Warrant Book: March 1712, 21-31

Pages 198-208

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26, 1712. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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March 1712

Mar. 21. Money warrant for 100l. to Amias Hext for one year to 1710 Xmas on his pension. Money Book XXI, p. 461.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Sir Isaac Newton, Master and Worker of the Mint, to pay (out of Coinage Duty) 2,692l. 15s. 3½d. to the Provost and Moneyers of the Mint in the Tower for so much remaining due to them, on account of the recoinage of the moneys in Scotland upon the Union of 1707, upon the several allowances settled for the same by the Queen's warrant of 1707 July 12. The present payment is by authority of the Act 9 Anne, c. 3, for charging and continuing the Duties on Malt anno 1712 and for applying part of the Coinage Duties to pay the deficiency of the value of the plate coined and to pay for the recoinage of the old money in Scotland.
prefixing: Report from the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, on the demands of the Provost and Moneyers of the Tower relating to the moneyers employed in the re-coinage in Scotland. The following certificate sets out what appears due to them by the Mint books produced to us by the Warden of the Mint in respect of their services in the said re-coinage.
Appending: said account of what is due to the Provost and Moneyers for the Re-coinage in Scotland 28 Feb. 1708–9 as certified by William Drummond, Warden of the Mint [in Edinburgh], and William Boswell, Comptroller of the same:
£ s. d.
for coinage of 103,346 poundweight of silver moneys at 9 pence per poundweight, as by the Queen's warrant of 12 July 1707 3,875 9 6
allowance as by the said warrant for the journeys of the Moneyers backward and forward, with loss of time at 3s. per diem each man 246 12 0
4,122 1 6
£ s. d.
whereof is paid to them by money received of the officers of the Mint at Edinburgh 800 0 0
by the value of 203 pound-weight and 19 grains wasted and lost by the said Moneyers 629 6
1,429 6
£2,692 15
Ibid., p. 462.
Mar. 21. Money warrant for 116l. 11s. 4d. to John Amson [Ampson], for the surplusage on his account as Sheriff for Cheshire for the year ended 29 Sept. 1711: the same arising by payments for the convicting of Joseph Horderne for counterfeiting &c. (Money order dated March 26 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated April 2 hereon.) Ibid., p. 463. Order Book VIII, p. 166. Disposition Book XXI, p. 245.
Same for 80l. to Joseph Roberts for two years to Xmas last on his allowance as Keeper of her Majesty's Water Engine at Windsor. (Money order dated March 27 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated April 2 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 463. Order Book VIII, p. 164. Disposition Book XXI, p. 245.
Same for 200l. to Thomas Beak to be distributed amongst the under clerks of the [Privy] Council, himself being one, for their pains and expenses in writing letters and orders to Lords Lieutenant, Custodes Rotulorum, Justices of the Peace, and to officers of the Treasury, Admiralty, Navy, Ordnance, Victualling &c. for the year ended 25 Dec. 1711. (Money order dated March 22 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated April 2 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 463. Order Book VIII, p. 189. Disposition Book XXI, p. 245.
Mar. 21. Money warrant for 420l. to John [Robinson], Bishop of Bristol, for 84 days 1711 Sept. 29 to Dec. 22 on his allowance of 4l. a day in lieu of diet and on his fee of 20s. a day as Keeper of the Privy Seal: the said allowance of 4l. a day being from the said date of 1711 Dec. 22 payable to Sir Richard Beaumont, Robert Byerley and Edward Nicholas, who are appointed to execute the said office of Keeper of the Privy Seal in said Bishop's absence. (Money order dated March 22 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 464. Order Book VIII, p. 169.
Same for 4,500l. to William Smith, Paymaster of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, for three quarters to 1711 Xmas on the wages and board wages of said Band. (Money order dated March 22 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 464. Order Book VIII, p. 226.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Spencer Compton to pay 15l. to Capt. Daniel Hunt: as royal bounty. Money Book XXI, p. 464.
Same by same to Walter Whitfeild, late Paymaster of Marines, to pay over the 6,798l. remaining in his hands to Sir Roger Mostyn, present Paymaster thereof: the said Whitfeild having already been directed to reimburse Col. Arnott, who was specially appointed to be the Paymaster of the Forces which went on the late Expedition to Canada, such sums as the said Arnott had applied for the pay and subsistence of the Marine Regiments that were on the said Expedition.
prefixing: a state dated 7 March 1711–12 of said Whitfeild's account as late Paymaster of Marines, to wit from 1708 Dec. 24 (to which time he has accounted) to 1711 Aug. 24, "soon after which his patent was superseded ":
the six Marine Regiments.
Dr. £ s. d.
to cash paid them on account from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 Dec. 1709 84,636 4
remains due to clear to 24 Dec. 1709 35,763 2
£120,399 7 0
to cash paid to them on account from 25 Dec. 1709 to 24 Aug. 1711 44,231 2 10¾
remains due to clear to 24 Aug. 1711 157,431 2
£201,662 5 0
By cash due to them (having first deducted 7,735l. 18s. 0d. for respits) in full for offreckonings, subsistence, clearings &c. from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 Dec. 1709 120,399 7 0
By cash (having first computed the respits at 12,893l. 3s. 4d. in the same proportion to last year, the muster rolls for this time being not yet come in) due as above for the period 1709 Dec. 25 to 1711 Aug. 24 201,662 5 0
there has been paid upon account of recruits from June 1707 to 24 Aug. 1711 the sum of 27,995 0 0
and this is not placed to account.
there remains in my [Whitfeild's] hands, including the 900l. to be paid to Col. Arnott, the sum of 6,798 0 0
Ibid., p. 465.
Mar. 21. Money order for 1,708l. 10s. 11d. to Samuel Edwyn, Usher of the Receipt, for necessaries delivered by him to the new Offices of the Receipt as follows from Michaelmas [1710] to Lady day 1711: viz.
£ s. d.
[the Office for the] Old Annuities 216 11
[the Office for the] Million Lottery 27 4
[the Office for the] Malt Lottery 29 0
[the Office for the] Debentures 19 3 8
[the Office for the] Annuities [on the] 3,700l. per week of the Excise 21 13 10
[the Office for the] Annuities anno 1706 150 18
[the Office for the] Annuities anno 1707 4 10 7
[the Office for the] Annuities anno 1708 (first Act) 12 9 5
[the Office for the] Annuities anno 1708 (second Act) 17 16
[the Office for the] Exchequer Bills 470 10 0
[the Office for the] Annuities of 9 per cent. [on the Act 8 Anne, c. 12, for sale of Annuities at 9 per cent, per an. for 32 years from 29 Sept. 1710] 609 19 10
[the Office for the] Lottery 1711 128 11
£1,708 10 11
Order Book VIII, p. 185.
Same for 1,014l. 12s. 5¼d. to same for necessaries by him delivered to the said new Offices, detailed as above, from Lady day to Michaelmas 1710. Ibid., p. 186.
Same for 1,163l. 6s. 4½d. to same for the like delivered to the officers of the Receipt in Easter and Trinity terms 1710. Ibid., p. 185.
Same for 1,823l. 19s. 5¼d. to same for same delivered to the said officers of the Receipt in Michaelmas and Hilary terms 1710, Ibid,
Mar. 21. William Lowndes to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts. The Lord Treasurer has read your report of 28 Feb. last on Sir Solomon de Medina's demands on his contracts for bread and bread waggons for the year 1711. For want of vouchers you have not been able to make a perfect state or adjustment of account as between her Majesty and him. My Lord Treasurer "is pleased to direct you" to take the whole matter of the said contracts under your examination and to report a true state of the account so that due measures may be taken for Sir Solomon's satisfaction. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 155.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Secretary at War to prepare a royal warrant for paying 1,205l. 11s. 3d. to the Earl of Stair and Col. General Ross to reimburse the Captains of their Regiments for forage out of that part of their subsistence in the year 1710 which they should have reserved for their recruiting fund and which they now want, in order to go on with that [recruiting] service.
Prefixing: report by James Brydges, Paymaster General of the Forces, on the petition of said Stair and Ross. The said sum is amongst the articles voted last Session of Parliament for Extra-ordinaries of the war: but in regard the moneys granted in that Session for the services of the war fell very considerably short of what was voted there has been nothing yet directed into my hands for the above charge, which arises by the said Regiments having been obliged to take the field in the 1710 campaign before there was forage upon the ground; and as this money is taken out of their subsistence [and applied] for the forage, that subsistence [or the respits thereon] will fall short of answering the recruiting service if the same be not otherwise provided for and so disable them to buy their recruit horse in any [sufficiently short] time for the embarcation. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 387.
Treasurer Oxford to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of D'Soulignie, a French refugee, praying an augmentation of his pension on the Establishment of Ireland. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 267.
Mar. 22. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to James Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] to assign to clothiers as follows the sum of 34,835l. 13s. 11¾d. of South Sea Stock (as part of the 409,600l. 7s. 6½d. which by my warrant of 26 July 1711 [ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXV, p. 377] you were directed to subscribe into the said Stock): the said sum to be as in further part of 83,934l. 16s. 3d. due for the offreckonings of her Majesty's Forces in the Low Countries to the 22 Dec. 1711. Of the said sum two thirds, being 23,223l. 15s. 11¾d., is to be assigned forthwith and the remaining one third, being 11,611l. 18s. 0d., is to be assigned on the 23rd of June next.
Prefixing: certificate by said Brydges and by William Sloper, his deputy (dated Pay Office, Whitehall, March 21 and similar to the certificate, ut supra, p. 179) of the persons [clothiers] entitled and of the total sums [offreckoned from each Regiment and] payable to each [such clothier]: as follows:
£ s. d.
Mary Hunter 304 10 3
James Verey 3,558 11 4
Nathaniel Jackson 8,459 1
Davenant Sherborne 1,991 10
Benjamin Tudman and Stephen Child 783 7 7
Benjamin Wilcocks 1,348 19
William Wilson 1,527 14 9
Francis Cocksedge 2,839 17
Roger Braddyl 2,599 18
John Devall 1,200 12 6
Mary Devon 1,200 12 6
Philip Dykes 2,256 7
William Hudson 1,332 18
Robert Cox and Thomas Rogers 1,697 2
Samuel Green 3,030 0 5
John White 704 10
£34,835 13 11¾
Money Book XXI, pp. 274–5.
Mar. 22. Same by same to Spencer Compton to pay 200l. to George Midleton, gent., as royal bounty. Ibid., p. 466.
William Lowndes to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad. By your memorial of the 15th inst. you have proposed to my Lord Treasurer to satisfy the sum of 3,105l. 17s. 4d., which by virtue of the Queen's warrant is payable to Lieut. Gen. Webb and the Earl of Orrery for their pay for the year 1711 as Lieut. Gen. and Major General: 1,473l. 15s. 0d. thereof out of money remaining in your hands undisposed of out of the sum granted by Parliament for the pay of the General Officers anno 1711: and 1,632l. 2s. 4d. thereof out of tallies and orders similarly remaining in your hands on the Duties on Malt anno 1711. The interest accrued on the said Malt tallies is to be taken as part of the said total and you are to surcharge yourself with same in your accounts. Disposition Book XXI, p. 240.
Same to same to assign to the payment of foreign bills of exchange the sum of 81,182l. 12s. 2¾d. out of effects in your hands for the service of the Forces under your pay: viz. according to the scheme for same agreed by the Lord Treasurer the 22 August last, supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXV, pp. 416–17, to wit:
£ s. d.
for bills drawn by Mr. Mead for value taken up for the service of her Majesty's Forces in Catalonia 28,589 12 11¾
for bills drawn by Mr. Chetwynd for value taken up at Genoa for the service of the said Forces 31,905 3 0
for bills drawn by Col. Nevill for use of the prisoners in Spain 20,000 0 0
for a bill drawn by Lieut. Col. Bacalan for the said prisoners 687 16 3
£81,182 12
Mar. 22. William Lowndes to [the Customs Commissioners] to report on the petition of Henry Norris, merchant, et al., for release of their ships George "et al." [not named] from quarantine. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 152.
Same to same enclosing a representation [missing] from the merchants of London trading to Virginia and Maryland about the hardship they lie under and praying to be indulged so far as that the bonds which they give may not be put in suit till after expiry of the time allowed by law for exportation of their tobaccos. The Lord Treasurer directs you to consider well this case and to attend him hereon next Wednesday.
Likewise to consider the enclosed representation [missing] made to my Lord by the Commissioners for the Duties on Hides by which you will perceive the great trouble and perplexity like to ensue by the perverseness of the officers of the Customs in not certifying or refusing to certify on the debentures, which they grant for hides exported, that they did see the mark or stamp on the said hides which is required by law to be put thereon. You are to order this omission to be remedied for the future, and to report what may be done for the relief of persons who have such defective debentures already granted them. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Borret. The Lord Treasurer has considered of the Earl of Chesterfield's case as in the enclosed memorial [missing] and thinks it reasonable that the prosecutions which he had begun against the Mayor and burgesses of Nottingham for the destruction and waste of her Majesty's timber in Thornywood Chase in Sherwood Forest should be carried on at her Majesty's charge. You are therefore to take charge of the said prosecution and see it brought to an issue with all speed.
You are also to wait on the Earl of Abingdon about the matter he complains of relating to cottages and encroachments in her Majesty's forest of South Bere.
You are also to consider the enclosed petition [missing] of John Rice for compensation for damages sustained [viz. for the damages to be paid] out of fines imposed at Hickes Hall on rioters prosecuted by him. What will be the consequence in case petitioners of this kind be gratified in their request ? Ibid., p. 153.
Same to Mr. Brydges to report on the enclosed extracts [missing] of letters from the Earl of Strafford relating to the Battalion of Oettingen and the demands made on her Majesty for the forage and pay of the Palatines. Ibid.
Same to [Secretary] the Earl of Dartmouth to lay before the Cabinet Council for their consideration the enclosed petition [missing] of the Earl of Morton et al. representing the great benefit that may redound to the Fishery and Trade of this kingdom in case the Fort in Brasey [Bressay] Sound in Scotland be repaired and put into a condition of defence: together with a report [missing] from the Board of Ordnance thereupon. Ibid., p. 154.
Same to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Lord North and Grey for discharge of the sum of 1,150l. charged on his Regiment to make good the debts contracted before he commanded the same, seeing that it now lies as a burden on the subsistence of the present Officers, few or none of those who are properly chargeable [therewith] being now alive. Ibid.
Mar. 22. Same to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded. The Lord Treasurer has considered the case of Mr. Slaughter, your agent at Plymouth, as represented in the enclosed letter [missing]. My Lord thinks it reasonable that Slaughter should be paid the money he is in disburse for the subsistence of the well prisoners there between 1 Oct. 1711 and 1711–12 Feb. 29. You are to pay it out of the 4,000l. lately put into the hands of Treasurer for Sick and Wounded for the most pressing services. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of several merchants concerned in exporting hops from England to Ireland concerning the trouble and expense they are at in proving and recovering the drawback on British hops exported; and praying an application to Parliament for explanation of that part of the Act [9 Anne, c. 13, cl. 32] which relates to hops exported to Ireland. Reference Book IX, p. 56.
Subscription by Treasurer Oxford for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated Feb. 29 last to the Master of the Jewel House for the delivery to Richard Marshall of a gold cup for her Majesty's plate at Newmarket: to an estimate of 107l. 10s. 0d. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 327.
Mar. 23. Same by same for the execution of a schedule and estimate of the Board of Works for fitting up the room where the records are over the Prince's Chamber at the end of the House of Lords at Westminster: to an estimate of 128l. Ibid., p. 19.
The like of a same for putting in order two rooms (over the room of the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod) by making boxes and other conveniences for records: to an estimate of 106l. Ibid.
Mar. 24. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Secretary at War to prepare a royal warant to authorise James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, to pay 2,063l. 0s. 3¼d. to Sir John Lambert, Richard Hoare and Edward Gibbon for interest due to them on 200,000l. in bills supplied by them (150,000l. on or before Jan. 31 last and 50,000l. on or before Feb. 18 last), as by the Treasury minutes of 1711 Nov. 30 and 1711 Dec. 18 [ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXV, p. 112, for Nov. 30, and p. 115 for Dec. 18].
Prefixing: report by P. Meadows and Ja. Bruce, Comptrollers of the Army Accounts, estimating the said interest as above.
Appending: bill of said interest as submitted by said Lambert, Gibbon and Hoare
£ s. d.
interest of 50,000l. given in bills on Amsterdam and Antwerp on Nov. 27 last to Jan. 31, being 65 days at 6 per cent. per an. 534 3 4
ditto of 100,000l. like bills dated 30 Nov. last to 31 Jan., being 62 days at the same rate 1,019 3 4
ditto of 50,000l. like bills dated Dec. 18 to 18 Feb., being 62 days at the same rate 509 11 8
£2,062 18 4
Money Book XXI, p. 476.
Mar. 24. William Lowndes to Lord Lansdown. The House of Commons has resolved that a sum not exceeding 23,400l. be granted to her Majesty for pay of the Garrisons in Great Britain. The Lord Treasurer desires you to take care that in preparing the Establishment for the Garrisons the same do not exceed that sum for the year 1712 "and generally that in all other Establishments to be prepared for the Forces in her Majesty's pay the same be made (if it may be) within the sums voted, but in no case whatsoever to exceed the same." Out Letters (General) XX, p. 155.
Same to the Attorney General. John Burgh, executor to Michael Wicks, is desirous of applying (with her Majesty's leave) to Parliament to revive an Act [private Act, 10 Anne, c. 22] for compounding said Wicks's debt, "whereby an end may be put to many vexatious and expensive prosecutions." Please report on his petition for this, after advising with Auditor Harley, before whom said Wick's accounts have been long depending. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Clerk of the Pipe, the Queen's Remembrancer &c. to make out and to send to the Treasury a list or roll of the supers or ipsums remaining at this time undischarged in the accompts of the Receivers of any the Aids or Taxes granted by Parliament: to wit from 1702 Dec. 31 (from which date no such roll has been transmitted to the Treasury) to the present. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 387.
Same by same to Thomas Baker and William Gosselin, Commissioners for bringing in Arrears of Prizes, to allow 386l. 19s. 11½d. in the account of Ellis Terrell, late Agent for Prizes and for Perquisites of Admiralty at Lisbon, on his paying in the balance of his said account.
Prefixing: (1) report by J. Dod and J. Waters dated 1711 Dec. 20 on said Terrell's petition. During the time of his agency the whole product of prizes and Perquisites of Admiralty from that port amounted to 1,245l. 14s. 7¾d. After the allowance of 5 per cent. to him thereon (being the usual allowance to prize agents at foreign ports) his balance still due is 163l. 6s. 5¾d. His loss and charges sustained on account of the prize ship St. Familia amount to 621l. 19s. 5d. sterling; and if allowed this will leave 458l. 12s. 11¼d. due to him from the Office of Admiralty, which is about the sum he is indebted to the Prize Office. As there are several tenths of prizes taken by her Majesty's men of war unaccounted for by the Commissioners for Prizes to the Office of Admiralty we propose that the Commissioners for Prizes may allow Terrell the said sum of 458l. 12s. 11¼d. as a credit, "the better to enable the petitioner to satisfy the debt due from him to her Majesty in that [the Prizes] Office."
(2) Report by said Baker and Gosselin dated 1711–12 Jan. 29 on the above petition and report. The petitioner is a person of very good character and credit. It is unusual that one Office should account for the debts of another. We find that there is 386l. 19s. 11½d. due [from the Prizes Office] to the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty for the tenths of prizes, "part of which hath been but lately received and is in a tally on the fifth General Mortgage anno 1709." That sum may be paid or transferred to Terrell so as [provided] it may be [repaid to us by him as] in discharge of part of the debt due from him to her Majesty on account of prizes which have been under his management at Lisbon. Ibid., p. 388.
Mar. 24. Commission by same to John Harneis of the city of Lincoln, Alderman, to be Receiver General of the arrears of Land Tax anno 1711 (the last quarterly payment for 1711 and the arrears of the three preceding quarters) for the parts of Co. Lincoln as follows, in place of Vaughan Bonner, whose commission is hereby superseded: viz. the Wapentakes and Divisions of Bradley-Haverstow, Yarborough, Walshcroft, Carynton, Manly, Aslacoe, Lawress, Wells, Horncastle Soke, Gartre, Wragoe, Louth-Esk, Ludborough, Calceworth, Candleshoe, Hill, and Bullingbrook [Bolingbroke] Soke.
Prefixing: (1) report dated March 19 by the Commissioners for Taxes dated from the Office for Hides, on the sufficiency of the proposed securities of said Harneis to a total of 9,000l. (2) Warrant dated March 24 by Treasurer Oxford to the Queen's Remembrancer to take said securities. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 126–7.
Mar. 25.
Warrant by same to Lord Lansdown, Secretary at War, to prepare a royal warrant to authorise John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, to pay to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, 274l. 10s. 0d. for the wives of 30 Serjeants whom her Majesty thought fit to advance and send aboard with commissions as Lieutenants in the late Expedition under Col. Nicolson, the said Serjeants having received their pay on their embarcation from the said Brydges, and the said 274l. 10s. 0d. remaining in the said Howe's hands of the moneys which were meant to be applied towards the pay of the said 30 Officers: same to be received by the said wives (or other persons having power to receive the same) as on account of their pay and for the support of their said wives and families. The said warrant is to the end that the said Officers so established may be accounted with [for] their pay (as is most necessary it should be) in one [and the same] Office. Money Book XXI, p. 466.
Letter of direction for 130,617l. 4s. 6½d. to the respective Treasurers and Paymasters as follows: out of loans to be made by themselves on credit of Malt Duties anno 1712: viz.
£ s. d.
to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy, for the Navy and Victualling 55,000 0 0
to John How, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, for the Land Forces anno 1712 20,000 0 0
to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: for the Forces acting with the Allies anno 1712 55,617 4
£130,617 4
On all the said tallies of loan, interest is to commence from the respective dates thereof: and the tallies are to be reserved in the said Treasurers' and Paymasters' hands for uses to be directed by the Lord Treasurer. Disposition Book XXI, p. 241.
William Lowndes to the Hackney Coaches Commissioners to forthwith admit Mr. Wanley as housekeeper in your Office: my Lord Treasurer having some time since directed you to appoint him thereto, but is lately acquainted that he is not yet put into possession of the said house. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 156.
Mar. 25. William Lowndes to Lord Lansdown [Secretary at War]. The Lord Treasurer thinks it necessary that there should be a general review of the Invalids, and that such of them as appear to be fit for service should be incorporated into Regiments as recruits. The Lord Treasurer desires you to move her Majesty in this affair for instructions to be given accordingly. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Brydges of the petition of Sir James Bourke, kt., a half pay Officer, shewing that he is going volunteer this campaign in Flanders under the Duke of Ormonde to signalise himself to merit a Regiment pursuant to her Majesty's royal favour conferred upon him by granting him half pay as Colonel: therefore praying that Mr. Brydges be ordered to pay him 300l. out of Army Contingencies or out of money otherways accruing to half pay Officers, to be deducted out of his half pay as Colonel; he having no other way to fit himself out with an equipage. Reference Book IX, p. 56.
Same to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Sir Nicholas Morice, shewing that he is possessed of the manor of Stoke Damerel, Co. Devon, and the farm of Mountwise, a demesne within and parcel of the said manor, upon the west part of which farm a dock is erected and about 40 acres of the said farm are fenced and taken in with high stone walls and converted to the use of a dock and storehouse for naval stores and other buildings and let to the Crown for several years by a lease now expired: and proposing to make a lease to the Crown of the ground of said dock and a way 32 feet broad for foot and horse from the said Dock Gate to the Parson's Gate and a 25 foot way on the outside next adjoining the said dock wall with a footway from the Dock Gate to the Well and from thence to Stoke town or else to the Ponds and from thence to the Parsonage, reserving the use of the water of the well and ponds for the inhabitants without the dock wall as well as those within: at 100l. per an. rent and fine of 1,000l. Ibid.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to place a pension of 10s. a day on the Establishment of Ireland in favour of William Fortescue as from Dec. 25 last in consideration of his services and sufferings as represented by the House of Commons of Ireland and in accordance with the said Lord Lieutenant's report of Jan. 31 last. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 260.