Index of Persons and Places: U-Z

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Uchervey. See Uwch-Gorfai.

United Provinces. See Holland.

Upnor Castle, co. Kent, 126, 146.

Urling, Samuel, of the Worcester, compensation to, 407.

Usher, Robert, boatman, Newcastle port, dismissed, 100.

Uwch-Gorfai, Uchervey, co. Carnarvon, commote of, grant of escheat lands in, 67.


Val, Jaques du, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

-, Jos. du, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71. See also Laval, J. de.

Valencia, Valentia, Spain, 3, 69, 85, 99, 141, 194, 235;

journeys from and to, payment for, 8, 115.

Valogne, Marc. Antoine, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Van den Broncq. See Broncq.

Van Ellemeet. See Jonge.

Van Homrigh. See Homrigh.

Van Lute (Van Leute). See Lute.

Van Oyen. See Oyen.

Vanbrugh (Vanburgh), John, (afterwards Sir John), Comptroller of the Works, 6, 63, 78, 113.

-, William, Comptroller of the accounts of the Treasurer of the Chamber, 398, 417, 453, 483, 519;

Deputy Comptroller, 483.

Vander Esch. See Esch.

Vander Kaa. See Kaa.

Vanderbrook, Abraham, lieutenant of the Neptune, petition of, 285.

Vanderkaa. See Kaa.

Vandry. See Vaudry.

Vane, George, of Grays Inn, lease of herbage etc. in Chopwell manor, 223.

Vanellemeet. See Jonge.

Vaudry (Vandry), John, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Vaughan, [Griffith], lieutenant of Marines, executors of, payment to, 287.

-, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Pembroke, 102.

-, Richard, Agent for Droits and Perquisites of Admiralty, 421.

Vaury, Jean, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Veal, John, counterfeiter, 243,

Venice, 333.

Ambassadors, entertainment of, 240;

reception of at Somerset House, 426.

Banque of, 110.

gold, velvet wrought upon with, 308.

Republic of, Ambassador Extraordinary to. See Montagu, C, Earl of Manchester.

Venner, [Samuel], colonel, foot regiment of, 124.

Verhaast, [John], Clerk to his Majesty's congregation in the camp 16891697, 384;

waggon master, 384, 387.

Verhulst, Lewis, of Bruges, petition of, 207.

Vernatty, Anthony, payment to for lights of the Houses of Parliament, 252.

Vernon, Charles, residing in the Court of Denmark, payment to, 3189.

-, Edward, captain, carrying a pacquet to the King of Spain, 65.

-, [James], a Secretary of State in 1699, 354.

-, James, a Teller of the Receipt, 39.

-,-, junior, Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Denmark, 68, 162;

Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark, 304;

Envoy to the King of Denmark, 372;

journey to Hanover and the Hague, 3723.

Vernons, Moyse, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Verrio, Signor, funeral expenses and debts of, 374, 380.

Vertien, Jean, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Vezian, Catherine, dealer in silk, petition of, 527.

Viana [? Vianna, Brazil or Portugal], wine, sumach and reeds from, 322.

Vickers (Vicker), Ja., late manager of packet boats, 229, 3345;

administrator of, See Milward, C.;

children of, payment in trust for, 3345.

Vickerye, William, petition of, 168.

Vienna, 227;

Court of, 334.

Vignal, Abel, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Vignau, Pierre, lieutenant, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 71.

Vigne, Franois, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Vigneul, Louis, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Villa Franca, [Spain], wines from, 422.

Villars. See Villiers.

Vill, Paul, ensign, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Villiers, (Villars), Edward, senior, lease of the Friars at Richmond, 480.

-, George, Duke of Buckingham, warden, chief forester etc. of Salcey Forest, 190.

-, Henry, colonel, governor of Tyne-mouth Castle, verdict against, 105, 312, 402;

widow and children of, maintenance of, 438.

-, William, brigadier, pay of a brigadier general on the Irish establishment, 476.

Vimarre, Josias, brigadier, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 70, 272.

Vincent, Henry, late deputy paymaster under the Earl of Peterborough in Spain, 68, 248, 487.

Vincento, Don Pedro, (Don Pedro, Don Vinsento), bills, 99.

Vinkly [? Dinkley], co. Lancaster, borough of, 226.

Vinsento. See Vincento.

Virginia, 430.

Accomac (Accomack), county, rent rolls, 201.

Act passed in relating to admeasurement of ships, 281.

Assembly of, 344.

Attorney General of, 201. See also Thompson, S.

bill dated at, 106.

chaplain for. See Evans. J.;

Evans, O.;

O'Brien, C.;

Shepherd, R.

Charles City [county of] in, sheriff of, reward to, 203.

citizens of appointed as commissioners to enquire of embezzlement of Prizes, 318.

Clerk of the Council of, 201.

Commissary [of the clergy in]. See Blair, J.

convoys, 200.

Council of, 106, 201, 202, 203;

law books for, 202;

salary, 202. See also Bassett, W.;

Blair, J.;

Carter, R.;

Diggs, D.;

Duke, H.;

Harrison, B.;

Ludwell, P.

fleet, convoy for, 148, 157.

General Assemblies, ministers attending, payment to, 202.

General Assembly, Act passed in for settling towns etc. for lading etc. of ships, 120.

Gloucester county, rent rolls, 201.

Governor of, 106, 201, 203;

appointed as commissioner to enquire of embezzlement of Prizes, 318;

house rent, 202;

salary, 202, 203;

to furnish the West Indies squadron with money, 191. See also Hunter, R.;

Nott, E.

Governors of, 201, 202.

Isle of Wight, county, rent rolls, 201.

James City county, rent rolls, 201.

laws, inspection and amendment of, 203.

Lieutenant Governor and Governor General of. See Hunter, R.

Middlesex county, rent rolls, 201.

Naval officers, revenue collected by, 201, 202.

President and Council of, 200;

report from on revenue accounts, 201. See also Jennings, E.

prizes taken into, 108.

Quit Rents, 103, 106, 201;

accounts, 200, 203, 411;

arrears of, payment out of, 155;

grant of, 248;

Receiver General of. See Byrd, W.

Rappahannock county, rent rolls, 201.

Revenues of, accounts, 2003;

report on, 201.

Auditor and Receiver General of. See Bacon, N.;

Byrd, W.

by receipts for a ship forfeited and sold, 202.

by sale of arms, 202.

collectors, allowance to, 202.

compositions for escheats, 201, 203.

deputy auditor of, 106, 202;

allowances to, 203.

forfeitures, 201.

from 2s. a hogshead on tobacco, 201, 2023, 344.

headmoney, 201:

accounts, 2023.

payment into the Exchequer out of, 203.