Warrant Books: February 1709, 1-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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February 1709, 1–15

Feb. 1. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners in North Britain to employ William Rowley as Housekeeper of the Custom House at Edinburgh loco Daniel Neal lately deceased. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 7.
Feb. 2. Same by same to the Auditor et al. of the Receipt to draw orders for several bankers' annuities conformable to a certificate of Jan. 27 last from the said Auditor [not appended] rectifying former certificates relative to the said annuities, same being rendered necessary by reason of change of ownership thereof by [death, succession, purchase or any form of] bills, deeds or other assurances. Money Book XIX, p. 440.
Feb. 3 Money warrant for 642l. 10s. 11d. to John Roos (Roose) gent. her Majesty's chief engraver, for engraving public seals as follows [in consequence of the Union]: viz.
Appending: schedule of said seals. £ s. d.
for a large double seal for the County Palatine of Chester and Flint engraven on the [one] side with her Majesty's effigies &c. 60 0 0
30 ounces 17 pennyweight of silver therein at 5s. 2d. per ounce 7 19 5
shagreen case to keep same in 2 0 0
the Great Seal of England 200 0 0
124 ounces of silver therein 32 0 8
the privy seal 20 0 0
21 ounces 7 pennyweight of silver 5 10 3
shagreen case 1 10 0
two large signets in steel for the two Secretaries of State 60 0 0
two shagreen cases 1 10 0
four signets in steel for the two Secretaries 48 0 0
four shagreen cases 2 0 0
four small steel seals for ditto 12 0 0
four steel seals for the Privy Council 48 0 0
four shagreen cases 2 0 0
a large double seal in silver for the Court of Exchequer 60 0 0
38 ounces 7 pennyweight of silver 9 18 1
a large double seal in silver for the Court of Common Pleas 60 0 0
39 ounces 4 pennyweight of silver 10 2 6
£642 10 11
Ibid., pp. 440–1. Order Book VII, p. 225. Disposition Book XIX, p. 256.
Feb. 3. Same for 600l. to Sir Charles Hedges for half a year to 1708 Sept. 29 on his annuity or allowance of 1,200l. per an. Money Book XIX, p. 444. Disposition Book XIX, p. 256.
Allowance by Treasurer Godolphin of the incidents bill, not detailed, of the Salt Office for 1708 Xmas quarter: total 591l. 14s.d. Money Book XIX, p. 425.
William Lowndes to the Queen's Printers to deliver to the Secretary at War's Office 500 copies of the Act for Recruiting the Forces and 500 copies of the Proclamation relating thereto: and 20 copies of same to the Treasury Office and 10 copies of same to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 31.
Treasury reference to Mr. Wilcox [Surveyor General of Woods Trent South] of the petition of George, Duke of Northumberland praying an Exchequer lease for life of the lodge called Swinley Rails of which he is in possession as Warden of Windsor Forest, he being willing to repair and improve same. Reference Book VIII, p. 348.
Same to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Richard Harnage, slopseller to the Navy, shewing that near 40,000l. is owing to him for slop cloths served to the seamen of the Fleet for which by his contract should have been paid every year as the ships are paid off whereas in three years' time he has not received above 2,500l. which he conceives to be occasioned by so many turned over men and payment of great numbers by tickets”; that he is obliged to keep a stock at all the considerable ports in North Britain to answer the continual demands of her Majesty's ships at home: therefore praying an imprest of 10,000l. by way of advance, to enable him to perform the said service, “as he alleges has been done to his predecessors.” Reference Book VIII, p. 348.
Feb. 3. Treasury reference to the Victualling Commissioners of the petition of James Milner shewing that he supplied the Navy with provisions at Leghorn and Lisbon and that 22,320l. 14s. 0d. is due to him from the Victualling for that service, for which debt he proposes to take tallies on the Land Tax. Ibid., p. 349.
Feb. 4. William Lowndes to Mr. Borrett to take the Attorney General's orders for the effectual prosecuting of John Anthony Geyneta, Thomas Trott and Nathaniel Senior in connection with some counterfeited Malt Tickets and other forgeries; an account of their confessions having been laid before the Lord Treasurer by Justice Railton and Mr. Arnold, Paymaster of the Malt Lottery Tickets. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 32.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners in North Britain of the petition of the Earl of Leven, Governor of the Castle of Edinburgh, shewing that he and his predecessors for many years past have been in constant use to have all the wines for their family free of all Duty and Custom and that the Treasury of Scotland have been been in constant use to allow the Custom and Duty of five tuns of wines yearly to the Governor of said Castle before the Union “but the present Commissioners of the Customs in Scotland have refused [or] at least superseded the allowance of the aforesaid Duty and Custom”: therefore desiring that they may allow the Duty of all his wines yearly since the Union “which hath always been allowed to him by the Treasury of Scotland and to his predecessors.” Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 10.
Feb. 5. Letter of direction for 750l. each to Robert Boyle and Charles, Earl of Sunderland, Secretaries of State: for secret service: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XIX, p. 257.
Same for 1,000l. to William Lowndes: for secret service: out of same. Ibid.
Feb. 6. Money warrant for 300l. to Francis Palmes, Envoy Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy “so much being allowed him as being within the regulation” [of ambassadorial extraordinaries] on his bill of extraordinaries between 1707 Dec. 26 and 1708 Dec. 26. Money Book XIX, p. 444. Order Book VII, p. 232. Disposition Book XIX, p. 280.
Treasury reference to John Dodd and John Water of the petition of the Duke of Bolton praying a grant of the ship Peter Francis of St. Malo laden with fish, salt &c. bound to Havre de Grace but driven by stress of weather on to the coast of the Isle of Wight and now in said Duke's custody as Vice Admiral of the said island. Reference Book VIII, p. 349.
Feb. 7. Money order for 195l. 8s. 4d. to Henry Pelham, Clerk of the Pells, for one year to Xmas 1708 on his allowance of 50l. per an. for locking up her Majesty's treasure; 100l. per an, for attending the Lord Treasurer for despatch of her Majesty's affairs; 45l. 8s. 4d. per an. for attendance in vacation as in lieu of the annual sums of 20l. per an. 16l. 13s. 4d. per an. and 8l. 15s. 0d. per an. anciently allowed him by tally of assignment from the Customs. Order Book VII, p. 275.
Feb. 8. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Tempest Holmes of Plymouth shewing that in June last her Majesty's ships Antelope and Dover took two French prizes called the Parfait and Amazon and brought them into Plymouth and same have been condemned but the Duty [on the cargo] amounts to more than the value of the goods: “that the petitioner being agent to the two ships [Antelope and Dover] the officers thereof are pressing to have the accounts of the said two prizes stated”: therefore pray that the Duty may be moderated. Reference Book VIII, p. 349.
Same to the Customs Commissioners [in England] of the petition of Thomas Scott of London merchant concerning five casks (38 hundredweight) of gum Seneca imported into Scotland and Duty thereon paid before the 1st May 1707 and shipped at Leith on the Unicorn for London but for want of a cocquet the goods were detained by Mr. Brooks an officer of the Customs and condemned in the Exchequer without petitioner's knowledge: therefore praying restitution of the appraisement or produce thereof which was paid into the Exchequer July 3 last. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 8.
Feb. 9. Letter of direction for 201l. 11s. 3d. to Visct. FitzHardinge, Treasurer of the Chamber: out of Civil List moneys: and is intended to be paid over to the Master of the Queen's Barges, 48 watermen in ordinary and six pensionary watermen for three quarters to Xmas last on their allowances payable in the Chamber. Disposition Book XIX, p. 257.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners [in England] to employ John Raikstraw as a watchman London port loco Daniel Willmer deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 137.
Treasury reference to the late Commissioners for Prizes of the petition of Robert Lourie setting forth his discovery of a design of the owners of the ship Worcester to enlarge their demands much above the value of the ship and cargo; that he went to Scotland to get an account of the value thereof: therefore praying allowance for his service therein. Reference Book VIII, p. 349.
J. Taylour to the Lord Chief Baron [of the Exchequer Court in Scotland] to report on (a) infra.
Appending: (a) memorial of Sir James Mackenzie shewing that he has a patent for life to be Keeper of the Register of Signatures, which is a record wherein all gifts, signatures, deeds of conveyance of lands &c. are entered before they pass the seals of North Britain; and his title thereto is as good as the laws of Scotland and Treaty of Union can make it; yet to his great surprise the Barons of the Exchequer there are about to deprive him of it on pretence that the aforesaid Register should be kept in the Remembrancer's Office of that Court, notwithstanding the same is no record of Exchequer. Sir James has a good claim to have an Equivalent for the losses of the other perquisites of his office, fallen by the Union but to have the small remains of it taken away is a hardship he has not deserved. Therefore prays to be allowed to enjoy “that inconsiderable branch of a very good place he has lost by the Union.” Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 9.
Feb. 10. Letter of direction for 22,233l. 5s. 3d. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of loans to be made by Sir James Milner on credit of the Land Tax anno 1708: and is intended for the Victualling and to be applied to satisfy so much payable to the said [Sir] James and Joseph Milner on bills of exchange drawn from Leghorn and Lisbon for the service of victualling her Majesty's ships there. Disposition Book XIX, p. 258.
William Lowndes to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed report [missing] from Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt] on the petition of John Meakins concerning a lost annuity order. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 32.
Same to the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Thomas Bell of the city of Dublin merchant relating to a debt of 105l. 10s. 6d. which he owed for Excise in the reign of King James and praying to be relieved therein in regard of his losses and sufferings then and since, he alleging that he could have satisfied that debt in brass money then current if demanded, of which species he has now by him 500l. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 49.
Feb. 11. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute and apply the sum of 39,970l. 15s. 3d. to Deficient Funds as follows: the said sum representing the income between Jan. 14 last and Feb. 11 inst. from branches of the revenue as follows: viz. 55l. 2s. 6d. from whale fins; 8,605l. 16s. 4d. from New Customs; 1,542l. 17s.d. from Additional Impositions; 2,060l. 16s. 7d. from Vellum; 18,078l. 18s. 6d. from Continued Impositions; 4,344l. 9s.d. from Salt; 5,282l. 14s. 3d. from Windows: the said application and distribution to be hereby as follows: viz.
Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood on the Register the 11th Feb. 1708–9. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Exchequer Bills 515165 4 214606 9 8 8804 19 4
First 3s. Aid 415099 0 0 312598 18 7094 13
Paper Duties 20 per cent. (called Paper for Plate) 15400 0 0 11800 0 0 263 4 2
Malt Tickets 579060 0 0 260590 0 0 9897 0 6
Leather Duties 504438 0 0 290843 2 0 8621 12
Third Quarterly Poll 212770 17 0 154104 2 6 3636 11
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 19271 6 441 7
New East India Company 65518 0 10575 1 1119 16
General Society [East Indies] 5354 10 864 5 91 10
2338628 15 1275253 5 4 39970 15 3
Money Book XIX, p. 446.
Feb. 11. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Henry Tapsfeild and Henry Crawley. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 33.
Feb. 12. Same to the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland enclosing the copy of an Address from the House of Commons (fn. 1) to the Queen desiring a state of such public debts and claims as have been brought before the said Barons in pursuance of the Act of last Session [6 Anne c. 51] for further directing the payment of the Equivalent money. Please send the said account to the Lord Treasurer as soon as conveniently may be in order to the laying the same before the said House.
The like letter to the Commissioners of the Equivalent for an account of what sums of the Equivalent money have been issued and paid by the said Commissioners and to what uses and what part thereof still remains in their hands: all in accordance with a like Address of the House of Commons.
The like letter to the Customs Commissioners in Scotland for an abbreviate of the produce of the revenue of the Customs in Scotland from the commencement of the Union till Xmas last: in accordance with a like Address of said House.
The like letter to the Excise Commissioners in Scotland for a like abbreviate of the produce of the Excise for same period in accordance with a like Address.
Prefixing: letter dated Feb. 10 from Henry Boyle, Secretary of State, to Treasurer Godolphin enclosing copies of the above four Addresses. Out Letters (North Britain) II, pp. 8–9.
Feb. 14. Royal warrant dated St. James to the Attorney and Solicitor General for a commission to Sir Thomas Abney and many others detailed to take subscriptions before March 10 next (at the issue price of 115l. per 100l. stock) for enlarging [doubling] the Capital Stock of 2,201,171l. 10s. 0d. of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England for the better enabling them to comply with the proposal made by them in their proposition to the House of Commons, which proposition the House of Commons agreed to by their votes of Feb. 10 inst.: the said proposition being to advance a further 400,000l. (as additional to 1,200,000l. formerly advanced) to the State and to undertake to circulate a further 2,500,000l. in Exchequer Bills on condition of their continuation as a Corporation for 21 years from 1711 Aug. 1 and of the doubling of their stock as aforesaid. (The Bank's proposal in full and the votes of the House of Commons thereon are printed in extenso in Commons Journals XVI, pp. 100–101.) Queen's Warrant Book XXIV, pp. 10–16.
William Lowndes to the Queen's Printers to deliver to Josiah Burchett, Secretary to the Lord High Admiral, 100 copies of the Act for Recruiting: being for the use of the Marine Forces. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 33.
Feb. 15. Royal sign manual for 20,000l. to Samuell Smethyn, her Majesty's goldsmith: without account: for gold works which he has delivered or shall deliver into the Jewel House. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 483.
Feb. 15. Royal sign manual for 150l. to George Granville, heir of Sir Bevill Granville Kt. deceased, for half a year to 1708 Xmas for the rent of Mote Park. (Money warrant dated Feb. 21 hereon.) (Money order dated Feb. 22 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated March 5 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 484. Order Book VII, p. 225. Disposition Book XIX, p. 262.
Letter of direction for 19,391l. 4s. 1d. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of the payment to be made by the East India Company before March 10 next: and is in part of 894,272l. 3s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1708 and is intended to be applied to the clearing the Subject Troops from 1707 Dec. 24 to 1708 Dec. 22 and is to complete the whole of the said 894,272l. 3s. 6d. Disposition Book XIX, p. 258.
Same for 4,200l. to the Judges et al. as follows: out of Civil List moneys: viz.
the 13 Judges at Westminster for Hilary term last 3,250
Sir Joseph Jekyll, Chief Justice of Chester, for same term 125
the six Judges in Wales for same 450
John Pocklington, second Justice of Chester, Denbigh, Flint and Montgomery for same 100
the 11 Masters in Chancery for 1708 Xmas quarter 275
Ibid., p. 259.


  • 1. See Commons Journals XVI, p. 97. Four votes of the House corresponding to the four accounts here called for.