Index of Persons and Places: G

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Gallas, Count, Envoy from the Emperor of Germany, memorial of, 208.

Gallop or Gollop, Maximilian, of Dorchester, a surety for P. Clinton, petition of, 293, 339.

Galway, co. Galway, town and garrison, barracks in, 223;

fortification of, 5134;

Governor of. See Belasyse, Sir H.

Galway, Earl of. See Ruvigny, H. de M. de.

Gamble, Robert, tidesman, Plymouth port, 268.

Garaway, Christopher, underkeeper of House Park at Hampton Court, 303.

Garde. See Lagarde.

Gardiner, William, of Richmond, lease of the Friars in Richmond manor, 480.

Gardner, Daniel, a sergeant-at-arms, 63, 375, 510.

-, Robert, captain, army accounts, 327.

-, Thomas, Keeper of the stores of small arms, 62.

-, Timothy, tidesman, Newcastle port, 136.

Garrett, William, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Garripuy, Franois, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70.

Garrison, Antoine, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Gartalinny. See Gortalinny.

Gascoigne, Sir Thomas, bart., outlaw, lands of, 359.

Gaspart, Charles, quartermaster, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Gastigny, James, annuity or pension for, 63, 165, 375, 420, 506.

Gates, , an informer, 95.

Gatigny (Gatignij), , adjutant general, pay for, 384, 387.

Gauthorn, Roger, a prosecutor, 136.

Geeythorne, John, Collector of Excise at Cullercoates, ordered to Scotland, 273.

Gelling, Edward, tidesman, Lynn, dismissed, 189.

Geneste, Louis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Geneva, 162, 210, 305, 333, 334;

Resident at. See Arziliers, G. P. d'.

Genoa, Agent for Prizes at. See Blackwell, Sir L.;

Kirke, T.

bills drawn at, 3, 14, 15, 16, 36, 131, 143, 315, 322.

Consul at. See Kirke, T.

damask, 247.

Envoy to. See Crow, M.

provisioning ships at, 499.

Genoa, Republic of, 243.

George, David, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

George, Prince of Denmark, Consort of Queen Anne, 383.

George, Prince of Hesse. See Hesse.

George. See also Gorges.

Germany, Emperor of, army in, in Italy, 110.

Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to. See Meadows, Sir P.;

Stepney, G.

Envoy from. See Gallas, Count,

horses bought for, 208.

loans to, 28, 246;

Trustees for managing, accounts of, 8, 10910.

forces in, 9

recruits for Dutch and German regiments from, 393.

steel from, 263.

trade with, abstract of demanded, 511.

Gerona, Girona, Spain, 342.

Gibbon, Griffith, tidesman and boatman at Tenby, 147.

Gibbons, Grimblin [Grinling], Carver to the Works, 64;

looking after carvings at Windsor Castle, 325.

-, Thomas, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Gibraltar, 193, 429.

Bay of, 338.

fort, 338.

garrison, 161, 524.

Commissary of. See Webb, J.

fortifications, 315, 525.

Governor etc. of, pay for, 317.

loan to, 121.

medicines for, 499.

pay for, 139.

Lieutenant Governor of. See Elliott, R.

marines left at, 499.

siege of, 200, 425.

works and fortifications at, bills for, 491.

Gibson, Sir John, payment to, 195.

Giffen, Giffin, Ayrshire, 363.

Giles, Isaac, landwaiter, Falmouth, augmented salary, 268.

Gilliver, Robert, collection of arrears of land revenues, 12, 87, 93, 4034.

Gillson, John, tidesman, New castle port, 136.

Gilpin, William, Comptroller of Carlisle port, 34, 294, 425.

Ginkel, Baron de. See Reede, G. van.

Girard, Philip, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Girona. See Gerona.

Gitting, Henry, shipmaster, 399.

Glamorgan, county of, Chief Justice of. See Banastre, W.

lands of an outlaw in, 112.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Howells, G.

second justice of. See Cox, C.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Pugh, T.

Glasgow, co. Lanark, 255, 320, 367, 368, 430.

Customs establishment at, 487.

merchants of, petition of, 498.

sugar manufactories, 442, 454;

papers concerning Excise duties, 460, 461, 4624.

weigher and marker at. See Fyers, W.;

Newsham, R.

Glasgow, Earl of. See Boyle, D.

Glatigny, Adam, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Glenn, Geo., of the Worcester, compensation to, 406.

Glew, William, master of the Elizabeth and Catharine, 415;

signatory to a petition, 370.

Gloucester, county of, Auditor of crown revenues in. See Jett, T.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Rogers, W.

Receiver General of duties on Houses, 108.

Receiver of Taxes for, 108. See also Webb, T.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Diggs, R.

-,-, See also Virginia.

Glover, William, merchant, delivery of wine bonds, 422.

Glynne, Edmund, grant of lands etc. in the commote of Uwch-Gorfai, 67.

Goatley, Sarles, serjeant-at-arms attending the Speaker of the House of Peers, 373.

Gobiliotti, Paul, chirurgeon of the Seymour, 209.

Godfrey, Charles, colonel, army clothing accounts, 124.

-, Edward, fees paid at the Exchequer, 158, 293.

Godolphin, Charles, a Commissioner of Customs, 49, 164, 488;

petition of concerning register of ships, 452;

appointed Register General of all trading ships, 488.

-, Francis, (styled Viscount Rialton 170612), Cofferer of the Household, 94, 120, 129, 314, 335, 352, 421, 427, 437, 470, 481, 495, 509, 518.

-, Henrietta, Lady Godolphin, wife of Francis (styled Viscountess Rialton 170612), a Lady of the Bedchamber, 61, 222.

-, Sidney, Viscount Rialton, Earl of Godolphin, Lord Treasurer. See Index of SubjectsTreasury.

-,-, Auditor, memorial of, 289;

Auditor of crown revenues within Wales and cos. Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby and Chester, 185, 236;

Auditor of Wales, 26, 67, 121, 191, 331;

proposed as Auditor of Greenwich Hospital, 220.

Goldham, , seizure at Seaford, 397.

Golding, [Thomas], lieutenant in the first Marine regiment, executors of, payment to, 287.

Goldsborough, Lawrence, payment to, 249.

Gollop. See Gallop.

Gont, Jean, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71. See also Gout, J.

Goodall, Thomas, an accomptant, 306, 369.

Goodman, Thomas, a Commissioner of Appeals in Excise, 512.

Goodrick, Richard, lease of the Friars at Richmond, 350.

Goodwin, Jonas, tidesman, London port, 189.

-, Timothy, necessaries for the Lord Chamberlain's office etc., 336.

Gordon (Gourdan, Gourdon), Alexr., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

-, James, of Edinburgh, merchant, depositions of, 363.

-,-, senior, merchant in Edinburgh, petition of, 294.

-,-, et al., of Edinburgh, merchants, petition of, 254.

-, William, going to North Carolina as chaplain, passage money, 446.

Gore, Arthur, captain, a, Reformed officer, restored to half pay, 439.

-, Francis, lieutenant colonel, petition of, 199, 509.

-, Henry, captain, commander of the Bristol, payment to, 240.

-, Humphrey, colonel, regiment of, 450, 504.

-, Sir Thomas, regiment of, 123, 124.

-, William, captain or major of colonel Whetham's regiment, 244, 450.

Gorges (George, Gorge), [Richard], brigadier, foot regiment of, 81, 297, 360.

Goring, Charles, late sub-commissioner for Prizes at Portsmouth, 240.

Gortalinny, Gartalinny, co. Kerry, 78, 197.

Gorthgreg. See Gwyddgrug.

Gossehn (Gostlin), William, a referee in the case of the Worcester, 294, 311, 405.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 80, 95.

Gott, Christopher, watchman, London port, deceased, 146.

Gouda, Holland, 403.

Gould , 11, 137.

Gourdan, Gourdon. See Gordon.

Gout, Jean, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 281. See also Gont, J.

Gouxhill. See Goxhill.

Gower, [Samuel], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

Goxhill, Gouxhill, co. Lincoln, manor of, 105, 143, 285, 3123.

Grace, [William], lieutenant in the first Marine regiment, executors of, payment to, 287.

Grafton, Duchess Dowager of. See Fitzroy, I.

-, Duke of. See Fitzroy, C.

Graham, , colonel, petition of the merchants of Scotland, 415.

-, James, 2nd Duke of Montrose, attending the Treasury, 29 bis;

assisting the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, 367.

-, William, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Grange, Lord. See Erskine, J.

Granger, Hugh, examiner inwards of Customs, London port, allowance and salary, 471.

-, Thomas, discharge of Customs bonds, 145.

Granier (Grenier), Jacques, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71, 282.

Granville, Sir Beville, Captain General and Governor in Chief of Barbados etc., 95.

conveyance of Mote Park to the Crown, 230, 442.

embarkation for England, 504.

executors of, allowance to for above Captain General etc., 162;

payment to for rent of Mote Park, 116, 247, 419.

Grassingham, John, a surety for T. Tomkins, 138.

Gravesend, co. Kent, 109, 473.

Graydon, Charles, Receiver General and Cashier of Customs, North Britain, 298, 325, 487;

ditto, Scotland, 259 bis, 298.

Great Yarmouth. See Yarmouth.

Green (Greene), , captain, master of the Allyance, 194.

-, [Charles], lieutenant colonel, regiment of Dragoons, 127.

-, Dr. Christopher, Reader or Professor of Physic in Cambridge University, half yearly payment to, 165, 510.

-, John, brother to Thomas, et al. the late crew of the Worcester, petition of, 311, 4057.

-, Joshua, surveyor at Newcastle exchanged as surveyor and waiter at York, 146.

-, Thomas, steward to the Society of Lincoln's Inn, payment to for absent Commons, 457.

-,-, captain of the Worcester, executed, compensation for, 405;

brother [in law] to. See Ockley, J.;

brother to. See Green, J.

Greenock, co. Renfrew, 498.

Greenway, Robert, 531.

Greenwich, co. Kent, Eastcombe or Nethercombe Farm, 160;

late mewskeeper at. See Peachey, T.;

surveyor at. See Massinger, J.

-, East, co. Kent, collectors of Taxes at. See Hare, J.;

Ryley, N.;

manor of, 407.

Greenwich Hospital, accounts, auditor for. See Godolphin, S.

deductions of 6d. a month from seamen for, 78.

Directors of, 113;

petition of, 445, 519.

grant to of revenue from the Savoy Hospital, 34.

Lottery, Trustees for, 78.

pirates' effects disposed of to the use of, 355.

Portland stone for, 445, 519.

Treasurer of. See Draper, W.;

Evelyn, J.

Greenwood, [Mathew], salt duty, 311.

-, Nicholas, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Kent, 101.

Greer, Robert, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Durham, salary, 430.

Gregg, Benjamin, a serjeant at arms, 63, 315, 375, 510.

-, Peter, highway robber, arrested, 339.

Greggs, Robert, surveyor, Whitehaven port, deceased, 116.

Gregory, , carpenter, widow of, payment to, 253.

-, David, Dr., Professor of Astronomy at Oxford, going to the mint at Edinburgh, 350, 353, 354.

Grenier. See Granier.

Grey, Thomas, 2nd Earl of Stamford, a Commissioner for Trade, 128, 517.

Grice, John le, reward to for apprehending counterfeiters, 243.

Griffin, Edward, Lord Griffin, forfeited estate of, 56, 513.

-, James, manor of Dingley, 4345.

Griffith, Edward, manor of Pallace, 84, 117, 277.

-, Margaret, widow, discovery of Exchequer Bills, 84.

-, Richard, clerk in the office of the Accountant for Prizes, 129

-, Robert, assistant to the late Commissary General for victualling the Army at Hoylake, 305.

Grigman, Stephen, tidesman, London port, 100.

Grinder, la Motte, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Groben, , colonel, regiment of foot, state of pay, 386, 387, 390.

Grosmont, Grossinont, co. Monmouth, 226.

Grosvenor (Grovenor), John, rents for ferries over the river Menai, 422.

-, Sir Thomas, lands of purchased for Chelsea Hospital, 131.

Grove, John, master plaisterer to the Works, 64.

Grovenor. See Grosvenor.

Guernsey, Island of, Agent for Prizes at. See Dobree, J.;

Lee, R.

boatman at. See Dunbreck, T.;

Poole, J.

chief tidesman in. See Poole, J.

Customs register of certificates in. See Blinston, S.;

Lee, R.;

Poole, J.;

clerk under. See Thompson, J.

people, inhabitants of Wapping, French minister for, 210.

Guillermin, Pierre, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71, 281.

Guinea, ship from, 122, 156.

Guiscard, Marquis d', horses bought from, 98.

Guise, Sir John, bart., regiment of, 285.

Guizot, Jacques, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Gurnell, James, Collector of Excise at Long Preston, ordered to Scotland, 273.

Guybon, , an agent, 168.

Gwillim, Thomas, Surveyor of duties on Houses, cos. Anglesey and Merioneth, 102.

Gwyddgrug (Gwyderig alias Gorthgreg), in [the manor of] Talley. co. Carmarthen, grange of, 67.

Gwyderig alias Gorthgreg. See Gwyddgrug.

Gwyn, Marmaduke, second justice of Merioneth, Carnarvon and Anglesey, fees, 97.

Gwynn, Sir Rowland, outlaw, lands of, 112.