Index of Persons and Places: C

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Cadiz, Spain, English prisoners from, 194.

ship condemned as prize at, 502.

ship from, 254, 294.

trade, want of, 418.

Cadogan, William, brigadier (afterwards Earl Cadogan), regiment of [Dragoons], 192, 237;

major general and Envoy Extraordinary to the States General and Plenipotentiary for other negotiations, 503.

Caesar, Alice, Irene, Margaret and Mary, daughters of J. Higgon's wife, payment to for lands taken into Chatham Dock, 2889, 438.

Caesar's Chapel. See TowerRecords in.

Cairnes, Alexander, merchant, in London, buying salt, 323.

Caithness, county of, Customs establishment at, 487.

Caladom [Caladoin], Paul, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Callant, Robert, supra cargo of the Worcester, compensation to, 407.

Callemote, , de la, colonel, foot regiment of, 123.

Callender, David, certification of depositions, 363.

Callis, [Manley], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

Calne, co. Wilts., hundred of, 361.

Cambon, [Franois] du, colonel, foot regiment of, 123, 125.

Cambridge, county of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Richers, T.

Receiver General of. See Mason, J.

sheriff of. See Bromley, J.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Percival, W.;

White, J.

Cambridge, co. Cambridge, licences for retailing wines in, 134;

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Richers, T.

Cambridge, University of, Emmanuel (Emanuell) College, perpetuity for, 165, 510.

perpetuity for a preacher, 334, 375.

Reader of Laws. See Ayloffe, T.

Reader or Professor of Physic. See Green, C.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707, See Richers, T.

Cames, Thomas, tidesman, London port, 381.

Camock, George, captain, commander of the Speedwell, 274.

Campbell, , late Collector of Port Glasgow, 429.

-, Colin, agent for Prizes at New foundland, a prisoner in France, accounts, 76.

-, Doghall, master of the Neptune, 430.

-, Hugh, Earl of Loudoun [a Scottish Commissioner for the Union], 29, 35, 349, 352, 363, 371, 403.

-, John, 2nd Duke of Argyll, [foot] regiment of, 150, 215.

-, -, goldsmith, payment to, 521.

Campbeltown, co. Argyle, Customs establishment at, 487.

Camros. See Camrose.

Camrose, Camros, co. Pembroke, manor or lordship of, 287.

Canaries, The, wines from, 136.

Canby, Henry, searcher, London port, 84, 107.

Candole, Franois, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish Establishment, 72.

Cann, Richard, a clerk of the Fines at Ludlow, 63, 372.

Canterbury, co. Kent, 199;

city of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Faussett, W.

Canterbury, [Archbishopric], Archbishop of, printing account, 129;

royal bounties distributed according to directions from, 329.

-, -, Prerogative Court, Judge of. See Raines, Sir R.

Capel, co. Surrey, 225.

Capel (Capell), Algernon, 22nd Earl of Essex, Constable of the Tower, 253;

Governor of the Tower, royal bounty to, 349;

regiment of Dragoons, 122, 199, 270, 325, 380.

-, Dorothy, lady, lease of the estate of Kew in the manor of Richmond, 514.

Cardigan, county of, Chief Justice of. See Neave, P.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Howells, G.

second justice of. See Webb, T.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Jones, C.

Cardonel, Cardonell. See Cardonnell.

Cardonnell (Cardonel, Cardonell), Adam de, 77, 146, 206, 211, 375.

Carey, Anthony, husband of Rebecca, 5th Viscount Falkland, former Treasurer of the Navy, 168, 341, 347, 359, 409.

-, Lucius Henry, 6th Viscount, afterwards 1st Earl of Falkland, pension to, 532.

-, Rebecca, Viscountess Falkland, stay of process against, 168, 359.

Caribbee. See Leeward.

Caris, , regiment of, 179.

Carkesse, Charles, clerk in the Secretary of the Customs Office, to be Secretary to the Commissioners of Customs, Scotland, 258.

Carlisle, co. Cumberland, city of, payment to in lieu of tolls, 26, 241, 245.

Collector of. See Eglesfield,.

Comptroller of. See Baines, W.;

Gilpin, W.

governor of. See Howard, C., Earl of Carlisle.

lieutenant governor of. See Nott, E.

searcher at. See Houston, M.;

Patrickson, R.

Carlisle, Earl of. See Howard, C.

Carlisle, Sarah, petition for continuance of a pension payable to her late mother, 126;

royal bounty for, 526.

Carmarthen, county of, Chief Justice of. See Neave, P.

lease of escheat lands in, 67.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Howells, G.

Second Justice of. See Webb, T.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Price, W.

Carmarthen, Marquess of. See Osborne, P.

Carnarvon, county of, Chief Justice of. See Hook, J.;

Peisley, W.

lease of lands in, 67.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Caswell, J.

second justice of. See Gwyn, M.;

Harvey, S.;

Jessop, W.

Carnedon Prior, co. Cornwall, manor of, 295.

Carolina, chaplain for. See Johnston, G.

Carolina, North, chaplains for. See Adams, J.;

Gordon, W.

Carpenter, George, brigadier, regiment of Dragoons, 122, 270, 288, 325, 380;

petition of, 199, 345, 509.

Carr, Griffith, General Surveyor of the London distilleries, ordered to Scotland, 273.

-, Ralph, tidesman, Newcastle port, dismissed for fraud, 136.

Carrickfergus, co. Antrim, Ireland, 130.

Cartagena, Carthagena, Spain, 277.

Carter, George, shipmaster, 382.

-, John, Comptroller of Ipswich port, salary, 376.

-, Richard, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Lancaster, 101.

-, Robert, [a member of the Council of Virginia], 201.

-, Thomas, Second Serjeant-at-Arms in Ireland, petition for salary, 415;

allowance to, 439.

Carthagena. See Cartagena.

Cartwright, , pay for the forces in Flanders, 122.

-, -, captain, pay for men returned from the West Indies, 213.

-, Henry, petition of, land in Galway, 223.

Cason, [William], lieutenant in Lord Paston's regiment, pay for, 33, 286.

Castellan, [co. Pembroke], 67.

Castle. Edward, stationer, payment to, 336.

Castleton, co. Lancaster, 300.

Castleton, Francis, et al., of London, merchants, drawback on German linen, 84.

Caswell, James, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 cos. Monmouth, Anglesey, Merioneth and Carnarvon, 184.

Catalonia, Spain, forces in, 55, 73, 83, 111, 114, 476, 528.

Catcut, Alexander, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Surrey and Southwark, 102.

Catherine of Bragana, Queen of Charles II, the Queen Dowager, 185, 277.

auditor of, accounts asked from, 112, 214.

jointure lands, 89, 240, 285.

manors of, 105, 143, 295, 313, 399.

Steward of the honor of Ewelme, 280.

Caufeild. See Caulfield.

Caulfield (Colefield, Caufeild, Caulfeild, Cawlfeild), , regiment of, 81.

-, John, colonel, regiment of, clearings, 505;

embarcation in Ireland, 297;

levy money, 448.

-, Toby, colonel, foot regiment of, embarcation for Catalonia, 83, 114.

embarcation for Portugal, 90.

embarcation from Ireland, 360.

goods delivered to in Ireland, 116,

lately arrived from Spain, 360.

levy money, 448.

officers of, lately arrived from Spain, subsidies for, 427.

raising men, 360, 361.

subsistence for, 427, 480.

-, William, 2nd Viscount Charlemont, [foot] regiment of, arrears, 177.

clearings, 17.

commission officers, pay and levy money, 144.

lieutenant colonel in (A. Murray), 171.

lieutenant in (M. Smith), 221.

offreckonings, 81.

Cavan, Kennet, boy, of the Worcester, compensation to, 407.

Cave, John, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 118, 377.

Cavendish, Rachael, Marchioness of Hartington, a Lady of the Bedchamber, 61.

-, William, 1st Duke of Devonshire, agent of. See Kinton, A.

Chief Justice in Eyre, Trent, North, 418.

estate of N. Molineux, 243.

executors of, payment to, 418.

Cawlfeild. See Caulfield.

Cawthorp, William, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 for part of Lincoln, viz. the wapentake of Bradley etc., 184;

Receiver of Taxes for part of co. Lincoln, 279.

Cecil (Cecill), Robert, a Commissioner for Trade, 60, 372, 507.

Cercler, Marc Lamotte, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Chabert, Simon, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Chabrol, Franois, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Chadsley, Richard, captain, commander of the Herbert galley, 499.

Chadwick, Charles, riding surveyor, Liverpool port and coast of Lancaster, 117.

Chaigneau, John, late of London, merchant, Customs debts, 87, 95, 105, 138.

-, Mary, wife of John, petition of, 87.

Challoner (Chaloner), Edmund, a Commissioner of Appeals in Excise, 512.

-, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Radnor, 101.

Chamard, Jean Franis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Chambers, Thomas, patent for making and refining copper, 482.

Chandler, Richard, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Channel, The, 241, 432.

Chantrell, Barbara, widow of lieutenant colonel Chantrell, petition for a pension, 284.

Chaplin, Charles, deputy Receiver General of Jamaica, 205.

Chapman, Thomas, Deputy Postmaster of St. Albans, remission of a debt, 365.

Charelton. See Charlton.

Charlemont Fort, Ireland, 130.

Charlemont, Lord. See Caulfield, W.

Charles I, 95;

Resident from, with the French king, See Brown, Sir R.

Charles II, agreement with the Duke of Albemarle for Mote Park, 442.

annuities or pensions granted by, 322, 347, 475.

church and castle used by, for securing prisoners, 115.

grants by of Humbleton, Flinton, Preston, Danthorpe, Elsterwick and Fitling manors, 181;

of the office of Chamberlain of S. Wales, 287;

of Steward etc. of Hampton Court manor, 303;

of a term in the Bill Office, 445;

of duties on ships, 451.

licence by to erect lighthouses, 2412.

licence to Navy Treasurers granted by, 409.

preservation of after the battle of Worcester, perpetuity granted by for, 530.

Resident from, with the French king. See Brown, Sir R.

warrants granted by for demolishing Liverpool Castle, 177.

Charles III, King of Spain. See Spain.

Charles City. See Virginia.

Charlton (Charelton), John, Master of the Jewel Office, 307, 308, 520.

Charnock, Thomas, a serjeant-at-arms, 63, 112, 375, 510.

Charois, Daniel la, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Charters, Chasters, Charles, shipmaster, 363, 415.

Chartres, Cha., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Chase, [James], a Commissioner for Sick and Wounded, resigns, 30.

-, James, Apothecary in Ordinary to the Queen, 63, 166, 376, 420, 507.

Chasseloup, [Peter], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

Chasters. See Charters.

Chatham, co. Kent, Naval Chest, 54, 356;

Navy dock, 2, 21, 33, 36, 196, 288, 312, 422, 438, 479.

Chatigne, Jacques, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71, 281.

Cheavely, John, deceased, landwaiter at Plymouth port, 189.

Cheek, Edward, office of steward of Havering atte Bower manor, 127, 295.

Cheesly, , an agent, 168.

Cheisley, Jam., petitions of, 191.

Chelsea, co. Middlesex, Swede's Court in, 22.

Chelsea Hospital, accounts, 6, 52, 114, 126, 131, 154, 163.

Commissioners, 109, 126, 295, 398, 437.

debentures, lost on board a packet, 152.

deduction from army pay for, 394.

disabled officers and men, deductions for, Paymaster of. See Index of Subjects, ArmyPaymaster General of Guards and Garrisons.

establishment allowance on, 313.

guards kept by the soldiers of, 131.

Invalids of, clothing for, 483.

Joyner of, lodgings of, 279.

lands taken into the service of, 22, 131, 149, 287.

late Steward of. See Powell, H.

lodgings and a, garden at, lease of, 285.

major of. See Bettesworth, R.

outpensioners, arrears of pensions, 1189.

detachment of, sent to Upnor Castle, clothing for, 126.

disabled, pay for, 296.

issues for, 309, 490.

names of, 1189, 377.

petition for pay, 278, 516.

pensioners, arrears, state of, 96;

fund for, 502.

second major of. See Stapleton, R.

Steward of, office of, abolished, 295.

Treasurer of. See Jones, R., Earl of Ranelagh;

Index of Subjects, ArmyPaymaster General (J. Howe),

vacancy in, admission to, 109.

Chelton, Andrew, payment to, 249.

Chertsey, co. Surrey, 221.

Chesapeake Bay, Cheseapeake Bay, Maryland, head of, Customs surveyor at. See Knight, S.;

Wood, T.

Cheshire, [John], a serjeant-at-law, 32.

Chester, county of, Auditor of crown revenues. See Godolphin, S.

Chief Justice of, payment to, 358. See also Jekyll, Sir J.

general surveyor of duties on Houses. See Jones, W.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Lloyd, T.

Receiver General of Assessments. See Austen, T.

Receiver General of duties on Houses, 100.

Receiver General of Taxes. See Lloyd. T.

Receiver of crown revenues. See Whitley, R.

second justice of. See Lovell, Sir S.;

Pocklington, J.

sheriff of. See Leigh, J.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Lockwood, H.;

Thomas, P.

Chester, co. Chester, 237, 335, 345, 511.

city of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Lloyd, T.

company of Invalids quartered at, 483.

Custom House, 322.

deputy Comptroller of. See Colequil, .

Mayor and Recorder of, letter of, 511.

searcher of. See Jenkin, T.

waiter and searcher at. See Lloyd E.;

Massey, R.;

White, H.;

Williams, M.

Chester, Robert, reducing brandy to proof, 326.

Chesterford, Baron. See Howard, H.

Chetwind. See Chetwynd.

Chetwynd (Chetwind), John, Ambassador Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy, 413, 471;

Envoy at Turin, 51;

Envoy or Envoy Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy, 367, 48, 61, 239, 475;

letter of credit sent to, 491.

Cheyne, Charles, Lord Cheyne, Viscount Newhaven, lands of, taken in for Chelsea Hospital, 22, 131, 287.

-, William, 2nd Lord Cheyne, 2nd Viscount Newhaven, Clerk of the Pipe, 60;

late Clerk of the Pipe, 118, 324;

payment to, 287;

petition of, purchase money for land for Chelsea Hospital, 149;

sale of Swede's Court, 22.

Chichester, co. Sussex, 268, 480.

Chichester, Arthur, Earl of Donegal, [foot] regiment of, arrears, issue for, 177.

clearings, 22.

commission officers, pay and levy money, 144.

men detached from, issue for, 17.

-, Katherine, Countess Dowager of Donegal, petition of, 155.

Child, Henry, Surveyor of Houses, 299.

-, John, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Wilts., 176, 500.

-, Leonard, Receiver General of duties on Houses, co. Surrey, 491, 494.

Chinall, C, packet boat of, 194.

Chinnell, William, tidesman, Newcastle port, 136.

Chiswell, Richard, citizen and stationer of London, petition of, 84, 357.

-, -, merchant, of London, eldest son of Richard, 84, 357.

-, Royston, an idiot, third son of Richard, 84, 357.

Chitty, Joseph, wine taster, London port, allowance to, 4689.

Cholmondeley (Cholmondley), [George], lieutenant general, lease of part of the old palace at Richmond, 156;

steward of the manor of Richmond, 213.

Chopwell, co. Durham, manor, 223;

woods in called Eastwood, Le Carrs and Moreclose, 223.

Christian, , widow, bounty for, 532.

-, [Charles], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 287.

Christoson, Nathaniel, boatman in Deal port, 268.

Christ's Hospital. See London and WestminsterStreets etc. in.

Chudleigh, Hugh, Comptroller of the accounts of the Treasurer of the Chamber, deceased, 483.

Church, Thomas, master of the Unity, 415.

Churchill, , major, necessaries for colonel Parke's chapel, 404;

plate for colonel Parke's chapel, 414.

-, Awnsham, bookseller, transcribing and printing, 1812, 500.

-, [Charles], colonel, [foot] regiment of, 179.

-, George, hay for the deer in House Park, Windsor, 332.

-, John, Marquis of Blandford, Duke of Marlborough, 169, 206, 310, 401, 509.

acquainted with the Flanders correspondence contract, 414.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General, 68, 161, 304, 413, 475.

attending the Treasury, 12, 20.

baggage of, 7, 99;

lately arrived from Holland, 484.

estimate for the forces in Spain, 14.

General of the Forces Abroad, 77.

honour of, colonel Handasyde's concern for the, 88.

lodgings of, at St. James's, 7, 9, 196.

luggage of, transport to Holland, 196.

march to Schellenberg and Blenheim, 94, 115.

Master General of the Ordnance, 62.

payment to for army contingencies, 178.

pictures and hangings of, 7, 99.

remittances to, 77, 178.

warrant for, 6.

Woodstock, building at for, 494.

-, [Joshua], colonel, marine regiment of, 108, 138, 155.

-, Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, First Lady of the Bedchamber, 61;

Groom of the Stole, 61, 159, 222, 332, 470;

Keeper of the Privy Purse, 411, 419.

-, William, army clothier, 104, 298, 300, 311, 317, 337, 409, 452, 480.

-, -, stationer, payments to, 133, 336, 427, 486.

Ciudad Rodrigo, Cuidad Rodrigo, Spain, 193.

Clancarty, Countess of. See Maccarty, E.

Clanricarde, Earl of. See Bourke, J.

Clark (Clarke, Clerk, Clerke), Edmund, a Commissioner for licensing Hackney Coaches, 409.

-, George, a Commissioner for licensing Hackney Coaches, 409.

-, James, captain, transportation of prisoners, 188, 312, 347.

-, John, Collector of Boston in Lincoln, deceased, debts of, 500.

-, Joseph, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 118, 377.

-, Philip, plumber, payment to, 253.

-, Robert, riding surveyor, Liverpool port and coast of Lancaster, surveyor, Whitehaven, 1167.

-, Samuel, tenements in Jermyn Street and Market Street, 325.

-, -, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 county and city of Hereford, 185.

-, Sir Talbot, coinage of copper, 467;

making and refining copper, 482.

-, Walter, seizure of money, 404.

-, William, deceased, weighing porter, London port, 189.

Clarkson, Thomas, an attorney at Boston, surety for S. Bridge, 343.

Clayton, James, grant for the life of, 357.

-, Mark, landwaiter in Yarmouth port, 237.

-, William, an Agent for Taxes, 7, 16, 73, 152, 227, 318, 341, 464.

-, -, [deputy Auditor of the Receipt], 21, 47, 118, 342.

-, -, member of Parliament for Liverpool, 177.

Cleator, Edward, tidesman, London port, 100.

Cleland, William, colonel, dismissed as Agent for Prizes at Barbados, 419.

Clennell, John, late sheriff for co. Northumberland, 369.

Clerk, Clerke. See Clark.

Cleveland, Duchess of. See Palmer, Barbarah.

Clies (Clyes), Francis, composition for tobacco bonds, 95, 137.

Cliffe, Loftus, recommended for employment in Ireland, 516, 520.

Clifford, George, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, warden, chief forester etc. of Salcey Forest, 190.

Clinton, Peter, distributor for stamped paper in co. Dorset, debts of, 293;

died in prison, 339;

sureties for. See Colson, J.;

Gallop, M.

-, Thomas, Collector, Barnstaple, 74.

Clitherowe, Christopher, executor of J. Paul, petition of, 69, 96.

Clough, James, Collector of Whitehaven, chosen as Commissioner of Customs for Scotland, 258.

-, John, Collector of Whitehaven, 100.

Clowie, John, master of the Union, 415.

Clutterbuck, Joseph, a Turkey merchant, silks of, 66.

Clyde, The, 366, 430, 458, 459, 498, 515.

Clyes. See Clies.

Clyves, , captain, master of a packet, 194.

Coade, Peter, captain, commander of the Messenger, 355.

Coates, John, tidesman, Plymouth port, 268;

waiter and searcher at Stonehouse, 237.

Cobb, Richard, surety for his brother Thomas, 176.

-, Thomas, late Receiver of Taxes co. Southampton, 176, 280;

sureties for. See Cobb, R.;

Poulett, C., 2nd Duke of Bolton.

Cock, John, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

-, Mary, pension on the life of, 62, 377, 418.

Cockaine, William, tidesman, London port, 459.

Cocks. See Cox.

Coddan, Philemon, employed as riding officer at Inverness, 472.

Codrington, Christopher, colonel, former Governor in Chief of the Leeward Islands, 215, 331, 401, 408, 482.

Coedcanlas, Coed Kenlas, co. Pembroke, 67.

Coed Kenlas. See Coedcanlas.

Coed Maddoch, Coed Maddock. See Eithinog.

Cogsgarne, Coysnage, John, and Company, merchants of Bristol, petition of, 160, 396.

Cohansey. See New Jersey.

Cohenzey. See New Jersey.

Coke (Cooke), Thomas, a Teller of the Exchequer, 118, 129;

Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, 140, 157, 225, 341, 465.

Coker, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses for the city of London, 101.

Cole, , petition of, 32, 33.

-, Robert, Agent and Consul at Algiers, 68, 162, 190, 305, 413, 476.

-, Thomas, Collector at Cowes, 1223, 152.

Colefield. See Caulfield.

Colenbine. See Columbine.

Colequil, , deputy comptroller of Chester, sent to Dundee, 366.

Coles, , lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

-, Geo., underclerk of the House of Commons, 276.

Coling (Colinge), Richard, a keeper of the Council Chamber, 63, 166, 376, 420, 485, 506.

Collard, Richard, a Moneyer of the Mint, 354 bis.

College (Colledge), Edith, Mrs., royal bounty for, 11, 138.

Collier, Elizabeth, a Maid of Honour, 61.

Collingwood, , colonel, [foot] regiment of, 302.

Collins, Francis, contract for masts, 253, 290.

Collison, Thrustian, Queen's waiter, Bristol port, 159, 208.

Colson, Jasper, of Dorchester, a surety for P. Clinton, petition of, 293, 339.

-, [Thomas], uniting the East India Companies, 5, 44.

Coltman, Henry, clerk to the Paymaster of the Million Lottery Tickets, 118, 335.

Columbine, Colenbine, [Ventris], [foot] regiment of, 388.

Colyear, David, 1st Earl of Portmore, foot regiment of, 22, 73, 179, 448.

Combeerose. See Comberose.

Comberose (Combeerose), Margaret, wife of Peter, 237.

-, Peter de, aide de camp to the Earl of Galway, pension to, 237.

Comings, William, tidesman, Exeter port, 439.

Commons, House of. See Index of SubjectsCommons.

Compton, Sir Francis, lease of lighthouses, 242.

-, Henry, bishop of London, lands of W. Dickenson, 511.

-, Mary, Countess Dowager of Northampton, fee farm rents contracted for by, 2256.

-, Spencer, Paymaster of the Queen's bounties, pensions and charities, appointed, 250;

issues to, 30, 38, 45, 250, 267, 273, 314, 329, 380, 407, 416, 470, 495, 526;

payments by, 309, 374, 380, 412, 438, 487, 502, 526;

salary, 250.

Comrie, Patrick, surveyor of Customs in Inverness port, deceased, 515.

Comun, Commun, Margaret du, dealer in silk, petition of, 527.

Coney. See Cony.

Coningsby, Thomas, Lord Coningsby, Paymaster of the Forces in Ireland, 8, 83, 132, 191, 238, 306, 388, 391, 458, 487.

Conlife, Charles, frauds in drawbacks on tobacco, 417.

Connecticut, colony of, erecting and settling a Post in, 282.

Constable, Gilb., master of the Elephant, 415.

Cony (Coney), Robert, chirurgeon to the Marine regiment under the Marquess of Carmarthen, 401.

Conyers, , consulted on queries concerning the trade of Scotland, 257.

-, -, office of steward of Havering atte Bower manor, 295.

-, Darcy, deceased, tidesman, Hull port, 268.

Cook (Cooke), , duty of Prizage of Wines in London port, 69.

-, James, master of the Alexander, 415.

-, -, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

-, Sir John, grant of the office of Clerk of the Pipe, 118.

-, -, report on the Worcester, 294.

-, John, Clerk of Foreign Estreats in the Exchequer Court, 165, 187, 372, 506.

-, Sir Thomas, of the East India Companies, 5, 44, 45;

stay of process against, 192.

Cooke. See Coke;


Coole, , petition of the merchants of Scotland, 416.

Coombes, John, citizen and plasterer of London, tenements in Jermyn Street and Market Street, 325.

Cooper, , Mrs., lined trunks for the Queen's use, 308.

-, Agneta, a Woman of the Bedchamber, 61.

-, [Challoner], lieutenant in the Marine Regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

-, William and Allen, Daniel, merchants, coining English copper, 418.

Coot, , Marshal to the regiment of [Dutch] foot guards, 384, 387.

Coote, Richard, 2nd Earl of Bellomont, at New York, 354.

-, -, [foot] regiment of, 124.

Cope, Sir John, letter of, 410.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 318;

journey to, payment for, 319.

Copley, Sir Godfrey, letter of, 87, 93.

Corbet, Edward, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Stafford, 101.

-, John, clerk to H. Pelham, 210.

Cordener (Cordiner), William, clerk, going to New England as chaplain, passage money, 98.

Cornbury, Viscount. See Hyde, E.

Cornelison, Heissell, master of the Dantzig ship Weissel-Mund, 95.

Cornforth, Cuthbert, weigher, Newcastle port, 268.

Cornish, Henry, clothier, 46, 103, 1235, 452.

Cornwall, county of, Auditor of crown revenues in. See Jett, T.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Manaton, F.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Sharpe, W.

tin from, 457.

tin smelting in, new method of, 516.

Cornwall, Duchy of, deputy auditor of. See Taylor, J.;

lands, 271, 295, 328;

revenue accounts, 515.

Cornwall, Henry, colonel, memorial of, 281.

Cornwallis, , employment for, 532.

-, Thomas, royal bounty for, 11, 138, 526.

Corse. See Cross.

Cort, Henry, Surveyor of duties on Houses, cos. Cumberland and Westmorland, 101.

Cortisos, Josh., payment to, 324.

Coste, Pierre la, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Cotten, Anthony, and his heirs, rent or corrody for, 303.

Cotterell (Cottrell), Sir Charles, Master of the Ceremonies, 308, 375, 502, 510;

issues to, 42, 62, 63, 151, 164, 165, 291, 374, 420, 424, 510.

-, Charles, Assistant to the Master of the Ceremonies, 63, 165, 375;

executors of, payment to, 420, 510.

-, Clement, appointed Assistant Master of the Ceremonies, 308.

Cottesworth (Cottsworth), William, of Newcastle, merchant, stay of judgment, 474 bis.

Cotton, James, of London, merchant, petition of, 279;

prize wines, 307.

-, Sir John, conveyance of Cotton House and Gardens, 123, 143, 314, 518;

settlement of lands in cos. Huntingdon or Bedford, 518;

signature of, 13.

-, John, deceased, tidesman, London port, 459.

-, Sir Robert, a Postmaster General, 282, 409, 432, 497.

Cotton House and Library. See London and WestminsterStreets etc. in.

Cottrell. See Cotterell.

Coulcy, , lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

Coulon, Jean Jaques, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Coupland, John, Agent to the Earl of Orford, 278;

clerk to same, 292 bis.

Couraud, Franois, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Courland, Russia, recruits for Dutch and German regiments from, 393.

Courthope, James, underclerk of the House of Commons, 276.

Courtiville, Christopher, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Essex, 101.

Courtney, William, Agent for Prizes at Milford Haven, 339.

Coventry, co. Warwick, city of, Receiver General of Land Tax 1707. See Andrews, J.

Cowall, island of, co. Argyle, Customs officer of. See Boyle, J.

Cowes, Isle of Wight, 156;

Collector at. See Cole, T.;

Custom House at, 1223.

Cowper, John, Receiver General of Taxes for cos. Northampton and Rutland, 87, 183.

-, -, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Devon, 101.

-, -, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Oxford, 101.

-, William, Baron Cowper of Wing-ham, annuity to as Keeper of the Great Seal, 356;

annuity to as Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, 356.

Cowpland, Thomas, boatman, Whitby, 74.

Cowslad, Thomas, lease of land in Shalbourne, 486.

Cox (Cocks), , brother of Samuel, 482.

-, Charles, second justice of Glamorgan, Brecon and Radnor, salary, 119, 297, 358, 516.

-, John, a keeper of the Council Chamber, 63, 166, 376, 420, 485, 506.

-, Sir Richard, acting as a Lord Justice of Ireland, allowance to, 313.

-, Samuel, a Commissioner of Customs in Barbados, 482;

a Commissioner for the Four and a Half per cent. duty, 499;

son-in-law of. See Beckles, T.

Coysnage. See Cogsgarne.

Crabb, Moses, counterfeiter, 243.

Craeshe, Wm., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Cragg, [Alexander], lieutenant in the second Marine regiment, executors of, payment to, 287.

Craggs, James, Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance, 62.

Cramlington, William, landsearcher, Newcastle, dismissed, 100.

Cranmer, Jos[eph], secondary in the Office of the Pipe, 168.

Crawford, , Customs officer, 156.

-, Ja., Collector [of Aberdeen port], permit to load a ship, 363.

Crawley, Richard, Receiver of salvage money and perquisites of Admiralty, 114, 243.

Creed, James, account of brewing houses in London, 402.

Creighton, [Abraham], colonel, [foot] regiment of, 125.

Cremer, Ann, widow of Thomas, 128.

-, Thomas, examiner for payments of Annuities in the Exchequer, fees due to, 128.

-, -, successor to Thomas, fees due to, 128.

Cressett, James, army clothing, 191, 2378.

Cretall. See White alias Cretall, Abraham.

Crew (Crewe), Sir John, business between him andEgerton, 55, 473.

Critz, Thomas de, a serjeant-at-arms, 315.

Crocker, Isaac, Queen's waterman, marking and nesting swans, 487.

Crofthead, co. Lancaster, 300.

Crofts, James, keeper of Linwood bailiwick in New Forest, 312.

Crohare, Daniel, a Queen's waiter, London port, 116, 126, 159;

deputy to. See Skinner, J.

Crompton, Robert, late Paymaster of Malt Tickets, 80;

executors of, payments to, 61.

Crookhaven, co. Cork, 459.

Crookshank, Crookshanks, John, an able accomptant, Comptroller General of Customs in Scotland, 258, 259, 401.

Crosby, , of Bocking, carpenter, petition of, 519.

-, William, major, royal bounty for, 247.

Crosfeild, Thomas, Surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Hereford, 101.

Cross (Corse), John, and partners, masters of a sugar work at Glasgow, petition of, 463, 464.

-, William, merchant, in Glasgow, and partners of the Easter Sugaric, petition of, 463.

Crosse, John, merchant, petition of, 430.

Crouch, John, a Queen's waiter, London port, 454, 459.

-, William, deceased, Customs Inspector of the River, 189.

Crow (Crowe), Christopher, bills of, 43, 50, 443, 4812.

-, Mitford, appointed for special service to Genoa and Spain, 89.

Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Spain, 80.

Captain General and Governor of Barbados etc., 95, 149, 212, 272, 306, 474.

arrival in Barbados, 504.

date of landing, 474.

furniture and plate for his chapel in Barbados, 100.

salary, 474, 504.

transport charges, 416.

Crowder, Peter, tidesman and boatman at Boston, 146.

Crowe. See Crow.

Crown (Crowne) John, royal bounty for, 112, 526.

Croxton, James, junior, landwaiter at Liverpool, 268.

Cudmore, , Treasurer to the factory for disbursements to sick and disabled soldiers, 194.

Cuffe, Gerald, a Reformed officer, restored to half pay, 439.

Cuidad Rodrigo. See Ciudad Rodrigo.

Culleford. See Culliford.

Cullercoates, co. Durham [co. Northumberland], Excise Collector of. See Geeythorne, J.

Culliford (Culleford), , 531.

-, [William], a Commissioner of Customs, 49.

-, -, lieutenant colonel, augmentation of his pension, 192.

Culloden, co. Inverness, 454, 460, 461;

Laird of, 460.

Culpeper, John, Lord Culpeper, pension to, 351.

-, Thomas, Lord Culpeper, compensation in lieu of a grant of quit rents in Virginia, 248.

Cumberland, county of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Brougham, T.;

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Cort, H.;

Redman, G.

Cumberland, Earl of. See Clifford, G.

Cumbraes, islands of, co. Bute, Customs officer of. See Boyle, J.

Cunha, D. Luis da, Envoy Extraordinary from Portugal, mmoire from, 411.

Cuningham. See Cunningham.

Cunningham (Cuningham), Sir Albert, regiment of Dragoons of, 73, 125, 127.

-, Charles, clerk, going to Jamaica as chaplain, passage money, 481.

-, William, tide waiter on the river Clyde, 515.

Curaoa, West Indies, island of, 432.

Curry, [Hugh], captain, company of, 244.

Curry Mallet, co. Somerset, park and desmesnes of, 328.

Curse, William, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Curtis, James, place in the Customs, 403.

Custom House. See London and WestminsterStreets etc. in.

Cutting, Alex, demesne tenant at Richmond, petition of, 2134, 319.

Cutts, John, Lord Cutts of Gowran, a Lieutenant General on the Irish establishment, 402;

Coldstream regiment of Guards of, 327;

day of the death of, 324;

Governor of the Isle of Wight, 98;

Receiver General of the Isle of Wight, 98;

regiment of foot of, 385, 388.

-, Thomas, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Czar, The. See Muscovy.