Warrant Book: January 1712, 21-31

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26, 1712. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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January 1712

Jan. 21. Confirmation by Treasurer Oxford of a money warrant dated 1710 Aug. 28 for 500l. to the Duke of Bolton as by the royal warrant of 1710 Aug. 23, supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIV. p. 423. Queen_s Warrant Book XXIV, p. 333.
Money warrant for 20l. to Benjamin Miller as royal bounty for his passage to Maryland whither he is going schoolmaster.
20l. to John Bell for the like to Virginia whither he is going missionary. (Letters of direction dated Jan. 23 hereon. This entry describes them both as chaplains.) Money Book XXI, p. 419. Disposition Book XXI, p. 217.
Thomas Harley to Mr. Popple to lay before the Commissioners for Trade, for their report hereon, the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Earl of Orkney in behalf of Col. Alexander Spotswood, Lieut. Governor of Virginia, desiring that the allowance of 150l. per an. formerly made to the Governor there for the rent of a house may be continued till the house (directed to be built for the Governor) is finished. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 101.
Treasury reference to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded of the petition of Samuel Garrt [Garrard], bart., the Master, Wardens and Society of the Company of Apothecaries of London, Thomas Loveday and Nathaniell Turner on behalf of themselves and other persons, contractors with the said Commissioners, shewing that for several years they have served the said Commissioners to a great value and for the lowest prices and as for ready money: but they are now three years in arrear and have no interest or other allowances as in the cases of the Navy creditors: therefore praying to be paid in [ready] money, their several debts having been lately ascertained by the said Commissioners and certified to the Lord Treasurer.
In the margin: memorandum: this is cancelled. Reference Book IX, p. 42.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Robert Pool praying the office of Register [of Certificates] at Guernsey, now vacant, his father having formerly held said office till removed for sickness. Ibid., p. 47.
Jan. 22. Letter of direction for 2,380l. 14s. 0d. to Samuel, Lord Masham, Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List moneys: and is intended to pay the Customs of her Majesty's wine imported in April last. Disposition Book XXI, p. 216.
Thomas Harley to Mr. Brydges to send to the Lord Treasurer an account of all "such sums as have been advanced or lent to K[ing] Charles since his Majesty's first going to Spain." Out Letters (General) XX, p. 101.
William Lowndes to Mr. Baker and Mr. Goslin to report on the enclosed reports [missing] made by Mr. Dodd and Mr. Waters upon a petition of Mr. Ellis Tyrrell, late Agent for Prizes at Lisbon, relating to divers charges and losses sustained by him in the execution of his office. Ibid., p. 103.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Auditor of the Receipt and to Lionell Herne and Samuell Edwards, Paymasters of the interest on Exchequer Bills, as by the Act of last Session, 9 Anne, c. 7, clause 13, to observe the instructions as follows in doing and performing the business of paying the said interest on Exchequer Bills at demand and accounting for the same.
Prefixing: said Instructions as set out in a report by Charles, Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, on the representation of said Herne and Edwards wherein they desired instructions in what method to proceed in paying such interest and more particularly in what words the endorsements should be made upon the paying of such interest and by whom such endorsements should be made.
Hereupon Lord Halifax said that the Act directs that within 14 days after Sept. 29 and March 25 yearly any person, holder of Exchequer Bills upon which six months' interest or more shall be due and unpaid may receive same from said Paymasters. They should be directed to make no payment till the Auditor of the Receipt shall have examined the truth of the Bill by the counterparts remaining in his Office [and shall have] computed and agreed the interest: "and in regard great sums of money will be received and paid for this service, it may be necessary that particular accounts thereof be kept by the Auditor of the Receipt and that weekly certificates be transmitted to your Lordship [the Lord Treasurer] as well by him [the Auditor of the Receipt] as by the said Paymasters "; so that the receipts, issues and remains may appear. As to the words of the endorsements and by whom to be made, it may be thus: "Received 2l. 15s. 0d. in full for interest to the 29th of Sept. 1711," and at the same time sign a list containing the number, date, principal sum and interest of each Exchequer Bill upon which interest is to be paid as aforesaid to remain as vouchers with the said Paymasters to [enable them to] pass their accounts before the Auditors of Imprests. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 351–2.
Jan. 23. Money warrant for 20l. to William Guy as royal bounty for his passage to South Carolina whither he is going schoolmaster. (Letter of direction dated Jan. 23 hereon. This entry describes him as a chaplain.) Money Book XXI, p. 419. Disposition Book XXI, p. 217.
Same for 3,000l, to William Smith, Paymaster of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, for half a year to 1711 Lady day for the wages and board wages of said Band. (Money order dated Jan. 26 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 428. Order Book VIII, p. 150.
Jan. 23. Approval by Treasurer Oxford of the form of order for the Classick Lottery (the Two Million Adventure) [9 Anne, c. 16]: as follows.
First classis: 1,340th order in course.
John Doe, Esq.: ordered the 19th day of January 1711 that by and out of the moneys arising by the Fond settled and appropriated by an Act of the 9th year of her Majesty's reign for the satisfaction of the Contributors to the Adventure of Two Millions in the said Act mentioned, there be paid unto John Doe of the parish of St. Gyles in the Fields in the county of Middlesex, his executors, administrators or assigns the principal sum of 110l. together with interest for the same after the rate of 6l. per cent. per an.: the said interest to be paid by equal quarterly payments from the feast of St. Michael the Archangel 1711 until the said principal sum shall be paid off in its due course, or sufficient money reserved for paying the same according to the said Act: which said principal sum and interest is in lieu of one Ticket or Receipt No. 16654 delivered up by the said John Doe and cancelled: the corresponding Tickett of the said number happening to be drawn in the first Classis of the said Adventure the 1340th Tickett in course and entitules to the said 110l. only.
In the left hand margin: the Tickett chequed with its counterpart and cancelled and this order examined per William Fytch.
In the right hand margin: 110l. principal money: the annual interest whereof is 6l. 12s. 0d.
Countersigned: "Let this order be executed in all things according to the tenor thereof" (Treasurer Oxford).
Order Book VIII, p. 148.
Thomas Harley to Sir William Robinson to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Mr. Pratt. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 101.
Same to Lord Halifax [Auditor of the Receipt] for an account what moneys have been returned into England from the late Vice Treasurer of Ireland and paid into her Majesty's Exchequer here, pursuant to the late Act of Parliament [7 Anne, c. 29, and private Act 1 Anne, c. 39] in that behalf, upon account of the composition for the estate of the Earl of Clanricard (formerly called Lord Bophin) forfeited in the late rebellion there. Ibid.
Same to the Board of Ordnance. It is the Queen's pleasure that you should pay the bill of exchange for 132l. 16s. 0d. drawn on you by John Collins for repairs done at Fort William in Newfoundland. You are to charge it as an imprest on said Collins so that her Majesty may have an account from him in the method of your Office. Ibid., p. 102.
Same to Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad]. The Secretary at War has sent to the Lord Treasurer the enclosed account [missing] of the horse[s] lost in the English Regiments of Horse and Dragoons in the Low Countries in the last campaign, with the allowances craved by the Officers to recruit the same. Please inform the Lord Treasurer when the charge of recruiting horses was first brought on the public and what has been paid for the same since, and whether there be not a regimental fond to defray charges of this nature.
Also what money remains in the hands of the Deputy Paymaster in Portugal for uses to be appointed and what services you think most necessary to be satisfied out of the same and in what proportions to be best distributed to those services. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 102.
Jan. 23. [Thomas Harley] to the Secretary at War. My Lord Treasurer has read your report of the 19th inst. on the memorial of Major Webb, Governor of Upnor Castle, about the Detachment of Invalids doing duty there. My Lord thinks an Establishment should be formed for the said Garrison and to comprehend the said Detachment to commence as from 1710 Dec. 23 provided the fond provided by Parliament for the Invalid Companies be not exceeded and that the said Establishment be not doubly paid as outpensioners of Chelsea Hospital and as on the said Establishment. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to permit (in accordance with the Queen's pleasure) Lieut. James Hutchinson, now on board the Flying Fortune, a Lubeck ship in the Downs, and eight men belonging to the Blandford man of war to come on shore if the said ships are free from infection. Ibid., p. 103.
William Lowndes to the [Principal] Officers of the Works to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Henry Wise for 478l. 3s. 11d. for works performed in her Majesty's gardens at Kensington. Ibid., p. 107.
Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Rachel Corslake, widow of Dr. Abraham Corslake, praying payment of a bill No. 4079 made out for her said husband as physician to Admiral Baker's squadron; she alleging that the surgeon has been [paid] for the like service. Reference Book IX, p. 41.
Same to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded of the petition of Sir Samuell Garrett, bart., for payment of 755l. 11s. 3d. for grocery [apothecary stores] supplied by him to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded for the use of her Majesty's Hospitals and Hospital ships, half of which has been owing for three years and the other half for 20 months. Ibid., p. 42.
Letters patent by Treasurer Oxford appointing Charles Blunt to be Paymaster of the Two Million Lottery: with a salary of 500l. per an. as from 1711 Dec. 25. (Warrant dated Feb. 9 by same to the Queen's Remembrancer to take said Blunt's securities, detailed, in 7,000l. for his said Office.)
Prefixing: report by the Deputy Queen's Remembrancer, on the sufficiency of said securities. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 355–6, 361.
Subscription by same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated Jan. 17 inst. to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the provision of new standards for the two Troops of Horse Grenadiers: to an estimate of 65l. Ibid., p. 327.
Jan. 23. The like of a same dated Jan. 14 inst. for liveries as follows for the eight drummers and eight hautboys [of the Guards]: to an estimate of 450l.: viz. each a crimson cloth coat, lined with blue serge, trimmed with broad and narrow gold Arras lace, and the sleeves faced with blue cloth; one pair of crimson cloth breeches, each faced with blue serge and laid round the cape with a narrow gold Arras lace; one leather belt stitched and laid with gold; one Cordebach [Caudebec] hat trimmed with gold with a gold band, and one black velvet cap. Ibid.
Jan. 24. Thomas Harley to Lord Lansdown [Secretary at War]. It is absolutely necessary that the affair of the Expedition to Canada, which has been referred to you, should be stated so as a demand may be laid before the House for the extraordinary charge occasioned thereby. Please hasten your report with all the despatch imaginable. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 103.
Same to Mr. Blunt and Mr. Tytch. It is of absolute necessity that the business of taking in tickets, delivering out orders and paying interest thereon on the Two Million Adventure should receive all imaginable despatch. Although you are appointed to different offices it is the Lord Treasurer's pleasure that you assist one another in settling and adjusting proper methods for performing the said business in all its parts with ease, safety and despatch. I enclose a draft form of order to be given out in lieu of the said tickets, ut supra, p. 123. Please agree the rates for parchment, printing, books and all other necessaries for the work and form a body of instructions for the regular carrying on the business of your respective offices, and submit same for my Lord's approval. Ibid., p. 104.
Same to Sir Griffith Williams. Send my Lord a true state of the obstruction and abuse of John Lloyd, a salt officer in Conway, Co. Carnarvon, of which the Salt Commissioners have made a representation to my Lords and therein complain of you as the principal aggressor. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Excise Commissioners to permit the following persons, importers of brandy and rum in London port, to make post entries of rum and brandy above proof, i.e. for so much single brandy as it will require water to reduce it to proof, viz. Robert Chester, Mar. Sandiford, _ Edwards, _ White, _ Johnson, Jo. Evans, William Warwick, Henry Bendysh, _ Stanfield, Alger. Betty, John Sandell, Capt. Bonham, P. Williamson, Robt. Diamond, Tho. Thomas and James Goheir.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners on the petition of said importers. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 352–3.
Jan. 25. William Lowndes to Secretary St. John enclosing Mr. Howe's report [missing] on the Orders and Instructions framed by the Comptrollers of Army Accounts for the better regulating of Chelsea Hospital and the outpensioners. My Lord Treasurer has no objection to renewing the Commission for said Hospital in the manner proposed by Mr. Howe. Please prepare a royal warrant for same.
Followed by list of the names of the proposed Commissioners. Out Letters (General) XX, pp. 105, 111.
Jan. 25. William Lowndes to the Auditors of Imprests. My Lord Treasurer takes notice that in the grant of the office of Master of the Great Wardrobe there is a clause that he shall be subject to such examination and comptrol concerning the quantities, qualities, prices and values of the goods to be bought or provided in the said Office and concerning the paying and applying the moneys imprested as the Queen shall direct by royal warrant. My Lord considers it necessary that the present methods both as to comptrolls and as to the forms in passing the accounts of the Great Wardrobe should be altered and made more effectual and conformable to the method of other imprest accounts. Please propose to my Lord such methods as may be best for her Majesty's service herein. Ibid., p. 105.
Thomas Harley to the Customs Commissioners enclosing a letter [missing] from the Envoy of the King of Portugal concerning a trunk and some cases which the Queen of Portugal has sent hither in order to be carried on to Vienna. Please permit its export to Holland. Ibid., p. 113.
Treasury reference to the Commissioners for Taxes of the petition of George and Joseph Newell, goldsmiths, shewing that they have delivered up all their [credit] debts and effects to [meet] the extent and hoped to gain their liberty, but not gaining it they cannot propose any further satisfaction to the Government whilst they are confined. Reference Book IX, p. 42.
Same to Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, of the petition of the persons concerned in the 40,000l. per an. annuities, representing that the fond granted proves deficient of answering the same and that there is now a year in arrear: therefore praying such further provision as will satisfy the arrear and the growing payments. Ibid., p. 43.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of the Mayor &c. of Boston, Co. Lincoln, shewing that the said borough is a seaport but for want of fresh water is not much frequented; that "it" might be remedied by erecting an engine in a great common near Boston called West Fen in the Queen's propriety, "but for no longer a term than 30 years without an Act of Parliament enabling them to enclose a small part of the said common and lay pipes." Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Edward Pauncefort, Cashier of Excise, shewing that the business of his Office is much increased by the 3d. per barrel Excise, and Duties on candles and hops, which has obliged him to keep three clerks extraordinary: therefore praying an allowance for same from his first entrance into his office. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Jett of the petition of William Washbourne et al., Warden and Minor Canons of St. Paul's, London, shewing that they have always received an annuity of 40s. from the Master of the Savoy till the dissolution of that Hospital, since which they have received but 30s. [in all]: therefore praying payment of the arrears and that said annuity may be established for the future. Ibid.
Jan. 25. Same to the Secretary at War of the petition of Brigadier Henry Moryson shewing that the Queen has given him the commission of Second Major to the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, for which there is no provision of pay upon the Establishment at present: therefore praying that same may be put on the new Establishment for the year 1712, "there being several precedents for such provision." Ibid., p. 44.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of John Hitch-Cock for a new lease (on surrender) of the manor of Weston, alias Barking, Co. Surrey, demised to Henry Warren 1 July 1693 by the Queen Dowager and now vested in petitioner; and likewise of the farm called Winterhouse in said county held by several leases from the Queen Dowager. Ibid.
Jan. 26. Thomas Harley to Mr. Borrett. Four of the contracting brewers now under prosecution by order of the House of Commons (to wit Mr. Ridge, Mr. Player, Mr. Dixon and Mr. Kelley) for defrauding the public have submitted and applied to my Lord to compound. You are to acquaint them that they must propose in writing what satisfaction they severally intend to make. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 106.
William Lowndes to the South Sea Company enclosing a draft royal warrant [missing] for a privy seal to approve the Lord Treasurer's Instrument for adjusting stock for the public and to direct the subscribing and disposing thereof; as also an account [missing] shewing how the stock in the South Sea Company for the use of the public doth arise. Please send my Lord your opinion and observations on the said draft. Ibid.
Thomas Harley to the Lord President of the Council. The Customs Commissioners, Scotland, have agreed with the Earl of Leven as to the places fit for ships to perform quarantine in Scotland. Please lay before the Queen in Council the said Commissioners' report so that the said places may be appointed accordingly. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 296.
Jan. 28. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Treasurer Oxford to pay 150l. to George, Lord Lansdown, for half a year to 1711 Xmas on the rent of Mote Park, which was laid into Windsor Great Park: and 21l. 17s. 6d. for the [Exchequer] fees on the said sum and on the preceding half year's rent. (Money warrant dated Feb. 14 hereon.) (Money order dated Feb. 21 hereon.) Queen_s Warrant Book XXV, p. 147. Order Book VIII, p. 156.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a Commission for taking subscriptions to the South Sea Stock until 24 June 1712; to wit for granting and continuing from 1711 Dec. 25 to 1712 June 24 to the Court of Directors or any three of them the power and authority mentioned in the letters patent which incorporated the said Company for taking subscriptions of all such tallies, orders, bills, tickets, debentures or certificates or other public debts, deficiencies or sums of money intended to be provided for by the Act of Parliament entitled 'an Act for making good Deficiencies and Satisfying the Public Debts and for erecting a Corporation to carry on a trade to the South Sea': and with power and liberty to accept and take the subscriptions which shall be made and paid for in Army and Transport Debentures and made out for the service of the last war for the principal sums due or payable upon such debentures until the interest thereof can be adjusted in like manner as was done in the two Commissions recited in the said letters patent or charter of Incorporation: with power also to add the interest upon the said debentures when the same shall be adjusted. Queen_s Warrant Book XXV, p. 149.
Jan. 28. Royal warrant to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Bibye Lake. (Privy seal hereon dated Feb. 14.) (Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Auditor of the Receipt to levy tallies of discharge accordingly.) Ibid., pp. 150, 157. Money Book XXI, p. 439.
Same to Treasurer Oxford to pay 574l. 2s. 6d. to John Anstis, whereof 500l. is to be paid to Thomas Rymer, Historiographer Royal, and to Awnsham Churchill, bookseller, in accordance with their agreement with John Anstis on the Queen's behalf for transcribing a fourteenth volume of 'Leagues and Treaties' extracted from ancient records by the said Rymer, and printing 259 copies thereof; and 52l. 5s. 0d. for binding and 21l. 17s. 6d. for [Exchequer] fees and charges in the receipt of said sum. (Money warrant dated Feb. 14 hereon.) (Money order dated March 7 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated May 2 hereon.) Queen_s Warrant Book XXV, p. 151. Order Book VIII, p. 190. Disposition Book XXI, p. 259.
Money warrant for 20l. to Thomas Rudd as royal bounty for his passage to South Carolina whither he is going schoolmaster. (Money order dated Feb. 1 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 14 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 419. Order Book VIII, p. 151. Disposition Book XXI, p. 227.
Warrant by Treasurer Southampton to Spencer Compton to pay 245l. to William Jones, gent., in satisfaction of so much disbursed by him for her Majesty's special service. Money Book XXI, p. 425.
Same by same to the Commissioners for the Duties on Hides to insert the name of William Davis in the Establishment of the Duties for hides at 20l. per an. in place of William Alderton as messenger attending their Office; the said Alderton not having for some time past performed his duty there. Ibid., p. 426.
Money warrant for 40l. to Sir William Whitlock for one year to 1711 Xmas on his fee as one of her Majesty's counsellors at law. Ibid., p. 429. Disposition Book XXI, p. 217.
Same for 500l. to William Borrett: as imprest for Crown Law causes. (Money order dated Jan. 28 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Feb. 14 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 429. Order Book VIII, p. 152. Disposition Book XXI, p. 227.
Jan. 28. Same for 600l. to Robert Cole, for one year to 1710 Nov. 10 on his ordinary entertainment or allowance as her Majesty's Agent and Consul General at Algier. (Money order dated Feb. 1 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated March 31 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 431. Order Book VIII, p. 158. Disposition Book XXI, p. 243.
Same for 13l. 6s. 8d. to the Vicar of [St. Peter's Chains in] the Tower: for two years to 1711 Sept. 29 on a perpetuity of 6l. 13s. 4d. per an.
80l. to John Tucker for half a year to 1711 Xmas on his fee or salary as Keeper of her Majesty's Paper Office. (Letters of direction dated Feb. 14 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 432. Disposition Book XXI, p. 227.
Same for 2,800l. 10s. 3d. to John Williams, gent., agent to her Majesty's printers, for so much due to the said printers for paper and printing of Acts of Parliament, Proclamations, Forms of Prayer, speeches and other things by them delivered to the Archbishop of Canterbury and divers public offices and for stationery wares for the two Houses of Parliament from Michaelmas 1709 to Michaelmas 1710. (Money order dated Feb. 1 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 433. Order Book VIII, p. 151.
Money order for 52l. 1s. 8d. to Thomas Webb, late Second Justice of Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan: and is for 25 days of Trinity term 1711, to wit from 14 May to 9 June 1711 (on which day his patent was superseded) on his allowance of 300l. per an. Order Book VIII, p. 152.
Same for 282l. 17s. 6d. to Mitford Crow, Esq., late Capt. General and Governor in Chief of Barbados; 32l. 17s. 6d. thereof for six days 1710 May 8 to 15, being the day he embarked for Great Britain from the said islands, as is certified by Alexander Skene, Secretary of the said Islands, and is on his full allowance of 2,000l. per an.; and 250l. for one quarter from May 15 to Aug. 15 (the day on which his commission was superseded by the grant to Robert Lowther, Esq.) and is on his moiety allowance: to be paid out of the Four and a Half per cent. revenue. Ibid., p. 167.
Same for 50l. to Col. Jo[h]n Pearne for 1711 Xmas quarter's allowance as Lieutenant Governor of Montserrat.
500l. to Robert Lowther for one quarter to 1711 Dec. 22 as Captain General and Governor in Chief of Barbados and several other islands and places in America.
50l. to Walter Hamilton for 1711 Xmas quarter's allowance as Lieutenant Governor of Nevis.
50l. to Michael Lambert for same as Lieutenant Governor of St. Christopher.
50l. to John Yeomans for same as Lieutenant Governor of Antigua. Ibid., pp. 167–8.
Same for 300l. to Walter Douglas, for one quarter due Jan. 8 inst. on his allowance as Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Leeward Caribbee Islands in America. Ibid., p. 170.
William Lowndes to Lord Lansdown, Secretary at War, enclosing James Brydges' report touching the demands of the Regiments in the Low Countries for the Queen's bounty of 40s. per man (part of 4l. per man paid by the Receivers of the Land Tax and charged upon the said Regiments) for the recruits raised [sic for paid for] by the Commissioners of Land Tax. Please draft a royal warrant for crediting the Regiments concerned with the sum of 7,490l. as such bounty for recruits delivered as aforesaid. The Lord Treasurer desires to peruse the draft of the said warrant before it is presented to the Queen. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 107.
Jan. 28. Treasury reference to the Postmaster General of the recommendation of Alexander Farquharson for the office of Comptroller of the Post Office at Edinburgh, now executed by one Buchanan, a man of no character and said to be without commission. Reference Book IX, p. 48.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners to observe orders in Council of the 26th inst. for the discharge of the following ships from quarantine, all on the petition of Henry Lyell, merchant: viz.
Catt, Peter Jelles master, from Hamburg, Altena and Bremen.
Pennenbergh, Gert. Hendricks master, from ditto.
Samuel, Joseph Page master, from ditto.
William and Martha, William Turner master, from ditto.
Noah's Ark, Melle Ipese master, from ditto.
Young Tobias, Jo[h]n Cornelius master, from ditto.
Bootshap Maria, Hylke Williams master, from ditto.
Providence, Adam Wethrell master, from ditto.
St. Peter, Derick Gerits master, from ditto.
Altena, Cornelius Vanderhout master, from ditto.
King Solomon, Jelle Turgen master, from ditto.
Armes, Jo[h]n Perfect master, from ditto.
Love, Syebe Peters master, from ditto.
City of Bremen, Henry Voglesand master, from ditto.
Golden Lyon, Arent Buse master, from ditto.
Ann, Jo[h]n Mogridge master, from ditto.
William, Claus Heckstetter master, from ditto
Likewise the following, on the petition of Jo[h]n Reup, Phillip Wilkinson et al.:
Beginning, Paul Holliday master, with hemp, flax and clapboards from Riga.
Anna Katherina, Bows Jans master, from Memel with ditto.
Love, Herman Bickfield master, with ditto.
Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 383.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Abraham Franco of London, merchant, shewing that upon an information for importing Italian silks he (according to the usual method) came to a composition with the informer "upon the said petitioner being to have one third part; but the said informer not standing to his agreement as to his having relief in another information," and the Queen has received more in the whole than the Duties on all the said goods did amount unto: therefore praying relief. Reference Book IX, p. 43.
Same to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Sir Ambrose Crowley praying that his contracts with the Navy for anchors, smith's work, nails &c. may be paid upon the Course of the Navy as to what has been delivered since the 30th April 1711 "and to that time he is willing to take South Sea Stock." Ibid., p. 44.
Jan. 28. Commission by Treasurer Oxford to John Goodson to be a Surveyor of the new and additional Duties on Houses loco Robert Montague, dismissed. (Dormant warrant by same to the Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Kent to pay 60l. per an. to said Goodson as salary as from 1710–11 Jan. 24.) Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 70, 99.
Thomas Harley to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland. My Lord Treasurer grants two months' leave of absence to John Saffin, Comptroller of Leith port. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 296.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to Treasurer Oxford to order allowance to be made to the Excise Commissioners in Scotland of the 4,000l. paid by them to Sir Patrick Murray (1,000l. on Oct. 18 last, 1,000l. on Oct. 25, 1,000l. on Nov. 1 and 1,000l. on Nov. 8), "without setting the said Sir Patrick in super for the same or any part thereof."
Appending: acknowledgment by P. Moray of his receipt of the money "for her Majesty's special service." Ibid., pp. 296–7.
Jan. 29. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Excise Commissioners to pay Edward Pauncefort, their Cashier, 343l. 3s. 10d. for his charges and disbursements in carrying 1,499,203l. 8s. 2d. [of Excise cash] into the Exchequer from 1710 June 12 to 1711 Jan. 18.
Prefixing: report from said Commissioners on said Pauncefort's bill for said disbursements: and allocating same as follows, viz. 214l. 12s. 3¾d. to Excise; 5l. to Sweets; 102l. 17s. 10¼d. to Malt; 17l. 12s. 4d. to Candles; 13s. 8d. to Hops; "and as to the sum of 1l. 17s. 8d., being the remainder, for as much as the same hath been expended in paying into the Exchequer the cash received from North Britain we are of opinion the same may be repaid by us to Mr. Pauncefort and placed to the account of the Commissioners of Excise for North Britain amongst other incidents disbursed for them." Money Book XXI, pp. 430–1.
Same by same to Henry Ferne, Customs Cashier, to pay 45l. 12s. 0d. to Visct. Fanshaw, Remembrancer of the Exchequer Court, for the fees due to said Remembrancer and his clerks heretofore usually paid by the Customers of the [out]ports of England and Wales: and is for passing their accounts for the year ended at Xmas 1711. Ibid., p. 432.
Letter of direction for 50,000l. to James Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad]: out of Land Tax loans anno 1712: and is for Sir John Lambert et al., remitters [of exchange for the Army in Flanders]: as in further part of 150,000l. bills secured, ut supra, p. 120, and will (with the said preceding 50,000l.) make 120,000l. redeemed out of the 180,000l. South Sea Stock. Disposition Book XXI, p. 218.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to make forth a bill to allow to the Treasurer of the Navy 706l. 16s. 11d. for 43 days' interest at 6 per cent, on 100,000l. advanced by the Bank of England for the service of the Navy 1711 Nov. 9, which [principal sum] was repaid to them Dec. 22 following.
Appending: account of said interest and of the payment thereof Jan. 17 last to the Bank. Disposition Book XXI, p. 219.
Jan. 29. William Lowndes to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy. The Bank of England has agreed to advance to you 100,000l. for the service of the Navy and Victualling on deposit of 110,000l. in malt tallies anno 1711. The Lord Treasurer directs you to make the said deposit and to receive the said moneys according: and that thereout you apply 20,000l. towards paying the Course of the Victualling since Michaelmas last. Ibid.
Thos. Harley to Mr. Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad. In your memorial of the 25th inst. you have represented to my Lord Treasurer the state of the cash in the hands of the Deputy Paymaster of the Forces in Portugal for uses to be appointed, which cash appears thereby to amount to 40,431l. 5s. 6½d. On reading same the Lord Treasurer is pleased to direct that you apply thereout the sum of 38,580l. 5s. 7½d. to the uses, ut supra, pp. 6–7. Ibid., p. 220.
William Lowndes to Mr. Howe enclosing a letter [missing] of advice of a bill of exchange for 429l. 0s. 5d. drawn by Col. Dudley and Col. Nicholson for account of the owners of the brigantine John and Hanna, Nathaniel Martin master, employed in her Majesty's service in transporting the French Garrison of Port Royal to France upon the reduction of that place to her Majesty's obedience in 1710. Please advise with Col. Nicholson in order to make a true state of the whole charge of the said transport service and report how much has been paid and how the remainder may best be satisfied. "You [will] likewise receive herewith a letter of advice of bills drawn for transporting the French Garrison from Annapolis Royal to France and an account thereof annexed [all missing]." Out Letters (General) XX, p. 107.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Robert Payne of Playhatch, shewing that he mortgaged great part of his estate before 9 May 1707, when he executed a bond to the Queen [as surety] for Thomas Crab, junr., "and 1.000l., part of 1,400l., was by the mortgagee of the residue of his estate paid into the Excise Office in part of a concealed debt contracted before he became bound; that all his estate being comprized in inquisitions lately taken on extents the mortgagees are prepared to plead the several conveyances to defend their titles": therefore praying (to prevent controverting the Queen's title and the mortgagees' titles to his estate by the usual rules in the Exchequer Court) that the Lord Treasurer would permit the mortgagees to prove their titles and debts so that the equities of redemption [which are] vested in the Crown may be disposed of. Reference Book IX, p. 44.
Treasurer Oxford to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on Sir Stephen Fox's petition praying that for the protection of the inhabitants in the Isles of Arran (which are his estate by purchase) a fort formerly built there may be repaired and fitted up and an entire independent Company of Foot be established constantly to reside therein. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 254.
Jan. 31. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Spencer Compton to pay 2,000l. to Francis Yonge, gent., as royal bounty: to be paid out of loans on the credit of the produce of the sale of the Queen's tin. Queen_s Warrant Book XXV, p. 150.