brunswick, Luneburg, K.G.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 24, for Althorpe read Calthorpe.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 25, for Jansen read Jensen.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 31. for Joustan read Jonathan and after plumario add for work and also for a St. George's plume for the Prince Elector of Brunswick Luneburg, K.G.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 32, after Garters add for the same.
p. ccxxxvi, 1. 33, after Sloane instead of for—Garter read for a heron's top for the same. (fn. 2)
p. ccxxvi, 1. 36, after King add Lancaster herald.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 17 from foot, read John Warner, bargemaster, for the Queen's watermen, 9l, 12s. 0d.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 13, from foot, for crimson read blue (caeru'l).
p. ccxxvi, 1. 10 from foot, after Doogood read dealbatori, for whitewashing.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 7 from foot, after Sergeant, add running.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 6 from foot, for same read porter of the same.
p. ccxxvii, heading: for Works read Great Wardrobe.
p. ccxxvii, 1. 6, for 414l. 5s. 8d. read 413l. 5s. 8d.
A.O. 1 1922 5. p. ccxxvii, 1. 10 from foot, disregarding note, for 2l. 16s. 5d. read 56l. 5s. 0d.
p. ccxxvii, 1. 4 from foot disregarding note, after poor add and for the hospital in 'Tuttlefields.'
p. ccxxviii, 1. 35, Nenfuil [Nanteuil]; so identified by Dr. Shaw but more probably Neufuil [Neufville].
p. ccxxix, 1. 19, after d'Civill add [Ceville—Pipe Office Roll No. 2722].
p. ccxxix, 1. 22, for Launee read Launce.
p. ccxxx, 1. 17, read Mr. Gregory Gennini (or Genuini, 30l. per an.), 60l. 0s. 0d. Mrs. Joyce Greeting (22l. per an.), 44l. 0s. 0d.
p. ccxxx, 1. 35 from foot, for Theodorie read Theodorio.
p. ccxxx, 1. 11 from foot, for Eliah read Eleanor.
p. ccxxxi, 1. 31, for pastor read porter.
p. ccxxxi above 1. 18 from foot between Magdalene d'AIix and Frances Purcell add Magdalene de la Cheney and Mary d'la Cheney (20l. per an. each), 80l.
p. ccxxxi, 1. 6 from foot, for Marancin read Marantin.
p. ccxxxii, 1. 30, for Martha read Margaret.
p. ccxxxii, 1. 33, for Mary Anne read Mary, Anne [Mary for 1½ years, Anne and Magdalene each for 2 years].
p. ccxxiv, 1. 27 from foot, for Chadignae read Chadignac.
p. ccxxiv, 1. 17 from foot, for Champlorien read Champlorier.
p. ccxxiv, 1. 4 from foot, for Henreitte read Henriette.
p. ccxxv, 1. 10, for Dnbreville read Dubreville.
p. ccxxv, 1. 16, for Emerand read Emeraud.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 10 (Barford), for 20l. 16s.d. read 20l. 10s.d.
p. ccxxvi, 1. 25 from foot, for De proistz read De proisty'
p. ccxxvi, 1. 21 from foot, for Vicouze read Vicoure.
p. ccxxvii, 1. 17, for Pavin read Pavia.
p. ccxxviii, 1. 7, for 476l. 2s. 11d. read 476l. 2s. 11¼d.
p. ccxxviii, 1. 14, after Flournois, add [Flournoy-Pipe Office Roll].
A.O. 1 1665 453. p. ccxl., 1. 27 from foot, after accompt add also 400 hundredweight merchants weight or 18 tons 13cwt. 1 qr. 8 lb. stannery weight as shown in the memorandum at the end of the last Accompt. also with dross at Helston and odd bars etc. in all.
p. ccxl. ll. 19 from foot et seqq should read:— tons cwt. qrs. lb
on the Principal Officers of the Mint and Agents for selling tin for blocks of tin sent them in the time of the last Accompt 2690 15 0 0
Ditto for bar tin ditto 9 2 0 6
Ditto for blocks of tin sent them in the time of this Accompt 2 3 0 22
p. ccxl, 1. 13 from foot, for advanced read received.
Note.—Rolls 455 and 456 should appear in Vol. XXII. It may be possible to publish them more fully in the Declared Accounts for that Volume.
A.O.1/1665/455. p. ccxli, 1. 14 including heading: for and (after Tinners read in.
p. ccxli, 1. 19, the Discharge might be amplified thus:
tin sold and the money paid to her Majesty s use, viz.: tons cwt. qrs. lb.
333 blocks of tin of this year's coinage 48 8 3 16
tin sold last year but not paid for until this and shown as depending in super on Capt. Rogers, John Anstis and others at the foot of the last Accompt (p. ccxl) 37 14 3 20
p. ccxli, 1. 25, for 5822 tons 1 cwt. 1 qr. 2 b. read 5822 tons 13 cwt. 1 qr. 17 lb.
A.O. 1/1665/454. p. ccxli, 1. 8 from foot, for cent read cwt
p. ccxli, 1. 18 from foot, for 328l. 2s. 0d. read 328l. 0s 2d.
p. ccxlii, 1. 17 from foot, for 2,224l. 16s. 0s. read 2,224l. 18s. 0d.
Add foot note. This Account which covers the period 21 June 1706 to 12 November 1708 should more properly have appeared in Vol. XXII.


  • 1. This sum should Le shown in the second or right hand column of figures.
  • 2. See “Order of the Garter,” Ashmole, and G. Scott Thomson's “Life in a Noble Household.”—p. 332.