Declared Accounts: Stamps

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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Robert Pauling, Comptroller and Accomptant General from 1 August 1708 to 1 August 1709.
Charge £ s. d.
Remaining in the hands of several persons named on the foot of the last Accompt 75,091 0
Sums arising within the time of this Accompt from the continued and additional duties: £ s. d.
for stamps put upon parchment, vellum and paper and paid for etc. out of the Head Office in London
on the continued duty 29,800 15 11
on the additional duty 26,924 6 8
56,725 2 7
ditto delivered to the warehouse keeper to supply the country
on the continued duty 17,653 18 0
on the additional duty 14,652 1 0
32,305 19 0
for the duties payable by the 'Registers' of Oxford and Cambridge Universities and by the Prothonotaries and other Law Officers:
George Cooper and Robert Grove, University 'Registers', for the continued duties 507l. 5s. and for the additional duties 11l. 5s. 518 10 0
the several Prothonotaries etc. for the further continued duties 343l. 2s. and for the additional duty 343l. 2s. 686 4 0
1,204 14 0
sundry town clerks for the further continued duty 89l. 18s. and for the additional duty 89l. 18s. 179 16 0
penalties for deeds engrossed before they were stamped 20 0 0
paper and parchment provided by the Commissioners to supply the country:
parchment 1,657l. 17s. 2d. with profits 558l. 14s. 1d.; paper etc. 544l. 17s. 4d. with profits 355l. 9s. 4d. 3,116 17 11
total Receipts as above 93,552l. 9s. 6d.
overpayments, detailed 17 2 11¾
money due upon bonds 200 0 0
money imprested in preceding cash accompts and cleared this year, detailed 722 0 0
total charge 169,582 12
money accompted for in the cash Accompt for this year 94,077 5
money overpaid within the time of the preceding accompt 9 18
money due on the further continued duty charged as overpaid on the additional duty 7 4
allowances, etc.: £ s. d.
for the poundage allowed to the several distributors at 7l. 10s.% on the sale of stamped paper etc.: on the further continued duty 1,690l. 0s.d.; on the additional duty 1,161l. 4s.d.; arrears on the continued duty 14l. 4s.d. 2,865 9 9
for the poundage allowed the University 'Registers': on the further continued duty 25l. 7s.d. and on the additional duty 11s.d. 25 18
paid to the several distributors for incident charges for carriage etc. 443 15
discompted by Anthony Isaakson, distributor in London, for allowances for ten pound parcels vended by him 0 13 2
3,335 16
total payments and allowances 97,430 4
and so remains 72,152 8
whereof depending on the several distributors, named, for so much remaining in their hands either in stamped paper or parchment or in money or in bonds 72,152 8
And so this General Accompt is Even and Quit.
Declared 11 Sept. 1710.
John Evelyn and William Frankland, successively Receivers General of the Duties upon Stamped Vellum Parchment and Paper.
31 July 1708 to 1 August 1709.
Charge £ s. d.
remaining in John Evelyn's hands as at the foot of the last Accompt nil
depending in super upon Peter Pauling, Comptroller of these Duties, 22l.; and upon John Montague Solicitor 600l., being monies imprested to them 622 0 0
Receipts within the time of this Accompt:
for arrears on the duties continued to 1 Aug. 1706 175 11 10½
for the duties continued after 31 July 1706 51,348 0
for certain duties granted to the late King William and his successors 41,831 12
93,355 5
Imprest money to John Mountague, charged to the Accomptants upon his clearing the same 100 0 0
total charge and receipts 94,077 5
Salaries: £ s. d. £ s. d.
Edward Lloyd, Robert Pooley, Richard Dyott, John Molesworth and Richard Martin, Commissioners, at 300l. p.a. each; these Accomptants viz. John Evelyn to 17 Sept. 1708 and William Frankland thereafter at 300l. p.a.; Robert Pauling, Comptroller General at 300l. p.a.; William Bridges, Secretary at 200l. p.a.; clerks and others, detailed; total 5,160 0 0
rent to Thomas Atwill and Company of the Stamp Office in Lincoln's Inn 160 0 0
parchment and paper brought into the Office 2,202 14 6
incident charges 3,584 14 2
discompt for prompt payment 1,418 7 10¾
charges of paying into the Exchequer 23 1 0
the Registers of the Court of Chancery for poundage 15 3 10
12,564 1
the auditor's fees 50 0 0
payments into the Exchequer:
on accompt of arrears of the duties to 1 Aug. 1706 175 5
out of the further continued duty 40,156 4 4
out of the additional duty 41,131 14 1
81,463 3
total payments and allowances £94,077 5
And so these Accomptants are Even and Quit.
Declared 11 Sept. 1710.