Minute Book: February 1709

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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February 1709

Feb. 1, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[No entry of any minute.] Ibid., p. 291.
Feb. 7, forenoon. Present Lord Treasurer.
The Warden [of the Stannaries] and several of the tinners are called in. The petition of the tinners and several adventurers is read for prolonging the [tin] farm and to relieve them as to the surplusage of tin in their hands.
My Lord says the Queen will continue her favour to the country [Cornwall and Devon] when the present [tin farm] term is nearer expiration and he will always be ready to serve them as hitherto.
Mr. Morris's letter of Feb. 1 is read. The four bills in that letter for 100,000 milreis are now delivered to Sir Henry [Furnese] in my Lord Treasurer's presence [being the third bills]. He will bring back the first and second bills to be sent to Mr. Morris “and write to him about his son's warrant.” Ibid.
Feb. 9, forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord directs] 1,000l. to Mr. L[owndes] for her Majesty's secret service.
The late Commissioners of Prizes are called in. Mr. Hamilton's letter of Oct. 27 last from Jamaica concerning Mr. Browne is read and approved.
The petition of the owners and freighters of the ship Worcester is read and the report of the Commissioners of Prizes, dated 9 June 1708 is also read. The report is approved, according to which the balance is 11,225l. 5s.d.
The petition of Thomas Lowry is read and referred to the said late Commissioners [of Prizes].
A paper of debts standing out [on prizes] and further expectations of money to come in by prizes is read amounting to 24,863l. 18s.d., besides many particulars not estimated. [My Lord on reading same decides that] as any of these moneys shall be recovered he will make further payments to the owners and freighters of the ship Worcester.
The late Commissioners [of Prizes] are to attend again on Saturday morning. Ibid., p. 292.
Feb. 16, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord Treasurer directed] 1,000l. to Mr. Lowndes for her Majesty's secret service.
Some of the Directors of the Bank [are to be desired to attend my Lord] on Friday next between 12 and 1 o'clock.
Send to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Friday afternoon about money demanded for turned over men.
[Send] to the Customs Commissioners to be here then.
[Send] to Lord Wharton and Lord Coningsby to be here next Friday morning. The doors to be shut. Ibid., p. 293.
Feb. 18, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
The Earl of Wharton [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] comes in and Lord Coningsby. The Establishment of the Civil List for Ireland is read. A paper of payments amounting to 1,608l. 9s. 0d. per an. out of Concordatums is read. The articles marked [by my Lord Treasurer in the margin of said list] are to continue on the Concordatums. The items that import pensions are [ordered by my Lord Treasurer] to be examined with the list of pensions and such as are to be continued are to be [transferred from this list and put] on the list of pensions. The rest of the articles in this paper [of Concordatums] are to be [inserted] on the Establishment under the head of incidents or other proper [relative] head.
As to all pensions whether Civil or Military my Lord Lieutenant [promises he] will examine into the merits of them and report them particularly to the Queen before any of them be inserted on the Establishment.
The [Gentlemen of the] Bank of England are called in. My Lord speaks to them to assist Sir H[enry] F[urnese] and Mr. Brydges by advancing money on the tallies in their respective hands for the better carrying on of the public service.
The Governor says he will call a Court and he doth not doubt but it will be agreed to by them. Ibid., p. 294.
Feb. 18, afternoon. Present: Lord Treasurer.
The Navy Commissioners are called in. Several of their letters to the Navy Treasurer are read and my Lord orders that out of the first money that shall come in by loans on the Malt Act which is now passing [in Parliament] the following sums be issued, viz.:
43,000l. on the head of wages to seamen.
41,000l. more on same head for the Squadron going to the West Indies.
13,000l. for bills of exchange.
The Commissioners say they have orders for paying of wages to the amount of above 1,200,000l., which occasions great clamours upon them. My Lord Treasurer says next week he intends to desire my Lord Admiral to meet him here and will have them [the Navy Commissioners] to attend at the same time in order to settle the method of his [the Navy Treasurer] issuing orders [to avoid their being issued] faster than there is a possibility to comply with them.
The Customs Commissioners are to attend next Wednesday afternoon. Treasury Minute Book XVI, pp. 294–5.
Feb. 21, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Hawes from Sir Thomas Littleton [Treasurer of the Navy] is called in and acquaints my Lord that the 13,000l. ordered for bills of exchange on the 18th inst. is very much wanted and that the East India Company are ready to advance so much [as that sum] on account of their payment [instalment] which is due to be made on March 10 next if they may be allowed interest for the same after the rate of 5 per cent. from this day to March 10 next. My Lord agrees thereto and will allow interest accordingly. Ibid., p. 295.
Feb. 24, forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Auditors [of Imprests are] called in with Mr. Methuen about his father's accounts which are read. [The Lord Treasurer directs the Secretary to] write to Mr. Morris that in case 6,558l. for the value of horses delivered to the Regiments of Harvey and Raby be not already charged [to the accounts of those respective Regiments] he do take care that same be so charged. Where the sums in Mr. Methwyn's account do not exactly agree with the sums set upon him in the accounts of the several Paymasters [of the Forces or their deputies abroad] the reasons of those differences are to be expressed plainly in Mr. Methwyn's account. All persons who have received any money or stores mentioned in this account (and not yet accounted for) are to be charged with the same except in cases where it was not possible, in respect of the service, to have any regular vouchers. The subsistence for the horses from Ireland is to be charged to the [respective] Regiments' accounts. The Lord Treasurer directs the Auditors to prepare the draft of a privy seal for these accounts.
Mrs. Jett's account is read. [My Lord directs that] the balance is to be paid over to the succeeding Paymaster and charged on him.
[My Lord directs] 3,600l. to the Cofferer of the Household.
[Likewise] 500l. to Sir James Dalrymple and Mr. Mckensie for the charge of their journeys to and from Edinburgh on occasion of the affair relating to the return of the Scotch peers: [the issue hereof to be] clear of all fees, which [words] are to be inserted in the warrant.
[Likewise] 100l. to Mr. Fonseca.
[Request] Mr. Walpole to be here to-morrow morning about the pay of the Troops in Catalonia. Ibid., p. 296.
Feb. 25, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[Write the] Gentlemen of the Bank to be here on Monday morning between ten and eleven. Ibid., p. 297.
Ult. Feb., forenoon. Present: ut supra.
The Attorney and Solicitor General are called in and Mr. Compton. My Lord desires the two former to consider and advise the proper method for granting letters of administration of the Prince of Denmark's personal estate.
[Send] to the Victuallers for the particular account (from their agent) of victuals furnished to Gibraltar.
[My Lord directs the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 10,000l. for the Victuallers and 5,000l. for Sick and Wounded: both [the said sums being intended] to pay bills of exchange [and are to be issued] out of the last payment [instalment] due from the East India Company. Ibid., p. 298.