Index of Persons and Places: L

Pages 583-590

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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La Barthe. See Barthe.

La Bat. See Bat.

Labaumer, Jean, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Labeissade, Jean, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Laboissiere (La Boissiere), Jean, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70, 281.

Labrissonniere, Pierre, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Lacapelle, Isaac, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishent, 72.

La Charois. See Charois.

La Coste. See Coste.

Lacoste, Jean, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Lacy, Robert, late Receiver of the Temporalities of the bishopric of St. David's, accounts, 2901.

Ladeveze, Abel, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72. See also Landeveze, A.

Lafitte, Jean, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Laforteles, Caesar, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Lagarde (La Garde), Jacques, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71, 281.

Lager, Jean, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Laigle, Isaac de, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Lake, , 54, 55.

-, Arthur, lost order on the Continued Duties, 107.

La Lande. See Lande.

La Maire. See Maire.

La Maria. See Maria.

La Marin. See Marin.

Lamb, Anthony, tidesman, Newcastle, dismissed, 136.

Lambert, Thomas, lease of Taly foel ferry, 422.

Lambeth, co. Surrey, woodyard, 491.

La Meloniere. See Meloniere.

Lamlash, Isle of Arran, 460.

Lamouline, Robert, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Lancaster, county of, Assizes, trial of ejectment, 299.

coast of, riding surveyor of. See Chadwick, C.;

Clark, R.

lands in, seizure of, 299300.

quit rents, 226.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Thornton, J.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Carter, R.

Lancaster, Duchy of, Chancellor of. See Stanley, J., Earl of Derby.

Lancaster, co. Lancaster, castle, 188, 500;

postmistress of. See Atkinson, Elizabeth.

Lancaster, [John], lieutenant in the second Marine regiment, executors of, payment to, 287.

Landaff. See Llandaff.

Lande, Henry la, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70.

Landen, battle of, 313.

Landeveze, Anthone, junior, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Lane, James, master et al., of the ship Seymour, petition of, 168, 209.

-, John, apprehended for robbery, 446.

-, Thomas, pension, 62, 165, 376, 420, 506.

Langford, Henry, coastwaiter, London port, 188.

Langley, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Northumberland, 102.

Langrish, Charles, riding officer of Stranraer, 472.

Langston, Francis, lieutenant general, petition for pay etc., 324;

put on the Irish establishment, 402, 408.

Langton, co. Lincoln, 287.

Langton, George, of Langton, appointed Inspector of the Outports Collectors' accounts, 287.

La Plagne, Laplagnie, Laplaigne, La Plaigne. See Plaigne.

Lapley, James, lease of the sisters' kitchen in the Savoy, 58.

La Rize. See Rize.

Laroche, Peter, Harbinger to the Queen, 417.

Lasalle, Jean, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Latheby, John, order on Low Wines, 421.

Lathum, John, Collector of revenue, Lisburn, petition of, 397, 453.

Latten, John, tenant of the lodge in Richmond Old Park, 170.

Lauder, , colonel, regiment of foot, 385.

Launceston, co. Cornwall, Priory of, 295.

Lause, Franois de, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Laval, David, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

-, Joseph de, lieutenant, pension for, 282. See also Val, Jos. du.

Lawrence, Henry, tidesman, Plymouth, 268.

Lawson, Joseph, a serjeant-at-arms, 63, 375, 510.

-, William, convicted for conveying wool into Scotland, 186, 369.

Lawton, John, a surety for T. Spendelow, 199.

Lawze, John, lease of the Friars in Richmond, 350.

Leader, Thomas, Customs gauger, petition of, 246.

Leake, Sir John, [vice-admiral], going to Lisbon, 55.

-, Richard, coalwaiter, Newcastle, deceased, 480.

Leaky, , information exhibited by, 667.

Leary, [Humphrey], lieutenant of marines, executors of, payment to, 287.

Le Carrs. See Chopwell.

Lee. See Leith.

Lee, , Virginia, quit rents, 411.

-, Robert, deceased, Agent for Prizes and Register of Certificates in Guernsey, 145, 159, 188.

Leeds, co. York, 273;

supervisor of Excise at. See Leicester, R.;

third riding collector of. See Milner, T.

Leeds, Duke of. See Osborne, T.

Leeward Islands, Leeward Caribbee Islands, Assemblies of, 172.

Captain General and Governor in chief. See Parke, D.

Casual Revenue, Receiver of, vacancy for a, 353. See also Rhodes, C.

chapel. See Parke, D.

chaplain for. See Robinson, R.

Commander in Chief of. See Johnson, J.;

Mathew, Sir W.

deputy secretary of. See Rhodes, C.

descent of the French on, 274.

government of in the absence of the Governor to be undertaken by the Lieutenant Governor of Nevis, 215.

Governor of, salary, 188, 2156;

to furnish the West Indies squadron with money, 191;

see also Codrington, [C.];

Mathew, Sir W.;

Parke, D. invaded by the French, 216.

losses in caused by the French, 426, 450.

plantation in, grant of, 482.

regiments in and going to, 70, 92, 296, 441.

schoolmaster going to. See Pearson, R.

soldiers sent to, 16, 163.

Legg, David, painter, payment to, 253.

-, William, tidesman, London port, 480.

Legge, William, 2nd Lord Dartmouth (afterwards Viscount Lewisham and Earl of Dartmouth), a Commissioner of Trade, 60, 372, 507, 517.

Legh. See Leigh.

Leghorn, Leghorne, Italy, 43, 3334, 334, 499;

Agent for Droits and Perquisites of Admiralty at. See Blackwell, Sir L.;

Agent for Prizes at. See Blackwell, Sir L.

Le Grice. See Grice.

Leicester, county of, quit rents, 226.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Bradgate, J.

sheriff of. See Morris, C.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Abney, J.;

Draycot, W.

Leicester, co. Leicester, 226.

Leicester, Earl of. See Dudley, R.

Leicester, Ralph, supervisor of Excise at Leeds, ordered to Scotland, 273.

Leigh (Legh), John, sheriff of co. Chester, accounts, 112.

-, Thomas, landwaiter at Ports mouth and Barnstaple, 100.

Leise, , supervisor of Excise in West morland, ordered to Scotland, 273.

Leith, Lee, co. Edinburgh, 255, 319, 361, 363, 366, 415, 429, 472, 498;

Customs officers at, salaries, 487;

Firth of, Dutch fleet in, 429.

Leman, Richard. landwaiter, Plymouth, 189.

Lemmon, John, tidesman, Newcastle, dismissed, 136.

Lemyng, James, 242;

daughter of. See Rebow, Mary.

-, Mary, wife of James, eldest daughter and coheir of Sir W. Batten, 242.

Le Neve, Peter, a deputy chamberlain of the Exchequer Receipt, 39, 172, 210, 266, 349.

Lennox, Duke of. See Stewart, L.

Lepell, [Nicholas], colonel, [foot] regiment of, accounts, 306;

men detached from, 8;

pay etc. to, 457;

raised and sent to Ireland, 95, 163, 457;

recruits for, 83;

subsistence for, 95, 163.

Lerida, Catalonia, 489.

Lescheraine, Count, Envoy from the Elector Palatine, royal present to, 229.

Lesley, John, tar shipped from Scotland, 363.

Lestang, Louis, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Leveson, Walter, major, petition of, 199.

Levesque, [Jacob], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of the Marquess of Carmarthen, 153.

Levinge (Lovinge), Sir Richard, Solicitor General, Ireland, opinion by, 460.

Levingston, George, merchant, tobacco bond, 135.

Levington, , petition of the merchants of Scotland, 416.

Levysay. See Livesay.

Lewis, Lewes, Hebrides Islands, Customs establishment at, 487;

tidesman at. See McLoad, A.

Lewis, Edward, lease of lands in Rusper, 225.

-, Erasmus, bills of, 3, 82.

-, Jenkin or Jenkins, boatman's mate, Newcastle, 100;

chief boatman, Newcastle, 381.

-, John, grant of lands in Wales, 67.

-, Lewis, coalwaiter, Newcastle, 480.

Ley, Margaret, Countess Dowager of Marlborough, royal bounty for, 526.

Leylandshire, co. Lancaster, wapentake, 226.

Lichfield, co. Stafford, city of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Bayley, S.

Lichfield Cathedral, Dean and Chapter of, perpetuity to, 112, 506;

Vicars Choral of, perpetuity to, 112, 506.

Lidal. See Liddell.

Liddell (Lidal), [Dennis, a Navy Commissioner], 7.

Ligwidd. See Lligwy.

Lillingstone (Lillingston), Luke, colonel, petition of, 331, 401.

[foot] regiment, accounts, 306.

chest of medicines for, 195.

issues for, 417.

levy money, 8, 83.

ordered to Leeward Islands, 70, 92, 296.

pay etc. to, 457.

raised and sent to Ireland, 95, 613, 457.

Lilly, John, a Surveyor of Houses, 329.

-, [Stephen], Receiver General of the Post Office revenue, 298.

Limerick, co. Limerick, dean of. See Storey, G. W., Town Major of, 221.

Lincoln, county of, Auditor of Crown Revenues. See Godolphin, S.

coast of, marsh lands on. lease of, 295.

parts of, viz. Kesteven and Holland, Receiver General for Land Tax, 1707. See Whittingham, R.

parts of, viz. Bradley etc., Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Bonner, V.;

Cawthorp, W.

Receiver General of duties on Houses. See Bonner, V.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Bedford, E.;

Edwards, J.

waste and derelict lands in, 120.

Lincoln, co. Lincoln, city and bail of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Whittingham, R.;

supervisor of Excise at. See Pollard, J.

Lindley, , chambers in Grays Inn, 252.

Linwood Bailiwick. See New Forest.

Lisbon, Portugal, 15, 55, 383.

Agent for Prizes at. See Tyrrell, E.

Agent for Victualling at, 4412.

Ambassador at. See Methuen, J.

bills of exchange, 99, 155, 193, 197, 250, 296, 523, 528.

Consul at. See Milner, J.

crowns remitted to, 16, 38.

current pieces of eight at, 2.

deputy paymaster at. See Morris, T.

exchange at, fall in, 54.

pacquet boats to, 479.

Post House at, 482.

provisions carried to, 340.

reinforcements sent to, 368.

remittance to Spain from, 15.

sick and disabled soldiers left at, 194.

transports going to, 268.

victualling service to, 497.

Lisburn, Lisburne, co. Antrim, fire at, 397, 453;

collector of revenue in. See Lathum, J.

Lisburne, Lord. See Loftus, A.

Liskeard, co. Cornwall, park, 408.

Lisle (Lysle), George, searcher of Poole port, 229, 243.

Lister, , a Commissioner for stating the Accounts of the Army, Transports and Prizes, 19.

Littlehampton, co. Sussex, riding officer and deputy controller, etc. at. See Eveligha, N.;

Thompson, F.

Littleton, Sir Thomas, Navy Treasurer. See Index of Subjects Navy.

Liverpool, co. Lancaster, 87, 331, 335.

abuses in by Customs officers and merchants, 223.

castle, warrants for demolishing, 177.

Collector of. See Scarborough, E.

Corporation of, 177.

Customs books at, 522.

deputy Customer of. See Dawney, B.

landsurveyors at. See Jennings, W.;

Medcalfe, F.

landwaiter in. See Croxton, J.;

Wharton, R.

Members of Parliament for. See Clayton, W.;

Johnson, T.

merchants of, 87, 331.

port, Bankfield in, waiter and searcher at. See Davenport, H.;

Purchase, W.

riding surveyor of. See Chadwick, C.;

Clark R.

surveyor at. See Medcalfe, F.;

Williams, M.

tidesman at. See Ballot, J.;

Spencer, E.

Livesay (Levysay), [John], colonel or brigadier, [foot] regiment of, clearings, 17, 92, 232, 380, 465, 490.

clothing, 3278.

companies, augmented, 327.

in Jamaica, 130.

levy money, 107.

muster rolls lost in transit, 3267.

offreckonings, 3278, 339.

private men sent from, 328.

respits, 93.

subsistence for, 83, 96, 139, 154, 195, 220, 288, 325, 378, 417, 441, 465, 490.

Livingston, Wm., merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Llandaff, Landaff, bishop of, See Beaw, W.

Llanidan (Llanidon, Llanydon) alias Boledon (Bollydon, Bolydon, Boyldon) [Moel-y-don], co. Anglesey, ferry, 94, 20910.

Llanidon, Llanydon. See Llanidan.

Llewellyn (Lluellin), Martin, late Commissary of Provisions to the forces in Portugal, accounts, 306.

Lligwy, Ligwidd, co. Anglesey, 94.

Lloyd (Loyd), , major, commanding a company at Newfoundland, 3823.

-, -, colonel, regiment of foot, 385, 388.

-, Edward, surveyor, waiter and searcher of Fowey exchanged to Chester, 3812.

-, [Gamaliel], lieutenant in the second marine regiment, executors of, payment to, 287.

-, Humphrey, Recorder and Steward of Flint, 173.

-, Nathaniel, doctor, Queen's Advocate for Prizes, 239.

-, Peers, late of Lligwy, 94.

-, Sir Richard, lands granted to, 299.

-, Thomas, messenger extraordinary to the Queen to attend the Auditor of Wales, escutcheon for, 414.

-, -, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 and Taxes for city and county of Chester and Denbigh and Flint, 176, 185.

-, -, Paymaster of the Works, 64;

deceased, 82.

-, -, son of Peers, lease of ferries over the Menai River, 94, 422.

Lluellin. See Llewellyn.

L'Maire. See Maire.

Loaden. Peter, tidesman, Plymouth, 268.

Lochnagan, [?Scotland], 429.

Lockwood, Henry, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Chester, 101.

Loddon, Lodden, co. Norfolk, hundred of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Brown, R.

Lodington, Benjamin, Agent and Consul General at Tripoli, 68, 162, 304, 413, 476.

Loftus, Adam, Viscount Lisburne, [foot] regiment of, 123.

-, John, shipwright, payment to, 222.

Loghlin, Ross, assistant to the Surveyor in the Island of Jersey, 189.

London, agents and clerks for the West Indies pacquet service in, salaries, 433.

Apothecaries, Society of, petition of, 499.

brewery, surveyor of, to be sent to Scotland, 260. See also Ross, D.

brewing and distilling houses, account of, 402.

Chamberlain of. See Fazakerly, Sir W.

citizens of, 84, 325.

counterfeiters in, prosecution of, 508.

custom of, concerning an idiot's share of an estate, 84, 357.

distilleries, 273.

distillery, General Surveyor of. See Newman, J.

Goldsmiths' Company of, 309.

haberdasher. See Hatley, J.

journey to from Copenhagen, payment for, 319.

Mayor etc. of, wines for, 175.

merchants, 66, 75, 84, 95, 106, 138, 279, 307, 323, 357, 443, 497, 499, 527.

Pewterers Company of, petition of, 516.

Port, books arrived in, 171.

coastwaiters in, names of, 147, 188, 312, 459.

Customs salary bills, 67, 159, 228.

Examiner Inwards of Customs. See Granger, H.

goods in, difficulties concerning, 44.

Inspectors of the River. See Crouch, W.;

Evans, E.

landcarriagemen in, names of, 146.

landwaiters in, names of, 147, 268.

money seized in, 80.

pipe staves discharged in, 80.

prizage duty in, 69.

Queen's waiters in, names of, 116, 117, 126, 159, 223, 454, 459, 491;

deputy to. See Skinner, J.

searchers in, instructions to, 473;

names of, 107, 254.

ship seized in, 80.

Surveyor General of, books for, 315.

Surveyor of, 109;

deputy to. See Andrews, .

surveyor of searchers in. See Dove, J.

tidesmen in, names of, 74, 93, 100, 116, 146, 189, 237, 345, 347, 381, 439, 459, 480, 492.

tidesurveyors in, 100;

clerk to, see Evans, R.;

Porter, N.;

names of, 189, 337.

warehousekeeper in, 369, 370. See also Dobson, J.

watchmen in, names of, 146.

weighers in, names of, 459.

weighing porter in, 100;

names of, 189.

wines arrived in, 103.

wine taster. See Chitty J.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Fazakerly, Sir W.

Receiver General of duties on Houses, 130.

Receiver of duties on Houses, 100.

Remembrancer of. See Bellamy, W.

Scotch Lords in, 478.

sheriffs of. See Stainer, Sir S.;

Thorold, Sir C.

stationer of. See Chiswell, R.

Surveyors of duties on Houses. See Bavand, T.;

Butler, R.;

Coker, J.;

Harwood, J.;

Nevington, T.: Potts, P.;

Shirley, R.;

Yaxley, H.

tar from Scotland for, 363.

London, Bishop of, appoints a clerk to reside at Algiers, 1920, 186;

license for a minister to preach in the French language, 210;

to appoint a chaplain to reside at Albany, 210. See also Compton, H.

London, Samuel, petition to be employed as a coastwaiter, 252.

London and Westminster, Streets and Places in

Aldgate [St. Botolph's], advowson of, 2, 89, 129.

Brewers Yard, 112.

Caesar's Chapel. See Tower-Records.

Charing Cross, Mews, repairs to, 518;

stables at, 128.

Christ's Hospital, mathematical boys, pension to, 14;

Treasurer of, payment to on the annuity for the children of, 153.

Cockpit, lodgings and furniture at, 222;

Prussian and Dutch Ambassadors entertained at, 222.

Convocation House, repair of, 29, 2523.

Cotton House, Act for the purchase of (6 Anne, c. 30), 518.

conveyance of, 1213, 19, 54, 118, 143, 518.

removal of libraries to, 11, 118.

Cotton House Library, 11.

bill for, 102.

Keeper of, 26. See also Bentley, R.;

Hanbury, J.

manuscripts, catalogue of, 102.

repair of, 104.

report about, 26.

roof, repair of, 102.

Trustees, 504.

Custom House, 4, 24, 31, 120, 121, 157, 188, 208, 281, 289, 366, 369, 444, 473.

Doctors Commons, 254, 355.

Execution Dock, 196.

Fleet Prison, 436;

Warden and Mortgages of, prosecution of, 316.

Grays Inn, 223, 252.

Gresham College, library, removal to Cotton House, 118.

Horse Guards, 126;

works at, 277.

Hyde Park, bridge, repair of, 151.

deer in, hay and beans for, 153.

Keepers of, 286. See also Portman, H.

lower gate, 330.

Ring, the, watering of, 153, 371.

road betwixt Kensington and, repair of, 435, 499.

road from New Gate to Kensington Palace, watering, 372.

roadway in, watering, 330, 371.

underkeepers of, 153.

Jermyn Street, 325.

Lincoln's Inn, Society of, Steward to. See Green, T.

Lombard Street, 153.

Market Street, 325.

Marshalsea, in the Savoy, 520.

Palace Yard, the old, 12.

Pall Mall, 32, 244.

Parliament Stairs, 228.

Piccadilly, 428.

Queen's Bench prison, 195.

St. Botolph's, poor of, issues to, 167.

St. James's Gardens, works done at, 213, 217, 252.

St. James's Library, removal to Cotton House, 11, 118.

St. James's Palace, Council Chamber, stools for, 242.

music room, 167.

New River Water for, 222.

Orders in Council dated at, 253, 254, 412.

organ for, 333.

Queen's closet at, cushions for, 458.

Queen's service at, cabinets and necessaries for, 125, 272.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Taylor, James.

remove of her Majesty and family from, 129.

Royal Warrants dated at, 78, 82, 118, 127, 142, 149, 151, 169, 170, 181, 193, 195, 196, 210, 221, 229, 231, 232, 237, 249, 250, 261, 262, 272, 274, 282, 287, 290, 298, 300, 313, 316, 342, 344, 446, 451, 474, 475, 486, 487, 488, 489, 495, 502, 514, 516, 520, 524.

Stables at, New River Water for, 222.

tables and stands at, varnishing, 501.

St. James's Parish, Assessment Commissioners, 414;

bailiwick, 411;

mesne profits, 277;

Windmill Field, 442.

St. James's Park, allowance for keeping, 68, 143, 335, 455, 529;

boats etc. for keeping fish in, 222;

works in, 213, 217, 252.

St. James's Square, 511.

St. John Baptist, Walbrook, perpetuity to churchwardens of, for poor of, 165.

St. Magnus, churchwardens of, perpetuity to, for the poor of, 166.

St. Margaret's, Westminster, Church Yard, 217.

St. Martin in the Fields, 342.

St. Mary Abchurch, rector and poor of, tithe for, 377.

St. Mary Woolnoth (Wolnoth), parish, dues for, 377.

St. Michael, Cornhill, churchwardens of, perpetuity to for the poor of, 166.

St. Paul's, Cathedral Church of, Dean and Chapter of, duty on Portland stone paid to, 445, 519;

seats in, covering of on Thanksgiving day, 125;

throne in, covering for, 272.

St. Peter's, Westminster, Dean and Chapter of, issues to for the French Ministers in the Savoy, 152, 375.

St. Stephen's, Westminster, rent or corrody payable out of, 303.

Savoy, chambers and garden in, lease of, 58.

chapel in, lease of, 579.

French Ministers in, annuity for, 152, 375.

hospital, 34, 58;

deputy registrar of. See Wilmer, .

laboratory for Army apothecaries in, 58.

Marshalsea in, 520.

premises in used as a prison, 58.

shed in, used as a brewhouse, 57.

yard in, 57.

Somerset House, 473.

cleaning and preparing for the Venetian Ambassador. 426.

Gardener, attending the progress to Newmarket, wages, 452;

salary, 43, 425.

Great Apartment, The, furniture (detailed) for the Bedchamber, Drawing Room, Privy Chamber and Presence Chamber in, 247.

Housekeeper, attending the progress to Newmarket, wages, 452;

salary, 43.

necessaries for the Queen's service at, 272.

tables, stands and glasses for the Queen's service at, 404.

tapestry hangings at, 272.

under housekeeper and wardrobe keeper of, salary, 425.

Strand, The, 58.

Surgeons Hall, 292.

Swallow Street, 411, 428.

Temple, The, Master of. See Sherlock, W.

Threadneedle Street, French Church in, 410.

Tilt Yard, 126.

Tilt Yard Guards, works at, 277.

Tower Ward, 459.

Trinity House, 8, 532.

Westminster Abbey, 252.

Westminster Hall, 49;

Courts in, 47;

for Westminster generally. See Westminster.

Whitehall. See Whitehall.

Windmill Field, St. James's, 142.

York Buildings, 243.

Londonderry, Ireland, defence of, 171.

Lone, William, merchant, tobacco of, 281, 346.

Long, Josias, printer for the Custom House, 157.

-, Sir Robert, a former Auditor of the Receipt, 400.

Long Island, America, erection of post offices in, 88, 282.

Long Preston, co. Westmorland [co. York] Collector of Excise at. See Gurnell, J.

Long Sutton, co. Lincoln. 120.

Longbottam, Richard, barber to the late King, arrears of salary, 519.

Longchamp, Paul, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70.

Lonsdale, Loynsdale, co. Lancaster, wapentake, 226.

Lonsdale, (Lonsdell), Lady. See Lowther, Katherine.

-, Lord. See Lowther, J.

Lonsdell. See Lonsdale.

Lordell, Benj., reducing brandy to proof, 326.

-, John, merchant, reducing brandy to proof, 326.

Loudoun, Earl of. See Campbell, H.

Loughton, Lowton, co. Essex, 192.

Loveday, John, purser of the Worcester, compensation to, 407.

Lovelace, John, 4th Baron Lovelace, regiment of, 450.

Lovell, Sir Salathiel, second justice of Chester, Denbigh, Flint and Montgomery, salary, 117, 119, 442.

Lovinge. See Levinge.

Low. See Lowe.

Low Countries, The, forces in, 9, 18, 170, 171.

Lowder or Lowther, William or Thomas, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Lowe (Low), John, deputy chamberlain of the Exchequer, 57, 172, 210, 349;

locking up the treasure, 56, 227, 454.

-, -, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Lower, Morrice, tidesman, London port, 74.

Lowestoft, co. Suffolk, 382.

Lowine., Mrs., petition of, 175.

Lowman, Henry, Housekeeper at Kensington Palace, 9, 63, 104, 120, 166, 272, 376, 420, 501, 506.

-, Mary, wife of Henry, Wardrobe keeper at Kensington Palace, 63, 166, 376, 420, 506.

Lowndes (Lownds), Francis, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Middlesex, 101.

-, William, [Secretary to the Lord Treasurer], passim: house of, 55;

secret service issues to, 2, 8, 10, 23, 27, 28, 43, 47, 52, 68, 79, 118, 146, 167, 215, 240, 245, 345, 356, 397, 426, 495, 500, 501.

Lowther, James, Storekeeper of the Ordnance, 62.

-, John, Viscount Lonsdale, estate of, two fourth parts of called Richmond Fee, 519.

-, Katherine, Viscountess Lonsdale, petition concerning Richmond Fee, 519.

-, Thomas, 56, 451.

-, See also Lowder.

Lowton. See Loughton.

Loyd. See Lloyd.

Loynsdale. See Lonsdale.

Lucas, Charles, Chapel Closet Keeper [at St. James's], 427. 501.

-, John, a Surveyor of [House] duties, co. Surrey, 471, 495.

Lucca, Italy, 334.

Ludlow, co. Salop, Clerks of the Fines at. See Cann, R.;

Dolbin, J.

Ludwell, Phil[ip], a [member of the Council of Virginia], 201.

Lumley, Frances, Countess of Scarbrough, a Lady of the Bedchamber, 61.

-, John, boatman, Newcastle, dismissed, 100.

Luneburg. See Brunswick.

Lusston, John, Excise Collector, Ireby, ordered to Scotland, 273.

Lute (Leute), William van, petition of, 177.

Lydd, co. Kent, riding officers at. See Brattle, R.;

Willard, J.

Lyme. See Lyme Regis;

Lynn Regis.

Lyme Regis, Lyme, co. Dorset, Collector of. See Jans, T.

Corporation of, annuity to for repair of the Cobb pier, 166, 376.

customer of. See Jans, T.;

Southwick, P.

tidesman at. See Owsley, R.;

Wells, F.

Lymington, co. Southampton, boatman at. See Dicke, J.;

Trott, T.

Lyndall, William, captain, petition for pay, 143.

Lynn. See Lynn Regis.

Lynn Regis, Lyme, Lynn, co. Norfolk, landwaiter at. See Keen, J.;

Surveyor at. See Keen, J.;

Turner, T.;

Ward, R.;

tidesman in. See Gelling, E.;

Parlett, P.;

Sunders, R.;

Townson, M.

Lysle. See Lisle.

Lysney, Adam, lodging chaplains in waiting at Kensington, 336.