Index of Persons and Places: Q, R

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Quary, [Robert], colonel, letter from, prizes taken into Virginia and Maryland, 108.

Quash, Joseph, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 part of co. Devon and city of Exeter, 182.

Queen, The. See Anne.

Queen Dowager, The late. See Catherine.

Queensberry, Duke of. See Douglas, J.

Queensferry, Queens Ferry, co. Linlithgow, 515.

Queensferry North, North Ferry, co. Fife, 515.

Quinny, Giles, cutting escutcheons, payment for, 457.


Raby, Lord. See Wentworth, T.

Raby, Ann, Keeper of the Post Office in Newmarket, petition of, 199, 343;

assistant to. See Darling, T.

Radnor, county of, Chief Justice of. See Banastre, W.

Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Powell, C.

second justice of. See Cox, C.

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Challoner, J.

Raines, Sir Richard, Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 489.

Ralegh, , Mrs., pension to, 532.

Ramsay (Ramsey), [George], colonel, regiment of foot, state of pay, 385, 387.

-, John, Earl of Holderness, grant of the scite of Scarborough castle to, 181.

Ramsgate, co. Kent, 68, 415.

Rands. See Raunds.

Randue, Theodore, Housekeeper and Wardrobekeeper at Windsor Castle, salary, 133, 321, 485.

Ranelagh, Earl of. See Jones, R.

Rappahannock, county of. See Virginia.

Rasbery, Francis, boatman, Newcastle port, 100.

Rasinque, Jean, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Raunds, Rands, co. Northampton, 226.

Rayner, John, lease of premises in Kirkton and Yaddlethorpe, 271.

Reade, Thomas, petition of, 267.

Reau, Gabriel, a supercargo, 499.

Rebow (Rebowe), Sir Isaac, reversionary lease of lighthouses, 19, 170, 2412, 451.

-, Mary, wife of Sir Isaac, only daughter of J. Lemyng and Mary his wife, 242.

Rechteren, Baron, regiment of Horse, state of pay, 386, 387, 390.

Reddall, Ambrose, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 co. Bedford, 184.

Redman, Giles, Surveyor of duties on Houses, cos. Cumberland and Westmorland, 101.

Reede, Godard van, Baron de Ginkel, Earl of Athlone, Commander in Chief in Ireland, 16901691, 389;

regiment of Horse, state of pay, 385, 387, 390;

certificate of, 386:

payment by for the fortification of Galway, 5134.

Reeves, [Philip], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

-, Robert, orders assigned by, 79.

Reitezell, Baron, regiment of Horse, state of pay, 386, 387, 390.

Rennols. See Reynolds.

Rescorlet, Humphrey, petition of, 1545.

Restablere, Rene, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Reuss, John Christople, secretary to the late Prince George of Hesse, 425, 429.

Reynolds (Rennols), , Receiver of the sixpences per month deducted from merchants seamen, 78.

-, Alexander, a Page of the Presence, 440.

-,-, payment to, 43.

-, Arthur, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

-, Samuel, brother of John, charges for soliciting, 406.

-, John, mate of the Worcester, compensation to, 406.

Rhode Island, colony of, erecting and settling a regular Post in, 282.

Rhodes, Christopher, deputy secretary in the Leeward Islands and proposed as receiver of Casual Revenue, 353;

secretary to a commission of enquiry into losses sustained at Nevis, 38;

payment to, 397, 404.

Rhuddlan, Ruthland [Ryddland], co. Flint, riding surveyor at. See Floyd, J.;

Floyd, V.

Rialton (Ryalton), Viscount. See Godolphin, F.;

Godolphin, S.

-, Viscountess. See Godolphin, Henrietta.

Ribchester, co. Lancaster, Dutton Hall in, 300.

Rice, John, colonel, debentures granted to, 247, 318, 458 bis.

Rich, [Charles], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

-, Nathaniel, late Receiver General for Taxes, co. Essex, 68, 114, 253, 531;

securities for. See Mildmay, Charles, Lord Fitzwalter;

Ward, J.

Richards, [Jacob], captain, independent company of [fuziliers] of, 123, 124.

-, Richard, of Saltash, maltster, remission of a fine, 76.

-, [William], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

Richardson, John, of the city of Durham, maltster, petition of, 520.

-, Richard, petitions of, 86, 169.

Richers, Thomas, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707 for the county, university and town of Cambridge and Isle of Ely, 183.

Richmond, co. Surrey, Friars, Fryers, The, 350, 480.

gamekeepers at, liveries for, 133, 485.

Green, 213.

Housekeeper [of the Queen's house] at. See White, R.

Manor, 213, 480, 514;

copyhold estate in, lease of, 339;

steward of. See Cholmondeley, [G.].

New Park, keeper of. See Hyde, L., Earl of Rochester.

Old Palace at, 156;

Housekeeper of. See White, R.

Old Park, lodge in, lease of, 170.

Palace, 213, 214.

Park, bailiff, payment to, 420.

cutting trees in, prosecutions for, 399, 515.

moletaker. See Badger, H.

supers charged upon in the Great Roll of the Pipe, 399, 515.

underkeepers of. See Aldrich, E.;

Westwood, T.

Richmond, co. York, 273;

Excise riding collector of. See Nicholson, R.

Richmond Fee. See Lowther, John, Viscount Lonsdale.

Ricketts, Francis, a surety for T. Tomkins, 138.

Rickson, John, buying salt, 323, 481.

Rigby, Sir Alexander, a Commissioner of Customs, Scotland, 259, 287.

Rivals, Louis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Rivers, Earl. See Savage, R.

Rivers, , captain, going to Jamaica, subsistence and pay for, 92.

-, [James], colonel, [foot] regiment of, 17, 142, 177, 213.

Rivett, , colonel, companies of, arms for, 4256.

Rize, Paul la, captain, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Roach, Thomas, lease of lands etc. in Parracombe, 359.

-, William, acting Receiver for Prizes at Plymouth, 249;

sub-Receiver for Prizes at Plymouth, petition of, 219.

Roberts, Joseph, plumber at Windsor, payment to, 64.

-,-, plumber, debt due to his father, 44950.

-, William, Paymaster of the Works at Windsor, issues for, 8, 10, 111, 133, 325;

Paymaster of the Works within Windsor Castle, issues for, 169, 186, 381, 470, 489;

accounts, allowances in, 269.

Robertson, Charles, late tidesurveyor in London port, 337.

-, Thomas, merchant, of Scotland, signatory to a petition, 370.

Robinau, Dennis, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Robinson, , clothes to be sent to Spain and Portugal, 46, 452.

-, Andrew, of the Worcester, compensation to, 406.

-, Benj., petition for employment in the Customs in Scotland, 254.

-, John, D.D., Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Sweden, 68, 162, 413;

Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Sweden, 304, 476, 481.

-, Robert, clerk, going to the Leeward Islands, passage money, 152.

-, Robert, payment to for carrying away soil from the Post Office, 508.

-, Titus, tidesman, London port, deceased, 381.

-, Sir William, late Commissary General for the Army in Ireland, accounts, 77, 87, 178, 487;

late Commissary General of Provisions in Ireland, accounts, 187.

Rochester, co. Kent, 421;

Collector of. See Pope, J.;

Prize agent at, 4.

Rochester, Earl of. See Hyde, L.

Rochford (Rochfort), Earl of. See Zuylestein, W.

Roch Pwll (Rockpull) and Steynton (Stainton), co. Pembroke, lordship, 287.

Rock, William, Agent for Prizes on board Sir C. Shovell's fleet, deceased, 242.

Rockingham Forest, timber delivered out of to the Navy, 4845.

Rockpull. See Roch Pwll.

Rodbary. See Rothbury.

Roe. See Rowe.

Rogers, [Francis], captain of the second troop of Guards, 92.

-, John, and his wife, pension, 128.

-, William, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707, co. Gloucester, 183.

Rolf, Thomas, servant to William III, arrears due to, 198.

Rolles (Rowles), [George], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

Rollos, John, engraving, payment for, 457.

Rome, Italy, 333, 334.

Romney Marsh, co. Kent, 95, 345.

Rooke, Sir George, admiral, 499;

fleet under, Agent for Prizes to. See Bowles, P.

Roope, Nicho[las], [a Commissioner for Transports], 249.

Roos (Ross), John, Chief Graver of Signets, Seals, Stamps and Arms, 63, 166, 377, 421, 507.

Roose, Rowse, co. Pembroke, manor or lordship of, 287.

Root alias Brathwayt, Geo., servant to William III, arrears due to, 198

Rose, Richard, petition of, stewardship of Barton, Barrow and Goxhill manors, 105, 313.

-, William de la, former collector of Excise in Hants and Wilts, petition for a place in Scotland, 254, 262.

Ross, county of, heritors of, petition of, 461.

Ross, [Charles], regiment of Dragoons, 125.

-, David, General Surveyor of the London brewery, petition for a place in Scotland, 262, 271;

appointed Commissioner of Excise for Scotland, 261, 282, 402.

-, William, Lord Ross, 320;

factor to. See Wilkie, .

-, See also Roos.

Ross Castle, Ireland, 130.

Rossillon, Henry, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Rossington, , petition for employment in the Customs, 254.

Rothbury, Rodbary, co. Northumberland, Excise collector of. See Kilvington, W.

Rotterdam, Holland, 96, 121, 319, 337.

Rouen, France, 86.

Rout, Thomas, rebuilding the parish church of Porchester, 114.

Roux, Abraham, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish Establishment, 72.

Row. See Rowe.

Rowe (Roe, Row), Anthony, an officer of the Board of Greencloth, 94, 238.

-, Arabella, daughter of Mary, pension for, 94, 238

-, Charlotte, daughter of Mary, pension for, 94, 238.

-, Edmond, waiter and searcher at Ellesdon, 381.

-, [Henry], [foot] regiment of, 124.

-, Mary, widow of Anthony, daughters of, pension for, 94, 238.

-, Robert, Comptroller, Bideford, 74;

Collector, Barnstaple, 74

Rowles. See Rolles.

Rowse. See Roose.

Roxburgh, Duke of. See Ker, J.

Royall. See Royle.

Royle, Royall, co. Lancaster, 367.

Rumbold, Edward, grant for the life of, 357.

Rushton, David, landwaiter in Minehead port, 188.

Rusper, co. Sussex, 225, 442, 486, 523.

Russell, , Lady, petition of, 93.

-, Christopher, captain, petition of, 237.

-, Edward, Earl of Orford, former Treasurer of the Navy, accounts, 23, 31 bis, 292, 298, 347.

agent to. See Coupland, J.

Cashier and Paymaster to. See Dodington, G.

lease of lodgings and a garden at Chelsea Hospital, 285.

-, Lord Edward, Treasurer of the Chamber to William III, 486, 502.

-, Gerard or Gerrard, major in colonel Watkins' regiment, 207, 405.

-, [Richard], colonel, commanding Guards at Gibraltar and Barcelona, petition of, 200;

royal bounty for, 279, 288.

Russia, merchants, contracts for hemp, 491, 503;

petition of, 51. See also Muscovy.

Ruthland [Ryddland]. See Rhuddlan.

Rutland, county of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Cowper, J.;

sheriff of. See Edgson, W.;

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Abney, J.;

Draycot, W.

Ruvigny, Henry de Massue de, Seigneur de Ruvigny, Earl of Galway, 280.

aide de camp to. See Comberose, P. de.

Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Portugal, 497.

Army in Spain under, 368.

bills of, 65, 99, 235, 250, 269, 294, 310, 324, 378.

expresses and letters sent to, 193.

General and Commander in Chief in Spain, royal bounty for, 248, 293.

letter to concerning the Forces in Spain, 35 bis, 301.

new Catalan regiment of, clothing for, 529.

raising a Spanish regiment, 139.

Ryalls, John, stonecutter, payment to, 377.

Ryalton. See Rialton.

Rycaute, Charlotte, royal bounty for, 526.

Ryley, Nathaniel, collector of Taxes at East Greenwich, prosecution of, 316.

-, Philip, a Serjeant-at-Arms, 98, 310, 403.

Rymer, Thomas, Historiographer Royal, payment to, 181, 500.

Ryswick, Holland, peace of, 414.