Warrant Books: April 1707, 11-20

Pages 238-243

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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April 1707, 11–20

April 11. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute and apply the sum of 85,397l. 18s. 11d. to Deficient Funds as follow: the said sum being the income between March 14 last and April 11 inst. from branches of the revenue as follows viz. 711l. 13s. 7d. from Salt Duties before 1 Aug. 1706, being a remain or surplus from the first General Mortgage [or Deficiencies Sinking Fund]; 105l. 6s. 7d. from Whale fins since 1706 July 10; 1362l. 6s. 0d. from New Customs before 1706 Aug. 1, being a surplus as above; 19,468l. 0s. 4d. from ditto since that date; 2919l. 4s. 4d. from Additional Impositions since that date; 556l. 2s.d. from Vellum before that date, being a surplus as above; 1867l. 12s.d. from ditto since that date, being a surplus as above; 7045l. 13s.d. from Continued Impositions before that date, being a surplus as above; 27,107l. 6s.d. from ditto since that date; 2587l. 5s. 8d. from Marriages, being a surplus as above; 1550l. from Houses; 20,024l. 14s. 10½d. from Salt since 1706 July 31; 9l. 2s. I0½d. from loans on the Duties on Houses, being a surplus as above: the said distribution and application to be as follows:
The Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood upon the Register the 11th April, 1707. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Exchequer Bills 515165 4 476622 9 8 18811 18 0
First 3s. Aid 415099 0 0 423098 18 15157 17
Paper for Plate 15400 0 0 15400 0 0 562 7 0
Malt Tickets 579060 0 0 506615 0 0 21145 1 11½
Leather 504438 0 0 504438 0 0 18420 3
Third Quarterly Poll 212770 17 0 226770 17 0 7769 11 11
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 31271 6 942 19
New East India Company 65518 0 54345 7 2392 9
General Society [East Indies] 5354 10 4441 8 195 10
2338628 15 2243003 6 10 85397 18 11
Money Book XVIII, pp. 449–450.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Board of Greencloth to prepare the necessary [royal] warrants for placing on the Establishment of the Household a pension of 80l. per an. to Chariot Rowe and 70l. a year to Arabella Rowe the two younger daughters of Anthony Rowe, late one of the officers of the Board of Greencloth: according to your report on the petition of Mary the widow of said Anthony and in accordance with her Majesty's pleasure thereon. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 295.
April 12. Royal warrant to the Postmasters General to advance and pay 400l. to William Brockett for one year by way of advance as from June 24 next on his annuity granted by the privy seal of 1702 July 21 out of the Post Office ut supra Treasury Calendar vol. XVII, p. 285: he having been paid one year thereon by way of advance as from 1706 June 24 by the royal sign manual of 1706 June 10. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 173.
April 12. Same to Edward Nicholas to pay 50l. per an. to such person as the bishop of London shall appoint to reside at Albany in the Province of New York as chaplain for the conveniency of the garrison there: as from Lady day last during pleasure. Ibid., p. 174.
Royal sign manual for 500l. to John Chetwynd, Envoy Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy, “whom we have appointed to attend the said Duke in the Field in the approaching campaign”: to be for his field equipage. (Money warrant dated April 29 hereon). (Money order dated April 30 hereon). (Letter of direction dated April 22 hereon). Ibid., p. 175. Money Book XVIII, p. 458. Order Book VII, p. 15. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 270.
Allowance by Treasurer Godolphin of the incidents bill of the Salt Office for last Lady day quarter: total 739l. 7s.d. Money Book XVIII, p. 426.
Money warrant for 15,649l. 13s. 11d. to Nehemiah Arnold gent, Paymaster of the Malt Lottery Tickets, as imprest for discharging the principal and interest due on the said tickets for the 74th payment, which is the next payment in course.
Appending: certificate by said Arnold and by Samuel Wyseman of the money due on said 74th payment to the 11th April 1707.
£ s. d.
for principal money, after abating 20l. for 2 benefits of above 20l. each 9980 0 0
for interest of 998 tickets from Lady day 1700 to 11 April 1707 being 2573 days at ½ penny a day 5349 13 11
Benefits 320 0 0
£15649 13 11
(Money order dated April 12 hereon). Ibid., p. 446. Order Book VII, p. 4.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Principal Commissioners for Prizes to establish a salary of 200l. per an. to Dr. Nathaniel Lloyd as her Majesty's Advocate for Prizes loco Dr. Stephen Waller deceased. Money Book XVIII, p. 447.
Money warrant for 37l. 10s. 0d. to William Petyt for last Lady day quarter for 3 clerks employed by him in ordering the records in Cæsar's Chapel.
25l. to George Holmes for same quarter as chief clerk for the said work. (Money order dated April 12 hereon). (Letter of direction dated April 22 hereon). Money Book XVIII, p. 447. Order Book VII, pp. 10–11. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 270.
Same for 60l. to George Montagu, Warden and Chief Forester of Salcey Forest co. Northampton; for 1½ years to Lady day last on the 40l. per an. granted in 1660 to his grandfather George Montagu of Horton and his heirs male out of profits of said forest for the salaries of a Lieutenant, 4 keepers and a page belonging to said forest and for hay and other necessaries for the deer there: the said forest with that of Whittlewood having formed part of the late Queen Dowager's jointure, by whom the said fee was paid annually out of a rent of 200l. per an. reserved on a lease of the woods and coppices in the said forests: but by reason that the said woods and coppices are granted away to the Duke of Grafton there appear to be no certain profits arising therefrom for the payment of said salary which is in arrear since 1705 Michaelmas. (Letter of direction dated May 3 hereon). Money Book XVIII, p. 448. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 275.
April 12. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Principal Commissioners for Prizes to pay 202l. 6s. 7d. to Sir George Parker and Charles Goring as cravings for allowances on the clearing of their accounts as late Subcommissioners for Prizes at Portsmouth, being for disbursements and incidents detailed.
Prefixing: report to the Lord Treasurer from the said Commissioners on said cravings. Money Book XVIII, pp. 450–1.
Same by same to same to pay 37l. 10s. 0d. to Capt. Henry Gore, Commander of her Majesty's ship Bristol, for bringing from Jamaica 3000l. of prize money in silver and gold, being her Majesty's moiety of the net proceeds of several prizes and their cargoes disposed of there by Arnold Browne, late Agent for Prizes there.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners. Ibid., p. 456.
Allowance by same of the last Lady day quarter's salary bill of the Prize Office: total 2983l. 1s. 1d. Ibid., p. 385.
Dormant money warrant for 500l. per an. as annuity or yearly pension to William Petyt as by the great seal of March 20 last supra p. 211: to commence as from Xmas last. Ibid., p. 458.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer to raise 30,000l. on the tallies and orders lately put into your hands on the Land Tax anno 1707 by disposing of same to the Bank of England at 5 per cent. interest: and to apply the proceeds for paying wages to seamen. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 268.
Letter of direction for 2000l. to the Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List funds: and is to buy table linen and other necessaries towards the entertainment of the Venetian Ambassadors and for a supply of wine for a winter store [for the Queen] according to a representation from the officers of the Greencloth. Ibid., p. 269.
Same for 1000l. to William Lowndes: out of same: for secret service. Ibid.
Same for 273,334l. 13s. 4d. (being the undisposed balance or sum wanting to complete the 1,850,000l. authorised to be borrowed on the Land Tax 1707 [by 6 Anne c. 1]; or such other sum as the said undisposed balance shall actually amount to) to be issued to the respective persons as follows out of loans to be made by themselves respectively: “for all which loans the orders are to be drawn without interest” and are to be registered in course in the following sequence. [This entry simply provides for the issue of paper orders to the Departmental Paymasters and others named and for the registration of same in course according to numerical sequence. No actual loan was involved or would arise until the Paymaster concerned should negotiate the paper with the Lord Treasurer's consent and from the moment of such negotiation or actual loan, interest would be arranged to start].
£. s. d.
1. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy: to be reserved for payment of Wages to seamen 100693 13 4
2. to the Mayor etc. of Carlisle in lieu of tolls 2641 0 0
3. to Jos. Musgrave, Thomas Musgrave, and Geo. Musgrave in lieu of tolls [see p. 245infra] 5000 0 0
4. to Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordance: to be reserved for sea services of the Ordnance 30000 0 0
5. to same: to be reserved for land services of the Ordnance 30000 0 0
6. to same: to be reserved towards the charge of building a wharf and storehouse at Portsmouth 5000 0 0
to Sir Thomas Littleton: to be reserved for Wear and Tear of the Navy 100000 0 0
£273334 13 4
Ibid., pp. 269–70.
April 12. William Lowndes to Mr. Burchett to lay before the Lord Admiral the enclosed papers [missing] being a letter from Mr. Savage enclosing [one] to him from the Collector of Customs at Portsmouth touching several ships that are fitting out at St. Malo for the South Seas and of several French ships of war and privateers cruising in the Channel. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 296.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to instruct Edward Hopton in Customs business at the waterside. Ibid.
Same to same to present John Nutt for the next vacancy in the Customs for which he is fit. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of two lighthouses at or near Harwich in order to a reversionary lease thereof to Sir Isaac Rebow for 31 years at 5l. per an. rent and fine of 2700l; with proviso for securing to William Batten, grandson of Sir William Batten, the benefit of one eighth part of the said lease on paying to the said Rebow 337l. 10s. 0d. being the one eighth part of the said fine and 10l. more as an eighth part of the estimated charges of passing the lease: he being entitled to one eighth part of the benefit arising by the lease in being.
Prefixing: (a) report by S. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on the petition of said Rebow for same. Charles II granted 1664 Dec. 21 to Sir William Batten, then Surveyor of the Navy, licence and power to erect the said two lighthouses for the benefit of navigation and with the Duty for 61 years of a half penny per ton for all ships laden at Newcastle or Sunderland and the same likewise of all other English ships and vessels whatsoever passing by there [the said lights], and a penny per ton for all foreigners' vessels passing that way. The petitioner Rebow is entitled to a fourth part of the said lighthouses by marriage with Mary (the only daughter of James Lemyng and Mary his wife, eldest daughter and coheir of said Batten) and the other parts are so disposed that only a sixteenth or some such part is enjoyed by the other coheirs. I have no certain account in my Office of the profits of these lighthouses but in 1695 (on the petition of Sir Francis Compton) I enquired thereinto and they seemed to be about 700l. per an. value. According to a statement sworn to by petitioner Rebow the mean [profit] for 10 years past is 786 l. 17 s. 6 d.
(b) and (c) Reports by Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General. There is no inheritance in the Crown on the termination of the lease in being and a new term will be the same as a new franchise. The Crown is therefore not restrained in this case by the Act for the Civil List [1 Anne c. 1] but may make any further grant of the premises. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, pp. 658–9.
April 12. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Principal Commissioners of Prizes to appoint Mark Proudfoot loco William Rock deceased as joint agent with James Smith for prizes on board the fleet under the command of Sir Cloudesley Shovell: at the salary of 300 l. per an. for themselves and clerk. Ibid., p. 661.
Subscription by same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated 1706 Sept. 24 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery to Peter Hume, Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe, of sundry necessaries for the Queen's service at Kensington viz. scarlet and green silk lacing, scarlet and green arras; a lace for window curtains in the Waiting Room at the Backstairs; 92 yards of Popinjay, green silk lyar for several bells; and to order the upholsterer to make 3 old window curtains of crimson and green damask into two, with valance and cornishes for the two Waiting Rooms; likewise 6 dozen yards of double gold Purle for a bed at Windsor torn by the dogs and a case of crimson shaloone for the Chair of State in the Council Chamber there and the like for the Chair of State and 2 stools and 4 footstools in the new Council Chamber at St. James's; a false case of crimson shaloon for her Majesty's gout chair and eight mats covered with blue cloth for her Majesty to tread on when she goes into her coach and 3 dozen of cain chairs for the Commissioners for Queen Anne's Bounty and 14 walnut-tree chairs with matted bottoms for Kensington: to an estimate of 120 l.Ibid.
Warrant by same to the Principal Commissioners for Prizes to order John Hawkshaw, their agent at Dublin, to sell the prize ship St. Paul and her cargo (a prize forced back from her intended voyage to the West Indies into Dublin in a very shattered condition): and to remit the proceeds into the Exchequer in England.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners, Ibid., p. 662.
Same by same to same to give permit to Giles Wheeler, Agent for Prizes in Newfoundland, to [engage in] trade provided he does not trade directly or indirectly with any prizes or goods wherein her Majesty is concerned: all as an encouragement to him to continue in Newfoundland during the winter.
Prefixing: report ut supra. Ibid., pp. 662–3.
Same by same to same to appoint Thomas Kirke (her Majesty's Consul at Genoa) as agent for Prizes there and for the parts and places belonging to that Republic, at the usual allowance of agency. Ibid., p. 673.
Same by same to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against the following persons on their accounts for particular sums, detailed, imprested to them in the accounts of the Principal Commissioners of Prizes: viz. Richard Crawley for 30l.; Thomas Smith, her Majesty's Proctor for 20l.; Anthony Barnaby, secretary to said Commissioners for 130l.; James Mellefont, storekeeper to said Commissioners for 90l.; Daniell Burgess, solicitor to said Commissioners for 50l.; John Turner, office keeper to said Commissioners for 90l.
Prefixing: report from said Commissioners. Ibid., p. 663.
Entry of a Treasury caveat in behalf of the Duke of Devonshire that the estate of the late Nathaniell Mollyneux may not be sold without notice to his Grace or to his agent Mr. Aaron Kinton in York Buildings. See supra Treasury Calendar vol. XIX, p. 291. Caveat Book, p. 61.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for a pension of 200l. per an. to John Outing gent as from Xmas last. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 447.
April 15. Letters patent by Treasurer Godolphin constituting George Lysle as searcher of Poole port loco Charles Ellesdon lately deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 28.