Index of Persons and Places: F

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Fabre, Louis, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70, 281.

Fackeney, David, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Fagell, , colonel, regiment of foot, state of pay, 385, 387.

Fairborne (Fairborn), Sir Stafford, naval stores supplied to, 3, 82;

wines seized by, 120.

Fairfax, Charles, colonel, heirs of, perpetuity to, 166, 374, 506.

-, Thomas, Lord Fairfax, grant to of all wrecks, jetsam and flotsam etc. cast away in the West Indies, 193.

-,-, regiment of [foot], 388.

Fairlis, Mathew, Groom of the Vestry to the Chapel Royal, payment to, 324.

Faitt, John, master of the Drummond, 415.

Falkland, Viscount. See Carey, A.;

Carey, L. H.

-, Viscountess. See Carey, Rebecca.

Falmouth, co. Cornwall, 279, 486.

agents and clerks for the West Indies pacquet service in, salaries, 433.

Agents for Prizes at. See Davy, N.;

Parker, J.

landwaiter at. See Giles, I.

pacquet boats at, abuses of the, 508;

transferred to Flushing, 479.

tidesman and boatman at. See Buckingham, J.;

Thomas, M.

Falquier, Isaac, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish Establishment, 71, 281.

Fangrove Coppice. See Windsor Forest.

Fannen or Fannon, James, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Farington. See Farrington.

Farmer (Fermor), , tidesman, Newcastle port, 136;

tidesman, Shields, 188,

-, Henry, a Trustee for circulating Exchequer Bills, 278, 305.

Faro, Portugal, Consul at. See Holden, J.

Farra, John [messenger of the Exchequer Receipt], payment to for carrying letters, 64, 140, 232, 332, 468, 527.

Farrell (Farrel), William, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Farrington (Farington), [Thomas], brigadier, [foot] regiment of, embarkation of, 324.

men drafted to, 244.

officers of, lately arrived from Spain, subsistence for, 361, 427.

on the establishment of the 10,000 men, 150.

pay for, 107.

raising men, 360, 361.

subsistence for, 427, 480.

Farrow, Thomas, petition of, 214.

Farthing, Eliz., Mrs., royal bounty for, 412.

-, Elizabeth, spinster, pension to, 502.

-, Martha, mother of Eliz., funeral of, 412.

Fathorne, Hugh, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Fauconier, [Peter], [late Collector and Receiver General of New York], prosecution of, 398, 449.

Faussett (Fausset), William, Receiver General of Taxes co. Kent and city of Canterbury, 183, 437, 510.

Faversham, Earl of. See Feversham, Earl of,

Favier, Thomas, a French pensioner on the Irish establishment, to be employed as an Ingenier, 105.

-,-, son of Thomas, pension transferred to, 105.

Fazakerly, Sir William, Chamberlain of the city of London, 67;

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 for London and Westminster and county of Middlesex, 182.

Feilding. See Fielding.

Fellows, , of Massachusetts Bay, 204.

Feltham, Lucas, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Felton, Thomas, a former Auditor of the Receipt, 400.

Fereand, , Mris., lodging the Muscovy Ambassador, 422.

Fergharson. See Ferguson.

Ferguson (Fergharson), Jno., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

-, Pieter, major of brigade, pay for, 386.

Ferintosh, Ferrintosh, Nairnshire, lands of, exemption from Excise duties, 4602.

Feme, Henry [Receiver General and] Cashier of Customs, 29, 37, 207, 527.

Ferrintosh. See Ferintosh.

Fettiplace, George, composition for Customs debts, 138.

Feversham (Faversham), Earl of. See Durfort, Louis de.

Fez and Morocco, Ambassador from, recredentials for, 329;

Emperor of, Envoy Extraordinary to. See Delaval, G.

Fez and Morocco, Tafilet and Sus etc., Emperor of, Envoy Extraordinary to. See Delaval, G.

Fielding (Feilding), Israel, Commissary of Provisions, 388.

-, Margaret, a Woman of the Bed-chamber, 61.

-, [Robert], marriage with the Duchess of Cleveland, 1545.

Filey, co. York, Customs riding officer at. See Standridge, R.;

Whithead, T.

Finch, Elizabeth, formerly Ayres, Countess Dowager of Winchilsea, tenant of premises at Richmond, 214, 319.

Fisher, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Surrey, 102.

Fitch, William, sheriff for co. Dorset, 243.

Fitling, co. York, manor, 181.

Fitzhardinge, Viscount. See Berkeley, J.

-, Viscountess. See Berkeley, Barbarah.

Fitzhugh, , captain, deceased, husband of Mrs. . 1.

-,-, Mrs., payment to, to carry her to Ireland, 1.

Fitzroy, Charles, Duke of Grafton, annuity or pension to, 165, 373, 420, 507.

grant of woods and coppices in Salcey and Whittlewood forests to, 240.

Keeper of Bushy Park, 303.

-,-, Duke of Southampton, annuity to, 246.

-, George, Duke of Northumberland, 303;

Governor and Captain of Windsor Castle, quarterly fee, 63, 166, 372, 421, 506.

-, Isabella, Dowager Duchess of Grafton, annuity or pension to, 165, 373, 420, 507;

heiress of Earl of Arlington, annual payment to, 532.

Fitzwalter, Lord. See Mildmay, C.

Flanders, campaigns in, 170, 235.

correspondence, contract for, 409410, 414.

deputy [paymaster] to the Earl of Ranelagh in. See Hill, [R.].

forces in, 122, 251, 280.

hospitals in, 474.

lace, 207.

linen, 146, 521.

Fleetwood, Miles, merchant, petition for mployment in the Customs, 185.

Fleming, Christopher, 17th Baron Slane, pension to, 231.

Fletcher, David, master of the Betty galley, 415.

-, Richard, tidesman, London port, 189.

-, Robert, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

-,-, junr., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Flint, county of. Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Lloyd, T. second justice of. See Lovell, Sir S.;

Pocklington, J.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Arthur, E.

Flint, co. Flint, 296.

bailiffs of, irregular court held by, 173. See also Jones, H.;

Mostyn, Sir R.

castle, 173, 296;

constable of. See Trevor, Sir J,

constable and mayor of, petition of, 173.

Queen's manor of, 173.

recorder and steward of. See Lloyd, H.

Flinton, co. York, 163;

manor of, 181.

Flodorp, , colonel, regiment of, state of pay, 385, 387.

Florence, Great Duke of, Envoy Extraordinary from. See Zefferini, Count;

transport charges to, 333.

Flotard, David, payment to for services relating to the war in Italy, 41, 405, 409.

Flournoys, Peter, nominee of the Countess of Sutherland, annuity paid to, 161.

Flower, Henry, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Wilts, 102.

Floyd, John, father of Vincent, resignation as riding surveyor, 345.

-, Vincent, riding surveyor at Ruthland in Chester port, 345.

Flushing, co. Cornwall, inhabitants of refuse to lodge Customs tidesmen, 479;

pacquet boats transferred to from Falmouth, 479;

quays built at, 486.

Foissac, Jacques, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70.

Fonjuliane. See Fontjuliane.

Fontalba, Louis de, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Fontjuliane (Fonjuliane), Louis de, colonel, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71;

regiment of, 282.

Forbes, Duncan, of Culloden, farm of Excise granted to, 461;

petition of, losses by Highland rebels in arms, 461.

-, Sir James, late a clerk of the Board of Greencloth, arrear due to, 473.

-, John, of Culloden, exemption from Excise duties for his lands in Ferintosh, 442, 454, 4602, 464.

Ford, Robert, Keeper of Her Majesty's garden at Newmarket, payment to, 62, 165.

Forfar, Earl of. See Douglas, Archibald.

Forrest, Thomas, a notorious fellow, evidence given by, 105;

payment to for giving information, 312;

petition for a place in the Customs, 402.

Forrester, Mary, a Maid of Honour, 61.

Forster, William, lease of tenements in West Ham, 229.

Fort, Alexander, late master joiner of the Works, executors of, payment to, 64.

Fort William, co. Inverness, Customs establishment at, 487.

Foster, [John], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

-, John, boatman at Brighton, dismissed, 95;

boatman at Shoreham, dismissed, 480.

Fotherby, John, Collector of Whitehaven, deceased, 100.

Foulden, co. Berwick, 320.

Foulk. See Foulkes.

Foulkes (Foulk), [John], colonel, [foot] regiment of, 124.

Fowey, co. Cornwall, 196, 429;

Collector of. See Pilson, J.;

surveyor, waiter and searcher of. See Lloyd, E.;

Massey, R.

Fowler, And., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

-, Andrew, master of the Fisher of Leith, 415.

Fox (Foxe), , colonel, foot regiment of, 117.

-, Charles, late Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, 8, 11, 76, 81, 116, 178, 179, 191, 238, 307, 391, 466, 487, 522;

loan by, 297;

Paymaster in Ireland, 388.

-, Peter, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

-, Thomas, keeping registers of loans, payment for, 56, 140, 218, 340, 455, 528.

Foxwell, Thomas, deceased, tidesman in Exeter port, 439.

Foyston, Mary, necessary woman, 222;

travelling charges, 336.

Fraissinet, Pierre, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

France, Ambassador Extraordinary to. See Montagu, C, Earl of Manchester.

brandies from, 458, 45960, 469.

corresponding with, prosecution for, 316.

goods from, queries concerning, 256, 257, 3456.

King of. Resident from Charles I and Charles II with. See Brown, Sir R.

men from a regiment taken into, 182.

prisoners, carried through, 200;

exchange of, 300;

redemption of, 75;

transported from, 188.

Protestant refugees from, issues for, 6, 45, 94.

silks from, 95;

imported, prosecutions for, 512;

seizure of, 397.

trade with, prohibition of (as by 3 and 4 Anne, c. 12), 460.

war with, 482.

wines from, 229, 3456, 450, 458, 45960, 4689.

wool sent to, 95, 121, 512.

Francis, Samuel, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Montgomery, 102.

Frankfurt, Frankfort, her Majesty's Secretary at. See Davenant, H.

Frankland, Ann, payment to for the use of Lady Frances Keightley, 229.

-, Sir Thomas, a Postmaster General, 282, 409, 432, 497.

Fraser, William, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Frechvill, Frechville. See Frescheville.

Freeman, Richard, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 402.

-, William, a Master of Chancery, 252.

Freind. See Friend.

Freke, Geo., colonel, petition of, 213.

French, Fra., Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. York, 101.

Frescheville or Frecheville (Frechvill, Frechville, Fretchvill), Ann Charlotte, Lady Frescheville, a Lady of the Bedchamber, 61;

gift of gold plate to for a horse race in Yorkshire, 500.

-, John, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Friend (Freind), Dr. , chaplain to the Earl of Peterborough, pay for, 93.

Friesland, 80.

Frogmore, Frogmere, co. Berks., way from Datchet Bridge to Windsor by, repair of, 42, 414.

Fry, John, manslaughter of, 82.

Fuen Calada (Fuencalada, Fuencalade), Count de, Envoy or Envoy Extraordinary from King Charles III of Spain, 425;

present for, 42, 424.

Fulham, co. Middlesex, road to, repair of, 176, 252.

Furley, Benjamin, of Amsterdam, bills of, 69, 99.

Furnace (Fumes, Furnese), Sir Henry, agreement for remitting money to the Low Countries, 18.

attending the Treasury, 2, 14.

baronetcy, fee, 408.

loans and bills of, 9, 31, 42, 43, 54, 55, 110, 172, 528.

proposals for remitting money to Portugal and Spain, 2, 16, 38, 523.

signature of, 9, 18.

tallies in the hands of, 21.

Fyers, William, declines the place of weigher and marker at Glasgow port, 509.