Index of Persons and Places: A

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Index of Persons and PlacesA.

Index of Persons and Places


Abbotsbury, co. Dorset, 382;

waiter and searcher at. See Beach, J.;

Shaw, M.

Aberdeen, co. Aberdeen, 255, 362, 368, 415, 429.

Customs establishment at, 487.

port, collector of. See Crawford, J.

Aberdovey, co. Merioneth, 189;

deputy comptroller, waiter and searcher at. See Bevan, J.;

Owen, R.

Abergwili, Abergwilly, co. Carmarthen, palace, repair of, 291.

Abergwilly. See Abergwili.

Aber Menai, Abermenay alias Southcrook [co. Anglesey], ferry, 209.

Abermenay. See Aber Menai.

Abingdon, Earl of. See Bertie, M.

Abington, , Commissary of Musters, 414.

Abney, John, Surveyor of Duties on Houses, cos. Leicester and Rutland, 101.

Abraham, Thomas, master of the Mary, 338.

Accomac, Accomack. See Virginia.

Acklam, Aclome, co. York, manor of, lease of, 177.

Aclome. See Acklam.

Acton, John, accompting as Agent to the Coldstream Regiment of Guards and Colonel Seymour's regiment, bonds, 327.

-, Richard, executors, contract for Army clothing, 191, 2378.

Adams, James, clerk, going as chaplain to North Carolina, passage money, 446.

-, Richard, carter, payment to, 253.

-, [Thomas], captain in Colonel Churchill's regiment of marines, 108.

-, Thomas, petition of for the stewardship of Barton, Barrow and Gouxhill manors, 143, 313.

Addison, Joseph, a Commissioner of Appeals in Excise, 512.

-, Thomas, a late Commissioner for Sick and Wounded, 30;

lease of premises in the Savoy, 579.

Adye, William, outlaw, estate of, 469.

Africa, goods from, queries concerning, 256;

spirits exported to, 526.

Agar, Margaret, petition of, messuages in Walton-upon-Thames, Weybridge and Chertsey, 221.

Agnew, Andrew, clerk, going to Jamaica as schoolmaster, passage money, 164.

Ainsley, Robert, tidesman, Newcastle port, dismissed for fraud, 136.

Aitoun. See Ayton.

Albany, New York province, garrison at, chaplain for, 239.

Albemarle, Duke of. See Monck, C.

Albert, Thomas, Receiver General of Land Tax 1707 for co. Worcester and city of Worcester, 184.

Alcock, Simon, merchant, landsurveyor or landwaiter, Dublin port, 220.

Aldcroft, , Commissary of Musters, 414.

Aldenham, co. Hertford, 142.

Alder, William, Surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. York, 101.

Aldgate. See London and WestminsterStreets etc. in.

Aldred, John, commander of the Rochester, petition of, 200.

Aldrich, Edward, underkeeper of Richmond Park, 420.

Alexander, William, Comptroller of Philadelphia [port], salary, 439.

Alford, Jos[eph], merchant, reducing brandy to proof, 326.

Algier. See Algiers.

Algiers, Algier, Agent and Consul at. See Cole, R.

Consul at, clerk or chaplain to reside with. See Holme, G.

Dey of, accession of, letter sent to, 329;

lady of, present for, 86.

Government of, presents for, 86.

Alicante, Spain, army clothing at, 529;

wheat carried to, 296.

Alizien, Pierre de, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70.

Allanson, Geo., landwaiter, Bristol port, rewarded for seizing tin, 457.

Allardes, George, Master of the Mint at Edinburgh, memorial of, 492.

Allen, Barnabas, collector of subsidies in Bocking, prosecuted for overcharging, 519.

-, Daniel. See Cooper, William.

-, John, Surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Middlesex, 101;

deceased, 429.

-, Robert, place in the Customs, 401.

-, Thomas, foot regiment, lately arrived from Spain, 360.

officers of lately arrived from Spain, subsistence for, 427.

raising men, 361.

subsistence for, 480.

subsistence for private sentinels of, 427.

Allison, [Richard], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

Allnut. See Alnutt.

Alloa, Allovey, co. Clackmannan, 415.

Allonby, co. Cumberland, waiter and searcher at. See Swinborne, J.;

Tiffin, J.

Allovey. See Alloa.

Allum, Joseph, tidesman, Newcastle port, 136.

Almanza, Spain, battle at, 31, 35, 42, 43, 427, 448, 466, 484, 529.

Alnutt (Allnut), [Thomas], foot regiment of, clothing for, 529;

levy money, 448;

subsistence for officers of and their families, 360.

Ambrose, Lawrence, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 co. Berks, 184.

America, 95.

Auditor and Surveyor General of revenues in. See Blathwaite, W.

deputies to the Postmaster General in, appointment of, 88.

goods from, queries concerning, 256.

plantations in, 283;

naval stores from, 140.

Post in, Chief Deputy of, salary, 283.

prizes ships taken to, 4.

prizes taken in, accompting for, 299.

Surveyor of Woods in, contract for masts sent to, 290.

-, North, plantation in, chaplain for. See Maule, R.

Post Offices, in, erection of, 88;

grant made by William III for settling the, 2823.

Surveyor of Woods in. See Bridger, .

See also Carolina, Connecticut, Long Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, New England, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, etc.

Amounderness, co. Lancaster, bailiwick of, 226;

[Master] Forester of, 226.

Amsterdam, Holland, 3, 9, 18, 57, 96, 99, 333, 450.

deputy paymaster at. See Sweet, [B.]

tin consigned to. 514.

Anderson, Arthur, to be employed in the Salt Duties, 252.

-, [John], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

Andesoif, Abraham, ensign, French pensioner on the establishment of Ireland, 72.

Andrews, , Receiver of the Wood Office and deputy to the Surveyor of London port, 109.

-, John, merchant, Victualling Office warrants, 352.

-,-, of Southam, Receiver General of Taxes for co. Warwick, 176;

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 for co. Warwick and city of Coventry, 183;

Receiver General of House Duties and Marriage Duties for co. Warwick, 509.

-, Phineas, deceased, a Commissioner of the Four and a Half per cent. duty at Nevis, Montserrat, Antigua and St. Christopher, 188.

-, Thomas, employed as tidesman at Irvine, 476.

Anglesey, Anglesea, county of, chief justice of. See Hook, J.;

Peisley, W.

lease of lands etc. in, 67.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Caswell, J.

second justice of. See Gwyn, M., Harvey, S., Jessop, W.

Surveyor of Duties on Houses. See Gwillim, T., Jones, W.

Anjou, Duke of, 338.

Annapolis, Maryland, 412.

ANNE, Queen, and family, several removes from Windsor, St. James's and Newmarket, payment to cart-takers for, 129.

appoints G. Holme, clerk, to reside at Algiers, 1920, 186.

a royal trustee, 32.

assessment charged upon for land taken into Hampton Court gardens, 90.

at Windsor Castle, 531.

authority from, concerning collection of Excise in Scotland, 27.

birthday of, 167.

blankets for the service of, at Newmarket, 458.

Bounty, Governors of, 128 bis.

cabinets for the service of, at St. James's and Newmarket, 125.

chairs for the service of, at Newmarket and Windsor, 113, 272, 414.

creates a Paper Office for Ireland, 117.

cushions for the closet of, at St. James's, 458.

dressing room at Kensington, furniture for, 114.

glass sconces and chimney glasses for the service of at Kensington, 501.

glass sconces for, 104, 125.

gout chair, false case of shalloon for, 242.

in Council, 33, 221, 253, 254, 307, 338, 343, 352, 369, 370, 371, 412, 450, 496;

orders of, 254, 496.

Indian trunks, glasses, stands etc. for the service of at Newmarket and Windsor, 404,

in residence at Windsor and Hampton Court, attendance of the Yeoman and Groom of the Jewel Office on, 516.

jewels of, suit before the Court of Justice in Holland concerning, 211.

joint address of Parliament to, for the punishment of authors of seditious libel, 316.

letters of, 6.

letters to, from the Duke of Savoy and Prince Eugene, 176.

lined trunks for the use of, 308.

Little House and Garden at Windsor of, 110.

manor of Flint of, 173.

mats for, to tread on when going into her coach, 242.

milk skillett for, 104.

necessaries for the service of at Kensington, St. James's, and Somerset House, 242, 244, 272, 450.

pensions and bounties, issues for etc. See Compton, S.;

Nicholas, E., Sub-almoner of. See Battle, R.

plate given at Datchet by, 133.

presents or gifts from, 86, 151, 157, 229, 245, 274, 424, 425, 500.

pretensions to the bishopric of Eutin quitted at the instance of, 488.

progresses of, chests to carry the books and cushions upon, 501.

progress to Newmarket, 452.

progress to Winchester, 222.

rent paid by for a house in Brewers Yard, 112.

report to, concerning wines imported into England from Scotland, 36971.

satin bedding for, 104.

sconces for, 104.

seats in St. Paul's for the use of on Thanksgiving day, covering for, 125.

servants, attending the progress to Newmarket, wages to, 452;

issues for, 94;

lodgings for on the progress to Winchester, 222.

share of prize money, 145, 240, 309.

silver bason for, 104.

silver dish for, 104.

silver nozell and sconce for, 104.

strewer of herbs to (E. Jax), livery for, 125.

tables for, at Kensington, 104.

tables, stands and glasses at Somerset House for the service of, 404.

tin of, consigned to Hamburg, 57.

title to the presentation of Aldgate vicarage, 129.

title to three acres taken into Chatham Dock, 21, 36, 196.

trencher plates, knives, forks and spoons for, 210.

votes for the use of, 293.

wines for, 120;

supply of for a winter store, 240.

Anstis, John, money received for tin, 57.

Anstruther, Sir Robert, ship of, 366.

-, Sir William, a lord of justiciary, Scotland, ship of, 366.

Antigua, West Indies, 172.

Assemblies of, 111.

casual revenue of, 132.

chaplain for. See Phillips, T.

citizens of, appointed as Commissioners to enquire of embezzlements of Prizes, 318.

Collector of, 132.

Commissioner of the Four and a Half per cent duty at. See Andrews, P.;

Norwood, J.;

Perry, E.

forces in, 244.

Governor of appointed as Commissioner to enquire of embezzlements of Prizes, 318.

Lieutenant Governor of. See Yeomans, J.

money in cannot be remitted but at an extravagant rate of exchange, 132. See also Parke, D.

Antwerp, Belgium, 9, 18, 122.

Applecross, co. Ross-shire, 461.

Apprice, Thomas, Queen's waiter, London port, deceased, 117.

Aqua Sancta. See Tal-y-Foel.

Ardudwy, Ardudwey, co Merioneth, commote of, 67.

Argyll, Duke of. See Campbell, J.

Arlington, Countess of. See Fitzroy, Isabella.

Armagh, archbishop of. See Marsh, N.

Armand, Louis, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Arminger, William, indebted for Salt duties, 113, 126, 148, 352.

Arnold, Michael, deceased, landwaiter, London port, 268.

-, Nehemiah, Paymaster of Malt Lottery Tickets, 80, 106, 135, 149, 207, 239, 275, 313, 349, 399, 426, 451, 469, 497, 527.

Arran, Island of, co. Bute, Customs officer of. See Boyle, J.

Arran, Earl of. See Butler, C.

Arrowsmith, Thomas, trial of, 316.

Arthur, Edward, Surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Flint, 102.

Arundel, co. Sussex, collector and waiter at. See Eveligha, N., Wade, A.;

Comptroller at. See Moore, G.;

Customer at, 268.

Arziliers (Darzilier, Darziliers), Gasper Perrinet d', Resident at Geneva, 68, 132, 162, 305, 413, 476.

Ash, , petition of, 33.

Ashburne, James, a Commissioner of Appeals in Excise, 512.

Ashford, co. Kent, 199.

Asia, goods from, queries concerning, 256.

Atherton, Cha[rles], Serjeant Plumber to the Works, 64.

Athlone, Earl of. See Reede, G. van.

Atkins, Thomas, master of the Mary and Elizabeth, 415.

Atkinson, , Mrs., riding charges, 133.

-, Elizabeth, widow, postmistress in the town of Lancaster, petition of, 244;

prisoner in Lancaster castle, compounding for a debt, 500.

-, Samuel, [a Commissioner of Transports], 249.

Atwood, Thomas, tidesman, London port, 74.

-, William, late Chief Justice of the Province of New York, suspension of and annual fee to, 295.

Augier, Stigmizon, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Austen, [Robert], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

-, Thomas, Receiver General of assessments, co. Chester and North Wales, petition of, 151.

Austin, Thomas, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 co. Southampton and Isle of Wight, 183.

Austria, House of, recovery of the monarchy of Spain to, issues for, 170, 525.

Auverquere. See Auverquerque.

Auverquerque (Auverquere), Francis de Nassau, Count de, [foot] regiment of, 116.

-, Henry de Nassau, Sieur de, annuity, pension or perpetuity to, 191, 211, 295.

Awbrey, John, a clerk of the Exchequer Receipt, 210.

Aycock, William, boatman, Sunderland port, 268.

Ayloffe, [Erskine], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

-, Henry, Queen's Remembrancer, 315.

-, Thomas, Dr. of Laws, Reader of Laws in the University of Cambridge, fees, 165, 371, 481.

Aynsworth, John, petition of, 191.

Ayr, co. Ayr, Customs establishment at, 487.

Ayres, John, an engraver of plates for Exchequer bills, 21, 344.

Ayton, Aitoun, co. Berwick, Customs Establishment at, 487.