Minute Book: October 1707

Pages 47-48

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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October 1707

October 20, forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Send] to Mr. Bridges to attend here to-morrow morning.
[My Lord directs] 20l. to be given to those that helped to extinguish the fire at the Exchequer: and to be paid to Mr. Clayton and Mr. Edwin to distribute. Ibid., p. 116.
October 21. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord directs the issue to William Lowndes out of Civil List moneys of] 1000l. for Secret Service.
Mr. Bridges and Mr. St. John are called in. Their reports concerning the clothing [for the Forces] in Spain are read and agreed to.
Mr. Bridges' memorial [for money for the Forces abroad] is read and the minutes [of my Lord's decisions thereon] are [endorsed] upon it.
Mr. How's memorial [for money for the Guards and Garrisons] is read and ordered.
My Lord directs [the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 20,000l. for Wages: [to be raised by loans at 5 per cent. interest by the said Treasurer] upon the tallies and orders in his hands [on the Land Tax anno 1707].
[Likewise] 5000l. to him on the head of Wear and Tear &c. is for bills of exchange [and to be issued out of loans in the Exchequer on Malt anno 1707].
[Send word] to the [Navy] Victuallers to be here on Friday morning. Prepare an account of what has been paid to them.
[Send word] to the Customs Commissioners to attend to-morrow afternoon. Likewise to the Excise Commissioners to be here then. Ibid., p. 117. Disposition Book XIX, pp. 53–4.
October 22, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
[Send] to the Attorney General to call here to-morrow morning before he goes to the [Courts in Westminster] Hall.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and minutes [of my Lord Treasurer's decisions and answers thereto] are [endorsed] upon them.
The Excise Commissioners the like [for their papers of reports and memorials which are minuted and endorsed as above]. Treasury Minute Book XVI, p. 118.
October 23, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[No entry of any minute]. Ibid., p. 119.
October 24. Present: ut supra.
The officers of the Exchequer present memorials for allowances for [their work in connection with] the Annuities anno 1707.
My Lord will consider these upon a state of the allowances they have already and what proportion they bear one to another.
[My Lord directs the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 4,343l. 5s.d. for the Victualling, to wit to pay bills of exchange, Necessary Money and contingencies.
[My Lord directs] Sir Theodore Janssen to be desired to write by this night's post to enlarge the time in which his letters of credit run to Mr. Chetwind, Envoy to the Duke of Savoy, which he gave on June 13 last for 100,000 Crowns for the extraordinary service of the said Duke's Troops in this year, to wit for such further time from the 30th November next as may be necessary for his [Chetwind's] taking up the sad money for the aforesaid service.
[My Lord instructs] Mr. Lowndes to write to Mr. Chetwind that his Lordship desires he, Chetwind, will take up the said 100,000 Crowns according to the rates mentioned in the said letters of credit and pay over the same to the Duke of Savoy or his order on account of the extraordinary service of his troops in the late Expedition to Toulon, and to return the receipt to Sir Theodore Janssen in order to the reimbursement of the latter; my Lord Treasurer having agreed by a minute of June 13 last that he shall be paid upon producing the said acquittance. Treasury Minute Book XVI, p. 120.
October 29 forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer. Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord orders that] the 2,400l. recovered of Nutin's debt is to be issued to the Commissioners of Transports for those persons that were to have been paid by Mr. Nutin. The bonds of Sir Stephen Evance and Mr. England are to be delivered up as if the said 2400l. had been paid before Michaelmas last.
[Send word] to the Governors of the Post Office to be here on Friday.
When the sum of 654l. mentioned in Mr. Barker's report is paid into the Exchequer then the process against Mr. Nutin is to be suppressed so that he may have his liberty and finish his account: and then also the inquisition against Sir Stephen Evance is to be discharged by a noli prosequi. Ibid., p. 121.